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WWHL @ Home: Wendi McLendon-Covey & Leah McSweeney


Welcome to the Bravo clubhouse for the podcast edition of Watch. What happens live with me? Andy Cohen she tells it like it is without being rude. She almost torch Ramona's house while fully in the nude. It's watch what happens. Live at home with Wendi mcclendon. Covey and Leah McSweeney. Now Hey everybody. Welcome to watch what happens. Live at home. I'm Andy Cohen from the West village of New York City. We're having a little kike whose theme will not be Tiki joining us from her quarantine in the Hamptons for her first time on this show whose welcome the newest real housewife of New York. City Leah. Mcsweeney Hi Leah. Great to see you. And she's a mega hilarious actress. Who is always dialed in on? All things housewives. You can catch her on Reno nine one one when it premieres on. Qube may fourth welcome back to the broadcast. Our friend Wendi mcclendon covey. Hi Wendy Hello. Great to see you. Leah. I'm I mean. I don't even know what to say about tonight's episode. Is this what you meant when you said you and alcohol? Don't really mix well. I mean I did warn everybody. I said I actually liked to go crazy sometimes. Okay I warned everyone I did. Honestly after a weekend of being scrutinized for tattoos having to go to a really crappy party I I just I wanted to Wendy and I are wondering about the vibrator in the chicken right Wendy wondering. So here's the thing with the vibrator in the chicken No one remembers how it got there. So use your imagination I read. I hear the chicken with the vibrator I tend to think I could see. Let's let's go with that. Okay well Leah. You are the new girl on the block on the real housewives of New York. You're not the new girl on the Bravo Block. We unearth this clip of you on the millionaire watch and at that time my life like settle down. Probably the reason. The guys are not asking that when they look at you even though you're pretty they a man with a penis because the way you're is that a typical reaction to you. That are men intimidated by you. Because of the way you speak was patty right. You know I don't know but if they are then I need someone who's not. I'm not changing the way I talk or who I am to make a man happy okay. It's obvious Patty did not have success with you. Fall in love. You did not fall in love. Yes another Bravo intersection. A Lotta people in Wendy. I'm wondering if you see. A lot of people online are saying that you remind them of Dana from vendor pump roles. Have you gotten that a lot? It nonstop and the thing is I finally just heard her voice on to talk on. The washer happened talk and we sound a lot of like. It's kind of it's crazy. I'm flattered much likeliest tattoos all the recent drama. In the Bravo's fear has left a permanent mark on Wendy Wendy. What stood out for you. So far on Rony How horny Ramona is and I mean she. She is there to win the prize. Is She really going out on all these dates all these quick dates? What does she just like hooking up? I don't know but respect Ramona but you are very morning and did that surprise you. How horny Ramona and Sonia are when you join the group? Yeah I yeah I thought I was. You know had a sexual appetite but it doesn't even compare it to them honestly well yes gagging for it all the time. Oh Yeah bigtime Leah. You now run with a group of women who loved to support other women but unfortunately that does not extend to other women's hats. I am putting twenty seconds on the clock. It is time for you to defend your bucket hat. Okay first of all. I don't normally defend things I wear or things I do but if I must I will defend it right now. First of all this hat sold out within a few hours of episode airing and now me and the designer Ida or wicked working on some of our own hats together so I rest my case. That's my defense very good Wendy. Any further thoughts at the hat upon second inspection. Wendy thank you okay. All right thank you. Yeah and now by the way rolled out its sold out. The people have spoken by the way Leah. You are now officially a real housewife. You are monetize ing something that has happened on the show. Like your dog tagline. She claimed she may float like a butterfly but she stings like a bitch so I wanted to put her money where her mouth is. Where we're her. Stinger is Stein for gloat like a butterfly sting like a bitch. I'M GONNA go through the New York women I want you to tell me their best quality and something that you don't love them starting with Ramona. Well Ramona Ramona's support. She's a woman who supports other women. But if you have a tattoo won't even talk to you so I guess if you're a woman with tattoos then she doesn't support you. What about Lou? Okay Luanne I love Luanne. I think that she is personal. The woman has more stamina than anyone. I know she's doing the show she's doing her cabaret she out partying. She's getting up at six. Am I mean? It's incredible but the only thing I have to say about Luanne that spend what negative is. She is a diva. What did you by? The way was the lower level catastrophe or did you think it was okay. You know what I think. In time I was kind of like my issue trip in like a either this or that but also why did why did she have to get put their? Why didn't someone else? Why within Sonia Down there why? It wasn't fair okay. Terrific gotTA harder gold. She will give you the coat off of her back but then she will remind you that she didn't have to lay on her back to get the coat so there you go all right. Well our viewers questions burning hotter than Ramona's tiki torches. It's time for it to spill the New York City T- Wendy. We got a lot of this. Vicki g wants to know if you would consider playing Carol Baskin in any kind of scripted it. The resemblance is closed. Leah clearly