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Welcome to cinema venal. My name is Todd and I'm gonna throw over to my colleagues. Hey, I'm Travis Ola. I'm taylor. Oh, I like that needed to those good. I that a little music with death that Donna. See? May gusa. Optima me, no. This is episode four of season two and tonight. We're gonna talk about different actors who played the same role in who did at the best who did at the worst. And why certain roles can't be recast for whatever reasons. So anyway, so we'll start with a superhero, movies and. Oh, yeah. Had you guys want to leave. Yeah. We'll be back in one hundred seventy five minutes. So you had a lot of different performers play the same superhero over the years, especially with the new renaissance superhero movies in the last twenty years. So we'll start with we'll start with Spiderman who do you think has been the best and the worst of Spiderman so we've got to acquire. We've got Andrew Garfield. And we've got Tom Holland with an option for miles Morales the. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But he's not the same. He's pure. No, no. So he's not a part of the recast or cast. So. But I think all right, listen, I loved the first Spiderman when I went and saw I I was like, oh my God. I enjoyed X men. But Spiderman was more of like what I saw on the comics projected onscreen like, this is fucking awesome. And I went back, and I saw it once more that same day. I like left bought another ticket came back later and watch it again. But I think Tom, Holland is the is the best Peter Parker. I don't Andrew Garfield was not bad in the amazing spider, man. And I liked he and Emma stone's chemistry. But yet he's had kind of a weird like manic. Almost too anxious demeanour something and getting them till like spout outlines was like. Fucking surgery. Looked rough look to wise angsty. Yes. And they leaned too heavily into like, his, parents, and origin and stuff. They never set up correctly or got to follow through on at all. Yeah. And. Fucking lizard, look like voldemort slash abomination slash any other character has no nose. And then in the second one, Jamie Foxx as electro was he was just a rehash of Jim Carey plane Riddler now, I know I gave you more information that you wanted to Holland as Peter Parker the best so trouser, I had this conversation kind of just. Before we came over here to this podcast. I'm a little behind on the comic book movies. I do love them. I love watching him. I just I'm just not going to rush out and see him. But I love them. I will agree. I told you a liar was awesome, in my opinion. Because it was on the first one I saw even though he was still kind of he's a nerdy. Little guy in general. Yeah. I never saw any of the what was the reboot actor angel. Garfield integrative. I never saw any of those. But again, I didn't see homecoming. The that's the most recent one, right? Am a little behind him movies, bud. I'm gonna date this. I just watched avengers Infinity war and the new guy. You just mentioned the Spiderman. On was awesome and his interaction with Tony stark. Like, he's the he's the one I thought about a minute was a young kid young naive. But smart dislike I was like who his who was that, actor Kaz? I really liked him. Toby Maguire seemed like he was our age plane young high school, and even it was awesome. And it was a great the first one was a great movie. But I was like. But I was like I wasn't a big fan. But this new kid again I've seen that one. And maybe I don't know. But it was it was a good drink. Yeah. I liked him. I didn't see the Garfield one. Well, and then the. Cheese. No, it's natural the. So they had ironman is kind of like the new spider-man's kind of surrogate father figure in the in the comics and stuffy, I really wish they you'd gotten to see more captain America inspire man interaction because they would could be little weird parents aspiring help him along with shit. But I think in the comics his uncle been had served in World War Two because you know, comics, keep stretching the further and further back when the inception. The character is, but you know, peer like hear stories about like captain America from his uncle she'll like that. And so grew up being like, oh, kep fucking boss and actually waiting. Well, I'm glad that they you know, I Ronny let it they've kind of aged. Aunt may and Ben down to realistic where they could actually be his aunt and uncle win. They're not like, you know, granny clampett and jed clampett. Yeah. Like one hundred and six years old. Yeah. But yeah. And if you think that the spider-man's actually dead the end of the war you need a drink twice because that's that's true trailer for the next one. Right. Yeah. So yeah. Use a damn fool combined. So what about superman? Feel about it. The answer. Okay. I would say that mastered. The Spiderman movies the Tobey Maguire, Sam Ramey. They were probably the best that you. I mean at the time that was probably the best movie you could get for the money. We're spoiled now with marvel movies and iron man, and you can do, you know vengeance store. Ragnar we're getting spoiled gardens of galaxy. So you go back to me going back and watch them. Now, they don't age as well as the Tom hall movie, Tom hall, and that vibe of that movie fit into the into the. The new Tom home homecoming his performance in that movie fit. So well into the marvel vibe now that to me that kind of makes the the Tobey Maguire was not age quite so well makes them more of a product of their time. Yeah. So well, and you get three and that's. Well, and then the Andrew Garfield to me those were cash grabs they weren't bad. But they weren't great. Well, it's that's Sony