The Happy Hour Holiday Gift Guide 2018


Hi, friends. Welcome to a special edition of happier podcast. You're listening to the show. And it's a Friday. You guys it is actually black Friday, and we have a special show for you today that is all about places that we think you should buy gifts for this holiday season. So this is my favorite show to do. And you're going to know why in a few minutes, but I love to talk about organizations that are doing great things. I love to talk about small businesses. I love to talk about women run businesses. I love to talk about businesses that give back. And so we have a great show for you today. I let me tell you this. You may notice that you heard a new song here and it is a Christmas song because it is officially Christmas season. It's its first day after thanksgiving. So you were just listening to the song from the cradle to the cross by awesome worship. And you can get that anywhere music as found, and you just might want to add that to your Christmas listening this year. Okay. Now on to one of the things that makes this show so much fun is I invited guest with me every year to do this. And my guess is general everybody we have a studio audience today. Amy Hanan Amy welcome to the happy hour. Why? Thanks. I'm like giddy. Like, I don't know if you can like people who are listening are going to be able to tell that I'm talking and smiling because I'm so happy to be here. I'm so happy here. This is your second time here in one year. It is that time to Austin second time to Austin 'Jay for two two for two. I know. So I've invited you to join me because I love you. And you I love you. You're doing phenomenal things in the world. We had so much fun less here on the show, and you're just fun. And so, thanks. I was I hope so I love it Christmas cry have an idea of a small inclination that you love the Christmas season. I actually told same Hanan just this week that when I start to hear jingly commercials on the television. I actually get legitimate butterflies. Like, I literally I feel good cheer. So we heard from the cradle to the cross love it. I just love it. I just love it. Yes. It's a great song. Yeah. I. I love Christmas as well. And the funny thing is that this is going to be a phenomenally long Christmas season at the Ivy house because we're obviously recording this before the data, and we have Christmas attire up everywhere. But it's cold in Austin. It's great. How about that? Oh, I know. We'll all your kids come home for Christmas because your kids. Do I have big kids are all in college or just out of school? And so they're gonna all come home. Do you outings? We do things we don't really put any thing in them. You don't put anything in the stockings wall. Almost didn't even confess that. I like actually almost stopped myself because it sounded not very fun of me. But no, we don't relocate out hang them 'cause they're pretty, but we do just presence. Okay. We'll I'll tell you my kids would maybe rather not have anything in them. Then I give them like new underwear. Brushing stockings like an apple maybe it's not very don't give Apple's not handy or a pack of gum. You know? Just kind of. Okay back. We do gum. Oh, okay. I like in the stockings. That could be next song gum in the stockings that give me a good Christmas and the stocking. I don't know how we're gonna tie Jesus in. But we'll figure out a way figuring out. Okay. So thanks for coming on this show is and I've gotten some great mail in the past few weeks. It was like Christmas every day. And I couldn't wait to go outside. And what was there because all the companies we're gonna talk about today, we actually have their products we've held it worn it, we've taken everything. So all right. So you ready to jump in? I'm writing. Okay. So the first company we're going to talk about a company called able right L E out of Nashville, Tennessee, love their stuff. Did you know about them before this? I did not. And it's the first item I received, and it was thrilling. And you thought this cannot get any better. This could not get any better. But listen to me face in this raspberry colored suede risk slit bag thing with this big beautiful ring on it that goes up over your arm. So just kind of looks like a party or a little fancy, and I just. I loved it. I actually squealed embarrassing. They're saying this is a beautiful ideal. Risley beautiful, isn't it? Yeah. So one thing that's what able is a lifestyle brand on a mission to end generational poverty by providing economic opportunity for women. I can get behind that donate all day long all day live actually been to their storefront and Nashville Tennessee, and we have some necklaces, and we'll talk about later. Yeah. That they say Jesus better on them. And I've been there, and I've seen the women making the jewelry that so neat. It's so neat because all of the women that they had making the jewelry have come out of heart places. So they're getting their feet back under them and able is providing jobs for them. It's really really cool. Yeah. There is beautiful and it smells good weather is leather. Okay. So able is giving us a coupon code which is great use the code happy hour you're gonna get thirty percent off through cyber Monday which cyber Monday. What is that? It's like everyone shops online Monday. Yes. Out of black Friday. Yeah. Okay. Do you know what's called black Friday? No because retailers are overwhelmed and sad. No work. No. I think. Someone correct me. I think because this was the day that they're going to go in the black. They've been in the red all year. That's brill. A retailer. That's brilliant. Yeah. Hope you're not in the red all year. Now, I'm not okay so door. This is where businesses would say, we're probably going to get into logging in the black. Hey, and it's important to note that this little wonderful thirty percent off thirty percents off is a lot. It's a whole lot. But you only have through the weekend to do it. So don't Lawley gag. You. Gotta get on it by the by the twenty six I love the word lollygag. Do you? Okay. So the next company is a company called the shop forward. Now, if you guys don't know about shot forward, we're about to tell you. But it was started by Amy Brown of the Bobby show who has been a guest on the happy hour. So I'm sorry. Cannot just pause. I did not know this. We turn not know that. Yes, I'm having her and Mary her friend Mary. No. I listen every morning, you listen to the Bobby bones show every morning. Why do I love Amy so much? She was against on our last hour. Okay. I'm just having a proud going. I know this. So they started this. And so they have to companies that they have going on here. So the shot forward is just