Lakers v. Clippers, Credit to Brady + Belichick, AD/Lakers saga


All right I'm Jason with lot. He's Marcellus Wiley that do yes sir. I want to speak for yourself. The most fearless show in sports coming up. We'll tell you the steelers made a mistake taking Mike Tomlin off the hot seat and one hour from so now. I've got some advice for Dak Prescott what he should do with his money but we start today in the N._B._A.. Yesterday watching the clippers owner Steve bomber introduces two new Stud Missiles Kawhi Leonard and Paul George reminded me of a long ago Reality Television War Movie Operation Desert Storm. I remember that upset by Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait the original President Bush put together a coalition of nations showed off our new weapons weapons and declared war on Iraq in the weeks leading up to our invasion. The news media hype Saddam's military according to the media the Iraqi army had a special forces team called the Republican Guard who were trained assassin and reportedly extremely loyal to their dictator Operation Desert Storm was supposed to be the military reenactment of the thrilla in Manila but the Republican Guard entered the ring on a stretcher they jumped out of their foxholes and surrendered at the sound of the first Patriot missile launch Operation Desert Storm was a reenactment of Tyson spinks operations staple storm the N._B._A.. War for the soul of Los Angeles <hes> might be the exact same thing. You look at Steve Bomber. Just look at this do I have these notes say. I'm just fired up to be here today. It's pretty cool pretty cool. That man wants to destroy Jeanie Buss and the Lakers the the way George H W Bush wanted to take out Saddam Hussein look at the Stud missiles bomber has acquired. It's not just Leonard and George Doc Rivers is General Norman Schwarzkopf off a decorated war hero from previous championship battles. The clippers have navy seals coming in off the bench and Lou Williams and Mantras aero the clippers of the best basketball army money can buy and they're motivated to erase an ugly ugly history of failure and buffoonery and now look across the clippers competition. The Los Angeles Lakers are the Lakers ready to point on the Lakers ready to point fingers and quit the first time when a bomber studied missiles land magic magic Johnson the face of the Lakers he already quit. We've been talking about next year and I'm sitting there saying I'm not going to be. I'm not going to be AH Anthony Davis Lakers big off season acquisition has yet to suit up in the purple and gold but he's already talking about playing for his hometown Chicago. Bulls Davis is only committed to the Lakers for one season you could did slip Lebron's and try to find a young star to join him in Chicago or Hell. Maybe Lebron would force his way out of Los Angeles and join a in the windy city. Yesterday I said Lebron the leader of the Lakers elite Democratic Guard would not back down from this war inside the Staples Center today. I'm not so sure the blonde doesn't take blame for failures. He assigns it when Steve Bomber bulldozers and brings down Jeanie Buss and Operation Staple Stall Lebron on James will be a refugee in another m._B._A.. City are joining the desks. Now is Yahoo Sports N._B._A.. Insider Kris Haines who set down with Kawhi Leonard just yesterday effort press conference but Marcellus will start with you. Are the Lakers going to put up a good good fight this season's first of all let me just get this out the way I don't think there's anyone in this industry to every pulled off those war references and still be relatable. You'll be cool dude. You are good Kudos to you to connect well. He made a connect nick took me back to my Marv Levy Buffalo bills days when marvelous it there that Harvard graduate and get you motivated with the deepest of intellects you like I don't know what are you just saying but you know what I'm about to go. Kill somebody. That's how I feel right now. We're locked but I gotta be objective. As much as I love mine clippers I do not hate these Lakers and I do not hate this squad. This laker squad is for real and let me tell you what's going to happen. Let me give analogies book slash movie of My own Hunger Games you ever see the hunger games. We're going to talk about the Eh you start. We're going to talk about the hunger of this Los Angeles Lakers Organization and team. Let's start to top Lebron. James motivated fully motivated last year despite the numbers that wasn't an M._v._p.. Performance formats he wants to go back and get his crown as the best in the game. Let's talk about his name drug through the mud throughout the transaction of him becoming a Los Angeles Laker. He wants to clear that guy's been too great for the N._B._A.. He wants to validate that Cushman just talked to coups not too long ago Muslim mission wondering why everyone keeps talking about this dynamic duo ooh and not a big three. Oh Countess Kouzmines like I'm the remaining of the young core for reason. Let me go out there and show you these buckets. Let's Talk Rap Lincoln is he just Kobe's agent or is he finally going to do something. I don't consider this plan be moved that he did for the free agents because he didn't get planned and Kawai as validation going forward award he needs validation that this roster constructed actually pays dividends and last but not least my homegirl Jeanie Buss. She's not had a winning season as an owner yet think about that genie bus has not won yet as an owner sold the hunger of this organization from top to bottom on top of the fact that Vegas has them favored over Mach Clippers be careful. If you just say hand us to rings we got some for you. Go Chris my memory of the movie. The Hunger Games is not that sharp but don't they all turn on each other something even that's what happens they turn on each other look first and foremost Lebron's Isaiah Los Angeles Lakers they are not going to. I'll tell you that right now but let me say this. I feel sorry for the bronze as and the reason I do because look I remember talking to them when I was when I cover him in Cleveland he said Chris Nothing has ever been given to me that was easy and he started. I can't remember the different scenarios but you look at when he came back to Cleveland. We thought he was going to have a pretty good chance to accomplish multiple championships include all of a sudden over there in the west coast go to state came came about came a historic team out of nowhere. Nobody saw that and then you go back fast rewind back to his my Miami days to championships for years not what they wanted to get done but successful. Nonetheless night comes over to the Lakers and get A._D.. That's all fine and Dandy and now all of a sudden it is all back yard. He has to deal with the revamp Los Angeles Clippers. There's a team a team that is a symbol a roster that they have never seen before it was historical moment. He has to deal with that and so if Lebron James People want to talk about this Michael Jordan comparison. There's no comparison to me Michael Control still number one all right but I will say this Michael. Jordan hasn't gone through the competition about that Ron James seen through his career La. I said the Pistons put it on Jordan in his early days he the Pistons the Magic Lakers Michael whipple's but let me just say this. I'm not this is not stick what I opened the show talking about. It's a true belief when you just look at the facts that Marcel is laid out. Genie buses never had a winning