LADS#129 - Kepa The Millennial, Claud/Claudio Gone, Kieran Loves Chelsea, and Fan Questions


Hey, guys, what is up happy Friday. We're back. Whoa weird. This is the first time you hear us over week, and very very, exciting, stuff, zebra. So we got a lot of catch up on. We got Chelsea goalkeeper being a little below shit. We got Chelsea ban. We got some managers getting fired some old managers who used to be the Premier Li coming back. We're going to you Brendan Rodgers bird face that was mean that was really mean for an intro. Okay. And we talk about all the games or the weekend Liverpool putting a hurting on Wofford man Sadie squeezing by with a penalty arsenal. Being maybe good. Of course, Chelsea Tottenham. I'm mean Kieran just plain for his favorite team giving away a goal. So before we start this episode. Thank you guys so much for joining us on this Friday morning, and before we get into it shot up to overtime media and enjoy this ad. Okay. Bye guys. Let's talk about sex good sex. Remember the days when you were always ready to go. 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Promo code overtime to try free. That's blue dot com. This is the overtime podcast network. No, no. This thing. Hey, I'm Cam and Frazier, and we are loud Americans discussing soccer, better known as lad. All right, welcoming guys. You're listening to lads podcasts on the overtime media network today is February wait is tomorrow to start of a new month is tomorrow March first here's a February twenty ninth February's wonky. I don't even know when leap years are anymore. I don't even think of lived through leap year because I've never never never never remember or realized that February has more than twenty eight days. So assuming that it is not a leap year. Twenty nineteen is not a leap year. Then tomorrow is March March first let's oh shit. Okay. So so welcoming guys today is March I we're currently in the past. But when you listen, this, it will be the future or present day, however time work, but you know, you haven't listened to us and over a week. Now, we have a lot to catch up on. We're gonna be talking about the Kappa strong arming in pretty much. You know, making sorry look like a little boy on the sideline refusing to come off the pitch in the League Cup final. We have a bunch of merry go round of managers going on in the Premier Li we got clawed Pule out. Brandon Rogers back. Claudia Rene out. Then we got some L classic. Oh news with the elk with the COPA del Rey. And then we got some high scoring games this weekend. We got some Liverpool five nil the big Chelsea debacle. We also got arsenal. Putting away five goals. United putting away three goals against Crystal Palace. And then we're going to wrap everything up a fan questions, but Martin how the Hillary doing. What are you drinking tonight? I am drinking the tried and tested the classic Budweiser which I've in drink in like a year. So so I'm drinking that classic. Budweiser. Cowboys Rony fucking flaunts all over Instagram. And that's really the main reason I got it because I saw video of him as I walked into the gas station. So I picked up a nice American pack of Budweiser. And I am drinking my SARS away. Because I hate cars, and I hate my life and hate everything except Manchester United right now. So everything's just peachy keen over here. Kev. How are you, ma'am? I'm doing well. Philadelphia is bump and right now we designed to Bryce Harper. And I tweeted that you know, it's the best signing I've been most excited about since Mets Dozo, but please please don't be method ozo- thousand my big takeaway from the signing. So we can we can only hope, but I was also at the talent energy stadium in Chester, Pennsylvania. To watch the US women's game against Japan. And she believes Cup. I believe it's called, and I don't really want to recap the game too much. I just want to say that Tobin. Heath is a fucking monster down the wing Meghan repeal. No phenomenal. It was incredible to see all the women in person for the first time like Carli Lloyd coming on in like, the eighty fifth minute. Just for the home fans. He's a jersey girl. So as a jersey guy, myself, that's fucking awesome. Because the Alex Morgan Julie Erz who is a, you know, the better irks athlete. I don't wanna get into that debate. But I gotta say Marin my big takeaway is the US women's team which we've been saying for a while are phenomenal. They're just bad ass. Women who out there on the pitch are like in Japan is a lot shorter. They're just muscling everybody. And when they are like on point they were connecting passes. Really? Well, just finishing wasn't that. Great. But I mean, I could've seen them beating. Japan like five. No. And then unfortunately, the game ended to to just some bad defensive errors and passing the ball in front of the goalie, but it just going to be like I was like fuck like the women's World Cups this summer, and it's going to be hype is shit. So great match great atmosphere. It was fucking freezing outside out and on the water and Chester Pennsylvania. Where the Philadelphia union play again Philadelphia union don't play in Philadelphia, which is my boggling. But no, it was a great experience. So I'm pretty excited for the women's World Cup this summer. Okay. Dude. I think USA played Japan in the last World Cup in Canada. And I remember that that was the game that I remember watching and just realizing how how much of a level above the US meant or US women's national team is comparatively to the rest of the world, both physically physically, mentally, tactically all things considered. I think the US meant women's national team. Sorry, all the US women's national team is just doing everything that a country should do to grow a sport gross Ford in gender grows bored in the people what have you, but the US women's national team has really seized the horse by it's rained, and you know, jumped right in in the early two thousands and have just gotten better and better and better and better and better. So twenty nineteen US women's national team. I have high hopes for I can't. Fuck wait to see how much they can embarrass the US men's national team and win another gold. Hopefully, so fucking rock on love Carli, Lloyd, love Meghan, repeat. No, I I love like everybody on that fucking US house national team. And which is which cannot be said about the men's national team, which is ton of funny to me. Yeah. I just it just seems like all the ladies the women on the team are very personable. Very just like great people. You know, like any like one of them. I blake. Wow, you're just like a fucking good, dude. You know? I don't I don't know if that's weird to say. But like, I genuinely just think they're all just amazing skillfully athletically, and they're just, you know, great role models. You know, just it's it's great seeing these bad ass empowered. Fuck and women just come out here. And like what's it called for the World Cup final in two thousand fifteen? I think we won like five something to Japan. Like, we blew. This shit out of Japan in the last World Cup. So so I think I'm gonna place. My bet I'm gonna put my money on the women. I mean, it's