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The Dogs of Hurricane Katrina


This episode is brought to you by facebook watch. Facebook watch has videos for whatever you need right now like. Diy Orioles clips from your favorite TV shows. Plus free original shows just tap the facebook watch icon in the facebook and start streaming today on the morning of August. Twenty ninth two thousand five seventy two year. Old Disabled Veteran William Morgan sat in his wheelchair watching the news. Miss Morgan the FE was right where she always was by his side. Morgan Le Fay was named after sorceress. From legends of King Arthur and like her namesake. The one year old APRECU poodle was enchanting. She won her owners heart. The instant they met together they were tracking the progress of Hurricane Katrina. The category. Five hurricane was about to make landfall in their hometown New Orleans. But they didn't know couldn't know the three levies had already burst before William. All Morgan could blink. A torrent of floodwater slammed against front door trapping them inside filthy runoff poured through cracks until William and Miss Morgan left gasping for air only inches between them and the ceiling. There was no time to panic. William dove below the surface smashed through window and pedaled hard towards sunlight. Once he'd made it out he returned for Miss Morgan. He lifted her onto the safety of their roof grabbed onto a nearby tree branch and held on for dear life for fourteen hours. They whether the elephants together rain wind currents debris hope finally arrived in the form of the United States. God William was pulled onto a boat shivering starving and dehydrated as they began to drive away Williams. Stop Them Miss Morgan. The rescuers had forgotten Miss Morgan. We're not in the business. They told him William watched as miss. Morgan ran back and forth on the roof yelping but there was nothing to do. The to friends watched each other turn into a SPEC on the horizon and then disappear William later told a reporter had I known she couldn't have come with me. I would have stayed. This episode is dedicated to the volunteers who were in the business of dogs. Like Miss Morgan. During one of the worst storms the United States has ever seen welcome to tales a podcast original every week. We tell the stories of historic heroic canines. We'll profile dogs. Who saved people from earthquakes? Went Outer Space and even spurred the invention of Velcro if you're looking for funds stories and warm heart you packing up the right tree. I'm your host Alistair. You can find codes of folk tales and all other parkhouse originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream docked tails for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type dog tales in the search bar at podcast. Were grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network? And if you enjoyed today's episode the best way to help us is to leave a five star review wherever you're listening this week. We're telling the story of the dogs and animals of Hurricane Katrina and of the countless volunteers who worked tirelessly to save their lives. Hurricane Katrina devastated more than ninety thousand square miles of the southern coast of the United States. It produced more than thirty three tornadoes and winds that reached one hundred and seventy miles per hour. It resulted in one hundred. Sixty one billion dollars worth of damage. Millions of people lost their homes and an estimated one thousand eight hundred and thirty. Three people died. It was a natural disaster. There was nothing anyone could do to stop the rain or the wind but there were ways of mitigating its effects at nine thirty. Am On August. Twenty eighth two thousand five. The mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagin ordered a mandatory evacuation. It was the first of its kind for the metropolitan area of one point three million people before the day's end an estimated one million left their city and their homes behind another twenty thousand or so sought shelter in the Louisiana Superdome. It was labeled a huge of last resort for those who needed it. The arena was built to withstand two hundred mile per hour winds and flooding up to thirty five feet. The National Guard had three hundred troops stationed inside but they did not accept pets. Most evacuees assumes they be returning home shortly after the hurricane passed many set up their cats and dogs with food and water gave them a hug and squeeze and told them that they'd be right back but as the Soom got closer more than one hundred thousand people still remained in the city. Some believe the house could withstand the hurricane others didn't have access to transportation or couldn't afford to leave but an estimated thirty to forty percent of people who remained stayed because they refused to abandon their pets at six ten. Am On August. Twenty ninth two thousand. Five Hurricane Katrina made landfall in southeast Louisiana. At the time it was a category three hurricane at its peak it reached category five the highest classification that exists category. Three Hurricane Wins are one hundred eleven to one hundred twenty nine miles per hour while category five hurricane winds a one hundred fifty seven miles per hour or higher faster than most high speed trains because New Orleans sits on the coast. A system of man made walls and canals have surrounded