season. That's what Steve Bomber comes to the N._B._A.. Neophyte he's already had some success. Steep Colin cowherd used to say this all the time the first time I heard her boot my mind in the second went and looked second generation businesses when parents is hand businesses down to their kids. The stats are unbelievable with the failure that goes on in that business yeah. That's what's happened here with Jim bus and Jeanie Buss no disrespect to them. They're not their father their the second generation business owners this thing is falling apart. They can't give free agents. They got a D. through train because of his relationship with rich Paul and all that enforces way and and before this man suits up he's already making comments about Chicago and he's already told you you know I'm really just signed up for one year people. This thing isn't going as planned. Everybody had their mouths at Kawai was coming and now now that he's not going to be harder than what people spent people are already like. I got an exit strategy and I'm a D.. Maybe I shouldn't get a second star to go with me to Chicago and do K. D.. We're talking that already thanks. I'm glad you brought up second generation business owners because it's also the same correlation with sophomore slump. The problem is when you're second second generation daddy did it. Mama didn't turn I'M GONNA do it is same thing with a sophomore slump. You had Chris Assess your first year. You don't go back to square one. You think you already made it. You think you're a lot clearer then then you should and that's the problem problem is not going to happen to Osmosis. Only thing that wakes you up is hitting bottom a lot of sophomore slumps hit by me like Oh. It is a Klein every single year. You got to reset this franchise. I think they hit bottom think about it. nope playoffs. You've the best player in the world you've got madge says ambassador he quits. He's hurt angle. Don't make the playoffs rock bottom they went silent. They went dark and quiet aspirations for that got louder because it look real feasible reasonable but the reality is dave matched mixed a team together that I have to understand it. Vegas is rightfully. Put them as one or two. I don't think that they're better than the clippers because chemistry but that's. A hard thing to measure so just in terms of roster construction they got a squad so all that yesteryear not winning no championship no playoffs the Lakers going to be in the fold. They're going to be in the MIC my my issue mentally mentally for them. In particular Lebron thirty five I think if the clippers were Sacramento or Portland or Denver it's the factor in this building and you you have to look at it every day what they have and it's not just Kawai and Paul George this army coming off the bench man and this championship coach who is extremely motivated. Everybody not that I see over in the clippers I think in every position is more motivated than the people at the Lakers organization. Oh No baby tell the truth and they got more. They got better personnel. Everything we'd better top the soldiers. I'm just this. The bomber dude is not playing around and they have the pieces and I just think I've already seen magic quit. I've already heard a Anthony Davis before he even suits up. That's crazy causing me to even joke. Let's say he was joking about. Let's say was home. He was filling to even go there before. Sooner is crazy to me and I trust me on. I know what Lebron does when things don't go the way that he wants him to go. He starts look. How can I get up out of this? How can I leak this information of that information that clears my name and my legacy I agree it's going to be hunger games over there and they don't look over and see the clippers eating steak and potatoes every day? I got to get out of here. Jade's up everything you said look. I'm not trying to be a Laker home or anything like that but everything you're talking about. You're talking about in the past we shouldn't be we should be mentioned anything have to do with the Lakers beyond July July one July. That's what we should be talking about right now and what they've done since July were they were symbol a couple roster that can compete with anybody up to I still put the clippers. They're my favorites as a writing yeah that's fine. That's fine but look in this day and age only three superstars. I was always talking to play on a day. I'm like all right. y'All struck out on Quan. That's fine but damn to superstars is pretty good. Don't make a superstar and a half over there in Toronto you don't you don't need that. That's fine and Dandy but look magic is gone. Jeannie didn't have a has had a winning record since he's been a solar. That's I guarantee you have a with a record issue. That's for sure and one more thing about the clippers Marcellus. I'm this all right. We will talk about how much maintenance is going to need doing doing the right and sound like much Loman draining I was here. I'm excited for training. He said that that's good. It's not low management and as a right now that press conference is the peak of the clippers tenure of being exist. It's not we saw this is okay but that's the peak right now. Mama combat ready he go over and Microsoft in Silicon Valley and tech injury and went to war and came out on top show. Oh Me Jeanie Buss where she writes anywhere. You're saying hey launch Pelinka Jolie Frank Vogel Shoulders Sodas couple showed it is coming back from does lasted racist surgeries on Paul George Stopping. I'm not going to disrespect Paul on this but I just WanNa say this if he's not one hundred percent I'm sorry Lou Williams mantras here that stuff coming off the bench can compensate if he's only eighty percent this year yeah lethal look. I love the fact that you wanted to make a line of distinction demarcation from July first prior and now because if we're going to go there on the Lakers before July first you can go there on the clippers. I'm GONNA stay narrowly focused to quest already gonNA put up a good fight hail year one. You don't share the same building. It sounds like you do. We both are tenants. You know what happens on Game Day I go to both is not the same you gotTa Lego game near near Near Lady. Johm is quite all right. We go live in the past. We know what's out there right now going to get it okay. You'RE GONNA per game t-shirts hit. You hotdogs hit you a good game. They're gonNA make it to the playoffs. ooh Just a little short now. We got to cherries on atop to your point. The Lakers get what they wanted. Clippers get what they wanted. Either they got Kawai but they were shooting for names Bradley Bill. They got Paul. George and we know that's not a good start. I'm just saying they didn't fall down but the Devil's devils in the details. I think the Lakers GonNa put up a great fight this year. Break them up. Just short of I'm GonNa give you the other thing that as the Los Angeles person you can disagree with me. You may be right but I truly believe this when win the Lakers experience what's about to happen with these fans in Los Angeles this mass exodus this quick this turning their back on the lake and it will happen. It's going to happen with celebrities as go happen. What the hardcore fans I the celebrities he's going to fall behind because they know you gotta be with the streets and so it's going to happen they will be second fiddle in this city and maybe a year from now once that and then once they get that arena and all the stuff they're doing in the