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Elimination Chamber Recap & Pro Wrestling Power Rankings


If you don't know Sirius. Xm THAN LISTEN UP Commercial Free Music Plus sports comedy talk and news. They have it all and right now you can get your first three months of Sirius. Xm outside the car for just one dollars go to SIRIUSXM DOT com slash busted to see offer details and to subscribe offer available to new series Xm streaming subscribers siriusxm. No car required. This is the busted open podcast. You can listen to the full show Monday through Saturday from nine. Am to noon eastern on Sirius. Xm Channel One fifty six. Welcome to the busted open podcast. This is Dave today's episode. Wwe Hall of Famer Bully. Ray and I talk all about Elimination Chamber especially the main event. The women's Elimination Chamber match. Who will face Becky Lynch at Wrestlemainia? Thirty six? It's Shane obeys are. Are you excited bullying? I talk about it. Also we get into Seth rollins the Monday Night Messiah. Are you ready for? What's next with Seth Rollins? Also we have my power rankings and speaking of my power rankings and possibly don't WanNa spoil think possibly the top spot may be rand your we get Randy Orton Edge. And what are we going to see tonight on Monday night? Raw Plus at Elimination Chamber. We get the return of the undertaker. We get into that as well all that right now. On the busted open pocket bully. Let's dive right in first of all. What did you think of the show last night? I thought it had its moments. I thought that there I mean I really really liked the opening match. Although I didn't think it should have been the opening match I really liked Daniel Bryan and Drulak immediately watching these two guys work with one another fight one another wrestle one another they were laying their stuff in and it reminded me of one of those old school pro wrestling noah wrestling matches in the for those of you who don't know Noah was a wrestling promotion in Japan Started by a wrestling name Misawa. Who wrestled in all Japan? And then he split and started noah and Noah was known for a very very snug. Very real style of professional wrestling when I saw a DB and galactic like. Wow these guys remind me of Of that company back in the day the problem with the match was and I think problem is the wrong word but it's the first one comes to mind is I. Don't think anybody in Philadelphia. Thought Drulak was going to win and if you take a look at the second match if you take a look at Andrade Verse Umberto. They were actually more into Andrade Verse Umberto Than They were. Daniel Bryan drew goo lack. And I believe Daniel Bryan and Gulag was maybe a better match just by a hair because of the physicality but people were not as into it and I think they didn't think Goulash had a chance but for the for the most part I enjoyed the first two matches very much great. Showing for drew dulack he Had A head of a hell of a hell of a match Daniel Bryan. You know Daniel Bryan went over but I believe Gulick dot over. Unfortunately I don't know what they're gonNA do with them. Yeah and you know time will tell because a lot of times. We're talking about this bully about how this is going to be the stepping stone to something great and it. Kinda gets stalled and hopefully. That's not the case with Drulak because that was really a showcase for him last night and you mentioned those first two matches. I think everyone would agree. Those first two matches the first two matches on the main show because we did have the the pre show with the Viking raiders. But when you look at the first two matches on the main show. I think everybody would agree. Those were great matches and I think that next two matches after that were very good. It's the last three matches that I probably had a problem with. So when I look at that pay per view last night I thought the first half of that show was very good to great and then I thought the Second. Half of that show was was very very mediocre. Do you agree I will. I'll get to that in a second. I WANNA go back to drew gulag for a second because I want to get your opinion. And maybe even some of the nation's opinion when they call in a little bit later on Dulack doesn't get a lot of time to shine on the main roster correct now so last night we get to see him and within that ten to twelve minutes fifteen minutes and he gets the wrestle. We're like wow. This guy's a really good wrestler. I mean yeah you can catch them onto oh five live but you know as many people are watching that right now as they're watching backstage so dulack. He's got the goods. I just think he's in the wrong company for his style. I think a guy like drew dulack would would really flourish in a ring of honor really in a new Japan. What do you think well? I think they have an interesting story with. Gulick on smackdown as far as like. He's trying to tell Daniel Bryan that there's in his game in that you know he could be better under his guidance so I think they could follow up with something that's an interesting storyline between Gulick and Daniel Bryan. If they continued the storyline. But as far as stand that. We've seen that. We've gotten them recently on smackdown but for the most part they don't do anything with this guy no they know and now have to see what's to you. Always say this all the time bully. What's to follow up? See Add to showcase Latin last night. How are they gonNA follow up the one bright thing about it? Is that it smackdown. It's really lacking stories. And it's Daniel Bryan. Those are two positives. Drew Goulash favor now. I know we've been down this road before but being. That smackdown isn't really highlighted with a lot of really good storylines. That fans could sink their teeth. Into and the fact that it's Daniel Bryan when the more popular superstars and the wwe. I'm interested to see how they follow this up on smackdown Friday night and I hope they do because who lack gave them something. Gulick spin good on the microphone. Everything that they have given to him. He's done a great job with it. Just hasn't been enough and then I see this guy's wrestling ability last night which really came to the forefront against Daniel Bryan and I was like guys got the goods. Let's do something with them. Okay let's just let this guy sit on the back burner just because he's a wrestler so like you said the follow up. Hopefully something happens for them. You asked me about the last three matches of the night like the beginning of the night. You didn't really like the end of the night. I'M GONNA jump right ahead to the main event. The women's chamber. I believe that I on paper. I wonder what they were trying to accomplish with Shane obeys ler waiting for so long to you. Know have the other women come out of the pot understand that she defeated women so quickly that there is a bunch of time that expired. But I don't think that time expiring did the live crowd any good. Do you agree or not. Completely agree to crowd was dead now. I will say this about Philly. Crowd to philly crowd was a little. I mean as a way. We'll probably