had to do make them actionable something with the thing or the rights would revert back marble, and I'm sure morals fucking piss, and like, you know, what we really would like our flagship got him character and all of these super popular movies. And so they managed to work out a deal late in the marble game. Like, hey, we're about to have the civil war. We would like to help you make a decent fucking Spiderman because keep fucking it up. Now Sony is still done like venom, which yeah, he that was fucking weird horrible. Yeah. And they're gonna even going to do more Bs with Jared Leto, and I liked the character more Bs, but I'm still worried. Still. Yeah. They just need. They need to handle that over moral and let them do it. Right. Yeah. Well. And over millions and millions of dollars the money can be worked out. But it's like to me it's like you could make it halfway decent amount of money. If you're Sony doing on your own or make just suitcases full of money with marvel conjunction with and improve your reputation in the process. You know, we gotta move on. Because otherwise, we're gonna be talking about spy. Yes. Super. Where can they find our podcast though, as well what what's your movie review site? What it's it's bump, FOX dot PJ dot gov. You can find on movie reviews dot US, and you can find your hammered shit. Did you say movie res US? Is that on? So we sandwich that was like Otis from Andy Griffith. Wait, you say subway sandwich builders. Thank you, Louis. Louis. Maybe low you can find these movie reviews dot US, and you can follow me on Facebook Instagram at tot Wofford movies. So what's our next recast? Well, when talk about like, how say Indiana Jones, they're not recasting that they've talked about Chris Pratt. They've talked about Bradley Cooper. But there's a real resistance to recast that even though they recast JAMES BOND set times. Well, they recast all Star Trek roles, Kirk spot McCoy successfully. So why is your such opposition to Indiana Jones being recast is it is it one of those things where to spill Berg's still have control over being like, so probably half the battle. They're like. You know what? I'm sure young sure Ford's got some mortgage payment. He's gonna pay. No, it's it's still it's I imagine. If it's still under the original owners, they're going to have a little more pride more personal personal fares into it. So I guess it gets kinda see but the same time. It's like God dang. Four eight can't get in the younger. No. Well, I think it's part of it is they waited so long to do the fourth one. And so you have generations of fans who've just like grown up watching the original and having no recasts whatsoever. And when they did do the fourth when they still had they threw in Shiloh booth in Ayers browse, please don't tell me Todd lets you need to slow down your drink. No, I say this all the time. But this time it's on on being accorded. And what you to listen to this later. Edit thing about you get the help I deserve. Join your wife trying to get us mill. We love you. But no, it's been so many years where nobody else's played Indiana Jones, Joel. And so that's all you can think of when you're thinking of like not still any jumps thunder. But Hugh Jackman has wolverine. They haven't talked about recasting him at all for any of these of injuries movies because he's played for since two thousand one or strip two thousand eighteen years. He's also not Hugh Jackman is not aging and yet still like looks that Harrison Ford is a gene was like he looks bad. And it was like Jackson's book and gorgeous. And it was like so he could play for another twenty years, I'm concerned. But it's still it's becoming unbelievable with the Harrison Ford thing normal on me JAMES BOND win when was. Dolph Lundgren's last Jane spot dolph Lundgren, Sean Connery, I did a placeholder there. James BOND until your brain can catch up frozen. But. Come on longer. Sean Connery to. Can I get number crunch on? Between Roger Moore because the award the most now he played. Years the last what was the last Sean Connery bond? We've diamonds of forever and seventy one never say never again, eighty three seventy one. What was the very next one was next one? Was that last year was it Roger Moore? No was before that he did one in between. So see, they aren't okay. That's my thing. They already recast it in in between there. So you already have like two different ones, you're thinking of and then after whatever Sean Connery did one or two more than boom, they got Raj more. They'd like usher in real fast to like that's kind of what they did with Andrew Garfield thing. But I mean, you know, they had to otherwise it lose the rights, but they're like what? No fuck this. We're gonna get this train rolling. Skip this gone crank out movies. We gotta keep the rights. We gotta keep the character. Even when they first started doing Spiderman movies, they were like we want this to be like another JAMES BOND role. Like, these people will probably age out we want to bring him back. So we can do more like he's got a bunch of different villains. We can keep doing them. But with both any Jones and wolverine you've had the same characters defining for wolverine by like almost two decades you've had Harrison Ford since some eighty that's thirty forty fucking near eighty one hall is for the next any Jones. We take place in the sixties free love, and I want Harrison to get to where his little earring. But as Indiana Jones. Yeah. Any engine sparks up Dube? Joel mccain. What was the Simpsons Star Trek? So very old very old. To me. It's like you talk about this like if you can recast know, captain Kirk and people with new actors, you can do anything there's no