everything encompass. So you can go here you can get so many different gifts. But one of the things that I want to tell us about is there a spa brand it gives back to causes in Haiti specifically an organization called my life speaks which I know that doing phenomenal stuff there at my life speak. So they have this thing called four things tote. It is a hot item. It is hot. It's the hottest of hot item. Yeah. So tell us what it is aiming. Well, it's this wonderful to- bag that is the right size for your shoulder. And all the things really is listen that matters. And you get to personalize it with your favorite for things. And then they printed in this wonderful big black script like block, and then you get to tote it around, and it's really really fun. They're personalized. So what you personalize years with one of them. I have a little bit of regrets. So you do just a tiny book. I tell us. All and then we're going to be no regret laughing at sonic diet coke. No regret. Oh, I did. Put Bruno Mars, I'm a pastor's wife. So I think that's a little bit racy and questionable in my judgment actually asked his wife to and I want to me you can get you can get away because that's how ours on your tote. I dress like a hundred year old southern grandmother, and you're in the bible belt in the bible belt Serna's Lorcy. And then I ended with butter which one do you regret Bruno maybe Bruno did Email and say could substitute that for today show because that's a little bit more squeaky clean, but the truth Mahara zits burn up. Listen, you can't you can't get away from the truth. And so it's okay here, and it's a safe place, and we spent like three hours a day with our family watching old Super Bowl axe and Bruno Mark was phenomenal on their the best. Yeah. So that's a really fun bag. So it has all the fun things. So high. Got one to actually give to my daughter for Christmas. And it says family baking lipstick and singing lipstick makes me laugh because that girl loves lipstick girl loves them love shit to Horley s so the four things goes back to Haiti they also have something called a born your hat where you can put a significant year you could do that. You're you're born you could do it to your kids. You could do it your wedding year. Whatever there. I mean, the men this is a great gift for men. Speaking of it. And they have a new pullover called the four things joy seeker pullover. I love this. I do too. I really do. This has become and shoes. Joy, laugh allot cake. I love it. Because it says he I love it anybody that puts a food item on product. You're my thing. And we're gonna find out that you are chef and have a cookbook. So I love be kinda say that to my kids. I said that the morning when they got off the car kind. And then they also have a halt to other lines have a mama pullover. Which is so cute. It's supports moms and needs. And then they have an entire choose joy collection, which benefits there. Care fund. And so they give everything organization. I like it a lot. Okay. So our next company I'm super fond of it happens to me your company. It's called Unum. As and when we first met, I thought your name was Unum. I know I know that your name is Amy Hanan. Yes. Thank so explain to us unionize and tell us all about it. Okay. Well, you may was my granny. Hey, lived across the street from us and was the one who modeled wonderful biblical hospitality as I was growing up, and I'm just really loved her. And of course, you know, we have fond grandmother memories. So many of us do so Unum. As is like, it's like, the retail expression of my biblical hospitality brand. So I have traveling speak and write and do all kinds of things, but Unum as is actually my retail store, and it kinda represents all the products. And so it's this wonderful little place, and we have some select things online, and I just fill it with like pretty purposeful fund kitchen treasures that make it really fun to be in your kitchen and make you excited about hosting and sharing a meal, and exercise and biblical hospitality and your home. It's so great, and I've actually been your store in northwest, Arkansas. And it is so stinking cute. I didn't. Book signing there, which was fun. But one thing that I love about you, and your whole just brand your cookbook, your store, everything that you do is that you are someone who wants to quip people to have hospitable homes to open up their homes and feel comfortable with that. Whatever it looks like whatever you have whatever it looks like whatever season. I think people have said over and over hospitals is not my gift, and I'm like, hey, guess what? It's a command. It's not. Yeah. So I do a whole lot more fun ways than just that your stuff is beautiful and talk about the stuff. You have some featured products that we're talking about. So tell me about those real quick. Okay. So one of my favorite things is utensils because I like them to be pretty I like them to work. And I think if we have pretty things in our homes, we're gonna like to use them more. So true. It is true. And so I have brought a selection of these wonderful made all of would utensils that are made in the holy land. And then I have this one. I mean, it has magical one of my best sellers. This double ended measuring. And I'm sure that you're gonna be using when you're baking was story. Yes. Totally. And it is teaspoon on one end and a tablespoon on the other. But it's this wonderful cherry or birchwood. I stop real quick and say, practically speaking that is brilliant is it because you can measure. I mean, I think about I making a rub or whatever making a what a rub on. Oh grab. Yes. So you need to come to one of my talks talks. And actually Aaron cooks. Yes. Yeah. It's such a purposeful like fen little functional utensil in your kitchen because like when Aaron is making one of his try rubs or your baking, or whatever you can just kind of flip that thing around. It's kind of like a little ninja until you just kind of use this in this in this in but they're beautiful. They're hand-carved, and they are burned on the back with the kind of with that they are made out of in the year. So they're kind of neat keepsake. I think one of our very best. And then, of course, brought my cookbook because I got to put some meat on your bones. I love your cookbook last year. You told me how to make cheese? Well, I did. And you know, what you cut out of our podcast that you didn't know what cheese. I got that you cut that out. There's other people involved here. They're probably making me look better. But I did not know him in a cheese. Was that you made it. Yes. And it's delicious. It's so so good. So yeah, there's a book, and I have it wrapped in this really neat