community and Kawai is an authentic Los Angeles person so was Paul? George F Davis is Chicago Guy Lebron's Cleveland Guy. They're just I was reading the city is going to go with these young kids and the clippers all this all loss. There's lakes. There's the Lakers nation Lakers town watched. What is your last word on this one because I got it because I'm a name for now? If you can bless right now you'll be doing it right on. Atolls are at least let me tell you this. They are already done. Did it take overs real because you've got to start with the youth and you gotTa start with the hardcore. Where was the essential in south central? You go to over two hundred courts to get open run in L._A.. Right now you're going to see clippers on a background nowhere. You're going to see Lakers in the hood with the youngsters. Youngsters haven't even seen a good Lakers team so if you WanNa talk about that takeover the initiatives a real the team is there here and now is GonNa come together. I wish I had some kind of hip hop analogy off the top of my head for what Kowa represents and what Lebron represented thirty five but but to me is and again I love will smith but that's uh-huh. I Love I love with the L._A.. Tears ago with ice cube crowd is not only did the Boston Celtics win the N._B._A.. 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Let's move to Pittsburgh where these steamers have extended head coach Mike Thomas Contract by one year through the end of the twenty twenty one season which happens to be the same year big bins deal expires Taba was facing a lot of pressure after a rough year sure that's all the steelers miss the playoffs and drama around Levy on bells hold out an Antonio Brown's beef with Big Ben but this new deal appears to have taken Tomlin completely off the hot seat. I get with this. Doing they believe in continuity. I someone I'm on the record I think communist leaders are going to be back on top this year super bowl threat but I wouldn't have taken him off the hot seat. I would have left him there. I don't have a problem with it. I don't think it would have made any difference. I think his mind said is said that I share a lot of people share which we all know about the game of football you eat what you kill in football one so everyone talks about pressure and external motivation comes for pressure about the inner motivation in debt. I'm just trying to be committed to my game to be my best. No matter what the circumstances look like so his dedication to his craft to his own words he said in interview I walk around with motivation. I walk around with this chip so I don't need. I need to lose two of my star players to feel more motivated. He's already fully committed in fully motivated so I don't think it would have made a difference in terms of what the outside of him and his circumstances because it's about how he wakes up every day if he goes five and eleven series probably gone anyways where the extension or not. I Love Perry him up with Big Ben. I'm with you. I'm the steelers go ten and six eleven five. They win the north. They got all the noise. Our Lady on bells out. Antonio Brown is out. This is the first time since Tomlin and Big Ben had been together that there's there's doubt on what they can do. I think being a veteran team that's going to drive them to just focus in just a little bit more in training camp just putting a little bit more work. It's GONNA pay off on the field. I I like that they together but I think it's more just about hey. We're in this together. Let's make it happen. I think I have a great season. I'm with you guys. I think they're going to win this division. I will tell you this. The interesting thing to me. Is I think over the last couple of years Mike Tomlin some of it's his own fault some of its players they have. I think he's been emasculated. I I think there's been a question about his authority in that in his own locker room and I think it's come from the players and one of the things he says all the time and I can confirm this through a bunch of players that have played for him. I'M GONNA put up with it until I can replace it. Well guess what you can't replace Antonio Brown like he's not from this planet. He's a freak of nature when it comes to what he can do a football field so you've essentially acquiesced your authority to a couple of players. They've removed those players in this is the Pittsburgh steelers management say hey you know what lead you are in charge. You have authority. We give you extension. Go exercise that authority. That's what they're doing here for for Mike Tomlin and I think it's a great power play for him in my lifetime. There's been chuck knoll there's. Has Been built our and there's been Mike Tom that's it right and so I think they they I think they've reestablished. There's the new sheriff in town is the same one that you've had for awhile and we've empowered him. We've given a vote of confidence. I and it may be necessary for them to do that. And that may be the final piece of the puzzle for them coming into this year big bid and Mike Tomlin are on the same level in terms of comfort and contract extension and now they need and maybe this is a signal there on the same accord. We've married these two guys these are two leaders and so I don't know if I would have done it but I get the thinking and it may very well work in terms of because if he he is on a shorter contract and they don't give extension there might be a handful of guys in that locker room is like hey man. He's Kinda lamed up and you know he may not be here next year by giving him this extension. It fully validates his afford thord. Yeah I mean look you talk about him being escalated. I also think he's being misrepresented. Even in the media are portrayal of him. We have to remind ourselves who Mike Tomlin is in terms of win percentage second. Most of all active head coaches in terms turns a wins first of all active coaches been two super bowls won a super bowl. You talk about his resume. He's not the one to tell you that but you should remind yourself who you're talking to and if that were any of us second best and what we're doing right now behind bill belichick and someone said you know what we're going to have one more year to your contractor or we're going to not at a year. You're on the hot seat. If you're that good if you climbed that pyramid success to that level you think that matters I know that I'll always get the fruits of my labor based on my greatness and it's going to be here. Here's where I would push back though Marcellus because the steelers are such a unique organization three head coaches and sixty some odd years all of them have success. The sealers reputation is that is the steelers organization Flynn Office down is leading the Patriots are Bill Belichick runs that and so I think among N._F._l.. Players and I think among N._F._l.. Media people is it's awesome. What Mike Tomlin has done but now I think he has a real chance to prove himself a be more than just the Pittsburgh steelers organization system system? He can really put his stamp on the head. Coach of the thing with this organization I think is interesting. You talked about how now they're tied together he and Rothlisberger until both their contracts in both of these guys are coming under scrutiny or have come come under scrutiny so it's one of those situations where you're looking at each other going. We're in this thing together. You realize we're married. We're tired of the hit and arranged marriage through