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GSMC Music Podcast Episode 104: Pop Talk


I want to know the latest and hottest music hitting the airwaves be left out. Listened to the Golden State media concepts music. PODCASTS keeps you on the loop with everything you need to know from hip hop top flooring and we'll throw in news of your favorite artists concert tour. It's so much more interested no further because this is the gold standard in music podcast. Thanks The low everybody. Welcome to see using podcast by MC podcast network at work. I am your lovely host Keith. And this is my co host. Cynthia was going on everybody. How's it going? Cynthia is going gray. ASSIZES scratchy throat. I have on. I'm a complainer. Whenever feeling one hundred one hundred and ten percent with my health sizes complain like I feel fine but yeah I'm okay? I'm okay how about you. I'm doing all right. You know hanging in there hanging in there my my check engine. Light came on on my way here. So you know living living life adventurously and man make hoping I can make it home tonight. Car Crawl man car. Dr Issues are the worst like I hate having issues. My car actually get so much anxiety because I like every time I am I am. I am going to make it home safe. I know now I just want to be able to be like rich enough to buy a new car and not worry about it. I just like have one of those remote starts. You can start it from like you know from your smartphone and turn on the air conditioning on like on a hot summer day and you just like walk over your car and it is already good to go. You don't have to worry about anything. It's just like that feeling. I want it so badly the feeling I want I want to show for. I actually hate driving like you show up I right like I wanNA feel like a car dash and I walk on my house and the doors open. I just hop in and like take me to the gym. It's your last name gone threat us. Contra what would your would your chauffeur speak Spanish expanding. Would you prefer that. They don't even have to speak just they just open the door for opening doors right. I was GONNA say because they could say you know like when the US miss you know any language right exactly but we're not here to talk about cars right. No no we have to talk about economics mix L.. I'm just kidding show show. We're here to talk about music. Pop Tuck yes so this week. We are focusing on the genre of of Pop music which is exciting. I proposed that we moved to this. Shawna this week because we had talked about Christmas stuff last week and we were going to consider talking about it again this week but Christmas music get you listen to it once a year so we only have to talk about at one time. So we're not going to even talk about Christmas music anymore and I. I was really excited about this topic because I thought like. Oh we'll finally be able to like share some common interests and like maybe like the same things spoiler alert. I was was wrong. There is I know. And that's what makes it so great because you just like go back and forth on like why are we like a certain album or single or why we don't and you and I both have opposing views. Sometimes but that's what makes it interesting because I actually learned a lot about music from you. I learned a lot about popular dealer culture from you. Apparently I'm not involved in it. Knowledge you heart is now. Yes we do. The HASHTAG shameless cross promotion. Here we do the movie podcast as well. So if you're looking to get more Cynthia and Keith in your life there yeah head over there also we get along more on that podcast ESA views. I know but it's okay. It's okay we may have different musical tastes but I can appreciate different genres like pop to be honest. I'm not a big pop person choices. We're kind of on the edge of I like the crossover pop music. Yeah Yeah Anyway. So what was what were we talking about. I saw the very first one. We're going to talk about an album. That was just released a few short days ago. On December number six is Camila Cabello album titled Romance. Quick Question yes. So how do you spell her. Last name. it's C. A. B. E. Double L. O.. So I guess Cabrillo I guess yeah in Spanish Bagel but here in the. US they color. I always hear Camila Cabello like I always sure that sounds Camila. Cabello sounds so much better does she. is She's Cuban Latin descent so of of course. Last is the dialect in Cuba version of Spanish. That they speak do they follow the double l.. Yo know that it bursts couples or sets universal in Spanish but they are different dialects. Like how Mexican speak is completely different. From how Cubans or Puerto Ricans speak So that's Oregon's they say that Mexican speak the slowest in Spanish which is absolutely true. I have some Puerto Ricans in my family and when when they speak Spanish I literally cannot keep up and it's the same language but like they mesh like six words into one now my interesting. Yeah so it's probably like talking to somebody from California versus talking to someone from the East. Yeah exactly right yeah cool. Yeah so Communica you see there Eric. We're GONNA call a COMMUNICA bail and she's actually for those of you who don't know if she is she's one of the members slash co founders of the grow group Fifth Harmony Harmony and she co founded that grow into dozen twelve so they're they're like a hop grew. My little sister is super inefficient harmony. Really really funny. That she's in that. Yeah Yeah I think I think. That's a generation. Think growing up. I was into the Cheetah girls like all my cheetah sisters better. Let me know in the comments right now. If you were a girl yes Adrian Adrian by loan so I her Adrian Boulogne cheese