gift sex. I know a lot of. Times we want to buy something that we don't have to wrap or make pretty ourselves in. So I have this really pretty cookbook gifts that that is the cookbook in a linen. That has first Peter four eight through eleven on it which is hospital verse. And then a neat all of would you tinsel on the top? So I love it, my friend. Amanda says she's cooking for your cookbook. And so that's so fun is that so it's great the other thing. That's really great about your stuff that you package together is it would make a great gift for a lot of people like being a mother mother-in-law a teacher gift. Yes. Great teacher gifts. Yes. I love that great teacher gift. Yeah. Okay. So we're going to move on our next company that we're gonna talk about is Waterloo style. All right, Waterloo. Style was started by some women here in Austin actually, friends of mine, so that's super fun, but they make earrings from pop quality leather, and they come in all kinds of styles and colors. Basically, this is what they say is that their products make it easy for you to rock, yoga pants and baseball camp or dress up for an evening on the town, which I think is so true. These have been some of my favorite airings for a long time. If you see me where my big leather earrings. They're they're really cute on you, which they don't just make big leather airings also make smaller ones. So I love what Waterloo earrings and their mission behind these women is a really want. Everyone to see the beauty that they have the you have inside of them and so put beautiful earrings on and you can see that. Well, and I have a little bit of something for everyone like you are more confident in the big boys. Do like the big their uniform get your hair's long, and you know, for me, I have a short haircut, and I'm probably a little bit more, you know, a little classic. And so to wear a big fund earring is a little bit out of my comfort zone. But they have if you're like me, they have these wonderful like gold metallic ones. And these rose gold ones that are a little bit smaller. So I just think that it's a wonderful brand because they've covered all their bases and all women can wear them. If so true all women can wear them. You really can. And the fun thing is you may not know this is that each of their earnings is named after an Austin neighborhood. I didn't know. No that I really liked that. So I know Merson. Yeah. Non to Austin. Yeah. So right now, they have a coupon code. You can get fifteen percent off with the coat happy hour, a good one. So that's a great coupon code. Okay. So we had the next brand. We're gonna talk about it's a company called scout and seller now, it's a fun one of fun one. This is a wine company. It is which if you're thinking who am I gonna give her for Christmas all people you can give to like if you get invited to Christmas party, you need to have a little something in your hands. A little somethin' your kids teachers might enjoy a bottle of wine interest. Probably really likeable. Into this amount. But it is really just a great. How many that you can bring to a Christmas party give as neighbor gift? Well, and just to have on hand you have some little drop by company or weakened guests to poor little by the fire. Exactly. So this is scouting seller. And what set scout and seller apart is that they offer clean crafted, organic biodynamic vegan, no sugar added wine handpicked by level three someone Yang, and I've done that level level. Three must be significant must because I wouldn't put it on such. Okay. So the wind has been sourced from boutique wineries around the world and had been tested to ensure that there's no pesticides or chemicals had been added. Basically. This is what sets apart is called her wine clean, which is great. And you can tell the difference. We're actually having a glass of sauvignon balk. Yep. It's delicious. It's delicious and their bodies are pretty they're really pretty and they have gift cards that you can get have great packaging as well. As you can join their wine club, which means that you're going to get a certain number bottles that you'd like to receive either. Fli by monthly or quarterly, and they take care of everything else. So that's kind of fun. It's like a membership. When if you do that for someone for Christmas what subscription gift because some people are really hard to buy for. But you know, like people that could just use a little gift that keeps on giving. Yeah. All your long all year long better than jelly of the month club. I think so as well kind of in the same vein, you know, grapes and jelly. But this is better. They're offering five percent of all their club purchases to members. Plus, there's some volume discounts. So if you sign up to be a member of Scotland solid, we're going to get five percent of all your club purchases, which is really great. And they also come up with limited editions elections to to the members only so seller, but they also just sell like individual bottles of wine completely hundred percent. So it's good organic, clean wine checkout scouting seller. Okay. Here is our next company. And this is a fun one. I think I think Fantasia fun. It's called, cultivate, what matters with an ever-growing of dues. It's easy to fill overwhelmed and and dispassionate by the task on your plate. And then you're disappointed that you're not spending enough. Time during the things you love this is why the ladies that, cultivate, were matters. They wanna help you just reset. We're going to reset for two thousand nineteen. They really believe that our time can be spent intentionally and that all of our to do list can be simplified. They're gonna help us make goals. They're gonna help us take action on them. So this is a planner, and it is cute suits. Oh, it's cute is happy box. It is so fucked. So this would be a planner like like three steps Lanner. So not only do you have your calendar and your things that you can do but every single month and every season they walk you through setting goals yet for that season. The task that you need to do to set the meet those goals, and then you like look back after you get to the next season. You look back and see how you did. Well, it's like making a list and crossing off the things that makes you feel better about yourself. So good, and they have sections in there that talk about being intentional with our finances with our family with our friends with other things that we're doing so it's really this holistic, no one. Wonderful thorough darling. So cute. I mean, it is really it is happy happy happy. It's the kind of thing that makes you like for those of us like me who are longing to be entirely organized. But struggle this