Best of 2020 Day 3


If you thought you saw the last of the double cheeseburger pizza from papa. John's think again. Because it's back again and now they're viewing. The sequel has a papa dea a quarter pound feet says burger sauce and pickles. Crispy inquest again. One more time to get a large double cheeseburger pizza for just twelve bucks or a new double cheeseburger papa for six better ingredients. Better pizza papa. John's again not valid with discounts bees in texas. Extra prices may vary radio. My name's tj aka t.j. Easy and i have a friend very very close friend. Probably the person that i admire more than anybody else in this world and he and his family recently took a trip to florida. They were on a road trip to florida for vacation on the beach. It was My friend and his lovely wife and Two teenage children and The teenage daughters teenage boyfriend in florida. So we who was a friend of mine. Went to florida with olive. His family right now in florida to go to this particular beach area that they go. You have to go through. These big toll lines is probably I'd say five lanes on each side of the highway going in and out toll now when my friend got close to the toll lane his wife got money out to pay the toll and said here just paid for the car behind us to. We'll be generous. And he said well kinda tongue-in-cheek but still not completely tongue in cheek. Well i don't know if i'm gonna do that. It depends on what the car is behind us and what they look like. I mean you know if they if they look like they're mean or they have a message on their vehicle. It says i kill people. Whatever i mean i don't i'm not just going to blindly commit to paying the toll or he said i'm just not going to blindly commit to paying the toll for the car behind me when i don't even know what they're all about so she started giving him this. You know about being kind. And jesus and all of this though so he said okay so as joke he said well i mean. I'm not paying for a car like Subaru that pulls in behind him. He's not. I'm not gonna pay for that. Because he's a conservative and he knows or he believes his crazy beliefs that everybody who drives a subaru is liberal curse. Oh sure enough. He pulls picks the lane that he's gonna go through and looks in his rear view mirror. And what pulls in behind him a subaru with surfboards. On top of strapped up there on the luggage rack so he said look. I told you. Now i'm gonna show that i am the bigger person that i am hearts in the right place and he said i'm going to pay for them. It was four dollars. Gets up there. The nice lady tells them that it's four dollars and he says okay. Well i'm going to go ahead and pay for the car behind me too. And she goes. Oh okay because things like that happen a lot and she said. Would you like me to tell the person anything. And i said yes. I sure would tell them that. Their toll has been taken care of and trump loves them. What did she say when adds three action when your friend says this to the lady working the toll booth. What does the tollbooth operator respond with. That she says trump loves them and he said yes. Yes ma'am she said. okay then. Of course he pulled away. They had to stop to do their business or they were surprised. Hey what somebody paint. That is so nice so he you know now is having to hear the stuff from his wife at. That wasn't the right thing to do. You didn't do it in good faith or know. Your heart wasn't in the right way. What i'm trying to think if it were me and somebody paid the my toll as i go through. And they said Biden loves you. Say okay we're good. Thank you for for that. Yeah so i would say the person didn't do anything wrong but then again look. Our sides don't usually react the same way to things you know so he was just wondering if the fact that he said Trump loves you if that negated the goodwill gesture to begin with a paying the person's toll. I say no i don't i don't think it negates it. Yeah but if If if he were to walk up to a person and say here's four dollars. Take this four dollars. Trump loves you and they're anti trump person they wouldn't take true and the reverse would be true as well probably right. Oh take okay you. What would your friend it. Yeah if somebody just walked up handing me cash and said biden loves you. I would say thank you appreciate that. But biden doesn't love anybody that would probably say walked off. Yeah i mean not necessarily but doesn't negate the kind gesture. Was the four dollars worth story. Yeah i think so and the laughed. Because i think that's really clever what he did. Yeah for four dollars. If only your friend was on the radio he could probably write it off his taxes. Yeah yeah that were the case. His wife is probably ruin your whole day. You know how they are probably got upset now. They they're trying to go surfing and they probably won't be able to get that out of all day. There'd be fuming. Your friend's wife has an interesting voice. weird to do that for sure idea. Yeah did your point that out. I did he tell his wife. Hey it was your idea. And i just told her he just told her. This is the tj show. My favorite show is your small to mid sized business ready for the inevitable rebound voice. Hunter dot com specializes in providing top level voice talent for all your video marketing e-learning and advertising needs. There's no better time than right now. To focus on increasing your customer