ACS (Part 1): Brad Williams


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POWER DOT DOT com equal housing lender licensed in all fifty states and Alaskan tumor access dot Org number thirty thirty rocket mortgage by quicken loans. push-button get mortgage from Curl One studios in Glendale California. This is the Adam Corolla Labs Adam Scott today. Brad Williams with Gina Grad on news. Ball Brian on sound of accidentally the rotten tomatoes game and Dave damaged ex here for good sports and now now don't spoil the ending of four versus Ferrari Forum Adam Corolla on got to get it on traffic getting on welcome the show. Thanks for tuning in. Thanks for sharing. Good Day geographic. The Ball Brian Brad Williams in studio though I don't have any bio plugs or any. I'll need to know about round. Yeah come here Improv this weekend. Orange County Irvine Improv itself. I'm coming at comedy. Works Denver New Year's Eve at the Tempe Improv and end. The idea we got from you guys were doing the the the Atom Rain Brad Williams. Halloween Spook Tackler at sea. October over thirty through November second next year twenty. Twenty did your Halloween this year. Course it did. It won't suck next year because we go. You'll crews from Long Beach to Mexico with me Adam Ray The goddamn comedy jam. It's going to be amazing travel by Parker Dot Com. Get those tickets bom profanity we will. We'll play good. Hurt me and me in a cow. DUGGAN's battalion even sound a lot. Like Matt find a lear. Please do ooh that's right. What do you need avenue man? Wow well it's that thing where like I didn't. I didn't know how to do the impression until I heard kyle do it and now I go like Oh. That's how you do it and it's weird impressions work where you have to figure out A little trigger words and things that work but yeah all right. Let's let's do the tale of three booms. Let's hear by the way I I think. I rented that on porn hub. John Lee Hooker Song Wailing. Boom we have a we have We have a call all damn again. Where do we have cows boom? Let's say that's right okay. Well then maybe we'll say that's right boss. Okay that's right boss. Let's see I was GonNa Start Getting residuals from all of these. No Adam already pays you too much too much out there you know boom from. I'm kyle quote all right. Let's do the quote. I'm GonNa close my eyes and we'll go in no particular order all right. Let's see hey. Hey how about you met and AAC them on. How about a new Matt Do it sound like mad at all. I got to work on that. What's wrong with what you just did there you just did with? OJ Did when he tried that glove. The wrong yeah. I'm surprised you try a British accident or something. I don't know way now just kind of thinking about that. This strategy of I'm GonNa take a guy who doesn't want who wants to struggle with this glove like no Jay. who were these attorneys first off? He's wearing a rubber glove already already. It's going to be difficult right. Secondly the glove has been sitting in the in the evidence room for two years I have heard with blood and shrunken down and then. OJ Does the move. You know the move for the infomercial where they go. It's a pot and Spaghetti colander in one tired of this happening and the woman like throwing the pot on her head like always in black and white white bright club that move. Yeah well as we learned from the seven and a half hour documentary that won best Oscar about the the people vs Simpson Number One. He didn't take US arthritis medicine that day. And what happens hands to this is this is according to legend. But it's been verified. Is I think it was f Lee Bailey baited you did and goaded. What's his face? Dardar doing it. He was like you got the ball size about field mouse. So you'll never do it and it's like like so so so Jason Works is murder. Trials is going to be like. Oh you know that no. They fit perfectly irons out wonderfully. I could have easily worn these on the on the night in question. No do that speaking of the night in question. That's not too far from where I live. Brentwood is little bit north and not at all. No I'm in the southern part. If you drive past it it is exposed to the world. It's not like inside. You know what I mean like. I was shocked. At how like Oh he was five feet away from my people walking their dog. Yeah that's crazy easy. Only Ring Doorbell exists. Then we have one youtube you can go back and solve like every seinfeld episode so can be done with a cell phone now late yet we can solve every crime now that the ring doorbell do you Does everyone kind of remember where they work. Is You know where the remm a generation ago was. Oh when Kennedy was shot I remember where it was. I do remember during the the the Bronco Chase. Yeah and and just hearing the first reports and stuff I was doing. I was working at bodies in motion on the west side. I was rebuilding the gym for the Guy Right who owned it for ten bucks an hour so he would let me teach boxing. So that's like I was in Mizo trooper. I was living in lock Chris. Santa and I was driving being over to like Olympic and motor or something. Just go to the GYM Olympic a Monday. Yeah it's just a single story little boot TIKI. Whatever I store front up kind of Jim? That's ocean. That's where I was going with my Zuzu and it was also it was. It was weird because if you work at a gym work work on a gym the gym ours like six. Am to ten pm or something so you have to start your work at ten thirty at ninety right and then you have to work through the night and cut out at four or five in the morning and I remember being in there listening to love line every night because I start work at ten the loan in this gym mounting heavy bag hanger God if one day I could get onto that radio yeah dreaming. Bub Anyway PLOP