263 - Let Me Challenge You


this is exactly right and welcome to my favorite murder. That's georgia heart dark. That's karen caldera hi ga. We are again dashed coming from you here. We got coda casper ou you know what we should shout out. How may i may. I suggest place. It's basically almost very soon coming up on the one year anniversary of fucking corona firing coach and Over the world and the beginning of the lockdown we made any. We're making it look because flynn should. We just be a little on us. The last time we went to record it was a bumpy ride for both of us. We had twenty minutes in. And i said should we put it was like it was dark thing after dark thing. That was just like no one wants to hear dr thing. After dark thing it was it was like it's it was exactly the opposite of what you would go. Oh i'm gonna listener panmure. Whatever you're seventeen reasons might be none of them. Were on this list as this stuff we started talking about and it was that kind of thing where it was almost like an amazing example of anti conversation where we both had like our own agendas and it was just like i want to do. We shouldn't do what you're what you're saying is not what we should be doing right now. Okay what can i say something. And then it turned and then georgia does not into this. We do a live show. And i was like yes relief because there's party that just wanted to close my computer and walkaway komo. Yes oh depressing. Right now is awful. And then i and then we just kept both doubling down. Did you watch this and like well. Did you flocking. Did you drown your sorrows. This did you learn this lesson from this documentary. It was just like a could. Could we somehow reapproach why we love to do this. And it's not about listing shows we watch on streaming services. That's like everyone is like we're all just like we have nothing left to give you but suggestions for what is is distracting us from the past year lee. Anything else it's mo- it's much more fun to talk about real things that we can both get into instead of like. Well did you watch it. Or didn't that's what they're all positive be called the challenge. You did you not watch it. And we know who's watching completely different. Fucking styles of everything. Yes however however you watched should. This is all out there. S the woody. Allen is is as a clear and present child blaster documentary. I did not allegedly. I did not okay. We'll talk about it next. sorry. I know it's good for exactly what we're not doing. Moving on amy no not to shut you down and not to be conversationally negative. Oh i hear who wants to be in what's up. That's the first time she's ever like actually put her her her muzzle into the conversation. You know why he made a deadly mistake which usually feed them. Before i start. Excuse me my I'm wearing his watching. It says his six ten right now. I will be with. You should wear a shirt shark. Watch and i hear you speaking and i here really. I see that you've pulled. You're your pocket. Watch out of your pocket. Mom i've been learning about boundaries. And i just want you to know i've been really been triggered lately. Everyone's going through a point in therapy because it's so quiet in our lives you know. There's a outside noise in desperation but let's enter. Our inner lives are quiet. And so the my okay. So all right so i listen. I are in the in inventory. California on Just i'm calling it an airbnb breather. That's that's not great I'm working on it but it's basically it's basically the idea of. Let's go stare at different walls. Because we're so fucking sick of the walls we've been staring at yup and my therapist was like you're not allowed to read or listen to any self help books or podcasts on your trip because you've just got to stop it and you just read something fun and you're trying to absorb a way too much like self help learning shit and just needs to ruminate. What was i point. That's a good well. No that's that's the point in of itself. That's a really good point is like but you know what is your you basically went to the coast to like basically have a different experience so you actually have to be in that experience s not trying to fix past experiences while you're having a present right it's not constantly being like yeah. I canceled my second appointment of the week and therapy and i'm just like career What the fuck is she doing. Invent her like. It doesn't make it. It's actually a lovely little beach beachside town. I wasn't like trying to be judgmental about ventura. It's just like it's just basically like that. It's it's not a destination where you when you said that i was like. She must have a cousin that is there something like that. That's the guy that had. Its three it. Quieter less pretentious. No offense santa barbara yes. That's what i forgot that it's right there on our way. We really like it here. It's like the one safe thing you can do is either go camping or go to the beach right like go to the coast where the empty ocean. So nice one. I mean that's really nice. Yeah suck up. Some of those the negative ions get that good cleaner. The walls are so different over here. There's fucking a sea-fish seaside Motif going on with his airbnb person knows who they're fucking selling to. We know you're here for this big mouth bass or ron in the middle l. Amulets puppy at home with our incredible trainer. So we're leaving the puppy at home to be better by the time we get that like nothing fills better thank you so the pepys was to get be less of a puppy in two days. Well can it may i. Yeah yeah as we believe in you. Speaking of decor can i have one suggestion or woodley. We found that's mainly really. This can be decor corner. Because i can actually tell you great. Okay i've told you about like What was it called cottage core. Thank you cottage. And i've told you about. I could do that. Why because there's only so many topics talk about eight months ago members i talked about. I remember every word okay. Well there's cottage core talk to you about beekeeping and the new hashtag obsession. I have that. I didn't know i was until i saw is called. Hashtag clutter core and its pro. Clutter clutter for or hashtag maximalism. And you've been my second house. That are just yet schalke annex and these people it's me it's just it's an. I felt so guilty on just shit everywhere like you. Fill your house with clutter but vintage clutter which you and i both love and i i suddenly like. Oh i don't feel guilty about it anymore. It's an aesthetic. It's like every single piece that c in my house you can point to. I'll tell you a story about. It feels good so look clutter core or other gore's it's basically. Somebody's risen up against marie kondo. They're just like we will eight suffer under the last. This minimalism anymore. And i touch every single thing. And they're all haunted and they give me joy and fuck you about it the f. You for sure he really nice to not suck you just like back on her back off. Well you just get to like what you like the end. And i think maria would i think that's what murray's actually deeply alabama which is kind of like figure out what you like and then do that st all. I can think of this when so we tried to record yesterday and my wife. I went out like old school style and it was. It felt like i was lying. Kept texting georgetown shots of like. It's not worth it saying like we know like you're right now in screenshots of it and then you're like i'm not lying. I'm not lying georgia. I am not but it felt like the classic live like sorry my adviser anyway by as i texted stephen of like holy shit. I can't get this. i can't do that. Whatever stephen texted beckam. Marie kondo gifts. And it's her going. I love mess. And if made me laugh again stephen the king king of the guests and live i was gonna say yes literally stacks of dinosaur toys even hashtag letter on to the dining on if you are less interested in clinic or or you're still looking. You're neither minimalist nor max and you're not sure my friend dave messmer who I'm sure i've told many many stories about He was my roommate in college and in l. a. He's the one that lip sync groove is in the heart that time we really saying that he wouldn't stop He's one of the funniest people of all time. Thank you and He told me about this. Danish concept called hike way. He pronounced it. But i don't. I don't think that's accurate. But it's essentially the danish of living which is about being cozy a and i'm thinking media this really thick cable. Knits like obscenely large. Knit cablenet blankets. Yes and hot one of the things they were like rob a blanket around you. You get it. Cut you super drink. A big cup of tea souverain stocks. That's what it's all about. And there's a book i haven't read it but is the first thing that came up in. That's what when. I looked it up when he and i were talking about. It's called the little book of secrets to happy. Living is why g. g. h. And the author is mike m. e. k. Waking w i k i n g oh your last name was mike mike mike. I don't get naik might be a woman we don't know okay but that's i love that idea because remember When we were in We were somewhere. I think we were in amsterdam and we stayed in in that hotel where i was like. I want this as an apartment. Oh yeah just like everything was just perfectly definitely tyler miller every about it was almost mediterranean. Hell like the a perfect it was. Yeah the titles. The everything about it was so perfect. And i feel like a women lists that vibe. It's gone by amending the hashtag. For sure i i. There is a. I do when we bought our house. It had a wood burning fireplace. Which i know is like whenever you look at houses online at wood burning fire like original wood burning fireplace. We immediately turned into new gas fireplace. Because i was just like. I just wanna fuck turn it on when i want to turn it on to me. That's the height of luxury of luxury. Kind of probably dinged our house a little bit like on the market but who gives a shit it was it was fucking now just like fires all the time. Well yea and also in. La just don't like fires because you'll burn everything down out lamey alone you hash you. Hashtag fireplace purists. Let me say this Let's talk about another positive something that's