base and corporate internal audio needs boy center dot com is voiceover service with the world's best voice actors and actresses call voice center dot com at seven zero four six four eight ninety eight hundred or visit us on the web at voice dot com. Tj's year in review march. We have a co worker. Her name is devon and riggins was talking to devon the other day devon told him a story about what's going on in her life with her Her boyfriend is that right. Yeah i don't know any of the details of this story. We just know that. Reagan said it was Was shocking and fun and interesting and amazing and so forth and so on so we say well. Then that's put that on the radio so riggins since you're the one in the know you Lead devon into her story. Okay so i've worked with devon a couple times. She's real funny real down to earth. Howdy twenty tail. She's twenty two. She lives a twenty two year olds. Lifelike going out staying out late parties like you know super hard and she just does. What an average twenty two year old but a few weeks ago. I walked down to one side. The building and there's like eight people gathered around computer. And i'm like what are they looking at and she goes riggins come over here and she explains this story about somebody. She's interested in dating and let you kind of start from there. What what why where. People gathered around the computer So i met this gentleman and he's used to live here he just recently moved out to la. They are all gathered around the computer because we were looking up some of his charges he had and we are interested in seeing what was going on charges to what was going on in his life and whether or not he was going to jail going card on a whether going to prison. The tutoring thing is he coming back to charlotte. Is he staying in. La like because. Here's my question. When you met him he did not have these two. He acquired these charges. Wear here are in la here okay. So has he fled the state. Now okay can. He return to the state without going to jail. Yes okay now right. So what is yes yes now. So what is the situation. So yeah we're looking at finding out his charges and then why wasn't more so interested in it. But i did mention something and everyone else was more so interested in it and we just started looking it up and he. He had some drug charges which is a too bad you know. They were looking at at his mugshot and was like you need to figure out another guy to hook up with at night. Live your life like everybody's got a paso. Yeah exactly everybody's got a past. Everybody makes mistakes co for drugs. Possession or distribution both you possession into one you can have without the other the other much all right so are you are you. Are you seeing him so to speak. Are you know y'all dating or what is this. We've just been talking. Yeah and so. You want to build a relationship with him if he's not going to be in prison or do you want to build a relationship with him even though he's gonna be in did say i would be his number one pen pal if things got to that. Okay okay if these get to that point. And he goes to jail for possession with intent to distribute. It would be here. Okay it would be here okay. So is that a okay. I guess does that mean you would. If he goes away for three years. Do you are two years. Do you think you would wait. And not date. Someone else and just correspond with him waiting on him to get out of jail where lie. Hey have you ever seen the show love after lockup. It's on the cable network. It's got love after lockup and it's about People who fall in love with people who are incarcerated and then when they get out of jail the life they build together. You should go up for the next week. You should go look it up on the on the line and watch they have all the the past episodes. You can stream everything and And see what that life would rely. It may be something that you would love to go to the jail and visit him and talk to him on the phone and get get engaged over. You know in between the glass and things like that is he. Sorry that he was Dealing is he sorry he got caught. Dealing is two different things i feel like he doesn't care i mean i don't know i feel like the situation that happened in wasn't his fault and nine and you're still dating drug dealer but it anymore right trouble the devin. Why why would you want to date. Why would you hold out to date this guy if you haven't already been in love and you don't have history with them and now there are so many guys out there who aren't facing Drug distribution and possession charges and everything. What is it so special about him. That makes you think that you wanna go through all of that to date him to be with him. He talks to me and other boys. Don't like we actually have like conversation. I don't know it's different because you have to find a guy that actual talk to you. This is the ace and tj. Show acing tj's year in march. We have A friend in her name is devon. She's twenty two twenty two and There is a guy she's very interested who Has been accused of in. Charge is facing charges of Drug distribution and possession. He is from where she lives in charlotte north carolina. But he is now living in la. But we'll come back to charlotte north carolina to face the charges and all of that and And so she was just talking about where all of the people's thoughts are coming down on this for her and what she should do ask