brats literally literally interesting news for US literally. I just got off the phone phone with Jerry Rice. I was doing a take a knee. podcast I totally understand going from like Jerry Rice Brad Williams. It's replaced the lines are blurred. Where does one stop the other begin? You can't tell us apart same career path or slot receiver as well. Don't go. I'm on the deep ball on the short passes over the middle I bassus. I played him that I get my theory of the tale of two Jerry's Jerry Porter and enhance. It was shock Harley. People are very receptive when they ended up on the complementary cise apples but he he said that Jerry reporter another wide receiver. NFL Yeah he said Jerry Porter was much more gifted physically than Jerry. Rice was which was point. Let's my I point said yes. The Guy was incredibly gifted athlete. And I just had this crazy work ethic from my dad and Mississippi but he also said or I I I sort of said it and he agreed which is what. I'm drilling down on and what's going on our society now. I'm starting to really find out. It's self esteem steam the self-esteem movements to many people feeling too fucking good about themselves. Too many kids getting released out into society feeling too fucking good about themselves salves. Yeah and that's creating what we have today. And he said yeah he had low jerry. Rice has low self-esteem he understands he owns every record in the NFL writers thus far has low self-esteem he basically comes from a place of not wanting to disappoint people scared to fail. Serve running running for his life scared and I thought it served him so well to have low self esteem. Which isn't we've turned it into a negative? It's not really negative. Dr Drew has low self esteem. Low Self Esteem Jerry Rice the grace draft self esteem and rightly so still earned earned earned. We'll have that and you have so many examples in sports where these athletes are just just gifted by so much raw talent excellent but because they've had that in their whole lives they don't work out in the end they don't work to cultivate that talent and in in being bused. Yes that's right. A four four man is telling Lark mark. What seven black guys what they need to succeed? But that's right. The as I walked in while you're doing the Internet walked in. I was in the studio and here while you're doing the interview and of course they'll have jerry rice and a single terrible cheek because I often give the example of no dominant player Jerry. Rice had a lot of fear if he's afraid of his teammates H.. Down afraid of dropping the ball he. He's afraid of not doing enough right of letting people down early in his career. Fear of failure will inspire you the mayor of the linebacker. It's going to take your head here. Disappointing around you. Family members teammates all that stuff. It's on Tak- I need today. By the way if you guys want to check it out okay so couple couple of things or shop. I was laughing. Because there's this story about always removing the Venus symbol from the Tampon or the Maxi pads or whatever it is because the whatever trans community's upset not just for women and I I can't I cannot figure I can't figure out the Trans Community. I don't know how it works. I I don't I can't figure out why like when they say in air. Canada doesn't say ladies and gentlemen anymore they just say passengers or flyers or whatever people but then you go because of the Trans Community there but but but if you're a woman and you became a man or your man and became a woman then your lady or gentleman and you want to be called that so I think there's any number of delineations between men and women. There is ways to identify. Now this is so hollow you are non on binary on your driver's license. You're saying if you can speak about these matters. You know what it's like to live. I Oh really think about putting the acts on my license which by the way but call me GRANDPA Corolla but I thought the driver's license with the Brown eyes is and the height and the weight. I thought it was a way to identify people. Tell me about tat. GRANDPA sort of feel like that is official police business the document. It'd be good to have a you'd have to declare major been terms of your gender. Not just the act. I don't feel like the acts would help the cops identify identify you six one X. Well I don't know what if I did it with my height or weight or my Holler listening right. I identify As a five foot seven man yes because I want to be able to ride roller coasters on my life. It says I'm five foot seven I now realize and I I now I know what drove me other than my son urging me at the DMV in Monterey to check the X. Box. Because it's your funny goof. I now realize is I play video game driver's licenses filled with with eroneous information. It has a middle name Lakers. Yeah I do not possess ASA middle name. It also has an axe where my Ding Dong used to be right but I love his kids. You Know I. I now unrealized character of my childhood. I come up in a vacuum entertainment and hugs and I love and I contact in dogs and basketball hoops ensure and red meat speed racer. I grew up loving. I love speed racist. It's just only what was the only joy had my life with speed racer speed racer was fine. Little bit of a pause coolest character in the entire series racer asks rather in now. My driver's license is Racer Act. And now when you go on all these vintage car races you can be eraser. I literally living your dream right. That's right all right. I'm put John Elway on my damn driver's license. Next time rate the so so I realized they remove that symbol but also thought so. What's the story exactly how you have? Some of the Lawrence around like March arch thousand nineteen for Trans Visibility Day. A lot of people