podcast unkempt chasing getting into I always ever evolving you know as a man yes it comes with a lot of responsibility but it is can be neglect the man what exactly his role eighty way like roles of men we put them in one category but they are I I know we have this general idea of when you hear about a man's role in if he is protecting his woman we generally the idea of if you protect me that means that you're just going to why are you going to provide you know safety for me Oh seven days a week day he's literally just financially that's the only thing we consider so if a man makes a good lead live in everything is but what if he's not providing for you spiritually or emotionally how's he still measuring up to his provision as is he still fulfilling the role and being protector he is Super Dope Eh provide new some material things like he got you mark Wright and he's a loving father we can't say I love you to his wife is he still being is he the bill in the role of being a man full innocence right because when you ask a lot of women like what do you really love about your husband wasn't one thing that she's GonNa say aw happened then we always think about the role up providing providing is what is the one thing on your mind you provide work with working security bay because he he's a provider so he made sure that mortgage pay that rampage the car no the Internet of the kids up all things for him I was real intentional on not warning accolades for that right don't make me feel good because this is my this is my son I don't want financially one hundred percent this one thank you provide but we sat alone this one thing provide for me right work in a sense of if somebody that I do all right you are protected from danger when you hit a top take the protect and provide take those two things to start adding layers on top of that that's when you start to get to masterful level exactly he's such a good provider armament we had this conversation actually like a year or so ago at this point and we always say when we see oh happy birthday to my credit for something that I have to do at the end of the day right bills need to be paid right that's like everyone doesn't matter if you do even work weapons you know I need you to show courage so that you can stay ground in you know cover me riots if something is going go spring into action right and I think we Kinda referencing I think we representing the TI in John Gray situation the American so especially use your endurance you let it go ahead use that I need you to if you know she will be going it's kind of like we had our son and you know we knew even here we wanted to we work in progress but we knew we wanted to do things differently so well we spent time Ashby like oh I'm ugly bitch look like mistake right like run questioned being right there will be in the comments and say you guys are listenable reason we love him so much and it will literally always be because he's such a good provide of all the things that you can be right okay yeah into certain degree I try to live in the world where I don't get credit for things so yep powder you back I appreciate you came must allow you but at the end of the day could you do what else could you be doing because I think exactly so when you think about protection right the essence of that is what you are established in defend the boundaries right you got to create everyone else thinks that they have a right to go ahead and give their opinion but the thing is a happy hateful exactly so that's the difference opinions dope insys of identity that since trust I mean there's that live that some other persons should not be able to cross with view that Yo man the whole which month he's probably still at least three deals exact something and then even there somebody's paying for the house taxes on it on lights or whatever else the groceries just because he is something wrong does that mean that everyone else gives to cross the line to talk about his wife the same thing the public person do you have the right to cross those boundaries or she absolutely protect the Rollo Protector Z. Y. winning a y'all's having threesomes he went ahead and he had to get on the side like you don't know necessarily the dynamics there but I'm always right I expect you to use your physical straight I expect you to use no well we action wait now proven sorta come tiny's appearance or whatever because he knows she gets the booty surgery you know some things is not sell flattery but breath seemingly was like he was confessing to cheating but then they flipped instead it was emotional affair about like you know I guess John Gray whenever they is talking about will I think they have like a sermon something right where it choice even if I didn't protect you won't role as far as protecting your heart in protecting our marriage at that point yet I still have to protect your reputation and it's thank those public shout. TJ Maxx he deserves his big house because the way that man right I'm talking about this book specifically a lot of his books in November someplace else is only now coming from one area I guess this was waiting when who has a job you got different streams income right that's they teach you people are coming at your wife I don't care if it's man woman child if they are crossing the boundaries of now disrespecting your wife do no matter what the liberal but I think most people always think that when your past in your money is always coming from the negation when if you like a real passer like right because I think people always I think he's the gate even if you would win through situations yourself like Oh man nobody wanted to look crazy you are going to swing back and do what ask questions lane right because to that degree what type of person would you if you just about idly and say well as far as when it comes to that public demonstration of you know you're protective role you should be able to emotional fears that can cause more damage physical fairs that sounds crazy but such but should he also because his problem allow people kind of person are you to throw somebody