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Here at paddy power. We're the home of the money back special with some incredible offers every single week check out the website or app today. Terms and conditions apply. Eighteen plus begun dot org. Hi, they thanks for joining us for the rice in post football price cost Hombres Millington and delighted to be joined my mouth Langdon and Dan Charles from the racing post football desk and also Patty power Sam Kingston, right? The season is coming towards the business end so many questions to be on the next few weeks. Really fascinating stuff with so much to get through. We've got live primarily football through the weekend. And then of course, next week to mouth-watering Champions League semi finals. So we will bring you all the best bets from the top flight from the Champions League. And we will also look further down the league's for all the value. We want to six questions a we'll just ask you. Let's if you've seen the pair fight team of the year. Yeah. Yeah. One things changes. Would you make Dan or the while the one thing that stood out was pulled pope up hidden happy? The of not should we say the old of the rest of that just left out, man. I'm believing Eva. Yeah. -solutely unbelievable. He played. Well. And they just did not new probably spell when they pick the same ice. So stupid, these football is that Khan remember back to our all star, imagine home sees and Michael Owen was talking about some show the weekend. He said, look what usually happens is to capping goes around and gives you this phone to fill out. And so you'll be sat in the training center or whatever. And then someone from oxygen comes over and says, oh, you got on this. And then, you know, they'll be going to do to TV interviews the domestics who say you need a massage. And then he's Tom for training. And then let you just you just ROY literally spend ninety seconds. I'll see Raheem sterling no four about east choice in the because he didn't pick Virgil vandyke. He went for higher cane or the year that was on. I'm quite glad the van DOK be because I mean, I think you should play fat. Yeah. I guess who would you change mount? Well pump. I mean, people said the Auden and solar unlucky not to be fully understand why they're not given the positions that they play. So I think that the the one stand out for me was also the was the puck BA one and there's quite a few. I mean, you go round and just pick anyone really. I mean, if you went to all snow, you could say our Ramsey if you went to totally you could say soco if you sell issued say when Bassac her way the right also in central midfield. Lou Carey in central midfield. Demaim and how he's no on the six man shortly young player. Yeah. I mean it by people who don't spend enough time. You know in Arizona filled if you. Yeah. For wolves thing because occasionally you will say like Bertrand gonna fears seemed our she thinking about it. But then other times, I just don't get it. So did you know some that? Then he's Bergkamp has only been in the pair Fe team the season. Once refund amazing is an arsenal fan. Yeah. I had heard that before actually. Yeah. But amazing especially considering a lot of ours in the funds would see him as their best ever player. And only only once a year. Would you have made any changes that same thing yet? I would have a pug as the obvious one to take an and Dovid Silva, I think would have been the one that makes it three months city midfield, and I would have had him in on. I think as an Irishman I think mouth already was a little bit unfortunate to the to be. And if you say the right back, Gary Reeves, quiet, quite competitive. I mean, I'll I'll stand by my boy when beset he's been Bryn. Anyway, that's the team that season is not going to win you any money on that. So we will look ahead to hopefully, some match that will almost start with the Friday Night Live eight PM. I am filled is Liverpool vs Huddersfield. It could be the most one sided gun votes. I'm who knows before we get the match odds. Just bring us up to date Sam with Patty latest on the Premier League off the last night's Manchester Darby, yes among city came in from eight to eleven into one to four after last night and Liverpool gonads at thirteen to five now. Okay. And quick would on the title before we get into this all over. I I never saw completely rule. Al. I mean, something you wonder all needed? I I mean, it's unlikely now that was the biggest handicap left we're gonna struggle in last night full. They struggled for the first half an hour. You know, a good infused as in, but once gone taught that last little bit before half-time, you kind of seen that film before we see when they when they do go on so for you it very difficult to not limb of their rhythm and quite comfortable to new in the end anyway back for the Scouser style. Yeah. I think the shifts of always fancy city. So when it mean, the shift in the price is a little bit too much. I think this too tricky games to come the Burnley one simply because it comes off the back of such busy spouse Burs Spurs, again, man, you know, the could just be a little off it feet outside before. And we get onto the game. Oversee later on the the the less the games. Yeah. A good team with moves against do better against big seems counter tightly say that they're booze oversee Goto I'm field. And I mean, that's absolutely no gimmes. All right. A cut in Sam. How'd you Pat and live versus others? How does field I should think just about five zero. Could be the most one sided game of all time want to sixteen. We have liver. Bill curtains will in the draw on thirty five to one hundred thirty five one hundred spill question how much remarks I've how much of an interesting thing. Here is the goal difference. Could yet play Paul because you know, if men sixty lose a game than Liverpool could grow on. So I think this is the difference in the moment between them go. You carry them. What is obvious? A checked it before lost ominous about six I think anyway, Liverpool often going to just keep that so of foot on the pedal hair. And and really try to get back because it's a it's a great opportunity. It's eight oh six before. I mean if you can oversee that CeCe for the goal difference. Fly you've got to slip up somewhere. So that's at least one goal back. And I think that this is a good opportunity the handicaps free and a half goes on RAV Liverpool then Huddersfield on that up. Instead, I'm just gonna fly a couple of correct scores. Four Neil of new that scored plazas field of lost at Tottenham, and Chelsea recently gave off a long time ago. He's drops all of the Danish players something's going on that even more than plant Tottenham picking anyone who's not going to be then I mean, I using goes up. So you'll for just surprised and he's picking himself because I'm sure he's going to be the next season the way. It's going. I mean, I mean, they're in gangs. But that just terrible in both boxes. So liverpool. Four new far Now, Dan. Yeah. Very shimmeran or three think they'll they'll look this is a chance to to to really use the goal