makes me want to try I opened it up and have already written in mind goals for the next year. There's like a place where your hand goals, and I listened some big things that I want to happen. And this this helps you kind of break it down because sometimes a big goal can seem really daunting. Well, you have to say how do you need an elephant just one at a time. So this is helping you do that. But it has like Ben things and gold metallic. It's so cute. So they what they have for. You is the power sheet goal planner weekly sticky note pad washy Tate, which is so fun. And then this big box not big box. But this big package of stickers that you can put through out just joy. It's so cute. It's cute. It made me want to sit down and write down my goals. He might have to help me with mine. Okay. Also, something's really, cultivate, what matters right now is have some big black Friday sales. Go check out my web page, Jamie, Ivy dot com slash politics dozen eighteen also something that's cool. Is there launching new product today out even know what it is? That's exciting. What do you think? I don't know. But I know that it'll be wonderful. And it'll be cute, and it will celebrate progress. And it will help us all want to be officiant and move forward. I mean, don't we need that they do in life. So get help people get ready for two thousand nineteen. Why can't wait to say? I know they have such great already. I'm even trying to think about what it could be. I don't even know. Well, it's just a whole bunch of ideas on the website, and they're all real cute and happy looking. So this makes you happy. Yes. Laura started it hope to get her on the show next year. Because I am the fan of hers. Very yeah. Yup. Okay. So our next company is primarily pure, primarily handcraft skincare products. That are truly natural in non toxic everything is organic and Fairtrade coconut oil and organic essential oils in in addition to be safe to use. Their products also provide users with real noticeable results, we need noticeable results. Don't we this day? Yes. And forty six I'm forty. Oh, shoot. Are you really? Does he think I was younger? No, actually, I thought you were actually I was thinking you're only like two or three sugar than but it's well, it is only two or three or six or six so primarily pure. They have natural deodorant that actually works which I love that they say that actually works. I have used it. It does actually work of good news. I know happy about that. Thank you. Thank you. They've got baby products gifts from in. So one of the things I really liked to our best salts. They smell delicious. So delicious the bath taker I'm I am not a bath taker I haven't taken a bath since I was pregnant with grace Hannan in nineteen ninety six. This is a true story where you know. It's a true story. I take her. Okay. Well, let me just clarify. I take showers to clean. I take bass. Relax, relax. I'm a seven. I like cram eight hundred thousand things in a day. And so to me to sit still that long makes me antsy, I'm like get clean get out with Susan. Let's go do something fun. That's. Yeah. I read books isn't about you know. I don't read either. Okay. Thank you. Already is. But I will tell you the salts are beautiful and they smell fabulous. There was one that was like this beautiful pink like floral that I loved and then I love anything like a face mask or anything like these basalt that were like kind of petty and eucalyptus and kind of cleansing, I really I loved them. Yeah. Favorite thing. They sent to me was there. Peppermint lipoma. This is speaking of stockings. Oh, yes. We also give our kids stuff like this and they're stocking. Yeah. So I'm going to get them some gum and live on our children get real gifts to just the stockings. This is it was really good. You wanna know? And they may or may not love that. I'm even saying this. But here we go. I used the lavender lip balm. Because it's made with lavender coconut oil. And all those things I kept it in my person. I put it on my cubicles at stop lights. It's built multipurpose. It's multi-purpose because my hands get dry because I cook. So my cubicles get drawn, and I just rubbed that right on there. And it made him look so good, and they spent Lucious so you can put on your lip and the fingers I love it could of it. So primarily is going to give everybody ten percent off which is great his gray for holidays. This is great for teacher gifts as well. Great for that person your life that you know, they like natural products. Well, and it's beautiful simple claim packaging, and it just feels like a treat the package is really good really all matters it on. Okay. Speaking packaging, I like this packaging to this. Next people Tim starfish project. I loved this company. I have found out about this company over the last two years, and I love every single thing that they've ever done. And I love where they got starfish that story that people tell about making a difference to one starfish, you know, in like there were all the starfish. Do you know the story I keep going I want you all the starfish were washed up on the shore. And there was somebody that was walking that was picking them up one at a time, and there were thousands of them, and they. Just throwing one back at a time and somebody came up and said to you really think that you're gonna make much of a difference. And they said we'll I'll make a difference to this one. And it's just one at a time. I mean, I know it's women who are exploited that as such it just seems like such an undertaking to try to make any kind of dent in what's happening in the world. But they really are just one at a time. It's so true. You could easily look and say of all of the women in Asia. How are we going to help them all it's impossible? And then you just throw your hands Sam done, but these people are dedicated to providing life changing opportunities through their holistic care program in their social enterprise where women they come in. They build a jewelry. They can become managers. Accountants graphic designers, photographers really looking at them saying, hey, we want to develop what God's talent he's already given you in. They're gonna even giving them training, sometimes even healthcare and housing housing so much so starfish project has employed over one hundred thirty women, it has served thousands through their community outreach services because of all the perch. That everyone's made through starfish project exploited women and girls are going to experience freedom Shabaish independence develop careers. I mean does that just not make you well up? Yes. It makes me well up, and I'll just say the stuff they're making really cute. So Q some of the