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Lagerald Lifts Kansas, Mac McClung Takes Flight, and More Week 1 Thoughts | One Shining Podcast (Ep. 71)


Today's episode of one shiny podcast is brought to you by cheeses and Pringles. We did it Tate. We we got cheeses to drop the bag for us. You got cheeses to draft a bag for you. We're not really sure how we got Jesus or meals, but we were really appreciative. And we I think everyone collectively here. Eight a box at least. Yeah. The cows eating right now. She's a drop that thank you literally eating to bring goes as we speak. We had the big shipments sent the Tate. It says very clearly on the package tape Frazier. And then like everyone in the company it was like, oh sweet fucked Tate. I'll just take whatever I want a rookie on a team. If people were like, oh, you like the chips looks cookies, and they've just grab it out of my hand. She's it's Pringles have th this is this has been Kyle sustenance for like three weeks at this point. So been quite a ride she's at Franco's dropping other bag. So we're we're we're running out. But I have something to say about she's bring those state, and it's this. Hey college hoops fans being hungry for a win is good being just hungry. Not so much. So stock up on Pringles and cheeses before the game because the best way to keep the team spirit high in your home is to keep the snack bowl's full with Pringles and cheese. It we do. It we presume Pringles Jesus Kyle's eating right now. I'm so excited to be honest, though, we do not eat them out of a bowl. We eat them out of the box. We just what we do is. We apologize. We need to make this more fun than I don't even think my hand in the box and open the box, and like just shovel the shit into my mouth, and that's how this stuff so Jesus we're very excited because this was one of the goals we had on this podcast was to sell out and having Pringles and cheese. It's dropped the bag for us as one step closer to selling out Tate. Also, helping a sell out is the tour that we just went on. We're gonna talk about that today. Also is it controversial that, you know, given the Shabazz Napier snacks comments that were made of years back that now we're eating all these nag. I don't know. I I think there might be in poor taste, this is the Pringles too. So good Tate. This is the dilemma as guys who are profiting off of college basketball. This is this is our entire existence is like a catch twenty two of lake. Hey, the players this is this whole system is corrupt. And everyone's like, you guys are making money off this system Ryan's like dole. Look into that nonprofit pocket probably bugging. College basketball season has started. It started its, and and according to my research there are teams in the country other than Duke that are playing college basketball. Don't know what's going to happen to that. There yet. I'm keeping my own it. So we covered if you missed it. We did we are last pod was like a week ago. Wow. Time flies didn't feel like that long ago. But it was a week ago. We cover we did the champions classic recap. We talked about basically do Kansas the whole time. And what the fuck is John Calipari doing with this Kentucky team for we're gonna. We're gonna talk about everything else. That's going on in the start of college basketball. Everything that's happened in week one. Some teams are training up summer turning down Tate. Some are Buffalo's training. Yeah. A lot of buffalo dot com. If you're a buffalo fan, I dunno get excited. Maybe we're we're gonna we're gonna try to to make sense of a lot of stuff. Yeah. That's that's what we're gonna do today. We're gonna do our best. But I would he. Hmm? All right before he gets all the action going on to college basketball. Let's be a little self indulgent. Maybe five minutes, which actually us means probably ten to twenty minutes twenty. Yeah. Because then you can go longer. Sure, my mind, it's going to be five minutes, but realistic is probably gonna be much longer recap the tour that we just went on the people have been asking. Are you going to release the podcast? Are you gonna release the shows as podcast the answer is? No. And there are a few reasons for that were laughing discretion. Yeah. D-? Yeah. Fury's. It's four that number one. It wouldn't make good audio. Not that the regular podcasts. Make it on you. But you know, like, yeah. Good job guys. Good joke. America beat you to the punch, but the the wouldn't make it audio because audience because we are so goddamn funny that like the audience was laughing so much. We didn't have track. Yeah. We would have sounded like a laugh track. Also, we had like some video elements that we were showing we're showing footage that in some shows. If you go show, I apologize. We tried our best had to leave. It was it was a shit show. And then also. The guests that we had when when we told the guests that we were not going to release these shows as podcast, and basically what happens in this room is going to stay in this room their eyes lit up, and they got really excited, and we realized that we lied them initially when we told them this. They would open up, and then we going to still release the pods. And then we realized like that would be Gerald. The most famous thing never trust the journalist. You're the bad guy. We are the bad guys also bad guys. But we're in the room these guys like just say what you want shoot from the hip. So we had we went to four places. We've we've I, you know, like most of the people listening to this did not see us live Tate. So this is kind of rolling their eyes. And while you guys talking about this. But I I think it's fun to to one. I I want to talk about it in a way. That's like we're bragging about how fun the show was and basically setting something up where like if you missed the show. Don't miss our next tour that we go on. I that's why I wanted to bring it up like just to talk about on that in that sense. Oh is this Bonsor? Yeah. Okay. But but also I I wanted to thank everyone for coming. Because it was it was a lot of fun. And I think it's like, I don't know we we had no idea what was going into. I I assume that most of the people that came to the show are now listening, and they want to hear us like comment on some of our favorite moments. I just wanted to like, yeah. Off the top. Just wh what's the one thing that stood out to you on the tour? The one thing that stood out to me is their actual people that listen to the podcast. It's actually we hung out with. People after the shows which really enjoyed talking to people about the show, and the people that really Beck to the days. You know, how people make those comments which very nice. But it's also one of those things where you know, you can see someone's face as I explained to many people. It's usually me and Kyle sitting in a room by ourselves in Columbus. Ohio think it's just the algorithm. Yeah. Yeah. We never know that real people are actually listening. So to see real faces put faces to trolls on Twitter, put faces to names faces to all things it was a fun time. And I and I think I enjoyed the QNA parts having a little bit of the crowd. I think we enjoyed having Bobby and Ravi on. And unfortunately, had three Mike's. We made it work. We made Kaga show was a disaster disaster. Kyle held on us to not come to the Chicago show. I'm not saying, it's your fault. Kyle. Ran out of money. Real quick real quick highlights for those wondering what the context of the show was. And if we do another tour, I think we're going to do another tour a little pre TS here. We're going to figure out a way to do another tour. And if you have any friends that are women, please invite you. Damn please plays them vitamin. We'd love to see him. I'm not in a weird way. At all. Just like to entertain them as best. We can I won't make just I'll talk about anything outside of basketball if that will help with entertainment, whatever it takes. I mean, they want to hear about you know, a star is born. I don't know I'm make a phone call and I'll put the phone megaphone. Let them talk about it. But I'll do my best. Chicago was good in that part. We did have my mom said if we kinda Chapel Hill should bring Oliver garden clothes. Thank you. Mom, whatever. Whatever it takes. But yeah, it was a good time in Columbus. The highlight was we asked Chris Holman how much cocaine he thinks Eric muscleman does. And then he looked at us. He looked at me. Like what the fuck did you drag me into? How did I end up on the stage? Sorry coach. But I gotta ask the tough questions up here journalist, he actually had fun. He seemed to have a lot of fun with it. But we he went into unsure of what it was because we did to Columbus was my favorite show because it was basically my people, and they were just hooligans, and it was probably our biggest crowd. And I thought we were going to have like a normal podcast sort of vibe, and maybe there'd be a little audience interaction. And that as soon as we walk on stage. It was like goddamn Jerry Springer show and just people who didn't holler into thrown. Here's I was like, oh, my Lord. And then it just got wilder from there in Greg Oden to his credit. I mean, it took a lot a little bit of time for him to warm up. We're talking about bad guys and just the data stuff and Greg sitting over there. And you know, God knows what he's thinking about privatised in his head. Here. Meet me in the middle. It's all it's all I. It's all I could hear in his head. And then eventually he each in and started ga- I kept saying Greg thoughts. Yeah. He finally finally chimed in and made it happen so job, Greg. Holdman left. I think right left. Yeah. He was on his best behavior off, right? To do that. Louisville was fun. We had the the guy who was telling us about a cigarette burns on his arm. We had no idea that was that was that was the question. Yeah. The fan. The QNA's. They wanted to like they wanted to create a bond with Kyle and talk about their forearms that kept happening. And it was very strange in one guy was like, yeah. I burned cigarettes on my arm. When I was in the navy, and I was like I