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1709: Andrew Stotz: Avoid these 6 Ways to Lose Money!


Welcome to the conscious millionaire. Show episode number seventeen zero nine. This is Andrew Stotz host of my worst investment. Ever podcast. And today I will reveal how to avoid the six ways to lose your money. Welcome to conscious millionaire. The number one show very conscious entrepreneurs and CEOS on a mission to build a highly profitable business that makes a positive impact on Egypt's discover how to make bigger money. Create a bigger impact and live vigor. Live you're listening to the conscious meaner network her by over twelve million listeners. In one hundred ninety countries now join your host Jay crowder. The conscious meaner mentor master. Nlp Coach Speaker and author of the Number One international bestseller unconscious millionaire. Grow Your Business by making the difference. Alot this JV. And I am so excited you decide to join us today. I want you to think of this. Not as a podcast or radio show. It's actually an entrepreneurial training and what you can learn the mindset the strategies the execution. So that you could build a highly profitable business and make a positive impact helped me welcome our featured guest in one thousand nine hundred ninety two left a management career in California to teach finances Thailand and has not stopped teaching since nineteen ninety-three. He found his life calling as a financial analyst. And during that time he co-founded coffee works. Thailand's leading B2B specialty. Coffee Roaster and he runs a stotts high net worth investors my guest today. Andrew Stotz Andrew. Thank you so much for taking time to be with us today. Thank you for having me on the show. You know. We've had an opportunity to get to know each other and it's really exciting. What you do. I've been to Bangkok into Chiang Mai Thailand. Wonderful country and gotta say not the least of which reasons is. It has some amazing fruit. Let's just call it? What it is. Thailand has some fantastic food andrew. You are on a mission to make a difference. What's the positive impact transformation? You want to help your customers achieve. I WANNA HELP. People avoid making investment mistakes and all the pain that they feel from that so I want them to avoid well. That leads actually right in today. Andrew as a financial analyst has analyzed ways that people lose money some painfully. 'cause you try them out right and then said Oh. Wow ouch. This isn't so much fun. I have to admit I've tried out a few as well so I think this could be a lively conversation. We're GONNA be talking about how to avoid the six ways to lose your money and I think we should just plough right in what what is the first way that most people can can typically lose money. So I've I've I've interviewed now. One hundred and fifty people. Plus I had five hundred. People submit written stories of loss to me. So we're talking about six hundred fifty stories that I've looked at and the number one mistake people make is that they failed to do their research. They didn't do due diligence correct and they didn't do their own. Sometimes they listen to someone else and they just said that's good enough for me so that's why it's very interesting so this would be true whether it's about their business whether it's about a stock whether it's a stock they might be buying on the market whether it's about a company they're investing and taking some position in a smaller company so it's a lack of due diligence and what is what the remedy for that in a way that's going to be really easier to implement because a lot of people were going. Okay I can see how that'd be true but the truth is I don't know what due diligence to do great question and I just want to highlight one of the interviews that I did a guy named Joe Cya and basically. He bought a house to flip any made a major mistake in that is he didn't do the inspections necessary. He went without that full research and he bought the house and it was a disaster one after another and so what I learned from his story. And what I've learned in my life is that when you have a research an investment idea. Stop whole lot a piece of paper and write down the idea. The potential gains that. You're expecting why you're expecting that. This is GonNa work right down in fact used this moment do it right now. Use this moment to write down even everything great about this investment of what you're so excited about and why you. WanNa make but write it down and that is the first step of getting your research. Research started what's the second way that people often lose money? So here is the second way in that is they. Failed to properly assess and manage risk. So let let let before we go farther because I actually deal with this in my book as well so I'm curious Would you define risk the way you define it? And I'm going to define risk because I agree with you. Most people don't even if you're not to procure be honest with yourself. Are you on a daily basis going? Should I make this product or that product or get involved with this affiliate program or be on this stage? Have you really analyzed the risk or even thought about the risk I find? Most people are not thinking about that. But how do you define risk? Well I'm GonNa let one of my guests defining his name's Jeremy Newsom. He had been investing a little bit of money in the stock market. Since he was young he asked his dad for some money to invest in the stock market. He had been following silver and he put his dad's money in silver. He was you know twenty one at the time and he had no no risk management at all. He put one hundred percent of his money in. He didn't have any way of he didn't have any plan. What if silver went down? He never thought it would go down so he had no limit orders to sell or anything correct and then what happened was he also bought a derivative instrument instead of the underlying silver and the the price of silver quickly went down by about