things we saw were some study rings, which are you would love studying. Yes. Yes. Yes. I do. Let me stuttering and I have on this ring right now. This neat little turquoise stone ring, and I have the bracelet on his well, I love it. So the bracelet that you're talking about is equal to the cost of reaching out to twenty four women in the red light district. Can you even believe it? So you can think I'm wearing this. And that helped them reach out to twenty four women's. I'm Nate, it's so great. And then when you get the product, you actually get a little card that is signed by the woman who made your jewelry, and I just think that is so neat, and you can go on their website, and you can do a drop down tab and locate what your woman looks like, and you can hear her full story and how the starfish project has changed her life. And it's just real just gives me the feels I luckily everything. Starfish project. Okay. So this next company that we want to tell you about is called grace notes. It's q eight is so cute. And it's a great idea. It's someone who saw need. Instead, I'm going to develop a product for this. The thing about grace is that they know that a lot of people think it's hard to read the bible every day. So grace notes makes it easy to restore to surround yourself with bible versus so that through reading them and seeing them around your house. You can transform your mind with the power of God's word. I love that. Yeah. So they have beautifully designed monthly subscriptions which include a five by seven print a small print a sticker. And sometimes it also has extra stuff in there at all of them had the same verse. Yes. So you're inundated with it. You're meditating on it. Same verse, which you could put it in your car. You could put on your water bottle the sticker you could put on your mirror and your bathroom. Yeah. So you're seeing it all the time. They also have a card in there that one side you can pray about the scripture and the other part, you can write it. I think that's so neat. It's because I think there's proof that when you write things you remember them more. Likely. So you really are chewing on emeny on it and soaking on it, and I think it's really good. Yeah. Cute, Hugh, like, there's fun art, and they're very seasonal. So a fall when you has might talk about gratefulness, and it looks kind of seasonal, and so even as far as decor goes like, they'd be cute in your guest room or by you're saying or anything like that. I think that's true. And they give a new verse every month was constantly changing. I believe they started with just grace notes for women. But now they have for men and for kids think kids is a great idea such a do it every night like you think about just going over scripture with your kids every night or at the dinner table and getting the word in their lives getting the word, and it just sticks like glue. Yeah, we have done sticky notes. Like, there's some in my office. I've done Momir upstairs. And so this is just a much more beautiful way. Well in the come on those little wooden like holders handcrafted wooden stands. And so, yeah, they've got a really neat lessons about him. I like them so grace, it's another. Subscription. So you're gonna subscribe to this. It's ten dollars a month. And you're going to get this delivered to your house every single month. So that you can meditate on God's word every single month with new scripture each month that they send it to you. They're also going to give you a coupon code. You're going to get twenty percents off the first envelope. So your first month you're gonna get twenty percent off on your subscription. So go to see all the coupon codes that we have. Okay, amy. We got four more companies. They're all Goodwin's. They're all good ones. Okay. Here's one. We talk about called go rings. Go rings was originally created as a way to fund rut. As a way to fundraise for an eleven month mission trip to eleven countries. I remember I read about this that they were going on this trip. Oh, yes. I think the star of the creator of this went on the world race. Yes. I love the war. I so Nate and she raise money for her trip by creating rings is that brilliant, or brilliant. It's so brilliant. Go rings all of their jewelry is handcrafted. It's all at clean made. And this is the best part is nice favorite part is they're also equipping those that go out and spread the light across the world. So here's how it works. Is you can just go on there by their rings? Yes. Which you should you should it's beautiful websites beautiful website and right now through Monday cyber Monday, if you spend fifty dollars you're going to get one of their new rings for free, which I love it. It's so dainty and beautiful. So there's that. But I also want you to know this is that when you go shop thirty percent of all of your purchase is going to individuals and organizations who are partnering with them. So they had teamed up so far with over five hundred women that's a lot. That's a lot of women who have they've used rings to fundraise for mission trips unpaid enter, internships and other ventures to go do good, so do Amy we're going to go automation trip. If I were Yuka partner with Goering's, I could and help raise money, I think, it's really brilliant. What I really love about. It is you know, we have been on our mission trips where we've had to raise support or my children have been on different trips where they've had to raise support. And this just kind of takes away some of the awkwardness it's like, you're not just asking people for money, but you can say anger getting a neat little treasure to either wear and remember while I'm on my trip, and you can pray for me or you can pray for any other missions or people that are doing good work for the Lord. And I just think it's really neat to give somebody a little something while they're also able to support you. I love it so much, and this this is such a great place to go get a gift for that teenage girl in your life, absolute or that the stackable I have the have the original go, right? Thing I'm gonna it's all it's eleven little individual isn't that so smart that are all kind of bound together at the bottom. But then they kinda separate they kinda fill my knuckle. Like, the whole thing I had that ring in love love it. NTN in pretty, but it represents how they started which was the eleven countries in eleven minutes. I love that. I really love it. They have a new collection called the reflections the reflection collection. They call it a minimalist dream. It's a pair of air rings and dainty necklace. That is just enough gold that you're adding to your look and it's knee such great stuff. So they have a coupon code