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What's up snapback FAM- welcome back another episode of the snapback sports pile on this episode? We had the opportunity to talk to banish. Now running back Pittsburgh steelers. Obviously this hurt my heart to say but he was really dope even though he goes against my ravens twice a year. But I think you guys will definitely enjoy. The interview. Talked everything from nickelodeon hosting playoff games. That the steelers could be into to the swag. You guys know Benny. Because at Kentucky he had that dope video we staring at the camera and it became a worldwide nationwide viral gift and it was just amazing but we talked about a whole host of things that I know. You will totally enjoy snapback. Fam- let's get the Baltimore. Ravens Select Lamar Jackson. Rain is all all you every talk Philadelphia Ryen. Look up snapback them. We are super excited to welcome. Benny Snell running back. Pittsburgh steelers to the at backs. Words pod Benny. Welcome to the snapback family or man. I appreciate what is going on up in Ohio Man. Not much just working out training. Getting remarkable is A really been outside much other than that's where you've been grinding is in the garage. That's been Brian in the garage. Stray Joe Workout. Okay all of that so I'm not GONNA lie. I'm Kinda pissed off because I told you before we started the pod. I'm from Baltimore Ravens Fan and when I was doing my research I was like I really hope I can just hate this guy. You're just like way too cool have weights garage. Break a really dope dude. So it's kind of upsetting but I'll I'll put my ravens steelers differences aside just just the say. Do we want to go to my Penn State Kentucky differences or. You guys can hash that out right now. If you I mean come on Guy Hence they play Kentucky in the Citrus Bowl my senior year and this guy comes out here breaking records on our squad at that point. I didn't really care because like I wanted to go to the playoffs but I mean we just got absolutely works by this morning. It always definitely Damar. Never forget it was crazy that was unreal going into the game. How many yards? You needed to break the record of our so. Do we want to play like on just asking my coach life where we at where we at and have time? I knew I was like dying defies criminal at the half on my coast. You gotta you gotTa do this thing all right. So I mean assuming you ended on a touchdown run right damn well how many yards you need it on that. Play you snake but yeah you already know? I was doing research as well and I saw a lot of the past. Where you? That's Benny snuffle. Can you give our our listeners? A ONE ON ONE. A one hundred hundred to`real one now. Football is okay so my answered ince changed over over the time of me getting that name right now for any snow football. I describe it is. What you see is is really hard to say. Best is what you see but you know that is just like we penn state and whoever else you know you'll keep running that. I can see the defense tire you know. I'm having a mylar obvious. Amac I'm Young. I'll be I'LL BE GETTING NOTHING. I'm waiting so this hard knows when a football we just keep running and running and we go keep moving to Change Benny. So we've recorded with so many guests a bunch of Football Pires Bunch back up ice and we can never find a trash talker but I think we finally got our guy we need someone with that swagger who's been Just trashed her. We talked to US neck ler. He's an incredible fire with Loki. We need someone who wants to run you over them talk. That's Max which is where I think a little bit comes from snow yet which is like a dope is slogan. Ever Cook. You know saying. Where'd you get that trash talking from? What is yeah means you? Oh so is my brand. My personal brains It came about. I WANNA say my sophomore year in college and Actually got it tattooed across my stomach to talk to my naked body from here but Yeah a lot of it forever talking with me and it just comes from me let it be having fun like. I know that you know if I'm walking along with the player Open the he makes the tackle. You know I'm GonNa come back to times harder you know and I'm Gonna. Trust talk at half while doing it so it's not like I'm just crazy not it control you know. I'm like low key having fun smile while I'm doing so because you obviously you're new to the league. I'm curious if that trash talking like is there a level where you say okay? I should probably call it like. Are you just going out and talking? Trash like von Miller and Aaron. Donald like it's nobody's safe when it comes to your talking all yeah. There's there's no there's no life nobody say it goes definitely. I try to be cool and like you not go too crazy. 