twenty or thirty percent and because he thought that derivative instrument he lost all of his money but to make matters worse what he revealed next was that the money that he lost was one hundred percent of his father's retirement savings. And what I learned from this. Is that separate your research between return the first step that we talked about and risk the second most common mistake and take that same piece of paper and write down the risks that you know that what could go wrong with this investment that you can't get your money back that it could go down. What are you going to do when it goes wrong? And so the idea is to create a risk reduction clan and if you're investing in the stock market it's a little bit easier because you say well we just put a little bit in any new idea new stock and I set some sort of stop loss to say you know if it falls by twenty percent. I just got to get out because I don't know what's going on. But when it comes to investing in for instance startups and all that the risk becomes a lot more complex because you get trapped into that investment. It's not as easy to get out so there's many different steps but the most important thing to do is right down the risks and tried to assess each of the risks and then think. How can I manage that risk? I think that's excellent advice. Enter I'm going to add to it from my perspective on risk because I realized that most people let's take a stock again and let's say it's a High Beta stock so it might go thirty or forty percent. They don't think about the fact that also means it could go down thirty or forty percent. So they're only assessing the upside so I defined risk is the probability that you will not achieve your objective so so the more risk there is like that example stock that can go up thirty or forty percent can also go down thirty or forty percent. Because it's a high moving stock is going to move faster than the stock market. You've got to assess how much profitability is it that you're actually not going to get your stated outcome and think about that. What's number three? What let me just add onto that this very hard when people get excited about an investment idea. It's hard to look at the risks and I'll just give an example in my own case. How how I've worked on it in the coffee business. Coffee works my best friend. Dale runs the business in my job is really to advise him and think about our strategy and we had been looking at expanding in the market across Asia one particular market and basically. We agreed of this. Dale would research it and then present everything positive about this opportunity. I would not go against anything I would let just bring it all on and then we would have that meeting and then in the next couple of days later we would have the meeting about everything that would go wrong in this investment. In that way. I'm not threatening his idea of what could go right. It's just that we have to take the time to look at what could go wrong. So separating your investment you know your research on the gain from your research on the risk. I believe is a way that we can overcome this. The thing I think that's absolutely critical as well So let's move to number three because we just have a few minutes before we go to break to. What's number three driven by emotion or flawed thinking So that's what you were beginning to catch on to so that you hear about something you think. Oh my gosh. This is better than water. Everybody on the planet is going to be buying this in two years from now. I'll be living in the mansion with the private jet correct and so the the the way you overcome this. Is You try to find opposing views. And then once you do that finally when you get it all together. You try to talk with a knowledgeable and objective person about it and get their feedback. It's the only way I can figure out to overcome some of that. Emotional and flawed thinking number. Four number four is missed place. Trust many people. Just give their money to somebody. It's amazing how critical there are in their life in their business but then as an entrepreneur they have extra cash someone calls them and says. Hey I got this great investment and you know next thing you know. They're wiring the guy ten thousand dollars or one hundred thousand dollars. So what I say is the way you overcome this misplaced trust. Is You get to know the person you're investing with and remember that trust only can build over time. There is no hack or shortcut to building. Trust I absolutely agree with that one as well. So I'm I'm curious folks. I didn't have a Andrew. Tell me before the show. Would THEY BE But you know I have a series seven twenty four in the past. I've done you know trading in the market and so I've learned a lot about these and unfortunately made some of these mistakes Number five failed to monitor their investment. So they put the investment and then five months later they go. Oh yeah wonder how that's doing right and nobody nobody even good friends and family is going to just naturally take care of your financial interest. You must monitor it so what? I'd say the way you overcome this is that you follow a regular free determined monitoring process when you invest in. Let's say your friend's GonNa Start a restaurant. You can invest you. Tell your friend right from the beginning in writing. I'M GONNA WANNA update once a month. It doesn't have to be more than half an hour. But you need to predetermine the way that you're GonNa Monitor that investment and that is number five number six enter. This one is really hard. I didn't know how to classify it. But so many people lose all of their money in startup investment. So I'M GONNA say number six is invested in a startup company. So yes so. It's interesting because some joining a group that that's exactly what they do And so I think the thing to remember our our several one is if you're going to be an early stage company the more that they have already gotten some capital owners have already