get a lot of people to call in Philly crowd to me was a little disappointing last night. They weren't really vocal the whole night. But especially those last three matches and like you're saying that main event from last night I gotTa tell you Philly in the past couple of years has not been the consistent Philadelphia for the wwe that we've come known in love and I'm not quite sure why it is. Maybe it's more Philadelphia. I mean maybe it's more families than it. Is those more die hard hardcore fans? I'm not talking about W fans. I'm talking about that that you know that very very loyal wrestling fan much like Chicago Philly in Chicago to me very similar when it comes to wrestling fans. I don't ever walk away from a show in Chicago going. Wow the crowd was a little lack luster. Every once in a while philly especially lately has been odd so waiting around at the end. David gotTa tell you if I had the pencil I have no problem with Shayna beating the other women show quickly but instead of her having stared downs with all of these other women's in the pods I would have had her kick in. The pods open shattering the glass head butting the pods open and just ripping the women especially live and especially who was second. That was Sarah. Sarah Sarah Logan got eliminated pretty early so I think it was if I remember it was with the last tuna talion live Morgan or was it live Morgan Ruby riot before Alaska was last so she was waiting on live Morgan. At least one of them I would have had her. Just kick down the glass or or the plexiglas of the pod and rip especially live Morgan because there would have been perfect actually it would have been more of a holy shit moment if she would have did it with awesome because watching her an Oscar back and forth making all of these goofy faces and noises at each other. I'm looking at Chenab as lawyer. Who's a legit bad acid? Here's Oscar. Who can kick your frigging face in? And they're going. They're just I don't know to me. It doesn't fit those women. So yeah I would have had baiser. Just destroying the pods ripping women out of them and then doing what you had to do. And on commentary would have been very easy to cover up. It would have been like baiser. Is this legit bad ass crazy? Women who woman who bit the back of Becky? Lynch's neck open and shattering the glass in these pods just to get to these women even quicker. I mean I love your idea instead of having to wait around and it was a good for the crowd because there were long periods of time where there was zero action where Shane is just sitting there. Like you said with Oscar like just yelling gibberish. Like you know kind of being condescending. I want my Oscar to be the bad ass that we know that she can be especially when she's in there with somebody like Shayna baiser. That's like a fantasy matchup. It didn't come across that way last night. Here's there's multiple problems with that main event last night one is that we didn't have the men's elimination chamber. Why because they already announced Roman reigns and and Goldberg even if they didn't announce it you knew that's the way it was going to go. So why have an elimination chamber match? Because you know it's going to be Roman reigns and Gobert. It's the same thing here bully. They had the elimination chamber match. But you know it's going to be obeys learn Becky Wrestlemainia. So there's really no reason to have that elimination chamber match now. I know it wasn't officially signed. It wasn't officially announce. But you know that's the way they were going. The other problem is and this is no disrespect to the women that were involved in that match their women in that match so that you know had no chance of coming even close to being a Shane Baiser. The only one that would be close would be Oscar and they really didn't have a story for Oscar and Oscar's tag team champions. Even though I don't I can't even tell you the last time. Cari saying an Oscar defended those tag team championships. But I digress. There was nobody in that match. That was a threat to Shane. Obeys ler absolutely not not match was designed to be shading the Basil look like this credible threat going into mania against Becky? If if if the powers that be last night was mission accomplished and good for them. I don't look at last night. Thinking that Baiser is any more of a killer one of the things that I thought that they should have did was remember when she choked out. Live right in front of Oscar. Yes right in front of the POD. If you remember the minute live went you know went limp and the referendum. The Bell Shayna was just sitting on the top rope looking at Oscar. She should've never stood up. She should have just remained in that position as if she just choked. Outlive like it was no big deal. Never took her eyes off of Oscar and just sat there and stared death. Dagger through Oscars is once you start standing up. You start making it all. Grandiose you'll lose the moment of the intensity just sit there just let go of live and let her limp body drop and just keep staring at Oscar Oscar. Do all the crazy Oscar stuff in the pod. Don't mimic her. Don't say anything. Don't walk around. Just stare at her stare at her. Like like like a lion in a cage at these are the little things that I would have done to bring out the realism and to really make Shane a look like this. This unstoppable woman that maybe becky Lynch's in over her head with. And you know what maybe you would have been better to even have becky at ringside. So you can see a bit of a staredown with Becky. Becky came out with the title and they had a bit of a staredown instead of just seeing her in the back watching. Tv with that same look that she always has with with with the Chin up and just that confident look which is fine. But it didn't really play well to that live crowd and that's the other thing too is that I think it was an ill advised. Move to put that match on pay per view especially when you're going to get an outcome that you knew was going to happen. I probably would have had that elimination chamber match earlier on in the show. And then what would you put on last? I mean you could you. Maybe you could finish with allistair black and AJ styles and finish with the undertaker. At least have something with a little bit as we get to Wrestlemainia thirty six but having that elimination chamber match with no surprise a typical outcome and a predictable outcome. It made the say a bully. You want to end on a high. That was a flat note to end the pay per view last night and for a pay per view like elimination chamber. I don't care if they ended on a flat note. It's not one of their big four. It's not one of them more spectacular shows. If there's any show any pay per view that would be considered filler for the WWE. It's probably elimination chamber right. Yeah and I don't think a lot of people were expecting much on paper. It wasn't a great probably over performed. Then what I thought it was going to be like on the outset when you looked at it on paper. Listen we never You know we never take this out on the wrestler's all