'cause already cameras on me so right well did you. The camera was on you. You obviously knew the cameras on you but obviously there was a viral gift from your years of Kentucky with something happened. Maybe you have more insight and no gifts. I'm talking about where the CAM is just looking at. You and your arms are crossing your sword. Yeah what happened before that man? So tech saying no sophomore year. I'll I WANNA say it's fourth quarter. And this was the touchdown and I was GONNA put us up so we ran inside zone. And how scored the touchdown but it was so big of a pile on the inside. I was looking down and I seen my feet were in the end zone but like the pile pushed me back and then I got chocolate himself outside zone so we went over to the side. Learn what it was reviewing I could see the little Kim and coach stoops and my office because he's like where did you score? Like Noah scored. I know our school so when the camera chain I knew. I scored a touchdown on like all year. They are ready for the camera. At that point I love it. You just always know where the camera is. It seems like another example is the mouthguard. What how'd you all? I mean literally the coolest. I think the pose that you hit after touchdowns number one but that mouthguard sick to what. Where did you come up with again? Really that's just is in college too. I came across them off. These are real very young. I was one of the first people like you can be hip to it and then when I brought it out you know people were lovely and and the people that I was going to opponents. They were hating it like when you when you blow on a little spin right. Murphy's and makes this little womb Lewis carnivals. I'll be everybody task. That's that's that's that's sick. I mean half the game I mean you think it's what thirty three percent football. We'll call it thirty three percent trash talking and then about thirty three thirty four percent drip so like you gotTa have like since you've gotten your money since you've You've come to the league. What was your first like big purchase when you gotTA contract contract definitely? My first big purchase wasn't my car What are you driving? I'm driving a twenty nineteen bench trucks. Let's say that's off all black really. That is very that is very very dope. All Right Benny. I know we put our differences aside but it into it. I'm a Ravens Fan. You play for the Pittsburgh. Steelers we knocked. You haven't seen tell me? What is that rivalry like are the are the players really hitting harder? What's it like seeing Lamar out there for the first game? We obviously sat out the second game. You feel that rivalry do feel that hatred for them or do we feel like the rivalry because in my opinion it has moved a little from that hard hitting Roy Powell era. Like you know you guys actually pretty heavily focused on offense aside and so are we now. But tell me about that definitely I definitely feel divide Any any any weeks like going to like that so you know it was just to start the game off like it was It was Irany it was it was muddy and this is the second time that plays all that. I'M BURNT TO DOT com. Plays a little bit more. I mean it was. It was crazy. That was a real intense gang Just real like grimy getting to see Lamar for the first time though Like in the League. It was really like it was like a moment for me because Kentucky I was I was going against him are even when he When heisman right like argue pretty good player because he was arrive within? So he's my rival again. I guess but yeah. He's definitely a hell of a player. Minor he he. He did a lot of things that people can outdo. We're back to this. Let me ask you then. So your one of your teammates and your boy limb Bowden has been modeled to us in the draft so I not your homie and I know you'll arrive with him through everything. But how would you? How would you balance that relationship if you was a raven? He's obviously arrival. But he's still wearing her best friend. Andrew Today. He's always going to be more homey. But if we're going if we are on the same team if you're not wearing black or yellow I've got I've I feel that. So you talked about when you when you first played. Lamar and it was very cool moment because you are in your rookie year. He was in second year but we hear all the time like come to the league moments was there. Did you like in your first couple games early on the season have come to the league moment. Where like a guy didn't hit coming from a big play or something like that. I wanted to just put you on your ass. Damn I'm here. I Guess Oh man most definitely there's really special teams especially changes where they re really at war with boys but and I'll never forget it was on kick concern. We're finding the Dolphins. This least expect it so we were trying to kick return and I wasn't the main return. I was wondering about blocking like the second line we have. This little scheme was go across and block or do I kind of across the field. I was looking at him and they had a whole nother. Do come in for me. Hey Hey permit straight on my on my. Oh my gosh get up. Because extra slow. He found his trash talking after that. How how is it going from? I mean you're the star running back at Kentucky and you're going to be a star in the league but you had at least swallow your ego for a little imply on special teams and then you crushed it like Mike. Tomlin said that was what he was. Most excited about was that you took that role responsibility this year and he knows you're going to be