was waiting for him to say like he covered it up with a tattoo or something. It was like, that's it. I know he's your microphone back the cow. He's like all right. That's it. That's the last question is a statement. That means listening to this podcast right now. I just want to tell that, man. It was pretty cool. It was it was it was fun. It was it was just not a question. We we're doing to question answer session with questions very maverick move. You don't tell me what I did. I'll tell you what I'm gonna say. The highlight of the Bloomington show was a taste saying I will fuck you up to the entire crowd with someone asked. If you the QNA happened and someone raises his hand, and he goes my questions for Kyle who would win in a game of one on one. If you guys played right now in like just got out of his chair and point out. The I listen to it. I will fuck you up. And it was it wasn't wasn't it. It wasn't a bit. Basketball, come back and your dad, God bless his soul. He he stands up. He loved that. Because we've been showing Bob nightclubs just like, you know, talking about like a pastime to toughen. You know, like you're talking about Putin your nuts out. I mean, that's what we showing clips of Bob Sanders players, and you know, your dad was all fired up from that. And then we went back into throats a little bit. But all in good, fun loved the balloons and crowd loved that guy that asked that question again, bring fun. I'll fuck you up in good fun. It'll be fun. And then Chicago we had the technical difficulties. Kyle bailed on us, but Robbie and Bobby saved us. We're going to have we need to have both those guys on the real show. And so we can show them off to the world because they were tone of fun had great stories, and yeah, it was a great time. So I don't know. I just wanted to talk about that. Because I wanted to thank everyone for coming out. We we legit had no idea what the expect in terms of crowd size of in terms of what the show is going to be laying neck neckline like we've never done. This almost like wasn't even our idea like the people at the ring approached us and said you guys wanted to tour, and we're like what does that mean that they said, we don't really know just go figure it out. So. It was it was very much success. And I don't mean that to destroy and he goes, I mean that like I I was very anxious about what this is going to become and I had a ton of fun. And it was awesome. And I would love to do that again. So thank you to everyone who came out. It was cool. That's pretty much all I want us to go and it rained everywhere. We went every single when we were getting followed by rose. I realize I'm very very soft. Yeah. I've been out I've been out in LA for a couple of weeks, and I went back to the mid west. And I was already complaining about the weather, and it's bad. It's very it's very bad. I agree was freezing. No. I mean, I don't mean. The weather's bad. I mean, like my my transformation is bad. Like what LA does like I'm going soft. This is happening. And I can't stop it. And it sucks various very much talking about basketball, though. Let's talk about it. Why not? So what to you? We we've had a week since the champions classic Duke was the talk of everything and still is did, you know Martinez. The Duke will be playing coach K's alma mater at one PM on Sunday in primetime own ESPN on Sunday. One pm do will be playing army coach K. We'll be playing Veterans Day Veterans Day. Army will be coming to Cameron indoor and they won't be playing each other on Sunday at one pm. I've never seen army. Army coach K is Duke with army Duke is army coach K got married on people for hit coach K got married on campus on the Davis graduation. He married his wife on armies campus, which is like a story that you'd get glossed over like just imagine that right now on the day that you're graduating you then you do your ceremony, and then you walk over to the chapel and get married like debt is absurd. It's absurd and people just go also like, I swear like all the tapes of the stories that sounds like folk tale all the stories of romance and everything else that happened like before nineteen seventy five it's the most fiction. We'll know it's the most insane shit. If you put it in terms like you look the Frank the Frank Martin story talking about how he was courting his wife, and you like put that in the the lens of today. You're like what the flock to? Same thing with the coach K that you're like it sound romantic because you're just like picturing, the sixties or whatever the hell the forties. Whatever it is. You graduated a window not twenties or the fifties sixties? It sounds so romantic back then. But if you put it in two thousand eighteen terms at a guy like got married right after graduation be like it's kind of weird, dude. It's kind of like, I don't know celebrate one thing at a time here. I don't know. Have you seen the man? Anyway, back to the point everyone's talking about do we just did it for just ourselves. We got sucked into the vortex. But what other than Duke and the first week of the season jumps out to you. If I ever say to you where do we want to start this podcast? You would say what let's vix that have been a big twelve record. He did eight for eight from three a man that we were calling Gerald just a week ago. The last time we had a podcast. We're calling him Gerald Vic I'm upset that he lost his number two, Charlie. And I'm like, how's he going to lose? Number two hilarious story. What is this whole thing? Like, they didn't even want him to come back to the program. The man goes into the field house. And he's like, you know, what I'm just going to say not only Kansas record and go for eight. I thought he was gonna blow it at the end ticket stupid shot. Thank goodness. He didn't that would have been the Gerald thing to do. And then he doesn't it's a big twelve record eight eight from three he had thirty two points. I believe. Yeah. So what do we do? Now. What would you? What would you? And I know Kansas our best player, right? Yeah. Do we have to tell him that? Right. It is one of the funniest stories in college basketball. Right. This second is that legit Vick was basically kicked off Kansas like Bill sell. This didn't have there was no spot. Let me remind people that this did not happen in in April or may or whatever where where the jailbreak was going through the process and Bill self thought he was gonna rare Bill self came out in February and said legit Vic is cons. Like, I'm getting this guy. This guy is off my team. I don't care where he goes at the end of the season legit visas gone. You're going pro your go, everyone just get the hell out of here. Right. He makes us announcement February, and okay, that's what's going to happen. And then legit Vic comes back after the whole process. And it was very awkward for everybody. He'd loses his number because a prickly for legit. Vic, right. He just seems to be like, okay. Cool cut my hair and get a new long story short Tate. I think it's clear that Gerald Vic is blackmailing Bill self. That's that's the theory that I I'm going with that Gerald Vic Bill self says, you don't have to go home. Just get the hell out of here, legit fix. Fine. I don't care anyway, I'll go to the NBA and make millions of dollars and be great. And I don't need. I don't need Kansas. Anyway, Gerald Vic goes and tries to go to the NBA the NBA's like knob Rover good jail. Vic comes back to Kansas says Bill I'm coming back. I don't I don't care what you say bills. Like, no, dude, you're really not jail Vicks. Like, I know where the bodies are buried. I know where the bags are. I'm coming back and Bill selves like come on back. He's like that's how we got here. I was shepherding Billy on his recruiting. Visit also he's like you're right about that. What would number you? Here's another theory. I have so that one I can't tell series I fully. I mean, his mom cried lead baby. The texture of us three two point performance. Well, because he's always backed he's starting. Yes. He does. The other thing is like he's their best score on the navy. He earned it like now he should be starting. But like Kansas could've started anybody. They they didn't need to start legitimation. All right. One two dots and loaded. It can start any five guys in their rotation. It'd be fine. And so for for for for self to also start Vic, it's very strange but working back to number two. That's the question is there. If I was him, and I hit my eight three and I knew I was one hundred percent. I would have gone to the bench going to Charlie more, take jersey off. And then put it on the other thing about the eighth threes. I watched that whole game he had at least two shots one shot. His toes were on the line. And it was a two. So yeah, it goes basically three that he hit and another one like his heels were on the three point line. So you do you like it was very close to hitting going ten for ten from three. So it was even almost better than that. The other theory are have what this whole thing is that he chose twenty four purposely. I I don't know if this is public or not if he's actually said because maybe maybe someone will send me a link and told me the real story, but my theory is he chose twenty four because of Kobe situation. Whereas like phase one of my career, I was a different number. And then now I'm face to twenty four, and that's what he's like he thinks that happened in the inner road. Come on. People. Don't forget that's come on. No, no. I I think that he shaved he shaves the head shaved head was ahead. We both of us. We thought that he lost them athleticism. He couldn't even dunk in the game. We saw Michigan state, and I'm looking to you. And I'm like who is guy what has happened to him. I thought maybe he'd suffered an injury like throughout the draft process. And then he had to come back, and he was trying to work his way back and then he hit eight threes. I bet I bet that was like the feedback. You got was we need to see you hit more threes. And he's like say no more fan. I'm changing numbers cut. My hair. It was like should he should just change his