Techy Gift Ideas for Bloggers Wanting a Stress-Free Holiday Season


Hello and welcome. The success unscrambled fled cavs out run on on. I help women who wants to live life of time and freedom become wildly successful using proven organic marketing strategies so that they can finally achieve those lifelong long dreams with confidence. You're very welcome to the podcast that he and you would not believe what we looking. Okay enough enough giggling alvin. Let's do this all right so the the app. The topic for today's episode is techy gift ideas for bloggers wanting a stress free holiday season. I know what sort of a topic is that well of technical of digital marketing bleating. I'll tell you why so when it comes to <hes> the holiday season or any sort of specialty fans or <hes> <hes> any sort of celebrations <hes> oh maybe a need for gifts. I like to help us find the perfect gifts for people who have <hes> friends who are bloggers have and find the perfect gifts hence reason why episode is looking at gift thaddeus especially for bloggers and you find out why through this particular episode so are you looking for a techie gift idea. That's the kind of gifts that will make the holiday period stress-free with so many people at home or even in the house. Whether you celebrate christmas easter new year's mothers day thanksgiving or even independence day it is best to be prepared for a full house. Maybe you can relate to this but have you ever received a gif small or big that just doesn't make sense in almost like the person did not spend a lot of time thinking about you the individual and just purchased the if that's an option torch if you are like me. You probably don't like doing this it anyone whether a colleague or friend or family member left once you listened cue's all year long knowing that they would like mike for the ability you know something special special occasion anniversary or even the holidays this can be especially true for someone someone who is a blogger what a blog part time they blog full-time because they require technology to make things work autumn help them be more efficient the always stretch time so getting them something that keeps them productive or make them more efficient is a definite plus in this particular podcast. We'd be looking got nine. Gift ideas blogs will keep them and their families ready productive uneven stress free for the holiday season. Okay so the first on the list something called an eagle eat sorry eagle life <hes> unisex messenger bag one of the things we all need as bloggers is a bag act to carry all of our stuff of course mom bloggers meals aena different type of bag for their kids. I thought this messenger bag on amazon and i instantly taught hands-free. Nothing is more annoying than to have a bag of money. Purses bogs facilities have straps that constantly fall off the shoulder which or they just pinch your news which is very very annoying so this particular bug is a unisex and it comes complete pockets for your smartphone and notebook it can hold tablets laptops tablet ordeal up top that is an inch fourteen inch screen which is just music to the as beth avoid strap is adjustable and detachable on it's five feet and link is he big requirement for you to have a long strap low enough strap and the body looking for in the material it's made from canvas and leather on comes in two colors black and coffee he a his and hers okay you can head of with two might shoot shoot my podcast shoots which is success unscrambled that come forward slash jeff gift dash ideas dash for dash blogs that success unscrambled dot com forward slash gift cash ideas the dash for dash bloggers and you'd see i have images of messenger bag as well as a link where where you can actually get it available from amazon okay next up. We have the laptop desks. Stand for peace in macbook whether you fukunaga or are you just looking for a way to do your work more efficiently or he wants to laptop from the home office. This laptop desks ton is nice touched. It is much better for economics ergonomics because the reasons the laptop six point one inches over desk which means you can decide to stun why working to stretch your selects being food means that you need to stand and make recipes and <hes> take photos discreet even double as a stunt to put a pretty fruit for example <hes> but you probably need to put it inside of one of those <hes> fox's. You need to make the recipes z. y. Starting moving about or need to be you need to be basically deceptive status meat from a single piece of metal at four point four punks. It's it's not very not fancy by any stretch of modern nations. It's not a cheap option. Were you break or bend in no time at all it comes with cable organizer on its compatible mac book protein inch apple macbook macbook air and other laptops that are less than nine point four inches in depth. The visible colors are black and silver kinda. Get a link is in the show could pick it up next on the list. I have the netcom night hawk smart. Wi fi router are seven thousand. There is nothing more than experiencing wifi problems just when you have an important important blog post to publish ovidio top balloon especially during the busy holiday season depending on the design of the home that you have. Are you live in dan. We'd be different levels. You may get wifi problems incident bedrooms especially when it's very very busy