like the Likud wine in there. She's Well she dated Rob Kardashian and she's honest that's awesome. Oh my goodness goal isn't to the entertainment podcast. I'm like I host that one too. I talk if you need all your pop. Culture needs over there there but anyways so he got communicable she released romance and and this album. She's pretty much an open book. She explores pretty much Love Romance and All Forms So love lust talk sick relationship. You're bad butterflies actually kind of enjoyed that track all of that. All of of that stuff. She reminds me a law of Taylor swift to be honest. I think they're friends. Yes not in the catch Taylor Swift. Not Not the way. Ah I think personality wise and personality wise and just music. They like their personal love stories. And they're like ladies and charge kind of a good one. Yeah so and I. I did like the album was okay for me like I said. I'm a little more judgy just because a huge into pop but I did appreciate the Latin towns within her album. I actually heard the song senorita covered by a metal band before I heard the original one so when you said this record to me and I heard that trump is like where have I heard this before. Oh No yes she she seniority. Thas one of her Most popular tracks on the album and she released the album months in advance before the album released singles. Yes okay and she he performed. I actually heard a seniority. First Time Where was it? Oh at the American music awards like honestly. I didn't find about the song pretty late. Like only two weeks ago. And she the song is features Shawn Mendez. which I believe? It's her man boyfriend. But this morning i Don Mendez but to be honest I don't even. Yeah no I know. He's the only one I know he's in the music industry like that name always appeared. I not really like. I don't really dig his music music. I haven't really listened to it And they their whole I think seniority is I liked that track again. It goes back to her. Latin roots. My other our favorite track on the album was my. Oh my featuring the baby But I think the only reason why I like that truck is because I love the baby. So he's he's American rapper hip hop artists. And I I love his energy. He's so like small compact and packs a punch Honestly have you ever seen debate. Perform live he can put on a show which I'll just because you're a good rapper doesn't mean you're a good performer. And and he is amazing. Live he really cares about his fan. So I'm generally a fan of debate and I think that's the only resume I to be honest. Loved the track Komo Mine. I really liked used to this second to last track. I really enjoyed that member of chuck and I see that's the thing to when I was analyzing ising the album like I like these songs these tracks that I mentioned. They're my favorite of the album. But I don't think I would download it and my Taylor's like nothing really was two memorable for me in this project. WHOA hold up question? Yes the last track. In my opinion. is one of those like okay. Do you remember the last track down man. You don't remember I don't I've only got to me so much by tell me so because in my opinion it was was absolutely terrible. It's so it's about one of those like sad songs. And this honestly after thinking about your statement about Taylor swift like this is where I could see that Taylor swift influence coming in here So it's basically this story of a young lady who falls is in love with a man and it's from like this weird mixed viewpoint of like what she thinks. Her Dad is thinking about this guy as well as what she's thinking about this guy and like it's just that like that pop culture completely and utterly false idealized version of what Father thinks when his daughter falls in love and if feels like. It's just fishing for people to use. This says the daddy daughter dance at a wedding and like it was so insincere felt l. like a crappy country song like it was so bad. I can't emphasize to anybody who listens to this. Like what she says in those lyrics is I'm not real like it's a bad ROM com. It's like oh I'm so thankful that you're the first guy that loved me and like you just think that this guy's not worthy of me the whole time and Blah Blah Blah. If your dad thinks that you're so great that no man is worthy of you than your dad does not have realistic expectations of you. And you should be weary of that. I like the fact that you've got this like this. Final track is supposed to be like this panel ultimate emotional tearjerking song like and it's not it was just awful full like it so fake it just did not feel sincere in any way shape or form and yeah I would say I'm right there with you like there was a couple of these songs that I've heard before for care enough to like figure out who they were by. And then when something's really really bad and I can't believe how bad it is. I'll look it up to see who did did it. Because it's just funny. How do I blame for this? Yeah exactly and like she rides that line of Mediocrity so well. It's like I could put this on. And then never remember that. I listened to it until that last track so before we head out to Brexit. Like what would you would you rate this record IDA ten like a five A.. And the only reason even gained defy for me because of the Latin sounds uh-huh so that's really the only reason which neither do tasteful. Yeah we'll give. They were tasteful but again nothing too memorable like now I was just Kinda like alright I listened to it. What's next? Yeah that's just me. I wouldn't really recommend this album. Okay and I will give my recommendation right after this break brick modern life is complicated. Good thing the things that make us happiest remain refreshingly