a part of the future. They're what's it like going from all the same power at running back through smashed by Dolphins Route? No that's a great question. Gradu- that honestly with me. I feel like I'm kind of like an old school like me. I'll get it out the mud and grinds however you know for that kind of these kind of new generation guys. Just want to you. Know they just want they just want to play. They're interested in emery. Yeah so when special teams? That's that's this is getting off the mud like I was excited. I was excited to be on the field and right away whether it was making a tackle or not because I know I know I can make tacos are knocker. Run the ball so you know anything they want me to do. I'm a do it to the best love to hear that. Did you grow up a big Fan of the NFL? Like not even playing. Just watching. Honestly no I. I wasn't and it's funny though. It's funny that's all Ravens Fan. Because my dad say for the ratings. I didn't know that because sure did for about two or three years and this was this was around. I would only say like ninety eight to two thousand okay. I was like four. Yeah around the time. Was he on TV year before the superbowl team. I guess we want to nine. Yeah he was here before New Year before He ended up getting injured and after he got into. There was just. It was time to coach me. That work now. Wait till you see your dad played in the NFL but you just had no interest in the NFL. I mean he he. He played like I was around. I was around like watching them. And you know watching like the Buckeyes here and there but I'll be straight school playing outside now. I was inside watching. Tv playing video games or of football or baseball. Or whatever. So I went down to watching. You know it's funny. You say that because Jack and I these past few weeks have been doing this. Nfl draft zero Series of episodes where we're interviewing a bunch of guys that are going to the draft that are going to be drafted this year. We're going to drop it closer but we ask almost every guest that same question like did you grow up a fan of the sport you clan and it really blows my mind data. We've gathered were none of these guys. Even clue yourself grew up really sports and it makes me think it's like damn is my love for sports. The reason I never made it Kinda taking a second guess manny. You can't see them right now. I can. I'm like to. He's not he's like five eleven he's facing line six six feet Max and one Guinea one. There's no sir. I actually played running back for a year. I was a soccer by but I hung up exceeds and put on the football pads for a year. My first year Kerry still put on cleats in my first career. Carry one for eleven yards in first out and then the rest of the season. I never carried the ball for positive yardage. I finished my career with negative twenty two yards. So yeah isn't that crazy. It's like the coach was playing exactly. It's a bad scheme finance what they said so where. I was going with that question. Kind of got derailed is. Was there a player? Obviously you didn't grow up a huge fan the NFL but maybe later on in college that was in the League that you try to model your game after or spent a Lotta hours watching film of in particular definitely so when I was when I was coming out of college Figure every Gabe was the guy. How top dog I'm talking about. I'm watching a monster him. Every time I ate dinner breakfast I just. I just fell in love with the way that he was blocking the way he was running the ball. He's able to catch this a little bit. You know in the flats but it was just a in what I've seen him. Throughout Idaho state it was it was crazy in day was able to transition. They're doing is kept watch. Yeah he has a special player a- because I'm a diehard eagles fan but I'm curious so you talked about the way Zeke runs and a little question for you what do you more you enjoy running someone over and just totally going through them or making them miss what I enjoy. The most is running someone over. Okay but only style. Yeah Downhill touchdown going through. But I. that's what I enjoy the most but I know that. Got Some not the smartest thing to do so I'm going to try to making this. Okay what's your go to Really I kinda like sharing the ball on my right hand so if I'm going to face guard somebody up. I'm like Shaka when my last four? I'M GONNA try to go through. You are left. Show too 'cause like that's like my Dad. I was talking to my best part So obviously we haven't asked this question to anyone before because it's pretty new but they the NFL just announced obviously they're adding playoff teams for next year. Two more teams and they also announced that one of the Games is going to be on Nickelodeon. So we're all young. Yeah Brow. They're gonNA put one of the wild card weekend games on nickelodeon think as well as like. Espn embassy. Are you sure? Know say eight little way. They're just loading it on Nickelodeon only number. I what I think. I think there's no way so that answers my question. Let me ask the question of like would you? Is it disrespectful to put your playoff game thinking about a ravens steelers? Hard