name at this point. You should have changed his name coming into the season. And I think he would have been the one. He'll yeah. The one Hernandez like who's this new guys like just be Ron Johnson? This season comes any shaves. The head has got a new number Ron Johnson. Every story is he just transferred from community college or something and scouts be like damn. I'm really into this guy eight threes. That's that's pretty nice. I mean, I think if Gerald Vicky date threes, and he was a freshman on Kansas. We'd be talking like he's trae young. Freaking out like even if Grimes at eight threes, we'd be freaking out. So. All right. Let's so Kansas had had a close game. And I think I think that's interesting that Kansas. We came away from the chambers. Classic very impressed with Kansas very impressed with Duke. And then both of those teams I wouldn't say struggled Kansas probably struggled more than do. But it was like Vermont Vermont keep Kansas. Army gave Duke a good game that ultimately do ran away with it. But for the camera tish. Yeah. But I think like the spread was like forty and the Duke game so forty and a half, they they straw. They both struggled in a in a sense. And then it was just a reminder Tate. The college basketball. We gotta pump the brakes of this stuff. Sometimes you just have to do game. Let's just go in and talk about it. Right. RJ Baird is getting the Kerry calls. He's getting he's getting called for traveling. And this is the first little, you know, it's the first time I've seen like a little crack in in the whole empire. That's going on right now because he was getting very frustrated. We're gonna K and he's like why are you letting me this wouldn't happen? Still red. And he couldn't say anything because like it would be messed up to do on Veterans Day. He's on TV. He's going against his alma mater. You know, he can't turn on army. Oh, wow. Wow. Yeah. And you got married did you that again? Thank you for your service. Coach think you it was implant of a day. That's where he was at in life. You know? So he couldn't say anything. He couldn't defend his guys, you know. And then after the game. Did you see the no, no, no, no, no rant? Yeah. Now. Now now now now it was just like nine nine nine nine. It was perfect. And that was the only thing that I can say is like why I had a good Veterans Day is like first of all army great game. Love love. Love the way that you guys played like never forget. Thank you for your service, all the above. I mean, you guys are awesome. And Jalen rose great for him. He came out was like this Duke team who's starting out. Now Jacoby is like come on. Jaylen, you know, Veterans Day. He's like, I don't know. God bless God bless Jalen. I would I would be doing the same day without him as an Ohio State guide. Let me just remind everybody though that five one zero trophies never forget that. They've never won the big ten never wanted national title. So just I don't know. They also lost the do. So he has a little bit of vindamme. You're gonna say the Duke guys are going to start. I love I love. Jalen. I love that. He does it. I just also love being an antagonistic right though. Army played a good game in like, I saw some genes in the armor, some cracks in the whatever. Yeah. Yeah. It was it was I n blocked people like I've never seen a human block people in college. But. What what we saw from army? What we saw from army in. Vermont was like a reminder that college basketball is not just the top of the top teams that have the the future NBA all stars. There are this is why I love the sport so much is that there are the armies and the Vermont's that move the ball, and and and back cut guys, and and can shoot threes. Like, honestly that that was how both of those teams like Vermont certainly in the in the Kansas game. That's why they were leading for a long stretches. They were shooting the they were letting bouquet basically dunk it, and then they would hit a three and that seemed to be back and forth. And the only reason Kansas ended up winning because Vic it was like basically three point contest between Vic in Vermont. But anyway, you you're reminded that as the season goes on as as you wash Duke beat the shit out of Kentucky in you're like who's going to stop this team. And then you remember like there's so many different styles that Kentucky was trying to basically play dukes game and Duke is always going to be better at playing deuce game than any other team. But you do runs into a team that's trying to play a completely different style of. Of basketball becomes interesting. Yeah. You get like the bay on the tooth results. Virginia is going to be interesting to watch him play Virginia when they slow it down and pack in the defense. Yeah. All these teams. That's what makes college basketball, so fun. So armee army was a it was a fun game to watch the army Dugan. Yeah. It was at one PM was on ESPN coach. It was unbelievable. Yeah. But learn Gerald Vic safe fantas let it go. Let it go Bill jail shine. What else? What else? Do you want to talk about? What's next want to talk about Jerome is burning real quickly? We talked about it on this podcast Virginia. First of all the ACC thirty until Josh passenger blue last night. You talked about Tennessee, Tennessee. Yeah. That's right. Great. Do you want to apologize whose fault was it that we didn't cover Tennessee in the previous Tennessee fans? But it was thought here's the story. Here's the fake story. We'll go with we did not want to talk about Tennessee and the previews because we think Tennessee is an under the radar funnel four team. Yes horse. And you've you saw what happened? Like, we feel like Nevada is is kind of feel themselves a little too much too. Many people are talking about and it's going to the to own the air on the radar there. Yeah. They're keeps. You off the radar yet? We wanted you to be a bomb. But yeah. So we wanted to see that. You may not because you were not in the service. Again, never forget, we we wanted Tennessee to to go under the radar, and that's the fake story. The real story is we were we made the list of all the teams. We made the list of all the team real story much worse story fucking idiots. We moved the list of all the teams all the word document. And then when we went to order them, we were like cutting and pasting, but then we cut Tennessee to move like up or down or whatever. And then we cut another team. And when we pasted it pasted the second team but didn't pace the Tennessee team. And then Tennessee at that point is just completely cut from the list. And then we'd never like this. Be awesome. This Christian dog was explaining he's like cut this guy's name appeared, then the numbers where it right because I was actually sitting that to so and so served so what you're saying is you're an idiot, actually. So is that can go to jail for that. Anyway, we need to talk about Tennessee because Tennessee fans are really upset. They thought that there's like some some personal slide against them that we hated Tennessee for some reason, it's not the case, we actually I actually I don't feel bad that we left off Maryland and Butler in Colorado and whoever else we left off because like who really cares about those Tennessee. I actually was really upset that we forgot to Mitch does it because I think Tennessee could go the final four. I think they're the best team in this. He's back to back years. Is the first time in program history. I think I heard that on ESPN maybe they brought them up. But I will say this about Tennessee. We talked about them on the Pac twelve podcast the west coast basketball podcast. And as we say when people get upset that we don't talk about west coast best ball, I say go to this one podcast. So Tennessee, technically host. We take him to the west coast. Grant Williams is somehow better than he was last year. One SEC player that your last year three games. I'll let me pull up the stats here. SEC player of the year. Right. He was SEC player. Right. He's gonna repeat repeat he has to he's twenty eight. She's twenty two a three point seven assists. And he's like he's like a perfect college basketball player because you don't I've no idea what position he really plays. He kind of just like floats around. And then he he I mean, he's obviously afford any rebounds in dominates the paint. And all that. But I don't know he's undersized. But also, he's he Luke maye. Yeah. Basically, what do you say undersized? You think that like the guy is not can't hold his own in the paint? But he definitely can't definitely bigger than everybody. But shorter than I it's it's very easy. Perfect college basketball player, I love him. So we're very excited about Tennessee. I was very excited about Georgia Tech. I thought they were going to defend the AC's honor. And I actually saw so I'm trying to keep up with Georgia Tech recruiting trying to get them back in the game. I saw this guy Croatian guy. This person exists is not the situation that you made up so brilliantly for the ring of people on that video that they made Otani. Jank veg. Who is that Otani Jankovic gonna be five star crew Croatian? He puts up pictures this weekend in Atlanta. We're in Georgia Tech stuff. And I'm like Jenkins going with ner. Georgia Tech's back ramblin wreck. Let's get it. And then they go and blow it and now I'm not talking about Josh passer anymore. So Josh pastor you've been banned from this program until a couple of weeks. He lost the Tennessee. Yes lost. Yes. Lost a real game. Well, he lost. He made us not undefeated. Here's a story. I want to talk to you about. Did you see the BYU got sanctions for knickknacks for not even snacks? It's it's funnier than snacks. If you're if you were to come up with a scenario for BYU player to take impermissible benefits a Volkswagen Jetta meals at a country club and tickets to Harry Potter wild wizard. Ing world of Harry Potter. I mean is there more on brands scandal that could possibly happen that Louisville gets the Hooker five free month's movie pass the BYU ticket. And all the kids are like I really want to go to be while you. Dad? Look I'm going