they're probably the favorites. But I'm pretty excited but Marin let's move on to the League Cup man city win and penalties by Rehim sterling sealing the deal, but there's a little bit of controversy towards the end of the game. Kipah who is the goalkeeper for Chelsea was essentially like faking an injury for a while trying to get it the penalties. And sorry misunderstanding. It I mean, they say it was a misunderstanding was trying to sub off kept and kept screaming back 'Sorry saying he's not coming off where sorry loses his absolute God, damn gourd and almost storms out of the stadium and I- Marin, I've never seen anything like this. I've literally never seen anything like this. Close to and I try to look up stuff and there's been other incidents. But in my watching like time, I've never seen a keeper or really any player refuse to come off. Like this. No, I I I was kind of taken aback by that whole news story, the videos of it, obviously Twitter's reaction to it. I just could not believe it was real for at least two to three days after the fact, we're my brain was just like, okay, keep actually fucking did that he actually public publicly disobeyed and Yoda it sorry in the middle of a League Cup on. All I have. I have never in my life seen a player so publicly disregard a manager's instructions. And you know, what if it is a whole misunderstanding? All right. We're back Martin you're saying, yeah, if it if it was a misunderstanding between Canada and sorry, then we shouldn't look anything more into you know, but based on just the body language of the entire thing between keep yelling at him. And then sorry storming off the off the field. And then coming back on furiously writing. Something down in his notebook. I mean, man, it does not look like a misunderstanding commit looks like both of them knew exactly what the other person was doing and what they were doing. And this is not a great look for Chelsea for sorry for Kappa adult like this does not help anybody. If anything it just makes this worse and worse and worse, and for God's sakes Kappa was benched yesterday yesterday against Tottenham will obviously get more into that. But that's a dive wrecked result of his unwillingness to follow the managers instructions. And to your point what you were saying about how you've never seen this like I had I I have never seen anything similar to this like nothing, obviously, nothing just like this. But I haven't even seen anything similar to this where a manager and a player publicly spat on field, and then the player wins that was wild. Yeah. I mean Kappa. You fucking little shit douse. My big reaction. And sorry. You look like a little bitch. You got a little shit and a little bit. And it's a combination. It didn't even work to help form. What an idiot like he lost them fucking shootout. So like like way to go mad mistake in the shootout to like, he just didn't lose a normal. Shootout. He says love the shit out of guero shot. I think it was. Yeah. He just it totally backfired on him. He's like I'm going to be the man. It's like I've made a huge mistake. Like, you you thought you fucking thought. But where does this come from, man? Like, I was listening to a couple of people like John Terry said like I would have gone on ripped him off the field. That's all I was thinking like is this a millennial bullshit where this kid's been told his whole life. Like, oh, you're the best. You're the best. You're the best. And like like you'd like. Who talks back to their coaches? I've never even seen something like this on a professional level. Like, I remember growing up like the fucking like coach's son talking back and shit. Like that. You know what I mean? But like is this like this new age like player like what the I don't want to get too deep into this Martin? But this is some Eleni will bullshit like I remember just like sit down shut the fuck up and listen to what I have to say. Like that was how it used to be right? Yeah. And not only that I mean, I hope for Chelsea's sake that the veteran players in that shows e log room bitched kep, AVI. Full cow, and I'm not telling like. Normal telling off I'm talking about a down slap him around curse at MB. Like who the fuck? Do. You think you are? You literally arrived at our team less than a year ago. And you wanna disrespect not only the manager? But the jersey that you are wearing I I'm so not about this. And I am totally on sorry side of this. And all I'm saying is bring bagged on Terry to Chelsea and put the fear of God back into those players because they're all they're all pretty shitty. Kev, emotionally, speaking hazards, flirting allot fucking Georgina is just as dabid Louise cries of bunch fucking kep of Pfizer bunch. You're all motion a little babies bringing John Terry. And let him set it, right? Yeah. Bring bringing John Terry half him sleep with their girlfriends, and wives. That's the way you solve it. That's no. I think we're onto something Martin. Fair the best players in the world. Do that Ryan? Yeah. John Terry the list goes on. All I can imagine is like sorry in the locker room afterwards. Like the scene from training day where Denzel Washington at the ends. Like, all you mother fuckers. Oh, you go to do me. Like that. King Kong ain't got shit on me. So we're gonna get some good Chelsea news soon. But overall, congratulations the city on winning the plastic League Cup just added to your trophy mantle. I know other teams would be really really happy about it. But for man city, I think it's just like all right another trophy. I mean, I feel like their main focus dealers Champions League. But is not I I will say another piece of silverware on the mantle pretty nice. And I think they just want it back to back as well. Yeah. Yeah. They did win last year. And you know, if I'm a man city fan trophies trophy civil wars of where I'll talk shit about it. But I mean, it's still trophy at the end of the day, and it just heightens their chances of winning a league double or the, you know, often talked about but never achieved quadruple if Mansito's able to win the FA Cup the Champions League into print. Well, we're about to see if that's possible at all in the coming weeks. Yeah. I'm I don't know. I think that's that's a lot on your plate. That's a lot of playing time. You know, I feel you'd have. I don't think any team will pull off the quadruple in this day and age of so much football to be played with international friendly. So many competitions such a very tall order. But hell, you never know. But Martin let's talk about the Chelsea transfer ban. Because again, I feel like so much news has happened since we've been gone. We haven't even talked about this. And this happened like last Friday or something like that. So Chelsea for essentially like paying for minors who can't be paid yet until they're adults. I guess this is me like half reading what actually happened. So just take my word for it. Essentially got a to. Transfer market ban. Like or what's it called like each like so in the summer and in the January they will have during those two seasons? They won't be able to bring in any transfers at all is that is that correct? Yeah. They