for you right now. Fifteen percent off through the fifteenth of December. So that's great. Yeah. Yes. Some time. So once again, go rings all their collections handmade in both Haiti and Austin right here, they use high quality medals are not going to turn Harnish a react with your skin great company, and they put your money towards us to be a cinder cinders. Yeah. We can't go we can purchase from them. And we know that we are sending another company that gives back. I love it. So the next company we're gonna talk about is also give back company, and I have the same for companies that give back. I love it so much this hauled mercy candle. I love candles. Listen. When I got a candle in the mail, and you can smell it coming out of the shipping box. You know? Candle. Yes. It was delicious told you about our candle fast with Ivy house. No, you have a candle fiasco. Well, have I shared this on the show? Maybe maybe not. I don't know. So we had a candle incident. The I think I share this are speaking once I'm nervous about sharing it because I think people are going to judge my parenting skills, but whatever we've all been there. So aired I were gone. It was like a Saturday morning. We both had to go run errands or something we were out of town. But we're out of the house all of our kids were here. But my three boys who they're teenagers. Sure, they were all sleep. So my daughter is ten she's down here watching some TV. She likes to candle which is noble. I really appreciate that about her. I mean, we we like to set the great around here in her lipstick. Yes, exactly. I liked to candle. She's laying on the couch. She rolls off the couch because that's what kids do. They don't just sit up. They roll around. She hits the candle and knocks it over. And it starts a very small fire. Did she panic? Well, I think she pains. Because she went to go get some paper towels to put it out. Oh child of yours. She doesn't know she doesn't know that she thought about getting the fire extinguisher. She wasn't sure where it was. So the next it was fire extinguisher idea. I and the next thought was paper towels. God bless what happened that didn't work. So then she woke up one of my sons, which should have been the first step, and they put it out. I mean, it ended up being a burn no more than like six inches. Yeah. But it was a little scary. When I heard the story while I live in would how we do live in a log cabin you live in a log cabin. So that's that's our candle fiasco we've had a lot of fire safety conversation since then, but like don't put a dry, wet dry. Don't put a dry paper or how about just don't like candles when mom and dad are home. That's probably a better that's a bad one. But anyhow mercy candle. It's a small business which I love, but also they give that fifty cents on every purchase of every Mason jar candle is donated to help fight the battle against human trafficking. I love that. We talk about the packaging. Oh, you know. I've said it already about the other some of the other things the packaging is beautiful. They're very classic. I think they smell phenomenal. But I love the names of their candles. I'm just a second for that. I think in my alternate life. I will be lipstick namer. Oh, that's toenail polish neighbor nothing or no polish. Well, isn't that the same? Yeah. I thought I didn't know why males. Remember, I'm the girl who rubs lavender lip balm honored cuticle. I didn't know why you differentiated instead toenail polish because I don't do my nails. Okay. Look, do you paint your own toenails? No, I go. Okay. Me half the half of the joy for me by seventy five percent of the joy is choosing the color by the name. Okay. And it could be the ugliest color on the planet. But if that name gives me any kind of twinge of joy, I'll choose it. Okay. I do I like that. So I loved the names on their website. Their names are phenomenal. They are warm, and they are wonderful. I just loved him each candle. You're gonna find scripture or an inspiring. Message just as a reminder to take time out for what matters most they have that neat new jar. That's handmade. I love it so much. It is it's their jars of clay limited edition. Yeah. That's a handwriting vessel made by local artists of theirs called Angela Taylor. So the thing about this candle is that when the candles gone. Yes. You have a beautiful piece like a jar jar jar jar jar jar. But you could maybe drink out of it. You could put I have pens and pencils. Oh, that'd be plants. Yeah. Do what are the little cactuses called? It's the cool thing right now succulent. Can do succulents airs Ivy killing a secular household Aaron like succulents? Yeah. I think I might get a secular tattoo that doesn't surprise me. Yeah. Think I would so eighty how? Didn't tell us about your tattoos. Amy. I don't have any however. The wheels are coming off because we're getting close to the end. But I will say that one time I was in this really cute kitchen store, and there was this really cute girl, and she had tattoos of measuring spins I said to her I'll never, but if I were I would have I would have those that's cute. It was darling. Some of our great friends bread Noel have tattoos like on their thumbs one is a fork and one is a knife. And so when they hold hands they kinda go together, that's cute cute, but they both have tattoos all over the body. So it's not it's it's really cute. So okay. We don't have anything to give away for tattoo artists. But for mercy candle you twenty percent off now through December thirty first through the end of the year twenty percent off because some of their sense like even their holiday since we think about how blustery and cold January is is it blistering cult here. No, we're in the desert. Yeah. But anyway are not in the nowhere in the hill country. But in Arkansas, it's a pretty blustery January even into February. And I love to continue to burn a fire in light of candle and because I love me too. Okay. Two more companies would go laurel box. This is lovely. This is this is a really good one to end onto laurel boxes and online gift shop, offering beautiful sympathy gifts for the modern woman propelled by the mission to help women acknowledge loss and start conversations that silicate healthy grieving this is a really special is a really special box because I had never thought about a sympathy gift. I know that you when people walking through things that are hard sin the cards, but these are very specific. And the co founders Denise Johanna started this one one of their friends loss children herons siblings. So they thought we want to send them because you just get that that longing you want to be able to do something or give them just a little bit of