the city since the eighteen thirties. By two thousand five they were outdated due to lack of proper upkeep by nine. Am less than three hours off. To Hurricane Katrina made landfall. The first Levy in New Orleans was breached before the storm was over. There would be at least forty nine. More water flooded into the low lying areas of the city half of which is below sea level before the end of the day. Eighty percent of the city was under as much as twenty feet of water. The one hundred thousand people still in New Orleans were running out of options. First responders acted as quickly as they could trying to save lives but emergency evacuation procedures ignored one population entirely pets in a press conference. Michael Brown the director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA explicitly told reporters that dogs and cats were not his concern. His priority was to save human lives. The Red Cross and the United States Coast Guard had similar policies organizations that did specialize in animal rescue like the Louisiana Society for the prevention of Cruelty to animals or SPCA didn't have the resources to weather the elements. There were no first responders for the biggest population. Still living in New Orleans pets and strays. It was a blind spot in evacuation procedures in dire straits. Man's best friend was deemed non-essential Labrador retrievers paste stranded on rooftops Maine. Coon cats clung branches in toxic floodwaters. Animals of all shapes and sizes were barricaded in homes waiting for the owners to return as filthy water poured into living rooms near a bus stop in Baton Rouge. A dog was found tied up on the side of the road. He had an unopened container of dog food with him and nearby notes read. Please take care of my dog. His name is chucky. Chucky was lucky enough to be found by Louisiana State Treasurer. John Kennedy who took him in but not every dog was so blessed. Some owners tried to bring their pets with them to safety. One woman cried to officials as she boarded and evacuation bus after losing her house. Her job and her car. She didn't want to lose her dog too. She had no other choice she had to let him go similarly a small fluffy white mixed breed. Dog named snowball was torn from the arms of her young owner. While waiting to board a bus the boy was so overcome with despair. He dropped to his knees and vomited. The actions weren't intended to be cruel time energy and space where all limited resources and rescuers were given strict orders. No animals but there was absolutely no way that Don at Williams was leaving behind Sebastian. His Fluffy Black Cocker Spaniel. His home had already been flooded and the two had escaped together. They survived Hell and literal highwater. Morad even located an air mattress that he could put Sebastian on to tow him. Through the sometimes neck-deep floods but even as they found elevation on interstate. Ten and a helicopter arrived. They were far from salvation. Sebastian wasn't allowed to board. Merit acted fast. He found a black trash bag and hid Sebastian inside. There was just enough airflow for the dog to breathe. Moran said a quick prayer begged. Sebastian remained quiet and bored. It the copter incredibly. Sebastian seem to understand after the flight. They made their way to a bus where there were more furry stowaways puppies kittens and birds were hidden in suitcases under blouses. Inboxes some even stuff down particularly baggy pants. Sebastian Morad's found safety in the back of the bus. Where Sebastian Kapika? His tiny snout out of the bag when the bus arrived the astrodome stadium in Houston. Good news awaits at them. Volunteers from the SPCA were waiting to help. Sebastian didn't need to hide anymore. They could temporarily take him into their care merit will be able to reclaim him. As soon as circumstances allowed weeks later when Moore was able to see Sebastian again he spent the morning crying. Sebastian wasn't just a dog to him. He was family had lost his elderly father in the storm. He had no siblings. No children no one but Sebastian. So when the Little Cocker Spaniel finally ran into his arms again. It was like the whole world stopped the love the to shed was the only thing salvaged from the storm. As Marie told reporters Sebastian was his baby and judging by the amounts of kisses he got from Sebastian. Return the sentiment was reciprocated as happy as ever union was most once lucky. Hundreds of thousands of pets were abandoned in the storm and when the waters finally settled the severity of what it meant to leave so many behind really started to set in. Luckily hundreds of people around the country left off their couches and headed to the big easy. They were ready to use their voices to defend the animals. That couldn't speak for themselves coming up. Volunteers risk their lives to rescue. Pets left behind in the storm. Even your dog has great adventures ends with the temperature warming up. Fleas and ticks can become more prevalent. So you want to be prepared. Sarah still helps. 