essentially they've been given a year long transfer ban. They can transfer players again in twenty twenty however, chose you said to appeal this ban, which I genuinely hope Chelsea wins appeal and is able to to transfer players to buy and so players solar because I don't wanna see Chelsea just become absolute shit and the titles only between five or five teams at that. But not not only that more importantly, I do not want Choshi to be given a transfer ban before the lights of Real Madrid Barcelona Manchester City NPS g or given any type of punishment for any type of transfer is because those four clubs that I just mentioned are. So so so. Oh, so much worse than Chelsea. I it just blows my mind the priorities of feta. It's it's retarded. I'm like, it's fucking me. Like, we're about to get to like UEFA and they're stupid as well. So yeah, I saw this today. Speaking of Chelsea, ironically, enough Chelsea will not be punished for their fans behavior in the European league game last week where their fans were chanting anti-semitic chance, essentially, and Chelsea fans that were there in attendance described these chances appalling in and -absolutely disrespectful to our club. And UEFA decided not to to find them at all not to punish him at all. They close the matter. So great job on you keeping real shit at your job. Yeah. I mean, then right after this band came out like you said like someone was saying that Jordan Sancho allegedly. This isn't like there's no evidence or truth to it. All. These rumors came out that man city, we're paying them like two hundred thousand when he was fourteen. And like there was like, I I'm assuming that was just a story to make what's it called Chelsea fans the fuel the fire behind them? But it is interesting. And I do agree. I mean, you named like the usual suspects there. So it'll be interesting. We'll wait to get. We'll give more news. But I mean, if you're Christian pulisic right now, you've got to be looking at this like all right? All right. We've it on. We are now in the ferris wheel merry go round. Whatever metaphor you want to use the what's what are those doors? You go in a circle round like in hotel. So cares. Wait revolving, doors revolving doors. Yeah, sure of the dough merry go round or care cells thinking amusement rides. Not I'm on. Monica era sell remember that Blake one eighty two song. All right. So Claude Pule has been sacked by Lester and Brendan Rodgers has left. Celtic midseason, so bad. Look for the Scottish league. He said he pretty much said fuck that this league is a joke. I'm not saying it Martin. I'm not saying it Brendan Brendan Rodgers is essentially saying that because he's like, yeah. I wouldn't this shit every year. I would invincible. I I won like what was it like seventy games in a row? Like, it was nothing. Like, it's an obvious joke. I'm not saying that Brennan Rogers is and he's a new manager of LeicesteR and Claudio Ranieri. Speaking of Lester was sacked by Fulham, and the interim coaches some dude I posted it on our social media. I forget, I guess it's like the assistant coach or whatever is now gone. So our boys Claude Pule and Claudio Ranieri to claude's both out. And I'm I'm pretty bummed about it. Yeah. I'm more bummed about Claude Pule then Claudio Ranieri because let's start with him. I mean, he managed he managed eleven games for Fulham. He won two of them. And it's I don't know what's going on with Fulham other than their chemistry is complete shit. This club spent so social social much money on on great talent this summer from the legs of g Michaud sairy to meet your rich to fucking the old school Chelsea player. Who's name is escaping me. Right now, Kevin helped me German sh- come on early Shirlow Shirlow. So they they really really spent money in deck speculations that they were going to do well in may become a mid table team in the prim, and it's really really shit their pants doing that. Claudio Ranieri wasn't even able to to save them and jumping back to the. Fox's I don't know if I can support Lester anymore. This is this is real doozy. For me. They brought Rogers is my enemy. Yeah. He's birdman. And I really don't this might be another Southhampton comparison. I'm gonna meet when Southampton sacked Claude Pule when he had them finish in like six place. Remember that Leicester City Marin sits in eleventh right now and mid table, and he got sacked. They're now in like real relegation trouble whatsoever. Like their ten points clear off the relegation zone. So I heard there were some locker room issues with mule. Really? I just I kinda interpreted as like, you know, I I if you have a manager keeping you mid-table like, I know less there won the league amazing story tears to my fucking is. But I feel like don't get too big for your bridges. That's all I'm saying just like understand like Lester, you're going to be a staple in the Premier League. Like you at mid-table sounds about right. So that's my big takeaway from that. I understand the full one. You're deep in the relegation zone right now, you're going to need a real a real miracle. Not to be relegated. But the less their city. One just doesn't really make sense to me, but asides the locker room issues, which I haven't heard about till you just told me. So there might be other factors in who knows them. I mean, I think I read about that locker room issue like maybe a month or two ago as well. So this might be completely unrelated to that. And if Lester. Is making that same decision that Southampton. Made back in twenty sixteen to not be content being a mid table team not being content with safety from relegation. I there's two sides of the coin there. I respect them for having lofty goals in aiming higher. But at the same time, you are risking a whole hell of a lot by firing a manager who has guided you to safety consistently consistently. God did you to safety one? You big games. So I think this is a big risk that Lester is taking. I don't even know who's going to. Who's who's really going to dramatically improve under Brennan Rogers, as you know, the entire Manchester. United team did under soap shore. But I don't think this team can't get much better under a new manager. I kind of kind of think have that Leicester City has hit their ceiling at this point. I don't think they can be much better than amid table team at this point. Yeah. I mean, like I can't think of a single player on there that you consider like that would really make it into the top six like maybe a side slab head. But like he's kind of regressed as well. So I mean as much as we love, Mr. McGuire. It's you know, who would you pick out of the, you know, starting eleven to be in your team. I wouldn't pick many, you know, so I'd pick Jamie just because I fought with Jamie and homeboys stick together. I get that. Yeah. I mean, I would just pick Jamie just get fucked up with so true. That's that's the only reason. But yeah, who knows what's going to happen with full? Maybe they go after big Sam, you know, his name is always in the mentions. We'll see. So far seems forms going to be backing their assistant manager who I don't have his name in front of me. But let's move