to Universal Studios. You kidding me was cornering like the seven year old market. Like all the seven year olds are like, that's sweet. That's that's awesome. So Nick Emery gets that. That was the story was or at least what I saw he he got like the use of Jeddah. He got like free golfing like meals at country club. He got tickets to the Harry, Potter, whatever the hell that is and like tickets to a YouTube concert and BYU then had to vacate forty-seven wins from three seasons. That's the craziest forty-seven wins. The lot of wins, including the the the meek a game at Gonzaga when Gonzaga's undefeated and Eric mak- went nuts. And yeah. So Gonzaga's still undefeated on the season. Congratulations to fix so basically Carolina beacons aga- Carolina ended the season in twenty seven. They basically you cheat. Basically Carolina ruined. Like, what could have been the best story in college basketball? So we didn't go guys you did it so the BYU sanctions happen. And and the Nick Imrie care. That's. What I wanna know? Like like, what are you gonna do Nichols? What twenty four years old now he's out of college? So like what is this team, dude? Oh, he's still team. God. Oh my God. I think he cares. He's suspended. He's been to like nine games. I think I thought he was already I guess I just look at it. Yeah. It's it's it's. If I remember two year things, and and you're not back. I'm confused. Just just tell me if you're on the damn team or not I think he like stepped away from the team to go on his mission. Not no, I think he did the mission. And then he came back. If you go to Harry Potter, we're going to take a step away. I'm going to go to Harry Potter where I think he stepped away from the team for a year for personal reasons beyond the mission. And like, I think he has to hide the dude might be twenty-seven for real. Oh, four is. He really twenty four. I know he's twenty four. That's why I looked it up. It says the team comma twenty four he's a senior team this year. So anyway, he's twenty four year olds you know, going to wizard world without kids. I mean, if it's freelancer. So tell you seeing seeing these headlines though, it brought to mind as you can tell I just read the headline. Well, the the reason we should really talk about it is because I'm not sure if you've heard, but the FBI stuff has been going on in college basketball. And I thought like when I saw BYU got punished I thought of a good quote from Jerry Tarquini. Oh, he said this. He said that the NCAA is so mad. How mad are they the NCAA is so mad at Kentucky that they drop the hammer on Cleveland state. And and I thought about that quote that quote, just like kind of popped into my brain as things happen. I haven't heard that one. Yeah. So I guess why BYU why why is BYU getting Ponant? That's what the people want to know that come to us. We are the we are the guys who understand scandal. We are the guys who understand what college basketball works, and the people are very upset. Why is it that Mark Laibach has a tape of Shawn Miller offering one hundred grand to Andrea Eytan and Zona allegedly yet de'andre MRs no games. And and all these other schools are are being implicated and nothing's happening and BYU. Nice. Let me just say if you have any I had my neighbors. Great family. The Palmer family lived up the street. Great more than people. Very nice, always nice, no matter. What like something you'd be like, oh, it's raining. Cats and dogs literally cats dogs violence guy by oh my goodness. That is unbelievable. Wow. So you go to them. And you're like, hey, we're taking forty forty-seven wins away the podcast for the twenty four year old over here. And they're just like, oh, dear that look we're going to keep working hard. We're going to do our own investigation. We'll let you know what we find. Thank you so much. So you go for the nicest people because you have to deal with the headache show. Miller isn't being nice Arizona's it'd be nice these people in Tucson and be nice. No, that's pretty much. What it would be? Why you in all honesty that is the that is how you explain this is that all except the pit OD move on. Exactly, it'd be while you by people will also be why you probably does not have the system of fog is in place that actually I'm not gonna say probably I guarantee you this system of fog is in place, and that's pretty much all it is is that all these other schools. It's not that the day Murray come to the office. Come to the office is not the did see is it like this is why we make fun of Arcadia, quote, because you cannot like if you look over the history of the sanctions that have been dished out by the NCAA. They do not. Discriminate-? They're not protecting the biggest programs for God's sakes. They they they drop the hammer on Ohio State football and USC football. Like like, there's so many Kentucky was sanctioned to high hell forever. You know what I mean? Like, it's it's total bullshit. So what's really happening? Is that the NCAA just once the easy path? Like, these people have jobs you, and I have jobs we wanted. We want our jobs to be as easy as possible and it's much easier to look at BYU situation. When BYU is basically like, they don't have the the system in place to deny shit into pass the buck into say, I take full responsibility. Bookstop exactly BYU is just kind of like probably with the Cougars there being too nice. They they run their program straight. And then when they fuck up they're like, oh, yeah. I guess that happened. Whereas all these other blue bloods, they have a system in place to to muddy the waters, and that's really what's going on. Didn't say would love to take down Kansas. I I will I will confidently say that they would love to take down Kansas. They would love to take down Arizona. They would love to take down all these schools. What do we don't have the resources, and it's it's too complicated. And they're like, I don't know how to really beat this. Well what? What do we know about precedent? So this is where twelve thousand dollars just what this whole thing nicotine all has been offensive as up to twelve thousand dollars. The man loses forty seven wins and BYU gets wiped of all these games, and that's the punishment. Everyone's like me, and that's pretty harsh. Twenty thousand dollars is that Kansas. We know about based on the FBI which now the incidentally can investigate forty thousand dollars that now the instability Blake investigate that came out through the FBI. So if twelve thousand more this twenty thousand warrant was forty thousand word that's pretty much what I took away from this like, okay? So this is the punishment for thousand dollars now to that. I would say I don't think the NSA works that way. I think I think it should. But I know that's what I'm saying. The phonies part is if if you base on real law it's on. Incidentally law. It's. It's like, hey, Jim, whatever you want to do just give it to him. Fuck it, if you if you got a bag of one hundred thousand or you got like extra cream cheese on your bagel. It doesn't matter. Does it matter? It was too much more than you doesn't matter. So the FBI and like the US legal system. I guess in there. They're going to tell you base everything's based on some sort of precedent. So if you based on precedent, this is what twelve thousand dollars. Right. So we to grow from there to get a twenty you have to go even more to get the forty. That's never going to happen. So what are we doing here, folks? What are we doing lead? Nick, Emery, go to the whizbang world of Harry Potter. And have a good time. Did you see the other story? The other in say the other fuck the NCAA stories going on right now is the Virginia Tech kid the freshman. Oh, yeah. His ACT was too good. And he is he's not been cleared to play yet. Because basically the story is like his GPA was not great. And then he took the ACT and got a really good ACT score. And then she ace it was like we smell bullshit. And we don't want to Derrick situation again. Decisi T scores fake and long story short. He's being held out of of games because he did too. Well on his ACT as a nerd as valedictorian. Your thoughts on the nerd shaming going on here. I'm not happy about it very upset. I just know that the ACT there's a looser rules. I would say on the T as far as the SAT is at least in North Carolina. I can't speak for you know, the country, nor can I really speak for anyone other than myself. But the ACT it's a lot easier. Like, I took my tests on like a Saturday morning. There was like four other people in the room. Everyone's like there's math and science has and then they left and so. So I mean, that's what I would say. Like, obviously, there is some finagling that could be done on the side of things is what I would say. So I get oh so hold on hold on bass. President say what you want to say here Tate. Are you saying I could believe a lot more? So at least in North Carolina someone being able to finagle ACT system to get a twenty eight twenty four whatever it may be as opposed to someone taking a look I'm not going to lie. I know people that took SAT's and ACT's for people that were athletes. So I look I know that it can happen. But I don't this situation. Go on a very pointed thing keep going on. Tell us more details about the people that you know, coincidentally enough. He went to also had a paper class scandal. Interesting dude is take AR tests are people for Pokemon cards. Let's whatever why is that why you didn't make the Carolina basketball team. Is that your ACT was too good? No, my AR tests were to fifth grade. They're like this kid, what the hell do you think? Is there a future where is there a realistic future where their future is there a future back after this break? Is there a future where the NCAA we're all the schools rebellious? Yeah. That's is in the school that will soc- that everyone will follow. We'll be Texas. And we're all just waiting for Texas to do it. What is the till? But like Austin city limits and all this other BS down there is blind blinded all the Texas people from the fact that they have to succeed from the, incidentally, it's the only way