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The city it's energy grid are what inspire US way. Higher born for the city visit. Best buy today to show appliances designed for most bases starting at three hundred ninety nine from higher born for the city. Good Morning America. This is the catch table John. Cats petites here Sunday morning. Any what's going on in Washington. What's going on in twenty twenty? It's only two days away. Three days away would is today's a good friend trauma mclachlan and he famed for being a pollster. But he's ran campaigns in the United States and overseas and and he's one smart guy. Good Morning John. Are you ready for the New Year. Good morning it's great to be with you again Definitely ready for the New Year because the the New Year is going to be even more exciting more volatile than we've even seen in the past so so Get ready for twenty twenty. We'll be historic year. We'll let be impeachment to well. They've the Democrats are really put themselves in a tough box. Because it's so weak and they're running against the president who who is a historic president. That still upset about two thousand sixteen when we want and that election and You know it was supposed to be Hillary Clinton Lock and you now. Now you're seeing the stories that You know this this whole thing with the dossier and other things where the sources of these things would that were used to spy on the trump campaign got a lotta people upset. But I'll tell you what we just did. A national survey that we release last week. Where when we asked the majority of voters in two thousand voters across the country should president is in trump continue to fight to change Washington? The majority said yes. Fifty to thirty nine Where we ask them that? Trump's like a bull in China shop where he you know breaks. Thanks a lot of old ideas doesn't care but he's changing Washington shaking things up. The majority Americans agree fifty seven to thirty five and they like that and at at the same time we ask them. Do you agree. Disagree that the impeachment hearings are a waste of time and the Democrats are GonNa vote to impeach him and the Senate Republicans are GonNa vote to keep. I'm an office no matter what you know. Wake me when it's over. and the majority of Americans agreed with that sixty six to twenty six so the Democrats have nowhere to go on this because they've have created a situation where even though they've impeach the president and they haven't moved the articles yet but they've impeach them And he's only the third our president in history to be impeached. His poll numbers are going up even the biased left wing media polls that undercount Republicans have the president's job approval going up and they have sentiment against impeachment moving up because the majority of Americans think this is going nowhere. They think it's a total waste of time so as we begin the year. You're in that kind of a situation. Where the president is trying to move out and get things done and the Democrats ironically to end the year? They you know decide that they're gonNA pass his treaty with Mexico Mexico and North and and Canada and they've got a You know they were doing things to help them lower prescription drugs. I mean the Democrats. They don't WanNa be accused of focused on impeachment only because they've got thirty Democrats at risk in districts that the President Karen Twenty sixteen that he's likely to carry again and so So it's going to be a historic volatile interesting year and the Democrat primaries are about to kick in interest you you handle cockle apple international clients to you handle Israel. I worked for Prime Minister Netanyahu for fifteen years. Now are the same type of people going after the Netanyahu as as going after trump we talked about this last time that we were On the program where you have these foundations etc that Push left wing ideas around the country like the United States. You have the Open Society Foundation and over in Israel You had Obama supporters orders Funding the campaign against bb when they had super pacs when they were allowed in twenty fifteen. So you definitely have left to center. People who like George Soros is very well known internationally for for funding open borders and other things and the United States is getting known because dared jerod. They're pushing these criminal justice reform where New York New York state you have is in years. GonNa Start with cash bail and you're GONNA have this release program that if you if is law enforcement doesn't bring charges if fifteen days they're gonNa let criminals go so so you have the same kind of leftist center things and what's interesting is we just saw an election in the united. Hi To kingdom where the Conservatives won with Boris Johnson and they beat a socialist recording and in the United States is no coincidence that one of the leaders of the Democrat Party now is Bernie Sanders and Bernie Sanders could be the one who actually wins the nomination because there is a socialist primary going on within the Democrat primary primary and then you have a contest for the moderates where you have Buddha judge in that and you have Biden in that and you have You know maybe clover shore and Bloomberg giving himself a pass until basically march third so you could have a once Bernie Sanders tops. Elizabeth Warren Iowa and New Hampshire. You can have a sanders Bloomberg face off in the march third Super Tuesday primaries for the heart and soul of the Democrat Party. Whether it's going to be a Socialist Party or it's going to be you know somewhat of a moderate party and you know Biden's collapsing is Bloomberg picks up steam gene. And you can have that face off in In March and during the month the march where going into April where if Sanders Bee's Bloomberg. Org You'RE GONNA see a big split in the Democrat Party and They'll be going off to the left and you could. Even you know I mean Bloomberg's give running a third party candidacy but That's GONNA trade an election dynamic where we will have a historic level of turnout. Where last time in two thousand sixteen hundred hundred thirty nine I million Americans vote this time one hundred and fifty upwards to maybe a hundred and sixty million Americans vote and if it's a sanders Trump battle trump win more decisively than he did last time. So So that's that's GONNA create for pretty volatile year and pretty exciting start to the a year. It seems like Joe Biden his Teflon is that Teflon wearing. which you're you're there you you you have a pretty close your ears close onto the pavement? Well if you go back and you look at the polls Biden's best day was the day he announced and like national polls and and granted. It's not a national primary Mary but in the national polls he's been slipping and he. He may still be the front runner but he's not in the thirties and he's into he's into the twenties where he's definitely not destroys was and ironically on the other side. Trump has gone even stronger where you know. I mean he's left with William Weld and and this Guy Joe Walsh and and nobody else has taken them on. So trump is is getting between eighty ninety percent of the Republicans support in a Republican primary while on the Democrat side we we had nationally. We had Biden only twenty three percent sanders at seventeen warranty fifteen Hillary Clinton we throw her name she got six and Bloomberg I five birger got five. So they're volatile primary and he's been slipping and when you look at the liberal wing of the party. Sanders is actually ahead among Liberal Democrats. Twenty one with with Warner twenty and biden third at seventeen and the early states. Like Iowa and you've got New Hampshire Biden's not ahead so Biden's losing those polls Buddha judges ahead by a little in Iowa but it's really close between him and sanders warn and then You've got Same going on New Hampshire and what will happen is because New Hampshire is eight days behind Iowa whomever wins Iowa will get a bounce going into New Hampshire so if It's sanders those better than expected. He could end up winning New Hampshire right after Iowa so And that would set up the contest. Where although Bloomberg's not running in early states he has the money where he's GonNa spend he'll spend it he could spend a billion dollars and he'll be running ads all over the country trying to win those Super Tuesday? Say Much alert you know. It's two days from New Year's anything else. You want to tell the American public. I think people have to stay engaged. Engaged to pay attention to the issues and look at the facts. Because the one thing that's going on with the united in the United States is that the mainstream media is become a wing of the Democrat Party where they really don't report all the facts and people see they see that we've got the lowest unemployment and the president's created over seven million new jobs since he took office Main Street and Wall Street about doing well under this president so the economy continues to grow in spite of the liberal well. Democrats spent and at the same time. America's stronger where the president is keeping a stronger. Disengaging us from these. These long-term police actions so America's being stronger and more secure. And when you look at the facts that's what will don Donald trump reelected because of his record. And when you put away the spin You'll see that that. That's that's where Americans are focused on. They may not like a style but they do like the fact that he's a tough guy and he's making changes in Washington and they like that Almost what we call the Frank Produce Strategy where the took a tough guy to make a tender chicken. It takes tough Donald Trump to change Washington. That's what the American people want. Well on that note. I want to say Happy New Year. And and hopefully the new year's better for all Americans happy New Year it will be it it will can. It will continue to be thank you John. Thank you for the opportunity of seeing the new year tactics This is a catch mount table. John Tests Matiz thank you.

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