the wrestlers they go out there and they bust their ass. They try their hardest and put on their best possible. Performance I. I don't think they should have opened up. Drulak and Daniel Bryan. You don't think they should close with the women's Elimination Chamber. I don't think you can put. Aj versus Alastair Black on last because the implications or the repercussions of that match. Don't call for a main event. You just wanted it to be the main event because you know take our came out but how is supposed to know that takers coming out. A little bit of suspension of disbelief there. I understood why they ended with the women's chamber. I would've made that women's chamber match a very short chamber match by having destroy everybody in a quicker fashion and with her just breaking pods open and whipping the women out and really creating this this aura. That Shayna baseler might be better than the baddest woman on the planet. And you know it's funny. Is that watching that Elimination Chamber the Women's Elimination Chamber match. It seemed to drag. I don't know about you but it felt like it went on forever. The TAG team Elimination Chamber Match was actually twelve minutes longer than the women's Elimination Chamber match and to me. That tag elimination chamber match went by quick. I mean that was wall-to-wall nonstop action with a lot of different stories. Going on at one time. I can't believe when I look at the Times that actually the limit women's Elimination Chamber match was about twelve minutes shorter than that match. You Know Damn well that Ruby Riot Sarah Logan and live Morgan have no shot of winning therefore it just it. That's why it feels a lot longer. There's no excitement is no anticipation. You'RE NOT SAYING. Oh my God. I can't wait till Sarah Logan gets in here. Oh my God I can't wait to live ruby little bit of a different story. I think there's a I think there's a there's a good chance for for Ruby. I really do if they found the right thing for her to do. You know I could almost see ruby being the female version of like a CRM punk. I Know Heyman likes live. I'm not quite sure what they have going on for for Sarah but you know you say it felt like it dragged out because you knew none of them had a shot in hell of winning so it comes down to what are they going to do at natty. Well its natty. She's been around forever. We got a shiner up a little bit. And then we gotta get to Oscar. So that's that's my take great effort by all the women no doubt they tried their hardest but there were just little things in that match. I would have done a lot different. And if I was the agent or the producer of that match I would have had the women do a lot different if you want to feel fresh. Look good and smell clean. 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Six Ninety five for shipping for a limited time only just go online a Bravo CR dot com slash Sirius. Xm THAT'S BRAVO SIERRA DOT com slash Sirius. Xm For your free starter. Kit Do you think the fans are hyped for Shayna baseler and Becky Lynch in Tampa We would definitely have to ask the becky and Shane fans but after last night. I don't think I'm more looking forward to it. I don't I don't think. Let me ask you this going back from the night. She showed up and bitter in the back of the neck and then on the screen. Last Night Bob. Have they done anything to get? You amped up for this match. No I I think Dave Keyword. They have they done. Anything has creative done anything to get. You hyped up for this match. Now has becky. No I disagree. Becky cut a promo and put it out on social media today and it was just becky talking like exactly and once again. She did a phenomenal job on her own. And that's the Becky Lynch we need to see on TV every week when I watch that. But when she was doing her makeup in the mirror and that she decided to start riffing off the top of her head and cutting a Promo Yup. That's it that's the woman I want to hear from. That's the woman who can get me invested. I like what you did there. Bully because you said a and then you said becky because becky on raw hasn't done anything for me to get excited about this match wrestlemainia thirty six but you mentioned and I. This sounds like a broken record. But it feels like we've had this discussion before becky on social media is doing more to get you excited for a match then becky on a three hour. Monday night raw happy. That's because of they and her they are like I gotTa tell you man like her coming out with the crown on last week and the robe and then this and that it's like for me it's just it. Feels like a disconnect and becky lovers will try to it until the end. I just. I don't get it doesn't feel right but then all of a sudden becky cuts her own. Promo does her own thing on social media on her twitter and I'm like yes that's it you got me. Hook is in my mouth now real men. And you've said it before like you know enough from Becky Lynch. And now we see even like with her social media that she can do it on her own. I'm sure Becca some ideas about how she feels she can get the crowd hyped up for a match at wrestlemania thirty six. It's just not playing on Monday night raw. So you got the becky aspect of it. Because I agree. I don't like the whole crown. The robe and and the sunglasses at dusk doesn't really do anything for me. Especially when you look at the story that we saw last year leaving the Wrestlemainia thirty five but then you look at the. Shane obeys lower. And again as you always say. It's not the wrestlers for its creative fall and that's especially the case when you look at China Besar because I think the. Shane obeys that we saw an annex. T we would love to see in the ring with Becky. Lynn's the chain of Bays we've seen so far since he's made the move to raw just hasn't really done anything for me and in the case like we saw last night in the main event it's been flat. I would say that creative at annex t is much more in tune with WHO Shane obeys. Lawyer is than creative on the main roster yes. I think triple h did a phenomenal job of letting Shane Obeys Ler. Be The bad ass and the legit cage fighter and probably the only one who could rip your heart out of your chest Ronda. Rousey can and they ran with it. I see confusion in. Shane is is on the main roster. I used confusion a couple of weeks ago when talking about her and last night I saw a bit of confusion like watching her. Stand around and wait. It's almost like she didn't know what to do with herself. She didn't know how to occupy the time she didn't know how to command that downtime with some type of entertainment even if she would listen. I said she should have busted the pods open. Even if she would adjust sat there on the top rope or she would have just paced back and forth in front of lives in front of lives pod and then asked his pod. Just do that just look look like a Predator just waiting on their prey but no we got this weird uncomfortableness because it felt uncomfortable for us waiting around me you and mark retesting about it last night. Yeah Mark was like Oh my God. This is too long and we were