right. We don't have a success so I mean I. I think there's a bit of where at this bonds these two together because they both have some reputation that needs to be healed if you will from the yeah exactly and it will happen in my opinion because those voices are underestimated how much of I'm a cancer Abe had been at times because we'd like what he doesn't social media. He's such a great player by having that noise out. How how many times have we ever had a team like lose a wide receiver and it's really mattered so much win loss record when they have still have all fame quarterback and possibly hall of fame coach? It doesn't matter as much as people think I think they're tying him to go saying look. You guys are in this together. Make this happen to you know. They're the middle linebacker. The defense will be good. They're office still going to be good. I love the move all in together. Make it happen but have you changed the common denominator from a a lot of the steelers issues and woes be rothlisberger and his leadership. Hey you can remove A._B._C.'s say okay now. This is my locker room. <hes> respect that but when adversity hits your true colors show has he changed his has he changed his admits makeup. We'll find this year but he's listening right. He had the little outing with his guys. I was back cancelled his radio appearances for the season. He's been nothing but respectful public but remember this too big. Ben has never really had to be the leader on the steelers. They've been led by their defense forever. They've been led by veteran offense alignment by hines ward by all these other guys. He is now learning how to be the leader of that team. It's now upon him and maybe this was a growing experience last couple of years and how to do that I think is a release too big bid. I'll make a relationship analogy analogy in terms of because I've never understood why big bid and Tomlin haven't been lockstep because I think their personalities met both of them are gamblers. Both of them were hyper aggressive in the style of play. They WanNa what do and again. If you remember anything about Big Ben his reputation particularly early on before he was married like the Brothers Love Big van so it's never made sense but it does make sense in this respect a lot of times I feel like because because there were too many voices it's like it's like when you're dating more than one person and is not until you like really zero in on a single person that you discover like Oh damn. This is what I should have been doing all along <music>. I thought it was better when I was you know rags jumbling this and that and Juggling A._B._C.'s phillies juggling lay beyond bail blah blah blah now. It's just GonNa be Big Ben in my common and I think it's America's GonNa work the Roy now by Denver Point Guard Monteiro More I. I'm going to start you off with relative. Maybe quest respiration or motivation when you hear people say the Denver Nuggets fifth this seat in the way. Oh does that frustrate you does that motivate. You is motivation. I mean last year. Our goal is going into training. Camp was to be a playoff team in made the playoffs now so going for Coz Malone always preach us. Let's go farther you know so we know we got everybody back and grant from okay see I think that'd be a hughes contribute to what we're trying to do in Denver and take that next step <hes> so is definitely motivation if is always be motivation. We got a lot of underrated guys. I didn't know much about until we got in the playoffs and they really seeing how good we were so his motivation for sure wrong. Oh you're a fan of the game you've been following. <hes> this free agency period <hes> there's teams are built through a young core and his teams that go out there and to spend their money by teams <hes> the importance of doing one over the other yes so I mean some things you know are trying to start over and start with younger guys younger core but some teams out there trying to win right now and <hes> you know like in L._A.. Elena Ghassem Superstars over there. It's been crazy off season. You know going with hard and the West is loaded so you know is this all about how you feel and what your team needs and how you see the future yeah so talk about L._A.. Right here <hes> there's a Lakers obviously Anthony Davis Brom but the clippers <hes> we know what they did with Paul George Kawhi Leonard which of those teams that you see looking better in terms of the roster so far man. It's hard to say I mean it's hard to say because you know you can have a lot of allstars is one basketball and is all about how your team click team. Unity team came mystery locker room things like that so what's your plan to K. Right now. We're GONNA play with hello. I'm probably deliver tell me this. What are those of us that are caught up in the star the teams with the Super? What are we sleeping on a missing about the Denver Nuggets and the way? Do you guys feel like you have superstars that maybe we're not considering or do you like y'all's more team approach man. We have so we got Nicola. Yoke is awful. I don't get enough credit. I mean if you watch our games is a triple budo every single night he can have off night and still twenty ten and eleven you like man it was so quiet would still triple double. He impacts the game you know in different ways not the most athletic guy with his crazy. You can shoot the three rebound around impasse like no other so we him Jamal Murray. I feel like we're underrated. Just because you know we not getting the T._N._T.. Games all the time and things like that so it's hard to see is a yoga to style a play or is it his whiteness. Why would we don't all seem as a superstar I think in this day and age everybody's caught up and the highlights border room and all that to get people's attention? He's a he's a guy that goes out there and play the game the right way a he's a team guy and everything so I feel like as you watch his game you're not going to be all you know is just simple straight to the point where to get the job done. You know it's interesting. I I need to know his secret sauce like uses scouting him because you said he's the big three and pass it. We know that we see that. They're still something else to his game. That obviously helps translate it to those triple doubles. You speak up his preparation. <hes> he knows me he until you cut his way man. I'm going to be wide open and it happens. It goes like I think has preparation before the game knowing he know. Every team's defenses game is crazy so I think him preparing early on for the Games is makes the games that must semper when when you get out there and play a lot of conversation about player empowerment Saum in the N._B._A.. I think argued the players have too much power. Steve Kerr has criticized Anthony Davis for the move from New Orleans with time on his contract says it's bad for the league that for the players to duck out on their contracts your response to Kerr's criticism of A._D.. Bad for the league I don't. I don't think it's bad for the league. <hes> <hes> did a great time. New Orleans City is heart and soul man <hes>. I don't have much to say negative about none of that. <hes> him going over to L. A.. He's starting a new chapter in his life. You Know L. A. Area good team. He went to win right away. I don't think it's bad for the league. I think it increased viewers and make us compete and getting a little bit more work hard because you know they loaded over there so I don't think it's bad for delete