over to some LA Lita talk Martin while we were gone messy had his fiftieth hat trick against the oh what a let lead in the mazing comeback. But what I really wanna talk about our two things about some law legal stories. One Barscelona gets knocks out Real Madrid again in the COPA. Del rey. The copa. Del rey. Should just be renamed. The Barscelona Delray the the COPA del Barcelona. Like instead of the I don't know that the Cup of the sun. I think that's what that translate to just the Barscelona. That's like their trophy et cetera was like golden Cup or some shit. I don't know Spanish someone someone translate it. We're too lazy? Just whatever the Cubano rate means someone translated send it to us. But just make just no makeup Spanish Cup aka message Cup. Yeah. They literally wanted like was it like four years in a row now? They wanted like since he's been there. He's pretty much one in every single year. But knowing that Suarez got a brace. Great win. And again, we have another L classic. Oh this weekend at the burn abou-. Did this all Bleacher report Barcelona's record at the Bernabau? It's ridiculous. It's like ten wins three draws and four losses. That's absolutely insane. But Martin the one thing I do want to talk about is surgery Rama's so surgery Rama's has been given an extra game suspension by UEFA for intentionally getting a second yellow card because Sergia romo's just wanted to mix miss the next leg of the I X game. So he finished. He intentionally got a second yellow you wave did like that. And for me, I think that is stupid. I think the rules about the yellow cards and Champions League or absolutely ridiculous. Kind of like the euro's end in the World Cup. And I think UEFA this is a very bad. Look, you guys fucked up Sergia Rama's news your rules are stupid, and he just showed the world. How stupid these rules are? And I think it's just totally uncalled for and I feel weird like being on the side of surgery Rama's right now. I cannot believe that you can be banned for that. First and foremost Limoges put that out there. I think that rule in itself if you purposely get a yellow if you purposely fell then you will be suspended, regardless of the severity of the foul, regardless of the consequences of that yellow, but the UEFA rule book clearly said states, if you purposely fell to get it yellow you will be suspended so inundated self that was just completely stupid. And then on top of that how many players kept in the past. I don't know. Let's do a year loan have purposely committed fouls. Whether it was to you know to save a goal chance to to just put the fear of God into the opposition. Or to like, what Sergio Rams did to think ahead to be suspended for one match one less. Match than the actual quarterfinals. What Sergio Rams did was brilliant, and my mind, and I think shame on you wave of for, you know, being a budget Nancy to goods for their own shoes because this role stupid. They did not have to enforce this at all. And really it doesn't do anything except hurt Real Madrid and hurt their chances of getting that that allusive fourth. Yeah. Fancy late. Like for me. Like like why like you gotta start giving yellow cards for time-wasting? You gotta give you a little cards. Exactly prolonging. Like, why are you drawing the line at this like in every Al everywhere else, you're not giving away like for time-wasting for flopping for all these other things? And now you're going to set the example of Sergio Ramos who probably deserves it for his track record. But like, it's still not. I don't think it's fair. I think you Asia, you know, has really set a bad precedent. And I'm here for so georamas. I'm usually not team Sergia Rama's. But I'm here for you right now. 'cause I Gotcha. But that's all do you have anything else on this? Nah. I I think it can be summed up by stupid gruel stupid organization who really does not punish the people who need to be punished. But love to punish people that don't necessarily need to be punished for that exact moment. I just it just blows my mind that there that solved, and I really liked your point about how. There is no consistency. If you wanna give Ramaphosa a suspension for purposely getting a yellow then you have to start carting players like a Cardi you have to start carting players like Salah at times like name, or if they're flopping if they're purposely diving. Cord them. Don't be don't be strict on one player, but not the other don't be strict on one zero. But not the other either use the entire rule book that you have created to ruin soccer and enforceable bullshit rules or have everything makes sense. But let it go to the rest decision. Not some think tank in the middle of Brussels or wherever the fuck UEFA headquarters are who get to watch the replay in every single angle kit to analyze after the fact information let the ref ref the game. I'm so sick of you know, retroactive penalties retroactive bands. Just let soccer play soccer. You know? I just I'm done with the over over over regulation of soccer like soccer used to be a ball to sticks. Let the people play. That's all I'm saying. Yeah. Exactly. Like too much bureaucracy too much. Big government regulations. I just want this taken out of my game. It's supposed to be pure. It's supposed to be beautiful. It's supposed to be fun. But before we move onto all the Premier League matches. We're gonna take a quick at breaks it. We'll be right back right after this. If you're drowning in IRS tax debt, please get ready to take down this number to take advantage of a new IRS tax forgiveness programs that may hope for yourself from IRS collection agencies. The IRS has recently hired private debt collection agencies to start collecting your outstanding taxes, they can already garnish your wages, put leans on your property and Levy your Bank account. 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Big this week with a two nil victory over Tottenham most mostly thanks to cure in trip. Raise own-goal. But amazing outing by Chelsea the bounce back like this against Tottenham. You saw the like a resurgent Pedro who pretty much looked like Pedro of two years ago when they won the league taking the ball up himself in. I don't know what it is Martin. But Hugo Reese looked fucking portable during this game bad passes out of the back the goal by page. Oh right through in the miscommunication. I know it's mostly curious fault. But trivia, like I that I don't even know where to explain how that own gold happen. But shutouts social media for find that old Twitter of Kieran trivia, whereas says like goal for Chelsea or like root for his like e rooted for Chelsea in an old tweet. So you just got to the internet's unforgiving. But Mark would you make this game? What's you know, each week? We're like oh Tottenham. Let's. Going on sticky. But then Chelsea they beat me and city this year, they beat Tottenham this year. And then they blow it like five nil against board myth like what is going on with the team. I don't know. I think this this. This game can be broken down into two questions was this game one by Chelsea because they played so great or was this game laws by Tottenham because