you should handle it and then that sort of thing so how much of a relationship together already have devon. I mean. Have you dated. Are you in love. Have you spent time together. Where is the relationship right. Now from the past We spend time together. He was he when i met him. It was on his birthday Probably early december early december and We hung out for a lot while he was here. And then we've talked every day since he's left and he's been gone for about three weeks so people have had questioned is he. Why is he gone because he owns a company in its based off out in la a so. That answer is one of the questions was does. He have a stable job. Besides slinging drugs doesn't even slang the drug not. Listen listen he has not been proven guilty of slaying and drugs right at all. These are just charges. He's facing accusations. He hasn't he hasn't had his day in court. Okay fair point. I'm sorry one more question my head it was it was pretty good Do you worry if you choose to be around him that you could get caught up in some type of criminal activity. No okay so you should throw that out there as your I don't know maybe grandpa figures. Yeah you should always be worried about that if you know somebody is accused of or there's a chance they participate in that activity But the only thing is if you just take it down to starting a relationship are continuing to grow our relationship with somebody that is automatically coming in with baggage you know. It makes it more difficult. Now he may go to court and be found innocent. Not guilty free to go. Whatever and the. I'll be happy. Go lucky together but if you really like him. I think you have to wait at least until that. that happens. when does he go to court. I believe in like two weeks. We'll come back home. So maybe maybe there won't be anything and then you just go on about your business with him but if he does get sentenced to do time that's when you really have to stop and go okay now. Is this worth it to have to start a relationship from behind the the start line. You know where you're having to work your way. Pass something in the very beginning rather than be together for a while and then experience a problem and have to deal with no and you're gonna go hang around the jail and everything on on visiting time just you walking up there and ringing the little bail team boyfriend. Whatever of have said this when i Dm said what type of drugs. And i responded. We'd later responded. Oh she's on. This is the ace and tj show. Ace and tj's year in review march. We've been talking to one of our co workers named devon who's twenty two and has had the beginnings of a great relationship with the guy. And he he is facing charges of possession and distribution of narcotics. I'm drugs whatever And just wondering how. That's going to go where it's going to go from here in this any other again. He's been accused. He hasn't been proven To have committed the crime he hasn't been found guilty And devonish wanna read you this one message that we got from a guy who messages us all the time and he's really He has his stuff together and He opened up in this message to you. I was once one of those persons that went way. Went away for dealing drugs for years and she shouldn't mess with this guy if a person that knows he stands a good chance of being locked up. We'll hold on to a person that can send him money and so on. They will tell you anything you want to hear. The conversation is good. Because it's a way of figuring you out. Even though i've turned my life around and from twenty years ago and i'm a family man now. The game remains the same. He may not be that person but just be careful. And don't get suckered in and i think that's that's pretty much what should be said right now at this point because he hasn't gone to court yet he hasn't been proven and sentenced and all of that. And if you go watch after laka. I mean love after lock-up Not only is it educational. it's also Very funny but it will show you what what all of that is about trying to build a life with someone at that has been incarcerated You you probably would never be on the show because you teeth a pretty. They don't they. Don't teach or usually do that with everything. But what are you going to do after sitting here today. What do you think is going to happen with the two of you. i think. Probably we're just gonna talk for a little bit more and then it's gonna eventually fall off so i'm not lying expecting anything out of it but like you know optimistic when he comes back next week to faces charges. Are you looking for to him. Yes okay and Your mom didn't know about this whole thing until you told her to listen to the radio today right until right now. She's been texting. You're okay well that'll be fun. Waiting have a great rest of the day. Then david because. I think you'll be talking about it for the rest of the day teaching jason. Tj's year in review february every day. We have revealed a little bit more about the mystery proposal and played clips from the mystery proposal. Talking about this woman. He is madly and wildly in love with and if is listening right now if she hears the clips and she calls us at one. Triple eight four one to two twenty three hundred five with one. Triple eight forty one as tj. And says i think that's my boyfriend. We will tell her if he is indeed. The mystery celebrity mystery proposal. We learned yesterday