needs the bus like that you might say oh girl I wasn't trained right this is he was cheating on you bags he didn't get your shoes for kids thank you know half a half right I know have a have she got what was coming to write I told I told her this was going to come right and they can get such a gray area but at the end of the day to kind of unpack some of these things the whole time it was like you know one of my coworkers who will right right D- misconstrue but is levels to right and I think me personally always say when things as I start mature I would never put you in a position in the crazy dead I mean even if I hurt your heart I expect you to not everyone else hurt me as a woman I want you to let everyone else hurt me and they both denied that it was actually physical now was a bogus yes yes absolutely yes absolutely especially must be mad L. story up in the streets that's GonNa come back in and it lacks you you know what happened in the spring he to see that you see I want to know more about you more about meeting you right because that's when it crosses over into something else I guess they didn't even Reference Bible stuff I mean you deserve no coins because boy oh boy oh boy do we come up with the words and the movies he put together and stuff like that you just aren't you it's just like cousin did something or your friend it don't matter if they went down at that party with they fight and close all and swung on a person hey tell me just because I do this one thing I shouldn't have different three minute message burt cell is just that that fact right but as a man I know it you might hurt me that but it hurts worse than so many more people I thought in my face that and I think we learned really early St Kinney Nelken your snapchat can we go snapchat right snapchat crazy night and I look I know that's not you doing here he said I want twenty thousand dollars right now I'm telling everybody right away and I won't tell everybody number two what and I'm GonNa Destroy Right in the dot com it'll be about the most profile and this is an extreme example but the most profound example that shameless remember shameless when Ian knocked on the door Una beginning right when I'm Kinda out and I think because we have so much loyalty a history it a strike me different tea CR here's somebody looking obsessional he right way rather that be me right as opposed to somebody leave in the she's going to know I desire a thought if I want to write moved to Kalamazoo and start a new business right to the couple in the GEIC air knock on the door and it was like a doctor or some rich doctor that he was flirting with doing something within the look he needed some money really Bailey he found out what a doctor leave the doctor is Mary so he knocked GonNa do the doctor opened the door hey transform them into something of value you want to provide more than just you know material notice now at this point I mean independent or whoever it is at this point there's no secret that you can tell me that that I'll in into get them up when we decided that one hundred percent transparent hundred percent trailers while everybody benign what's going on in our relationship on the outside of what they think they may see realistic thing to me when you're providing you are providing you know in monetary value of course you also provided the roof over my head I'm confused and I'm thinking oh how could he do that and he said Berry we have a guest at the door and he's like he eh you are providing what like a resourceful miss you are also providing me a space think about when you want to provide for someone you take the lives materials from life and you know whatever it is smaller you always be the first person to know exactly so it only get into those provide a rolls we separate ways so I definitely got a different way of thinking about things we start to share the same values but make no mistake I mean he personal spiritual emotional physical growth I'm GonNa grow so it has synonymous change right I'm going to do things differently I don't want Mattis Kate as widely as a home you step in how out Bernice I'll see what he does else I've checked her last pitcher her nails pink in males pitcher green and look she achieved bitch she took him back and they all these new world just be calling his wife in the in the comment section to say this Greenie this greedy man she always sticking around would I want you to be going in because that just causes friction argument right so you are awesome our resource and I think in a way to win it becomes the this is the most simple yet complicated thing it is because I'm trying I'm always figuring you out I don't know if there's one reason where you can think that protective role is protecting me from also for sexy family or maybe I'm going to something my job I need you to be the you don't even have to say anything good that energy those whispers those couldn't is you know and it's kind of like with Jay Z. said on at four forty four out like I would never town goes on and you'll get closer but it will be drastically obvious somedays day you two different ways of thing like we grew up how to master those differences because the thing that's if you master it there bring you close together in if you don't that's the that's the very thing drive you parcel isn't that funny that's why we always say relationship it seem and that's what and that Masculine Feminine Energy though some differences that's what really brings you together it makes it so much richer book you have Dan the day jumped into the idea being like there's more than one way to protect and provide right and so you have to now learn how to mash those I'm going this way and the other person's going that way in a positive way as coast to utilize this test you're not it's no use salsa salsa will always be able to reach them we always changing because we promote growth both started smiling and laughing now that's an extreme example but wake up on can you went up on Mac os this ganglion where I shouldn't have to be alone you're my response to worship would be in a relationship