the only school and get away with it like South Carolina's gonna try. We know that. There's no one's gonna follow like, oh, man. Like a good try guys West Virginia may try Bob Huggins after this buffalo game he might start the whole thing. Start the campaign to leave. But it's got to be a big school like that. Maybe USC. What's going to happen is Texas is going to get some sort of sanction with Tom Herman? And then Texas you'd be like, we don't accept your. We don't accept your sanctioned. We're leaving. And then say it's going to be like you can't do that. And then they're gonna text the shit. Okay. Cool hokum and the that's if you don't get that reference. I mean, just go look at that. Because that is messed up stuff and oh my God. No, it's it's y what does the last time the NCAA any story involving the NCAA had support from the public like any any decision. Whereas like the NCAA suspended this kid or the NCAA rule that this kid Cam Newton could. Yeah. Yeah. When's the last time? Like people love the people were like and good. Good job. Thank you for that. You can't sit now and he kept playing and that was awesome. And that's what you should do anytime. The incidentally, tries to tell you what to do even this Nikki number, you know, it'd be awesome. If BYU's you say, hey, Nick, you're starting tonight and just played him like who care like what could actually happen. And then they're just like, well, we took the forty seven games away. And you're like, well, I remember playing a win those games. So the coach who's the coach most likely to do that to just I mean, the obvious answer would be like Kay because he's case too old for this. I'm talking like what coach is going to start a revolution. Where he's just like I just completely fucking disregard. The and say, I don't care what you early. Yeah. Buff. Or is this like, yeah. It's got to be someone with a bite to go back. Abbas? Like does it. Does Shawn Miller to no? Sean you have to suspend guys like, no not gonna do it. What? Good documented do something about a bitch. I'm not doing it. Unless it's been like what you can't be. I'm not spitting him. He's like you can't make the INSEE terms like fine. I don't give a shit like we're not suspended them. We're still playing. We're still going to say I'm playing in the champions classic. It's on CBS guess how much for Meghan. I don't care. It doesn't matter. I'm going to get guys to come here. I'm going to send him to the NBA. We're going to make a ton of money. The fans were still going to play in the Pac twelve and. Yeah. Yeah. And move on move on. Yeah. Stopped me bitch. I think that will happen. If it it'd be awesome. But the incidentally will probably end at some point. Right. Eventually, I don't know. But the thing is like the NCAA is as we've said we reiterate this in why it's so funny to to you. And I that every time then today rules on something any headline involved that the schools are clutching their pearls and people are losing their minds is we should remind people. The NCAA is the school is the school's this is Frankenstein's monster that they've created the schools have signed off on this. They've agreed to this. This is their coalition that they formed so the the whole idea that like the schools feel like they are being heard by. It's like, this is your creation. Everybody's. Same side. Yeah. In politics when split people have like they're all on the same side. Yes. Like, they're a part of the same institution. Like, why did you you may, you know, you know, spit on your photo like step on your toes or like stub your toe? But like an end of the day like I'm still moving. I'm still living my life like sorry BYU against I guess, we gotta go make the million dollars over here over the BYU knows in eight years. They're going to be fine and get some of those millions. That'll be in play. You know what? I mean. It's like it's the long con exactly the space cash is out there. They're all grabbing it that's for. Sure. Oh, no, not BYU. Let's take a break come back. We we actually have to talk about the basketball because I wanna talk. I want to spend a good amount of time. And we should've started the show at this talking about Brad Davison MAC McClellan who stole my heart last night and eight Chris likes who still mind her last night. What we're gonna take a break. We'll come back. Quick break to get a word from seek getting tickets online can be far too complicated with hundreds of sites and varying levels of reliability it's hard to know who to trust. That's why Seekie is the way to go seek it tools. 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That's B O him. B A S dot com slash shining code shining. You will get twenty percents off your first order. You will not regret it. You're awesome. I wear them. Every day. Kyle wears them. Every day Tate is jealous of us every day. Stay up. All right. So last night, the gavitt games going on there continuing all week first of all the gavitt games kind of a dud, right? Like, the whole idea of the challenge of of biggies versus big ten. It's not worth it. Are you even aware that this is the thing that's going on there called the gavitt gay? Yes. I mean how surprised by that? Because I feel like only biggies fans and big ten fans even are aware that this is a thing that for the record. I was at home in North Carolina with my all we're doing is watching ESPN and stuff on TV, you aware that it's like an event or were you aware that like Xavier in Wisconsin, we're playing and also was aware of the like the namesake for what the event is they play each other. But I didn't know that it was like a big deal. Apparently, it seems like it's deal. It's not. It's not. It's basically like, yeah. I don't know. People care. That's all last year. The does a part of really anything. He played each Villanova plays. Michigan today, a rematch already championships three hundred playing that right after basically right after we get done recording this. But it last night together games are going on in the two big stories were for me. Anyway, were number one Brad Davis and doing the gator Trump as he said JP Makira at at Wisconsin last year is did gator chomp after Wisconsin fans, which would which I should also clarify that Wisconsin does the gator chop, which is very very strange. I don't I've never understood that. I'll never forget plane in Wisconsin, we played at Wisconsin. My freshman year, the first time I ever went. There was the night after Ohio State lost Florida and the national championship game the seven. Yeah. Yeah. The the January of oh seven. Yep. The Tibo Christly team. So we're coming out of the huddle, Christly great, Wisconsin fans are doing like the gator chomp. And I was like how stupid are these people that they are like are there. Taunting us because our football team lost a a game last night. We're not on the football team. You're not. So big ten. I was like this is very confusing. And so I was like I like roasted Wisconsin anyone I've talked to. I was like these assholes are doing the gator China. How how lame is that? And then I found out someone's correct me. They're like, no, that's kind of Wisconsin thing. It's a badger thing. But they don't close their, but they don't close their fist. That's what I remember. I think I brought this up we were doing teed up. I thought I was like why are they doing the gator trumpeter playing Florida? Yeah. Yeah. And you were like, no, we're just conversation not not like this Pacific. But you're just like that's what they do. And I was like what do you mean? Wisconsin. Also, does that eaters up in Wisconsin? So anyway, last year Xavier's, plano, Wisconsin JV Makira famously does the back at just like steaming mad like you get the shots or the people in the crowd like they can't do anything. And they're just like steaming. The start flipping them off. And it's it's you know, we love care for that. Because it was it was so perfect and I'll brain for him and then Busca bread returns the favor last night in Cincinnati. Yes. And it's got the people talking, and he he posted pictures of it on his Instagram follow ministry as my favorite person phone this him. He says he basically just just just post a bible verses and pictures of him fishing. And it's so perfect. Couldn't be any better. Like, I can't believe this man is a real, man. It's it's incredible. But so we post the picture of him doing the chop. And then JT mature is in the comments with Ella. And I think I just reached like p college basketball it's worth manship to, you know, good job J feed recognize that and just know that like when you like JP to him he's like, my coaches and there I'm not there yet. It's like this is hilarious to me not to X fans right now. But you know, it was I is worthy of comment. Thanks JP. My my other question to you is Wisconsin back now and your eyes -sconsin. Have your attention? We know Xavier was not going to be very good this year. They lost their coach they lost. Basically all the guys that made them so good season ago. We knew that this wasn't going to be a great year for savior. But Wisconsin, you know, PR Ethan happy than happy. I mean, that's my guy. I was all in on him last year. He, you know, supremely disappointed me had junior slump and now with him being back because Ethan looks back. He's not doing the one post move like last year. He just did this one move every he's still he's still does the one. Working. Sounds working. So for that reason. Yes, they are back Ethan half his bag. Wisconsin's back Busca Brad is like a good energy. Like is that even last year was even hats team? But buzz-cut Brad's was like shopping at the. The the fi like like happened and brag get all the attention hat because he's the best player in the bus got Brad because he's like a God. Damn, but has triple double statler, right? Like, it's kind of crazy. And then and then Davidson gets a lot of attention because he's just like a. Like white Davidson. And then I forget that both got Brad does have a last name. And it's not Brad. He gets a lot excuse me. He gets a lot of attention because he. Just like a character. Like, you