if you missed it that there is an age difference between the two of them. We learned that they live together because he said he loves waking up next to her every morning and we learned that the thing. He's looking forward to most going forward in life with her is traveling and even getting to know each other better as they grow old together and when we discussed an age difference we learn that he is the older of the two. Yeah and he did say one thing. He doesn't like about her that he's hoping we'll change when they get married his The the fact that she smells like she's smuggling onions her armpits. There is that he's got mail. Iran picks all the time. I missed that part of all our news. Manala so we're going to do a little bit of a recap so you can hear in case you think this might be your significant other mainly because we only have one more new clip to play. Because we didn't distribute these Properly we've got excited yesterday. So here's the new one for today. This is mystery. Proposer telling us the question. When did you know that you are falling in love with her new. After the first two more to three months she no he's always again. When did you know you were falling in love with her. After the first two more three months but She no he's always learn so you would With some women here that and go. That wasn't really a good answer. Said it took him a few months. Because you kind of lied to I think i. I think i could feel it right away but i was afraid of my feelings because it happened so fast but i guess it was about a few months before. I actually got the courage up to tell her that i loved her. That would've been a much better answer because the truth is not always the best answer is not always the best dancer took him. Remember this from the first day in case you missed it. He talked about the favorite thing that she does. His favorite thing that she does probably makes me laugh. You just very outgoing. You of doesn't really care what she does. What she doesn't look also locked away. Shaima back trigon it without leaving them red streaks almost an and again this from yesterday what is the one thing that you want her to know from your heart that and so it's like four every morning when i wake up. Solder and throughout the day is be joy and happiness and and comfort knowing them. Come to see that part is a little as like. I've been very much in the camp that it is not as didn't get as vibes at all that particular clip giving me as fights so distill. Everybody knows the only two people that know. The identity of the mystery celebrity are me and tachira mystery proposer. You keep calling into celebrity. Also which makes me a little history. Colonised is Is that a freudian slip. Yeah so if you think that. Is your boyfriend your significant other one. Triple eight four one to twenty three eighty five one triple eight forty one as tj. Now we are not going to answer these through debbie. Yesterday somebody to people send us message yesterday to women. one of them said like larry. We're not answering that. We're just not more of the show coming up ason. Tj's year in review february. Hey brandy welcome to the ace and tj show. You believe the mystery proposer could be your significant other walking. Okay and what is his name. Just first-name-only brandy on a scale of one to ten. How confident are you did. This is your your your boyfriend. I want to say about an eight. It's pretty up there brandy your boyfriend. That's great brain. Thanks for playing. I do then what do you want. You gave me the job to tell them to say yes new job. Please let me be high. No because at that you're gonna let me have some fun with it next up is elizabeth. Hi elizabeth welcome to the and tj show. You believe this you believe. This is your significant other. Is that correct. Walk okay. Good question to ask a minute ago. Scale of one to ten. How confident are you. You're oh you're at ten you. You are positive this is your guy. The onion thing took it up. Oh what tj said earlier the onion thing. yeah. I just. I was just kidding me. I was just kidding. Made that part. I think that wasn't part of the proposer got thing. I was just being goofy guy. Well that's what makes me very competent. Okay okay. I have some news for you now. You might want to sit down for this. Okay it's not your boyfriend. 'cause anti-nato you told robin room and he shared the name with us. It's not it's not. We know we know the name of the lady who in she calls so well. Yeah sorry lives with but thank you for playing. A good day is really pulling for her while. Another one bites the dust. How do you feel right now. You feel tj joke. You threw out there. I tell you feel is confused. I don't know what is definitely was. She's saying that are armpit. Smell like onions house. That's what makes her confident that that's her boyfriend. We're not real. Sure as he talks about that all the time. Yeah bad day remember. This is from yesterday. Talked about what. He's listening to most about the future with her traveling. They're getting no children more and what would happen without her. Believe them get old and gray. Quick keeps me young. I'll be lost if you think. That is your significant other. You can call us one. Triple eight four one to twenty three eighty five. It's one triple eight forty one as tj. You believe he is mystery proposer Tell rob does not laughing. So vanessa who send us a message. A brian polish tweeted. This cannot be real. i am cringing. Say that you know what never mind. Bless heart who did this one though and a a lot of people who just keep insisting that it's ace and this lady says she knows because the way he keeps calling himself celebrity accidentally calling himself a celebrity. We all know he thinks of himself like that. He said mystery celebrity. But i think if that was the case he would. Have you had the freudian slip and said mystery playboy next. Tj's year in review february. What are we calling this. This time mystery proposer or anonymous. Proposer mystery mystery proposer We've been we've been carrying that out all week Playing a voice. The is altered talking about his girlfriend and then his girlfriend was supposed to. I guess some. 