agrees. Have you been getting this? Allot Wendy a lot. Apparently there are vegas odds makers that are getting in on this as well the only if Ryan decides to do a an American crime story about this in ten years then yes but if it some like weird dumb parody thing than no are in Murphy is attached to it okay okay. That's fair Leah. What was your reaction by the way to tonight's episode? What did it feel like watching it? Were you like the good old the good old days I mean it felt I felt like wow. I just wish I could live that moment. Right now really. Yeah Yeah what Liam Melissa de wants to know why you freaked out so much it. Sonia Tinsley about being nine thousand nine hundred five about nineteen eighty five being over and for them to stop acting like socialites. Well the nineteen eighty-five comment with more for Sonia. Obviously but it's the whole weekend I have been hearing so much about the Morgan's Oregon's and the bank and I married the bank not the banker and I just was like just cut back you know now and now I know her a little better and I understand the whole thing but I really didn't get it at that point. It was very confusing. Wendy how is your quarantine going? I forgot to ask you this at the top. What are you? I know? You're very crafty. Person What have you been spending your time doing. Well I cut my own hair. Looks Great I cut my own hair and started a podcast. So you know what's been too. That's red sauce. Up Leah has how has it been you know how? How has life been since you've joined the show you haven't been able to go out in the world but how is anything different for you? How's your family been reacting? I mean my mom isn't thrilled with tonight's episodes but no obviously not but my grandmother's proud no matter what that's really. The only person whose opinion is my grandma what you know what things are the same. I mean of course like there's a lot more people in social media and is really nice to have them to interact with and but basically just because we're stuck in the house watching. The show is not much change for me right right before we go. Wendy Mary Kate W E mail them wants to know what do you. Honestly think of Sutton's coach worse style on Beverly Hills. The word could tour gets thrown around so cavalierly with with a lot of these ladies by the way. I loved all of the flirting with Lou. This episode with the tennis coach and the Dog Groomer Wendy. What did you think I mean? It was shameless shameless. And listen. I I want good things for Lou. Ann. I do pans out but my God all the all the flirting with the same people you know. Well that's what the New York women do they overlap. You know there's a lot of overlapping which is genetically Disgusting But yes well as an advanced level Bravo as an advanced level bravo watcher. Wendy serves hot. Takes faster than Ramona goes through hot tennis instructors so I WANNA get her opinions. Wendy who's drunk an aunt antics where you more amused by tonight. Leo's or Sonia. It's some yes. Have you ever woken up after a rowdy night of partying with the sex toy in your kitchen? No dots are Leah Demanding Tinsley Skinny dip as afew to Dale and society. Well nothing says F you everybody. Here's my naked body. Leo wants the defendant or comment. Go on I do because I am. I Love Dale so much and I have to apologize to her right now for saying that because that woman is incredible. I adore her. It was just me trying to tell Tinsley. Just forget it of everybody's expectations of you and get while but I love you down. I'm sorry Wendy. What was your reaction to Sonia? Proving arm candy declaring that she doesn't shave down. They're still recovering from the stress. Times I got when that when you are arm candy definitely would not shave don intimate Angel Wings. Tattoo to render was shocked. That is a little shocking. But you know what I have. No I don't discriminate against Paul. Why I have faded transplant myself. Here you go onto Beverly Hills. Thoughts on door reads miniscule purse. She's carrying a purse like this. But you know. There's an assistant with a rolling suitcase right. Would you go on? Teddy's wellness retreat. If you didn't have to know no I go on retreats for any reason. What was your reaction to win a donning? The crown in the premier. That was very that was very red light and you know there's that there's that whole thing about how queens fixed each other's crowns that mean but I feel like with those broad someone's going to knock the crown right off. Yes it's to do that. For our Leah. What was your. What was your biggest surprise about joining this group of women I I? I've urged friendships with his limit. I mean I talked to deridder every day. We face all the time. I just talked Ramona. This morning I really feel like I. Maybe it's because of the experience of doing it together. It's like no one else understands experience. You feel super connected to them but I really feel like I was surprised that the real friendships formed with all the women you know. Obviously I'm very different than all of them. But did you feel supported by them through this. Did they help you out? But someday you'll see in episodes right now remember making me insane Truly making me crazy but for the most part I did feel supported. Ok- okay that's good to hear by the way Leo What did you think about the way that Ramona was bossing you and Tinsley around at her house so mean. It seemed like she wanted you to wait on her door. I mean like I said I am. I'm respectful at someone's home like us. I brought gifts will help clean up but her sitting there not helping her leaving during her own party. He's just not the host the most that she thinks she is there. You Go Leah. Judy are wants to know if you think Ramona overreacted. When she saw the mass the next state or House of Wendy Scott see wants to know if