hitting game. Wildcard around on Nickelodeon? I just weird. I definitely feel like that's kind of iffy but I still feel like people are going to know about the game so it's all about them. Tv sales or whatever because even connect game someone gets in the end zone in that game. It's like a celebration as their slime. Each other honestly would be really know so knock it a lot banney. I know you're a big Ideo Gamer. I know you crash home. We don't crush coddle out. What other Games do you wrong? So I'M GOING TO K. Craig CRAIG. He's trash. I'm not sure I played you in eight years. He's trash so y'all play who were women we use have battles growing up. We used to play every we used to play every single night here. I I think I was the sixers. I was the sixers they KC. You'd be the Knicks of Mela Mela mellows mid range into K. You could not stop to K twelve. Who's your squad when reply so usually spotted disturbed because I work with but doesn't doesn't booker. Okay Y- I know you supported the basketball spun out. Who are your boys from when you were there? Oh Man I got a lot so I got Bam are the by young for Miami father. Hero Miami Maliki monks The Hornets All those teams were so tough. Were so benny so tomorrow night. They're doing like a to k players only tournament and d-box in it and yesterday on the podcast even I did a bracket we fill out our bracket and think. Did you have booker in the final? Have you played with him before? Is He really nice? Trade Bam Bam Solano. He's I know he's like that though. Nice what what? Console you on playstation xbox. I'm on both but are mainly our xbox. That's next on the way to go so I have one of the episode that are trying to get. When's the last time that you saw or spoke to Ben Rothlisberger Big Bang? His face currently looks like what the Hell is going on with that beard man. That Corona Bro. My man looks like a lumberjack. From in from the Nineteen Fifties. Look Caveman. Look feeling did I feel. He's going to like come week one if he still has that thing like he's getting taken down a beard dear. I don't know how she will have a big beard. I don't know how they put their changed on true. Fortunately I can't grow out our beards problem talking Benny so besides video games. What else likes his business man? You got all that stuff but I wanna know what you learn. So I'm usually heavy on the video games. I'd be trying to have off challenge by this. This isn't I thought that I usually bring to the to the people so I'm GonNa Tell Ya drama. Please we got some breaking news on the PODCAST. I Beni the floor is yours. Suck Schefter so I really. I really be raft. You mentioned music. There have been a Lotta the examples and a lot of things that have ruined my life trying to do that and what I wanted to do. So I'm I'm staying underground until I'm ready so I just wanted to circus and say yeah. I'll be making music and I got a lot of parents wreck. Coordinate on a music down what what type of Music. I love to be featured I WANNA I wanna say it's like a kind of a a melody Kinda Rach Melody. Kinda but I know some somewhere. I'm just racking to some so you try to model your game after Zeke. Nfl football game one artists. Are you trying to model your your music career after? Like who yourself to compare myself to drake. This is not an object and this Harley way this is this is probably like saying drake my answer. 'cause he's he's way above me ahead of me but Jewish world. Mp's rest in peace. He was you're married. You KINDA got a little a little vocal in use some bars. Some some good piece. I see I see what you should. Your drop should be a highlight mix tape of all your Ron's from this year with your music on an peopling like Oh what's that song and then by men were better idea? We make a music video. The three of us do that way. I I'm willing to drive up a few hours away. Yeah I'M GONNA hit my boy we don't get. It started out in the backyard. I definitely liked that idea a lot. Beni. We do really appreciate you coming. The podcast one thing. I want to ask from you though is. Can you start Twi- channel? Because I feel like the people need to hear about you and they need to see you video definitely. That's that's definitely in the works right now. You're like a hundred person to say that I need to. I needed to start it. I've been music started. My game was crazy. Man I gotta put it on display. What's Your K. D. c? I don't know I'm looking Guy I don't pay attention to Katie. I dropped bodies so then you'RE K. So that your case should be up. There should be. It should be not GONNA lie Right I mean. I definitely want to sit. Benny who would you say your closest with around the League because we've talked to basketball players and we've talked to baseball players and they the basketball guys are always friends with other guys around the league with the baseball guys are just pretty much friends with their teammates on their squad. What's that look for you in the League Jersey swap definitely? Yeah definitely If you if you talked to any alumni off played on the team that you saw that right away without a doubt but But what was the question