all agreeing on paper. They were like less. Just have sheena killed people so quick that the pods stay closed for the allotted time but man. You're bringing people really down in that time. Had this girl kicks them doors open. And here's the other thing is to facial expressions that we're able to see on TV. The crowd Philly last night could not see so even if that was something that you thought was good. It's not going to translate to a live crowd and that live crowd was dead. I mean it was completely silent during that match up last night. If you've got a crowd that was hot and was cheering and chanting Oscars name. Then that would have been a completely different story. But that's not the case of what we saw and I actually feel bad because I think Shane Obeys. Law has done all she can but they decided to go with the bike to the back of the neck. Becky sold it for a day. She did press conferences the next day with a little band bandage on the back of her neck but she came back the same night and called out back called out. So you know that same night. That story was dead. You went to lengths of going to something that I thought was ridiculous but they killed it within the same show and then you get what we had last night. Which Shayna where she kicks everybody's assets in that Elimination Chamber match and they show Becky in the back and she has not one glimpse of fear in awry so unless they could do something over the next three weeks to get your excited for it. I can't see this match doing a lot at Wrestlemainia thirty six and it's it's interesting because it feels like Charlotte and Ria has more steam as of this very moment than Becky and China agreed agreed. Because I don't buy the Cocky Becky like I buy the cocky Charlotte because we know becky can really be and that human side to becky and an almost like she has a mass gone. Now it's not really are so I buy that side and then rea- Ripley is the fan favorite. People Love Rea- Ripley. She's part of Annex T and she's jumping into another world getting that opportunity at Wrestlemainia. Talking about cocky. Becky jumping on out to the twitter machine real quick wrestling fan forever. He says I can't wait to see Shayna. Beat becky's cocky arrogant pompous asks all up and down the arena and take that championship from Becky. She's coming across in a way that I don't think has resonated with some fans but also to as Shane obeys. Lawyer who's that Legit ass-kicker has she talked a lot of trash. Is She going to matches that? Becky are having and just laying down and pretend like this is not going to be that big of a deal. I mean she's really proving herself. She's going out there and the obstacle you put in front of her. She's knocking down. So it's it's it's really hard right now. The translate this with Becky Lynch. Now people are behind becky lynch as you know bully. She is extremely popular. She probably sells hell of a lot of merchandise as well. It's just that with this particular personality and character. It's hard to get behind her now. Everybody says it's the confident Becky. But there's a difference between being confident. An being cocky and right now. She's being a cocky. So be kind of like a Conor McGregor and that doesn't translate to somebody that I want to get behind and cheer four eight rocket science. David totally understand. It was so easy to get behind becky going into wrestlemainia where the three women main event it now. It feels like a struggle. Because I don't feel like what they are giving her is the real becky after seeing Becky's Promo on social media the other day. I'm once again reminded that Becky Lynch understands Becky Lynch like no other person understands becky lynch so when I have that in a talent hopefully as a creative person as a booker an owner whatever. I'm like let me just let this person go. They know what they're doing but unfortunately in the wwe. That's not gonNA happen go. Let's go back to what lead. Us said on the show last week about feeling handcuffed and not being able to go out there and do what you do. Let's take Matt Hardy for instance. Yeah you know. Matahari is going to show up somewhere and take his Broken Gimmick and in a way make the wwe regret ever you know not coming to terms with him the same way cody has. Could you imagine if Becky's deal was up next week? You imagine taking the Becky Lynch that we know and love that was going into Wrestlemainia and bringing that to an e w or another company and allowing her just to be the woman that people love. I just think bully wake win. You hit a certain amount and here this is it I with the Matt. Hardy we can. We can have a discussion about it because Matt got himself over in that character outside the wwe. Becky has done it within the confines of the WWE. So I think when you hit a certain amount of success like becky has. I think you almost have to give give her the keys. Say you know what Becky you got over your at the top of them out and I see you on social media. We love your ideas here. You go take the ball and run with it. We're knocking touch you. Go do your thing. And they're not letting her do that. And this is why. Steve Austin we'll be hosting raw again on March sixty and we saw that and I get. It's three sixteen. I totally get it but you know what there's a house show at Madison Square Garden. Tickets aren't selling well. So what are they doing? It's the DAX reunion. You know we just saw an N. W. O. Reunion on smackdown on Friday. Come on guys. Where just a few weeks from Wrestlemainia and you tried out stone. Cold Steve Austin the N. W. I know they're going into their hall of Famers and everything and W. O. Deacs now we saw the undertaker last night. And you got becky lynch that everybody loves give it a ball and let it run with it. Man Come on now when I had put out that tweet about Goldberg winning and telling fans If you're angry about this you just don't get it. People took that as if I was happy that Goldberg one or I thought it was good for the younger guys. That Goldberg One. I've just saying that I understand it from the business point of view heading into Wrestlemainia and as I said in the tweet. It's wrestlemainia season kiddies. I I'm not a fan of it one. It comes to constantly relying on the older talent. The veteran talent the hall of fame talent because one day's GonNa come a long way. You cannot rely on that hall of fame talent anymore right. I mean when will becky Lynch have the opportunity to be Steve to get to the state? Level is Steve. Austin did Wonderful Roman. Have the same opportunity to get to the same level that the rock did. When will anybody get the same opportunity? That The N. W. O. Did or any of these guys why. Why was the sky the limit for Austin and rocky one honouring? Taker in and CACTUS. And Hardee's Dudley. I mean so many acts but now nope how come Roman is not at the same level as everybody else. Seth Becky Charlotte. They're all the biggest names in the WWe. But they don't even come close to what those other stars were able to accomplish. Dave last night after elimination chamber was off the air. I I watched