they paid like absolute dog shit. And I think it's a little bit of this little bit of that. Because Chelsea were on their game, everyone from Pedro who who you already mentioned to William to hazard to even Jerusalem had a pretty phenomenal game with not a lot of mistakes and even in the Baghdad Louise Ruediger and Willie caveat, oh held it all together. So Chelsea had a really fantastic game for being in such a dumpster fire state. And then on the flip side of things Tottenham coming off of a very very very disappointing loss to Burnley last week five points adrift from the from number one and number two in the league with a chance to get back into that title conversation against a stumbling Chelsea and. They just were shit defensively they were just shit. I mean the first goal from Pedro he walked well. Ran that bowl into the box. Fucking disregarding defenders in put it between Louise's legs. Like, he wasn't even there. And then the second goal you've already touched on here in trippy was under very little pressure. Chasing back a ball and decided to play to his goalie. But he forgot one basic thing when passing backwards to your goalie you've talked to your goalie yet look up you see if your goal is there and Hugo lorries he wasn't in goal. He was like two yards from trip. Yay. So chirpy had a brief U2. full bottom right shot into his own net. So I think at the finish phenomenal finishes strikers finish a real strikers finish. And I think at the end of the day. I think this game was lost by Tottenham more than it was won by Chelsea because I've seen Taunton shit and they'll still win. Because of a hurricane Bruin shot over or human cylinder or whoever. But today or yesterday, I guess it just taught them looked off Tottenham looked rattled. And this is two defeats in in the past two games for Tom. And essentially in my opinion, they're done in the title race. I didn't think they represented a real challenge to city or Liverpool. But after this game they are done. So are we are we going to now? Are we calling it? Now, I call it back in January. But I'll call you say Martin. I don't know where this coming from. I appreciate been like they've never been in it. Like, right. We're freaking out like oh my God. Couldn't I'm like, I I've always been they just please, relax. But it's also funny because it was other people not Spurs fans. I feel like Spurs fans have been like, no, we've never really been in this. But it's only it's been everyone else in the pundits mostly which is kinda funny. Yeah. Which you gotta be like guys like come on like if. Last three professionals. It's Burs like, yeah. I what is happened. I posted today on our social media on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, I put a cure travailleurs World Cup free kick against Croatia. But to the music of the Titanic what has happened since the World Cup. Just exert all his energy trying to get England to win the World Cup. All his talent. Like did he make like a pack with the devil, and it didn't work out like. He's got to because he was it was brilliant last year for Tottenham brilliant in the World Cup. He had a pretty good start to the season. And he's just gotten worse and worse and worse, I genuinely I remember talking either at the start of this year or this summer that Kieran trip you didn't need to replace Kyle Walker Kieran trippy could've walked into that team. He would have been a better choice thing. Kyle Walker in my opinion. But those days are long long long on the boy doesn't really seem to have any defensive intuition. And it seems like every time Tottenham does something embarrassingly defensively trippy as at the heart of it. So my heart goes out for the kid because I fucked with him on England. I think he's he's a young kid with a decent amount of promise in front of him. But he has to ratchet down those mistakes and figuring out as twenty six. I remember. Reading that back way back like. East viewed like I like, he's older shit. Yeah. When you said kid, I went like this dude is like he's almost thirty. Yeah. He's twenty eight Martin. He's not he's not all the all the memories are flooding back to me when were talking about him for whatever reason I was convinced he was like a youth product. Like he was a nineteen twenty year old kid. Nah. Twenty days old magazines really only been on the scene for the past couple of years. Like he hasn't been like one of those like Alex Chamberlain Jack Wilshire who seen since they are like eighteen twenty one. You know, right. So, but again, we fall into that trap. Where all the English youth are like, you know, the Jesse Lynn guards geared trippy as like oh that kid, and we're like the do these guys are older than us. So be at Tottenham Tottenham fans. I'm sorry. You got cane back. That's like the only positive. I have just in time for the north London derby Kev, news guy, the seven thirty in the fucking morning on the now. Damn it. All right. Oh, I I'm not sure if I'm gonna go out for the bars for that. But I know I have a bunch of friends coming over Friday night, which there will be a Saturday special podcast with a domina LaRosa Martin. So get ready for that more. Let's move on to Liverpool. Waterford martin. I just love. Like when Liverpool reminds us again that they can just put five goals against like any team in the mid table down. Like, this was an unbelievable performance, especially by the defenders Virgil Van Dyke with a brace like a pure striker. Trent Alexander Arnold with three assists Roberson with two assists money with a goal. And or Ige who's been a great replacement with for menial being now, but money with that flicked back where he had a first bad touch. And then just flip it over the goalkeeper Jesus Christ. What a performance by Liverpool. Absolutely dominated his game. What defenders had no answer. What are your takeaway? I'm just so impressed by the what's it called the defensemen? The VVD train Alexander Arnold in Roberson. Yeah. I mean, it's it's kind of surprising. But not really surprising to see Liverpool score put five goals past the team because we've kind of gotten used to their motto of consistency this year where they're they might not school score three or four goals, but they'll dominate a game in two zero. So whenever Liverpool scores like four goals. I think every single team in the Premier League's just like off they can still do. This candy off son of a bitch all come on Liverpool's fucking phenomenal and legislate. This game was basically a perfect game for Liverpool. I went into the game hoping that what I would be able to give them somewhat of a fight because what is a plucky little team della. You got a hat-trick last week. So I was just like maybe he's got some confidence. And I was immediately, you know, disregarded and Liverpool ran away with from the first minute. And I gotta say. I've said this before I think as of right now. That Virgil Van Dyke. Big Virgil is the best centreback in in the prim right now. I think he's he's a phenomenal presence in that Liverpool lean back line. And I think the most impressive thing about Van Dyke is that when he plays on the field. He makes other defenders