where i live for example their neighbors who use the same sort of company boardman company on how companies knee so depending on the time of the congestion on london broil abundant gets very very high because everybody's ladies who either playing games or you know searching online. Everybody's off that time of the year so one clever way to handle is essential challenges to have a smart. Wi fi router is high speed. Did i mention the frogger comes with parental control. This may be the year that you're planning adding to get a smartphone tablet for your teenage. Oh which makes you very numerous. The parental control feature comes in the form of an apt. It only takes five minutes to set up you get one free trial and after that you can photos in one thousand nine hundred a month for peace of mind is it's easy to pose an access remotely as well. The added benefit is that it offers seamless wifi access up to thirty devices is yep devices and katie thinking that's a lot of devices just remember that most people have two devices connected at the same time or in some cases three they should have a teenage son for example have his lots of connected to the wifi his phone and then he also have some sort of a gaming device and probably even alexa collecting connected suit wife as well. It has a range of eighteen hundred square feet and even comes with it's very own firewall called ad fines threat protection so no need to buy more antivirus software. The good news is speaking of alexa. It works alexa so you can add voice control to this particular route up and it's such should great gift idea for others next up yup. We have on the list. The echoed through generation smarts become alexa speaking of alexa. Do you have one in every room yet who would have thought that alexa would have been such an essential part of life. You can enhance your hands free experiencing new level by having vice that can save you a whole lot of time is especially good if you dislike chiming up and down stairs because you forgot to turn on the eating or plug advice or any excuse me off the you know anything okay well well it comes and lets alexis the beauty of the ecuador speaker that the fabric design and the can fit into small spaces instantly gets wrong in your bedroom or living area by peering to ecuador speakers together and just in case you have not used alexa before it's good for orrin takeaway getting news updates finding out elitists weather forecast. You can use her for locking does ause adjusting to most. That's turning on lights and even playing music. You can easily connect every room in your house and make announcements. What were you can call it for dinna. You can secure one for every room of left. Lincoln issues again egypt coaching success unscrambled dot com forward slash rush gift ideas tash four blocks and if that's still <hes> pity remember you just go to success unscrambled dot com forward slash our dash podcast and see the list of all the podcast and he can insulation a one time gift ideas for bloggers right up next got the utech smart triple display u._s._b. Be type thing adopter. That's a whole mouthful essentially what it is is. <hes> device allows you to plug in a lot of things so let me explain if inside to alexa you come you come to realize that equity running with of sockets porch at home so we'd elect for you to plug into into laptop or something like that you might have faith laptop to plug in alexa but don't worry i have you covered with his triple display years taxi adopter from utah. Ah texmart june holidays. You come to realize that you're suddenly short on u._s._b. Port so h._d._m._i. Sockets which can be annoying. Maybe you recently got a new laptop or vice comes with the u._s._b. Type seaport into those newports and nothing else plugs into it l. It's really really annoying but now it's a good time to get ready for. These kind of technical challenges challenges before it happens this particular u._s._b. Types types of that comes with an r._j. Forty five port a four key each year my sock. It's actually not one but two forty itchy my sockets u._s._b. Reports pre point reports two of them usb two point reports two of them. You get a v._g._a. Port an s._a._t. F- <hes> smart card slot a p._d. U._s._b. sport and a micro s discards not all of these from this one adopter which means is aesthetic few instantly get. You probably have one usb port on your brand new laptop. You probably is by william and you know have four years before you can even and attached brian. You had to no wifi camera that you got for christmas or you know whatever it is. You probably h. e. m. i. poets ready ready especially if you do if you should view directly to your computer you need each year. My poets and this device actually happy with that. It has blazing fast. Uh speeds so that you can download movies quicko and even charge your phones faster. You can get ready for holidays by grabbing to again have left link in the shuttle's next <hes> you read. We've got a teepee link deco whole home mesh wifi system. So what is that well. We'll debbie a big family event at your crib. Do you need wifi for dozens ends of devices. Maybe planning a big family reunion in the next few months which means that you'll be having lots of people over dobie siblings children cousins and determine even aunts and uncles and close friends and children the the all have the tech savvy vices