there are any updates to a Goldberg season eight. What we it's looking good but I don't know what's happening with television at all right now right with all the new pilots that they ordered you know. I'm I'm a very optimistic. That will get one. But who the hell knows right? Now right Leah Maranda P wants to know why you think the Tiki torches represent both when you were skinny dipping in the pool. And Wendy. What do you think whatever I hear Tiki torch now? That's all I associated with it. I think I think that's great. Wendy Charlie g wants to know the best part about getting in Your Reno. Nine one one character again Got It was like going to a high school reunion or something you know it had been thirteen years for me since I had put that thing on and it was. It was really really fun. It was I hope everybody likes it. We had a great time doing it and it was really a blessing. I'm very excited. Yeah LE- Dana F texted. She wants to know if you were surprised to render. Helped you out of your mashed up and do you think she was judged mental about the wings near your vagina off now. You know what it didn't surprise me because even injuring God's rough start but like I said she is a very she has a heart of gold and she like I said we'll really take off her back and give it to you so surprised me. She's maternal all right now. It's time for our moment of Mazal. And Tonight I've got a bit of a ramp. So please indulge me after recovering from corona virus. I wanted to see if there was something that I could do to help people who were infected. I signed up for a program for Kovic. One thousand nine hundred survivors where you could donate plasma which is rich an antibodies to those still battling the virus. I was told that due to antiquated and discriminatory guidelines by the FDA to prevent HIV. I am ineligible to donate blood because I'm a gay man. Even the new relaxed rules require gay men to abstain from sex for three months. Whether they're in a monogamous relationship or not before giving blood though no such blanket restrictions exists for people of other sexual orientations. Here's the thing. This virus is ravaging our planet the FDA says there is an urgent need for plasma from survivors all donated blood is screened for HIV and a rapid HIV tests can be done in twenty minutes or less so wider three months rule. Why are members from my community being excluded from helping out when so many people are sick? Sick and dying. Maybe because we're valuing stigma over science. I don't know my blood could save a life but instead it's over here boiling. This pandemic has forced us to adapt in many ways. Were quarantining where social distancing were wearing masks. Why can't we adapt when it comes to this rule? It is bad enough to quarantine has US wondering what day it is. I'm sitting here wondering what year it is. We need to think about this and do better. Thanks that's ridiculous everything you've just. I'm boiling over here. I am too I am too. It's crazy and they said no you can't you're ineligible seen sane. I WanNa thank Wendy and Leah for being here. We'll see you tomorrow night special Friday edition. Watch live at home with gee-gee Mike from shots. Thank you ladies thank you. Hey everybody in his watch after show. I'm here with Leah. Mcsweeney on her watch. What happens live debut? I look forward to doing it in the clubhouse and our dear friend to any mcclendon Covey Wendy Martinez wants to know. If you've stolen any items from the set of the Goldbergs. I want from there really There's a couple of toys that I might steal. There's like an old hamburger phone. You remember those hamburger phone. Yeah Now I I I keep my fingers to myself. I don't take anything. I don't want to be an Wendy. Raquel are wants to know what project of yours get you the best residuals. I have to think it's the Goldbergs. Right you made over one hundred episodes and Cincinnati. Yes it's got to be the goldbergs. Wendy sixty two episodes right well. Wendy Stevie G WANTS TO KNOW. Who's more likely to join the Rony Mugshot Club next? Arinda or Ramona Leah Danielle Danielle. What's no if you felt betrayed by Sonya? After she ran Derrida about her attitude towards you I mean I only knew the woman for two weeks wasn't really each brain by her but I was annoyed. This is interesting Laurie. Fraz tweeted. And said Leah. You clearly are a strong confident woman. So why suck up to Dorando when she's been so mean to your friend? Tinsley? That's all I'm after disagreement that Do you owe any F- wants to know if you think Ramona was hazing you by forcing you to set the table and clean up using moment but also Would do that to almost anyone of us. Not Our other friends. Obviously the other friends. She's not even sure right. So right okay. Last question Leah. One of the things that I love about you is that you are not on twitter. Tell us why you're the only housewife on on twitter. It's just firstly. You can only use like one hundred sixteen characters. How can you even rest your sell through one hundred sixteen characters and from what I've experienced on twitter and what I see on it is literally just assess cool of negativity in people trying to harass you or it's just it's just not? I'm already on instagram. That's enough why adds to the mix. It's a snake pit. I agree with you. You're not being on it right. Yeah I mean I agree to. I'd love it all right. Thank you Wendy. Thank you Leah. This was a lot of fun. Keep clicking around Bravo. Tv DOT COM. Great job ladies. I really appreciate you doing on Prom. Thanks for having a yearly. A- thanks for listening to the PODCAST. Everybody hope you enjoyed the show. Remember new episodes go live Monday through Friday at four? Pm Eastern time? Make sure you're subscribed to have a great rusty or night.

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