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Update: An Appointment With Dr. Cline


This episode of sick deals with sexual themes. Just keep that in. Mind if you have kids around Um three to four years ago both of my children and I were diagnosed with a genetic condition. I I also knew that I'm a carrier for a genetic disease. That is prevalent in Ashkenazi Jews. Forber Kramer's sin in her twenty three meek it for health reasons. She got a results back in June of Twenty nineteen. I looked through the medical history no surprises and and then I opened the DNA relative section. And said I had twenty three or twenty four DNA relatives and it listed them all. I also had a message from someone named Jacobo Ballard saying she was sure I was confused by my results. If I had any questions questions feel free to contact her. Allie didn't think much of it. She's not Jacobo. Worked for twenty three and me and that the relatives she saw were just mistake. G kind of forgot about it months past then on December ninth. Twenty nineteen an episode of Dr Phil Aired Fertility. Doctor who fathered nearly early seventy children is warning his secret offspring to keep quiet it was titled Dna Drama Fertility Doctors. Secret Children. Ask some of the people you heard on this podcast. Join Dr Phil to talk about their experiences. One of them was Matt White immediately. Knew that I was going to be a part of this because as you look just like me. Allie didn't catch the show. When it aired she recorded and on December twelfth? Her daughter was sick from school. They curled up in bed to watch it as it started and the four adult children of Dr Klein came out. The first name was to COPA. Ballard you and I laid there and just said Oh my God I recognized the name and I reached for my phone an open my twenty the three and me account all four of the siblings on stage were listed as my half siblings. This is sick podcast about what goes wrong in the police meant to keep us healthy. I'm Jay Carpet and I'm Laurin Davis on this episode. A new family connected to Donald Pine and a new development open alley and her twin sister. Are the oldest known Klein Siblings. They were born in nineteen seventy two. You Ollie's twin is named Amy Farber Baston. Amy reached out to us on facebook in January. Twenty twenty a few weeks after they found out and we asked if she and her family would talk to us. They also live in Indianapolis and we met them at the parents house in northeast. This is amy. The Our dad is the most amazing human on earth so to be hit with the news that he wasn't our biological father and then in the same setting to find out that someone considered a friend and their physician was our biological father was just I I mean I I can't even I still six weeks later. CanNot I'm having trouble coming to grips with all of it. A lot of the Farber story is similar to what happened with the other families connected decline. The farmers had heard about what climbed did but didn't think used his own sperm with them. Not Until Alley. Saw that episode of Dr Phil But the reason we wanted to do another episode. Is that the farber story is different like Amy said. Her parents knew Klein Commission. I'm mark insuree Farber. Our medical professionals. She's a retired occupational therapist. He's opponent August. You're both after MM shares and Light Klein. The harbors bred dogs. Only their breed is golden retrievers that he did have have some Nice dogs. People that Shar Pei's there were ugly. Well you don't like him is very wrinkly they look like. Let a folded skin not. They're nice dogs in their own way out. Had both of you know Klein. We were in in the Air Force together stationed at Grissom. Air Force Base GRISSOM. Air Force. Base is about seventy miles from here bunker hill we were stationed there. We worked in the same clinic and hospital. I had started fertility Worker and part of that involves some surgery which Dr Klein did on me civil. What was your relationship like equity mostly just kinda friendly or friend friendly? I mean we had medical will medical meetings we would refer patients to me. I did some internal medicine there and he was a little in seemed like he was an okay guy mostly an okay guy but mark also thought Kline was insensitive and he acted like he knew at all even among other doctors the pretty religious he I don't know if he had did he have those same religious icons in his office in the Off Pudding because I believe that especially women who are going through fertility. WORKUP are very vulnerable. You feel you know less less than and so it was. It was a difficult time. And he he proselytized Sir he would he would try to convert invert you or yeah I mean he would make comments like you know I realize you Jewish but Christ is the answer. What do you say to that if you are Jewish? I've found that questionable it didn't belong in a medical practice practice. Maybe he thought he could change my belief system. We'd raise our children as Christians uh-huh which may have been important to him last with them back then there. There were two facility. Doctors in Indianapolis one had a reputation of being excellent and the other one. Nobody talked about you know. Sometimes you overlook things if you think that this person in spite side of those kinds of comments is going to help you Syrian mark. Remember Klein told them they'd need artificial insemination to get pregnant. Mark didn't have any any sperm because of Hernias. He has baby. It mentioned to us that he would use a medical resident or a medical student As the donor and I was comfortable with that and so was he adopted. Or you had to have artificial Sean Salmon. So those those were the choice said we thought that was the better choice It s me one time. What do you WanNa know? The donor is and I said no didn't WANNA know anymore. Then I I wanted to win before we started. And it's so weird. Well it is weird because I thought at the time he shouldn't be telling me it is anyway that person it should expect to be anonymous. I thought it was a strange thing to say what he would have told me. I have no idea I guess you would. I don't know what he was Alley amy