support the Trans Community saw that always the menstruation product. Thanks thanks I thank you symbol on it. And they people have been tweeting them and sending them letters saying that it's not oh the email symbol radical circle symbol. But I know it is the female female symbo. Yeah and always then just comes out and saying that beginning in early twenty twenty. After hearing from many people we recognize that not everyone who has a period and needs to use a pad identifies as female so we are removing that. A UH rapper problems so I guess we don't have any more homeless. All diseases have been taking hot diarrhea port on them and down every. Ah Everyone in Rhode in everyone who rode in to get them to remove. That still hates their step dad right. It didn't fix that problem too. High percentage Donoso like so like based on this logic Ima- IMMI- allowed to write letters to the NBA and be like guys are dunking the highly a highly offended at that. I am part of a large population of people that cannot dunk. And how can how I go about my day. How can I do this Zeh triggering? Yeah telling wearing extra large t shirts. How dare you telling the big and tall album? I suppose I should be able to shop the biggest. I don't get this at all telling that conveniently named Max Pad you should know more about the stories. I know I said he wasn't reading. Did a the the man show did a man pan commercial. Yeah that was. It's been eighteen years but I said I'll pull that the thing up. It'll be funny just to see your time doing a man pond dogs two thousand and one or whatever. It was sorry here here. What is your playing basketball? Jimmy just got rejected a body. You are sweating your azoff. I know it no I. I mean you're really sweating from the ask cracks a shame. Shame the locker room ow. You just need a little help back there. This is my secret man. Man Ponds share trial mm-hmm. It's like a cool spring breeze blowing through your ass. Cheeks had this point. I'll try anything. Posterior perspiration is an embarrassing. Using problems. That can leave you feeling less than fresh man. Pounds squeezed discreetly between your cheeks like a hot dog in a by super absorbent man ponds wick away moisture to get your crack back on track so you can see where the action is. Jimmy runs with all makes the guy. Nice Job Jimmy great haircut or something. Yeah I got a haircut haircut. Thanks Buddy don't thank me. Thank man ties the string hanging out the available wherever fine male hiding our souls. Listen for all those people that say that Adam Karol is a misogynist xenophobic. Homophobic transphobic is vocal exhibit. Way Ahead of the curve in support of it also. It's one of those things that happens. Only only in commercials and TV shows who you're in the middle of a basketball game but you're allowed to walk away from McCain. Nobody ever go try real. Live agent you just you just leave and no one ever. Since they were in commercial never visited a quick side basketball worked to leave all right Let's see Oh Brad Brad. I saw Matt No safe spaces Premier Premiere enjoy. Enjoy the movie The shed some light on some and things that I was kind of aware of as touring stand up comic but definitely was fascinated by and then it was great. See Eunice suit you know downgrade the price given all given all the interviews there. Thank you Adam. Corolla be because of you. One of the great moments of my life happened at the. We know say spaces premier where this woman is gorgeous. Woman walks up to me and goes. I'm a big Fan of yours and I just want to take a photo with you and in my head I go. Oh Wow this woman's woman's amazingly stunning and she looks a lot like Donna Erico. But there's no way that can be done dear because Donna Derek has got to be like fifty years sold by now and then she goes my name is Donna and I just stop and go. What great looks amazing seizing? You became a man that yes fifty one years of age. I see someone if I could invent a time machine I would go back to twelve year old Brad Williams. Just don't worry it's all going to think you're funny one day and I would never stop high fiving myself. The Greatest Yard stick nick comedic talents here. The one the one that measures all who came before nerve comedy Donna. Jericho will stay in your Chinos. Funny she knows money. Well speaking of kids I know you just had a situation where you you have a child. That's due in January. Due in January got my medic works. Everybody you know this child would be a little person or not until until recently found just found out two days ago and so my and my wife and so just in case you have questions about that so it's great because because the first time I heard the words I'm pregnant I was like yeah not like. Oh don't make the appointment Nobody has to know to take on so we. And and my wife is average size so We kind of had some questions about that. Who I met at the premier seems even a little taller than advertisement heels? Sometimes she. She was wearing her heels. She was wearing a red sold. Heels is not a short one by any stretch. Oh good the job that's right. Sorry read sold heels. Mr Rockefeller things are going very well. No yes taroko anywhere. But we went to the doctor and We they they took the alter- sounds and two days ago. They're they're able the measure bones in ultrasound which is just unreal as they're doing it and we found out that yes we are indeed having a little person Daughter we're so I hit the mother lode. Asian Dwarf Baby. My wife is Chinese. ASIAN DWARF Bay Resale Market Computer. Oh this isn't a kid. This is currency this is ridiculous. Female sorry female right. Yes and so. Is it all or nothing in that department in terms of the genetics like is it joe or medium person. How does that work? We'd