difference. I think the people shine about we would I rush squad few plies, but it's Friday to two wins. The I mean, this is enough of a of a gap there. I think an even a little bit stronger liberal five nearly before six and there were on on the hottest food angle. And I watched the game against Spurs and Spurs played my coffee changes for that guy. A pre ropy Spurs team that was selected and I still want four near where the kind, sir. I mean, if a if an under-strength Spurs thing can beaten for now easily what could really fall out Liverpool soy, the, you know, looking for goal difference boost the could get very messy this couldn't it say. What's your view? I'd have to agree with the lives. It could be any score. Really? Am offended few markets, very fun value and you want to sixteen shot by the correct score markets, but I find one or two. That I have liked and anytime. Correct score three nil for Liverpool's ten to eleven. Thank you could be three. No. Or is. It just got to get to three point three nil at any points on the game. Yeah. So tense eleven. I think there's there's worst Schultz site there. And and then I like halftime anytime. Greg scores two nil that's at eleven to ten so so at odds against there. I think if you're looking for an odds against in this, and I think that's a decent. I love that anytime through ten to eleven. Yes. Thing anytime go for every guy now, and we do it for the big ones. So the primarily Champions League. Yeah. Excellent. Okay. Let's get stuck into Saturday's games next. Right. Ten seconds to promote putty power games. Putty power games. Putty pilot games party power games advertising. It's easy. When you know, how potty power enough of the nonsense eighteen plus become okay? Welcome back at twelve thirty on Saturday Totten's quest to so up a Champions League spot for Nick season continues with the visit to the lovely new line of West Ham. United is love on Sky Sports and Sam how d Patty Powell the Spurs four to eleven to draw four to one on west at sixty one. Okay. This is a westerns Cup phone done. Isn't it always get very odd for it? Could could you save them being a bit of a pain in the L? Could you know think the guy mostly comes before they'll acts match for Spurs? I certainly won't be talking about four eleven so into an ACA basket this week wouldn't be totally shocked if we're stem Nick to draw but. Spurs new stadium. I had a good start air four wins. I went to see the goal yet through feeding. They might just over the line. So big incentive. Well, they could this weekend actually thought for place if of results go their way as well. So I think I might just over the line haven is a few changes at the angles Spurs to win by one goal with her interval. That was a decent bet. Okay. Sam through western really good at ninety ninety. But then that just might be many nights being pathetic. How'd you see this one? I think it was they were so poor against against Everton as well less on and they've only sort to and they're not six away game. So we do the money by special which I think you're taking a bit of a risk on Spurs to Winston nil. And I see there being goals. I've gone for Spurs win and three or four total goals, and I just see Spurs putting a few poss- less. I'm like grab one booed at. But if not I think Spurs, we'll take them three or four now three or four nil. Blowing me that's very optimistic to share that view done. I mean, I foot we we saw against bro. Really? You can do to to him if Harry canes not around, you know, because solar Lucas wants to play on the counterattacking spaces or playing against a team. That's wide open suits them. You know, maybe a man city more than a bra and nothing west go there and do a similar job that the capable here of maybe causing an upset. I was looking at the plus one and a half on on the on the handicapped Tottenham only one free. They lost nine matches at home to west time. Only one of those was by more than one go. So what's time is is a is a thing that west time, you give this everything they've scored on their last eight visits to Tottenham. So that the old wall lane and Wembley. So even as big golfing class between the two supreme good record Westheimer goal is to one game where the the the founding just won't accept them. So of chucking one in his day all capable of doing away from home so often they'll be very competitive on this. I XE game when choose day. I mean, it must. Be on the mind report you'd see, you know, the ones at twenty five to finish in the top four. So I mean, it's not absolutely must win. And you know, I do think Tuesday biggest game in generation, isn't it certainly is and these two Tottenham fans knit to my left. You can sense that tension already. Okay. Let's spend through the four non-televised primarily games taking place at three pm on Saturday already petty parents prices out in the boys will tell us what they think was star. So as Paul is eight to five palace thirteen to I Evison and twenty three to ten the draw. Shannon was going to happen here gone for an average and win. No one ever tip of policies on on the fog gas, and I think Everton of been really, really brilliant reasoning. They've won at home to ours lane, Idaho, and Chelsea their brilliant away to time, and I think the Fulham game that they lost one was a bit of a blip and policies you'd better away from home as well. They've lost three of their last four at home and only beating holders field. So I've gone for an Everton win here. That's thirteen to ace slide. So it is here. Okay. Really difficult gain to inconsistencies or looking at shameless Colin Powell, not yet with had to be booked prices. But we're never put my knowing that so, and I think that's a little bit big for anybody again Zohar, of course, right back Coleman. Was it doesn't get very often. But it was boots in reverse fixture. Four or five on saw. Okay. And then. Yeah. Evison struggle away from how palace struggle at how in both at great results lost some out. But that's where they want to be Everton at Goodison Palacio Amherst wreck Solent, but sir, given the, you know out out of and how is rope. He'll go for drawer here. So twenty three to ten I would say palace with Ben check back, though, Pentecost. Brittany is Alison would you agree with that sign with Ed very good guy? Now, I think Ben I could make the difference. No Robina was just trying to get your profession. It'd be that might and now he was good. All right. He's he's a handful for our defense. Anyway. Okay. Sam can ungraded his teeth now and tell us what fences in Fulham versus Cardiff. It's thirteen to ten foot. Five to to the door and nine to five Cardiff. And I think this might be the end the card if I've gone for under two and a half goals. It's at slightly odds against eleventh ten and both teams they concede an awful lot on. They don't that. They don't score many goals. Some just not sure what the goals are gonna come from in this game. So under two and a half. I'd slightly fancy Fulham Ifo's to pick a winner. But I'd be back in the goal line under two and a half year wasn't. It's the guy the reverse fixture. Whether