proven their product and the interest in the market the better so that's still a startup that still in the early stages so they may have seven figures income. That's enough to get some idea. There's market actually like it. So you're supposed to assist the nice idea I think that another thing is the quality of the management team. Have done it before if you know. People who've got bill successfully built companies and brought them to the point. They could go public or they could be sold to another entity rather than having to abandon them or lot better risk and then. I think it becomes you know on easy terms. Maybe it's the eighty twenty principle that eighty percent of your capital are going to go into established companies established real estate things that are already proven that are on a growth range and so you didn't get into middle and the beginning but maybe you're getting in the middle of a growth cycle nine and you've had another ten years to go and only twenty percents going into these highly risky Where you you know. I've talked to investors who do this on a regular basis out of ten companies. They invest in. They only expect one to be a home run. Yep that's a critical point. You just made they invest in ten. What I say to overcome this one is start from this reality. You are likely to lose everything startup. Investing is binary you don't just you know. Investing in the stock market is not. You know if you just to buy a stock at one hundred and he goes down to seventy and you think I'm out of this. I'm selling you still have seventy but when you spy into a startup. It's very possible that it will go to zero and you never get anything back. So then that means don't invest invest a small portion of your wealth in startups number one but number two is never invest in one startup. Try to invest in a way that you can invest in three to five startups. And that's hard. There's more and more networks. That are starting to help people to be able to do that. But many people just go in and start to be an angel investor. I think I'm GonNa Invest In my friends. Start up. And then they put all their money and then that money's ends up being gone. I think these are all great principles and I would suggest that you listen to this part of the show again again you can go to conscious millionaire's show dot com. Scroll down to today's topic of void. The six ways to lose your money. We're here with our featured Guest Andrew. Stotz he's the host of my worst investment ever podcast. We'll be right back with the twenty four hour. Challenge the millionaire entrepreneur questions so stay tuned. Hello entrepreneurs this. Jv You know during this time of crisis it's easy to panic or get overwhelmed with fear the grocery stores look like war zones and the Airways and Internet are filled with nonstop recession and corona virus. Fear Creating News. Truth is some entrepreneurs will fail and go out of business. Some could lose everything however others will thrive and prosper even have their best most financially successful year ever. I want you to be in the second group. The entrepreneurs who prosper help more people and put more money in their bank account. That's why I want you to attend the Special Online Webinar on providing titled Prosper Twenty Twenty Webinar. Get the exact steps to take in order to prosper in twenty twenty to sign up. Go to conscious millionaire DOT COM FORWARD SLASH PROSPER. Twenty twenty again. That's conscious knowing. Air Dot Com forward slash prosper twenty twenty. I look forward to meeting you. At the Prosper Twenty Twenty Webinar. Sign up now at conscious millionaire dot com forward slash prosper twenty twenty. Welcome back. This is Jason crump the third of the host of patches millionaire show and I am so glad that you're still with us we're here with our featured guest Andrew Stotz. We've been covering six ways to lose your money and how to avoid them. He is the host of the my worst investment. Ever podcast. I want to give a special shout. Andrew Simpson Bangkok Thailand. I've been to Bangkok. What an amazing place to visit. What incredible place to live. I want to thank all of our listeners and fans in Bangkok Thailand as well as Hudson Ohio and now it's time for the twenty four hour challenge Andrew. What's the twenty four hour challenge for everyone listening today so for those who are beginners about investing in the stock market? The challenge is take the first step of opening or investigating a fund management or brokerage account at a company like the vanguard or fidelity or something like that take that first step for the beginners. So we'll have that again. If you're jockeying driving at the gym plus the baby carriage or taking the baby carriage and the dogs for a walk you could always go to conscious millionaire show dot com. We've covered you. We've got all the answers to the questions. Were about to answer on the show notes and now. It's time for the millionaire entrepreneur questions I want to start with mindset. What is your mindset for discovering your best business opportunities openness constantly being open to new ideas and not arguing with them letting them come and exploring all of them so anything becomes a possibility to look at so you don't throw any idea out. Initially you're willing to talk about anything. My mind is a funnel I love that Ad. So what would be a strategy that any entrepreneur listening today could utilize to become more profitable to make more prophets? There's four ways to increase the value of a business. I call it rear as in your but revenue expense asset and risk and in my world and life in the world of finance. I know these to be true so what I would suggest that any entrepreneur do today is right down. The words revenue expense asset risk and put next to it one action you can take to increase revenue one action you can take to reduce expense one action you can do to reduce assets in your business or get more out of them and finally one step that you can take