all now being a fan of yours being a six man on a contender respect mall Crawford my dog who wins mantras hair you know iggy. Are You satisfied being a six man because you know there are some cons you kind of cap yourself financially. Imagine the at times how how do you feel about sixty see me. I've always been under the radar Guy Man I'm not going will you room and under that I know my role and where every team like the Denver Nuggets need me to come off the bench and play my role. I'M GONNA play lead to the best mobility right now. I'm happy where I'm at. We're winning. We got a young core. We all want to get better. We worked very hard and everything so I'm fine with my role. In whatever happens any opportunity that opens up with the nuggets. He's GonNa take that head on. Try to be the best minds version can be. Have you hit up Maury for any money yet what seventy hey what's that all stars Whitlock and wally my trusty can of twitter off Mark Slurs Kris Haines or back time to get antisocial nail cancer prompt Abtahi watching all right. What's popping on those streets share Maso yesterday Marcel Clippers introduced Paul George Watson Team Right Waseda right on brand with this comedy made during the president's I G- Eliza just before we get started the clippers? <hes> you know when you think of the Toronto Raptors fans have social media so I'm not able to put out a paragraph or whatever but but we see a lot of modern athletes destroyed about social media so I want to ask you guys is not having actually an advantage. I really do believe it's an advantage and I think that's why Choas able to walk to the beat of his own drum and so I think it's a true true advantage he he doesn't get distracted by the noise or social media now just an advantage for the modern nasty but the modern human me just a real. There's a balancing act that you have to pull off between living your life and showing your life to your followers. I and I've been guilty to being Outta tilt at times. You know you do some little man you all that was great and let me show you and that two minutes three minutes still doing some special but I'm over here trying to make sure y'all call witness of it and it is a balanced man is sometimes i WanNa tap out. I'M NOT GONNA lie but you know you're in a public life. Sometimes you feel that obligation but I respect guys like this is definitely an advantage. I'm reveal something. I'm not I'm. I'm ashamed to say this but I'm GonNa go ahead and do it every now and then every now and then I'll go twitter search put my name in there. We'll see what's going on. See what the streets to talk about. It could be a good move. You could be in a good mood and you could see about eight nine not at Christie's doing this thing Bob Blah Blah Blah Blah one. WHO's that bomb Kris Haines going over there? Get like well. Where's the Kuwano ooh that it's really interesting that you have to understand who you are one right and how you handle it right and I'm guilty as well because sometimes I'm enthralled in something like what am I doing? What are you doing be connected to your family? Be connected to your people right like I always I always tell my kids are looking at that and I'm like where people you don't know doing what I call my son when my son was my son played in big leagues for four years I said no I refuse you can't get it to I told him. You can't get it twitter Lou because you can't handle it. You'RE GONNA YOU'RE GONNA be blown people you're going to be hey you know a meal so you got to know who you are and he he one thing he heated my advice on. He didn't get one with the clippers. Delivers Lakers nation has been going wild on twitter for his law apologize say during this press conference we'll check this out. I grew up a clippers fan. I love the clippers as a kid grew up typically as a kid wasn't GonNa let him off the hope. It isn't a fan of this throwback P._G.. And a little league ledgers sweet their Lakers Day Marcellus are you buying that easy really grew up a clippers fan no hail Nyongo no Damn Clipper Fan. I will say this. This is a tough one because I've seen even more evidence that he was all into them Lakers but I think it was his Kobi Fascination and he used to always talk about is there some clips of him saying used to dream of putting on that Lakers Jersey but it was really a connection to Kobe more so than the team but that's it none wrong I disagree. He's a he's a clipper fan like I'm MMA raiders fan. I love the rate is is eleven of one against their punk ass he. He loved the clippers because what the Lakers were doing all here I mean it's weird that we try to bring smoke to this. Because I grew up. I was a Denver Broncos fan play for the charges and think twice about it but it's weird like this l._a.. Robbery going problem. We got receipts. I think he could have liked the clippers a little bit. He disliked the Lakers boy none wrong the wrong moving onto N._F._l.. Last week we had Josh Norman on our show. He defended his viral video of running with running the bull saying that all his life he lived on the edge and they're just another three form. Will it sounds the head coach. J. Grew at zero concerns about situation because I listen Josh Norman jumped over a bowl your thoughts on that yeah well. I knew the ball wouldn't hit him. He's you avoid contact they just can't he. Josh just can't know with every Joe. There's always a little bit of truth behind. It should know maybe Saudi about this now. He did something silly and Jay gruden said something silly exactly this funny man but I love Jay grew couldn't Puerta jokers even saw this great job. Josh take it as a joke. Move should be relieved coaches even taking three yeah. What are you doing jumping over a bull? Come on now I- L. Watch the game against him in the giants with Odell Beckham Junior back in the day right right where they were. They were throwing fists you. He wasn't afraid to throws a fist right right now. For Dardanelles question of the day Darnall take it away our DR purchase out a tweet last night saying the current N._B._A.. Analysts Mark Jackson is getting blackballed from another head coaching gig because of his Christianity. We know his four player Andre Iguodala. Has something similar say about as a few weeks ago as well so wanna ask you guys us. If you think there's any truth to this I do. I think that Mark Jackson particularly taken a job in with golden state. That was the wrong area for him. That's a very secular community a a secular culture and he got caught up in that backdraft in a very devout Christian and his name's been dirtied up and and I do believe his faith plays a role in that you know the world is going very secular and men that are devout Christians to some degree have to hide that a little bit to protect themselves in the workspace. Exactly I do certainly believe there's a large degree of this influencing management to say. Should we or should we not take a chance on more Jesse Jackson. I even getting a chance for the interview in part because it is we've all played been around people in the workplace in locker room a lot of men of faith and <hes> little different one is a man of his convictions because then it starts to have action starts to have sentiment with it and maybe that is the difference how it's acted out around others and maybe he was a little more overt hurt and ruffle some feathers. It sounds like that wasn't up there. None of us were but at the same time it seems like that's the always his name. His name has been muddy. His