loads of goes remove. Well, yeah. Full of you know, I think the chances of you know, the it was one of them were at the time. Everybody was saying, oh, this is where Fulham come good. And now, of course, relegates. But they have come good. So we'll the revive the pointless revived will continue. I probably RAV about them in college. If I mean, obviously, it looks like an official called if price really because they need the points. But I was looking at Syria twenty five to one to school. I I just know. It's almost last week's game gets boom if they played in queens and chamber, sue defensive minded plaza midfield, and he was the one that was so of ought to get forward out that free. I mean, he's always been one of the big disappointments. I was expecting a lot more from him. Sure. And I come to save these guys base. And I think he could be the real spark for the. I mean, I just think that the dressing rooms wasn't great was that was pretty clear onto the previous money. Just but twenty five to one for somebody. That's playing in an advanced position big to me. Okay. And then Fulham best primarily better weekend for them to win. They revival. I was at the game. They lost four one at what foot actually play really waiting in that game score on doesn't it? Why settle how story of a match. So they collapse for ten minutes and unconcealed three goals. But I played really really well it won't for you could see their work for Parker. And there there's always been talent in the so is so I wasn't that surprised that she often that I went and play. Well, be be Evanston one boom. If the northern results were flu he'll be like these though sue wins. I think they'll win here as well. A few plies that just playing ice for next season for that moves your Bob who's playing really well Mitch is started playing well again serious as Mark mentioned the balance looked better. Fully Modi for me. Southampton who are still not mathematically say? For five to six to beat the cherries eleven to four Bournemouth, and it's thirteen to five draw mall. You can go first. This is my best the the premium. Yeah. I am. I do. I mean was didn't play very well at Newcastle. But so the local newspaper said the hustle needs over some reasons swap she sent a fax over and they played on the opposite sides wasn't that great performance. Of course, they don't pick back very late on Wofford, but I mean, I'm just looking at the the two teams since Hudson who came in they both played twenty matches Southampton got twenty eight points in twenty games boom of eighteen their on the gains in an I think that's too. That's just too big. I'm boomer. I loaded defensive injuries as well. I mean, you have a look at the team he had to sit in the bags finding the full-back positions against against Fulham last week on arming, Southampton affair. Your phone that funny. Mock how people regard send toback center bags not right since bags and left center affects. I mean, we we have situation tonkin's and Saka now. Absolutely. A bright centreback gonna land one. Yeah. Right to e massively important. There's no doubt about it. I'm just got about something people moan sometimes when all the viral gets rested and for. For for Spurs. But the reason why the Tolan plays because Sanchez is much more comfortable in that Ryan saw a thing converts only gives you team balance on the left and the think is important. Not absolutely, Dan. What's going to happen down marries? A toy game at Southampton orpheum around up through boomer for go slightly. Better attack. Implies illegal Brooks, Colin Wilson has gone off the boil it would be didn't even he was. He was on the bench. What foods I mean shine long closed down? Go. I went to the game. A what I m I suppose they may be the maybe they play. Well, first off stuff, I'm waiting to this show. Would it would be second off? And it's probably fair is out against the what for team about dania. They weren't really themselves for but just think Boma for all to judge at the moment. The Fulham guy mowing follow improving my one five near what brought in the game before. You know down boom, if Baltic Nicotrol you you're going to go for the drill for Sam. And I'm going I of Ogden as same as Mark at just two ins and eleven for born Memphis. They relate both against Brighton on holders field as well to form seems to have gone off the cliff a little bit. It's unusual for anti house side. And I think anything odds against for Saddam's would be backing they were tense eleven this morning, the nightmare of five to six, but I have seen evens on on slightly bigger right there. So if I was if I was got odds against I would certainly be on Saddam's in here. It's a bloody difficult three pm coupons. You got what foot v wolves as well? What would six to four wolves fifteen twenty? It's eleven to five drawer repeat over there. If I Cup semi fun, which is extremely dramatic. Well, this be dramatic down in who will win. Nothing is going to be an appetite guy a drawer hair anymore. She turn. I'll just think wolves the outscored going into week over the very very good performance against all show after a couple of foam kinda Winnipeg then they offer the semi phony at the draw against brought soon at the defeat in there as well. I'm trying to trying to one hundred and chef I'm lost at Southampton. Sure gets brought in either very good performance in the week. But it does put them in their head of wealth for now ballpoint point. I mean, there's other teams involved as well. But it could get there Lester and Evison, but I got finished seventh to get a rope police boy what what win win the Cup if you know what for. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Probably. Yeah. Ruin your dial. All walk for the look that was well, you know, what should their home games there? Intensity. Hasn't dropped a lot of people shed. I went to the Cup. Final performances. Change the intensity just think the balances saw inch a little bit earlier. We've out Dini suspended. It doesn't work. So well terrifying grown up top. So I think what would you find easiest these to defend, but what was going to be well aware unless Everson unless the have some big wins against big teams. A draw will be a good result for them. So I'm gonna go for drew you'll gun for the us of what you're gonna go full night. I'm just going for goals in this one. And both teams score at one eighty five. It seems that it seems a little bit big for me and wolves only have two point five away from home. So they're away form has been poor off. But I wouldn't I wouldn't be fun to packing offered in this on. And aided offers us nine boats seems a scored in six wolves lost eight. So I think that's where the value is in both teams score. That sounds decent. Mock. The drill. There's not much between these two teams which I mean could probably points about on what foot, but then for strengthen Dany stood out. Yeah. Yeah. He still suspended losses. Still suspended. Also, finished bad blood the him and has celebration. I was going to be well Dini's. So of having a Puffer emanates end go down very well. There was talk of a couple of