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An estimated six hundred thousand animals were killed or stranded by the hurricane images of dogs and cats trapped on rooftops and paddling through toxic. Walters appeared on news outlets across the world the SPCA and other organizations were doing all they could but they needed assistance. Luckily help was on the way. Hundreds of volunteers from across the nation traveled to Louisiana to lend a hand and what they were signing up for was no easy task. Although the storm had passed the city was still dangerous. Military helicopters flew over flooded neighborhood searching for survivors. The water was black and filled with sewage debris gasoline and dirt. It was poison and yet despite everything fifty five year old animal lovers Charlotte Bass Lily. Didn't want to leave. The hurricane had dealt significant damage to her home in the Lower Garden district but it was still standing. It wasn't underwater. She was alive and so were her husband and twelve pets. Eight dogs and four cats. She was lucky she wanted to stay and help repair the city that she loved so much but her home with is missing wolves and a collapsed. Roof wasn't safe especially not after the looting started as Charlotte told one. Reporter guys were stressing up the street with an holding. Ak47's it was like the wild west. She joked that she could have taken a few of them out with her own guns in the end however she knew that fighting spirit would be better served elsewhere and she decided to leave but she wasn't going far. She made the commitment to her city. She was going to save the animals of New Orleans. She had thirty years of volunteer experience under her belt. It started small trapping. Feral cats in her neighborhood and getting them neutered. Then she transitioned to working with local animal rescue groups. She felt fulfilled when she rescued strays and gave them a home and Hurricane Katrina had changed nothing less than a day after the storm ended Charlotte Bass Lily. Her husband that dogs and cats piled into their car as they drove the reality really sunk in. They saw firsthand. What Katrina had done to the city's animals? They drove to an animal shelter in Gonzalez. Louis Hannah about an hour's drive outside of New Orleans. Louisiana had lost their permanent shelter in the storm said they'd moved the operation to the Lamar Deke's Expo Center. It was typically used for rodeos cattle shows and hosts exhibitions but it was about to become home to the largest animal rescue operation in American history housing hundreds of volunteers and more than eight thousand cats and dogs. However when Charlotte's arrived on August thirtieth two thousand five. It was empty. She was only the eighth person to show up the shelter was still being coupled together the SPCA gave her one of their old animal. Control trucks. The police lights on its heard allowed her to enter and exit the city without much hassle from officials every day off toward Charlotte woke up at six. Am to receive her assignments. She was handed a list of addresses belonging to people left behind their pets. And each day she headed into the still flooded city with a hope and a prayer that she'd find the animals alive and well in her earliest rescue attempts. She noted the fish were jumping out of the water but soon nothing was jumping. Even the snakes were dead but it didn't matter. She was determined to rescue every animal that she could find every evening. The rescue volunteers brought hundreds of animals to the Expo Center. But Charlotte knew that in a truck. She couldn't reach eighty percent of the city. It was submerged in water. Those were the parts that needed her help. The most so she bought a boat. She was determined to go to the places that few others would by mid October. She'd saved more than five hundred cats and dogs. She'd broken down doors fish through sludge and saw more than her fair share of death. But the rescue operation at the Lamar Dixon. Expo Center was coming to a close. The city was finally drained and people were returning to their homes of the fifteen thousand animals that came through the pop-up clinic. Only fifteen percent were matched with the owners again. Most of the former pets were taken to other shelters around the country. Their owners either assumes they were dead who had no means of tracking them down but no matter the end result. Eight thousand animals were given a second chance at life. The shelters results were extraordinary but for many it was time to try and get back to normal for the city to start healing but not for Charlotte. She wasn't done with how work she couldn't rest. There was no normal not when there were thousands more pets to save. She gathered a small group of volunteers and took over an abandoned nail salon near downtown New Orleans. They called themselves. Animal Rescue New Orleans. What they lacked in resources they made up for in willpower over the holidays. Animal Rescue New Orleans. Put out food and water on every other block in the city. They were able to cover more than two hundred square miles. Before the year's end the small nail shop was overflowing with rescues in early two thousand six charlotte relocated Animal Rescue Orleans to a warehouse just outside the city limits. And it's thanks to the work of people like her. After Katrina New Orleans residents had any hope of being reunited with their beloved pets. Even those who previously assumed all hope was lost after the coast. Guard rescued seventy two year. Old William Morgan from the storm leaving behind his beloved apricot poodle. He was brought to a veteran's affairs hospital in Miami but he never stop thinking about the best friend. He'd left behind Miss Morgan LE. Fay Tears welled in his eyes each time. He