again for who your boys around the League on the team and so coming coming in rookie year basically. It's a Lotta the rookies I. I would say You know the guys that I can't remember what does the Onta- On other teams like say like my boy. I mean French for Seattle. Yeah it's it's really it's really select you and if anybody it'd be so it ain't even another like that. What's it been like playing with Mike? Tomlin notoriously one of the biggest player coaches in the NFL. We've seen that throughout the years. He sticks by his guys but also one of the more confusing guys are. I'm always hearing an interview for my common. And he says something and I'm just like what the fuck would you say? What is that like? There's always random close. What's it like flying for coach. Tomlin or I really enjoy. I really have a Lotta respect for coach He does a lot of great things for us at for the players for the team He's always speaking. It's like every time he speech he wanNA listen 'cause he's GonNa learn something from it and He's also upfront. Keep a straight up front. I like he won't sell you like something you don't WanNa hear no. Bs like that like He. Don't tell you straight up what it is. So that's why I got full respect for him and I love He. I'm looking at a few quotes from him right now. I'll tolerate you until I can replace you. That means like this guy but then I get to the bottom. He is a quote that says the standard is a standard. What the Hell is? How does that mean it was crazy? 'cause I've heard I've heard both those multiple times but The Standard is the standard. You gotta it's IT'S. It's the rules the rules you you know. We all know around Like the facility in in the organization how we need to work on how to do things actually into the standard is the standard. You can't know being late. They know none of that. You gotta be on Sunny. I am curious. We've never really talked to someone about this. But you're the only Pittsburgh steeler I've ever had on a fantasy team fun fact for the audience. What is like? Do you actually listen. If people are tweeting that you like you know bro like you had a bad game. I had your fancy. Do give a damn about that stuff. It's actually funny to me. It's so fun I actually my first. My first my first spends experience. I'll tell you so. It was like it was on twitter. Of course we'll just twitter nouveau after a game and they have my face on a on a milk carton also missing fantasy points. I say all sneak. I'll say making jokes are ready so I really don't but it's funny. Though so funny story I told my boys I would shout them out Shoutout feffer and spear but when I told them you were coming on and we also have. We're also recording with DJ more tomorrow. Hopefully and I told them both at once in there like that though. But I need you to Reim- both of them out because you and Dj more were both on their championship team. Starting in the starting lineup in the finals who owes needed a combined like eleven points and I think you put up like ten five or something. It was the game at the end of the season. The Milk Carton game I mean I think it's you can't listen obviously to people complain about fantasy because we're applying for like twenty bucks or something but I do think you still want to perform for your fantasy owners because that just means you had a dope game definitely and then it'll be it'll be more people at you it. Just go look exactly. You can't legally play fantasy football right within the league. I won't think care now. Actually I don't know why like teams I mean I understand why like if each organization had like their own fantasy league throughout like that'd be fun. I mean you collusion. It'd be collusion. It'd be hilarious. Benny was in the championship. Brownies plan against himself. He's up or down one and he just like intentionally fumbles the ball loses opponents or Benny's steelers day and they're giving up a big run two legs Danny from the sidelines. Sprints up the field and just tackles him in the middle of the field pulled that ship before did pull that against our. Jacoby Jones kick return. Yeah Jacoby Jones. Kick Return. Benny Oh one last thing before we let you all just to be conscious of your time. We want to make sure you get to shout out all your social media so I started on snapchat. We the biggest sports nap account. So we'll definitely give of on snap which I know you're the boy which is your or But what about swearing instagram? As well? So the boy much twitter is Benny underscore snow Real basic and then for instagram. I am Benny Spelled Jillian. All the way already low it up snapback fan blow it off. Xm We'll take care of you and then we gotta get that music video shots or connected. Evan after the call the banning thank you for coming on of luck to you this season. Even though you're on the dealers out still support them now we do. We do appreciate our love. I appreciate it Ma'am Festival block and come on whenever you to run into every twitch up and most importantly. I'll be hammering in about that say I'd rather stay safe. Thanks for coming on

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