scuffles at Wembley as well involving some support. So I think it's I think he might be mommy little bit tasty. Definitely think from wolves his point of view know, they'll be buying off. These guys are always going to be a draw or the live Teton game on Saturday is at five thirty s AmEx. And it's Brighton. Versus new Newcastle is a crucial game for Brian who I oversee Fulham beat Cardiff earlier in the date less. So, but Brian who cannot score for love no money at the moment. All just about five zero on. I think Sam. They are the Turkey into ten brighten. The draws a two to one on Newcastle. Twenty three's at ten, Dan. What you think will happen Fulham best the way, I'd say, you know, not fall Bill in terms of value. When you call Shohei to win it brought said I mean, the law of that built into the prices need to win factors. I primarily the needed to win for quite a while long. So I'm a new car. So you know, we remember last season when they got Saif actually they still really sprint to the finish line. Then I did a good job so gender sees and a great run beach being finished off win against Chelsea didn't. I an Rafael think he's going to be still looking righty stock as much as e kind before the end of the season. Even if he doesn't get the, you know, the money out of actually it doesn't seem to be happening. He's gonna wanna put himself in a position to get a job in the summer. So say the plaza Lincou keep plying frame, they're better same than Bronson. And they're good away. Solders well being good away for the season. So new over overpriced to me I said in my colon side RAFI should be the Manu manager. Dan, would you would you? Will be obviously they can. They don't the Liverpool connection. But forget it, you know, so Shaw left going for the choice east. He's not the job that source for me is who big right choice. What would you do? Mock. If you Ed Wood, would you give socio this summer and see we can do you. I mean, I I. Yeah. I absolutely. Yeah. Both. No, I think having having appointed go you then have to allow into. So we down he doesn't warm in the dressing room. Because I mean for some lay star, isn't it is not going to be easy. But I'm on off at one of the just, you know, go too many players in that. Not good for for scored happiness in home and stuff like that. I mean rougher would be a very good choice. But I mean, the livable connection. I mean, I've always said he'd be great for Evanston again. It's just that's just not going to happen. I think he I think he should be allowed to manage manual it enough times Italy, for instance, these money just floating around this. We'll take older the the big jobs doesn't seem to happen so much in England buffing the Rafa can enhance highly. Yeah. Maybe I'll be offering new call. So. Yeah. A little bit big here on purposely. Go on the drool, no bet side of things because a draw could be a great result for Brian depending on what happens McAuliffe, but you can't read about Brian seven schooled in their last seven months. She's eight shots on target in seven games have completely lost their attack. And then we damore laws would have been put so much into the game on Tuesday since Tottenham losing it so late, but I mean wear all their goes coming from this look at the fixtures. Everybody says this is the guy we go to wave called. If we're gonna pick up Cutler is go to go to charm, windy sky and how it's not easy to switch from. I've been blanket defence for two games. Raise an attack at wolves sign against Spurs. There's no easy. Just flicker. Sweep all I saw the game. I saw the game against Cardiff. If when they lost new. They started. Okay. Assume as called a scored there was no way back for bra. And then nothing I go up -solutely massive in this game. It's big games, you know, the passing stat. So. In taught them own eleven them starters completed more passes than any of the implies on the Brian play with the most policies was the Cape. It was unbelievably consuming. It's over every go kick his oh. So he was doing his best slide down. Yes. He certainly was mice. He didn't get booked tonight time Broughton versus new costs. What's the bat? Sam. Hospital. Newcastle win here. There's so much value. And that's when he three to ten I think and Brighton thirteen goals with response knots. Gordon seven and a new causal perform is really good. They especially the thought away game against last year. They really did a job and then beaten, inform Saddam's and comfortably. I think everything points when you also win here think me on the laws in the in the office cons on their sound the the exchange line here for this game x and a very very strong vote for new calls. Let's see who the leads fancy in the three live Sunday games next friends, or maybe more twenty create free bed for every friend who refer to potty power, thanks to our friends with benefits program. Log into your party para count and share your referral link to get started terms and conditions apply plus begun to dot org. Welcome back to the racing post foot. We'll post cost Bruce, Millington malt. Langdon, Dan, shells and Patty power send Kingston. We're looking ahead now to three live primarily games on Sunday stunt at twelve o'clock skysports less. Verse you saw snow and Sam Howdy patio. Bell on this. We have less thirteen eighth the draw five to two arsenal. Six to four. It's an interesting guy. Mark, isn't it? Because I mean, honestly have completely on Ravel. They've lost two guns in a row, and this is always a tough test. This isn't it is. I mean also away from being terrible for most of the disease. And then they go and win a wet nothing. The one new and the Wolford game was a bit of a joke really Dini sent off early. And even then they didn't turn the lawn. I mean the way they filed to control the game was was really concerning thing if you're also I mean because a top sixteen with the amount of time we've next play should just be able to see out pretty comfortably. They didn't. And that's one guy for others far to seek both seems to school and over two and a half goals also joint I in the boat seems to score table with twenty four th this season. But we've seen them away from home, not one clean sheet. I mean to be free new down. Wolves off time in another joke really on on Wednesday. Do just wonder if Lester on the verge of being overrated. Awesome. Six two four you ever look at that this run of wings if won five of their last four matches which isn't great anyway brought in Fulham how does feel Burnley and boom of all in the button seven. So I think they've got I think a little bit ago. It's approved that they deserve to be with Justin for favoritism in this game. One of play that you mentioned about PF as part of the year Madison loop unladen inside headed pump berry in that playmaker. Rope. I'll tell you I like as well for them. He's taking them. And I think yeah, he's a very good. Very good. You've thrown a few less to both teams score all season on the post Cussing. It's as base. For years and the twin seat suit times have landed the boat seems to school bet, which is only two behind awesome. The you