name has been muddy <hes> his faith his views is definitely a sticking point with people but you know there was criticism of Mark Jackson as far as relationships and he wasn't communicated with everybody. Whatever the Guy Produce on the court he was the reason why they were able to get to a certain level Steve Kerr obviously took it to another but now there's there's truth behind? I stick with purpose and some wild stuff on twitter but some wild stuff he he's valid in this one he he's on point <hes> the interesting thing. Is You look at the success. They've had obviously win the championships that they've won under Steve Kerr and the base base of faith that he is instilled in that team is something that has galvanized them that brought them together and something they all lean on in that locker room you know they're they're very vocal about it so listen may be holding them back some but it certainly has had an impact on that. I asked a follow up you played for Joe Gibbs and I wonder if a Joe Gibbs Vince Lombardi a lot Tom Landry school traditional coach's faith was a big part of their coach Hue or do you think it would play now. Could they be the same way now. Absolutely joke is would would I mean right now. He wouldn't change and she's winning championships in that same vein style in Nascar so I mean it plays the bottom line though area but when it comes to well it can play if you're really showing from faith. The Bible talks about of being a sweet fragrance of Christ. If you're really loving people and you're really you're really reaching out to people and you're accepting people regardless of where they are right then it becomes a very powerful statement now. If you're excluding people people and you're not you're not going about it the right way biblically then yeah it can have an adverse effect so for Joe Gibbs mean Joe Gibbs. We had all kinds of guys. The first meeting I was ever part of Joe Gibbs said the most important thing in your life should be your priorities for life should be your relationship with Christ Jesus your relationship with your family and then football and you can't have the best football career you can have unless you're the two priorities are in line and end of story and then we moved on and it wasn't preaching is just like this is my belief. This is my system and this you know we had guys at one Christians on our team but the majority of guys were creek were Christian and we're connected and still are still connected with this time but you know there are people who feel like just because you don't believe in their lifestyle that's your. You're against them already. Even though you haven't committed even though you haven't excluded the fact that they know that you believe that the way I walk is not the right way. You have a problem you need to be dealt with where we go further for some advice to cowboy's quarterback Dak Prescott these smart be a leader and reduce your contract demands with the stipulation that the cowboys running running back Ezekiel Elliott and a receiver Amari Cooper announced or leaked these stipulations to the media but say you accept it pays you an average of twenty five million a year over the next three years which would be five to seven million dollars below market demand that all of your salary is guaranteed that show some self awareness. You are not Aaron Rodgers Patrick Mahomes. You can't carry a team on your back right now four years into your career your system quarterback who manages the game. There's nothing wrong with that. You can develop into much more. I've seen it rich. Gannon was a backup in Minnesota at your age. He was an M._v._p.. Of the League at age thirty seven and as twenty five you should be betting on yourself and this cowboys voice team taking advantage of the Super Bowl roster is critical for your N._F._l.. Future taking less now. We'll be assigned that you truly believe in yourself demanding to punch your lottery ticket. Now tells me that either you or your agent doesn't really believe Steve. You're a franchise quarterback. You want the money before you get exposed. As twenty four Russell Wilson was a rookie starter for the Seattle Seahawks by his third season. He had a super bowl title and a second Super Bowl appearance early in his career like you deck Russell benefited from a stout defense and a workhorse running back marshawn lint despite his postseason success when he renewed his contract in two thousand fifteen and became the highest paid player in the locker room by far his teammates turned bitter and jealous toward him money divides family and friends. It can definitely separate teammates if you sign with the cowboys for thirty million dollars a season. Your teammates are GonNa turn on you. It's inevitable fat pigs. Get Slaughtered Dad. Leave Room for your teammates to wet their beaks the lifespan of the N._F._l.. Running back is much shorter than an N._F._l.. Quarterbacks let Zeki I be the hero of his contract dispute. That kind of sacrifice will pay off for you in the years to come. I Mark Slayeth and Jeff Schwarzer back myself. I'll start with you should Dak leave some of his money on the table for Zeke tomorrow and I know what you're gonNA say. Go ahead hail. No so you know the ring list. One of the game was about money and memories for me but I'm GonNa tell you I would leave one rusty penny foot on people and I'm GonNa tell you them people you know why because I got an example of the highest of highs and Tom Brady. Let's go back to February two thousand thirteen anybody Brady Bunch of fans up here then a story about the New England Patriots told Tom Brady Hey man we got extensive for Ni- million perv three years twenty seven million Dombrowski signs it at the time were top quarterbacks. Were getting twenty million. He took less than half of his value for what reason to thinks one build a team around me to take care of Wes welker. Let's fast for one month in March of two thousand thirteen. Wes welker lease New England. Tom Brady stuck with this undervalue contract. What does that money go? I wonder did it build a team around him. Obviously they want some more super bowls couple cents but where's Wes welker where I directed the money to go. Did it go there. You know why because once someone hits free agency and other stop the other teams from bidding and it doesn't stop that player saying this was great thank you. I know you left the little in in anti for me but I guess what I'm GonNa take more to do something elsewhere. Do not fall victim as Tom Brady to giving it to the team in theory. It sounds great what you said I get it. You take less money you build around but you're one thousand percent right. We use New England patriots as the example sample for taking less money star player but where are they reinvested look at the top of their contracts every other team they pay Stefan Gilmore pay some of their Shack Mason today responders center they reside the electrifies walk. They'll everyone walk. They treat everyone like they don't reinvest invest the money into other players for themselves to actually take his money when he can. I grew all agrees top. quarterback is more Alex Smith and anything else they need Zeke Elliott but need Amari Cooper more you pay more cooper and you paid back and whatever leftover is Zeke wants that he can have that but the stats show that when Mark Cooper was in the game doc was better on third down the offense was better yards per play. The offense was better with Daqing Frederick back at Center. You worry