happening on social media. That's very positive. Are kyle russell. Who is doing the lip syncs of us and he's just keeps turning them out and each one funnier than last there was one. I just watched. It's and i said this before. Kyle thank you for making me like an appreciate my own thing. Because that's the part of this. That is difficult to sometimes. I just like. I don't want to hear my own voice anymore. I don't think about it anymore. It's the difficult thing and it's like. I watched that and it makes me love us. Yeah and there was one where you're he's doing you talking over here and as i'm answering he's putting on lip gloss blackmailed me and then he just did the one where we're talking about baby donna. And he does it with A person named courtney who's at court under score agnew it's so funny it's like except tiktok thing that i it makes me feel like i'm eighty years old children to me. Which is rod concept. Very cute which What's his name dave hill. Do you know dave with them That reminds me of the duet. Me thing which is like a thing on tiktok where like one person will eat it like do an acting thing and you can act against them on your own and recorded or like play music. So dave hill his fucking hilarious comedian. Who also happens to be like shred on guitar way. That doesn't make sense in isn't fair. Amazing he did a duet me with ed sharon. It's his instagram. And tiktok where. Ed sheeran's like do it me and start strumming a guitar. And dave hill comes in and fucking turned it into a metal song. That's the memo like just like like like nail work hand finger work. I've never seen in my life. It was so bad us. He's the batya. He's genuinely a hilarious. He so funny now. If you wanna watch another you know our obsession with Speech what's the speed washing called power-wash our washing. So i follow this woman now on instagram. Who found her calling. It's really interesting. Her name is lady. Cafo st a p. h. o. s. She found her calling in Not power-washing because she's all natural ingredients in school like really gives care and love into cleaning. Old vintage Headstones oh yes like Something and she does you know like she'll do Slaves who died hundreds of years ago and tell their story and just like really care. Take these old you know. Moss covered covered stones. That you can barely read and then cleans them. And i didn't realize that it was like a thing that called to her that she had to do after her divorce. And so there's this podcast. Call divorce club podcast. Where they talked to people who've who went through divorces and what you know how they came out on the other side. That's really awesome as well. So i recommend that as well a really beautiful thing of like i was watching. I saw one of those. Because it got i somehow sought on twitter and it is incredibly satisfying. Because it's like cleaning video like a power-washing video but then the thing underneath is like historic a beautiful mini monument to a person that may not have been even seen exact has there was all that stuff covering in you. you know. I love that project. Nice little julie. It's really nice haughtily. I was going to mention is since we're just gonna do. I mean what else can we do. We can't this is all we can do. And you really. What is life but suggestions but all reasons suggestion yourself another to your friends. What do you do if you hang out with friends. You suggesting to them. That's right this. If you liked the book attached which. I recommended a about a month ago. Which i loved and it felt like i blazer so quickly another. There's another book. It actually goes a little bit deeper and breaks down a little bit more because the and it's it's kind of full circle because I i know. I'm gonna say her last name wrong again carlo. Feel or thile. Who hosts unstuck your brain. Which is the other podcast. I recommended i listened to an episode. She did where she talked about. She kinda believes an attachment theory but believes there's more to it and then recommended this book. Okay and this is a book called insecure in love by leslie. becker phelps. I own that because a friend went to couples therapy and the end she immediately therapist was like y'all need to re this. Yes insecure and love. Yes it's fascinating and it. Is the detail. Work unit is. Everybody wants some kind of a like. How the fuck do you do this. How do you maintain a relationship with a person. How do you actually past past the initial. Would everyone likes where you're like. You're attractive you talk the way. This is fine milestones and then it's like real i told get that when you get When you get past that it's like then when the problems come up it's like bath. Fuck it or whatever. Your approaches these. It's like actually helpful information about why people do things they do. So if you got or you liked the other book insecure in love by leslie. Becker felt i think a good thing to remember too. Is that like that. Nobody has that easy. Look around at other couples. Like how are they. They're such a perfect couple. They're so good at it and that's like just an impossible. It's impossible every couple has things. Some couples are really lucky that they found someone who's attachment style exactly mirrors them but it's it's never easy so everyone right thinking about anybody. 'cause you're it you're on instagram. And you're also lightly high because everyone is different levels of miserable. Admit sorry six say based on the was it a book a probably Listen let's see my brera it. Look listen. I'm listening to a podcast called through the cracks which i highly recommend which is a true crime podcast. That's a really important story through the cracks yet through the cracks. It's really powerful and really well done. What network is it on. Its on w. amu cool. What else did they do. I need a new one. Yeah this one's important and powerful and great Oh it was nina simone's birthday last week. On those great singer and a activist and amazing like prodigy. Piano player and a bunch of people were posting different tweets about her and it reminded me of the great so liz garbis who directed all begun in darn. She directed a documentary about nina simone. Like i think five or more years ago and it's called what happened. Miss simone and If you like nina. Simone interested in both Mazing music and kind of like civil rights action. She is just this incredible bass that i feel like should i wish he was known more so If you haven't seen that documentary by garbis you absolutely shows the name of it against so good. What happened miss simone. It's about her whole life. It's just really mind-blowing amazing. Yeah what do you think. Should we do exactly right all right. Well it lots of great stuff so much. Great stuff happening on exactly right This week that we're just gonna do a quick rundown of everything so on this podcast will kill you. They're talking about human papilloma viruses. Hp very important needs to know about that. That's right and the murder squad was included in the newsweek top. Twenty five true crime podcast. Twenty twenty one which is really exciting along with ten more. Wicked my favorite murder and Monday's episode they have melissa mccarthy and kelly maclear from The killer jeans podcast then on lady to lady they have. Emily ashford from masters of sex in kinky boots on broadway and then on. That's messed up. Their special guest is comedian margaret. Show yup friend of the pa yup friend of the network friend of american an comedian. Jay jurden no gifts with birger this week. He's hilarious. And i saw what you did million danielle discuss. I'm going to get you suck. And don't be a menace for a wayans family double feature so make sure to check that out and then also we're gonna we're having new podcast rolling out all the time so keep informed by By following at right on facebook and twitter we love bringing you guys podcast. It's like kind of dream come true so it really is in. We're we have lots of stuff Coming down the pike these days so It's very exciting. Also we have new merch flasks and cousy. Is that people really love and need these days. There's a fucking hurry and this is terrible. Keep going because you need a flask. I think everyone needs that. Says that so good on my favorite murder dot com. The shop is on there. I mean there's such. There's so much shit chatter to the march team. They really they really churn out the hits and we appreciate it so much. We really do And it's getting less terrible. let's be. Let's be that way about her. That way about it that way about it. 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There's no pity we're taking back the night and right so much fucking work on that the were not only the work we did the work and the performance but then the work audience state of showing up. I mean being so good to us the entire time after time after time i shouted upper slow upper. Yeah sloan at petco. I wanna to give a shout out for recognizing cookie. Even though i was covered up in my a face mask and shabby chic clothes that are just shabby and turn a corner and she goes cookie and it was the first time i had run into a murderer reno in like over a year at that point so so happy to see her. She was so sweet. So i think sloane reminded me of live shows. And i was like i want to hug you but i can't seem to mirror you all right so this is from the vic theater in chicago beautiful chicago. So this is. The brown's chicken massacre which was a mass murder that occurred in january eighth. Nineteen ninety-three in palatine illinois. And i just. It's just a horrible one of those stories that are like you know who had the fucking gall to do this. And the way that the killers are caught is just a miraculous thing so the story. I'm so glad. I get to post it until it because i just. It's it's an incredible awful heroic story. Listen yeah we're gonna do. The brown's chicken massacre so we've gotten a lot of tweets and e mails about. Why won't you fucking do this well to find out because it's horrifying okay. That's what we're here for on january. Eight nine thousand nine hundred ninety three seven. People were closing brown's chicken and pasta in palatine a northwest suburb of chicago illinois palatine. Everybody time team. Someone say that