know, so I mean, they are a good one four. But you need some boost up Price Little bit. We just one gun for the over two and a half tonight is Dan who'd you like a lot less. The hair are taught before the wolves guy in this the less. The game will be a tough game for us. No, partly because of the time the fixture because it comes less to write a free week. Also, all snow comes at the end of you know, of a Wednesday. Then you've got play Valencia as well. You know, close to the Valencia game less still go still in the hunt for the seven spot was well, so they're going to be looking thinking we need to win the game radio offline and just just pick up a point few Cape. Lies applying well volume Addison, you mentioned of bounds. Well, come on at west time and really really good as well took his go. Well, so now just think less price offer that capitulation also it will he's not really changed a lot fourth eighty eight. I mean, that's a decent bet and Sam what's your idea or the best bet here? Yeah. It's it seems to be a while since I've seen arsenal. So big against the same. It's always the top six and those payments say that I do see last year as well. And I've gone for. I think Vardi is going to be dangerous here. Easel begins a slow arsenal defense. Those those runs in behind and they could really trouble Socrates on the on kashani Varghese Ford's alone for first goal here. And Vardi I on a lesser win is five to one. So that would be would be my best in this that makes sense to I five turf moor Burnley versus men city kind the Clarence confounded. So many people this season school the ultimate upset and put the champion of the Premier League title advantage back in Liverpool's co let's see what's the latest betting. We have Bernie seventeen to one we've got fifteen through the draw on Mont city one to eight Sam. Of course, I seventeen who I'm Burnley just I'm kind of looking. That and thinking you no big what you think I do actually think it's a bit big. I think won't to Asia. So I possibly be laying for city and Bernie did get a point against them last season and Bernie of score ten and their lost five games at eight in their loss. Five home games could be as been a little bit of a banana skin. Bernie did beat them this year as well to turf moor, so possibly they. They could be worth the bed here. Maybe on the double chance at nine to two could be could be the vet here. Then what you think to show his city testing that bone near the same. You don't wanna be plying the stage eve at a you've got a very busy time. Played Spurs twice in mind. Just you know, I'd sit few injury problems facing finding I went soften the good though. I looked at a problem at the end of the game side might be shy to saw a little bit fatigue. Possibly and Bonier a penalty box -ma- Cornelia between then I apply any football. But they would defend properly, and I do tend to take chances as well. You know from set-pieces always there. I mean, you look at defended against safer defended properly, Cutler blocks in so you full backs. They might result. You can you imagine Burnley defending coming? It's Chelsea I froze themselves in everything they're gonna defend better. Don't concede loads. Go this is where I'm going to be here. I'm going to say it's an under three and a half goal results against Burnley in the fifteen primarily league on each. Choice of I conceded more than two goals. You remember one of them was Chris do you have one was at Liverpool of four two. So were you know, I'll just think. Got me to win this game. Get for any any any way you like say narrow infamy Moke just summarize how Burnley survive and thrive because I look article in week after week, and they're just so unimpressive but impressive in weird wife under all this season. I said these I she bones the best worst straw in in the Premier League in the you know, they they all massive fr from set pieces, I think the the to send the backs of good in terms. If one of them went on to play for Liverpool. They probably wouldn't be as good because I don't think they want to defend on the halfway line. But you know, when the defendant defending their edge of their boats. They don't give up much space, and that's being then I might mistake they run they don't too proud of being a well, we've got go and play football against any of these things. Even when the even when this favorites, they don't think above their station, and you know, they just played to what they they use. The two up front almost lucky at defensive mechanism as well. They've seems like wanton attacking formation, but then to do so much work in stopping Neo position at sauce. It's great. So credits the Dinesh Kenny Kenny money. I'm not sure lie. He could have found the perfect club for him with with with with the situation there. It's like almost like a mini thing with fogy. Oh vangere. Also you become so important on the croppies your ones. I also the and the, you know, if he went to you. Say oh blocker next step out would be like a West Ham or an Evanston or less to some that just one the if if it wouldn't be suit, it's not there's any shaming just saying this is what I'm good at these players are good at what we're doing amazing job. Does. I I'll maybe. I don't think I don't think that you wrote believe was the reason why they started the season poorly. Because if I'd offer similar spouse like that throughout the season just think it was a coincidence almost happened Europa league. And I so often desperate supposedly there is these and the Burnley they will have losing runs. But the way they've recovered has been great, nothing livable. Can you know you can rely on Burnley to to give city attest? Unfortunately, I think we'll win just exactly signed based on Muncie. It's winning on the free off goes so eleven straight wins in the premium the full months since pilots game that they lost free to seventeen Premier League games twelve of those under freehoff. And then there was the I caught one they'll bra and one of the reasons for that is people think see terrible at the back. It can see the two goals and you lost ten Premier League matches. I mean, that's not you know that that's not by luck or accident. The Athens they've very difficult to score against. And Burnley will okay and the triple edit culminates at four thirty on Sunday Man United versus Chelsea two of the four teams vying for the two Champions League spots apart from Taunton. And the other three will seem determined not to qualify. But that's not quite true. They oversee do they just not playing very well. So manoeuver Chelsea match showed Sam United at eight to five to draw twelve to five and Chelsea thirteen to eight. It's a tough on, Dan. Chelsea hair. I think that the timing go to extra days, so prepare mentally, it was tough to tight dropping points against Bernie that, you know, the the the the borough to tell him that's a physically himself a great deal, you know, were chasing shadows. Especially in the second half of that game against Manchester City. So it's a it's a tough turn around for them. Not just not been impressed with the way, they're