can't even believe that this man is real. And he's also pretty good. Don't you? But Dmitri trice though from Wisconsin, you you you forget about him. You forget that Wisconsin might have the best backward. Dare I say t the best back court in the big ten to meet you. Try some bread Davison what they say. What is the hitmen up saying I'm going there? So who were beaten down that the gauntlet of top teams in the big ten with their backcourts courts. This is fucking. How rude I do? I do like Wisconsin. I'm very happy for them. And I liked Khalil Iverson. I've always liked that name Iverson and speaking of virus in Kuwait Doug about doing just move on. Can we talk about hacking, you bearing the lead people came to this podcast back McCollum? They did not come for Brad. David would actually I would strong disagree. I think they want the Busca Brad talk. But go ahead. No. I want you to have your maximum. This is this is nice. I want both like I was for the first time in my life. What else do we principle? We're going to appraisal. No do. Wisconsin's back Ethan hap is back. Both got Brad is back. Magma clung is here to talk about. I wanna talk about five o'clock. I do I I really really do. I just want to get Brad is do because the man is like I don't he he he taunted Xavier fans, and then was was posting bible versus the next morning. And I I just love him. So thirty and thirteen that's what I'm saying. Dude, Ethan hap is Ethan I figured out who he's in hep is. When you when you create a player on your video games? Right. And you get so many, you know, those games where they you can't like max out everything, and you only get so many allotted points when you first start out creating your player, and you try to you try to pick and choose like where you're going to chew stuff even happens like the guy who you turn like ninety nine on everything like the first three categories. You're like, oh, we're going to maxim out. And then you realize you ran out of points to use zeros on everything else. That's Ethan hap-. It's like ninety nine rebounding ninety nine assists vision, and then Microsoft pops up do you want to add more attributes Debbie twenty five dollars you like shit? I attribute sits like zero jump shot zero free throws. It's just like how can one man be so good at like three things. And then just complete guy goes over four from the free throw line there. You can't shoot free throws can't shoot outside the thing. That's why. That's why I want to talk about. But you're right Mamik long time. Patrick ewing. Who's the bigger star last night? Remember calling her Patrick Ewing? Always Patrick Ewing. Yeah. Always. You know, both going back for the future. And he showed some nut. Some. Today, and he showed some some. Shows and he showed some some. Mahone is nuts. I mean who else is saying that on TV who's saying have you ever shot that shot who's making memes happen? And this is a real test case in Georgetown basketball, because for me, I think when the biggies died Georgetown, as far as relevancy across the country, people just stop talking about them for whatever reason, and they came back with memes and the internet, and that proves that you can come back in different ways outside the bag everyone's trying to chase the back friend and as the bag everyone's trying to see if it's happening. They're trying to make it happen and penny trying to make it happen. Patrick Ewing says I need why kids don't my knee and memes. I need viral videos, and I need dope. Handshake lines. Like, yeah. He sees the first week white coaches. How're you doing? How you doing? Steve. What's up? He did he did do the q Bill hitch equalize so fervent and I'm just like, Patrick Ewing. You are the best you how do you understand the internet better than all of us? How do you get this is how you stay relevant. Go up. Dylan OI, beats them ass. Let MAC McClellan travel for five three sixties and America's like Georgetown is back. Oh, they definitely Georgetown. Matt McLean has wings tattooed on his back. This man, stole my heart last night. We already loved them. But that was the first time. I actually watched him play the game was last night. He gets a little I don't know man wh-. He's actually good. That's the thing. It's like he's got the feel of the trista. Jess who I'll never forgive gyms for for. Introducing me to this guy. Trista Jess a layup machine. After I watched tristen jazz. My that you watch I watched the trista jazz bullshit on. And then I started thinking like is. I get tricked into thinking back McClellan is like into the tristen. Jess, you think the same person sort of. Yes, forget like magma clone can actually play and he's actually good in Georgetown. Like the other kid was a Kinjo Kinjo. Yes. Yeah. The freshmen the other freshman guard. They have dudes. I don't know how good a Kinjo is like if he has if that's who showed his nuts. That's how good you like he had the big shot the floater to to ice the game an one I don't mean to kill Honus, the he's okay. He showed his nut. I mean, big cahuna. Television. Oh, he's going to be a four year guy though. Right. Yeah. Yeah. There before I know. That's I I that's who's deathly at one and done. I mean, if he's not a top ten pick. I don't know what the abuse do because the man you talking about entertainment. He's pure entertainment. Chris Vernon caught him wide Iverson, which I think is the easiest way up in in sports talk history. I'm gonna call them white drivers in because the may driver strivers son when he goes to the basket, he is going so hard, and I know this just planning it's guys. Sometimes there's so much going downhill, you just kind of let him go because it was like man, this guy really just wants it. Just. Let him do. It refers play your. Guard a guy like I don't seems more important to him. But he scores. Right. James? All right, dude. Whatever it is late in let me get the ball back. That's what he does the teams like like, he just he's running so hard. It did all these layups when you switch hands on that reversely. It was so fast. It's like, yeah. He'd done it. So many times I get home like in his front yard people like damn, dude. Like is there's no one guard, and you just tell out, but like once he got someone from it looked amazing. But like if you know he's going to switch hands. All you have to wait for to do that. Just knocked the ball like, you know, people will pick up on the tendencies, but for right now, it's so much Sean has an interesting team. I don't think they're going to go. I'm not getting excited about jesse's really real players real players. Like they've been sort of a joke. The last couple of years, but they're not a joke anymore. They're they're actually like MAC MacLeod is a good job. He's a joke. But he's good a star. But if you can't laugh at them. Yeah. You're laughing with them. Yeah. Yeah. Like when he said, he knows it's like hilarious. Let's say if if you're going to play Georgetown, and you go into the game. And you're scouting report on Matt McLaughlin is like don't let him do like this like if this gallery. Says Instagram start motherfucker sucks, like whatever he's going to kill you. Because he's actually good eight. Can we call them the white Zan? That's what I want. He tribe or since a good one. Yeah. He he's really trying like he he he's tried hard on defense. That's why I like you. I mean, he's he has like energy is not is that picking us. But I said JP Tokyo, he's not like Dunkin when he knows the cameras are on and not doing anything else. Like, he does do the dunks, obviously. But he does try really hard. You could tell you really care that on a t shirt. Dunks. This dude. This. John Starks when he didn't play that video. I mean that's his team. He can play that clip. This dude does the ducks. We get it to your this dude does the dogs on the front and on the back. It's angel. Number three. Perfect. George for people that don't know that. That's right. Coach K with the army. That's the other day. I learned he played at one o'clock against we're we're we're kind of bearing there's so much going on. I we keep saying we're bearing the league because their thousand leads the other stories that we must talk about is buffalo beating West Virginia. C J Massenburg dropping forty-three was kind of the story until the other story became the story. And then the other story became the real store. But in the moment, it was like, oh, wow. Buffalo huggy bear flows. Now ranked ranked twenty fifth seem team that beat Arizona last year. And yeah, very, very Baresi. And so does this make the buffalo loss various, look better? That does I think so right. Big winner. Shawn Miller by by buffalo, beating West Virginia. Bob, Huggins got Memed. We'll happen. They just kept. They kept me'mon him. You know, him being sat on the sidelines all over, you know, putting the huggy bear thing out there. And I'm like, it's November folks, let huggy bear lose these games. He's he's letting these kids learn how to lose their all newcomers. I mean, his press conference was awesome. After the game is basically just like I can't trust these kids. He can't trust Lamont west. Jackie three rain that guy. And I watched that game to not the brag. I I actually watched these games Tate. I did. I did say my job. Seriously. I watch Lamont west. This may can we rain this man in he he was three for ten from the three point line. He and and even three for ten I don't even believe it felt like he was one for like nineteen and was Jack and trees left and right beatable and get cramps in west Virginia's defense beatable and gets cramps goes out of the game. And then the wheels start to fall off for them. So I don't know if you're trying to be optimistic West Virginia fan, you're saying. Well, we oh back. We'll be fine. Even more. Yeah. I need more from him. I did this is kind of what I said at the be when we were doing the West Virginia preview is like I cannot taste really good and deserves to be talked about. But he does he is there's a little bit of the element. I think I used Jaanus as the example where although Yoenis is like actually really fucking nice this