it's palatine. Sorry who by the way like nineteen eighty-six commercial is steve carell posting it. As like the owner of this brown's out his series was he so good and funny he was so cute. Looks exactly the same back is kind of scary vampire. He's insanely talented. he doesn't age. I never never not funny empire. We hate him spreading rumors at okay so chicago the story. The store owners were richard and lynn. Ellen felt who had spent their life savings to buy this franchise the two daughter. Their two daughters were scheduled to beat the restaurant that night working. But instead guadalupe maldonado michael c castro and rico l. solace the latter two are palatine high. School students who were working there part time. One was a high school senior who just moved from the philippines to escape the violence and his filipino. American friend. high school. Junior who wanted to be a marine as well as thomas manners and marcus nielsen nelson. Who were working the closing shift so inside the friars have been shut off. The floors are mops. Everything's being closed down for the night and the employees are finishing up and ask they're closing four tempo pulls up carrying two men and the ellen felts had a policy that they allowed last minute customers to order. They work. Nice fucking yeah. That's i know that's the nicest people when you go up near like go please please please just jaw. Meaning water shirk water. I put out. I should've have known wasn't a trick. Water i wanna get trick water. She's such a practical joke. So that one of them a fucking four piece chicken meal and they go to sit down and eat it. What fucking for peace does that like first of all. Let's shoe many pieces. what's the problem either. Closing the store go into like a clothing store. A half hour closed because you know every every single hangar has been like you know meticulously and then you're just like i am going to ask i know but once you're in that door and they actually un then you're just like okay. I'm gonna get coleslaw aberdeen's no dick move so okay. So they they sit down to eat their fucking food. At least that is super lame. But they're not there for chicken okay. It's the final days sale to rung up at nine pm. And as eight minutes past closing and as they e in a booth everyone continues their last minute closing rituals by eleven pm that night. The families of the workers are starting to worry that their sons having come home and after dragging by browns which is dark side of the castros car is still in the parking lot. It's about eleven forty five and police say but he calls the police at eleven forty five but police say that log in the log. it says it's called it one or two. Am so there's a discrepancy there after many attempts by the families of all these boys to get the police to take their worry seriously because they're like they went mad sandwiches and booze and they're like they don't drink sandwiches wrong. Yeah including going to the police station to file a missing persons report. Castro's father returns to brown's third time along with guadalupe maldonado's brother who was also worried after guadalupe hadn't come home to his sentencing as was his ritual and they also had a police officer with them. It's just after three am and they finally try that green employee entrance door which is open expectedly and inside. They spot a jacket hanging just inside. And that's when guadeloupe's brother spots an arm poking out of the walk in freezer door. It's propped open. There's a tile floor and the officer sees it gets the out of there saying this is a crime scene when all said and done seven people were dead. The assailant store stole less than two thousand dollars from the restaurant. The case remain unsolved nearly nine years. Oh let's get the photo of them. The restaurant we have like two photos. So that's it and there's another one. Oh there you go. that's it. Okay fuck man so the case and then let's sorry you're it nineteen ninety three ot recently. Yeah the case remained. That wasn't a slam. sorry ask what a shady truck is. I thought i was saying i wasn't. I think that it was recently because we're both like that was ten years ago. You know what i mean. It's not like what is it. I'm stone cold sober. I swear to god. I swear to you. It's true i'm the fucked up one. Real peyote peyote on. That'd be amazing. To do peyote before a show. I don't know i'm just going see what it opens up. Look like you could've just had a glass of champagne onstage. I wanted to do day oti natural. Everyone's like the four boyfriends there in the middle of a really fucking depressing story. What the funding with them. Inappropriate is one of those and kevin kevin and dave we apologize. You're right you're right yet. Your feelings get so hurt all the time. Your girlfriend is not at fault. She usually listens on our way to work. What what about the other night. A meet-and-greet that girl over to george goes like this. Is the last one cute like when you get excited to tell me something. you'd nails. Yeah i have to do nails. I'm sorry it's intense. I'm used to not being listened to as a younger so like in my family. If you were like mom dad or whatever they could. It was as if nothing was happening. You have to be like i will drop from. You would have noticed about myself until right. Now what a great experience journey that. We're on together. The mass murderer okay. The case remained unsolved for nearly nine years until two thousand and two when an lock. It came forward and implicated her former boyfriend. James d gorski and his friend one that luna its lead four thousand eight hundred forty two in the murder investigation that crazy jesus christ and how long after how many years after nine okay. That's such a long time to wait. It is Lock it says. She told she was told about the massacre over a pot. Smoking session guys. That would freak me out so bad. Can you imagine. I'm like i'm trying to play. Mario kart what are you doing. I mean i think a lot of us are like no murder during pie. That does those things. Don't go together. I can't even watch planet earth without free right. There's a lot of true crime and planet earth though those. She said that they said that they wanted to do something. Big juan luna was a former employee of the restaurant so he would've known that they serve people. You know what i mean. And he had he had left on good terms for a new job a couple of months earlier so they he was questioned but wasn't suspected but according to an lock it he knew the money in the store and he was eighteen at the time of the murders. He was now nine years later married with a young son. The details of the murder came out and here are the details. Lynn elden fell to us. Forty nine that's the owner. She was the first victim when her throat was slashed. And they're all two of them are in a freezer like walk in freezer at the time. Getting everything together to close and then the murderers put that four of them in another walk in freezer and throw lynn after her fucking throat was slashed into that freezer. Can you fucking imagine being like we're getting robbed and then you're like oh no. This is bigger than that. Yeah and you have a panic attack. So then. A marcus castro. Who is the youngest victim at sixteen was shot six times. And then and guadalupe maldonado's forty six rico solace who seventeen had bullet wounds in the back of their heads and thomas menace whose thirty two shot twice in the upper back and once in the temple and then richard ellen felt fifty was shot five times so in april two thousand to the palestine police department match the dna samples. Are you ready for this. Yeah she says. It's one luna the dna sample from. Are you ready. I demanded there be a towel on the table at all time. So i can shake punctuation tower. This is awful. They find the dna from the eaten. Chicken was thrown in the garbage. How shannon yes stupid fucks especially because i was like did they. Test all the chicken bones. They have already taken the trash out because they were closing all my god and so they threw chicken in there. They took the dna. I'm sorry but those cops are like thank fucking three. I don't know what the four i'm gonna take it anyways. Chicken bone chicken bones out that one skin. Eight one of the monster. Yeah it's not backed up yes. The chicken was okay. The chicken was supposedly kept in the freezer for most of the time since the crime the palestine police department to the two suspects into custody on may sixteenth two thousand and two and luna confesses to the crime during interrogation although a lawyer but later claimed that he was coerced to do so through corporal punishment and threats of deportation. Then they both go to trial so luna spin on trial in two thousand and seven. He's found guilty of seven counts of murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole in may on may seventeenth two thousand seven. The stated sought note gets shitty. When you thought yeah this isn't the end. There's schumer but a lot of that. Is her poetry down that she has you here just quietly. It's really beautiful. The states the death penalty which was available at the time. But the jury voted eleven to one in favour. They fell short eleven to one so one person that was like no can't do it then. So james gorski. The other guy was found guilty. September two thousand nine on all seven counts of murder but it's largely based on the testimony of an lock it because there's physical evidence as well as a friend of hers and they both said that he had confessed to them and then october twentieth to nine. He sentenced to life in prison without parole again. A couple of the jurors voted no to the death penalty. Okay so now it gets stuck in fucked up. So turns out that there's a petition in the circuit court that walkabout lock it and lock. It misled into believing that she had a much closer relationship with gorski at the time of the crime than she actually did. They say that she was sorry. Is there a live sheep. And that's not cool at all. Was that oprah goat. That was the weirdest fucking sound creepy hunted. I'm telling let's not make noises like that guys. So i don't know how much of this i believe. And it's really complicated. But supposedly people say she wasn't