Either a Ghost or a Brain Tumor


Ruined. Welcome to a special Halloween bonus episode of antidotes, I'm your host Christine. This is a trailer for next week's episode where I talked to Allison a nurse from Australia while we were recording the episode Allison I ended up going on a little bit of a tangent talking about some of the ghost stories that we've heard throughout our career. Of course, this is an evidence based podcast, usually I like to talk about facts than research, and we are very pro vaccine, so everyone go get your flu shot while you're listening to this. But sometimes it's fun to talk about those myths and rumors from the old hospitals that you've worked in of nurses that never left in patients that still roam the wards. So Alison I got chatting, and I figured you guys would like to hear them. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast. So you don't miss next week's episode with Allison where we talk in much more detail about her career in Australia working in the ICU working with HIV patients at the. Beginning of the aids epidemic and so much more. If you have any hunting stories from your medical career or the hospital that you worked in please share them on our social media pages, Facebook, Instagram antidotes podcast. You can send us a tweet NGOs pod. I'm Christine N P or you can send me an Email at antidotes podcast g mail dot com. I hope you enjoy the stories. I wish I had some good stories to tell you. Oh, yeah. I don't have any personal experience with ghost stories, but I wouldn't have Tores in the hospital. I tried that because hosted was so old, you know, end one would in particular was off spot self in the middle of with and had been the locked psychiatric ward. So, you know, you get a bunch of young, nurses, and a spooky oh building. And history of being a look sock. Will you know, you're gonna get ghost stories creativity? There's a hope pitched a Facebook page from the Nisus trying to talking about ghost stories in bid pants flying everywhere. Knows cool. Lots going off when there was no one there. And and in the children's will people that swear that, you know, back in the days before this was before we had electric pumps. You know, everything was. A hand eat filled the bureau, drip, right in the let contacted interference. Yet is an old system that used to be saying Woking around the woods in one particular story was attending to a code a code blue on a young patient and all the other ages doing this in when it was alive in finished only bureau sits in the children's drips have been refilled, and people swear was the old ghostly system that would go around and fill up the children's to up the bureau. It's don't know how true it is. But the. There are lots of lots of those stories add love to love to have a ghost story ghost experience of never had one of you. You know, I I don't I I'm not sure. So all right. I'm very scientific person may to don't necessarily believe in the afterlife. Yep. I am in eighth easiest I'm very much like like, if you if you wanna believe something cool. You do you just don't be mean to people, but I've had some experiences. Yeah. We're like they're kinda spooky in supernatural and the comic splendid science. I can't explain it science. This is not medical at all. When I was in sixth grade, I walked into school one morning and everything was normal. And I decide on my desk, and there was a substitute. And I looked at sub shoot. And I went oh, my teacher died and just sat and it wasn't like a scary better. And it just pulled up my stuff, and we're just waiting, and you know, like sixth grade. So like, I'm twelve and then the principal walks in. And they go class. I'm really sorry to tell you that Mr. p died very suddenly overnight last night. So I haven't been sick or anything. No. He was like in fifties. I mean, he wasn't like a mountain climber Ernie thing. He was rather portly. I guess you'd say, but yeah, he just died, and I just knew it walking in the room. How it was so weird. And there was also this time where so my grandmother passed away. My mom. Mom was like my favorite person the world she passed away when I was like sixteen. So she actually had a stroke in front of me when I was probably twelve or thirteen and that's an watching EMS calm in watching her get treatment for stroke was part of what got me into medicine. When I was in basic training. I didn't think I was gonna pass. I was like oh my God. I suck at this rent and she loved cardinals. And all of a sudden this card cardinal appears the birds. Oh, yeah. The burqa. Another football team was something isn't there's baseball team that card is she loves she loved baseball to hire baseball team just appeared out of nowhere. In the minute of Oklahoma. But so you're like, okay. Like, great a bird appeared like you're an idiot. But this was like this inside courtyard like I had been there for like eight weeks and Nobre have been there. But also all of Oklahoma was on fire at this point in time. Like, you we are on these prairies in like nothing living in our own souls was in this area the time because it was just wind storms, and tornadoes and fires everything was gone. And so all of a sudden, I'm like in this hormone in this dark hallway and this like red breasted cardinal just shows up. And I was like, oh, it's like I just had this feeling that it was her. And then I was like, well that's stupid. It's a bird like, you're tired. You need them sleep. And then it flew away in. I was like had this feeling that I was gonna pass fine. And then that was it. I explained that away that like, okay, it was just a bird seeking shelter from fire. And maybe doesn't was so then my last ghost. Early. Experience was I was in purchaser school and so-. Nurse practitioner. School was a little bit rough for me, I got divorced in grad school and was like working bunch of jobs in like had moved back into my parents house. And this is way so much personal information for a podcast -gratulations, everyone you now know all about my life. But. And I'm like nests practitioners school is hod. Anyway, like just hod, and then you've got a list of stuff on. Yeah. It's not it's not like, I it's not like a good time. And so it was a little stressful. So I'd like eight moved, you know, big life changes. Right. And then this is the last semester to like you're studying in you've clinical precept Herships ided like several hundred seven hundred hours that semester on top of working in. So I was stressed. And so my grandparents had lived in like this little in law pertinent, and that's what I had moved back into in my parents house because I was really really poor. And I was in the kitchen that my grandmother used to cook in and she had lived there probably fifteen years beforehand, and then passed away and all of a sudden nice smelter like just smelled her so strong and multiple multiple people have lived in this in-law apartment since then like people have cooked in their like, she had this very distinct sent and I walked around the apartment, and I was like walk out of the room in the walk back into the kitchen, and I would just the smell would leave within would come back in the kitchen and like, and I was looking through the cabinets. It was like the middle of the day. I wasn't sleepwalking. I I smoked my grandmother. And I was like oh my God. I'm having an old factory whose nation. I have a brain tumor. There's either go, sir. I have a tumor, and it was much more comforting to believe in goes than to believe you had brain tumor. So I'm gonna go with the ghost. Never got never. I. Lovely stories knowing that you grannies grandy's they with the pumpkin me from wherever. Yeah. I just desperately wanna have an experience like that. Because I'm not a believer in because I can't explain any of that. This just so many stories out there and often think it is incident. So can be explained some have on this. Some spooky do listen to spook the put costs food. No, I don't. And I usually I'm not a big person about things because I'm so like, oh that can be explained it can be explained. Yeah. This some good stories out there that cannot be explained. So. Yeah. I don't know. I don't know what to do with. It doesn't go to start treating to my world view that somehow I seem to bay this just what to do with. Yeah. My rational brain does not know what to do with things that. I can't explain like that. And yet, they're they are. Yeah. So happy Halloween. That's it for this week's bonus episode. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Make sure you subscribe rate and review on ITN's. And I will see you all next week for the full episode with Allison from Australia have a good weekend and have a safe and happy Halloween. Everyone.

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