about those players. I Maureen Dak get Zeke last here. Don't leave a penny on the table. You get what you can GIG 'cause. You're one play away from never play again so get your money but you know what you gotTa do from an organizational standpoint you gotta be smart. The cowboys have got to be smart in the way they structure this contract. Give Him all his money. Give the two men in the form of a bonus and make it palatable on a salary cap issue like make it something that you can eat from with the salary cap. Make it a manageable number on the CAP. That's what they have to do but that Prescott shouldn't take less money because he wants to get you know he wants to get a couple of his buddies on board. They're not they don't care about his buddies. Anyhow I'm gonNA tell you will not survive what Russell Wilson survive with when Russell got all all that money and those defensive players leading the boom started turning on him Dak Prescott will not survive that Russell Wilson did survive because one he's a baller and he's cut from a different color and he's a better player than Dak Prescott when entrust me if dad walks into that locker room thirty million dollars a year all hills gonNA break loose. They will be talking about that Prescott after every damn game did he doesn't deliver every practice he doesn't deliver. They're going to eat him a lot and that money. It's not going to satisfy him if he'd just take twenty five twenty six twenty seven million he crosses at thirty million dollar flesh. They are going to eat him up. Seattle is a good comparison but they don't have those voices on defense against that Seattle did they don't have those loud. Those loud defensive backs guys that are leading voice voice Zeke might not get paid because running backs aren't worth the value. He's going to be off the team anyways though that gets paid so that should not matter they have a young defense. Anthony guys have already been paid like demarcus Lawrence hit a line up right so don't pay Zeke Pay Maury Pay Dak you have money and a couple of years to pay Vander Pay Jalen Smith and pay car get everyone. We knocked the cowboys about their spending but they've been good for like four or five years figuring. Did you see the Russell Wilson was ostracized in that locker room because he got paid or because they just don't like Russell Him. They were already on his head. Why I think a lot more of it had to do with personality ended? The thing about Russell is I find him and I've met with him several times in the last couple of years calling games. I find it very authentic but you know what Russell is. He's at. He's looking nerd. He's like he was a good. He's a good ner ner. He's got this old soul. Let me defend Scott because I feel like I've turned my own man Jason Whitlock against that even even though you tell your preaching facts let me as as he was say reintroduce myself if I'm Dak Prescott to the World Jared Goff Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott two thousand sixteen draft class we all know it where does deck ranking no St Jared Goff Carson Wentz as a quarterback third probably right respect here comes some numbers that he's number one in started the most games so he's the most available completion percentage yards in passing fewer interceptions options and all three higher passer rating rushing yards rushing touchdowns and total touchdowns and second pass it now they're back Prescott and of when the second most games at my position what kind of pay cut you say again when I'm beating these guys and we know Carson Winston got one twenty eight terry girls going to get one fifty. Why does that have to out about the numbers? It's about the reality and the reality the reality is he's popular in the locker room now n._F._l.. Ezekiel Zeke's idiot but guarantees more popular in the locker room than than that and when it comes when deck walks in their thirty year. I'm sorry I saw it. All to shine comes off man. All the shine comes off ages look at him. If you don't produce Rob Johnson Doug Flutie we went through it is rob got all that money walked in our locker room can win game for us couldn't stay healthy and Doug Flutie to save the day and everyone looked there rob sideways but you have to give them ammunition. Dad hasn't given this loss that when he walked in with that headband I don't think that is going to give them the ammunition beyond. Oh you just got paid. He's GonNa Manager and nothing wrong with that was around him to gain manage. They didn't have those pieces around him. I would say that yes you'd be right. He's probably not worth it for you. Put all the pieces together. They can win with the team they the DAX near Inamori with locking Wiley Marks Later Jeff Schwarzer Bat was folks more football most by capital one. What's in your wallet all right? Let's move to Canton Ohio where patriots great ty law will be inducted into the hall of fame next weekend. Law will be the first player from the early years of the Brady Bill Check Dynasty to make it into the hall a fact that has his old teammate Rodney Harrison outrage telling the Boston herald quote. It's almost a form form of discrimination poodle one evaluate us or recognize or acknowledge how great we are because there's such haters everywhere. I go people hate on the Patriots. All I hear is Tom and bill but that's such a lazy analysis. Who Questionnaire do Brady and Belichick actually get too much credit marcellus yeah they? Let's just be real. They cast a shadow at least. If you WANNA call that credit I would say that because if you're in that shadow then obviously you're not gonna get your shine and. And I think defensively especially when you talk about the Patriot great especially during their dynasty early two thousands a lot of guys got overshadowed. I like to highlight obviously Willie mcginest Richard Seymour Irani who I played with Rodney was a beast Rodney was is not well light and I don't know how that translates to the writers and to voters of the hall of fame but I certainly new hire translated to current players he couldn't get into the pro early in his career and he was a beast but people just didn't like him because when the whistle went rodney it was coming and that was a problem that said Tom Brady and the Patriots six super bowls can't hate on them. Tim Points is the widest margin of Super Bowl victory right and that was the one just past when they gave up only thirteen points so that's another defensive when you talk about field goals and Viteri those were defensive games that all of a sudden Tom Brady came through miraculously richer. See more is a deficit tackled. Put up enough numbers that comparable to a randy white. WHO's a hall of Famer? Willie McGuinness is a linebacker who needs to get in half man half monster never said that about what you see more but go ahead so you need a mantra get a slow. All I'm saying is already way. Okay these mind on impact when Richie more he was something special and the numbers are you are you better than the worst hall of Famer usually my criteria and if you look at Richard Seymour Willie McGinnis on on France but those two guys Rodney and Richard certainly I think considered to things go in here while we say bell check and Brady one is because they had that first group wins right the three wins those defensive players are all gone and then had another set of wins we tie into whole dynasty by saying the two guys they've been their whole time belching Bella check ties into whole defense that counts all these