better. He makes lover not looked like such a piece of shit. He looks which is hard. That's very very difficult. He makes mad Tepe low pretty decent. In makes Gomez look pretty decent. I think the wing bags Alexander Arnold end. And what's his name? Robertson aren't really as a -ffected by Virgil Van Dyke. But I think vandyck plays a pretty huge role in leading that team especially from the band, and as you can see he can apparently score to so watch out y'all big Virgil is on a tear. Why think that was always Liverpool's problem that like they would go and score three goals, but give up four. You know, I feel like they feel so much more comfortable, and you see that. But Morten there are only ten games left in the per- merely. Ten and Liverpool are one point above man city. And I looked at the schedule the schedule between the both of them are pretty equal. I think city has a little bit harder schedule, but it's gonna come down to the fucking wire. And I am like geeking out about it. Like, I am straight up narrating out about this last ten games of the Premier League and the Champions League. There is so much footy to watch. And it's all just it's beautiful. It's so beautiful. So I'm just getting scared at this point Cav like this is this is like John day scary. Yeah. This is like my words nightmare has actually come to life in twenty nineteen my to most hated teams in the world. Are vying for a championship? I know and my little heart. Can't fuck and take it. If it's Liverpool. I've never seen Liverpool win a trophy. And and you know, what I don't know if my twenty five year old heart ten take that I think might just cue over dead and back in January. I had some fun with Liverpool and city. I was just like, you know, I'm fine. If city wins another league, I just don't want Liverpool to look we're almost March now, and it's becoming really too real at this point where like city or live report definitely going to win the league no other options, and I want a nuclear apocalypse so bad right now. I can't I can't well it's not going to happen willing. So you're not the deal with this. And you know, we'll we'll talk about it. Because that's what we do. So amazing performance by Liverpool beat the shit out of Wofford Virgil Van Dyke when you're centreback scores two goals in plays that well and your defenders give you that many assists. I mean game over. I I just want one more thing Alexander Arnold's. Whipping cross is just just okay. Let's move on to arsenal versus bore myth where another five goals scored by arsenal. No, clean, sheep or myth got one. After a stupid mistake by Gwen doozy. But Ozil opening goal, opening assists. Abomey ain't out on the score sheet. cO shown, I mean, everyone was scoring and Mickey Taurean. Great. Great. Teamwork. Great. This is the arsenal. I love the sea overall. I just you know, sometimes I still don't know about arsenal. But I mean back to back wins one against Southampton. The weekend before got a clean sheet. There luck is that on the scoresheet. So the two from both got goals. And I believe a Bum Yang is now a sixteen goals at the season. And yeah, right up there in the golden boot not I don't really have too many takeaways from there. It's just fun to see arsenal. Play like arsenal. Yeah. I think you guys can comfortably be Chelsea ten to one now because collectively born myth be Chelsea five zero in UB born myth five to one you do some math your Maria nine times better team in Chelsea. But I think that's where I yeah. I the math checks out. I think but this was just a fantastic game from the arsenal. Perspective just has beaten as beating for border. I did not expect this at all born myth has been super fucking clunky against the top six against teams in general this entire season. And they marched into the hammered and marched right back out with their Tailby twin their legs. And it looks like you know, ozo- is getting some real deal playing time again under United. I'm Ray fucking Alba is lethal in front of goal and logging said even got himself on the. Scoresheet? I did see this worrying little rumor that lock is at might depart or snow come the summertime, but for right now, are smelled looks like they are back in that November. Or is no form where they were firing on all five cylinders and just crushing the game. Just like they trust born fucking poor heady. Yeah. I'm just really curious about his Tottenham coming off too, bad losses. And I always say, you know, always bet on the team that come off humiliating loss. But like, I gotta say arsenals looking great right now this Northland and Darby may be the determining factor between you know, who's gets that fourth place spot, which is just you know, it's good to see because we were just used to you know, two-horse horse race for the title. And now we're getting like some real interesting action out the Tottenham is kind of falling off. So we'll have to wait and see by me Tottenham on any given day can beat the shit out of you. I mean, they got so much town everywhere. So let's move on to your team. Martin manchester. United versus Crystal Palace. Solid win three one Lukaku with the brace. Ashley young with the other Lukaku with this brace now is in the top twenty scores and EPO history. So pretty good for some people who've caught a bust so which is just like ridiculous that people have made those claims. Yeah, he's been out of form here and there, but the guy is a scoring machine. Just did you hear what I just said top twenty scores and EPL history. So yeah, Martin oh, go ahead. Oh, I was just going to jump in on on the top twenty eight Lukaku is is still a relatively young striker. I think he's only twenty seven and he's been he's twenty five twenty five. He's been putting in some real deal performances for the past three years with Everton like grown man performances, and he's been in talks of the golden boot for the past two seasons before he joined Manchester United so for all y'all people labeling him as a bust. I think that's outlandish. And it goes back to what we set a couple of weeks ago that everybody wants to just make it claim get their name out there. And I it's it's easy to call him a bust until you look at the facts, he's a real deal striker and with seventy five percent of the Manchester. United squad injured he is choosing to come into a form of his life in a fantastic time. Because right now, the attacking options are Lukaku Alexi, which is. You know, not not phenomenal. But if Lukaku can pull that weight that I'm all here for it. I can't wait to see what he can continue to do in that mentioned not a shirt and that volley he had against Crystal Palace's today was just disgusting. I can't believe big man has big as he is can make his body moved like that those Abraham vich Esq. No. I just you know, people have called him a donkey, which is a funny. British word of calling like someone who sucks which weird. But. No, I think Lukaku new we've talked about just says movement off the ball his way for getting assist. And like he's all around great player. And I just looked it up. He is only twenty five years old even though he looks like he's like like how LeBron James