were born on October Third Nineteen seventy-two you climbed delivered the twins he even came to visit when they were babies. They have pictures of Kline holding them and Sherry says. She was his patient for a years until he retired decade ago. There is another reason. The Farber story is different from the other families in two thousand six. Allie was thirty three years old. She had one kid and she wanted a second but she was having trouble. Getting pregnant. I was was nearing advanced. What they consider advanced maternal age and we were not getting any positive pregnancy tests? Yeah I think I knew in my gut that something wasn't right so made an appointment with Dr Klein Uh Hey this is jake and Lauren. Thank you so much for listening to sick. It takes a lot of time in resources. Sources to make a podcast if you've enjoyed listening. Consider making a donation to W. F. Y.. Go to W. F. Y.. Dot Org slash. Give and be sure to mention sick. Nick comments that's W. F.. Y. Dot org slash give. Thanks the reason alley decided to go public with her story. Is that Kline her fertility. Doctor is also her biological father. I've had people ask me regarding don accepting me as a patient notable. Maybe he didn't know and to that I say he absolutely knew when I first went to see him. He asked how your parents appearance doing. And I didn't have that knowledge. I wasn't given the choice to say. Oh I would never want my biological father author to place his hands in such a private location on my body. No father should be putting their hands breath on their adult daughter in that way and don over the course of those two years really never could give me a reason why I was having trouble getting pregnant so I was there a lot. I was there quite a few times over that two year period to be clear. Kline never artificially artificially inseminated alley. She saw him for fertility drugs and Kline was her gynecologist. He for sure did internal exams. He also did PAP PAP smears and breast exams. I mean I sort of not with the For maybe for someone else who doesn't know what a typical OBGYN. So you clean your naked with your feet up in stirrups with a sheet covering you and you may or may not have a a gown on usually start by doing a breast exam opening the gown from the front doing breast exam and then They insert a spectrum and pulpit To See if they can feel one hand on top of the belly and one internally to feel ovaries ovaries or any suspicious masses and I still like have almost panicked feelings things when I think about that part of it. It's just gross. makes you feel dirty gross. How could this man who I trusted so much and did not get a hint of any wrongdoing while he was treating me those two years? How could that man have been the same one to do this? I didn't have anxiety Before this can't sleep can't eat and there's really no one really can relate or understand unless is there also a part of this after two years he said. I'm sorry there's nothing I can do for you. Go Live your life and be happy and I just thought well if I can't have a baby I'm going to get boobs like you would use that money to. I mean not even just the money but you know I always always knew when I was done having kids I wanted to have breast implants So I scheduled that surgery and I got pregnant a month after I got my boobs so he followed me until the end of my first trimester. At which time he referred me to a regular. Ob and I remember him asking If I would bring my baby and to see him and at the time I really didn't think anything of it but now that also comes across to me as a little bit creepy and strange rush that he would want to see her strange. How I don't know if he would be asking all of his patients to do that? It makes makes me wonder if he only did that because he knew I was related to him and at this baby would be has grandchild. I don't know it just seems odd. We are now having to deal with the ramifications of the fact that this is national news. This is amy again always twin sister. I feel like we're part of the science fiction movie that I honestly don't want to be part of. I don't think my parents deserve this. I don't think we deserve it. It's weird to think think of my doctor post masturbating coming in to treat me and talk to me and be deep professional with me. I waver between being very angry and then backing off from that not being angry because I love my girls. I know quite know how to feel why he chose to do what he did. He does know himself knowing that when I was his patient he knew Beavis. My biological father just makes me feel sick We email client again to see if he would talk with us. He didn't respond then then recall them and he picked up. He wouldn't agree to an interview citing pending legal cases against him but he did stay on the phone longer than we thought he would. He said he knew who the farmers were. He said that the media was telling lies about him although he didn't specify what those lies were and he again indicated that he used his own sperm because he wanted to help his patients get pregnant. He did not say why he chose to use his own sperm instead of donors and then he hung up. We call it again the next morning. This is Dr Klein is not available. Hi Dr Klein This is Jake Harper calling again from W. F. Y.. We spoke briefly yesterday and I wanted to be sure to ask you some questions. So far. He hasn't called back. Sick is a production of W. U. F. Y. I. Side Effects Public Media and PR NEX support from the corporation for public broadcasting a private corporation funded by the American people. This episode was written written and produced by Jake Harper. Lauren Betas our editors on this episode. Where Sarah Neil estes and Dave Rosenthal original music by Jordan Johnson said our website the podcast dot? Org and find us on facebook and twitter at podcasts. Likes this episode. Please rate US ON APPLE PODCASTS or share it with a Krant it really helps. We're looking for stories of what goes wrong in the places meant to keep us healthy. Get in touch. COD CAST DOT org slash context. I'm I'm going to beat us. I'm Jay carpet explicit or

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