dating him at the time people meaning their lawyers. I'm sure and that she was actually involved with a man. She had met while both were hospitalized for psychiatric issues. And so basically all the dirt's coming up on your yeah. Yeah so then. Let's see he says that man in a sworn statement says that she had never mentioned a gorski or is involvement in the murders and instead. He says that she had called him a few months after their own break-up knew anything about the murders he said she told me that whoever came forward with information would be entitled to a reward money and that if i heard who might have done the murders i should contact her and then and it turns out that soon. After that conversation he was inexplicably inexplicably. Question three separate times about his involvement. The woman. let's see so the cook county jury also never told lock it would split nearly one hundred thousand dollar reward money with her friend. That had also. Yeah so the a lot of pot. You buy fogging nyc six bags of with them. Yeah okay and then really quickly. I want to have this little part of hometown murder that we got from sam from chicago said there's more than one probably they would not get their answer okay. My friends neighbor called in a tip incriminating her. Then boyfriend juan luna who worked at the churches back in high school the police arrested him and his accomplices. But they say at the time they were at the cross town basketball game so when they got question back in high school they said they were basketball game and then. Her friend sam's said that he was trying to get interviewed by the cops to let them know that he wasn't with both luna and the other guy he was just with lena. So she's saying he has an alibi and then okay. Almost on march twenty fourteen. Okay here's smoked up in march twenty. Fourteen jury awarded jayme to gorski four thousand four hundred thousand fifty dollars in compensation and punitive damages for having been beaten by a sheriff's department and cook county jail in may twenty twenty one twenty two thousand and two We can do this happen in the future. I am not saying it was a future sheriff beating a lot of metal so he got that much money when he was questioned by police got beaten and gave his confession then he suffered facial fractures that required surgery and the deputy was eventually dismissed a little bit extreme And i guess the palatine police department has obtained confessions to the slayings from at least five others who were never charged. So it's possible. They had a Like a pattern pattern anyways. The lead the bill. Wow happening in. How long does it take for peyote to kick in. I mean. I think you're right on time. The building was raised. The church's chicken churches am. i swear. Did we start the gas too early. I mean there are podcast podcasters who to our night after night and they handle their just never. Okay never churches new jersey sick. I don't it. Was that sheep at fuck. You and your animals familiar coming to tell you to go to churches chicken. The building was torn down in april. Two thousand two after having briefly been a dry cleaning establishment and then a delhi and then standing vacant for many years so another place. You don't wanna walk by on your way to the grocery store like h murder castle for. Can you imagine working at that dry cleaner or the chase branch that was that is now there that evil talking place in the location can't figure out why you have such bad vibes here like. Was it the murderers it. Just you've fucking guys big banks or murder. I mean we should dig up the ground in there to just while we're at it. Yeah right so. That was the brown's chicken massacre. Yes i agreed to do this again with you. Summertime with the holiday season right around the corner. It's time to indulge in the sights and sounds and sense of the season so update your native collection with their candy. Cane holiday sent the perfect addition to your daily routine this holiday season native deodorants. Don't just block odor better. They're made with ingredients. 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Remember our dallas irving texas show in that huge. Play that huge theater. We had the we had the best series of shows cowboy boots. I accidentally flashed the audience might underpants. Yeah jaipur georgia. Are you wearing a circle. Is your dress. Have a circle skirt and it sure does and spun in the best like childhood twirl the yet but she we were about eight feet above the front row. And we just heard this tonight. Just even greek. At at that end. I can find okay. The top of the show outplays so hilarious. So that'll you'll you'll get that experience. I guess spoiler alert. Do you remember on our first tour ever had to borrow tights from you. Then i still have them in my drawer. Hot pink tights. Oh my god twenty-six we go back three fucking years. Thank you thank you. We've grown loves. I've taken to full pairs of georgia's tanks and tell you something. No something how long you're out. Oh yeah now your partner. And i just show you did you really. It was on the big screen. No i was very tight. Two nights i did that my ass. Can we roll that tape on the big screen so this was an exciting show for us not only for being there being on the road but also because of our great hero. Journalists skip hollandsworth was in the audience that night and Or he was in the audience the night before right and then i did his story or it was the night before and then he was in the next night. Whatever he's is around we meet him on that weekend. Yes yes but it was a real honor because oftentimes when we we do shows in texas for all the years that we've done live shows in texas. We pull stories from the amazing magazine. Texas monthly at their journalists. Write these incredible. You know like immersive deep dive story about these different crimes that happened in texas and they've got some amazing ones. Okay so this one is definitely one of my favorites. It's by the legendary journalist skip hollandsworth. It's the story of the legendary bank robber cowboy bob so last night. If you're lucky enough to be here we we were so excited because the True crime or i guess just general. Journalists skip hollandsworth was a secret special gas and he came out and chatted with everybody. And my story tonight is entirely taken from an amazing article that he wrote for the legendary magazine texas monthly. So good such a good fucking magazine. You ever do the thing you read one article on their website and then at the bottom like you might also like this and then you're like goodbye the rest of the day. It's my favorite. I love it. It's so good. So this i got. It's a two thousand five article by skip hollandsworth. That was in texas monthly about the legend of bank robber. Cowboy bob come. I love this so much excited for this. Okay we also say what a lovely human being skip was back stage afterwards with his kid in like her friends and he was just so nice the best. Yeah he has a really cool family. Hasn't hate us. I'm excited okay. So one morning in may of nineteen ninety-one a bearded man with a cowboy hat enters the american federal bank. Just off west airport freeway in irving texas seriously. Yeah other one prepared. And then i started reading this article and i was like works have just switched my now when when it's his turn line. He approaches the counter greeted by the female teller. And without saying a word he hands her a note and that note says this is a bank robbery. Give me your money. No marked bills or die tax so the ham the teller handsome the cash. He calmly puts it into his bag and without looking around or blind anything out of the ordinary happening he turns and very casually walks out of the bank. No one notices no one but the teller no knows that it's happening because he has none of the normal indicators of bank robbers which is obviously you'd kind of check over your shoulder maybe or at least of the corner. I there's none of that. Stick them up. No it's total silence. The entire thing happens in silence and then when he goes out to the parking lot so so he leaves. The police arrive almost immediately. And when they review the security camera footage they see a thin man with a full beard cowboy hat wearing sunglasses gloves and keeps his head down. Tip down perfectly enough. So the entire time so his face is obscured they can't get any like defining features from his face and of course he doesn't fidget so they they immediately like. Oh guy's a professional. He's done this before. There's no fidgeting there's no nervousness at all and when he goes out to his brown nineteen seventy five pontiac grand prix in the parking lot. He drives away normally like anyone else would. So there's no they say that normally bank robbers will appeal out or driveway fast and and then drive through a red light and just try to get away as fast as they can. And that's what makes eye witnesses notice and then write your license plate number down so of course. None of that happened. He drove away so there were no i witnesses so not only are the police stuck with no leads but they realize that this is someone who knows exactly what they're doing and so here is a clip of that footage from that rubber man and his big old hat okay so seven months later in december of nineteen ninety-one the same mysterious man. It's another bank in irving this time savings america while that no no one. No one's there. Do they have really bad rates or something again. The bearded sunglass cowboy headed man. That is a note to the teller. This time he makes off with one thousand two hundred and fifty eight dollars but a witness sees him drive out of the parking lot and does write down the license plate number nosy right. I i know but out why they write it down. I bid it must have been someone from inside. the bank. that ran forward is my personal theory. That's it but we don't know skipping. I don't know so the police get licensed. They trace it immediately to a house. That's actually right close to the banks. They speed over there when they get there. They find an old lady sitting in her living room. Who says i haven't left the house all day. And i haven't left the house all day out is probably more like it right so once