rules anymore. You know, and I think maybe British people days bomb a little more accustomed to it. Because Dr Who, you know in the idea of, you know, a big captured like this man, we'll pulling in new people built in to his story that he dies and regenerates boom becomes a different actor with different personality different like writing with JAMES BOND. I think we talked about it last time they have the idea that the title JAMES BOND, and the double seven is just like Eliza legacy name, and that they can apply that to anybody. And if they have Idris Elba as one then you're like, oh, yeah. Didn't suddenly become black like fuck out. It's just a name that's passed down that operative or whatever. And they have to eighty six whatever leave whatever life. They've known behind which I'm really cool with it. Either way either way. It sounds bad ass. It's either the same dude being JAMES BOND just being bad ass, or it's it's a legacy character that name it's passed down to the best operative in their field in a given time year, whatever that's brilliant to the doctor who thinks it's like no doctor who actor gonna ever like hold up for a raise or say bigger. I'm Don fire Tartus, you're done. And yeah, it is interesting that the you only get three seasons. So if you meet some I mean, that's not hard fast rule. That's what it seems to be recently that like you get your introductory season. You get one more. And then you get your farewell season. You get really and everything is building up. And they're like, where's it coming from? How's it going to happen? You know, you only get a finite amount of time with this person. And if it's like if it's actually really like then by the annual. But it's great because everybody gets to then have a favorite doctor character. They're like, oh, man. I really like number ten David Tennant or really liked number eleven Matt Smith or there's even the people were Chris reckless. Tin was was in one of the Golan gone from sixty seconds also shitty. Fucking movie Thor the dark world Mallika 'they occurs piece of shit. He just seems like a little bitch. Christopher eccleston. If you're listening to this. You can suck my dick. I'm sorry. He was he was too cool for school. And he's like, yeah, I'm only going to do one season and he just dipped out and they were like oh shit. We're gonna do. But David Tennant who did great stuff. And what's interesting is, you know, now we live in an age digital age where parts aren't being recast in new movies. They're just digitally bringing back people from the seventies. Like, you know, rogue one Star Wars. It's like, we're not gonna recast Peter Cushing. We're going to make this bizarre creepy digital recreation. Peter Cushing, which I. It didn't just I don't know. It didn't look quite right. No. It's like, captain marvel. I mean, you watch that. I didn't think they got what's his name Clark. Gregg, he looked at. Yeah. He looked weird. Michael Douglas, and Michelle Pfeiffer and Lanman movies. Didn't they age also will? Steve Rogers, captain America, the first super skinny. I can chime in on this. It did not look, right. That one. I did see that was very weird. You know, what that's your captain America in the first like, oh, I got that reference. I got that. But yeah, that's that's the thing. Like, you know, you get a new actor play the, you know, Peter Cushing, you get a new person to play Carrie Fisher rogue on Princess Leia, but they digitally bring people back, and it's it's like the ultimate force Gump of you know, literally bringing back a dead person. Gooney was a good film. Go to Indiana Jones, trying to lighten this up. Didn't they? Wasn't there a small TV Schori's? The India Joan chronicles how they they did young and old Phil duck saying so could you do that again, where it's like, hey, you know, because he owned there was the Latin crystal school Jesus that whatever go back, and and busy making a movie, Indiana Jones chronicles, and then you cast somebody else, and you know, but at the same time, I imagine Spielberg take who you, and I I would like to be on the Chris Pratt. Bradley Cooper, boasts aound like really, really good. Probably I would like Bradley Cooper like Chris Pat is a really great comedian a lot of similar. So it's like I feel like Bradley Cooper could probably be more serious. Let's be honest back today. Here's four it was kind of a honk honk. No, you won't Bradley because you look like, Bradley Cooper. Kind of home to yourself. Well, Our Lady listeners or guy listeners should opportunity, but rebels rayson. Jeez. But. I hate the fact when people are like, oh, we can't we can't recast this like Hugh Jackson to go back. It's like who the hell replace you Jackman, you can replace Harrison Ford. I mean, yes, that's childhood or whatever. But it's like you can replace him pretty easily, Hugh Jackman. I mean, the what can you get him because he's such a bad ass. He's still young like you can't replace him. I mean nerdy Tobey. Maguire knows this like I mean, you can replace him in a heart. Now upgrade yet. Totally don't think Bradley Cooper is gonna wanna do Indiana Jones because one he's he's like not old, but he's got older. And now he's like directed into directing. And he's getting super like if you tell him he gets to direct new Indiana Jones trilogy. Any also gets star in it or something true. Like that might entice him. But I would say you kind of want say someone younger if you do the chronicle if you're doing well, all right? So the other thing. Is at Indiana Jones is now is such a again, I keep seeing time San, but he's still like in a certain amount of time. Leo, you want to see him in and around near World War, Two doom cool cool