come out like nesting dolls. It is all or nothing because they either get the gene which is the causes a counterplay show which is what I have a plastic dwarfism so you can get the gene from me or you don't now if there's two dwarf parents then that's entirely different situation. Where if both parents if both both parents passed the dwarf gene on then you can have a stillborn baby and I've had friends that have gone through this horrific? It is the worst possible thing that could ever happen to someone one and I. It's it's terrifying. So the and it's like a twenty five percent chance so it's it's something that Little Lil people do have to be aware of. If they're having children with the little people we will not have that We have a lovely healthy. Everything else looks great. And we're stoked and eight Lake Como Asian Dwarf like Asian tour female. She's not even born yet. You already got into twelve colleges. My Favorite Mountain dew the super bowl babies. Maybe maybe and And so were you. Were you going into it with feelings. About how would this direction or that direction. It's hard to say that I was rooting for dwarfism. Because it's like you're rooting for a disability. And yes you can do anything. It's a disability. There are certain things that I cannot do that. People that don't have dwarfism can-do dunk like Dante. Yeah exactly so it is a disability. Buying I was told by a friend and I and Jensen Karp who is now on Kevin being show He told me it's like there's no better parents that had dwarf child could be born into than you and your wife. I'm I'm a little person of lettuce successful life life. My wife is a behavioral therapist. So she is going to be fantastic with that. So I it's she's in the absolute best situation and besides it's Asian Dwarf Baby. That's how that's how we get into the clubs. Do they walk with her baby. Like Simba seen her right now. Her her middle name is going to be diversity higher. God they're gonNa make her wherever she works. They're just GONNA her stand on top the fucking building. People plastic our how we are Z.. Co Are we do Asiad. The baby fingers crossed. Also Trans. I look on your the company. Dick gotTA BE WEIRD FOR THE GUY in the corner. Office is names on the bill. Bob News route. Asian Dwarf Lady not declared a sexuality come onto our campus for twenty five years. Good run enjoy. We're the great brochure is GonNa be Awesome. No we're we're thrilled and in fact if you instagram earlier if you're gonNA instagram I am in find the photo of the nursery We have found items where I can do like found a changing table. That has a staircase in it so I can actually get up to it. I could change the baby yet there. There's me on the changing table. Which means yeah which means my daughter can use the changing table for thirty five years? At least yeah and then the crib. You'd be happy about this Adam. We of course we put a door picture of changing tastes daughter Stu it's advertised on. Their website is dog bad. Okay Okay Okay you could definitely use the stairs. Yeah and then The thing about out also having a dwarf child is so we have a bunch of zero to three month close and not many like six to anything after that. This is going to be in the zero zero to three month close for like three years. It's going to be awesome. We don't have to bite him or close. It's great well you have a great attitude about it and Yeah if you think think about a disability this country this time where we're at in terms of you know are there so you know this this happens. I don't know fifty years ago. Who a hundred years ago Major? It's a major issue last night last night I had dinner with a friend of mine and and she has She's a she's a dwarf in her husband has dwarf and they have to Dwarf children that they both adopted from China. So you can like if you want an Asian Dwarf Baby Vegas they got the markets now we just need to go see cal commercial but with these poor baby. We got a brand new twenty seventeen from Bangkok Jack. It's great I know racist anyway but like so they they. They adopted children from China because they have now the two child the policy. But so when you have a female in China who is also a little person. There's no dowry there you can't marry that woman off in China so like they they just but all their kids up for adoption and then thank God. There's a lot. There's a lot of dwarf families out here and just families in general that maybe can't conceive or have problems and and they they get get themselves in Asian dwarf baby and then they are the talk of the PTA. Meeting say here. I don't WANNA I don't WANNA besmirched a couple but are they here here couple or did they just WanNa save on shipping. Well I'm not saying you do save on rush if they did it for the right reason took. Let's pretend the the the best part about having dinner with this couple last night is that everyone assumed that the Asian Dwarf children were mine and my wife's. It's great if you're just ignoring so like yeah. Yeah so so at one point one of the girls kind of screamed out rather loudly and I was getting dirty looks from some of the people in the restaurant like. Can you control your children Mike minds in their cooking coming out soon. All right I'll hit the legalzoom and then we'll take a break and we'll play some rotten tomatoes. Yeah excited legalzoom running your own business. Not Easy get help. With the day to day challenges over the past eighteen years legalzoom's helped more than two million business owners get started Every entrepreneur knows getting started is just the beginning. There's much more to tackle after that. 