they go outside they see that the old ladies reg chevrolets missing its license. One license plate old lady would be the bank robber. So i was here for that. So a month later in january of nineteen ninety-two the robber strikes again. And this time. It's at texas heritage bank. In garland the exact same mo. This time he leaves with three thousand dollars. He strikes a fourth time in may of nineteen ninety. Two at the nation's bank in mesquite this time teller puts the cash together but as the teller tries to the cash together. he tries to sneak a dye. Pack into the gadget. Don't be a hero. The robber clocks it and takes it out and hands it back to the teller and walks away. That's so much more creepy than if he'd like punched him in the face. Or whatever i know dislike you can go ahead and keep that your chain. Sorry so this time. He makes off with five thousand three hundred seventeen dollars. So the fbi agent assigned to this case is a man. Named steve powell. And he's going crazy because he's like shit. We can't get this guy and he can't figure out who this as i wrote. Smooth bank robber is so until they can identify him. He decides to give the bank robber. The nickname cowboy bob so four months after that last night in september of nineteen ninety-two cowboy bob. Rob's the first gibraltar bank in mesquite taking seventeen hundred dollars and the police get the license plate number and track the car and a with sba fbi agents following closely behind them but once again they track the plates to nearby resident who then realizes his own plates have been stolen. So it's the exact same thing so as they're investigating that robbery they police get a call from mesquite's first interstate bank a mile away saying cowboy. Bob has just come through and stolen a whopping thirteen thousand seven hundred and six dollars like finally i got a fucking pay down real. He keeps on getting these tellers. Who had just dropped everything down the little the little forever tube and so he's like oh i got lazy won. That didn't cash out. That was his biggest hit yet. So according to the teller cowboy. Bob was so pleased with the amount of money that he got on. This one tipped his hat to her as he walked away. Because he's classy mother fucker. Yeah so just a year and a half cowboy. Bob has stolen a total of twenty about twenty six thousand dollars from six different banks around the dallas area the larger area so the f. b. I wonder if they're dealing with criminal mastermind and if they'll ever be able to catch him or if it's just someone who lazy he doesn't wanna get a job because it's not that much it's like what you'd make any year to rape witness so so on this on that last hit a witness has taken again taken down the license plate number so this time police trace it to a man named pete tallus works at a ford auto parts factory in carrollton. So you said mosquito. You already cheered. Can't share for two different places. They're both of those cities are amazing and different way. Okay so when they go talk to pete he says yes that is i own a brown. Nineteen seventy five pontiac grand prix. Yes but i gave it to my mom and my sister because they didn't have enough money to get a car of their own. And when they tell pete that the grand prix has just been used in a bank. Robbery says bullshit. That car can't go fast enough okay. So he's right. I mean he's right. So the police get pete's mom and sisters address and they head over to the apartment complex where they live in the parking lot when they pull in. They spot cowboy. Bob's car the brown grand prix and so they huddle up and they start discussing what they should do. You're like this is obviously where he's holed up. And now we have to make our plan and they're talking about she. We just bust down the door. You like storm in and catching because we could catch him with the money or do we slow play it. They're trying to figure it out and they see a woman walk out of the apartment and up toward the car and she went shorts and a shirt and they're like. Oh i bet you. That's calloway bob's girlfriend. So they decide. She's gets in the car and drives away so they let her drive off and they decide what they're going to do is agent. Powell is gonna stop her around the corner so cowboy. Bob can't see them talking from the apartment so they wait until she's like a little further away and they pull the car over and inside. That's where they meet. Peggy joe thomas so she politely introduces herself. She explains yes. The cars hers. She got it from her brother and that he they asked her. Have you used it at any time today. And she goes. Yeah i just got a went out and picked up some fertilizer earlier this morning and so agent powell and his team searched the trunk. They do find bag of fertilizer in the trunk and then he asked if they can search her apartment and she says i mean there's nothing in there but my mom who's like an old lady but they're like that's fine. Let's check it out so at the apartment the officers ring the doorbell and peggy's piggy joe's mom. Helen answers the door and the new shock as a team of f. b. i. Agents and police officers storm past her with the guns drawn to go into the apartment but once they get there they just see that. It's this really neat. Tidy apartment that the two ladies living together and there's nothing no cowboy bob piles of money. Nothing so they kind of. They're looking around. They go into pages bedroom. They think maybe they're hiding like if it is her boyfriend that she she's hiding him somewhere in the closet or whatever but no they just see the nicely made and they open the closet and all her closer very perfectly ironed and hung up. And it's like. Oh yeah we really got this wrong. And then an officer notices styrofoam mannequin head up on the shelves in the closet with a fake beard. Not it okay. And then next to that a cowboy have and then they check under peggy. Joe's bed there's a bag full of cash under there. So i mad at them for not hiding that shit better. Yes like pull up some floorboards. Shove your shit under there. So basically officer powell turns to peggy jo and starts asking are sorry what is the stuff and why do you have in your room. And as she's as he's talking to her he noticed he notices that she's got a little bit of fake beard glue on top of her and it turns out cowboy. Bob is peggy jo taleh. What swears and he's like her she. She's the one that's been beating me this whole time. The lip glue part is like too good to be true where he's kind of like so anyway. What's do you have the hold on a second. My god i wanna see it all lineup for him. Like a movie so weird. Let's take it await there. She is the little girl or the lets her. She's eight years old and she loves money. That's you joe up dirt haggi. That's her knees. I believe i mean don't do crimes but but just be cool. Yeah so he. Agent pal arrests. Peggy jo they bring down to the station. So they're stunned to find this polite very pretty seemingly very standardly normal woman has been the man robbing banks and stymying the cops and the f. b. i. for year and a half when they ask peggy joe why she did it. She doesn't say anything and she also doesn't really talk to her defense attorney. She'll say is that she robbed the first bank to help pay for her sick mother's medication for the degenerative bone disease that she has and that but then when they ask her why she kept on. Doing it just stares at the wall. And shrugs like she stares away honey so in court. Judge takes into consideration. That peggy joe was never violent in any of these crimes And she never used a weapon never brandished. a weapon. Never threatened anybody and seemed you can have a bank just being like i want things yes. That's yes feel like. We shouldn't be telling everyone. I mean because if you don't know by now come on. Yeah and they have to give it to you. You're going to get caught because they have everything but but you can a. She never used a weapon and other than that. She seemed to be a mild mannered law-abiding citizens so she's given a thirty three month sentence and the first anyone that's never had a child that's two and a half years in jail. Yeah oh he's he's fifty four months old really. I don't you do the fuck and math for me. I came over here to visit. you clearly. have a very specific idea in mind. Peggy jo served her time without complaint. She doesn't her when her friends go to visit her in jail. She won't talked about having done it. She just is like how are you. What's going on with you. And kind of is just like not talking about it. And then when she's released she all she says about it is the she assures her family and friends that she won't ever do anything like that again. I pinky swear. Rob a fucking bank again. I promised that i won't. I won't commit a felony again in a wig mask cowboy had in as a man When she gets out she's approached by true crime author about collaborating to write her story and possibly turn it into a movie and she says no because she's the fuck and coolest person of all time. She said she just wants to put the whole thing behind her. And she doesn't she's like thinks that's lame so so let's talk a little bit about who peggy jo tallis's She was born in one thousand nine forty five and she grows up the youngest of three children in grand prairie. She's she's a well. Liked spirited free spirited child but when she's four years old her father dies from cancer. So that's one. Her mother gets a job as a nurse's aide to support the family. So i skipped this picture but this is her as a kid so after the tenth grade and we go through that so after the tenth grade though she drops out of school explaining to her mom that there's too much else to do in life than waste her days sitting in school. Yes girl yes gang. Well when i was like. I remember in sixth grade. My desk was by the window. And all i would stare out the window and go. What are they all doing out there. I was obsessed with what the town did while we were in school like all the adults are free to do whatever the fuck they want with. No kids around. Do you still get that feeling when you're out in the world like a tuesday afternoon. Yeah just like. I do whatever i know. Scott school still. I'm thirty eight i get. I do get