the FCW special. That I that I absolutely loved and then I actually started watching the the Bronx special from the ruthless aggression Iraq absurd. I didn't finish it but I got to the part where it was brock versus rock from Summer Slam. What was that two thousand two? And I'm just like holy crap. This is awesome. Look at what rock is doing for Brock and look at how that propelled brock into superstardom. Nobody is being given the opportunity to propelled into superstardom in the WWF. I think if they gave becky the ball let her kind of just run ship for herself. I think becky Lynch would be a name that everybody would know. I could go outside on forty ninth street here in Manhattan and go up to ten people and nine out of those ten people know who becky Lynch is. That's not the case right now. Obviously wrestling fans though becky. But the mainstream FA- mainstream people mainstream press mainstream media does not know they should know they should know becky they should know. Roman they should know seth they should know Charlotte and not as rick players DOOR DAUGHTER BUT CHARLOTTE. The these names should be held in high regard. And they're not and it's a shame and at once again they're relying on the legends as we get closer and closer to Wrestlemainia thirty six and you want to call me an e w mark fine but the way. W did jake the snake Roberts. That's the way you do it because that's putting somebody over we're gonNA find out who that is. It not putting jake the snake Roberts in the ring to Wrestle Goldberg or like. We're going to see what the undertaker right now when you talk about. People like Roman reigns or Seth Rollins or the fiend or Charlotte flare or Becky Lynch. Those are all performers in the wwe. When he talked about Steve. Austin you just talked about Steve Austin when you talk about the rock rock rock because they were bigger than the. Wwe AT THE TIME. And that's what the wwe does not want happening anymore. Nobody gets bigger than the company. You only get as big as we want to. And two days ago I came across a couple of guys that recently were working for the wwe and we had a. We had a really good discussion and they were like Bubba. You know this. They just won't let anybody do what they think they can do. They won't let the talent be talented series. Xm Then listen up commercial free music plus sports comedy. Talk 'n news. They had it all a lot of people. Think you need a car to enjoy Sirius. Xm But you don't. You can listen outside the car right now you can get your first three months of Sirius. Xm outside the car. For just one dollar just go to SIRIUSXM DOT com slash busted to offer details and to subscribe. You can listen on your phone at home and online that Sirius. Xm Dot com slash busted offer available to new series exempt streaming subscribers. Siriusxm no-car required the landscape of pro wrestling has changed. So it's only fitting that we change along with it even our rankings. It's amazing how these people decide with welcome to the new and improved David Greco pro wrestling power rankings. Let's see who's up and who's down from raw smackdown and exceed eight. W and the rest of the world of pro wrestling in this week's Dave Look Brecca pro wrestling power rankings aright belief for you. I'll make this quick and painless because there's a lot to get into on a Monday morning but I have a feeling you might like the power rankings but knowing you you probably won't wait here. We'll go at number five. Bully is somebody that we've been talking a lot so far on today's edition of Busted Open Clot Oscar starting to fade sorts wrestlemainia appraisal. Unless she knows her way to wrestle me they just can't let it go all right. It was a bomb. It flopped all right. Let it go. Stop with the biting and annoying please. Why she should tell up. Dear God number five. Shane obeys. Let's go to number four tag team bully. So I know it's right up your alley off for the profit. Street profits bully on Monday. Win The tag titles and then they defend them last night at the Elimination Chamber Big Week for the street prophets now before I get into the top three spots and I wanna get your take about this bully when the power rankings are over. I actually think you can make a case. That number three is number. One or number two is number one. I mean these are interchangeable. So it's almost like one a one B one say but at number three is how Monday night raw started this past Monday. Wwe championship Wrestlemainia to quote the Great Jerry Lawler. What drew McIntyre at number three which is probably going to be your main event Wrestlemainia thirty six in Tampa at number two. We're going to go to somebody. I don't expect is ever going to wrestle again. And it's from E W dynamite. This past Wednesday. I'm not here. I'm here to slay you only beer. I have a client. The dark side will be coming to a Dome Jake. The Snake Roberts at number two just magic on the microphone. And whoever this client is GonNa be is somebody were anxiously awaiting so awesome job by Jake Roberts but number one bully and I think this has been a common thread throughout the last few weeks. Especially somebody that we're definitely going to see in the rang and somebody we're going to see in the ring and a significant match at wrestlemania. Thirty six especially after what he did this past Monday. No and at number one randy or in so my power rankings on March nineteen thousand and twenty and number five saint abyss at number four. The street profits at number. Three drew McIntyre at number two. Jake the Snake Roberts at number one randy or your thoughts drew should be one. Randy should be chewed. Jake should be. It three. Can't argue like I said You I think you can move anyone those pieces and make case why they should be one Your top three guys. Nobody WanNA match now. So it's about the moments that they created and I don't think there's this is the power ranking so I don't think there was anything more powerful than what drew was able to do to the beast just dropping them left and right and just rag doll in them with Klay More Randy. What a powerful moment laying out breath. And then Jake with that incredibly powerful. Promo. I'll take the FIZZ. I'm taking the physicality This week over the Promo. I could understand why people would think that Jake would be higher. But I think you gotta go drew Randy Jake and put Shayna headed street prophets and and you know what you can make that case. Sorry wait way when you're not talking about the street profits from last night. You're talking about their championship win. And you could couple that with the with the wind from last night after a championship win for but you know what it was. It was a tough power. Rankings for me to do because of what you just said bully you look at one two and three. You're not talking about a match here. You're not talking about a championship when you're not talking about a title change and you're not talking about a match but those three moments. I think are three moments. We spoke the most Abou- last week. I mean coming off on Tuesday after Monday night raw. All we talked about was or in and drew McIntyre and on Thursday after eighty w dynamite. What we mostly talked about was the promo from Jake. The Snake Roberts. Three incredible moments this past week and none of them came from a match. All about the moments recreate and those three people created some great moments this past week and I'm looking forward to see all three of them especially looking forward to tonight. 