to reduce the biggest risk. You're facing in your business right now. Take that to your management team and discuss it and start to take action so that twenty twenty is a more profitable year. You know at conscious milliner. We have a formula for creating wealth. It's conscious focused accident literally. You can utilize this formula to create wealth in any area of your business or your life. But there are many ways to define wealth and I'm curious what action do you take on a daily or regular basis to make a bigger contribution to the world so the most important thing for me is to capture the best time of my day. I believe that my mind only has two to four hours of real pure concentration time so for me. I tend to wake up between around four. Am and I tried to focus my mind and my energy very hard for the first four hours of my day and the purpose of that ultimately is to help to make better products are serving my clients. Better better courses better books all of that stuff. So I try to focus the first four hours of my day on the highest priority activities. A remind you that Andrew Stotz is the host of the my worst investment ever podcast will have a linked to that unconscious millionaire show dot com. What's a book that you'd like to recommend a book that really turned around? My life changed. My life was a book called the six month. Fix by Gary Sutton S. U. T. O. N. what's the book about? Basically I love his opening line. He's his opening line in the book. Is Hello you are the if you're reading this you are the CEO. And when I come you leave and the reason is because I can do what you can't or you won't do. And basically his point is that sometimes we get attached to our businesses in ways that prevent us from doing the right thing and when I saw that I was about to lose. We were about to lose our coffee business. Many many years ago after the nineteen ninety-seven crisis in Asia. And all of that and I read that book and I thought to Myself. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA show this guy in this book that I can make the changes in our business that we can make the tough decisions in our business and that's really what this book got me to do. So that I didn't have to meet the turnaround guy that was taken over my business and then making it successful and profitable so I love that because it's about hard truth and I find that when we're willing to have hard truth ourself with have the most success is. I've told people I've made mistakes. And they've often times involved other people who didn't say fulfill their role right but when I take one hundred percent of that responsibility I drive all that responsibility to me. Because after all they could choose to clean up their life or not clean up their life. But I'm the one here to clean up my life and make my business stronger and make my contribution at a higher level so just take all the responsibility folks. Don't worry about blaming anyone. At of course there are other people who might have contributed through situation but but blaming them even one percent takes away from your power to grow faster and to take care of the problem and so it's always better to take all the responsibility because after all if you take all the responsibility you get all the growth and you'll end up with all the success and that's really what you wanted to begin with. What's the best way for listening to reach out if they want to learn more about your coffee company or what you're doing in terms of your investment and all the advice that you have is a financial analyst the easiest way to do that is just to go to my worst investment ever? Dot Com and in there. There's two ways you can contact me through the contact form which will come directly to me. The second way is that you can actually leave a voicemail. A voice message which there's a button on the site that you could click that and send me a message and I will be in touch with you. Well you know you've been building businesses and and you know your finance expert and you. Have you know books out as well? What what is the next summit? Where do you want to go next? Andrew and what might be an obstacle or challenge? You have to overcome to reach it. I have four in the last two years I've created for online courses and my goal is to get five thousand people into those courses and through those courses on various subjects those subjects from valuation. How Value Your Company? The subject is how to start building your Wa L. for beginners. The subject is how to give a great presentation. About how what I've learned in that area and the final one is what I learned from my one of my first features Dr Demming and that is how to transform your business with Dr demings fourteen points. Those are my four courses. I want five thousand people in them. I love that. I'm what's the legacy that you WANNA leave? Andrew I think my legacies very simple and that is that I want to leave a legacy that I helped other people achieve their goals. And we'll be right back for the going deeper segment. We're going to be discussing wealth building and the stock market so stay tuned. Elo entrepreneurs this. Jv You know during this time of crisis. It's easy to panic or get overwhelmed. With fear. Truth is some entrepreneurs will fail and go out of business while others will thrive and prosper even have their best most financially successful year. Ever I want you to be in the second group the entrepreneurs who prosper and help more people. That's why I want you to attend the Special Online Webinar. I'm providing titled Prosper Twenty Twenty Webinar. Get the exact steps to take in order to prosper in twenty twenty to sign up go to conscious knowing air dot com Ford Slash Prosper. Twenty Twenty again. That's conscious millionaire dot com forward slash prosper twenty twenty. Welcome back this. Jv crumble third. I'm your host. It's a conscious millionaire. Show I'm here with our featured guest. Andrew Stotz lives in Bangkok Thailand. That's worried