stuff in the past doing super archaeological digs. I mean. I don't think he would quite have the same. If you did it. In modern day. Like all I can think of her like to really shitty. Matthew, mcconaughey movies, like Sahara, fool's gold? No. Say one was Penelope Cruz was his love interest. And then the other one was gal from ten things. I hate about you know, how a guy in ten days. Julia stiles, oh, Kate Hudson. I think was in another one with McConnell, I think that was falls gold anyway, both absolute dog shit. But that's what Indiana Jones is set in modern day would kind of look like what about Matthew, mcconaughey? No, no. I mean, he'll go somewhere younger, young unknown. Like it almost. Well, speaking of that young knowns we were talking about before like superman, and I'm kind of green a lot of the superman, and like so the most recent ones I've seen in the most recent ones that are out that came out recently, which was managed capital. Yeah. It was like steel, which I believe I describe it as like it was kind of dog shit not dog shit like liked it. No. I thought he played a really good superman, and I had asked Travis for a couple more info on this. We saw the man terms. Yeah. I did not like that. Brandon routh legs at all. He was a rotating unknown, right? I did not like him at all. And it wasn't. Well, first of all the movie with dog should Kevin Spacey cheese Christ. He tonight he needed to p for real after that he needed to go away my gosh. But I thought like being he is he looked okay is for man, but as Clark kit like I was like what a nerdy little like journalists. It was like Christopher Reeves. He's still looked like bad ass if you've thought that journalists shouting, but that Brandon routh cows got sucks now as I he was terrible. So I get the whole go in a different route. Like, hey, let's get a relative unknown that can fuck up. But also depend on what you're director knows. We'll see. That's also why Christopher Reeves talked about so much as superman is because they went forever without doing another movie. I mean, yes, they did deem Cain, Lois and Clark or whatever. Which I remembered enjoying as a tiny TV Teri, Hatcher and the boobs. But. Six that what it was nineteen eighty-seven that the last Christopher Reeve superman came out and then not till two thousand six two they make another movie terrible. And they had to Bryan singer just basically rehash the entire plot of the first movie again, and he got what James Otley or somebody to do kind of the same. John Williams score. They use the score at the first which was the only decision that was made on that movie. Yeah. And I really that score is as close to superman as Indiana Jones score is to him go. So when they did the new one was X nighter. I was like better get that fucking score again. And they did not like, oh, I see cool. Great grand. They even used the eventually in the Justice league used. Bits of it a little bit score. And then they also use a little bit of the Dany often score for Batman. But I mean, even the hunt. Zimmer score for was good. But it wasn't quite as I I feel how it was like replacing that score was like with the John Williams is like you expect to get like who ranch Doritos. And instead you go celery. Yeah. Yeah. Like this word my God. Damn Buchan cool ranch burritos getting celery. But no peanut butter. No reason. So somebody licked out your ants on a log left you shitty celery covering slobber. I don't think I've ever heard it put so. Well, log I've done that with oh. I've done that with somebody gave you that was like this give me a plate for my peanut butter. I guess some jibe ask shit. We're gonna take a quick break. And we're gonna be back in a second with some more cinema vino. Welcome back to some Avino toggle. About the wine that we're drinking. So for this thing because we're talking about different actors and having the same role we're going to drink two different Pinot noirs from two different areas. So the same grape different areas and we've got an Oregon Pinot Noir, eight z, and I picked that one because my wife, and I went there for her birthday year and a half ago. And it's actually the Rex hill winery slash eight z and they do really good. I mean kind of fifteen dollar wines by shifting twenty dollars. They're all really good. They have a great Rosa have a good bubbly. They're just they're good wandering a reserve. The this just regular piano. Pretty tasting. It's it's nice and bright. It doesn't have that kind of heavy because wars are kinda heading towards the earthier more. I don't know what's the word with more gravity to them. And this kind of retains that more bright fun food friendly peanut war that I like, and they're one of the only wineries has like a really good piney and also make a Belgian white ale. Travis just words. Yes. Maybe none of that's true. There are some great burried. If there was some awesome Bruce been organ when we went to Portland, they had seventy five breweries in the city. What we were told I think per capita number one. I mean, yes, they might not have as many other states, but just for in that per capita the amount of people. I believe there's still up there like the most breweries, and it's crazy and wineries. I mean, you go to the Willamette Valley the air where? Yeah. I mean, it's like I mean one block the next. I mean, it's like, you know aid is e and then there's another one like right next to you know, adults. I'm like this one after another to is a lot of them. They do the Pinos and also do a lot of Pino grease. We're kind of on the lighter side of the grapes. But they still make some great Oregon Washington. They're doing they're doing more obscure, let Grenville