'cause we get the return of edge tonight which. I'm not sure was completely planned and wonder if that was a last minute decision. How do you feel about seeing edge tonight? I don't like it. You and I discussed that a lot and you you said that Hell. I wouldn't mind if you didn't see him until we got to Wrestlemainia thirty six. I kind of Said you know what? Let's wait to that last Monday night. Raw before Wrestlemania thirty six. I mean all these chapters have been fantastic. Why have come back tonight now? Who knows what's going to happen like You know it could completely change what our thoughts are going to be but the problem I have to is the fact that he's being advertised like I. I don't like the fact. He's being advertised for Monday night. Raw to me. It's just like what's next for Randy Orton and edge appears. Ed's appears to defend his wife. You would expect them to but I just don't like the fact that there's like an advertisement for the return of edge after his attack and what he did the Beth last week much like you. I'm not really on board with seeing edge right now however if I had the pencil. Here's what I would do. This is not an original idea. I've seen this done once before but all my God did it. Work like a charm tape. Do you remember Shane? Douglas and pit bull. Gary will I do Gary Wolf Pit Bull Number One? Whatever was in that Halo? It's not a neck brace folks. It's a full blown shoulder and neck. Harnessed with steel drilled into your skull to keep your neck straight and He was on the shelf for a month. I'm sorry for a year and he shows back up to the w arena and Shane. Douglas grabs a hold of the halo. And start shaking him back and forth. And you heard any a collective GASP. Come Out of twelve hundred people in the arena. The the likes of which I don't think I've ever heard before they have an opportunity with edge and Randy Orton to recreate a moment like that if I get that tonight. I'm on board if I get something similar to that. I'm on board. That's what I would do. I need to see ED show up tonight. Because he's protecting his wife Dave if you were in a neck brace if both of your arms were broken if both of your legs were broken you'd find a way to get into a wheelchair and we'll your way to whatever dude. Did your wife harm right absolutely no matter what condition that you were in so I wanna see ed show up tonight in really banged up and bad condition saying I have no business being here. I have no business being out of my house. I have no business being out of my bed but I'll be damned if you're going to treat the mother of my children the way you did and if we see if we see edge in even just a neck brace in a collar and have randy. Orton rip that collar off and go to do it again. And now maybe somebody makes the save something to that effect. That's the moment that needs to be recreated Shane Douglas and Gary Wolf. GimMe that and that is next level storytelling. I agree with you and you. You mentioned the you know pit Bull Gary Wolf and Shane Douglas. And I mean you're going over twenty years ago when I took place why not. Please please do something. That's similar to that. Crowd was rabid for that and I think it would be similar for edge. I mean look kind of story is taking place now. I know it's being more condensed because this is going to be a match at wrestlemania thirty six BA. Let's leave a little bit of doubt here. Can Edge actually perform in this match? I'm wondering what kind of Ed's we're GONNA see tonight. I wonder if you're GONNA see edge. Embrace I wonder if edge is going to charge Randy Orton. I wonder if somebody's going to stop this more than ever before. I cannot wait for Monday night raw tonight. This is one of those few times where I am eagerly anticipating. What's going to take place so if that was the goal the WWe Kudos to the wwe? Because this is a must watch edition of Monday night raw just based on has nothing to do what took place at Elimination Chamber. Last night has all to do with edge and Randy Orton. If you see edge come back tonight. And he's one hundred percent that's a big F. You isn't it. Yes I do not want to see this guy at one hundred. I don't even WanNa see him at fifty percent. I WanNa see a guy that's banged up and broken down whose neck is in a compromised way. You bring this guy back with an entrance and running and physicality everything that they built up with Randy. Orton now goes completely by the wayside. Everything that randy edge to matt to the bath. It's all gone. I don't WanNa see edge. Get his hands on Randy Orton tonight? I I have no problem with seeing Adam Copeland. Defend his wife's honor tonight. I'm on board with that and I get it. Because that's what any man would do. No matter how banged up they were but I wanna see Randy or it and take advantage of that situation. I want to see Randy Orton. Rip that neckbrace off. I want to see Randy Orton. I WANNA see the implied intent. I want to see him. Go to cave in Scotland neck again and maybe now Beth comes out and makes the same or somebody else that comes out and makes the save. You know we were bitching and complaining about how you know. Worton took it to edge and edge in and have one friend to help them not a referee. Not a security guard not a wrestler. Not Nobody safe thing with Matt Hardy. Now's the time to send the cavalry. You GotTa do something because edged because of randy caves in edges head again. I don't know how edge makes it the WRESTLEMAINIA the intent tasks to be there though. This has to be like a rocky moment. This has to be like rocky to where Beth is telling. You can't do it you cannot. You can't do it. You can't have this. I don't know if they have enough time to tell the story. That's the problem. We only have a few Monday night. Raw before we reach Tampa Wrestlemainia thirty six but this has got to be a case where Beth is begging edge not to get into the ring. Because you're you lost your career once you're gonNA lose it again. You can't do it. You can't win rock you can. Am I right though? Bully like a has to be that type of situation. That's the story. They're going to have to tell this month before reached Tampa Bay. I WANNA see roadblock put in front of edge in have him overcome every single one of those roadblocks I just to see him get to Wrestlemainia. And do maybe do that. Unsanctioned match because that would make sense because I don't know who would clear. Ww Why would they clear him? If we want to blur the lines. Here look at how look at. How stringent they were with Daniel Bryan. Right took us to clear them and edge was gone for nine years and now he comes back and after two nights all the sudden. He's back right where we started from