tailing from today. And he's the host of the my worst investment ever podcast to gay. We've been discussing the how to avoid the six ways to lose your money. You can get all the answers the questions we've been asking as well as the information links at conscious millionaire show dot com. Just scroll down to see the title of today's show of void the six ways to lose your money and now it's time for the going deeper segment. We're GONNA be talking about wealth building in the stock market. I know you have a book as well how to start building your wealth investing in the stock market. So why don't we start with? Why is the stock market? A place over time. That actually has less risk than many of the things that we've talked about on the show the first reason why that's the case is because you can get in and out very easily if you were to walk down the street and see a restaurant and invest ten percent you know. Put intemperately your money into that restaurant and the owner of the restaurant uses that money to build a business. It's very difficult to get out of that. Investment but the stock market you can get in and out of very very easily so what? What are the ways that anyone listening? And we're not giving investment advice won't be clear about that. We have a disclaimer at the end of every. Show what we're doing is giving you information what you do with it is up to you. So what are some of the ways that someone maybe hasn't been investing in the stock market but wants to build wealth over time wants to be sure they have a retirement wants to perhaps pay for the college education of their children? What's a great way to get started? that's going to diversify their risk. So I WANNA put a parameter on that so that they're making smart decisions and taking into consideration risk which was one of the six ways you can lose. Your money is not paying attention to risk. Well when I wrote this book how to start building your wealth investing in the stock market. I wrote it specifically for five people. Those five people were might five nieces. My five nieces did not study finance and I can say not. One of them is interested in watching the financial news. And any of that. So what I wanted to do in the book was tried to help a beginner. Think about how they could start investing. Now what I would say that one of the most riskiest things you could do is put all of your money in one company or one investment therefore what I advise my my nieces and I talk about in the book is said why not put your money in every business in the world if if you did that the point is if one goes bust and other ones rising so you've eliminated what we call company specific risk so the first most important thing for a beginner is don't make crazy bets on one stock or something like that. Look at an instrument that owns every stock in the world. So one of those that may not be every stock but looking at index funds. Were you for instance have everything in in in the mid cap? Everything that's in large-caps everything this value stocks so that you're investing across the board everything that's in the sap so you've got five hundred stocks in the SNP that are representative of some of the strongest growth. That's going on in the world in at least within American companies yet. I think that the challenge there is that you know yourself. Jv as well as myself. You know we've done a lot of work on the area of finance but what I've found with my nieces. They were not interested in even thinking about Should I be in growth or Siberian? The S. and P. Five hundred or is it large-cap now or all? Those things are very big complications so I decided that I would teach them just own every single company in the world. And then you're not having to make this allocation decision of should I put more in the US or non US in value? Get rid of that decision and just own every stock in the world. And that's part of the simplifying principle. What I like to do because remember the book is how to start building your wealth. And so what's the instrument that they should utilize consider researching to be in every company in the world so this Kinda ties every listed company every public correct. Yes and I think this is where you know really the first step for anybody is to to call a mutual fund company on their hotline. And ask them you know whether that's vanguard whether that's fidelity or Wendy that Schwab or any other call them up and asked him what what fun do you have that owns every stock in the world. And they're going to have a fun now. They may say oh. You don't WANNA own every stock in the world. You want to own this or that or something. Forget about that. Just think about that one fund and there's a few of them each one of those Companies has one of those funds at owns every every listed stock in the world. So once you get started with that that's the first step what is it. Let's apply some of the the six ways that they could lose their money and apply them here so for instance they simply by the all the world's stocks but then they still ignore it and don't pay any attention to what's going on in terms of financial cycles that are going on and there will inevitably be folks one of the things you can count on with one hundred percent guarantee but unfortunately not one hundred percent ability to predict is that there will be financial cycles that are both world based and geographic based. I think the first thing is that In this case the research that you want to do is by calling the broker. We talked about failing to do research calling the Fund Management Company. Talking about looking at your option of these different com these different options of owning every company in the world in some ways for beginner there. My nieces were relying on my research and what I was saying. Is that if you own every stock in the world? You're reducing your company specific risk. But you still have the risks at all. The stock market is high. I don't know if I should put money