'cause it i think that's my little boy fran trying to propose and then nobody guests that number. Nobody was right on that throughout the week. Pace is in a birdcage somewhere is there. Are those birds in the background. Yeah yes i'm standing outside. Okay what are we doing. So we know a couple of things about mystery proposer. We learned this week that he is older that her and we learned that they live together and we learned that. He's most exciting about excited about traveling with her. And so forth and so on so Everybody has been trying to figure out who mystery proposer it and some people think that it might be me because i am older much older than my girlfriend and i like travelling and i forgot what the other thing was that i just said. Shackled shacked up checked up. Yeah thank you. So we're as you put it out so there's that and so A lot of people think that it would be that it would be me being a mystery proposal so We're going to do the. We're going to go surprise the person who is going to be proposed to so i'm Outside of building a business right now waiting to go in and surprise the the person. Okay so Regan's are you the only one on the show that thinks it's me. I do not think it's you talked to did think it was me. No okay oh you do okay okay. Well I am sorry to disappoint you fast. It's not me the building. I'm coming up. I'll be right there. Hold onto dang it. Yeah a new. Even he wouldn't do something cheesy no. I'm leaving just did he hang up. Yeah he's there right outside this building. Mind blown my faces. Red to really fooled there. Because he's best are crying. Yeah i was outside of the cold for dramatic effect worked acting to more. Act's next tj's year. In review february things have gotten a little haywire. when it comes to the mystery proposer. Here was the plan. The plan was this morning after revealing that. It's because everybody was just kind of an accident that everybody started thinking it was me after revealing. It was not me we were going to go live and we were going to call ian girlfriend and tell her. Hey we know you've heard about the mystery proposer this week on the as the tj show. We know you've heard it more than once you to have talked about it. Go open your front door. And when she opened her front door ian would be standing there and he would have the ring and the whole thing and he would profess his love and ask her to marry him But what happened last night. Wh what time did this start. Well probably about eight o'clock or so He started started asking me about it. Because you know. I i really think that she i think it is. It's not not at all. So i played it off for an hour so Trying to get it's like it was you and Hell it was always talk. And she can't really be grill like i don't wanna do this that's you. I never do this. So i'm just sitting there. I'm i'm scratching my head. Wonder what the heck i'm gonna do and I decided well much. If you don't want this i'm the guy and It whatever starting church backed up. He told me this morning. He said i had to break. He said for an hour and a half all she did was was pepper him with questions. About said it's you and he was not he would try to diverted go watch. Tv for an hour and a half and finally the only way. I'm going to get this to go away is to admit that it's me. So did she get mad because you should know that she wouldn't want something like this. Yes and no better but you don roller dice older than her chance. Probably just mind right though It was it was called. It was like i don't wanna do this I'm just start ready. Da by and and As she luckily she called it she didn't even want to like she's saying not ready for to be on the radio or not ready to get married married. Nba on the radio. We're not trying to get married to borrow you. Know it's one of those deals so thankfully she called One of my buddies that she works for and And and told him that she wasn't coming in this morning and he put her on the phone with his fiancee. And this is a girl she's she's about she's got cancer. Here's christiane has skinny lobby. Yes do you wanna be with him. Yes so what's your problem and Vinci kinda came up proposed to be or not. I told her get out of here. How serious this typical she just. She just over. Thanks thanks but that ended tonight. everything's good. She's taking pitcher to the reagan center bodies and and And all that gets not not the norm so you two are now engaged. Yes around the way. E at what time was it when you finally put it all to rest so to speak and decided you were going to be engaged. What time. I probably eleven thirty. Because i was typing you novel