rich. Neck what doctrine. Wwe is going to clear him. Nobody but it's Wrestlemainia and edge wants the match and his lawyers got the clearance signed paperwork. Yada Yada there's a way to go about this and you can tell a great story. I'm I'm invested as of right now I am a hundred percent invested in Randy Orton and edge. I'm hoping tonight they don't uninvested me by having edge combat at one hundred percent. I I really WanNa think that the minds there and I talked to minds. I'm talking about one and I'm talking about Paul. I know Paul would never ever ever bring back edge at one hundred percent tonight. This is one of those where you're dangerous. As of a major major hole in the storyline. There's the possibility of that tonight. I hope it doesn't happen but there is that possibility tonight. Bully if they go the Shane. Douglas Dairy Wolf route. They are going in a great direction. Michael You're hearing catch. Bessette Open. Live Monday through Saturday from nine. Am to noon eastern on Sirius. Xm Channel One fifty six or on demand with the Sirius Xm APP after watching that match last night bully. I think I'd rather see the tag match and AJ and undertaker straight up and you WANNA know why it's because of ouster black. There's Alastair black our black is fantastic. I loved ouster blacks entrance at last year's Wrestlemainia and ouster black after getting the win against a j styles deserves a wrestlemainia badge. And I don't know how much we're going to get from the undertaker. Why not have it a tag match? Listen taker and Roman versus. I forgot who they face extreme rules. That was a good tag match. Who would you have though? Would it be like a three on two match because it is the O C? Why not absolutely the? Oc young to the OC against undertaker annouced or black. No doubt about it and now taker can. Just play his hits. The spotlight just doesn't have to be on him. He doesn't have to do you know he doesn't have to do all the work. And the most important part of the entire segment is Alastair Black. Getting the rub of all rubs getting to share the ring and be partners with the undertaker at Wrestlemania. Because House to black fits that perfectly so why not use you're not gonna Gal so black and undertake AJ and undertaker? I get it like we're seeing the story play out. Aj was throwing undertaker's name out there and promos but Alastair Black after getting that win last night. I want I WANNA see. Aj Alastair Black in the ring again so why not do it in a tag match? Pretty Damn I would love. I would love to see. Aj versus Alastair in like a last man standing type of match something violent but as far as wrestlemanias concerned all about ouster and the dead band teaming together and could you imagine taker and Alastair doing the entrance together. Oh my gosh taker. Doing like taker coming out. And all of a sudden out of nowhere. Alastair's coffin rising right next to taker. Cool cool moment. It would be amazing visual. And you know what like? We talked a lot about well specifically. I have talked a lot about sting and the undertaker and when it comes to that match how great it would be when it came to the entrances but how great with that entrance bay would undertake are now. They're black. That would be so bad so that would be a wrestlemainia moment to be quite honest unless it. Hey you WANNA get crazy. How about sting taker? And Black. Versus God's in the what do you want me to wet my pants. Then bring a change of underwear with me. Come on you. Can't throw data out there. What do you like that? You're GONNA wet Japan. Oh God what are you going to do what Japan fifty goes sleepytime Bo? Bo's you love the sleepytime Bubba fans love the sleepytime. Was YOU TIRED? You Go sleepytime both. It's over they love me. God over that I play. You know what I'd guy on social media morning what guy the guy on Social Media. There's a million people on social media to video. I posted the video I posted. I'm not on twitter. I'm doing this show you your focus on two things. I'm on twitter all the time. Don't know how to use it but I'm on it but now when I'm doing the show you play with your twitter a lot play Wichita twitting twitting tweet you. Twitter would sting ouster black and the undertaker pop gotta change my underwear after that one filthy disgusting human being. I'm just being honest with the nation. What else tickled your last night from the frumpy from the Elimination Chamber? Not a lot not like that I well what's getting to really quick dry umberto. Do you agree with me when I say that it feels like we've been down that road a thousand times and if Umberto enabled the beat Andrade. Then you know maybe it's time to move on. And where do you and where do you move on with Andrade? Umberto see seriously like every very the right. I mean does it feel like we've seen that like a thousand times on Monday night raw? Yes you going to get that beautiful analysis right here. I'm really I don't have a lot to say. It was a good match. It was exciting. It was exciting match us a good match. I liked it all right. What's next you know I? That's a great question. I don't know what's next right really quick because I do want to get to the nation because there's a lot of people I want to talk about last night. Show street prophets. Seth rollins and Murphy. Sri Profits retain their raw tag team championship. Titles what are they doing with Seth rollins and Murphy and I guess this is just leading up to a seth rollins Kevin Jones Madge Wrestlemainia. Thirty six once again. They cannot let a baby face tag team. Just go out there and win something on their own. Had to have Kevin Owens as the distraction for the other guys to go over and yes rollins versus Owens for Wrestlemainia. I get it. I would've loved to have seen the street profits just win. Give them a strong victory as strong tidal retention. And then when it's all over here comes Kevin O. N. G. Get your stunner. You could get your popcorn and have fun Blah Blah Blah. But if you're really watching it's like well if Kevin Kevin Wings wouldn't have come down and caused a major distraction would distri properties the win over the you're always scratching your head. Yeah but the reason they do. This is because they don't want anyone to lose and obviously they don't want to keep the tag team. Titles on Seth Rollins and Murphy so I put him on it you know. Put It on them to begin with something to do for that night. Exactly and that's what it feels like. So now you got seth rollins tsutsumi bully. Unless there's something I'm not seeing. He just seems like a fish out of water like we talked about him as a baby. Face wasn't working and there was really not a lot of backbone to his promos and it just seemed to go nowhere. There was there. There was no like aggression to those words that he was speaking and now he's this Monday night messiah that this storyline and going over easy because first of all there's no story to begin with. He just made himself the Monday night. Messiah he got a couple of disciples but man. This story is going nowhere. It's crazy we're talking about seth in his his