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Hey it's patricia murphy. It's thursday this is seattle now. The vaccines against corona virus were developed with incredible speed. But the rollout has been rocky in a minute. Kyw's anna boyko. iraq will explain why i. Let's get you caught up nine out of ten washington state. Congress members agree. President trump deserved to be impeached for inciting last week's capital insurrection. Republicans jaime herrera butler. Vancouver and dan. Newhouse of yakima joined the state's democrats in voting. Yes on wednesday. The lone holdout was republican cathy. Mcmorris rogers of spokane who said she didn't believe trump incited violence and called. The process rushed an unusual number of songbird showing up dead in backyards around king county has state wildlife officials asking you to take down the feeder if you have one pine siskind. Another finches are dying from salmonella poisoning which can spread more easily when the birds flock together around. Feeders it's also not helping that. There are more of them around thanks to a phenomenon where birds that usually hang out in canada during the winter migrate farther south than usual fish and wildlife is asking you to stop outdoor feeding until at least the end of the month or clean your feeder daily. And if you've been listening to the rain every night and thinking we've been getting a lot more than usual. You are not wrong. The national weather service says that as of yesterday seattle got twenty percent of its usual annual rainfall in just thirteen days. No other seattle january has come close to being this wet since the motion picture was invented. More than one hundred twenty five years ago. Forecast says it'll be back to the usual drizzle over the next few days. It's been a few weeks since washington got its first shipment of covid vaccines. The excitement was palpable. But things have not gone as planned. Many healthcare workers are still waiting to get their first dose. And we're not sure how or when people outside of the highest risk groups will be able to get a vaccine. Kyw's anna boyko. Why rock is here to explain what's going on. Hey anna hello trish. Oh good to see your face. The state has had a whole plan for who gets vaccinated. When remind us where we are in that list. Okay so we are in phase one a and that covers people who work in healthcare settings or live or work in places like nursing homes assisted living adult family homes. This is still the first of the first groups. Okay okay. So how are those people actually getting shot in the arm. What does that process. Look like so it really depends on who you are so for example healthcare workers you work at a hospital. That has doses. You make an appointment. You come in butter being butter. Boom you get the shot. Let's say you're a healthcare worker but the place you work doesn't have the vaccine. You're at a small clinic. You're at a dental office. Then you have to figure out. Well how can you get in. How can you actually secure. An appointment could dose. You know this represents one delay in the process. There's this sort of matchmaking. It's a whole different process for long term care facilities. So those are you know. Senior living homes nursing homes assisted living facilities and A lot of them are still waiting for their date to get vaccinated. they are working with the pharmacy. It could be their local pharmacy or they could be partnering through this federal partnership with cvs and walgreens And so they have to wait for. Cvs and walgreens is to call them up. Say hey can we come in. And then those pharmacists come in and vaccinate the residents and they've done a small fraction of those facilities in the state and there are hundreds more facilities left. This sounds complicated and confusing. One thing we do know though. Is that the state has gotten more than six hundred thousand doses. So far a lot of them are sitting in storage right now. About thirty percent i think have actually been given what is getting in the way of delivering them to people right so as we talked about the complexity of the system really the only straightforward thing about this process is jabbing. Somebody in the arm before that after that. There's a lot that you have to sort through. So i'll walk you through some challenges number one. The flow of the vaccine supply and the planning for example hospitals. Don't have a lot of lead time. About how many doses. They're getting when the state actually doesn't have a lot of lead time of how many doses were getting and so. It's hard to plan if you don't know what's coming in which leads me to the next logistical challenge. Which is scheduling. So if you're a hospital You don't want to schedule people and then have the doses fall through cassie. Sour is the ceo of the washington state hospital association and she shared a story recently of a hospital where that happened. And this last minute scramble. That ensued hospital in olympia. Capital medical center had vaccine clinics starting on new year's day at seven. Am and they had one hundred. People signed up had joe vaccine so multi-car offered to give them vaccine new year's eve late and i think They drove it down there. Like eight or nine o'clock at night. I'm so they can start their vaccine clinton the next day. So there's there's a lot there's worry about getting signed up for something if you don't have supplies and so also talked about all the work that hospitals have to do around giving one dose so there's scheduling and then there's also a lot of extra paperwork those vaccine. That would be easier but since you for sure. Need to get into the person's information record very carefully. What day may receive the vaccine which vaccine they received. Make sure you're not mixing pfizer moderna. The record keeping is super important. Right what we're hearing though is that this is unprecedented. And we're dealing with a government process here. Sounds like what the upshot is. This is complicated. We are dealing with a government process on top of a fractured healthcare system which is not one system but different players in a system and we're saying the people who are getting this vaccine. I are people in that system which is not one system so we have to get coordination among a system that may not necessarily be coordinated. Okay so the. We know that this is difficult right now. Is there any indication that we could reach a point where things might start to be more smooth certainly so all that said the pace is picking up week over week more doses going into more arms than the week before looking just at king county new year's eve on average about three thousand doses were administered per day. Ten days later that number was up more than thirty percent. Now that's an improvement but we need to vaccinate four times that number every day for king county to reach a good level of immunity. And we're going to really have to switch up the system and use different methods otherwise it would take years. you said. This was a fractured healthcare system. What indication do you have that anything might change. Are we going to get better at this because we need to. Oh yeah and actually. We already have a model for a way to get better at this. And that's cova testing that there were these big gaps in the system. We we weren't getting enough tests. And so you had these local authorities who were sort of standing up their own things so right now what you already see is you have local state. And even national officials are floating ways to speed this up so for example last week paine field. You know the airport in everett and this week at edmonds community college they have mass vaccination sites snohomish county shared a video of this mass vaccination clinic starting at paine field and it's people driving up in their cars rolling up their sleeves. And like you see an injection and there's an airplane and the distance this week. The swedish healthcare system is launching a mass vaccination clinic in a couple of weeks. We're going to have to vaccination sites scheduled to open in king county and south king county The counties also talking about working with employers and community centers to create pop-up vaccination clinics and in seattle. They're also talking about potential locations for mass vaccination sites one of the covid testing sites might become sort of a hybrid site and also be able to vaccinate people. Midsummer was supposed to be the rough estimate for when everyone would be vaccinated if they wanted to be. Should this slow. Rollout change our expectations for that timeline. I have a hunch that yes it should just given how things have rolled out so far now. There are a couple other things at play that we haven't talked about. And that's that right. Now we have to authorized vaccines but by end of The spring we might have five total. You know we already saw. When the vaccine was approved a hugh we got a huge bump in doses. In the number of doses. Were able to get so as we see potentially more vaccines being evaluated and if those get approved we could see the supply increase a lot and that could change things too. I'm just gonna continue my own personal strategy of taking one day at a time every day one day at a time. Wise words w anna boyko why rock has been covering vaccines since the rollout. Take so much. Thank you seattle. Now is produced by claire. Mcgrane carolina chamberlain gomez and jason began matt. Jorgensen does our music. I'm patricia murphy tomorrow.

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