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December seventh at Virginia Street Brew House in Reno December Thirteenth and fourteenth in Oxnard. levity live in Milwaukee at the PABST theater on January twenty fourth and handed. Chicago's Park West on January. Twenty Fifth Adam. Corolla is unprepared for the holidays. Get your tickets now at Adam. Corolla Dot Com in the gang. Rapes that fits rotten. Aw You right. What Bob Dawson is how am I A? Hey we're not sure where Dawson today we're thinking about. Is there no conduct time. Worry oh contact. I'm worried too very punctual. Someone over to the House. I'm all about doing. He normally is a half hour early shortage somewhere outside of the cruise. He is He does he does does sometimes party in the evening and oversleep but On the cruise. We called in ten minutes after the show is supposed to start. I'll be right there right. Is it time he also did the singers. I thought the Intercom that that ships intercom would wake me up but they shut it off. I was like now. Everyone else heard it. It's all in room okay. I can't tell you how excited him to play the rotten tomatoes game. I I listened to. I listened to show. I love the rotten tomatoes game. I always fingers crossed. They get to play it. I just hope I don't Dennis Miller round one myself. You shall not eh confident in you. Okay and Yeah so anyway. Matt Porcelain Punisher Baker of leisure. All sit in I Dawson here. We go all right guys well. The holidays are fast approaching. Two perfect time to sign up for the Corolla drinks monthly nut. Get it for yourself. Get A for a friend. Whether you've been naughty or nice. Who Doesn't love a bunch of awesome stuff each month? It's the gift that keeps on giving a now our gift to you. This week's rotten tomatoes game featuring movies based on this month's items I up you get a bottle of Adam. Corollas Man Brea and in honor of the classic high octane Sangria. We're featuring one of the Manley's cast asks ever assembled Stallone Schwartzenegger Stadium Norris Lundgren Willis. That's right the mercenary group known as the expendable is is back this time on a quest for revenge against a rival mercenary played by JC Vdi. Himself John Claude Van Damme two thousand twelve. The expendable two two was in that movie. That's right Gal at this three three. Go back for war. I should Jason State all three of mine does both of them. They're all right they didn't love it. This is a fun film. You know probably delivered on what they advertise. What it advertise advertise as talking to Scott Adams that Dilbert Scott Adams back there and he's like stallone super underrated and I'm like yeah? He ah well he's he's done. He's he's five franchised businessman he. He expendable Rambo Rocky a second run of rocky like underrated in that. He's a little he has A. I'm trying to. I'm trying to think he has a little bit of a we in Hollywood Hollywood kind of look at him like a country. Act Like we musically like you look at the country accurate Kinda go Dolly Parton have no Dolly. Parton is is immensely talented. She's got a little bit of She's a blue collar comedy and dominate every year Zach right but but when he writes all the stuff too. which is crazy compliment? You can tell us why. He's he's prolific. Yeah he's probably ethic and when you see movies like the early Rambos and obviously you know first blood. And and you see cliffhanger moves like that and those are really good movies movies rockies at all time great all right so here we go. Is that a lady on the very end. Ronda Rousey could be rowzee. Yeah all right. Mickey Rourke the Rousing Oh when Mickey comes back in every a fun clip to play for them but to be Fair Gina Gina Gina Grant Mickey has the same plastic surgeon. Astana Erica so the very attractive middle aged women. What the judge it's low but it's not twenties? Caesar Thirties is it. It's gotta be locked in Brian. I should have played it safe and think about it. I probably way too high at fifty four. I think that I think this movie is what it is. You know. It's explosions and exploited. I want forty seven Corolla drinks. They went thirty three. And I looked at it. As as a sequel. Whereas the first one probably is in the sixties low seventies it's a sequel? They usually don't like sequels goals even though we're kind of in on the gag that's all these action stars just doing action stuff so I went forty two first of all the expendable to is rated higher than the original expensive spend fresh sixty eight. Oh I'm Millard myself. You know what sometimes you'll see with movies like this. There's like they'll they'll miss the boat on the first one they'll give it a terrible score. It's like Oh people like this is Kinda tongue-in-cheek it's kind of you know it is what it is and they'll over correct unauthorized fun. That's surprising now. The first ones forty two. I would have gone right for the first one to two and a half deduction yeah all right. Here's go all right next up. Conceal your crippling alcoholism with a beautiful silver flask bearing the sacred MAG relabel. You know who else would love a flask like this another another one of the Manley. EST groups ever assembled autre Boone Pinto Flounder Blue Dell D day. But it's right Lampoon's animal mulhouse. Wow what was the. What was the guy's name with the B again? We all love it. But this movie's forty five years old now or something I mean think about is like I I remember listening to around this game. Where like Tommy boy was like sixty percent or something and it drove me insane favorite movies? Yeah so it's like. Do you have critics going back. And saying it's great and that boosts it up or do critics at the time I'm Laura contemporaneous reviews at the time this is not what review the thought of schlocky filmmaking. But it's considered a classic now. How many many people and have since reviewed it all? Brian always does the so. I