looked like thirty when he was eighteen. That's always been Lukaku BS, solid solid performance by Manchester United here. I'm just so impressed by Ali mister silk, sharks us me. And I definitely think he's going to be keeping that job at the end of the year. I mean, I I've you don't think he's going to be keeping the job in the year. You're crazy. Yeah. Reports came out from Manchester that he is the only serious candidate being considered by the Manchester United Ford, which is fantastic to hear because in the since all has taken over at United Manchester. United has the best record the most points. The most goals scored the league schools conceited, and I'm just taking a bag by the absolute complete one eighty and the continued improvement that has happened under soaks are I am super excited for next year because I truly. Think that if soak your was the manager from the beginning of the season and this Manchester United team was performing like they have been performing under socor since the beginning of the season that mentions not a would truly be challenging city in and Liverpool for the title. I mean in eleven games in the prime altogether soldier has amassed twenty nine points in seventeen games this season that marina was in charge. Seventeen games. He amassed twenty seven points. And I mean, I don't hate hate Marino. I feel bad for more than anything else at this point in his career. But you cannot deny that Marino was quote, unquote, these special one and a brilliant manager and soldiers come in and and probably made Marino think to himself. Oh shit. Was it my fault because the form undersold jar has. Been absolutely brilliant. I can only hope that it continues to improve and soldier is made permanent in the summer. Stop. Putting it off give that man what he deserves any one hundred percent deserves this job in my opinion. Now, I I concur. All right. Let's move onto city versus West Ham. I got nothing for this where we'll get penalty city stays on track. I mean, they barely squeezed by in this game. Which is very surprising says it's West Ham, but you know, West Ham or above top ten in the league. So do you have anything about this game? I don't really have any news breaking about this aside city stays right on time right on track to try and win the league. Yeah. I didn't watch this game shit who gives us chess still surprised that only one zero. So basically the same boat. Let's move to move on. Yes. I'm going to do. We're into a quick ad, and then we'll be right back. This is the overtime podcast network. And we're back. All right Marin, are you ready for some fan questions hill, Yale, brother? Okay. First question. This is from our Twitter. Please follow us on Twitter. We say funny things. Sometimes Atlanta underscore podcast. First question comes from. I am gonna talk. He says what are your thoughts on the Rene sacking? Do you think Fulham Kim survive I'm bummed for Claudia Rene personally a loved dearly? Ding, ding Dong. I loved what Gary Lineker said he said I wish he would have just retired after he won the league of LeicesteR. It would have been like one of those like walk off in the sunset moments. But and to your full in question, I don't I think they're going to get relegated. I don't. I don't think an assistant coach is going to do anything of Claudio Ranieri couldn't. Yeah. I completely agree there, and it seems like Fulham's plans or to keep that caretaker assistant coach in that position till the end of the season. So it either seems like Fulham has accepted their own fate. Or they really really believed that this assistant coach can deliver them to the promised land AK stained the pram, but I I agree again with Kev. I don't think they have a shot in hell at staying in the problem. They have seventeen points. I think the cutoff for the relegation is twenty five points. I just do not see this happening in in ten games to go in the form that they've been in without a real manager with a bunch of new players that they purchased this summer. I see them being relegated. And then a mass exodus happening immediately after they relegated and stuck in the championship forever. All right next question at free kick Tyler says. Which is more American PBR or Bud Light. Ooh, good question that light. But light by a million. I would say but light, but PBR does have red white and blue on their cans and is a very blue collar beer. But I think hipsters ruined PBR. Even though I what I'm thinking. The only reason I'm giving Bud Light the edge and edged by a million because America was not built on hipsters. Those built on Bud Light. Blue-collar? But we we as a millennial. Kevin if you it's actually it's a you next question comes from world at world Hotspur Tottenham Hotspur world are good fan. Good friend will regard. He says what do Chelsea do about Canada? And Cavallero, I think kep is the better keeper you just need to like Martin said earlier in the pod, you gotta like all right? I would never say beat your kids or anything like this. You got to like shake him or something you got to do like like like, dude, you're like go fuck yourself. You gotta give them a good go. Fuck yourself speech. Like, you're literally insignificant. Like, you gotta you gotta put them in this place because that's shit will not fly. Yeah. There is definitely been a transfer of power since that. I think is now the manager and sorry us to do something big to take back control that team. And I don't mean benching him like he did yesterday and playing willy cabbie arrow. He needs to get. Down on his hands and knees and make temple smoke at least four or five packs of cigarettes, and then they can discuss Kepler's future where the club I one I want sorry too. Big dick, the fuck out of Kemba, I want I want to realize what an insolent little millennial child that he was and to be ashamed. So like I said earlier in the pod one thousand percent team sorry here. But I'm also a kindness mart individual. And I recognize that campus better than Willie caveat pro. So make that punishment happened quick story and get kept back on the field. And then people will forget about it in like a month. Because Tom's a flat circle. Nothing matters. Exactly. And they find him a week's worth of his pay which is like clearly a drop in the bucket. So way to go. Next question from at Wilson Ladino eleven young buck. He says who has a better chance an upset Dortmund or Manchester. Martin what do you think do you think genetic can come back against PS g even though it is in Paris or can Dortmund comeback against Tottenham? I I would I honestly this is a toughie because both teams seem rather doomed. No offense, just based on the two nil away goals and the injuries that Manchester United has for your guys. And then doorman I don't even know they just been like falling apart the second half of the season. So I I don't want to be on the fence equally. If I was going to give anyone maybe Manchester United because I watched them more, and they seem to be have more their shit together. I talk this is two weeks and row that I'm betting against money. I'd actually pick the doorman nothing Dorman has a better chance at