lack of storytelling ability. It's not his lack of storytelling ability. It's probably what he's being handed. Conversely I watched seth last night on that. Fcw networks special. He was one of the standout guys to be. I loved the stories that seth pulled last night about. Fcw in working with dusty and working his way through the ranks. He is a good speaker and this is happening time and time again in the wwe. I'm seeing a lot of the guys and gals being allowed to speak in like their natural habitats and natural environments to say what comes off the top of their head and I'm so much more invested in what they have to say that any of these promos these canned promos that they're cutting by the by the way bad job by the wwe last night when that match was over with the street. Prophets Murphy. And Seth Rollins. Like you have seth rollins is the Monday night. Masai yelling at the crowd and all upset and then it cut to commercial which seth rollins from that many documentary for the network. Nfc on flu. It's like what are you doing? What's could you could you throw a little buffer there? I mean it. It went from Seth Rollins the Monday Night Messiah directly to Seth Rollins in a documentary about F F C. W One minute. Here's mean he'll sat and the next second here is nice sitting down telling us a story like do they not think these things out before they do it. I think they sit in their room and they say ha piss off like record today. It's not even just a little greg. I think it's their families. But seeing Seth rollins in that documentary just like you said. How is that helping getting his character the Monday night? Messiah over with the crowd. They don't look at it that way. They look at Seth rollins talking about his time. Fcw and it's not the same. Seth rollins where we're seeing in the ring portraying the Monday night Messiah Dude. The Monday night Messiah had legs. I would've loved to see him. Have his twelve disciples? I would've loved to have seen them go completely biblical this. Listen whatever first of all. Aarp where are they? What are they doing? What is I mean and then yet buddy murphy? Who's now just Murphy? Like I know probably have A. Oh P work with the street prophets. That's a way to keep the story going. Where like at? Least Seth rollins guys or trying to avenge the losses but like Ao P. is such darniche. It's not even funny. But but bully and again I compare this to the straight edge society with C. M. Pogue another AMAC comparing it to a story line outside of the WWE I'm comparing it to his storyline within the wwe with With with straight EDGE SOCIETY WITH CNN. Punk what a great story. What a great built and then ultimately it was CNN. Punk trying to go after Jeff. Hardy who had all those demons about him awesome story leading to a championship match where punk ultimately became the champion. Awesome Foundation with Monday night. Messiah there is no foundation. It's like all right seth. Rollins isn't working as a baby face. Let's turn them. He'll no reason why let's just do it. And now you have. This foundation with there is none. And then seth route. Where is this leading to is leading to a championship match? No it's leading to a match between 'em and Kevin Owens wrestlemainia thirty six. There's no rhyme or reason for it. There's no story behind it. There's absolutely no foundation with absolutely no goal and by the way all they do is lose and then you wonder why nobody's into the story couldn't agree more. Not many people mean anything and that's why we can't get behind it that's why we can't get as as invested in it as we want to get. I know why I'm invested in other characters in other shows on other nights I know why I'm invested in the fiend. I know why I'm invested in Otis. I know why I'm invested in Randy savage absolutely read the edge. Nobody has my attention more than randy and edge. And I'll say this Alastair black when he first started really had to my attention then they call them off and now a feels like they might be heating him up again but and I don't WanNa hear this onis room for so many. If you'RE GONNA call him superstars have a story for everybody. I mean you. Can you tell me you have a group of creative people that work for you? And they can't come up with a better story for Seth rollins the then the one that's being played out right now see. Here's the thing that we don't know maybe creative is doing a fantastic job of coming up with a Lotta great ideas for everybody in the company but then it's getting to the final filter and the final filter is shooting it all down. And that being Vince McMahon and I that is stuff that I have seen with my own eyes. I've seen a lot of people a lot of big brains in the. Wwe come up with some really great ideas only to become very frustrated because it was shot down for whatever reason was given that day. I just wish that like you said man. You look at Seth rollins and where he was and what a character and personality is and like you said seeing him talking about F C W and knowing what there is with Seth rollins and then looking at this story the Monday night Masai. He's got his disciples. Here's a here's an opportunity to have twelve disciples who would want who right right now. What disciple would WANNA FOLLOW? Seth rollins especially seeing same people who want to join the dark water people that feel left out and it's an easy story to do within the WWE. Because Seth could reach out to those. Who Do you feel like you've been left behind in this company? Do you feel like this company has wronged you do. You feel like this company is forgotten about you. Do you feel like this company has in give you what you've earned or think you deserve. I know how you feel my brothers and sisters. Come with me come to the Monday night. Messiah and I will take care I will heal you. It's so easy and to see twelve disciples of south rollins who've six men signal with hopper my exact span six women. Exactly what a great visual that would be. What a great group that would be. And it's and then to see them all one day sitting at the table the long table as if it was the last supper or last supper ask all this stuff is it would work. And that's where I thought especially with the t shirt like the stained glass. Jesus looking t shirt and you know the disciples and even though they should have been the apostles of pain. What do I know I like it? You could still do that but it doesn't look like going that way. Because we're four weeks away from Wrestlemainia thirty six do me a favor. Wwe creative. I know you're listening to the whole. Twelve disciples with Seth rollins. Please and could you have them win because nobody wants to file a loser? This is a guy who who brock listener or wrestlemainia. Thirty five built up a little momentum with the guy for crying out loud. I got embarrassed last night. Popcorn dumped on them by Kevin Owens. No that was. Yeah without listening catches Monday to Saturday. I'm busted open from nine. Am To noon eastern on Sirius Xm by Nation Channel fifty-six busted open podcast.

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