leaner and muehler. Turbo. They're doing more bubbly to which makes us because they do a lot of Chardonnay and pian war and penal regional like, I mean, it makes sense that they're doing more bubbly because that fits their style. Some they've got some good stuff. I know it sure is red, and it's my cheeks warm and early in level to some way don't talk like you're talking about the guys break. And I am no longer wearing shirt also Taylor, and I might have the same size nipples. That was debatable. We have not we're going to measure after this Travis nipples roughly Susan b Anthony dollar size. They stay tuned. But like Cleveland's it's like rats to Guam quarters. Yeah. Home. It's like a sad puppy dog knows. Anyway, anyway, so, you know, we're talking about a few roles that were, you know, played by people, and it's like how roles recast kinda midstream, it's like the aunt Vivian fresh. Prince you had to two different vibes. Say you mean? Darren Stevens against your two different actors playing the same part back to the future. You had two different George wick lies and two different Jennifer's in mystery science theater three thousand those supposed to be the same character. The two different hosts different people really JOL was supposed to be you know, he was the first initial host. And then they brought in dorks, I know this. But they brought in Mike he was supposed to be like the temp for four the mad scientist. And so when Joel escaped in the show, they thought well, let's use the tip guy over here. They were two different individuals go so. But then you got might for example, godfather, you had non veto play two different actors playing the same role. Oh, yeah. Well. Decades apart. Yeah, he played the younger cheese. I cannot think of his name, Robert. Thank you. Travis grid under power lines listeners. This one is very good assured off. Oh, yeah. He's to doing this naked from the waist of. And that's I think how we're gonna have to do this from now on my pants came off to. And then you giggle that time. So I pulled back. Shimmied them off my hips. Like KIRO do you ain't Putin union scooting? Well, also, why had put my pants back on that'd been both Putin in skewed. And if you don't say cures name twice and quick succession Chakib kiva anyway chainmail message. Yeah. What happened to chain mail messages, by the way, get them? And I still respond forward. Those every time. Yeah. We'll try. You don't have any right? FBI won't let me know. Travis can be reached at Travis be GO cities dot com. Do. So have my space to you. And I'm playing a lot of John Maher of my page song. I think it was wonder your body's wondering top song counting Counting Crows hanging around. No. Vanessa Carlton thousand miles. Eight seconds. Right. Yeah. I got Melissa branch. Melbourne inch long. No blank blank be. She was nice girl Gary spice. So what was the? Okay. So it was the show show. Bring you ever see Michelle branch mill being same place. I don't think Carlton. That's. Lenient? So those got me confused, though, mess on Michelle branch injured them both. What was Michelle branches big on? I thought it was I'm batch. Nope. Nope. Not that. No, thanks don't being. Don't be. On animal, man. Fuck out my bad. Geez. I can't stop sticking that. I was listening to a little Donovan Franken. Right. Oh. We'll bless your biscuits. I think she had will Vanessa Carlton. I think believe she dated the lead singer from mash box. No, some thirty. We don't actual thing. Oh, no, no. You cannot everywhere everywhere yet. Everywhere to me thinks she does. To me. I think Vanessa Carlton was banging the do from making my way downtown third online. Who was that was? What was the guy's name Harlan? Ellison. What was that? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Non don's ambi-. I forget what this is. We didn't really good this first half. Okay. Is this a podcast about music? No real this back in. Yes. So the fresh prince I'm like the later in the first one the first one she was a little more stern like that. I think I think I prince became a bigger role. And so he kind of took it took it on himself. What everyone became a big role. Yeah. So I think that they had to go with someone who was maybe not as prominent I thought she was funny. Her role stepped up later, whoever the recasting the role is became funnier. I like the original one better, but she did have some resting bitch face. She had not resting trace. He just seemed me she's had bitch. Yeah. But yeah, the other one was just kind of throw away. Like, we don't wanna kill off the character. We see, you know, she's good placeholder. I can barely remember her face. I don't remember her name travel. What do you think about this question, which Rhody did you like from the marvel universe because two roadies? Oh, Terrence Howard. And Don Cheadle, I thought Terrence Howard did great like I liked their back and forth with with Robert Downey junior. But once they eighty six him because he was being a ho or something or no he wanted more money. He wanted the same amount of money. I think Robert Downey I could be a fucking liar. But they were like, no, you're kind of essentially just supposed to be a sidekick right now. We can get you get you more later. But I love the chief Meister, but he didn't have much of a. He wasn't introduced correctly. I don't know. I will say this that I remain two and three and I didn't like those. I just knew it from Infinity more Cheeto. I don't know what he was. They didn't explain it at all moving just like what the hell is going on. And that was kind of it. And so I mean, rightfully so I just kind of came in late. I mean, I thought his Robles okay for NASCAR, Don Cheadle. But