year. But like y'all just like three years ago where people wouldn't actually watch the games. They would just see like highlight where he'd make a play that. And you're like holy shit. This guy's got to be the best player. You see the cannot do blocks takes two hands and volleyball spike, and you're like well that man must be the best center in college. The. He's not he's very very good. He's bearing Mbo just like literally go get the paint. We're going to throw you a fastball in the land and turn around and just throw it in. And then get back on put your hands up in just like wait for the guys you block shots with two hands. Which is awesome. Yeah. And I like that. And he's very good. I don't mean to say that he's like one dimensional, but he's not a he's not as good as his highlights would indicate is all I've ever said about him. It's going to be down year for West Virginia until we hit big twelve play. And they're going to get their team around. Those young guys will get better. Exactly. And then they'll be back, and they'll be and that's that'd be fine. But no buffalo has my attention buffalo Dillard thinking about buffalo. I love I noticed this in the West Virginia game their starting five Tate jersey numbers one two three four five. Do you think that's a, you know, a Bobby Hurley thing that he left behind? Yeah. Is this program? That's a great idea. See if a program, Indiana, should do do could couldn't do click all goes. Well, I'm in I'm trying I'm trying to think team without names on the bed. I'm not saying I'm saying this specific team. Barrett's five zions one three is trade Jones Jones to his camera reddish for his grace now, and he comes back and whereas JJ number. Yeah. Remake reason. Yeah. There should be a team that does become a condo. Should switch to four. That's what it is. That's what it is. This is a free idea though, going back to number two O'Connell is going to four and that's the starting five for do free idea. If you're a college basketball program looking to start something cool, and like a like people interested in you. And you can't really figure it out do that just every year your number the jersey numbers change. And if you start your number or you can change game game. Can't you? There's no rule that says you can't there's no there's no real. This is a dog can't play basketball. There's also no rule that says you can't change numbers from game to game. So like just assign rules one two three four and five for your starters every game. And then guys like fluctuated, and all of you know, guy gets benched, you you lose jersey number five when you start over your someone gets hurt you coming into starting. Now, you weren't didn't Brassica used to hand out the black shirts for the defense like back in the ninety s or whatever it was like, your your your. Here's your black shirt. You've you've arrived that should be like the thing is like the coach presents. It is like Johnny come here. I guess I'm for you. It's the number three jersey. And it's like oh shit. Coach. You really think I'm ready ready? John. The most Indiana or butterfinger whatever they should both both programs to do this. How do we make this hat? I know this. But buffalo, you have our attention. Do you had our attention last year? They actually are a pretty good team. They're fun to watch C J Massenburg of just going nuts. And yeah, I'm excited to see what happened there. What else we got Chris Wilkes UCLA? I watch them the UCLA game. I like UCLA's team this year. I think that they got this guy Moses who is double double machine a guy. Like, I thought schrief O'neil will be missing. Then I realized that they have a bunch of other young guys at a really good, and we didn't even really get into the details with UCLA. So I really like that team Virginia Tech. I liked what I saw from them. Like west often. Kansas state, dean Wade, double double machine. Dean Wade's double double guy. Kansas state is. Yeah. Yeah. Deemed dean Kansas state's an interesting team the scores. You look at the score. They can't shoot. Which is interesting because everything with other Kansas. You said it was a three point shootout like playing Kansas. Those are two very contrasting styles of basketball and if legit Vega not making eight threes. I could see Kansas state having a good time playing against them. But yeah, he is they're going to get blown out. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Shot. You look good. You don't make some show Nick ward. Also twenty five and ten I didn't watch it. Here's the thing. The the three can coming out of the champions classic. We knew that Duke was was great unstoppable machine. We knew Kansas was right there on level almost or maybe just as good who really knows. We knew that. Nick ward was garbage. And we knew that Kentucky was garbage. And then basically, Duke look vulnerable and kind of subverted. Our thoughts on Duke Kansas did the same thing. Nick ward comes out and has a monster game. And then Kentucky still sucks, but. We'll get we'll we'll see about my mom, and I were watching coach cow, and it was like a pity party. Like, we're like feeling bad for them. Like come on. Coach Cal come on. Cal podcast is back. Cal coach art castoff. Dude Luque's also getting after I saw some headline that like the guy all all Kentucky's recruiting targets for the year. What next year whatever have committed to Memphis, pretty much is they said that Kentucky Kentucky the experts are saying Kentucky's expected to miss out on basically every targets that they have right now. Cow of the kings. Yeah. The rich richer with Brad, maybe that was assigned sign, you know, sit out just sit down wait and see what he's going to do because nature you're playing for the Sacramento Kings. Are are you suggesting Cal calls himself? Daddy. Absolutely. Are you kidding me? Definitely. Yeah. It was poor for Kentucky. Can I talk about? My boy looked may real quickly North Carolina after the on. Yes. All them in person unbelievable game. If you didn't watch north county Yuan game Nazir little twenty one points off the bench and twenty minutes. That was great to see Luke maye. I'm calling him. Big may until he loses some weight because I was I was told says a cease and desist. He's big all day. This this is as been big bay for about a couple of months, and I'm Luke Zion jokes are fun. Luke maye jokes. Telling you, he's big not fat. He's husky. I think I mean, he's slow. He's not looking great. I I was I'm willing to put him on the bench at this point just to, you know, send a message to him no money pass the mile time. Right. Isn't that the thing that Carolina has to you have to run the Monterey and the fastest mile of like anyone ever? So it really doesn't make any sense. I just need to see fertile pictures as if he just ripped up and its muscles that are making them, look, bigger, speaking of guys, and I on while we're on the topic. I watched the first episode of the earn everything dog. I couldn't I couldn't make it through bid on. I'm not watching. Sasha our friend who gave me her log in. Thank you Sasha. I promised her. I'd give her a shadow. So I watched the first episode, and there's a pool party coach Geico. Yeah, I've seen the clips and the entire team is in the pool playing volleyball with their shirts off one guy is shown a lot in this at this pool party. And there's one guy that doesn't ever take shirt off coach K. No, he actually had a shirt off. He has he has he has he has angel wing tattoos on his back shocking. Oh, no. You didn't have a shirt. One third everything on his chest. Yeah. A one player did not take off that man is on Williamson. And I'm telling you that is a fact that is way because I saw pictures of it with his shirt off. I was watching the whole goddamn thing. And you just see so you're saying own video on video they didn't show up. But then they put the pictures out of him with his the pictures at the pool party. But on video that didn't you because I know the cause you can Photoshop lectures, but the video I swear I was watching I was trying to I mean, I could go back and recheck every angle foot from what I saw they would they would cut two guys you're playing cornhole, and they all got their shirts off Zion sitting there and at one point he took his shirt off, but he had the tank top underneath. And so he's like hold on the shirt while he's got the tank on. And just very curious. That is a fag. I moved to always have the shirt like that is the pool is actually that is one hundred percent effective. I moved fool to have the shirt on when they're done. Shirt on say. That's how we roll again. I don't blame you. Sure. Yes. Peer pressure you've so. Yeah. I don't know. I just felt that interesting. But Luke maye back to Luke maye. He's fat. Is that what you're saying? No. I'm just saying I'm worried about his weight, but also. Love leaky black love Nazir little love Kobe. Wait. Why does a little all great kids? Why is a? The kid the little is he not starting. Oh because ROY Williams is he's played. He's played start a minute. So he's played in the top five minutes. Trying to Marvin Williams. No, he's not he's going to be starting garrison. Brooks will come out. Eventually, I think it'll happen in Vegas next week. And then he's going to and then what number is little. We're what do you mean? He's already wearing number five. He's already earned the starter jersey and look twenty one points and twenty minutes. I mean, I know quite a green head fourteen points off the bench, but you know, twenty one points and twenty minutes is pretty impressive. I have a couple of things I want to bring up seventh woods also back. Who can't wait? Couple of things I want to be also back. I have a couple of days I'm gonna bring up Auburn blew out Washington. That was the first that was like the the one I think it was the the only game between two ranked teams that wasn't champions classic. I believe sin widely gave me a lot of Nick Richard vibe in that game. Yeah. You seem very disinterested is going on. But I guess they're good. The the the the defense that is that Auburn look by the time Austin