E15: Should I print my boarding pass?


Hey travelers, it's Christoph trap back with episode. Fifteen of the travel reviews that online podcast. Thanks for joining me still no travel currently going on in my life the coronavirus pandemic certainly has a grip. On activity, we were going to drive around Lake Michigan. I talked about that in a previous episode, Chicago now has quarantine order fourteen days for Iowans. so certainly we will only gonNA. Stay there for about. Thirty six hours roughly and DAD's not. Something we would want to stay there for two weeks and then drive home, so we cancelled. The whole thing was booked on Mariette miles myriad points and American airline miles. anyways, so not a big deal. Everything was refunded or is being refunded but today. I want to talk about boarding passes so boarding passes are an interesting topic, and they certainly have a voice over. Over time you know you have to used to get mail to you. I. Remember when when when you actually I think it was actually at ten, and then you had to check in You had your paperwork you had to take with you. but I do remember getting things in the mail. That's probably dating myself a little bit here. And then you just. You know you could just print them. And at some point you had, you could print them from your computer. And then at some point you had the passes on your phone, and so I was reminded of this topic, because in twenty seventeen I believe. We took a family trip to Orange Beach Alabama, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful area there on the Gulf, of Mexico highly recommended really beautiful and relatively cheap. I don't remember it being too expensive. I think we paid thirty five bucks for a set of chairs. And an umbrella per day to sit at the beach, and I. Don't remember if it was cheaper if you did the whole week I, think we just rented them day by day, but that's all we did. We drove down to the beach. got set. And then the kids would play, and the adults would hang out. It was really wonderful. Wonderful wonderful can't wait to get back on a plane to. Experience trips like that again so then when you are getting on a plane, what is the right thing to do when it comes to boarding passes? Should you print them? Should you put them on your phone the mobile version? What's the easiest way to do it and here's what I've done up to this point. Usually I check in. On the mobile APP at right at the twenty four hour mark I. Don't know why it just you get the notification you would. And you're done with it. What's interesting by the way? Is some European airlines. Let you check in like weeks in advance so for example. When I had to when I was so I was supposed to go to Europe in May in ahead of flight on Berea. Duesseldorf Germany Madrid Spain. And I checked in for that flight weeks ago and then I just added the mobile boarding pass to my wallet. And it was there weeks weeks before the flight so I. Don't know why there's such a difference in the US but in. At least for Iberia. That's doable I. Don't remember if that was doable with my British, Airways flight or not, but anyway. Anyway at the end of the day you have to check in. You have to have your boarding. Pass one way or another, and there's two ways really or three ways to do that one is you print out? which then of course leads to twelve pages of printed boarding passes when you are when you were traveling with a family of four? And if you're you know you have a lot of legs and remember how many lakes that was, but if that's four people. that's like three pages so I guess. Maybe we had two hops. You know doesn't need to be that many if you know if you're flying Chicago La. That's four pages, but still. Anyway the other option is you Adam as Mobile boarding passes into your wallet and phone. That's seems to work most of the time. I do remember and I I. Don't know if I've seen this recently, but at the at the. Latest or the farthest away I guess. Probably Twenty Fourteen Twenty fifteen I see mobile passes. That weren't working. People had to go back to the counter, or they had to go to the counter to check in or print one and so I I'm trying to remember if I remember any more recent examples and if you think about it. That's five years ago. Now but those incidents. Do. Prompted! Have prompted me to actually. Print my boarding pass. Maybe I don't need to do that anymore. Because it's been five years and I don't know if I've ever noticed any other issues since then. But. That's why I always print my boarding pass and always take it on paper. Just so I have it. In case, something doesn't work with the technology. the Apple. Apple Wallet iphone Wallet. Mobile Boarding Pass works well as well before right around the time you have to board, it gives you a notification, and you can open it from your locked screen. Even you just tap it so that's very very helpful. The other option I'm not even sure American offers. This I know united does they send you a mobile? Boarding Pass. That's just like website. Basically I haven't used that in a long time, but that is an option. A traveling with a family depending how old your kids are! The