simple and more than anywhere where else they're found in Costa Rica. Here you can connect with nature and with each other the real your senses and your sense of adventure recharge did your interest spark find balance between the natural world and modern life. And feel yourself feeling like yourself again. Costa Rica Life's essentials found here at visit Costa Rica Dot Com. Always on the go but the day. Just be more without your Hollywood Vince. Foot golden golden state media concepts. That are ten podcast. Take care of that and all inclusive look up pop culture Hello and welcome back to music podcast. Right before the break I go my rating Camille. CABELA's was it album gum for romance and Kate left US hanging. I WanNa know your rating over the two on two. I think that's the worst rating you have given and now on this show so like I would give something. That is horrendous. Like a five or six because it would be so bad that you should listen to it and know why it's so bad bad. This is just so boring and so on sincere and so on original that like teach in my opinion in my opinion right and there are people who who are GonNa love this record and that's fine like these are just our opinion. Everybody's taste is valid. And everybody there's a place for every bit of creativity in the music industry and like I applaud Ka Mea Camila Cabello for like putting yourself out there and for writing this stuff but like in in the grand scheme of whether or not it's actually valuable in the lexicon of music and if it's going to be remembered like it's a two it's just not like no no one's GonNa be in ten years no one's going to say. Hey you got to go back and listen to Camila Cabello Kibeho's romance record like have a record that she puts out that is is that record for her. But it's definitely not this one so you know again. I don't want to sound mean or negative. It's just like the the records really not memorable and it doesn't do anything unique and you don't have to listen to it you go. You're not listening to you. Not Missing out on absolutely her best one seniority and you probably have heard the song lying and no radio end mall so yeah so it's a good track so I right moving on so we're GONNA be talking about another girl who was part of the fifth harmony girl group that Communica bail was in nor- Mani. She is my girl. I'm so excited. Talk about her. She is the it girl she. She is a total package. I am absolutely obsessed with her and to me. She's like I. The reason. Why compare fifth harmony to the destiny's child and don't come at me on the comments because they're not even the same lane who same way? No nor my Ni is like the CAL. The Kelly Rowland Poland in who Kelly Rowland. She's one of the numbers and destiny's child's and Disney's Charlotte beyond say Kelly Kelly Rowland and nine Michelle. So they're three Michelle. She's the third singer for destiny's child their nineties. R&B Right there and normany. She actually said growing up she idolized and looked up to. Kelly Rowland a lot because she felt like she was very underrated within and the girl group and she not a lot of spotlight was shine on. Kelly Rowland we all know is mainly beyond say I mean. Of course it's beyond say but anyways who and you said who who's beyond say I'm just kidding. I was like everyone knows who beyond says so. I WanNa talk about normies pop song motivation slash music video. Because they're not only was this music video highly successful. It was highly impactful as well. which is two different things? You can have a successful song but it's a whole different story when it's emits an impact and it moves people and have you. Did you see the music using video keith. Or heard the song I listened to the Song I forgot to watch the music video. I'm a little embarrassed okay. Well that's okay. I want to know your initial thoughts of the song. The song the song itself you sure I do I do. I may not be butting heads a little bit no Komo because you didn't watch the music. The music video tells Egbert ties it all together. Why didn't you like? It was just really boring and forgettable bowl like I heard the song and I was like. Oh is it done already. Wow okay well. That was a song I guess like. I don't know it just should okay so so like when I looked up norrman on spotify I saw that she was the woman who sang dancing with a stranger. Sam Smith yes. I love that Song like Sam Smith. He's my dude and I think his voice is a credible. He's great songwriter watching. I don't know how much of his own songs that he writes. But regardless everything everything that he's been involved in I've really really enjoyed. And so I was tentatively excited that I would really like the song and ultimately didn't and I didn't I didn't remember it at all. I finish listening to it and it was like I really wanNA listen to days with a stranger because like her vocals and that song are great. She's really good job. She kills it and in the music video like I think she's the woman dancing or she's in the music video with him and like she does an incredible job in the music video. So I recommend that you listen to the game but watch the music video because I feel like you would appreciate the song a little more like it. Maybe a little more of you watch the music video video because that's really where the success comes are how impactful disarm became because of the music video not necessarily the lyrics of the song so I kind of do like see your point of view. I'm reading your shown outs for why you like the music video. And I'm just going to tell you I probably wouldn't like it. You read your show notes. Everybody can kind of give myself pretty much her music video a BR. It's very