so you can expect that they will be showing up not only for some good food but with the latest and greatest gadgets from wifi dependent cameras top of the range smartphones and everything in between keep your family and friends happy with a wi fi system <hes> that not only covers range of five thousand five hundred square foot you might have a mock ios in abadan conservatory or you might even have have one of those sheds in the bucket and people at the dan even that can go and hang out in those five thousand five hundred square if it of space and that is if you buy three pack and you can connect up to eighty five has one hundred devices and it is as reliable has you so what he worries taken care of so just in case one was divisive wasn't sufficient feud. Here's one for two hundred devices. The teepee link deco whole-home mash wifi system does just that comes with parental controls antivirus built in a standard. The good news is that this is the also connects with alexa which means that you can have voice control and to make matters even better you can chat but everyone from some. You've landed then somebody playing outside in the conservatory in the machi. Wherever the you know everyone is absolutely connected on you can just press a button and seek. Can you please pass me the chicken. Okay so instead of spending time figuring out the tech you can now give you vitamin time catching up on family gossip and remembering the good oldies insurance. You have your family. Reunion is such last everybody we talking about it so make sure you take a pick up your tree pack of this wifi system. I've left leg again in the show. Notes headed with access unscramble but come forward slash gift dash ideas dash for dash. That's next up on the list. We've got are you ready. Beats solo three wireless on ear headphones as a blogger. You knew how important important is to not only invest in yourself but to consume your online courses so that you can get ahead a new blogging absorb absorb every word from those online videos and webinars using the latest and dependable headphones if you're like me probably take notes during your online training and you also like to stand up or structure legs of it well. A set of wireless on your headphones is just what you need to remain muya so you can caraba refill of popcorn water. Choose who's very long training sessions. The beats too slow three wireless on your headphones comes up to forty hours the battery life and is suitable for everyday use and you wanna get a good news. If you're a tight that forget to charge your headphones no problem these'll veasley headphones can be charged for five minutes to get three hours of battery life. You can take calls control music and even even actively using the multifunction on e. Controls time is precious so get the most out of your training time so you can implement what you learn. Unachieved goals quicker probably of wireless headphones. I've left link to show notes so maybe you're not not into headphones or maybe not intellectually half that you probably have a public wifi system well the thing that's nixon and this might be of interest to you. The apple watch series street g._p._s. treatment a meter when it comes to saving time one of the best gift ideas will progress is a watch that syncs thanks with all your other devices rather than having to local lug around a heavy smartphone johan just treat in the backpack back and instead of carrying the smartphone in you hunt everywhere you can know keep up to date with with what is happening a never miss invocation again using this mythic smartwatch. The apple watch series three comes with eighteen hours of battery. Life is swim proof so that you can complete your morning routine but it'd be meditation followed by swimming. Oh maybe a jug followed by swimming. Whatever it is you can do all of that. We're not missing a single beat second the suffer from a fear of missing out because you knew what is happening by just glancing accurate watch if you need to leave your heavy four at home on a the basis then make sure you take a look at the apple watch series three g._p._s. plus cellular visions of visions your phone g._p._s. or knee and you've got on a g._p._s. and you will have the ability to make and receive calls without the need for your phone to be nearby with a g._p._s. and celebration lucien. The apple watch watches over in two different sizes and finishes. You also have the change the respond to match in each occasion in show you grab the g._p._s. Only vision left lincoln if you order g._p._s. plus television of left lincoln shots. What's that one as well right sue up next. We've got the rude n._t._s._b. Was tyler u._s._b. U._s._b. condenser microphone. I e planning to start a podcast if you are or maybe maybe you're like me. You already put casta and you want to agree to a professional microphone. Well look no further because when it comes to audio recording technology to very few companies that can compete with rude. That's our d. The ruled n._t._s._b. Condense so mike comes with a standard with the premium of filter tripe desta and carry pouch. It connects the computer or laptop fight a u._s._b. Port and comes with a six minutes u._s._b. Cable sorry six meter u._s._b. Cable so annoying to have the microphone to jam the truth to your laptop computer. You would be happy to know that it is fully compatible with renewed an mkx