playing. You know, Davidson game was just a complete joke. Really? And then I f in for half an hour against city match referee half an hour and then disappeared again ready for for the rest of the game. So I'll just think Choshi of got a little bit more quality at an all these is, you know, that bid a caller that, you know, haven't go when you see the car against you know, you come off the bench looks at seventy five million pounds and to me, he's pours. He's been since he's been there. There's is appropriate for the club. Well, you look at the big boys there, you know. I'm all shower on the bench came on Alex Sanchez them the wages. He's on comes off the bench. They're starting with the two guys. Lynn garden rash. Vard's of come through. The, you know, the academy out front this older money. I've spent Cy were just think Chelsea little bit more quality and then nicotinamide game agree monk. I mean, I thought I disagree. But I'm I'm really struggling to find a wolf all back. Do you have a look at Chelsea? I mean away from home against big six have been terrible disease. Now, you I mean, you could say we'll manage all they even so big six, but I still think that it's a tough game while Old Trafford free defeats in lost twenty eight Premier League games from just you know. So you've got to be you know, you go beyond it. So beat them usually always looking at this game under two and a half goals as a history of undeserving this fixture. Twelve of the last sixteen. I know there's no Marino around anymore. But I mean that socia- has been quite defensive in these matches, particularly the big games. They've not been afraid even home to salfan let the same. You think about Liverpool game order Champions League might so often. I'd say no reason why changed and Chelsea one goal away to the big sixty season. And in their lost seven away matches in the primarily run only scored at Cardiff from Fulham. Sorry. This is going to be tired wouldn't. Be surprised, you know, one go one on the two and a half. Did you see that amazing stat last night that was Manu's first home to new league defeat since nine hundred ninety one when Ryan Giggs made his debut? She extrordinary Willoughby another two nil to hair some and I haven't gone for myself. I would slightly fancy Chelsea, but I've gone for the the draw on this one. I think it will be another quickstart from United and put a draw those sue Chelsea's stay if they go behind can get themselves back into the game. They would probably settle for that they play Wofford at home in the next one. And then they go into the final game in a very strong position. If they were as pickup appointed all offered. So the draw twelve to five I think I'd be in. If you want to out in boats seems to score as well the of three to one, and I also like Rochford anytime, and he did look the most dangerous against city. He was the only one getting in behind and he seems to be one of the few. That's all Sarah, actually trusts. So imagine he'll be playing top by himself again and two to one here, it seems it seems a decent. Is a decent price for me. So it's one anytime. Okay before we get naps leads. There's so much happening further down the league's there's some really exciting plots to beat to be sorted out in various divisions which apart from your net which teams further than division. If you got your own at the moment, Mark pizza borough Walsall pizza break been given a big boost by the fact that only lost mid week. So back in the playoff hunt. You know, we've a chance to to put pressure on Donny Walsall relegated NASA. They would definitely be one thing. You gave wounds will good mention they were living there. Eleven to one go down when we had that chat that since sites. Kates. Don't think he was the Hymie was the overawed issue there. I mean, they've got full budget there in Bolton full it was of just lost for so and then in late so no fencing odds against homes, Yeovil, Yeovil, absolutely ridiculous. They're in terror. Zero form they cost me money on Monday against Colchester coaches missed a few chances, and then the coaches a goalkeeper did it higher against Barcelona and then compounded by getting sent off when there was a melon the net off the ball went in the go kick the opposition forward up the backside dot send off coaches to still hit the ball. And then equalised and we're trying to win the game. You look at that shot starts getting battered every week. No fence the against lost hung game. I mean, I it's probably know about back then who's on your radio games in the championship. One of them Swansea high. Mark fancies is as well. Home to how how since the playoff dreams going on. I bet on actually whites at West Brom light West Bromwich, Bronco the winner at the end not gonna finish their playoff hopes off. Then I in a free kneel down in the first twenty five minutes chef region, I the game after side they're on the beach. Now, how an an interesting swan Swan's you've still gaming. Stupor mathematically shown of having a late thaw the playoffs and applying quite Welsh onesie the bomb you lost one game to season respond really well, actually since this ten point nine point deduction and their home to weaken. We have just been my cypher and the loss result. I think now second pronounce game this season. I'm been poor white most of the campaign, anyway, I know they won that leads fence. Yeah. Yeah. The free the unbelievable when a leads book, I'm not sure it'd be putting in such a massive effort in this going sperm you hugs me. Kipnes Burton for would to school anytime. We got his and I've been conceding goals. I say that. Loosen probably wouldn't be a burden. Trade goals are sold them on Monday canes was a real big fr- for an and then he moved into the centre forward position when Boyce did he's I can Cohen was stretchered off. Sorry. He was also just putting it in mono Pagis, poor Eakins versus everywhere wide, a since he's been moved up from a guy oriented the full positions. I mean, he's been a big FRA for and so if Lou and the nocco attic, the official prices, let Luton rural zones went which is probably a little bit short because you get free Toowoomba and their forwards have gone off, really big prices. Even if they don't win think they can probably scoring forty baking. Okay. And Sam what have you got for us? And I've actually been keeping my close on Wimbledon for the last few months. I adopt volley danc-. I thought y'all it seems to just naked a lot of sense at the time. So I've been keeping an eye on them. And they have commanded that they were bottom by long way there now. Points off the relegation off getting out of the relegation zone. And they're at home to Wickham this weekend. I think that's a decent a decent bed at seven to five. Their win would all would secure their safety. So and so I've gone for that. And I've also been keeping an eye on Pompey recently as well. They're away to Sunderland this weekend, which is a huge game in league one and five wins on the band's for Portsmouth. They could possibly go automatically off after looking like they'd certainly be in the playoffs. So in other