nostalgic. Pays homage to the early two. Thousands Thousands Nineties are hip hop Erazo of. You're a big fan of RB and hip hop. You're gonNA appreciate her musically a lot more like I do so in the beginning of the music video video. It's a shows a young normany watching TV and on the TV. It's playing one. Oh six and park so for those of you who don't know when it's six and park back then. In the early two thousands they showcased a lot of Music videos which back then like sort of like MTV music videos where the thing like. I remember coming home from school and looking looking forward to watching those music videos on TV. And then her even her outfit in the music video it's airbrushed nineteen ninety-six logo brushed over her chest. which is the year she was born low rise in? She's like body painted note. It's like a white piece sets like UH SPAGHETTI STRAP top skirt. But the very top airbrushed logos really I was GonNa say this is a family friendly podcast. No she was wearing a top he is gonNA Clo Clo in the pocket the low rise jeans and like the belly button piercing they actual very first shot of the music video or belly button piercing. Still Cool we'll back then. Like hers has like a charm on like the art art murals now are really wearing the very long piercing you know And the very first shot of the music video. She's walking on a street Korea and it. Actually she's paying homepage to beyond say's crazy in love music video so a lot of the scenes from the music video. She plays back from the early two thousands era. There's another seen a dancing scene. where she's on the basketball court and Delighting Kinda like dark diminish and it's paying again homage to Jennifer Lopez and JAL rules One of their music videos. I can't think of the title of the song at the moment but h i. I really enjoyed it. It was so good to 'em refreshing. It reminded me of lot of by younger childhood days watching music videos on TV and and she really is a total package she has vocals. She's got the acrobatics. Is the dancing skills she did a for those of you don't know aren't dancers. She she did a double puree which is a spin she tossed the basketball spine bounce it off her but in the music video and end the reign there is another shot in the music video where she's in the rain and it's pouring and there's trumpets and Hornets in the background playing and and she's doing all these crazy flips. She gets into a handstand. Twists in the air and then drops down Emma split in the rain by the athleticism shown throughout this entire music video. Like I'm tired. And her and her friends were talking on offense high. Yeah I'm GONNA have a reaction lady. I'm waiting for you to tie man but no I'm not the only one who loved it. She has over seventy three three million views on youtube right now and the music video was so popular Oliver Twitter. That's how I I found out about the song. There were those clips clips that I mentioned of her dancing in the rain and her talking on the fence and all that those little shots were all over twitter and Briana was posting zinger so many celebrities were re posting her music video. It was amazing. I have watched. They're probably like five times and even the dance choreography in the music. Video is like even if you're not if you're a non dancer you can appreciate the dancing that goes on in the choreography fee and I was reading more on the behind the scenes of who produced directed the music video and they actually complete did the choreography without music. So she has about like twenty to thirty dancers in the music video and they're all in sync and Normandy. He said that they did the entire music video with no music heading all of those movements and seeing so that's pretty cool. Yeah and I like used to dance so I know how so super super challenging that is to have thirty twenty to thirty people synchronize hitting movements at the exact same be with no music they Even sing together in choir wound. And you're asking someone to like acrobatically and athletically move their body in synchronization with a large group for people. That is legitimately impressive. Yeah now and this song was really her first time truly presenting herself to the world as a solo artist. Artis as I previously mentioned she was originally in the Algo Group of fifth harmony with Kabila Comilla bail but she never really got any like spa it lie or solo stuff like now from a feature. She had with another artist and she she's been featured with like black Khalid other big name artists. She's been in in the game for a while. But this lead different than Khallid. How did he say Collider College? Dj callen is that. Who you're referring? No Khalid talking about somebody else okay. Yes so she's never she's been featured with other big artists and I loved the way she like. I feel this was perfect. Perfect almost announcement for her to come to the won't be like look. I'm good enough to be a solo artists. Some people are better off being a solo artist than they are in a group and no shade being thrown right now but a little shade. I'm with right now. Camilo Cabezas should've stayed in the group. Because he's not doing that she's not doing that. Well as a solo. Hello Artists and I'm not like saying this. I mean it is my opinion but you can even Google it. Her first album didn't really make a lot of numbers or reach Mexa success right and nor Mani from this music video slash song. It was such a turning point pivotal moment for her in her music career. From this release of the song she ended up walking for Janas lingerie fashion show savage xfinty. She became the first brand ambassador for lingerie line performed outer fashion show and she was