3: "Museum Exploration" Week


I'm your host and the founder of your buds area on this lab this episode for the Week of October Twenty first through twenty fifth two thousand nineteen each week on the show we share hi podcast listeners. Welcome to feedback with your butts brought to you by ear buds podcast collective we learn about how museums reflect and shape Iceland's unique cultural identity Friday's episode comes from Museo punks and it's called decolonisation Thursday's episode is from museums in strange places it's called a writer's Home Laxness Museum it's thirty one minutes long in this episode sex podcasts opening the conversation around sex and relationships pleasure podcasts hosted by a range of experts from sex educators to adult filmmakers to Comedians and their mother discussion of this week's theme on the Interwebs by using the Hashtag Museum podcasts. This week's newsletter is sponsored by pleasure podcasts which is a network of the L. Museum of Natural History in Washington DC Tuesday's episode comes from Cultura Conscious and is called community organizing museums Indus amount of unchecked cultural and educational power and it turns out the PODCASTS are a great way to interrogate them here the podcast Oliver Marino it's fifty three minutes long in this episode what can museums learn from the work of community organizers Oliver Marino discusses his work with the Latino is an episodes that Ian chose along with the descriptions provided by pot chaser Monday's episode comes from Museum archipelago and is called from extinct monster dacians the topics are always different and unique. Let's do it. This week's theme is called museum exploration the curator is MM unity at the Levine Museum of the New South A History Museum in Charlotte North Carolina Wednesday's episode comes from the Whitest Cube and

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