win their possibly there are eleven to five I believe eleventh five yet. Well, done Chep. She'll lowly knowledge continues to astound me. Let's get the nuts. This will be to. Okay. I'm gonna go I echo in what you said. Earlier new call. So I'm going to take the cowards route though and go double Jones eight thirteen thing. I will definitely not be leaving Brunton for that long journey north without either one or three points Mark Woolsey to be whole. I mean. Won't fall over. They lost six one of the games button. Was when they hammered at PR just a really weird sums on just get weird results in in football. But they've won seven of their I hung games in twenty nine seen. You have look at whole lost seven of their lost a away matches. The exception was hips which Swansea. Our stew in the playoff hunt as well. And they've got Daulby next week. So they'll be looking at it that they can take free points off them. And what Joe grandpa is done. Whatever happens as we now in the in the season, just a shade of what's on fair enough to me. We'll see swinger if there's like James, Dan, James. I mean, he's so quick a any so talented. I mean leads an illegal in for like ten million dollars for drug for the fine dates hours. It will probably go big six now. All come to us. We'll goes. Yeah. I mean, I think that would be a more sensible move person. You could always take the Madison route, you know, get to get yourself to medium, primarily team show you call in and you can move on. You know, if we'll want and good on be. Be a great replacement for Wilf. Yeah. Damn what? Show nap I'm going to league one Peterborough whites a wall. So I'll just comfortably holds against the prosperous a great bet won't show. Look real real trouble. Now on a terrible run for it on four points from safety with two games to go. So law needs guarding this week and pay it burn our now heads to head with Doncaster. Doncaster lost accurate surprise loss in mid wait. Now, pay Barney three points beyond him with a game in hand. I think Danica got Quebec difference. But certainly P Abro fighting chance I think that when it will show and Sam what show nap I've actually had a look at a few ten feet of renew. Casa were too I liked as well. But I went for Accrington and the end to be limit. Limits of silk teams were allegation bottle four defeats on the spin Accrington had a good win. Good win last weekend against Doncaster and a win would confirm their safety. It is their last home game of the season as well. So they'd want to to finish on a high a thirteen to ten I think that looks quite big so oxygen for me. Okay. I'm so we've got new cost will double chance we got swung Z. We've got paid to them and got at Crinson you're going to be able to do some nice boosting there for we will. Yeah. We'll be announcing that onsite so the fourfold will that we'll be Dan is that this will not be beaten special onsite Saif people going to petty power dot com cones of football. They'll find it under specials Willie. Once you click specials. It will come up straight away their top man now, then we cannot possibly end without having a really good look at these sensational Champions League semi funds. I'm so excited about the Champions League. Just saying is absolutely superb. I'm what you've got here is to four teams any combination. These would make a great fun and oversee Dan and Marcus Spurs fan. So they want it to be taught him, but for neutral like me or offer us. Yeah. Yeah. Trump news back tixx, hundreds of one or neutralized Siamese monk taught him to go free. It's going to be amazing just quickly Sam before we look at the semi's in isolation. What's the latest from Patty Powell on who's going to win the Champions League? So to win the Zeke we have to winter Barcelona at six to four Liverpool five to two I x on Spurs both four to one. This is gonna be fantastic Tuesday. Eight pm at Tottenham new grand Taunton versus I XE. How do putty Popat we have Spurs thirteen to ten the draw twenty three to ten and I ex two to one now boys. If you haven't got enough on your plate trying to give new true assess unbiased assessments in a match where you're so emotion involved. It's also an international they played for both clubs special. Okay. This is called good listen before before like mall, you give us your you'll match. Verdict offing. I'm completely unemotionally signs often tournament a too big. If you have a eight to eleven drawn are back. I mean, it's the Champions League semi fallen. All I would want to Bill known thing f- for stall as a no Soanes nor viable when oversee that is that is a blow flurry show as well. Did I had? No, no, no. He's he's fine. I it's so Costa one that there's a big question Mark over. But I mean talking him about more than individual players as they keep on showing everytime. One another one goes down. They said, well, that's the end of them. I mean talking were around they were about two to five to be PSV Wimbee now acts a. In a big tall race. We've PSV I set the team. But Khan, except the you know, you go from being two to five to be team of a similar issue. -bility suddenly being you know, for into ten that doesn't make much sense to me. They were zone Tilton of winning Hondo given as well. I mean all acts of lost a way to PSV they conceded six foreign old. They also lost to the all's it out Maureen full and Herat Glazer in six away from home now. Yes, they've been brilliant in the Champions League Ramos was missing for Real Madrid Killeen. He was missing for you think it's Phoolan quite noisy for them in their being able to win those games. But they've got to do it in high scoring battles, whereas Tottenham kept free clean sheets against Dortmund and against Manchester. See that one their win against Manchester. See is better than anything acts often can compl- because men see the best team in Europe. I think I have much of a strong opinion on the game in the process. First came out, there's been a move towards and I think is going to look at outright market that both full. It's a one I XE for two hundred and fifty to one at the start of the competition. Another the not I'm just not sure they should be favorites to win this champion's league semifinal which what they are fair enough time to finish a case of maybe have been slightly underestimated by the likes of Rome Madrid. And you've yes, possibly, yeah. Yeah. But there's certainly not being tonight bought him out. Anyone would agree with remark? I'll just think. You know, you you really bison. It your sample that there for the reason they processed changed so much is to ties. He's already mentioned the key lies that will Michigan for the for the clubs that were against the move. So the way the the way that's how I felt would I play two home lake. I drew them both occasions, and it was a little bit of a not a loose in our our then gone away from how they concede in Waco Senate. It's I needed sit needs to win the game away from home. So a different dynamic here going to why the guy why even if they lose by the Oko, they don't going to be there to down a Spurs. Are they going to be bombing Fullwood