right you should be my resource that means that when I have something and I'm going through because we are in the same person we are now we are so I know we're one just like dislike when he occurs and so even you a stupid broad but there is no no no no you just you know I eat paths which you find as a week anymore I'm on this Kale Salad you need to get into you like you've switched our that no more no more ear to provide me with a voice of reason just in even in our think this is a simple for me and but we get this wrong a lot because we are natural fixers go out hunt we killed and we we bring back the deal we cut it open it you know as she cooks all but just somebody to listen to two house was an example of that right to see chaos going around chaos women just fighting each other yelling and screaming and POPs just sitting there watching TV like if you don't if you don't do that you will look up years mommy don't even know associate anymore because when I seen those examples and I think that to be honest we ain't doing that right now right it creates a certain order but without that it could be chaos so I think we as me as Pacific we can't do better edges is not going down because if you would school at a taller bigger Schroeder and everybody else alpha male and say certain gear right toby to provide so I am program to provide is like the movie johnny five right it's literally he's direction right sometimes you just need you to list and I think that is one of those things that people could always a mess just as an example of course it's not just I'm going to protect you from the group group remain standing on the corner I'm GonNa put my Meringgi let them know you take in and you don't feel comfortable chances of her being attacked by family member who are the standard of the chances of our own children make hustle as you have to protect I need to work so hard and put my hand in my head and saying so deep where I can tangibly create the world that we wanted to live in a hill we think these ah that I'm stuck in one mode but sometimes you have to be able to kind of go in and out and when you say protect big old buildings give bill and all of these things these phones in these and not to say women right of course women involved in those things too because I think it's the same energy combat protect isn't just oh just one thing and even providing just easing just going to work raby big about after protect you from your own insecurities because the chances that those being trying to attack you and stab you up like his golden movie goes on day nine in the do jump out make be like that where you are so focused on one thing but at the same time got creative like that because somebody got focus somebody got to say exist yeah but that's how you that's I think so often men I think the term was metality that are re- where we can get stuck in Joe woman from her children sometimes those kids those kids will test you Haitians to a certain degree up in communication because why you are actively listening to me and you always want to come up with a reason to be like Oh man this is stupid of you the this this this the store right but sometimes I think a lot of its own I will go back to sometimes because sometimes she he was going to be generous that's the role of a man when you make something out of yourself everyone expects you to give back so that's an anything you make so if those the definition in the dictionary arrived at some point man POPs POPs was work he's tired he just wanted to sit back in as he wanted to just watching TV he wanted his little things he wanted US TV evily drink still gonNA bring home a check on Friday right that when his family members came a calling he cause a scene like obviously he had made it why why it comes from those Chavalit things that you've seen him both his father was gone his mother was murdered so who is it every night she must be but the chances of summer fest happened in this almost slim to none but the chances are being insecure about something the only be listening you need to be listening and thinking about Lebron James last legitimately airborne for like a Mo Brian you acting a fool a man knows that you know when they when a man knows once he knows a hundred percent everybody knows what he wants once you're not on the they will be gone for weeks truck driving be gone police at a time there he started working closer all day come home in because Dan he has now taken the role of any of that like extreme Mama's provides anything like wants to get back to your community you make it in your family right thing that you're supposed to also provide footage but that's your template l. he just wanted his full he wanted to TV and he wanted peace and quiet even at my sisters and my Mama was well in fight do whatever he knew that he he only knew took provides usually a story behind the story but but we don't we don't ask enough questions we just mentioned extra we assume perfect professing his love for his and that goes from your front providing for you I should be able to professing my love for Iraq it's me professing let everybody know you might women come protect you I- professing that if I'm going to provide for you you're my woman to provide for you it's one of those things the family houses right so now that's him and now the next up is you got so you do a certain thing is not you just doing other that's his thing that was his role he is he jumped into his man role as saying that he was he was if it was the it is just it's crazy right so you have all those different things at Kennedy teach you as you grow in you can think of another role as a man as far as the fire just so extreme but the chances to stop happening we've been watching twenty twenty whatever like some of the crazy things that they have done like almost like drove across country that you knew you wanted Eh last Thanksgiving at the at the Thanksgiving Party when I say she was my woman and we were going to get engaged here now on the same page and I don't want to backtrack now look stupid stick in there so we think about all those type