that every once in a while here. Gratitude they'll never have to algebra again okay so so. She tells her friends and everyone knows about her. She's clearly a free spirit and she is all about adventure so she actually decides. Because it's like the early seventies. She decides to up and drive out to san francisco to see to see what's going on out there. Just a cultural revolution. The peggy jo. No big deal so she gets out there and when she comes back like a month or two later i think it was. She's got books. By laurence furlan getty like into the beat poets. She's like she's just all all about that. A kind of doing whatever you want living your life. So in her twenty twenties she gets her own apartment in north dallas and she works as a receptionist and at that job. She makes friends with the girl. She works with named cherry young and so the to spend evenings going out to bars and concerts and basically looking for more adventure. And peggy jo tells cherry. She doesn't really have any career goals at all. She doesn't really care about having a career and she's not interested in getting married doesn't care about having kids all she wants to do is have adventures so she basically says her plans to work just enough to pay the bills and then have a little bit leftover to go out and have fun. This is literally me until i was twenty nine years old. Hell yeah. I accidentally got like cool job. I know we're kind of doing it right now. Up don't tell them don't tell them. We basically robbed the bank. But you gave us the money so nicely. It seemed like you really voluntary about it. So thank you for being part of this emotional felony. She was obsessed with the movie. Butch cassidy and the sundance kitchen south a bunch of times and if you don't know because you're a millennial that is a beautiful and amazing hall newman and suck and robert redford movie about those two bandits. Who at the end of the movie. They go and re rob the same train that they've already robbed and therefore draw basically get into this huge gunfight and the very end spoiler alert. They jump off a cliff so but definitely see. You're thinking of thelma and louise. Oh shit so. This is a quote from skips article from cherry talking about her friend. Peggy jo quote. She told me she was saving a little so that she could someday go to. Mexico just live on a beach in a hacienda. and we're bathing suits night and day. She was beautiful. She was rambunctious and she told me she always told me that. Deep down she was wild at heart and that was very true because one night piggy joe and cherry got into a fight at a restaurant they were like out for the night and fort worth and you guys know what it's like to party in fort worth so much that you fight with your friend and walkaway. I've just say sorry. But i like. I ate an apple before i notice. I stop spitting spitting so much guys in the back. Trust me on this. I'm spitting okay. Okay so they get into a fight in fort were at this bar restaurant in forward fort worth and then they both walk away from each other really fast and jerry just walks in one direction and peggy. Joe walks out into the parking lot. And there's a truck sitting there with the keys. Ignitions she just gets into it and drives away. Yes yes that's what she's like. Wow vichy's my fucking hero. So when she she gets arrested for that she actually gets a police case. Cancer can't do that. Can't take that guy's trout. He won't have it not in fort worth she gets arrested. She's given five months probation for that. So sometime in the mid seventy s she meets a man and he lives in a different town and she fought she falls in love with them and it. It's like he's the one so one day she goes to meet him and she goes to see him in that town and when she gets there his car on the street and so she thinks. Oh yeah period. I'm gonna go see and gets out of her car and walks over and as she's walking toward the car she sees a woman. Go get into the car herself and she walks up goes. What are you doing. And she was well. I'm getting into my husband's car. And that's how she finds out. This motherfucker was married. The whole time. Fucking married ben. What a crock of shit. Okay just keep that in mind youngsters please please. I'm begging you. after that. she decides she tells cherry. I'm fucking never doing that again. Like i'm never going to be hurt again. And she decides she's just to spend time with her family and take care of her mother who had just been diagnosed with that bone disease. So that's that's this. Oh that's her later. Shit sorry got it so okay. So when peggy joe is in her forties she's gets a really bad back injury and then a little bit after that she's forced to have an emergency mista me so that's when she realized after that those kind of really scary life threatening situation. She realizes that she hasn't really done as much as she's wanted to do with her life and she always thought i'll do. I'll do it later. I want to have an invention. I want to be that kind of person. But do i have to do it later. And now she's in her forties realizing that she doesn't make enough money. Her mom doesn't make enough with social security for them to cover these medical bills and the cost of living. And that's when the string of bank robberies again serve. It all comes together in the perfect storm of nfl beard. Um and so now we're go back to the present after she's been arrested so they released from jail and They move she moves so basically she just has to get out of town because the neighbors are talking about her. And it's like your big joe. So does cowboy bob. She moves her mom into a small two bedroom house in garland to get away and she becomes a cashier at the harbor. Bay marina at lake. Ray hubbard so apparently everyone there loves her. She's the coolest person ever she. Anybody that that they interview for this article. They just have nothing but nice things to say about her. She's kind she's a model employee. She even uses her own money to help poor customers pay for whatever they're trying to buy bait and whatnot stuff you're by the lake necessities She works all day and then she goes home and tends to her mother at night and in two thousand to her mother. Helen passes away at the age of eighty three. So in spring. Two thousand. And four peggy decides. She's going to get the adventure that she'd been looking for and she buys herself an rv because a guy at the marinas selling his rv for fifty nine hundred dollars and so she's like. I got some cash hidden away under beard. Oh did she. Okay so i'm sure. They seized all shirt money. They could but i would hope that she would stick some like in the bathroom back. Unders tampon box or somewhere. They wouldn't look now. Everyone knows where to look in your house. Just all sorts of there's no tampons there's tons of cash it's all sides. So her plan is she's going to save up a little bit more money in little time and then she's finally going to and move down to mexico and live on the beach like she's always wanted to do all her life and she tells a friend she wants to do it now quote before life runs out on her so she sells offer furniture. She moves out of the house in garland starts living in that. Rv so she's basically like. I'm going to get a little more money before i go. And in late summer of two thousand and four. She hits the road. She doesn't tell anyone where she's going or if she plans on coming back doesn't the family. Her older sister died of cancer. Also so she really doesn't have much family left except for her brother pete and she just kind of a piece. I'm doing this thing. Do you think she's mad at him for accidentally turning her in a used car thing. That doesn't seem to be what peggy joe's lake nona so no one really knows where she is for the next couple of months but they say they spot her they spot the in different places around town and she's oftentimes camping out like lakes and camping areas. Just chilling out in the rv. She likes to have a smoke every once in a while so in october. Two thousand four an older man in dark floppy hat baggy clothes and gloves robs the guarantee bank on the south side of the city but gets away without a trace and one teller tells the fbi agent. That's investigating that. She was surprised that when the man spoke he had such a high pitched voice. Shot your base. She promised everyone she wouldn't do got out tari. She's a free spirit. But at this point. Agent steve powell is retired. He lives on his ranch and he's the only one that would know what that meant and all the new younger the young guns are like all right. Cool we're looking for a guy with a high voice. Let's do this so through late. Two thousand four and early two thousand and five her pace. Joe's family only hears from her from time to time from payphones around the city and then on thursday may fifth two thousand and five. Peggy joe thomas. What's on a black a big wet today. Oh my god oh happy. Cinco de maya away. We ball we really see. That's the noise. You're making how weird that is out of the blue to us. That's i like. They're doing something a bit of a good thing. I was like someone puked again. Well we're going to have to get through it. Snap snap snap snap. Someone puked date was amazing. Heroes i'll say that again the way it should and then on thursday may two thousand and five piggy joe us puts on a big black straw hat and a large pair of sunglasses. She parks her. Rv in jack in the box parking lot across from that same guaranty bank that she had just been robbed the previous october and she walks inside. She asks the tailor to hand over the cash and she walks out like she's done so many times before but this time she does not notice the dye. Pack that the teller puts into the cash and as she gets outside that deepak explodes red ink all over her. And the puff of red smoke goes up into the air. It's like an arrow pointing to the cursor So she basically tries to like speed walk with me. Red with red smoke coming out from behind her dollar bill trailing half my money bomber that's trailing behind her so now witnesses a person walking out of a bank with red eye over the place and they're like did do do do do to everybody calls the cops the are already in the neighborhood because they have been