joy. And you're not try. To replace their loss or the person or anything like that. But you just want to do whatever you, can you know, we all feel like that. And holidays can be super hard from people who have lost a loved one. Or even someone who may be. There has been dad is overseas serving as they won't be home for the holidays, all of them are wonderful little encouraging remembrances. I think and we talked about this war because I think it's a big deal. The packaging is beautiful. It really is beautiful. I mean, I was so careful about how I took it apart because I was wanting so much to like look at how it had gone in. It is beautiful every little thing. Yeah. You're going to open the box and immediately fill loved absolutely packaging. They have a coupon code to now through the twenty eight you can get twenty percents off. And then after the twenty eighth you can get ten percent off the box that we have that. We both got it had a memory feather ornament. That's personalized there's a wind. Chime in there that they can personalise. There is a grow kit that you could plant a tree a beautiful mug. Mug is beautiful mug is beautiful. A necklace t it's just very thought beautiful little handkerchief in mind as well. Just thought you know, what just for for tears and beauty. I mean, it just was very profound. I thought it was beautiful. You know, side note, I went to a funeral this summer and one of my friends, I don't know, do, you know, winter Pitts who passed away the summer? Yes. So while when I went to her funeral another one of my friends, Heather McFadden, do you know who that is? She's a podcast or sheep brought handkerchiefs with initials on them for winters has been all her girls. And she said that when her dad passed away someone did that for their family. And she said, it was one of the most special things that did from your knowledge ING, their tears, and I think that that is so much a part of how we love people through grieving period is just knowledge in their tears at the heart. And I'm I'm in this with you and not so. Yeah. Mine had this beautiful handkerchief in mind really need. I've heard a lot of people that have lost someone say. Say we want to just feel like you still remember that they were here to talk about the person that you've lost. Yeah. Yeah. So Laura boxes a great way for you to love that person your life that might be having a partner holiday season than some of us. Yeah. Okay. So another thing I'm gonna tell you. This is kind of weird for me to talk about my own thing. But we actually have products for the happy hour, and we have developed new product this year, which is so much fun. Some of my favorite things that we have our Jesus better necklace, which I really really loved you have one. Now, I do I'm gonna change. So for those necklaces Jesus better is song that my husband wrote. And every time I sing it at my church picture. Well, I pull my phone out in my own worship service record a little bit of it. And I text it to you like, I love it. I love it so eight my husband Aaron and his friend Brett lane wrote this song couple years ago, and it is just always been special for me that actually the last chapter of my book is titled Jesus better. And so we parted with Abel was we talked about the first one on the show. We partnered with them and made these necklaces, they're just beautiful. I love them. They're so simple. It's such a neat reminder. It's a great reminder. And then we have our books. My husband, and I both released books in the past twelve months. Those are up there. One of the things that we also have which you can't do this for your book because it's a cookbook, but we have an audio book where which a lot of people do audiobooks, obviously. But it's a little gift card Onate. So you could buy this gift card, and then handed to a friend. We also have some new sweatshirts that say be kind on them, and they're cammo. They're super interview. And have lots of things I hate talking about myself. But we have lots of things on their new shirts that you can get books. There's a really neat t- that I really liked that said a wild kind of beauty I love and it was a baseball team. I'll talk about you. And I really liked it to have a little floral. There was at really cute t shirt. Yeah. We are the kids which I think is really really unbelievably so children in this day and age are growing at listening to podcasts Astor's. Yeah. And so it says when I grow up, I wanna be a podcast. I think that's really really fun. This'll be great gifts. If you're like Atta girl friend who loves the happy hour, which one of my most favorite things. I'm on the road is to hear people say, my this is my friend, Shannon. And she told me about your show. Yes. And I've been listening now, it's so fun. So if you have a girlfriend who loves a happy hour, it's fun to get them some happy are merchandise. But also if you've read if you only knew this year, and you wanna give it to a friend. I'm signing all the copies to the end of the year. So it'll be great place to get there. I think that's great idea. We'll get 'em husband's book still way home is up there as well. So those are the shops. I have one. More than I'm going to throw at you. Didn't tell you about okay girlfriend. Amy is the director of an organization called blue sky, blue sky over Texas. It's a therapeutic horseback riding place, they give lessons with special needs. I know about this place. How do you know about it? I've seen something about I don't know wherever you see everything online. It's the special needs kids. So this is horseback riding lessons in a structured learning environment to special needs citizen. So one thing that she does and Amy if you go back and listen to you as my very first guests on the show, which is kind of embarrassing because it was her. But because it was a very first time I ever recorded podcast your natural. Well, anyhow one thing they do is. They have community group activities on Friday. She calls them on Fridays. And they do gardening work. They do woodworking. They create stuff so many things that they do for their citizens, especially citizens, and one of the things that they made she sent me a picture of the day and said, oh, my gosh, how cute is this. And I said I want put this gift guide. Being graver stocking stuffers. It is a tic TAC toe purpose bag, so it's like a little satchel the here kid can put in their backpack. With rocks that have Xs and os on 'em. So you're sitting at the restaurant player took tech tic TAC TAC toe bag, it's brilliant. And I love that. It's put your phone down. Let's not be looking at this. And this and this and let's play a real game with your real brain like our grandmothers