there are some advantages to actually painting them. Because here's the example. So I got A. Six year old and a twelve year old twelve year old has her own. iphone six year old has an old iphone from me like iphone six. S. But it's not has doesn't have any data. She only uses it at home so for points purposes. She doesn't really have an iphone right that she uses. We all use our phones. And so that means she can't easily use the mobile boarding. Pass because it doesn't feel like she's using it right because that would put it on my phone. And then I have to scan it, and then I would have to hand her my phone. And then she has to put it on there, so it's not the same experience as me. Printing the boarding passes and everybody has their own boarding pass in hand, and they get to scan it now. I could care less obviously I if I get to skate boarding pass, but for the children that don't travel one hundred fifty thousand miles a year. It is indeed a fun experience, so if you're traveling. With kids and the kids care. and usually that I would I would say that's probably you know anything below h ten for sure and then. It's. It's crapshoot anything over h ten thinking Ha Hashtag dead life, but undertake h ten. Definitely think the kids would would would care. I mean thinking about it this way when you get into. An hotel with your kids I mean everybody wants to push the button. It's the same thing right. I mean at the end of the day. The main difference who pushes the button, but they liked doing it. They It's part of experience so. If you're traveling with family might be worthwhile depend. The boarding passes just because. The kids would enjoy it and I can see why there is something to that. From a technology point, I haven't had many issues as they with the mobile boarding passes networking, so I might. When I get back on the road I might move to that model completely to just have the mobile. Mobile Pass. The other thing to think about and I don't know what the TSA does. Now is when you have the paper. Right you hold you put the paper on top of the scanner, and then you just take it back off. You do the same with your phone, so you put your phone on top of the. Scanner, which. Who knows how many other people have done You know in the height of travel you last year twenty nineteen. Like two point, one million people get scanned by the TSA everyday. I knew that I know that number has fallen with covid. Last I saw it had come back up. But. There's a lot of phones that are being put on those scanners, so TSA is wiping that down or not and of course you'll only know. Right before you have to put your phone on there right so then you'll see, but I I guess as a backup. You could have some antibacterial wipes in your bag. Which I always have with me anyways I'll tell you a funny story about that, and then you can wipe your phone after you put it on there and pick it back up through security. I actually I order antibacterial wipes in bulk and I've done that for for many years. Even pre cove. It as previously blog about. I wipe down my seat and I've done that for a long time. usually people say something to you when you used to. That was funny, I was flying from O'hare. I believe to London Heathrow. There was family next to me and I'm wiping down my seed, and this kid next to me so kits flying business class. Good for him My kids have done that, too. I don't think I've ever done that when I was a kid unfortunately, but so the kids looking at me, wiping down seed, and then I paint over my head, or whatever tilled over my head, and and there's mom and mom looks the boy and goes see you're not the only one wiping down your seat, so she told him to clean his seat, and I was cleaning my seed so interesting and then one day my wife actually texted me and said we had lake four thousand wipes in the mail. I'm like yeah, cheers! Is that a mistake? I'm like? Oh. So the special offer in I bought a bunch of boxes so We're still working through them. even now with covert of course wipes. antibacterial wipes kind of a hot commodity. So. We're still using them, but I always take them when I travel I use them. Everywhere on the plane. You know I wipe down my immediate area where I sit in the hotel. I wipe down the TV remote. If I'm planning on watching TV, I wiped on other things that might touch that are you know common touchable areas? But, so you know I do that anyways, but printing the boarding pass traveling with younger children ten 10-rounder, definitely something worth considering. And You know other than that. If you're traveling by yourself, you don't care mobile. Boarding passes probably just fine so I'm Christoph Trap? If you have any thoughts, questions, comments judgments any ideas for topics. If you want to submit a story I know I have people reach out saying hey, if I accept stories from their trip, happy happy to happy to See Trap Edgy Mail Dot com drop me a text. if you like the phone number is listed on C.. Trapped Dot online forward slash contact. hope you hear from your thanks for listening. Safe travels stay healthy and Santosh I.

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