while I got in the game. The game is pretty much over all of Washington. And I bring it up to say auburn's a good team. I was I I really want to go to game there, by the way that atmosphere. Looks awesome on TV offer. No, let's figure it out. But Washington concern about Washington they had the big they had the big win against Nevada. And the the secret scrimmage. Right now. I know that's why I'm worried because I'm a Washington guy. Now, we know this. I got a twelve dollar gift card. I'm in the bag for Washington. The two three zone was no looking very over. Auburn is getting any shot. They wanted to athletics. The Washington was. Coast basketball. They played some some no name west coast school free like Santa Barbara or some and they had a close close one too close one after the all very in. Cal State Northridge. Godfrey was there. They had another close game. So I'm concerned about Washington. Don't worry about. Yeah. They'll be back. It's offer the tournament. I'll get us making the turn. It is the turtle. Yeah. They're they're going to do the they're going to do. They're going to get eleven seed make the elite as hitting eleven c start planning zone the tournament teams freak out. And it's perfect and the other the only other thing I wanted to mention was Loyola lost at home the Furman. Did you see how they lost though? Did you see the the guy back cuts and then yams on the dude from and vermin another military school in South Carolina? Congratulations for the troops. Also, if you're Duke and your coach K, you just gotta let army win right on veterans say, I couldn't believe that. Yeah. But that was bigger. What would I guess is not? Yes. Loyal the loss, which was pretty at home. But pretty shocking huge upset really Loyola has Clayton. Custer's the twelfth best player in college basketball coming into the season as we know. So yes, so is the pressure on porter and. Yeah. I think so. The showed. Yeah. Actually, I was on the stove. I was watching the I was watching. I I saw the highlight. Because firm the game was tied or whatever the guy goes back door. Catches catches a bounce pass. And then just goes up and yams loyal to basically win the game. And if you zoom it if you like look up, this clip on Twitter, I swear to God zoom in you can see like in the background sister's sister Jean been wheeled out of the arena hall, Mike. It is again. Yeah. Is over I'm out of here. What a fair weather fan. So that was pretty interesting to me anything else before we go. No. I'm just excited to talk about college basketball. We're going to do another one this week. That's really the question of this point. We've got to figure out the schedule. We gotta figure out I want to talk about this Michigan team because I like what I've seen from Charleston Char's Matthews. I that team. They got a nice little Canadian guy. We haven't talked about also David scarf from Clemson playing great blue note. We should do. We'll do another problem Friday another right? Because we we gotta talk about the Michigan Villanova game. That's happening today. Get talking about muscleman. There's a lot to talk about we didn't get we didn't get to enough of it. We took like a week off. I don't really know why coincidentally you were also going for a little while. I don't know. Just connect the dots. I'm trying to it was nice to be home the North Carolina creates a be in Chapel Hill. Even though it rained the entire time. But also great to be off the road one. Last thought I just I just thought of speaking of Villanova. Did you see today the G right was talking about quarterly and said that he he has the potential to be the best point guard that Villanova's ever had and then the the standard that he set was like calorie Kyle Lowry. And it's pretty interesting. I'm trying to think who was a point guard. It was. Who who is the last good point guard? They head at Villanova. I can't remember. Yeah. I'm sure you know, what named after Jalen rose. You know, what I'm sure Jalen Brunson. I'm sure Villanova fans are going to be really shitty at Jay. Right. And then lose their minds. The I mean to be honest. I'd be pissed about skill Espy. We're on the right side. What are you brought at the academic like the arch? Also, another guy really thought could could do it the next level. Jay Wright commits to our bid, and he starts listing every point guard. He's heading except just. Anyway. All right before we go, let's do dirty laundry as well. Let's let's let's let's put out the best signal for that. Send us us at one shining pod false on Twitter too. If you're into that sort of thing, if you want to if you're I don't know, but but your your your laundry stories, we're going to bring that back next week, our people do you check the DMZ style. It's been a while. I'm not gonna lie to you. I don't have the past exercise right now. Do you have do you have the password? Can you open it right now it? Yeah. Let's do it. Let's do an exercise where I don't check the first one. Yeah. Just like read read like just pick a random DM that we have not read and probably six months and see what's going on. In the meantime, I'm gonna I'm gonna put out the call to the people we're going to bring back dirty laundry shit. You guys know the password confirm item. I don't know. Look at it. I have no idea what the past. Did whatever gets tweeted is not I. The president. We'll figure it out by next week. We'll send us in the DMZ your your stories about, you know, college basketball coaches that you saw on campus or just all your laundry, you, you know, what the segment is also good guy, bad guy. We'll be back. It will it will be the most confusing segment and. To this year is a good guide and back guy, and I saw Steve bad guy or bag. And if you can't hear me, I'm done. What do you mean by good guys? Hear me. Thank you up. That's where I'm at in terms of Steve Levin and a picture with Jay, right? We're gonna have you seen the picture of show to after this wearing literally the biggest Adidas logo you'll ever see and your title the sweatshirt is entire body. And it says an Adidas sign Evans doing this bad guy. That's my that's my honor. I first Bagai the season. Steve Levin will cannot wait. We'll bring a bad. Yeah. It was it was the most. But that became part of the charm was how confused. This year because this Jerome seasons. Roby earning. We'll do Kyle's guy. Kyle's got so good. So getting toward a week. Good guy. Bad guy calls guy cows guy, cows guy. What about cows guy where Kentucky player who's not terrible. This week is like the really proud of edgy hairs what he was able to do for the Cavs last win over the Hornets, the NBA guy. Yeah. That'd be good. I was thinking like I was thinking like the one guy is not fucking up for the Kentucky team. Share quiet green. Yeah. Quite is. Always that thirty point games Calvin four thirty so yes, since you're diem, most your dirty laundry stories, we're going to bring that back. We're also I wanna I wanna put out the the best signal for the club trill belt that I I've mentioned before if you're if you're listening to this, and you're a player your college basketball player a walk on mostly walk on probably gonna have better chance to win it. But you can be a scholarship got to it doesn't matter. We don't discriminate. No. But also division. One men only. But also be a D one Email me one shining pod at gmaiLcom and and sign up for this contest. Where I am giving a replica WW championship belt. Accustomed one. You saw Kevin love wearing one over shoulder when the council and the title, I'm doing the same thing. We are giving out a bell to whichever player gets the most trillions in college basketball this year, we have like fifteen guys I want to say signed up right now. So so the getting like, it's it's there's not a ton of guys. Like if you sign up you have a good chance of winning the saying, it's it's bad ass bell. You're going to be awesome. It's a fun contest. That people get really excited about it. And that'd be belt guy. Yeah. What are the Bill day of the okay? So fans that are listening to this bug your bug your walk bug players to tweet it then tell them to sign up for this. And if you're a player, listen to this Email me and get on the list because I'm only including people that that wanna be on it. I don't want people involved in this contest that don't even know about it. So that's that anything else before we go to your your over the hold your phone laughing. Like, you got something to say, no, I'm just laughing. All right. That's it. We will be back on Friday. Or are we doing it on Friday? I think we should do what on Friday, we get like a set schedule for this guy, Dan, podcast, Tuesdays and Thursdays unless I have other things. News. I got I got to meet a plumber my house at three o'clock on Friday. So you're gonna have to do something. A hole in my ceiling. And it's because well first of all this is a hole in your ceiling. What is the plumber? Good. Well, that's the pipe seem like damn that's I don't have insurance guy. So I need to get any. What are you hear podcasts? Oh, what am I getting my own room back in my apartment is the is. That's one thing at a time yet, you gotta get a car your own room. Then a podcast a whole. That's the one two three. That's a cop plan in a ceiling. Patched comes of the new players. Those are like included in the car every time you fix your ceiling and patch it up you lose the chance of funny things that I somebody sent me a casper mattress. And it's in a box waiting to move some just staring at this. Awesome mattress in a box that I just can't. Roommate looking as like I'm looking at that. That's what he's looking at. I can't wait till Kyle. Then he's like you'll never see what happened. I woke up at all her was. That'd be that'd be the. Seasons back. We're we're doing. All right. We'll be back on Friday. Get Kyle couch. Get Kyle mattress get Kyle has stealing fix. Get. Cal verified on Twitter. Do if you if you have any power all out there directed towards Kyle the men need some help. We will see you guys. Write it.

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