on tour with Arianna Guerande. Oh cool and Arianna Guerande actually was her co writer for this song motivation. So the I think I believe around. `Grande is Normandy's mentor. which stop like perfect because there are both in the pop genre and I love also a you said this in the beginning of the podcast? I think the reason why I love of this tracks. So much is because it's a little bit of a crossover it's pop but has a little bit of R&B groove to it didn't feel like it fit Solidly into one genre into it but normally does consider herself as a pop artist. And that's another reason why I say this was not only successful but impactful Not There's not that many black artists is pop artists who labelled as a pop art is the majority of black artists are either group is being arm B and hip hop and she actually states in an interview that she wants to break that stereotype dot a. doesn't matter the color skin or whatever you can't categorize me like I can do whatever I want with my music that's what she's showing us with this pop hit this summer Bob like I truly love his record occurred and I love everything that stands for and I wish her much success she's only twenty three she's very young there's the beginning of her career and I'm it is exciting. I'm excited to see where this next decade because we're entering new decorate. I cannot say decade that game. I'm excited to see where she takes off because I already we know. She's going to be highly highly successful. And that is that's exciting. That's super cool. Yeah and so I need to watch. I know you may not like it but I still need to know what you think about. It will go into it with an open. Mind Yes yes. I'm sure you'll probably interpret a lot of things way differently than I come from a dance background ground so I might really appreciating the art behind the dancing. The choreography everything about it. Because I know how challenging it must have been to head all those moves especially absolutely. Yeah yeah the only thing that that kind of threw me off was when you said like. It's very nostalgic. Like I am not a fan of leveraging nostalgia into views news. I think that that's a cheap way to try to make. It seem like you're doing something really cool like what you're doing should be able to stand on its own in a way and like you know don't you emphasizing the nostalgia just kind of makes me hesitant and makes me think like Oh. Is She leaning too much on this nostalgia to experience success or is she actually using it to like leverage coverage this interesting and unique thing that she's doing so I will go watch the music video with an open mind because you so passionately talked about. I I really appreciated shaded everything that you had to say about it and I think it's really cool. That normany is doing what she's doing and she's passionate about this particular project guy and when someone's passionate about what they're doing it translates into their art and I think that that is part of what makes really good Artan absolutely and I think that we're in take another quick break and when we come back. We're going to move on to reviewing more albums. Tired of searching the vast jungle of podcasts. Now listen close and here this out. There's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching. The golden state media concepts podcast asked network is here nothing less than our podcast bliss with endless hours of podcast covered from news sports music fashion cooking entertainment fantasy football and so much more so stop lurking around. Go straight out to the golden state media concepts podcast network guaranteed guaranteed to build. That podcast is whatever. It may be visited a sad. WWW DOT JESUS MC podcast dot com follow always on facebook and twitter and download on itunes soundcloud and Google play Welcome back music right before. Before the break we listened to Cynthia passionately talk about her money's music video and now we're moving onto some things that Cynthia is unfortunately not as passionate about so We were in the pop sean this week and I was very hopeful that I would be able to recommend some things that Cynthia would really enjoy. Roy because I like it when I get to share an enjoyment of something with other individuals. I think that that's like fun. And part of what art is all about and music music especially so we listened to Carly Rae Jepsen. Most recent album dedication dedicated dedicated. I can't can't even remember. Yeah so I really just. I didn't I didn't like it. I was like let me just cousin and chasing guys I nothing stood out to me again. Nothing was memorable but I I'm also a harder critic when it comes to pop music because I'm not the biggest fan of this genre. So maybe that's why I'm so like I don't like but I to be honest I can't when I think of Carleen Johnson. I said I still think of her terrible single commie. WHOA WHOA WHOA? No I- terrible terrible terrible terrible it is. I literally majestic like pop unapologetic packaged pop magic. Oh No I don't know if it's magic. It's definitely poppy. I don't know if it's magic I wouldn't go there again. There's unapologetically pop music like. It's just it's full of the excess and like opulence of Pop music so over the top and so ridiculous in the music. Video is hilarious. It is and like I think it's a joke like that's why as she kicked off her career because I honestly I see so have been underground for me for a little while. Had another record that came out in two thousand fifteen called emotions. That didn't do very well but she. It was definitely like she's from Canada if I remember correctly so I think she's one of the like prepackaged popstars from Canada that they kind of like