investigating the bank robberies that have been happening in that area and so they immediately are there and they basically get to that jack in the box. Parking lot as peggy. Joe is pulling out in the rv so now we are in a low speed police presence of okay so this rv cannot even reach the speed limit when she gets onto the highway on the minimum limit. So she starts. She tries to get on the highway to get away. It's not happening. So she pulls off and goes into a residential area like sidestreets yes. I'll lose them in this humongous giant two story car so pretty soon. The police are able to boxer in and surround the vehicle. And of course they're like you're surrounded. Come out with your hands up. They don't know who's in this. Are they have no idea. And there were theories that they were gangs going around and robbing these banks and they were people working in teams. So they're like off if it's an rv there. Bunch of people are in there. Probably so peggy jo stands up. She pulls the curtains and she goes and sits back at the table and she fucking smoke sake and tries to make decision about what she's gonna do. It's important to have a curtains and a table in your car. That's right thank and convenient yet so good for thinking. Then she played played solitaire. All the stuff people do in. Rv's thaw so nothing happens for like ten minutes and of course the cops are like the hand it's getting more and more tents so what she finally makes. You puts out her cigarette and she makes her decision. She goes into her bedroom and she picks up a toy gun and she walks out to the front of the rv and opens the door. One more cigarette and think about that for a little longer. Hope which one are you gonna. That's video of it happening polish. That was on the news. So that's her leaning out of the rv door talking to the cops as a woman like she take her as herself. she took over. I think she has. The hat is on like that's the floppy hat and sunglasses but okay wasn't passing them notes or anything. She was just like it's me so the police are shocked to see a sixty year old woman standing in the doorway of the of the bank robbers. Rv and she says to them you're going to have to kill me and they say we're not gonna do that. Just put put the gun down and come out. That doesn't have to be that way. And she says to them quote. You mean to tell me if i come out of here with a gun and pointed at y'all you're not gonna shoot me and the cop that's closest to her says do not raise that gun. Please just put it down on. Come out she doesn't she steps out and raises the gun and peggy. Joe telesis shot four times and killed on site. Oh my god. Then the police throw a can of tear gas into the rv getting ready for the fuck and bank robbery gang that they think is having their grandma drive them around are are their prep for accomplices. As well. they should be but instead they find the empty rv. This snubbed out cigarette. And when they go into her bedroom they find her three fifty seven magnum that she actually owned that she left inside so the fbi wreck they all those agents that were there. Do the record check. They realized that the dead woman is no anais. None other than peggy. Joe tireless cowboy bob. So they call agent. Steve powell retired agency powell and leave him a message saying we have some bad news for you. And when saying they have some bad news about his old nemesis and when he calls back he just says say it isn't so do you think they had fallen way lightly. Because that's why would you be so passionate to catch somebody. it was like. Oh my god and then. He's also questioning his sexuality which is hot. Yeah maybe. I like beards. He thinks to himself secretly. I never knew that. About my zion. Glue on her upper lip and then he's like into glue. That's what i like lab sniffing glue. I've never been able to really unlike like god so this is a. This is a quote from escapes article from her friend. Cherry again quote might kreider miss. Sometimes i can't get over the sadness that she's gone but then i think about her walking out of that bank sixty years old that bag full of money and i have to say that she went out doing what she loved. Robbing fucking robbing thuc and banks. What the fuck will never understand it. But she was doing what she loved. I wish i could writer a note and say good for you. My sweet peg. Good for you i tell you. This is my favorite person of all fucking time. When i tell you because listen and i think we all know this. It's the way this society is setup is kind of scam in lots of different ways especially the banking system medical the medical system the banking system visibility of women over the age of twenty fucking seven. Right the whole fucking thing. Why not you can suck in. Listen if you can take advantage of the things that normally oppress you and turn them around and get three thousand four hundred seventy three dollars so without hurting anyone without threatening anyone without making it traumatic in any way you flunking get that paper girl all right just saying i'm very inspired just saying are we bank robbers now. I mean we'd have to think of something different because pay garrity did it. But just old everyone. They wouldn't tell us they won't tell okay. So then i searched our email and found an email that someone wrote in to us. Yes and it starts like this dear all or should i say y'all longtime listener first time to get my lazy ass to finally right this email honestly. I can't believe. I did it on a monday but here we are is this. Is this from her baggage. Oh oh good sounds like i. I grew up in a small town in north texas called. Rockwall it's it. Sits on the outskirts of dallas and is surrounded by a very large man made lake that is used on the rig for speedboats fishing jet skiing etc. There are a few marinas along. the water's bank but one was the most popular mainly because the woman. Peggy who ran the bait and convenience shop located on site was pretty legit. She was pleasant friendly and would even spot you. If you're a little short on docking fees mostly the younger crowd populated dislocation as it was also easy at the time to score some cheap beers although we were under a so fucking piggy. Just like you can have it. Go ahead smoke smoke smoke. Don't tell your mother from me. Flash forward a number of years and my boyfriend was a habitual wake border and was on. the lake. daily received a text from an old friend mentioning that little. Peggy joe from the marina had died while she didn't just die she was shot and killed by the fbi sh- little. Did anyone know peggy. Joe thomas was another character that was well known in the eyes of the law and she basically goes on and explains word for word. Exactly what i just said and basically it ends with its inevitably. She died at the scene which was discovered after the handgun was a child's toy. And all the it's very sad because also all the cops an agents that were there they were like there was nothing that indicated that gun was a toy at all. sometimes they have like the orange safety caps and show that they were It was a lot of them. Were super fucked up about eilly. Cool thing she did suicide by cop clearly not she was like. I'm fucking butch cassidy in this thing. And it was her choice to do so a last line is pretty crazy shit for a small texas town. But then again i guess. Sometimes that's the best place to hide. Hope to make it to the austin show in november. Jk jk just saw already sold out. We should go back in time a ticket. Ssd gm page and that is the insane story of the bank robber. Peggy jo tiles back in love her epic so epic amazing great job. Thank you i. I know that one wasn't like i usually like to do a lot. More jokes. thuc. I don't know i just think that's so. There's something about that story that's so awesome. It's like a person like it's never over. You can try to felonies and stuff that you can. You can do whatever you want at any stage of life you do it. You can reinvent yourself you can reinvent yourself you cannot reinvent yourself and do what you love to do in your twenties. Yes yes bank. Why fucking not them care. And that's that you delivered idea. Like everyone was on the edge of their see. I am never heard that story before so it was still one of my favorites. I'm so i can't believe we never posted that whole episode. I'm so glad to bring breathe life back into that we can look. These quilts are more than just such Me neither vacation in ventura not there. It's not just vacation it's actually. Ria and then for the hometown. What should we do now. The hometown is going to be from a show that we did in december eight of twenty seventeen so if you were at the saint louis missouri show that we did at the powell symphony hall. You will remember this story. That mindy told us how she was pregnant and now her kid is three four. I dunno math is a toddler for years. Old thank you. That's gone crazy all right or going to be for this year. An and the ninetieth percentile. We're guessing so. Enjoy this story from mindy. Let's tell them about this. Oh yes okay so we. I was going to a little while. I wanted my big thing to be that i was going to buy a blouse in the casino clothing store. They always have those like they're just like three things of each color. Like come on if you spill something on your tongue. So i went in there as positive is gonna do it and the only black shirt they had had these big white rings that were cut through so that your skin would. I simply can't do that. But then we just started actually shopping around the store and they had some they had some pretty good stuff so we were like okay. We're going to. We're going to a home hometown. Let's get this insane gift for the hometown person. We got a little hometown murder. Model it for the front while you tell them what it is. This is a gorgeous piece. This is probably from the sixteen. Hundreds i would think real diamonds diamonds and probably jade also. What's nice is that the actual reading finger part is it's stretchy like a watch so it's gonna fit anybody and essentially. It's an octopus with a diamond encrusted arms. Holding fish with a diamond. I oh it's classic it's beautiful. I'll start the bidding at two dollars. The best thing about it is the fishes screaming