in. That brings us to the next point. One hundred and ten minus your age. Now my nieces were twenty at the time I started them invested so if we take a hundred and ten my on his twenty I said ninety percent of your money should be in that all stocks in the world and ten percent of your money should be in some sort of bond fund that owns every Bonn in the world or every bond in the US and this is a massive risk reduction. Reduce her so. I like to say that. Owning every stock in the world is like having a seatbelt on and blending in small portion of bonds is like an airbag. Those two risk reducers are massive that and that brings us to the thing which is trying to predict a cycles. Like you know we always expensive. Should I put money in? You know? I always be careful about lump sum investments but if you're just contributing on a monthly basis to build your well it doesn't matter whether the stock market is high or low or in the middle because chances are you're going to retire at age sixty seventy whenever that is so. You're trying to hit a number. That could be twenty thirty forty years away and you're going to be much more in pain if you don't start investing consistently on a on a monthly basis than you know if you don't start compared to if you put money in sometimes at the peak and you put money sometimes in at the bottom that will even out. Is there anything else that you would like to advise entrepreneurs that are building wealth in their business and as you begin to build wealth you start having cash flow and some of that cash should be reinvested in your business? It might be reinvested through more marketing. Because now you can bring more leads in brick and through your sale cycle and and if you've proven your sale cycle that's a proven way that you can grow your business but then at some point you need to start taking money out. What is your advice to those entrepreneurs that have not yet looked at taking the money out? How do they start making that decisions to win? They should do that so the first part is obviously in early. Gross stage of Your Business. You're going to have to keep investing and growing the business so there's not a lot of choice at that time. Also remember that you are. You are in a high risk investment. You've invested your whole life in trying to make this business generate cash flow for you and so therefore when you look outside of Your Business and you start to get some money that you can invest. I find that Most entrepreneurs have a lot of confidence by the time they get to the point that they're generating a lot of cash flow and they bring that confidence into the stock market and they get crushed. They've listened to the advice of others. They do some research and they don't realize that the stock market is a very complex place. It's a lot like a casino. And so what I WOULD. Highly recommend is that they see themselves as being in a very high risk endeavor which is their startup or their business and therefore their their strategy in the stock market should be much more Reduced risk and. That's really what I'm explaining so I like to explain it. This way create grow and protect your well. The entrepreneur creates wealth through their business. Some people also create wealth through their salary. My Dad created wealth by keeping his expenses massively below his income and my mom and dad were able to do that over time but many entrepreneurs created out of their business. You grow your wealth in the stock market and then you protect following the six ways and six strategies that we talked about. We're here with Andrew Stotz. He lives in Bangkok Thailand. He's the CO founder of coffee works. He's a financial analyst. And we've been discussing both how to avoid the six ways to lose your money and then how to not only create money through your business but how to grow and protected and how to start building your wealth investing in the stock market. I WanNa thank you for showing up today for showing for yourself not for. Jv and Andrew at some level. You were attracted to the show. I would trust your intuition that this was this show that provided you information that you actually need to take your next step is an entrepreneur to build a highly profitable business that makes a positive impact and then to grow your wealth as well so that you can have both a wealthy and fulfilled life if you have any questions about your company. I'd love to hear from you. Just send me an e mail or voicemail. Those links are at the top of conscious new in air show dot com. And today's show brought you value. Then I would be absolutely thrilled if you tell another entrepreneur no that you know about conscious millionaire show because we want to impact as many entrepreneurs we can and get them on a truly conscious path to building your wealth by making a positive impact. I look forward to connecting with you on the next conscious millionaire and Andrew. Thank you so much for being are featured guest today my pleasure. It was a great time. Thanks for listening. To conscious million immediate PODCASTS radio network the host producer and owner of the show distributors and broadcast media. Make no claims that the tragedies and information discussing show results in providence and may result in losses. The advice from the host guests do not necessarily represent those are the owner staff management or broadcasters show illegal counting or financial or health advice is made in the show. You advise a seek counsel naturally to Your Business. Financial investments or other legal matters from license advisors always going to tell you a physician or license advisor prior to making any changes in your diet exercise program planning any health strategies or Information. Scott on the shows now information provided baby suitable for your situation as always take full responsibility for decisions and actions you take including responses that they create in your health.

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