have to see I listen to the game. I know your tricks bald. We got a text from Dawson. Awesome that said alive. Help after calling him and texting where are you go right back. I guess I slept in. Okay that's the best. It's when we're recording this it's eleven. Am Good on you for sleeping in non the weekend you know my thoughts in a coffin thing with people is no thyself. I I am the kind of guy last Saturday had the CNN mobile unit. pull up in front of my house and they. I was supposed go out and meet the guy in the van and do a hit on CNN. Show on Saturday at six ten. That's when I was supposed to meet him at the van and I set my alarm for like five thirty or five forty in the morning but I have so much anxiety about missing the guy in the band. What if the alarm? What if you have a little l'armee love? The battery goes bad in the middle. I must have woke up eleven times to check the clock and then even though I went to bed at midnight I still woke up before. Four or five thirty because I had thoughts about so I remember talking about being a little bit scared Jerry Rice Jerry that Caterpillar benefited had him being a little scared as a good thing. It kind of keeps you on time. Gets you up in the morning and things like that to check the alarm. The people that have difficulty in the morning. I'm not one of these people but if you are one of those people you must take an alarm I get the little egg timer kitchen timer just punch in like five hours five and a half hours or whatever tell me about that GRANDPA set it on the other side of the room taking again. No who you know who you are. That is a morning radio trick live live what deal on the other side of the room. You have to get up now. I never put the alarm on the other side of the room because I beat the alarm or alarm goes off. I hit it up but you. You are one of those people who has a rich history of this Do Cordingley. That's my thing with everyone. I don't blame you for whatever. That deficit is where you don't don't pay attention to alarms. I blame me for not fixing that in yourself. Okay here we go. This is the rare movie that literally sixty wouldn't surprise me and ninety one arise me. It's a classic view the time right or I don't or was it more than never gonNA scores like this. Everyone loved this movie right. I'm locked in. I'm locked in as well. I'm going to go seventy nine. Yeah WANNA ride around there. Eighty four eighty one. I crossed out eighty four because I have faith in humanity. Eighty eight and will house is certified defied. Fresh ninety percent are well. The monthly nut not only features corolla drinks products but also the food and drink we consume here on a regular basis. For example. This month you'll get a jar of coffee booster. Get all those healthy fats philly up in the morning. Just don't drop your coffee Offi Mug. It'll fall in slow motion and as it hits the floor and breaks into a million pieces. You'll see the bottom says Kobayashi. Suddenly it'll all make sense. But it's too late. Kaiser says Azazel already gone spoiler alert nineteen ninety. Five's the usual suspects all right great film. Kevin love this. I miss this Genre Bryan Singer. Pre Pre scandals came in Spacey Pres. Daniel's birth of film noir Baldwin Breed Christian so scandal pre Haley. Kobayashi played by a positive. Your favorite Laura. Yeah all right right Look at the critics alike this one a lot now. The questions on ones like these. Are we high eighties or are we mid nineties. I don't think there's a question I don't think seventies around the table and like Bryan was alluding to does it. Take a hit now because of stand down do. This is one of my all time favorites. It could be my top twenty five all time. All of us ever seen admit it brian. Because I've seen this movie a thousand times and it's one of my favorites. Are there parts parts of this movie that you are willing to admit you don't understand no because I don't love it. I know you don't totally know. Because I've watched the directors Kamla. That's and let me just say this is an example of movie. That's great without the twist. The twist was over the top if it ended before the twist. Yeah this is one of those movies. Where any a believe you've talked about this Adam about like films like Goodfellas but you should be able to find? Find Negative critiques of this movie and say you are. You're out you're out you're out. I wanted to do that when I see the thumbs down in the porn review. Yeah just want to go to that guy's house by the way remind me I have some thoughts about The adult industry that will do after this game gonNA write it down Porn all right. I wanted everyone locked in yes. I went ninety three ninety. Four Ninety one ninety four me and the bald bald one's body goal. The usual suspects is certified fresh at eighty nine little Oscar winner for best screens lab. Thank God supporting actor and people had it ninety six but how again who are the eleven critics below seed. Yeah that's what always drives me nuts. That sixty sixty would have made it. Fresh there are eleven critics or nine critics or whatever it is critics that said now below sixty since I was one of the bad reviews. If you want to hear it always makes me laugh. Also can we go do you. Would they would do when I grow up. I watch TV and every once in a while. Some guy would get drummed out of the Foreign Legion you know. Walk up to the guy and there'd be a guy hitting drums snare drum and he pulled off and stay on the ground with your out. You've been drummed out. Yes we're drumming you. Out of the critics association. You may no longer be a part of this group. We shall strip title. Were drumming you out dishonorably discharged Viking. It's like yeah you get you get your third. Dui You'll get your license