at eleven telling us how much of the os i m. And and i've i literally i was about to pages. I ll started at eight. It was three and a half hours them going around and around about this. I an hour and a half of just you're the guy and then he finally admitted in two hours of we're not even in a relationship. I'm not ready. i can't take it you know. I'm not ready for that. And so after eleven pm finally they settled on. They are now officially engaged. So here's some notes just to kind of take it through the week. They've been dating for five years ins thirty nine. She's twenty five so that's their age twenty nine. She's twenty nine. I'm sorry yeah ten years. I'm sorry i wrote or i can't writing did right down tornado. So there's a ten year age gap between the two of them and in. Can i tell when you're planning to do it. Originally okay. Originally they are going to london in april and his original was originally was going to propose when he was in london but decided. This sounds cool. I'll just do this. Even though he kind knew she probably didn't feel like this was the way shoot. Well i never. I never went gotcha dart. If i win this would win this contest. Congratulations ian and christiana are the couple and ian. Will you send us a picture of the two of you In her with the rings and we posted our social media to show everybody. I get to you okay. Sounds good did you take one last night. No last night was Were in the mood pitchers game not in the mood to take nature's after you're also we had other things. Okay one question. Did you officially get engaged. Did you get down on one knee and proposed. Or did she come in. You said she kind of proposed to you. How did that. He came up with me. I was. I was sitting outside and came up to me and he goes. Will you be will be the will you marry me and i was like get out of here and And then i got the ring and and gave it george. We'll go well. Congratulations that's wonderful. We're we're happy for the two of you and glad it all worked out. Finally these tj as tj's year in review september replay. A beat the buzzer. So you call one triple eight four one to two thousand three hundred five one triple eight. Forty one ace. Tj and you have a story that you wanna share. You think it'd be great to share on. The radio could be fun. Could be exciting. Could be scary. Could be anything where you think. It's a good radio story. We are going to spend the wheel. Come up with a certain amount of time. And that's the amount of time that you have the tail. The story of the difference is the checks is. You don't know how much time you have. So riggins you're going to spend which spin in our. I can't yet. We have megan on the hagen. Welcome to the and tj. Show has no ungrateful. Ribs is going to spin the wheel. And we're going to have an amount of time that comes up that you are going to have to share your store with but you will not know that amount of time so he sent so excited. Megan i love. I am so excited nine seconds. Oh riggins you don't tell her the amount of time. She a long time. Since i was probably said our time. Megan can you hear regan's talking. Is he coming down the phone. Say hey meghan okay. I'm an idiot on eleven minutes. You got eleven minutes to tell you. Okay i didn't just we have a secret amount of time on the wheel We hope you will do your best to share your story. you'll know because the buzzer will go off. We would hang up on you. okay here. Megan begin telling your story. Okay so i was in the second third grade i was in loved one I was getting my milk And then i was going to for playing beat the buzzer. You really hang up owner us. See if alexis casino t shirt out to her what you. Why don't you tell me that before. I just assumed the you know you being a decent person as you might is that we'd be on the same wavelength there with with the decency but obviously i was wrong and so was meghan microphone. Tell the number the amount of time. And then i said hang. Hang up on you and it's done seriously going to hang up. If meghan meghan callback we'll send you a teacher. Mr no acis blood on your get a blood. Libel hey. I'm sorry mega mega shirt. It's bad my bad. I was so wrapped up and trying to play by the rules of the game as we've set forth before i don't even know. Do we have t shirts. yeah alexis. Hey it's begged somebody hung up that that jerk t-shirt please call back meghan. Okay so Next week go to jeanne in johnston county north carolina. Welcome to the asian. tj show gene. How old are you. I'm twenty six years old. Okay so gene's got a story riggins is going to spin the wheel. We're going to come up with an amount of time but gene. We are not going to tell you the amount of time that you will have to share your story okay. James began sharing your story. Now man a friend you know we were In fact carter healing for us and we were taking the scooters and next thing you know we've got down to hugh i didn't know where to break. Was that so moves to say stop. I had to put my legs stories over me. He had seventeen seconds to tell your story. I feel i feel like we may need to coach them a little bit. Because you know it was. I don't wanna sound like You know this would be sexist or anything. But i figured with megan it would be a little bit more difficult. Because women's storytelling techniques. Go into more detail of you know. I was going through the line and i was getting milk and i