of things as far as they are same energy you are working around dangerous in risk you are eliminating the competition when he prevented wow jobs Lucielle you've been program to this is what you've seen right and I think my brother because it's funny I I barely resolve rather than I do have a brother I have a younger brother along those things started to become shared and that's when they always call those the common three P's own provided protective professing it is this year given us this way on the side of the road right and hitch people up on cars cut is a dangerous job and tell everybody even come from Chicago thing I'm really afraid is God and having a tire blown out on the side of an expressway right they wash windows like the seventy fifth floor like bro You really bad right yes yes so because you're a man that has to be metric good just because but last night when governor because there's people who are good at are you a good man are you good to be in a man Santa Game you provide the professed the love you protect does that mean that you're the best man out there we always like to say there's Oh I also talking to the Tomio Wendy and I say shutouts totalmente because when you just mentioned dangerous jobs and I'm thinking that these guys pull up on girl the in due like now I've just protected her from all types of random this could be happening just ignore obvious the nature of right a somebody breaking your house and just killing our kids and I want to do something for you doesn't mean we neglected kids but we have to keep our union right and so to a certain degree I have to guide you and novelty right we need to have fun together we need to kick it that's how we keep it a thing because if everything is out of duty right right how do we keep that energy fence off woman oh that's how he heard about a full awhile right let us know it's not just a fling gave is huge that's funny I notice even we like you guys brains I am bringing home the Bacon but I'm not providing anything more for you are not doing enough providing novelty from you because I've talked to women whereas why because you profess on what you don't WanNa look stupid said it out of my mouth Damn Whoa what do I do act like big on forget what I said Crikey I can't make it but it goes back to that modality row row how do I switch out of this model fluent back into another schedule laugh together like well do the kids want to see that movie to Bra I'm not talking about the key is right now right and just because he has to be able to know that he can't just stay in a specific template or role that just go boom boom report counts all students you have got to be fluid you've got to be just a good person while trying to be a good ask each other's energy as you grow is being a good man is not being a good woman is you must know potential Kabila one time he didn't even give he just had that serious fast and look I gotta check to see if they still in the house right it's so quiet is being a father you know just maybe a good friend good in I think I was talking to a young lady murden though is make another no prices see what happened when he is you have to go ahead and to create an environment right where you can blog and right right if you're creating something I have to let the kids know that they came back alone those tell you anything but you can learn a lot from a person that doesn't hold open doors with person behind little stuff that you almost have to really be you look great man are you good at being a man would play off of what I said I came across a while ago that was just like you know just because you good to meet your we've got to balance it out that is you level up in your as a man or as even a woman you've got to be able to go into different roles like I have to appreciate be Human Dobie Aropa don't be a robot unlikely you cannot be like I'm following this I must go to this orders and just protecting dreams to rival we do certain things and put your position talk specifically blade to be able so you can be your wholesale tissue level are you just following the template of being the man are you just saying hey I'm going to go ahead go to work but look you in thousand dollars right and I think some things are about season right sometimes you make all year to a few months where you may happen just dog out and I was protecting you just sounds like I think he's he gets dated went out there with them crazy we'll bre somebody you have an a dog a couple months so that we get this new house or whatever you get this new promotion same vice versa but really you really bought this life it wasn't willing to look look look these McDonald's 'cause I ain't going house nice dreams when love is the problem exactly Lo Wu you gave them money you gave me what I think on the trip I can go on a trip Ryan so does it in here being good at the man means users able to be able to perform the male role cups family you know you wanna be complete I need you to give her ideas really when she needs you to listen to her ideas to protect you have to protect from all types of outside things attention to because it's so easy to overlook right if you don't say excuse me if you bought them back so you show me love but the all night and I was walking it's like you know what I went to go somewhere on the day right and say hey let's get some uh style let's go get a bottle out as department look so whatever it is and would it be a complete provider meaning that you would provide monetary monetarily you won't be able to provide a home you want people the new flooring watching the window which I would buy crazy part about being a man as well as protecting her from herself sometimes family you know out dangers risks things like that and you also want to be able she lied let people know that this is my lady so just keep you in that distinct masculine potential a couple of weeks ago when I told her you could learn way more from a person's character more than what they're telling you you have to if someone was telling you something you have to

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