wrapped up in a bow. And so if you do these songs and like you know you can have a successful career as a pop artist and so she was just kind of like hopped on board. Most of her music hasn't been her music. It's just been in her singing songs that were written by other people or like singing on tracks that were in by other people like I remember there was a Another podcast that I listen to Alba Camera. What it's it's called? But they would break down like different songs and things like that and all the parts that went into making it and he did one of Carly Rae Jepsen Song Carly Rae Jepsen on this episode and she was not because she didn't have anything to do with like writing or making the song she just basically like walked into the studio and they said like okay. Here's your here's your part. And she said cool sounds great and good job But like this record. So it's kind of a break-up record It was released in May of this year And it was actually Carly Carly Rae Jepsen first Suare with kind of doing her own thing. She's not locked into a record deal or anything like that anymore so she this is kind of a more independent ending effort for her. is she an independent artists. I don't know if I'd call her an independent artists. Necessarily I don't know if she's on a label or anything like that but this like this is the first record where she. He wrote a lot more of the songs on the album and where she participated in more of the production and things like that. And I think that's as part of the reason why like critics really like this record. As far as like pop records are concerned. People really thought that this was one of the better ones of two thousand nineteen. Yeah yeah definitely made ate a lot of lists for best record of best records of two thousand nineteen. I'm I think even pitchfork put it on there and like pitchfork normally. It's really hard to get on there as a pop artist because they they kind of don't like people who the same old song and dance so Carly Rae. She's kind of aiming to emulate like Abba familiar with Abbott all now so Abba deadline. I'd like dancing queen. I'm sure you've heard Abbey exactly Abba. Is this like classic. I WANNA say Swedish dance band from the seventies type of thing. They're like you think disco music. You think Abba so like Carly Rae Jepsen said in a couple of interviews that like her aim was to make this like a very fun like music to clean your house to type of record. That's like dancy and like not necessarily in your face very listenable I think ultimately should a good job with like background music type kind of yeah in a way it's like you don't like this music isn't dominate. The space here in. Its intended to like be a part of the Space Surin. And they're supposed to have fun with it. The last song is called like a dance party by myself or something like that. And it's pretty much feels like I could have this on in the background while I'm cleaning my house and it wouldn't do anything for me unless I was really paying attention to it and then it's a little bit dance. I think I'm also a little bias towards car. Because she works with one of my favorite producers slash dudes in the music industry named Jack Antonoff and he was a part of fun the band fund and then he also the he's the dude for bleachers and bleachers features. is another really good cannot like pop band so for the producer. You like the producer. No no I did like the record. I like. If we're going to jump to ratings like like I'd give this like a six and a half to seven and I would give it a recommend like I recommend listening to it type of thing. I definitely think that it's a good record. The and I I feel like I can't even read it because I to be honest. I don't feel like I really gave the album a chance because immediately when I saw her name I'm Mike Commie. Maybe so that was already fogged my judgment of the actual music so to be honest. I couldn't even get through the whole album. I was like after after like songs six. I'm like all right. Trump is so great Julian. Actually I do remember Julian. Yeah all right. I'm I'll give her long. aww totally hate on there but I mean one of your playlists right. No like if I if I hear it if I walk into a store uh-huh and I hear it playing I won't totally hate it like okay. That's fair so I'm not going to judge. I mean I'm not GonNa read it so I didn't really give it a chance to listen to all right right. Well you coming from Keith. You heard it here first. I'm recommending a car. The Red Jepson album and I stand by it. I think it's a it's a good record to listen to especially if you like pop pop music. It's kind of like a good way to your toes into the water of something a little different and speaking of something different the next record that I recommended that we listen to is call. Artists named Robin and it's called body. Talk Robyn that I don. Thanks a great title and Robin released a record. This year called honey honey which I highly recommend that a great great I haven't heard of honey Yeah so it came out in November. I want to say and barely recently. Yeah fairly recent. It's definitely really good. I didn't want to records that came out this year. I wanted to kind of go into someone's back catalogue. And if I'm being honest carly RAE jetsons back. Catalogue is not nearly nearly as good as Robin's so we listened to talk which came out in two thousand ten and it was a bunch of like. It's a compilation of several hits that she had over in Europe up. Did they kind of repackaged for like. US audiences and other audiences throughout Europe. They weren't familiar with her weren't as familiar with her. And and yeah. She put out a bunch of little mini