pictured his boat speeding away as she cried out for him. Nine hundred miles away. He could still hear her whimpers. Luckily a volunteer at the Veterans Hospital empathized with Williams Story. They helped him scour the Internet looking for news of his beloved dog then one day. They clicked on a website best friends animal society. They had to apricot poodles. Both of which were found in Williams neighborhood both had rhinestone collars just like his dog before long. A reunion was arranged. Volunteers drove two days all the way from Mississippi to Miami to see if one of them was truly miss. Morgan Le Fay but William Morgan was nervous as he rolled up in his wheelchair. But if it wasn't his baby girl or if Miss Morgan didn't remember him over US what if? She resented him for leaving her behind as he went down. The halls William felt like his heart was beating out of his chest. His best friend could be just a few feet away. When he turned the corner he sought to a caught poodles waiting outside for him. Fallen tears held onto their leashes. But only one of them tugged. When they saw William the volunteer let go and the poodle headed straight for him snuggled into his lap and gave him a kiss. There was just one more thing that William had to do a test. He told a volunteer to tug on the dog's right ear. If it was Miss Morgan she would sit one light. Tug of the year and Miss Morgan sat right down and the test had just been a formality. William new his baby girl when he saw her and now he remembered what normalcy felt like. What a gift. Unconditional love can be. He looked into Miss Morgan's is and found hope that he thought was lost together. They had weathered a terrible stool and now the future was just a little bit. Brighter and a lot more bearable. Incredibly the one year old Miss Morgan had managed to survive twelve days alone on the rooftop. Where William Morgan left her. When rescuers from best friends animal society found her she was mostly skin and bones. They rushed her to emergency shelter and nursed her back to health. Now more than two after Katrina Miss Morgan the FE and William where together again tears streaming down the faces of everyone who watched the affection they were witnessing was essential. Tears streamed down the faces of everyone who watched the affection they were. Witnessing was essential even in a hurricane. It was a love worth saving coming up. Congress learns from Hurricane Katrina and fights to protect animals. Nationwide now back to the story. Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in August. Two thousand five in the weeks that followed the relief. Efforts were nothing short of heroic. Thousands upon thousands of animals were rescued. Many were reunited with their owners. Many more was sent to animal shelters throughout the country. But while it's important to celebrate the victories we also have to acknowledge the reality that Katrina left behind and how triumphing over the odds isn't always so cut and dry. Like William Morgan Jesse. Pollens was also separated from his beloved companion. Jj a Labrador Shepherd Mix. Jj meant the absolute world to Jesse. He was much more than pet. He'd been a life raft for Jesse in difficult times. Jesse was a recovering drug addict. Who turned his life around just as his wife passed away from cancer. Jj was there. When Jesse had nobody else to tend to. But Jesse knew he couldn't bring jj with him when the time came to evacuate so with tremendous reluctance. He left the dog behind at his home with what he hoped was enough food and water to survive he and his family headed to Baton Rouge. It took months of searching after the storm for Jesse to FIND HIS CANINE FRIEND. But when he did he realized that. Jj wasn't just alive. He was in California and he'd been adopted. A pair of sisters had taken. Jj Robin Henningsson and Kathy Franco. And they'd fallen in love with him the same way that Jesse had it took a long and heartbreaking legal dispute Jesse to finally get jj back eventually. The sisters reluctantly agreed to let him return to New Orleans. It was after all his home but the process may Jesse and JJ's reunion bittersweet. Sweet Jesse told reporters when he came out of the cage. He came straight to me. Jj is a parts of being a part of me. That was missing for a long time but jj was now a cart of Robin and Kathy. To and Jesse understood that they would justice heartbroken as he'd have been if jj was taken away from him as he said there. Were no good guys or bad guys was only a hole in his heart that needed to be filled. Of course thousands of dogs and owners didn't even get a bittersweet reunion. Most pets never saw that people again shelters around the country were overrun with animals. Many of whom would put down. When they couldn't find homes today New Orleans animals a still recovering entire neighborhoods are being rebuilt descendants of the dogs. That survived Katrina roam the poorest areas of the big easy like the ninth and seventh woods. Many in packs and their puppies are being born into a life that none of them deserve animal. Control OFFICERS LIKE TRAVIS. Cousy no old to well the suffering strays face and it's not just vacation and disease in the most dangerous neighborhoods that chain to fences to drive away and intruders others a forced into fighting rings. It doesn't matter that these dogs or their parents or their parents parents were