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Each issue pros fans. It's Jay Baer from convinced to convert hope you are doing great hope you're doing the show had really good run of guests lately. Evan. I really fired up. Hope you are as well. But I've got something else to tell you about today that I am super pumped about if a brand new show launched this week. It's called the talk of triggers show every week. It's just a six minute episode where I take one case study of an amazing business that is growing their business through the power of word of mouth case studies from all types of businesses. Small large beat ABI beat ac- US international each one is a really interesting tale. And I don't tell you what the business is until the very end of the show. So you can guess along while you're listening. The talk triggers show is available as a podcast just search the talk triggers show wherever you get your podcast also available on YouTube, go to YouTube dot com slash Jay Baer. If you prefer to watch the video, but I thought you might like a little sample of what the show sounds like. And what it is. Like, this is just for you. Social pros listeners episode one. Of the brand new the talk triggers show. Hope you enjoy. Fourteen dollars and ninety nine cents fourteen dollars ninety nine cents for a refillable soft drink Cupo. I mean, sure you can get Pepsi and get diet Pepsi in mountain dew sprite fruit punch, whatever you want, but it still fourteen dollars and ninety nine cents for just one refillable Cup at six flags amusement park, and that's pretty common, right? My most the impacts on attractions, stadiums et cetera. They make a lot of money off of us selling nothing but sugar water. I don't know everything. But I do know this the more you try to fit in the more your customers. Tune out and this week on the talk triggers show. You'll learn about a family business that completely totally and forever up ended the theme park business model. Now, let's imagine that you owned a theme park to give your business. The best chance of success. You would want to locate it as close as possible to major population centers to freeways and such correct? But what if instead of that your theme park was located far far far away from just about anything? What if your theme park was for all practical purposes in the middle of nowhere? That is precisely the business challenge for the cook family since nineteen forty six they've been owners and proprietors of a theme park located in Santa Claus, Indiana population of Santa Claus two thousand four hundred and eleven now in addition to those at geographical and population, disadvantages, the cooks are really and truly a family business. Some they can't just advertise their way to success and also because they are independent theme. Park the first ever, by the way, they can't rely on recognized characters from the movies or TV like Mickey Mouse or Spiderman or Harry Potter the Cook's have Christmas and Halloween and thanksgiving land were turkeys, run wild and gravy flows in the streets. So the cooks are in fact, missing pretty much all of the typical ingredients for theme parks, success location, budget and recognition, but they make up for it. And then some because what the Cook's understand perhaps better than anybody in the theme park and attractions industry is that the way to grow any business for your customers to grow at forty. If you give your customers consistent and memorable story to tell they will in fact, so what story do customers tell about the cooks family business. Well, it's a story that turns the financial model of the theme park industry upside down so much. So that when Bill cook made the. Decision in the year two thousand to introduce this very very special feature owners of other parts were downright angry. They went to the annual trade show, the rival park operators approached him and said are you stupid? Are you crazy? Are you trying to ruin the industry? They're trying to do one thing different. Just one thing different the visitors to this family owned theme park in a very out of the way place would remember and talk about over and over and over again. And they do they do talk about it. What is the cook families talk trigger their strategic purposeful operational differentiator that turns their customers into volunteer marketers? Well, there I mean, it's been park soft drinks aren't fourteen dollars and ninety nine cents. They are totally and completely for. On the grounds of the park and inside its restaurants there nine hundred and twenty four separate drink dispensers all of them completely free. You've ever seen a happier child that child their realize that they are a at an amusement park and be drinks are free and unlimited. Now, this unexpected operational decision is the number one number one story that customers tell about the cook family business. In fact, an incredible forty three percent of all the reviews of this business on Tripadvisor dot com. Mention free soft drinks specifically here's one from Charles who wrote this five star review. We love this park. We've been to Disney we've been to six flags. There's no better bang for your buck. My family of five got one hundred thirty dollars. That's the price of one ticket at Disney. There's rides for all ages from my three year old my seven year old my eleven year old from little rides too many roller coasters. It was hot and the free drinks saved us a ton. You will not be disappointed. You see the cook family has the. Courage to do one thing different one thing their customers notice and talk about their talk trigger is about generosity. Yours might be something else. But remember, this competency does not create conversations. I don't know everything. But I do know this same as lame. If you want your customers to talk about you, you must give them something. They don't expect something like free, soft drinks at a theme park and an out of the way place. The cooks businesses called holiday world and splash and safari in Santa Claus Indiana next week here on talk triggers. You'll learn about the most word of mouth worthy bar in the entire state of Montana to never miss an episode subscribe to the show on YouTube. You can also get tok triggers as a podcast go wherever you get your audio. Just search talk triggers and you'll find it. Thanks so much for being here. I'm Jay Baer cenex week.

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