releases that same year. Kinda put them all together. I think between Robbins album and carly raise. I enjoyed Robbins a lot. More not to say that I like one hundred percent enjoyed it because again I'm on like huge POB and if I'm being totally honest like again and that thing I was able to listen to the entire album for this one Nothing like really really stood out to me. Besides the song she has with snoop dogg no butter which is one of my favorite ones on the album and dancing on my own which also was one of her most highly popular songs and Israeli arguably one of the most the reason why she was famous. That's what I was reading that dancing. My own is really what set her off. And many many people have done covers to the track and I'm was actually the number one single in her homeland of Sweden. So and I remember hearing dancing on my own when I would play dance dance revolution through that. Like the it's an arcade game like your dance under the game. I didn't know the song was in there. I yes 'cause I when I heard of dancing on my Own immediately took me to the arcade so I didn't know see that's the thing is like I know music. I'm not the best when it comes to. Who who sings it or the names of it? Bits I I know I've heard of these things. So but yeah I those are my top two you know. Better featuring Snoop Dogg and anti-hunting all my own. How `bout you were your favorites so I really like the one that's like? Don't tell me what the blank that was pretty fun and I love. Call your girlfriend a friend. I just think it's like a really interesting song. It's kind of got that same. What's Ariana Grande? Break a couple of your on board. It's kind of like along a similar line where it's like. You need to call your girlfriend and tell her that you're leaving up for me kind of thing and I really. I don't know I just like those kind of songs. which is Kinda like an artist is like putting their foot down in this particular way? It's kind of like Michael Jackson's bad right like along along those same lines of being like in charge and I think that that's kind of a cool way to write a song so I think that that's interesting and unique that she did those two things and it's like kind kind of punk rock. But she's doing this like pop music thing it took electro pop that's A Very European does not feel like the pop of off the United States Canada. It definitely feels like pop from Europe. Yeah and that's that's my. That was my I initial thought to and I listened to the album. I I think that's why I was so intrigued by and why I was actually able to sit and listen to the entire thing is because it was so so different and like I don't really hear that type of music here. No Yeah. This is definitely not pop in the way that you would normally here And so- critics love. This record occurred pitchfork. gave the this record the number eight slot on its top records of the two thousand and tens and this record came out in two thousand ten. Yeah Yeah eight point seven I read. It's really highly rated. It's very it's very recommended. I think that like if you're a music buff. And and you know who the pixies are like. This is kind of like the pixies of Pop music in the two thousand ten like a lot of what happened. After this record came out was is influenced by what was on the record and like another great thing that came out of this record was like a really good performance on Saturday night. Live like some people credit robbins performance of call. Your girlfriend is being like one of the best performances on Saturday night live of the last like two decades. So people really are really high on this record and I highly recommend it I'm GONNA score it somewhere around like eight to eight and a half as well. I think it's really good. It's definitely got its own space that it occupies and it really did ultimately add something interesting and kind of like Anna Nice little jolt of life to the Genera in but how would you rate this out of like a ten. I'd Audrey like a six point five or seven and I think is just because again. I've said this a million times. I'm not a fan of Pop. I do appreciate eight. Her work and I was able to appreciate the sound. The electro pop sound. It's different so if you are into pop music and you having heard that European twist to it I would recommend this album. Robin Robin Body Talk. Yeah no I I enjoyed initially gets a recommend from both of us. We agree on something agree exciting. See good job. Good job high five for everybody now. I can't. We have five five down very quietly because we didn't want to pick up on the Mike. Exactly we record this episode for the fourth time which we haven't done way. Hey hold up. Hopefully we don't need a record record like seven episodes and then we delete six of them. Right yeah right totally. Awesome that we you just get one and done and boom get it. Well it's because we're so excited to talk to everybody like and we picked a good topic woke. We know where we were excited about them. We're the best podcast hosts ever and on that note. WE'RE GONNA head out for the week and because we are the best podcast hosts ever please review us and give us like five stars Everyone that you think podcast subscribe all that stuff. Leave us comment all of that. I WanNa see I love to hear from you and catch again at next week's episode here at GMC music podcasts. And we wish you guys a happy week. Happy holiday season everybody. You've been listening to the Golden State media concept's music podcast. Part of the Golden State media concepts PODCAST S. network. You can find this show and others like it at. WWW DOT g s MC podcast dot com download. 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