and grandfathers to-do. And I've seen pictures of the people that make this stuff, and it is it warms, my heart to know that they're getting to us gifts that they have they're going to use their hands or getting to create no one's looking at them and saying, hey, because if your disability you can't do anything special needs. I absolutely get behind just chill bumps it. Thrills. Me the bits there are deer out the window. There. Are you don't have dinner neighborhood? You don't have to you and your neighborhood. No, it's a y'all people on the podcast. There are a bunch that gift guide to me is that sinus guide to me Amanda has deer in her neighborhood to to you. Do you have streets and things because you got here. We're in the middle of nowhere. We crossed over the river through the woods. Did you think? Yeah. Remember went same hand and said about us out here across the first water. And he said, do you think Jamie's kill us and various out here? Was it this high when you came last time what it actually was it was spring? And so the first water that you go over that went still has water. But I think one of the second or the third little crossovers we went through water Twi, then we must have had a lot of raining twice. Yeah. Lovely. I'm so glad that God gave us steer. Jaren this recording. It's a joy giver. It's joy giver. It's a joy giver. Okay. I have something that I would like to announce right now. Okay. Let's do it. I'm so excited. I'm like sweating. I okay. So first of all all of these companies, man. Thank you for being a part every single one of these companies. I would stand behind, and so I hope that you guys go spend some of your money with them. They're giving back. They're making difference in the world. They're creating opportunity for people. And it is. I mean, Christmas we spent so much money. Here are just a few places that you can feel good about spending your money with beautiful quality product. We're not sending you anything crappy. All this stuff is good not crap knocked crappy. It's all good. Okay. But this listen, I gonna tell you this. If your new listening to the show twice a year, we do live events and these events are Anne stone. The most fun that we do we do them in different venues, we have two guests. Join me on the stage. There's food catered drinks amazing goodie bags. Women fly in from all over the country. It's so fun to watch. It is so much fun to be there. My I've never been there. But I've watched them all online would you like to join me. I would love to join you. But we've already we've already discussed this before that would have been awesome. But I want to announce dates I'm getting nervous. And now I want an answer dates, and I wanted to ask our guests, and this is a big deal because we're going to tell you it's so first of all the dates are able twenty six April twenty seven which is the weekend after Easter it is so we're going to celebrate the death and resurrection of our savior. And we're gonna come to Austin, and we're going to have so much fun. Here are my guests April twenty six which is a Friday night hath reload. And you Amy Hannah I mean, poor, Catherine. She's just going to you know, nobody knows about her. She's nobody that's a fair that's fair to her. I mean, you know, just bachelor and those babies that are so so cute. So good hair her great hair. You know, I'm. I'm so everyone that Katherine I've not okay. I met her when I interviewed her, and she's lovely. She is so regular in normal and such girlfriend. She is such a Dom really I'm really tickled about three of us are going to have a really good time excited. So that's Friday night, Saturday, April twenty-seventh, my guest or Andy Andrews from New York and Jackie hill, Perry from Atlanta, Jackie hill. So can I buy a ticket cannot talk and hang out and do girl time on Friday. But then by my ticket to stay for the next night. You know, I mean, I bet we could get you some. I really love to see if we can get some tickets. Yeah. So basically people come in and they pick a night, although every single weekend we have some comfort both. Yeah. I mean, Austin's beautiful awesome. So much fun. Usually April is very beautiful here. So anyhow that is our next live event. So fun. Thank you. I'm so tickled. I am so excited that you're going to be there. So follow me on Instagram because that's where all the stuff goes down. And you'll know all about it. Emmy, Hanan, Jamie Ivy. Thank you. You're so fine. This is just been the best that you flew in from north west Arkansas, you probably had to take seventeen flights just to get here. There's a lot of them to dally. It was a lot of hours. We've been up since three. That's see. But listen, it was worth it. And I believe in these companies, and you're really fun, and they are deer outside. So I mean, it is lie and what their day has made wine. I know thank you for joining me things also believe in these companies and thank you for making space for women to spend their money in wise ways over the holidays and thank you for putting product and our gift because I cannot wait. And if you guys are ever north west Arkansas, you have to stop at your store because. It's beautiful. Thanks, guys. Thanks for listening. Everything is online, Jamie Ivy dot com slash holiday two thousand eighteen share the show with your friends. The show notes will have all of the links to every company it'll have all the discounts that you can get go follow this people on social media show them some love, and we will see you guys next week with Melissa Radke, KD, you know, her listen, we are Instagram friends. And we a lot of like, well, we have we are determined. We are going to find a way to mate, she she's going to be on a life show on one day. She showed me coming to that. She I love her. I love our whole lot. She is a perfect mix of hilarious. I mean hilarity, and then profound she she has all the feelings, and she can really deliver on both cry laughing funny, wonderful hysterics, and then really get at your soul. And I just really love it. I was gonna say that too. When she came into record. I had never met her. And I knew we were going to have a good. Time. I knew she was gonna be shared your stories. I knew is going to be Honey, I knew it was gonna just be fun. It was also like you said, it was deeply profound. And she is she has wise. She's wise and she's walking through a lot of new changes in her career. And it's just fun to listen to. So if you didn't hear the show last week, it was terribly Kabul. Please listen, please go, listen, please go listen was so good. Thank you for joining me today. I'll see you next week with Melissa rat.

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