as well as the apple ipod but you need to get a special connected if you want to connect to the ipod a u._s._b. Connection adopter would be required to connect h the ipod it is ideal hi deal if you have a dedicated space recording podcasts or if there aren't too many noisy items in your recording room as the mike is quite sensitive so i wouldn't takeda's mike if you have pets in the house wiley recording fridge in the background making noise the microphone microphone is quite sensitive and pick up that kind of song if it is you have pets in the house while recording the dog cat stuck the thing and you might want to consider using road podcast u._s._b. Dynamic microphones set the difference between the two is the end the n._t._s._b. Kibo was from the same company won't see manufacture rude. The n._t._s._b. is site address. You can talk from the side of the microphone. I have a very very wide range. It picks up song at six inches at twelve inches whereas the road podcast needs to be three the inches away and you kind of move. I moved quite a lot when i do a podcast sold that that <hes> route podcastone wouldn't suit me. I don't like to be stunning. Lug at a stiff neck or sitting still however if it is you move a lot like me and you tend to probably express yourself by moving your hands moving. You had that kind of thing then the n._t._s._b. Mike be more suitable for your particular requirement climates. It is more suitable. If you prefer to get to radio voice effect and recording a podcast you would need to be quite stationary records however if you like like me and you sort of not then you know use a n._t._s._b. Road n._t._s._b. Speak continent so mike bearing milot why the road and usb microphone comes at all the accessories standard people we would need is e tripod depending on your recording setup at home for in the office. What's it comes with a desk. Ask stan becomes the popular standard and it comes with the bag to put it into pouch cari reproach whereas the podcast it comes with a built in pop up on top of the head. You actually seat in there but <hes> and the very enti u._s._b. Content some like very careful when you're not using an e needs to be back in its case because ten pick up <music> moisture for easily put the keys with one of those sachets actually absorb moisture from the air silica gel tacit sashes so you would need to purchase ordination on accessories like the boom mom on chuck moulton pop filter disease site school for the ruled podcasts that mike whichever one you decide to go for anyway. I've got the links in the show notes the ruling road anti u._s. Microphone has risen lengthly ruled podcast. <hes> the bet best ones you by the boat of competency of color specifications passage nobody white and <hes> the root patisserie anti u._s._b. Mike <hes> is sort of a chocolate three of them a u._s._b. Connected via correct that connect directly to your laptop as standard so just when you thought that you could not find a presence for blogger at has every who has everything you know have nine options to choose from as long as there is a market they were beaten by suppliers to meet that particular demand the beauty is that many of these gift ideas for bloggers are club impli so no need to have a degree to get them up and running. You notice that the messenger bag is just the right size as it doesn't allow you to carry everyting sitting on the kitchen sink <hes>. I'm just thinking maybe if you will braga who takes you own photographs. Me want to find a space for camera and i am not sure but you can take tomlin's on is a few by. She and it doesn't quite hold cameron at you curry. You may want to return the messenger jacques but i'd say it can. It's it's not a huge bug by any stretch of the margin. I liked the fact that it's just the right size. It allows you to carry like an ipod or smaller laptops and new book pen that kind of thing but i'm not sure about for your particular size of camera and putting requirement actually fits in a messenger bag so so what is your favorite item from that list. Can you think of anyone on your list could benefit from if you of these is if yes do feel free to share the podcast which your friends okay so remember to subscribed success unscrambled podcast way. You'll be the first to hear what's happening. The enterpreneur and digital marketing will a positive review of this particular podcast is fighters keeping it alive and running for the next twelve to twenty four months so please leave a positive review for us tonight jeans spotty. Were your favorite podcasts plans. If you are hoping to have a wet ed organized holiday season where you can plan everything in advance. Why not start to plan your weeks. Are you thinking of creating your very own podcast soon. Take a look at the start a podcast resources after the initials. It's a step by step instructions and if you want want to find a way to increase your productivity logging then check out the productivity tooth again of left lincoln shorts if you are a startup small business uses and you need to hire which assistant to complete tasks such a social media marketing bragging keyword research into management then take a look at the packages that i have available again have left link initial nuts okay so that's adversity until next time enjoy the rest security and the rest of the week i.

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