guys saying every single guy that was good. You say Bella check that means. They were good on defense right that that's representative for the defense offense. Tom Brady's representative for the offense. It would seem weird if we just listed everyone who was good we we know. Football historians know how good their defense have been the only. It's a slight on them. I think they are the best quarterback best coach Combo by far and they get the credit they deserve. I think Ah I think they certainly overshadow some of the players because they've earned that the twenty years two decades of greatness by this franchise. Here's the other thing that hurts the defensive players and I agree with Rodney Rodney was an absolute beast like Rodney had people scared of him. He was legit anti-law Utai. Law doesn't flash like Patrick Peterson flashes on film because he's so athletic ty law from the neck up was one of the best that's ever played this game rate understanding how to use the sideline as a defender understand in phase on guys tie law was a great player. Here's the issue though Bill Belichick in the New England patriots or the team in my mind that created like position Louis Defenders so they had guys like Willie mcginest is he a d end and is an outside linebacker is an inside linebacker Tedy Bruschi D. end outside backer inside backer like a table outside backer inside backer diene. They played all the positions Richard Seymour did the same thing inside D. tackle outside diene then he's there for four or five years and then they ship into the raiders like nobody stays long enough and because of the guy said the position list defenders. It's hard to just say that tiles the one guy he played corner. We know what he is. I'm GONNA say this. Martha and I was joking earlier about radio not joking but the nicknames actually do Matt Hall of fame and turn because you got a lot of voters some really don't they understand narrative more they know football and so so you go look at the Patriots to me are the modern Pittsburgh steelers from Chuck Knoll and the Steel Curtain that nickname and you you put the names with the nickname Joe Greene Jack Ham Jack Lambert Mel Blunt uh-huh Donnie Shell. I condemn their name. All say people struggle with naming some of these New England patriots guys one because a free agency and the trading now people move around and so aw that defense the narrative is Bella chicks genius bill check moves things around. That's the nickname is belching okay but you know what's interesting. I'm glad I'm glad you went to store cool cool with me. I got something for you. All right here. Look at this sheet is a full screen right here. It's a damn shame Joe Look at these four dynasties right here three titles and four tiles right and then look at the hall of Famers Except Watch New England a three titles like the cowboys forty niners like I'm only one hall of Famer. We know two things that happens when you win titles they poach you and free agency for your players and you get into the hall of fame except up Patriots so rodney heresy was correct. Discrimination brother explain explain those numbers Bella check can brady. My Name Is Stig Howman on the whole thing. Could Jimmy here most definitely in fool uniform yarbrough. Say it again G._I.. Bro Thoughts on the show. Let's get to the big dummy. Oh my goodness. Let's get to the big dummy Marcus. There's somebody say hey did you really you. You can really tell a whole lot about a nickname. How did the nickname big sexy work for you back in Kansas City very well really? I know you got the receives the show we're very well. The mouse sexy appeared earlier about Steve Bomber been now quickly. They're going to take out the Los Angeles Lakers and Lebron James. Here's a highlight yesterday I said Lebron the leader of the Lakers Lee Democratic Guard would not back down from this war inside the staple center today. I'm not so sure the hunger of this organization from top to bottom on top of the fact that Vegas has them favored over my clippers. We got some competition all right uncle. Jimmy and my prediction is the Lakers go down very quickly without a fight. Steve Bomber is going to run roughshod over the Lakers organization your thoughts breath and I think I'm going to have to completely disagree with you. I'm on defend Lebron on this. Lebron is not going to quit real in the beginning. They don't get me wrong. In the beginning. He put up a good front. You know he'd get out to look pretty you know his show off his new little hairline he just letting people take a little selfish of him. You know he'd be before the game. You know he'd be trying to act like he wanted. Dead Man aim as soon as Paul George start dropping bombs on you'll see Lebron start coming out and foxholes. You know where I am. I always making these war allergies. It causes you don't ever came to combat was when you found out that the mcgreal was only at a limited time myself. I don't be into wall. Oh serve my country. ooh I was in the big one. The Big Little Bulls Sixty Nine Battalion Robert Kraft Rob Gronkowski granddaddy. We was bringing up the rear that that show problems because you've got the wrong war. Desert Storm isn't that big when they've been warning about that was going hit L._A.. Eight the legs is getting attacked from all sides. That's true they. They getting the track track attack from the Clippers the warriors the books the nuggets. It's a full frontal nudity assault on the Lakers right the likes of what Lebron James has never seen how he ain't gonNA be able to handle it so you you agree with me. Look I write my grandma. My Grandma said pressure will make a monkey eat far sometime making sure you like it. That might be Willie. Brown is right now. Hey look at me and he got Kyrie Irving. He got reality and he got bugs bunny to bail his ass out. I look we we're used to seeing Lebron. Doing what what are we seem to all as you load management. You know what you're gonNA see him doing this year unload management trying to get his his unloaded right over there to the clippers. Let me tell you what this really. Let me tell you no. I've gotta like Lebron to the Clippers by mid season that that's how he that's how he moves. I mean you've seen the movie New Jack City. Okay okay now. Peep game on this that press conference today okay that was Paul George that was Nino and g money wouldn't N._B._A.. On notice they told him that the staple centers hey we're going to take this building a carbon. They Dakota Taj Mahal. That's what Kawana P._G.. To the staple center yesterday and then after the whole after the press conference was over then they sit up go pull a bra now from the back bucket booty ass naked whose houses this Bra House A._B.. Over in the corner looking like Kooky these teams keep calling me and calling you go eighty men you're going into war. Stand up and get in here doing say you're Damn Brian blessed but to do it. Go Barbecue a meal. Do let me get my is be about for Steve Bomber. The leader of the Clippers got him at twenty five and job performance. He's perfection all time greatest. Nothing really in basketball. Give them a five character. He's got billions of dollars. That lowers your character overshoot care at twenty sixty nine role player. Oh man they I I will go put twenty five member Blake and Tobias. I gotTa hurt when he was doing those trays so twenty one for me all tied greatness we starting somewhere. We end a lot higher than that at twelve.

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