revoked and you know no longer allowed to drive the bus. That's right what's a negative review for this moving okay so this is for the Chicago reader. Jonathan Rosenbaum writes Bryan Singer. Mechanically directs and intricate neo noir script by Christopher Macquarie about at five small time thieves find themselves caught up in a revenge scheme in L. A.. If Reservoir dogs is a lively rethinking of Kubrick's the killing this is a less S. than lively retooling of reservoir dogs without the characters or punch albeit with loads of macho posturing clearly intended to take their place. I didn't believe the story for a minute even in movie terms though it's less offensive than a piece of junk like pupil singer so yeah this guy's just anti hi Bryan Singer right which I understand but like the this is my unassailable. This is my if you don't like Chinese food. You're not allowed to review who the Chinese restaurant and say you hate it because you don't you don't like sitting here anyway. Okay what do we have reviewers for. How is this helpful to the reader? It's been a while while since I show a point. Do I want to do it now. To save it run tomatoes just goes by positive negative. It's fifty percents of the threshold. was their view. Positive or negative sixty eighty percent is the is the threshold for fresh. But they're only going. Did you get over buff. You have to kind of look at the totality of the review and go. What do you think this was overall positive overall negative and sometimes by the way it's hard I've I've gotten reviews that were like the guys? Yeah I enjoyed this film. But it did feel a little Blah Blah Blah and they gave it can activate and you can contact them and go. Hey it started with. I joined this film. Why isn't isn't that above? Whatever my favorite review of any comedy film is? There's a lot of laughs in this movie. But what else did you want a comedy. You laugh all right. What are we? We're getting into the championship round where we are. This is my point. Brunches Roger Ebert also gave it one point point five out of four he was. He was dying of cancer. John he wrote once again. My comprehension began to slip and I finally wrote down to the degree that I do understand or stand. I don't care I don't care to the degree I do understand. I don't care the next up a bag of heavenly kettle corn and is heavenly. We've seriously eat like hundred of those bags but speaking of heaven remember. Remember this one known for the song. Hey man not for the movie Google's on on my podcast the about last night podcast cast. They've been on three times guys. They're amazing and Faye Resnick as funny as hell and this is a tool tune how the fuck you know windows down. Uh Windows down. I want you to know that I'm listening. This song I've seen the Goo Goo dolls and concert three times. It is a heavenly experience. Is it because they're named after a small tall order. They enjoy the music and I think about it. Think about because I don't know if you know because you know I I like a good ban I'll keep doing in deep guts. Well how could any of US ever forget the film that answers the question we've asked ourselves what happens with angel falls in love with immortal. Nicholas Angela Cage Meg. Ryan try to make you weep nights ninety eight city of HR more of an angel protector. Never seen seen it and I saw this before it came out they showed it at USC. Four sixty six class on top by Leonard Maltin. They would show movies before they came out and have a guestroom which he taught your professor and saw this before came out. Leonard Maltin writes books that are thicker than they are. Yes that much. I will save out there man. He's sticking a prolific. The phone book is stick but it's also also wide books that are taller books like lumberjacks and access. I- bricks bricks of books. Brickley if you put it on its on its end in. stood up the alright heard of this movie. I think I've heard valley. It's where it's where Irish came from this. This was the song and Sean is much better known. The film obscure artists. This last or second to last segment last all right. Well we gotta make up a couple of points on Brian. Here someone someone okay minutes. Everyone's challenge everyone's doing pretty well. That was like Tam or whatever you think about this movie we so I could do the opposite. I've never lied on. There are parts of this movie. That are good. Thank you Brian. I I will speak with my In I will speak with the earnest tone that that that I must provide for you. uh-huh okay this. I did not see this movie. I don't think it was a good movie. It's an easy. It's an easy kind of middle of the road. Fifty seven percent movie. But I have a few points to make up on ball Brian. This this is when you do movies that are you know Usual suspects or something. You're basically between eighty nine and ninety five you know. There's there's not a lot of window there this there's some window throw vote now. There's a high window and low window and that's where we that's RECON and so the problem is when you miss if you miss you miss bad gauge so I would say it in here all right. I'm in Brian. It's a bad movie however is up disaster it's sort of competently made. He's just kind of there. are some really good scenes. But it's it's not good. This is what he does. It's forty forty five okay. I didn't swing I wrote down. I wrote down sixty two at her. That's high window Adams rant but then I was like no. This is a bad movie but then a few points for the song. I Louis think the song probably got some points so so I'm GONNA say forty to forty two gene. I thought I was swinging for the fence fences because I do have some points to make but I guess I didn't. I said thirty seven I one high window fifty eight first of all