once. Welcome inside there. The descendants of the abandoned and to this day most of them remain so and officer Causey. Is there to witness the day today? Struggle one some day in two thousand twelve. He tried to treat an emaciated pit. Bull it was slowly dying the backyard but he was interrupted by a phone call. A human had been bitten by another wild dog and so cozy was forced to leave the pit bull behind to die on. Its own thankfully some still feel the outrage from two thousand five and two thousand six for Travis Causey and Charlotte Bass Lily. The fight isn't over both a still working tirelessly to rectify the human error. That happened after an act of God and there were plenty of errors in September. Two thousand five. The United States House of Representatives formed a special committee it investigated local state and federal governments preparation and response to Katrina. Their final report was titled a failure of Initiative. Meaning more could have and should have been done but with every failure comes an opportunity to learn and one of the biggest lessons. The storm involves some of the smallest members of our families. Are Pets believe it or not? Nothing has done more to improve the legal status of very four legged friends than Hurricane Katrina. The tragedy struck a nerve in pet owners everywhere. It raised the question that hadn't been properly considered before. How do we treat the animals we love? During a state of emergency our pets survival has become intrinsically linked to our care by domesticating them. We've changed the course of their evolution. Which isn't to say that domesticated animals are incapable of surviving on their own in the wild. And fact that's a common misconception. It's been proven that they can. But what do we owe these incredible animals? The ones who spend their lives by our side in our care when disaster strikes. When it's not just a question of surviving day today but of surviving a category five hurricane in the weeks following Hurricane Katrina the public flooded Congress with letters and phone calls it appeared that Americans had finally found an issue that they could all agree on. It wasn't healthcare immigration or guns. It was the love that Americans have for their pets. Progress began on the state level in. May Two thousand and six New Orleans. Lawmakers including state senator let Clo- fund no held court in Baton Rouge to hear public testimony. They were considering amending the state's Disaster Related Policies Charlotte Pass Lily and Morgan testified but they were far from alone. Countless others joined in the gravity of this stories filled the room and left silence and tears in their wake. They mourn for the eighteen hundred human lives lost and they presented another statistic. One hundred fifty thousand hats died as well. How many human lives might have been saved? If owners didn't have to choose between saving themselves and saving their dog and thankfully the people were heard in the words of Senator Fong. Oh we would derelict in our duties to the citizens of Louisiana. Because we didn't make arrangements for pets in June two thousand six governor Kathleen Blanco signed the pet evacuation bill. It required all authorities in the states of Louisiana consider pets in their evacuation procedures. They required to be evacuated alongside their own as they must be provided with transportation and any refuge site needs to find ways to accommodate them and the regulation whence national the Federal Government passed the pets evacuation and Transportation Standards Act or the pets act support for the bill was almost unanimous. California Congressman. Tom Lantos who introduced the bill to the House of Representatives said he had never before in his long congressional career received so much support and encouragement for a piece of legislation. More states have also passed their own version of the bill tailored to their unique landscapes climate and disasters the importance of the legislation for animal rights cons being understated now in the United States of America. Our Furry family members have legal standing. But we've always known ever since they came into our lives then members of our society and they won't be left behind again. Thanks for listening to tales. Every dog has his day and our day is Mondays will be back then. With a new episode you can find more episodes of dog tales and all other parkas originals for free on spotify. Now the only spotify already have only if your favorite music but now by making it easy for you to enjoy. All of your favorite podcast originals. Like Doug Tales for free from your phone desktop Osman speaker to string docked tails on spotify. Just open the APP and type dog tails in the search bar. Several of you have asked how to help us. If you enjoy the show. The best way to help us is to leave a five star review and don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram. At podcast and twitter at podcast network. Join US next week for another good story. About a good dog dovetails was created by Max Cutler and is a podcast studios original. It is executive produced by Max Cutler sound designed by Trent Williamson with production assistance by Ron Shapiro Collie Madden and Isabel Way. This episode of tails was written by Kana Samson with writing assistance by maquis admire. I'm Alistair Modin.

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