trying to equalize in closing stage? And I'm not so sure they might even think he's an okay result here. So spas guidance a new stadium as well as a big difference. But we'll process was supposed to be Wimbley. If I sit at Wembley ex. They should really be bigger. Would they would would you be sure to talk to them here than you would have been at Wembley some? It's imagine. So yeah, it's go to be bigger. Yeah. Maybe maybe maybe as big six sixty four. I think the difference between Spurs we've seen from complying at Wembley supplying the new site. You look at it. Looking at what to fight against Manchester City, you know, kind gone off injured still play, but I intend the an Icee questionable selection on the Neue. We've the broin not starting the game Bernardo Silva, but still a very good Spurs performance. I think if I play would I intend sec- as marks mentioned togetherness. They play the portraits as this system in the belief belief there in the same by individual pliers, and not do you think they're a little bit over processed here. And I don't think you know is supposed to win. UT she through the team toll. Sam. His post much yet. So yeah, we'll be out of do that. Isn't that same won't you make this one? It's very interesting. The prices across the industry are quite interesting. We have I exit nine to ten and Spurs twenty two twenty three qualifies very slide on Spurs favorites, but you can get access shortest four to six and places and Spurs eleven to ten which I find remarkable. And I do think that as far as big on spares eleven to ten and, but it's it's so difficult to call. And that's why are prices do show as if it is skull and for me, I was just be back in the goals here and personally slightly CIX. But that might be hard overhead and oh just be back in the goals. Both teams scored nine in nine of their last hang games. They both Gordon every Naccache game this season. And with over two point five goals at one seventy five here or three to four. I think that is that would be my bad here. Anyway. Okay. On definitely hedging of the hearing more and then with a little impassioned pleas. What's more than night play? For both clubs away. Go van divall Demidov Meador, yet Elvis ones Christian areas, and so he'd be to and chase. Yes. Yeah. Eric's. We said Ericsson Ericsson yesterday Eriksson. Yeah. Collie pride forever Tsen as well. The little midfielder Stephen teen are saving pay. No, hold, blah. Yeah. Yeah. He did play fries which seemed to Johnny met hold. Oh blimey. Yeah. Thank you. This isn't a good ones. Good one. It's a friendly friendly rivalry for now. Okay. Well, they played for both clubs in pass. Loner in Liverpool oversee Cotino and Sanchez, and they will be hosting bus line, and we'll be hosting for eight Pam on Wednesday in another epic encounter for which party Powell. As follows them Barcelona eight to eleven at home at the draw three to one on Liverpool. Tens of three away Sam you can go first here, and I wouldn't be back in Barcelona at eight to eleven I don't think I I'm actually going for the owners here just given the game that it is if I lag in the semi final and Liverpool have hod and nail nail house of Barcelona in the first leg of the knock gates this season. Both in the last sixteen. So I think Liverpool might approach it a little bit more cautiously than usual and four bars last six of how under two point five and three of Liverpool's last five. So I'm not sure the goals will be. Flown in this one as much as they will in the talking to my excellent. So I'd be like an under two point five possibly a small that on the nail mill fourteenth one as well. That wasn't what I was expecting I suppose when you put the actual stats up against Yukon of impression of both teams. It does make sense. Then what you think I've approached here, you know, I wouldn't be totally again Stephen having a po- Sean him to win the game. But I'll I'll take plant safer and guy lived poor George chance up just think look at the two leagues all depends where you see lollygag and the and the primarily the moment, I I would sign when you mentioned the favorites to win the Champions League for slightly for most of the competition and Liber poor. You know, one point off them in the in the toy race, I go I point five primarily games Boston eighteen thirty four league games. And if you think primarily which thing is the moment, he's a slightly stronger. Tuffeli I think you have to question the process Liverpool should be outside as the just the Sapard a game. The the the size of the page. Suit Liverpool with Boston I'm gonna not suppress team. Do is the fines we demand that. I planned sacking foot. What how am I live oppose counterattacking threat on that? She's going to be massive. I wouldn't surprise me. If I even won the game. So Newport or double chance mo- before he gives you verdicts and Monet to score the first goal. We'll type that often mokes told us. What's going to happen Liverpool to qualify is is the best bet here. I wouldn't be surprised if this finish school draw. And then those report in a great position. I mean, you couldn't offer defended them so van dawn to to to contain Leno messy offing that Lewis wars. He's got cerebral record in the in the Champions League. I'm just not sure now if he's he's absolute Pika, pinky ease. Slowly, I mean, they don't have ROY of somebody that's being awoke lost forward. But I certainly think that he's best days gone me somebody that's plays such energy that we can take away a little bit that she come becomes law. Nothing liverpool. Pice dies from free. In the cleverness of for me to take up positions. The fact that they can probably match them for energy emit fill to stop Barcelona's policy offended often deliver for our over prostate qualify. Because even if they lose the game, two one, advance them and foods units to be able to overturn it. Yeah. I mean you ever look at van diets to a stats anybody's dribbled policy season. I mean messy if anyone can Lino messy Cam. But I mean it just. I often I often there's not much between these two teams in the process liver, pours doubt. So saw just to qualify. Looks looks to me, Molly, we haven't fully finished price if the market, but it's going to be coming in roughly eight to honor seventeen two to three for me. Okay chips. I was fantastic. One amazing. Few days of foot. We've got coming up really looking forward to it. Enjoy these shows, please don't forget, you can write review and subscribe wherever you're listening. I'm Roussin Spotify. That show thing we go next on back tomorrow, we pull Kalian various others looking ahead to the final the jump season at Sandown Mattia we back on Monday reviewing it. And then we go go from Wednesday, and we're back here. Next Thursday for another racing post football post cost everything is better. When it's big party power. Same game multi allows you to combine a number of selections from a single match into one. Big bet. Check out the same game, multi tab and get building. You'll bet. Terms and conditions apply. Eighteen plus begun dot org.

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