was doing this times. Guys will just get right to a plume. I was going through the line at the cafeteria. Pima pant yeah you know hang on gene gene. Blew that theory. The word stokes and i was going to be a good story. He was riding on some razor scooters. I've four oaks and trinity baptist and needless to say good news. Meghan called back okay. Wait is this megan now. Okay so meghan. Rob got hooked up. Really t-shirt right okay. Sorry about that was very low price of sure. Thank you begging about hanging up on you. Thanks for playing megan. We're so glad listening. We're so glad that We could be the best part of your day to day. You're absolutely the best part of my day. Every day. i take my daughter to school. I listen to you guys. I love you guys. I've loved you all since you know you guys are on air. You know i just. I enjoy guys you up to your prize to a- pop socket in a phone while at tj. This is ac tj. Show christmas classic. Two thousand nine hundred ninety wouldn't be christmas than last blank or it wouldn't be christmas. Gift blank didn't happen. This is a great example. It would not be christmas if my sister does not show up to quote unquote surprise my eighty year old parents with her four kids and dogs at the last minute. Of course you'll say don't worry about food. My kids don't need to eat. But what are we supposed to do. They don't eat because they're teenagers. What are we doing good. I love this would. It wouldn't be christmas without my mom. Screaming hissy fit. Because something isn't her way and she didn't cancels christmas houses the way she wants. She's not getting credit for cooking. Oh you know. Somebody doesn't like a gift that i got for him. Great matt in charlotte. Well the day show. It wouldn't be christmas about what at your families. My my sweet great aunt michelle god rest their souls. He he gone now but every christmas. We have our food around the table. She. we're waiting in line. We just make a circle and and everyone knows when she's in line she's constantly. Got the runny nose. So she's ripping her snot right into all of our food. We're just trying to make her way to make around around the table. So the in that case you make sure it's just her being everyone. Lets her sit at the front of the table. They're ready for her to get the first so we me and my cousins would just we just know. Were just sitting there. You gotta you gotta beat her to the punch and get their line. Here's why wouldn't be christmas. Wouldn't be christmas my aunt. Lynn didn't get drunk bossie. My uncle might get drunk and y neom oncle. Brian smoke special cigarettes and get high. Call them out by name. No shame what you mico. He ain't bothering nobody. I'm bribes bronco. Mike's drunken winding. It would be christmas if my mom didn't burn the bread. We burnt bread for twenty years until my dad finally said enough then he died now. We have burnt ready man. Answer this thanksgiving. My wife's not going to be allowed to to do the roles she burnham it would be christmas divided. Have to act completely surprised opening my gifts that i bought and wrapped for myself. I you know me so well thank you. I like it though. The the one where the mom is just getting upset because she knows she doesn't like what i got her. She didn't like nobody's giving me creatively. I i don't know if after. I got to be a if i would have been an adult when i was growing up and that was happening every year. I wouldn't have gone to my family's for chris. Yeah back now follow that went on. I'd be like i'm out. No thank you no thank you. It wouldn't be christmas. My mom didn't get mad at one of us then proceeded. Let us know what disease. She's dying from this year so we feel bad and see things her way. She never ends up being sick and she's still alive and kicking that's horrible. This wouldn't be christmas if somebody didn't accidentally re gift. Something they got papa if they didn't accidentally re give something to the person who originally got it for him. That's happens pointer horrible. It wouldn't be christmas without my parents cooking a ham but my sister deciding have hotdogs. Because i don't eat ham. Tj show coming up another acing tj. Show christmas classic. Two thousand nineteen okay. No offence to anyone who has Who has participated in the little segment where we say we wouldn't be christmas and lasts and then you talk about the thing that goes on at your family's christmas celebration but this one is my favorite. I think of the day This is from a fellow called justin. It wouldn't be christmas without a distant cousin. Pitching a new pyramid scheme. Word is this year. She's changed from skin tse to cd oil. I can't wait to the klein the presentation after dinner. Oh wow that's gotta be annoying if somebody's got to tell our yeah. Nobody wants to be bothered with that. When they're trying to enjoy holiday time you talk about inappropriate trying to take the christmas celebration to sell something and make a presentation. Everybody shut up. Tacky tack packet that get here. Have you heard about this new miracle. Potion is called c. b. way. But it's not charlie. Baker and daniels wouldn't be christmas without my aunt showing up at the very end of dinner making five or six to go play for the rest of her family. That didn't come saying hi to everyone and then leaving all right but it seems like if it were me i would probably some. I complained about that. I'd