and terror. His mouth is open and his i. Is this big or guy this is. This is a violent moment captured in jade. And we can't wait to give it to ever has now. Let me tell you really quickly the rules of hometown this just that we've developed over live shows you've hear- heard me say this if you've ever listened to live show you can't be so drunk that you lose your place in your own story. We love if you're drunk. And god bless but this is You got to deliver the narrative. It's important beginning middle end. It's good that it's from saint louis so everybody can know it nat fun with that. I think missouri. John close by close by certainly. Don't go out of state. what was the third one. Just give it your all. Does that was it. just kidding. you're on the you're on. The it's your thing georgia's pin picking some great ones lately so don't let her down okay. Who has a hometown. Yeah yeah yeah events right there. But what's exciting about. This is that she's already one that ring. Yeah that ring is yours. You can start planning outfits around just as you walk. Think about what you're gonna wear. I absolutely should have changed. Go there. We go over there to their steps. It's nothing mayhem in here. Yeah i i should have been invited someone. There's a sign up there. My god said scott murdered. Oh shit there's a light up sign in the very back. That says i almost got murdered. Send this girl okay. Here she comes hand everywhere. You go highway mindy mindy everybody else going. It's great how are you humanity know. Okay okay. also i'm pregnant. You guys always talking about pregnant. People didn't want say anything blocking the island. Curry up really awesome shirt that my husband bought me through arts. Two year anniversary we really like star. Wars is no boone okay. I'm glad you're actually pregnant. That's really where you from actually from core local. It's about fifteen minutes down forty from here for its west county we. You spell it c. R. e. c. e. You are picturing. something hurt some though. It's in saint louis. We have this thing where there's all kinds of french words that we say wrong. Oh nice so it should be core meaning broken heart by but we say because that's how we do we'll good you support one hundred percent so i i'm here with my sister-in-law who came all the way from vegas and her friend. Who's my cat. They're they're sitting right behind your uncle. We're sitting here him. what's her murder. Okay so you wanna talk about your family more. I mean it's it also report okay. And so when i was in second grade i was friends with this girl going to not say her real name. She's real person. So i'll just call julie and julia and i were real tight or hanging out all the time. She was real chooser quirky girl. She liked nasa thought she was going to be master She's dental but anyway so so i was always going to her house and she had this house that my parents called it the compound because her mom lived there in both of her grandparents. And then her mom's friend and okay so it's nineteen eighty-seven so eighty s and not a lot of people were divorced. Then so i'm like mom what's up with. What is the friend. And my mom's. Don't worry about it. But i kept asking about it. I'm like seven years old and finally she's like okay mindy. She doesn't have a dad's boyfriend. And i was like okay. We'll where's your dad and my mom's like came mindy you're sending you're old enough to know her by kilter dad. I always like that. He's at the house. And i'm always there and we're hanging and she had these was one of these amazing families where you go there and there was always a project like we would for her birthday. I would like sit on her grandpas lap and he would help me iron. These bows that we were making big. Eighties bourgeois her headbands. And so we would be doing this. And i'm hanging out with grandpa. And i'm like okay this murdering. Isn't that big a deal because hanging out with them and so anyhow unlike her mom would sit at the piano and they were all sing together was like so creating this like this very happy family picture right and i'm like it's only the grandpa like fine. Whatever and so A seven year old. Yeah so anyway. A couple nights ago. I knew i was coming here so i was like the parents. You need to get this story straight at my dad's a lawyer and he's like okay. So here's the real deal would happen was when julie was five. She started reporting to her mom and grandparents that she was being sexually abused by what was heard divorced. Dad and the mom and the grandparents were like. We can't have this but they eighties enjoying about it. So he's still had visitation rights. Whatever so they plan this thing. We're when he came back they were in the kitchen. And the grandpa's stabbed him in my dad's words probably a bunch of times kitchen knife worn done yet because then the whole family probably not including julie comes together and they shop him up into little pieces policy. I told you piano thing red flag. I told you you're pushing it. You're pushing trying to put this show on. So they put him in a bag and we were talking about this in the car. We decided he had to be chopped into little pieces because he might not have fit in the bag they had specifically picked so then they drive out on like family road trip to saint. Charles you guys know which by the way is where i work and they drive that just being charles they find like a back road and they just bury in there and then they go about living their lives and one day some guy and i guess he was a hunter with doger's thing and he found the body and calls the police and they put this all together and they figure out this. This is julie's dad. And so they show up at the compound which is just starting for but they show up there and they are like what does happen here and the whole families like we have no idea what you're talking about and so just became british beaumont so my according to my dad who knows this from like lawyers and other lawyers. Apparently they like systematically would pull like each member of the family in jail them for forty eight hours and like grill them. Nobody would break. Everybody had no idea what happens so they would do this for months and months like they would hide this from julia. Somehow and so this. This has started when she was five. We're the same age so seven second grade. It's still happening like the whole family. Still living in the house there are still. Police are stocking and bothering them all the time. They can't get anything out of them and my dad. Meanwhile is going to these lawyer like corporate parties. He sees her grandparents and her parent there. They're all hanging out. I'm going there all the time it turns out. My parents know that this family like shop this algorithm somewhere. And they're like sending me over there all the time. Sounds like a really safe place honestly. Nobody's going like the safest place in little girl could be so i guess at some point. Her grandpa decided that he would agreed to. He's like. I didn't do it but i'm going to plead his second degree murder so that you'll leave my family alone. So they came to some agreement that if he was there in jail for seven years then when it was all over they would leave the whole family alone and at that point julius which schools we didn't see them anymore. And i'm like i go to college come back and waitressing at the whittaker's pizza and And i weighed on their family. And it's the mom and the grandparents and obviously meanwhile. I don't know all that happened. Whatever and they're all happy in the moms like trying to get me to take a class that she teaches and the grandparents are like updating me and juliet telling me how everything's going and everything is all good so anyway so when i'm asking my parents about this i'm like wait. You knew the whole thing. When i was seven and you sent me over there repeatedly and they were like well. We need be safe. Oh eighties parents neighbor. No shame regarded. Shoot me that was amazing. Now i don't mind getting chopped up. No we've heard much worse. Look what you just get here. Okay can you describe what you're seeing the people right now. I don't know if i could do a better job than you guys. Don't see later. Okay lime green and it's almost as if this thing is wearing a it's oh he's he has the fish looks like he's wearing the fish fish ring maybe the fishes yes so every yellow activist is wearing a ring. And so am i. That's better than the fish killed. Thank you all right. Thanks mindy way to go. And for our fucking. Hooray we wanted to recognize and Shout and give some support to are texas murdering knows and everyone in town. We know you guys down. There are really going through up some really heavy shits. It's really heavy to see the news coming out of texas. It's really horrible to see so. Many people stranded abandoned not have food not have water leg. It's just kind of insane and we're really feeling for you and especially because and we used to talk about this early days. That texas murderer knows showed up early and strong and then they are network when they first started giving us the numbers and telling us like where where the populations of murdering knows where they were just like texas all over texas. We were like what really in hate our guts. Okay and in fact you love us and we love you. So we're going to donate ten thousand dollars to the texas relief fundraiser So that you guys get taken care of Because you deserve it and the name of we're going to donate that money in the name of the murderer knows of texas. Yep so thanks you guys were thinking of you and fuck hold on tight and Take care of each other. Yeah definitely yeah so thanks for listening. Thanks for being here. Take care of yourself. It's bumpy out there. It's been a bumpy year. But look at you you got through it. You're still here a year later. And and king were continuing on. We're just gonna keep plowing through because that's what we do you know. And that's you'll find some light. Take that out that you'll find some light at the under disgusting the dark ugly tunnel. The so. Take care of yourselves guys. Yep and stay sex. And don't get murdered goodbye elvis. Do you wanna cookie.

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