Roger Ebert gave a three out of four stars died of cancer. He had oh await we also do have somebody on the knows. They're going to get a five point. Deduction is it what is rotten. Fifty eight percents job Corolla disasters. You said Forty Brian Forty you save fast and fear is when you see Vin diesel reach for the NAS button. That's what just happened there John. Nah and then it got blurry in front of me AK- that I may have jumped ahead. I needed that Iraq. One eighty three points swing our last item. This month is a pretty cool exclusive exclusive. It's a one of a kind audio experience featuring Dawson and Adam breaking down Adams twelve favorite songs of all time if Dawson shows up even shows. That's right well. In honor of that. Our last film takes place in a record shop owned by John Cusak haw countdown. His top five most painful breakup Jack. Black Catherine Zeta Jones and Tim. Robbins also appear in two thousand high fidelity and you want to talk about a soundtrack. My great sound try loved this movie. I love this may be too. This is this is one of those films that where if it's on I help you don't have to watch it. Yeah I have to watch the whole thing. Okay Chuck Block on the Mat. I I feel like I have creeks I may have a lead of maybe a point too. I feel a need to protect that lead. But it's a pointer to so from off. You know five five trouble. This is a good movie. So we're all GONNA be close. Imagine yeah the the the thing is is on movies like desk can be eighty one and they can be ninety ninety. Four there is a there is some space there and the question is and it's kind of this kind of movies. Critics like the romantic comedy. But not your it's got all the takes place in the right. It's a record store which is a little history which probably gives the I mean. I mean the Guy John cusack characters sends people out of his record store if they come in asking for black that's right elements this move. That deliberately reminds you of other John Cusak movies which is also I think a booster Kiki is in the rain in this one back in the rain. Everyone locked in a couple of points. I one eighty-seven Shah is. This should be about ninety five points because this is a British novel novel beloved British novel and Change The setting Chicago so I wonder if it got a little ding from the British critics. So I got eighty nine ninety for me all right. Well I took it a swing swing in the other direction and just thinking that. Maybe I don't know maybe critics thought that it's the romantic comedy thing. And that and that takes down a couple of points. I said seventy four. Whoa Oh my God? No but that's smart because you gotta think land you gotTa pick up some points. They're certified fresh ninety one. Diana Ninety eight movie am I on the podium. I hope so this is close. All right guys close game. It's GonNa be a little motion here by Musica Good Song Long Damn Consolo all right first up Gina. Thank you for playing sixty eight a lot of fun. It's a good score secure. Jeff Acute Scott's. They're very close. You should be happy with that. You could enjoy. I did that Yeah Brad. You're very close to Gina. Sixty six saints is number eight. Let's do it Adam and Brian on the podium. One of whom did have a five point action. I've done it for you. Did it pay off. Oh boy see Dawson's rolling over his grave right now so much better than over his bed spell steely Dan song ever. Oh the Dan any steely down. Now you could. I'm trying to think of a band I'd let you get away with not steely Dan. All right all all right final scores here second place got forty five first place. Got Thirty Five. Yeah it I will take it all. Right Brad's going. To hang out job there porcelain punisher appreciate that Thank Bass I do the news man. And if you don't roll some emails from a shot by one Tommy John Gifting season is here. Need the perfect gift for him or for her. You go with Tommy John. The Revolutionary Underwear Lounge wear clothing brand that guarantees perfect fit breathable wedgie proof underwear and ridiculously soft lounge. WEAR PAJAMAS GUARANTEED PERFECT FIT. I'm wearing my Tommy John Underpants right now. I'm wearing the a t shirt as well. It's all so good it you'll never go back to whatever you're currently wearing and it tries you know like if you work out and get a little ladder. lather going is hanging it air dry. Put a little shot at Talaq in there where another day save on energy in water conservation. Tommy John It is The best they've they've eliminated the panty line for the women's by for women's underwear and they have the horizontal quick-draw fly for the man. The No wedgie guarantee the best player you'll ever wear or free guarantee right man that's right lead the Jingling to the bells and give the gift of comfort. This holiday with limited edition gifts like lounge wear pajamas and underwear from Tommy me. John Plus Save twenty percent on your first order when you visit. Tommy John Dot com slash. Adam that's Tommy John Dot Com Slash Anna for twenty percents off. I've never read that fast. Doing an impression before was aw come on. Let's take a quick break. We'll come back to the news with Brad and Tina right after that GEICO presents. Not again another voicemail from your roommate. Hey man so I was in a rush to get to work and I left the back door open. Could you shut it. I left it wide wide open. While you're there could you also turn off the oven and all of the burners. My mom never let me use the oven. I wonder why the GEICO Geico Insurance Agency could help. Keep your personal property protected. Like if it's your roommate's first time operating and oven visit GEICO DOT COM to see how easy it is to switch and save on Renter's insurance.

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