say hey. It's better that she do that than stay down. Want there to be around here being weird giving my car if it meant she would leave. I'm surprised at the number of people that have a relative Well i'm sorry that have a female relative a mother or grandmother that pulls the i'm dying thing every year. This lady said my grandmother. She doesn't pull the. I'm dying thing every year but she does have to be the sickest in the family. It wouldn't be christmas without her telling us how sick she is. This is our glorious chat about christmas dinner. We're discussing plans note that she's sure to throw in her quote unquote illness and pain. And there's a whole section one more thing as you talks about how of only had a reaction to my antibiotic cream for the reason incision that i had from my reason surgery to go. No big deal. Just add this to the list. Goes on to list of all these things that she has. That's wrong with her. Who i can see that happening. Know because a lot of times people People judge they're worth to other people by how caring they are when they're sick interviewing. I wanna see how much you really care about me. When i tell you that i have an ailment. My in your reaction to that is going to show me how much you love me sad or whether you love me at all you care about me. Not one thing. You don't care. If i just lose steadier and died with the wrapping paper. My it wouldn't be christmas if my shrek twin brother didn't openly insult everyone about their appearance. Then want to fight everyone. We remind him of what a loser he is. And then of course poor mama always blaming everybody else except for my poor brother. Yeah that's harsh. I say don't i was to half these. I think i would opt out. I am sorry. I can't go can't make this year about worth it just vega say. I hope she's listening to the pyramids. More act's next tj's year in review september. We've been following the saga of riggins. He's either been putting it off for just procrastinating. One of the to going to the grocery store still hasn't gone to the grocery store. So what were you reduced to doing. Last night you're supposed to go to the grocery store. Yes okay. I was gonna go yesterday. It was bare bones. And i felt embarrassed order from the pizza place again for the second time in three days so i said let me dig through the freezer and find something because i have. Rice was like just eat rice. Sounds like let me go through the freezer nothing nothing. I got some frozen fruit for the dog kenny. That and then there was one mysterious package at the bottom of the freezer wrapped in tin foil. And i went. Oh let's look at this. I pull it out. Unwrap the tinfoil. Then of layer of plastic wrap and i realize it's a bone in chicken breast that i consider has been in there a conservatively. Six to eight months but it's probably closer to a year but it's frozen six is usually. I think six is the cutoff home frozen meat. There was absolutely freezer. Burn on it. Is chris goals already. Just pop it in a ziplock bag. I'll put it submerged in some water. Thought out i thought it out popped it in the oven and i ate. I ate one sauce. Because i didn't i looked through the sauces. I was like what can i put on this dole. The taste of whatever that's going to be chew and a little often tastes like much of anything. Gross i will not. I will not eat and my wife doesn't even notice. I won't eat chicken. That's been frozen a real Thing with chicken that is i. Don't i don't fool around with shaking. Yeah and to me. It loses its texture and flavor and all that when it's been frozen and so if i buy chicken that i'm going to cook and i haven't gotten around to cooking and she'll say This chicken expires in two days. You'll meet just go ahead and freeze it. I'll say yeah. Yeah yeah go ahead and do that. No one that i'm not going to go back and eat it. They and when. I need chicken again. I'm gonna go to the store and get some fresh chicken but it'll stay in there until she's ready to clean out the freezer and then by then. She doesn't know that that it's my chicken that i told her to in their hands thrown away otherwise i would just throw it right in the trash and the oh my god you just waste in that and you know whatever. Yeah well it's just a hang up. I have i with frozen chicken. How you here's a mistake. You made the reagan's You absolutely can eat just rice. Trust meal that. I've got rice and then though some bryce or something you can see how you say. Hey sweet the things you used to do to say. Hey you don't have to thaw it before you put it in the could jiggle. Breast like that arose. Throw them in wondering why they taking so long time to solve stick to time. Play ball on me the whole thing. Frozen in the ovens hey clank guy turned up those rentals on paying sprayed down with some pam's sticking to the heat that let's go eat and honestly i had the rice and i was like well. I got soy sauce rice. And then i got. Y'all gonna just made like some fried rice with nothing else that you could have avoided the chicken altogether or stop worrying about what the people at the pizza place sika. Why don't you get what you want. End up poisoning yourself too worried that they're gonna think you're a loser. No this guy's name malcolm. Hey brian. It's my real name is malcolm from the piece. But i know who calls me. There's more easy tj.

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