I don't really other guy at all. So, but don't you a lot older than our? I don't know if he's a lot older. And it's just obviously he he is not only very different appearance, but he's also very different in attitude. Yeah, he's a completely different persons at the classic. I think we've talked about this earlier, but how drag wires written for Tom Hanks. But he couldn't accept the role. Because of that thing you do. And so Tom Cruise was choice to and it's like to give an idea like how much and African influenced the performance or the the movie. Tom Hanks with the same dialogue same director as opposed to Tom Cruise. That's a whole different movie. Yeah. And so, you know, Don Cheadle, it's like he he's just different is not. They're both good actors. I I like turned sour. I mean. I would if Robert Downey he's wanting to peace out of some of injures, and they just show up and make a bunch of money. Every once in a while, I'm cool with that. If they're doing a whole new crop of vendors. I'm cool with them stepping up to I wouldn't mind seeing good ole chead Meister level and up and getting a bigger piece of that pie. And being a stand in iron, man. For a while. Have you done that? And so yeah, one thing I was thinking about lost my train of thought. The machine is awesome. One thing. I was thinking was what about the part where it's almost kind of a joke within like the vacation movies. There's a different set of kids, and everyone those movies I liked that. But of course, those movies are based. Sure comedy. I mean, I guess so as fresh prince, but it was like, I think that adds to the comic affair to be like to see the total age range from like European vacation to Christmas vacation to Stanley Vegas vacation. Younger to the kids. It's the same Clark Griswold. But he's like had children at different stage to me is more because you had like little Russ in vacation who had been de age by like at least five or more years is the little young what Jirga lucky Roseanne and big bang theory. Now was a little kid with Juliette Lewis. Who I was dating Brad Pitt at that time gross. Houses. But also this you're dynamite. Drop in on the vacation movies. Maybe I can say clause recasts and that dude all the time like. Tim Allen is played Santa Claus two three probably too many times. But yeah, they keep recasting that same character. Like ridiculous Dracula fuck. Yeah. I mean, Trump's I'm okay with all those recasting. Yes. And your point is the question, I have total recall thing that they did with Colin Farrell is he supposed to be playing the arch words Nair character. Is he playing the same person? I have playing different. Yeah. I got really upset. I heard Collins planet. I am mealy Colin Firth. Oh, really? Colin firth. Yeah. Thrill be played by calling. I. Awesome. I'm not a fan of fair will be off. I am not looking forward to Dumbo. And I'm seeing that Friday. No also Taylor here. We just talked about doing midnight in game avengers. We talk about this stream. But I need to go to my theater, we're we're talking about like, you know, changing roles. So as kinda goes into reboots as well like God, I am just as of right now. But granted I'm a product of my time so anti these reboots live action, and I'm just Aladdin lion. King to beauty. Don't get me wrong. I love Tim Burton. I really do. And I was like, you know, kind of watch them behind the scene stuff on it. And I was like, yeah. I'm not gonna go see this. And you're like, I say that I will probably see it. 'cause it's my childhood. We'll have to let me know. And I'll read you review. I and that's working. I see that review. That's at movie, reviews dot US. Travis if you were going to ask Todd where you could read that review. How that go? Todd you some writing ever like every once in a while about movies good ones bad ones. But I don't know which wants to see where would I go to find out your opinion on these movies movie reviews? Now taught if you were gonna ask Travis what type of wieners? You would pair with some good Kraft, MAC and cheese. How would you do that? I was how you be cutting. Lasker has away with B O L O G N. Okay. So anyway, yes. Oscar Mayer get us. Mean guns? Gosh, scissors. Also, get last kosh makes jeans. I know they make overall. Yeah. I mean have metal parts can get off your ass. Make some guide him scissors. We need. Craft and Oscar Mayer triumph here because there's a picture of me as about a two year old in some red quarter ROY off Taj overall damn door -able, which you will link at the bottom of podcast. Do we get sponsored by Oskar? I'm also looking for a little bit of beautiful getting that Wisconsin money. What do I need? I was of our guy growing up though, I wasn't in the ocean civic. I was I was Varnay and Jerboa. I did a lot boys. Boys legit, though quality. That was solid sin. Medina's brought to you by big Johnson. You prefer your genes. Do you like a good, snapper? You like zipper zip. Yeah. Yeah. Bullshit. It's got me down there. Too much too much moving around. And that's not what there's an emergency situation with a lady friend or guy friends. And you're like looking for an emergency release. Next thing. You know, you got second guests and each button. Like, what am I doing this ride is he sucked by I mean, I would definitely accidentally pee myself trying to get those buttons out. And then also if I'm trying to button it back up I'm afraid that Mr. Winky is gonna be like, oh, the time wakeup, no get numb pan. The question. I'm going to ask is are button flies people who clap on the plane lands clap when the food arrives crap on the movies over all they seem to be a love for porn stars. Because I think they disrobing they can't worry