upsetting. Then mentioned knotted. The managers not it's not like you said is decimated by injuries. Plus, no, Paul Paul through a suspension, and it is in Paris. So I I'm not all that hopeful about that game. I guess we'll find out next week, but the Dortmund Tottenham game that interests me because they're going back to Dortmund where they are. Excellent at home. They have the yellow wall which were will scare the Taunton players and Tottenham, and I don't want to sound like a growing record. But I kind of him here. Tottenham under pressure is not the best Thanh. If not the best I'm avoiding using a very specific word that a wrap everything up perfectly. But I am literally betting on the crowd and the enthusiasm of Berge doorman. And the, you know, the tendency to bottle every single thing that people lie lay there is on that is taught him. So I'm betting on the bottling and the crowd enthusiasm to propel Dortmund to that victory in the second leg. Yup. Moving on to act Corey Andreas. He says can you give us your predictions for which two teams will make it to the Champions League and Europa league finals, and who do you think will finish in the top four in the Premier League food. That's a lot. I'm going to say used to have you Ventas in Barcelona my final I still like Barcelona, but I really like let it go Madrid. So just somehow event as with Athletico. So that'd be my final Europa league. Final. I really can't say maybe like it would be cool to see like an arsenal Chelsea final. But I really couldn't tell you top four. I'll go Liverpool city Tottenham and then United. I'm going to go back to front Premier League. Top for got city Liverpool Tottenham United. I think that's a pretty standard guess at this point Europa shit. Have you took my bullshit answer? Because I don't know fuck all about Europe, maybe ACN lawn and horizontal that'd be fun game to watch. Ooh. Yeah. Little Gutu so action. Gimme that Gutu. So and then for the Champions League last week, I picked I picked bar Munich, and and you've intas. And I don't like it either of those picks at this at this point in time. So I'm actually going to wipe both of those teams off my listen and completely repick. I'm going to pick Liverpool and f- let it go in the final which I think would be a big fucking game. Are you kidding me? Hitting me. Let's go Kevin. Are you kidding me? All right. Let's move on. We're gonna do some lightning. We've got a lot of questions guys, which thank you so much for all the questions. We I just didn't realize we had so many so Martin we're going to do some lightning around shit. You ready because I also gotta take a piss so all right. You ready at five percent. So we're going to we got a reputation. All right. Justin Sanders says what are your guys college football teams, Martin Penn State? I would stay go cyclones. All right next next. Ellison to says as Liverpool fan how concerned should I be about? Nas scoring gets quality teams. I I mean, very, very I. At Old Trafford. It's not the score. If you're talking about the weekend. I would be a little bit worried. I'd be worried about most Alah scoring against top six. But that's my biggest worry. He also says we signed Bryce fucking Harper where you guys be tailgating Phillies opening day. I have no idea, but I'm gonna be shit faced for it. Let's go Phillies. Your brother g dot machine says we'll Chelsea continue to win by forcing opponents to score own goals. Yes. That's the only way brilliant, brilliant, brain gape, dick. Thanks gave. Fuck you. Fuck you gave. All right next question. Sweeney, HUD, junior says is carrying trippy a better striker the messy. Yes, yes. Against his own team. He's not good at scoring against his team is way. Better scoring gets his team the messy next question. How did you guys at from Calvin g I can never see her name. Right. How did you guys feel about the flyers trade line traits? I was very boned about Wayne Simmons leaving because I love him. So that's really flyers. I'm not a flyers fan. I'm a Rangers fan and some how much red deadline was worse. We lost laws met zuccarello and Kevin Hayes fucked me in the face next question from Anthony chauffeur, he says would you rather play four night with grease or five aside with indie Carroll O, Eddie care aside? Yeah. I'm glad both of us are on that page where TV it's all about apex legends. Fuck fortnight. I don't know. What that is. That's fine. Martin. It's another one those battle royale games. I know you don't know. I if it's like four nine I hate it. Yes. It's you you run around to everyone's dead. But you're not. That's I don't like it. Okay. I'm opening up. Our discord channel the last questions came from Instagram. Please follow us. We're almost a five hundred followers at podcast next. Question comes from our discord channel, which is our chat room. If you want the link to join please just messages, or if you ever wanna talk to us just messages, I'm going to piss my pants question comes from super agent extraordinaire, Logan. He says what current footballer would be the coolest stepdad Wayne Rooney. Ooh, that's a good one. Ooh. Truth here, low you would be a classy motherfucker, I think currency who's currently playing boof on. That's fine. I'll just switch. Switch italians. That would be great next. Question comes from beat Angelino. He says, which Chelsea or the real Chelsea are the ones that get blown up. I bore myth amid city or the ones can go in the best beating city to one in going to tell them for in the Karabakh Cup, Brian. I honestly can't tell you. I don't know what I'm going to get each game. So I don't want. I'm not even like, I haven't even been betting on Chelsea because you guys are just such a mixed bag. I don't know what's going on with your club one week. You're a total dumpster fire the next. I'm like, oh, you're still Chelsea. So I can't tell you. Yeah. I think Chelsea is in the middle between raging hot on ice cold. They just have no consistency with them there. You know, flashing on one side of the spectrum to the other on any given week. So I think chosen needs to nail down the consistency. And then we can better tell if they're true identity is a dumpster fire or a Premier League winner. It'll be like Scooby doo unveiling, you know, caretaker as the fake does the entire time. We'll finally figure out who chose. He really is will the real Chelsea please stand up. Okay. Last question before I pissed myself what which current footballer is the most like, oh, this is from the cunning stunt, aka Kevin stepdad. What's up, dad? He says which current footballers most likely to buy you a beer at age sixteen o Wayne Rooney. That's yeah. Yeah. Like, Jack Wilshire, I'm just trying. Now, Wayne Rainey would definitely buy me. A beer sixteen you'd be like, right mate. Here. You are. Here you are. But that's that's that's our questions guys. Thank you so much. Please follow us on our or social media channels Instagram. Facebook and Twitter lads podcast lot. America's Cussing soccer. Please check out overtime media network. And we love you have a great weekend. Stay tuned for the Saturday special.

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