about it. That's quite the none of the it's the it's your money, make weight, male or female. For for jeans. So hold on. I'll be honest. I have never seen a fly situation in a porno. That's gonna play button fly about we're like there's. We're like there's singly on you know, like, okay. One two three four fly. Okay. First of all Taylor. I'm going to stop you right there. You watch porn at four hundred eighty p impel sandy Kobe. No, no, my tax was why are they why are people still uploading porn throat making porn for eighty anymore? But I don't know. Why people still uploading porn it for eighty? That. Makes me mad. I'm like this book and twenty nineteen seven twenty bare minimum. Anyway, all those pores, those moles. Yeah. So anyway. World. Yeah. I just don't like butterflies. Good for anybody. So this is about movies. Yes. So. Going back to the future was we talked about shoe got the recast girlfriend in two and three and it was the boat. I was I was in different. And one thing. I would think is like I mean, definitely against my Spielberg thing. But it's like. That's our dunghill d you could recast mardi fly and doc Brown. But they haven't done that. I mean, again, if you can recast somebody like because time travel. Yeah. I guess the question is this be more for you guys? Because I think you guys read a little more. Why haven't jobs that was -rageous? Why haven't they done that like a movie that I would feel that would be a huge success in recasting? Why haven't is it because the studio holdups, but like I would kill recasting again if you can recast Hans solo and do an origin. Yes. I think you could well. And you though, and you wouldn't can you. They did solo and it did so low. It was so so I think it did. Okay. But it was the, but was that more of the execution? I think was it was that that director or script because I mean like, I mean, can you blame around Howard for that? Or do you think it was? Yeah, they did have to stop because brothers drinking. I then even the star. I I don't know that Rory mcilroy whatever his name is. That doesn't sound right to gopher. Yeah. You're not a golfer. But. One was like sending stuff into the studio me like guys. Are you? Sure you want to you know. I'm not gonna call him. A name was going to call him to bastards. You him. Actually doing this this film. You should look at some of the dailies. And then they came back in the day was like, yeah, we don't want. These fuck heads doing this at all. Let's let's thing back and they had to. I mean that that's got to mess it up in some way. At has it go off the rails. But it just it just wasn't. Wasn't for me. I guess it goes back to why haven't they redone back to the future? Yeah. It was like I mean, they redid it should. Yeah. Exactly. Is it because of the studio thing or like or people just don't want to mess with Michael J, FOX kind of thing Sino? They okay. I have not watched much of it. But Rick and Morty the cartoon show. Yeah. Is essentially the same thing. It's essentially the gyn and his uncle, and they do all kinds of crazy science fiction bullshit. But it looks like it was essentially think of back to the future as a cartoon. And that would be working morning is is my understanding. I've only seen the first steps owed. Just know what? Other people have told me. I've heard it's funny. You know? So if you could pick a role of these three, which one would you pick to be rebooted and recast I in the Jones wolverine or Martin but fly Indiana Jones, I'm gonna go over in because. Does he just got FOX and our see the X men in the new universe interacting with the euro? So who would you do who'd you through place? Hugh Jackman and Norton Christ. That's my go-to for every new recasting. Didn't I have an answer? Bradley cooper. I don't know I want again, more of Q Jackman was kind of an unknown moving made his career as Doug, Scott degrade, Scott can fucking daily my ball. Todd, you knew on work on your his outrageous. Out his lost. You get onto me for my horrid horrid flatulence. But you can't order glass in your hand for ten seconds dropping of lush. Yes. What be your pick? I want the Indiana Jones. I wanna see that. I'm the same especially give it to Steven Spielberg. I'd say Brown fine with Bradley Cooper. I really am. I think he would do. Well. Well, during the break, we kind of had a few drinks Poos between then. Yes. My shirts off that get it Taylor. But we, you know, we talked about like if you're gonna reboot 'cause you do Indian Jones chronicles and keeping young, you know, get a young actor, but maybe put a bigger role in to Joan senior. We're Bradley Cooper could play is young Sean Connery. Yeah. It was a young John Connor and then throw some Jubran like the tour like almost the Centric purpose is Indiana Jones senior. Yeah. You could do like we were talking kind of like in the very beginning of the last say and you had river Phoenix as young Indian Jones. Maybe maybe not that young. But you know, cast someone around there, and you get to see basically, Indiana begins, and yeah, like you said, you're dynamite idea was Bradley Cooper as the Sean Connery copyright about the way. I yeah. Yeah. Just skip over this part. Don't don't listen that word count to twenty. We're gonna make millions of dollars in Italian and Greek God damn it. Jehovah? Something begins with an eye about Jehovah begins with an eye. Eight. Was the line about Charlemagne? Bayton me. Remembered Shawna main actually, I wouldn't mind Orissa lying by all means be the trees and the rock the Butch and the car it's a is. I would like to see a kind of a reboot of Marcus. I like to see what what's history doesn't anyone understand a word. I'm saying he'll blend in disappear. Yeah. I wanna see basic Lasker say, you know. You know, bottles. Travis get nasty. Which I mean, I think it's a great idea for the next podcast that we do in the future, the drink some beer and talk about something else. Yes. Never give. I would say that. I mean, obviously this Christopher Reeve is everybody else. I like the casting of Henry Cavill. He looks like superman. He's built like superman. I questioned the material that he was given what you're saying later Pierce, bras and stuff, I think he's right actor given the wrong material. You know, I wanna see him with better stuff. I wanna see him. I, you know, I'll admit that. I'm not a big fan of the DC superman that have come along the recent years. It's like they they don't get the character to me. I'm not I'm not a comprehensive calm but nerd, but I you know, I was a big superman fan growing up. And it's like they don't get how that character supposed to operate to superman not conflicted like that. Right. Well, okay. So superman returns got superman, right in one instance. And that's where the big the plane is falling at the beginning. And then they show him stopping it. Landing in the middle of a baseball diamond with a whole crowd of people around him. Back in this one. It's like, oh man his existed show up when they're all like we should use back and you get like that American apple pie feeling and everything's okay. And so they gave a little piece of that. But Zack Snyder was like, you know, what we need to show him being super and flying around and punch and shit. I'm all about that like dragon ball, z style. But he had no fucking substance going there. He had two great. Parents cass. Kevin costner. I thought was good. Elaine wasted. Yes. Not wasting drunk, but wasted all. Well, you never know. But yeah, I mean, it's like to me superman is all that you're saying, but he also gets cats out of trees rolled ladies, and he helps boy scouts cross the street. How does Batman continue to have all these fucking movies at you know, especially going from you know? Keaton to where it is now. But Keating the best Batman Christian Bill. Best verse. Right. Yes. Yes. But it's like you have those. But then you have to fucking super man's through three where people would just hate, you know, he's a hard God right for character. But you can do all these batmans. I I'm kind of confused about that. Like Batman just seem to. I mean. Yes, there were some shitty ones. But it's like you kind of had that little, but you've had to superman compared to what six batmans easier to do because villains or just just I mean because the villain. It's more based in the real world. There's no crazy. Fantastical powers superman gonna do more sense a bunch of fucking special effects with him, you know, showing super strength flying around superfast lying around the world. All this Batman really only need like heath ledger said it's like bullets gasoline explosions about of bell eight yet costume the costume is always. Like expensive and like liver. So it's it's like JAMES BOND. Local no. That makes sense. But yeah, I I don't know why that they I mean to me the the superman has the same problem that Batman had for the Macher films. It's like, you you have people who are in charge of it who don't get the character. Right. You know, they don't understand the character. They don't understand the nipples. They don't understand how they're supposed to operate. Todd. Just looked at travis's nipples very intensely and Travis you good bad nipples. This town needs an enema. Town town needs a man's ear. Manscaping. Anyway. So yeah, I mean, I I don't I my my beef with superman right now isn't much to actors as the material. Yeah. I wanna see I wanna see the superman because I think with Batman begins. We got the we got the superman movie that I'm sorry with. I think that not me off my whole -rageous allowed. I think that with Batman mcgann's, we the Batman movie that we deserve. And I think that, you know, we're do the superman movie we. Here's what I'm waiting for. But but are is director of production house like too scared to do it because you know, you're gonna get chastised because been to questionable ones that come out. So it's like are they like shit. We don't wanna touch it. Because even if we put two hundred billion into it. We're not going to see that return that man, I you're saying now like you probably get that return. So yeah, just just marvel studios needs to buy these Disney's to buy these e Disney marvel needs to buy their own DC studios. But they can still own it or loan them some of their people just overtake it for a while. They just suck ass. So. Yeah. Anyway, aggressing. Yes, they need. They need to. Yeah. They need enema. I mean, they've done some good like wonder woman off man, listen to this up. So. Stop. Vicki Vale has been another vino. And we thank you for your beautiful patronage Hank you for being a friend moon. Boom. That was sufficient. But anyway, click it don't take it rubs rakes. Get take everybody's. Yeah. Watch one to borrow a little bit. How was that say turn around? Don't drown. Maybe I wanna makes it up a little bit pick Lupul. Maybe it's like, you know, don't forget, your hug or whatever. Don't say don't say it. Don't forget. No forget about Dabney Coleman. Don't forget about dre. Don't sign offs. And you're feeling I'm just here for the enjoyment. Don't be sagging lift that wagon. And we're out Taylor wins. news. Do. Moan. Learn four. Tom willing. Is board. Christopher. Oh, Tom wollen was all. Yeah. Okay. John. Juice newton. Oh. Cookies kooky. That's okay. Okay. So I think we come back. We talk about.

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