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Great News there's a quick way you can save money switch to Geico Geico could help you get great coverage at a great price and it only takes fifteen minutes to see if you could save fifteen percent or more more on car insurance go to GEICO DOT com today and see how much you could save. This is the DAN LE. Batard show with Stugatz podcasts Listen to me. America's got talent. I care about a Jank the one you don't WanNa be going after her. You don't WanNa fight with her Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle. Union represents the best of in in this world from what they show us of their lives in terms of relationships in terms of love in terms of Backing causes is is that matter and conducting yourself with grace and America's got talent is. He's got to fight on. Its hands that it does is not want. I respect those two people so much. I respected their relationship so much. I respect the things they fight for so much. And so if you're not familiar with the story and their number of things I want to get to today including are weird feud with the Houston rocket out of nowhere. I'm feuding with the entire Houston Rockets. Fan Base what you're doing right now is a hetty play because everyone knows you push dwayne wade out of town with that article. Yep Yeah you did damn racists you know I mean you saw the send off tour last year we were conspicious conspicuously. Absent from that whole deal does all you pushing them out of town. Yes or now now. You're building bridges. I love it where to go going. Yeah I always loved these two people but you said what you talk agro people you love right you want to stay in to do you guys remember any of the details on this like doing this annoying thing. But how did I run him out of town. I remember all the details. dwayne Wade was on the fence. Do I come back to have played for Miami. Dan Le Batard writes an article boom. He's gone those are all the details and the once again the only time. You're efficient unbelievable. When I ask someone who talks in elaborate S- because I'm getting into my computer you don't when I need you to shut up you Music Dome for twelve minutes music own? I WanNa talk about that. So here's the thing about that. I talked to Lorenzo's Lorenzo. We still. We're still good to do the music dump today. He's Deng fill INS on. We can do so may not happen. Today I'm ready but we have you know what I've got another gripe with you I would. I just got an email that you backed out of Shipping Container Karaoke and you sent Lorenzo in your place. I just got that email I just and so you've backed out of so not entirely sure and well I just got a required. I just got an email that said. Hey you want Lorenzo to do this and I'm like what do you mean Lorenzo's doing well. Let's hear the other side of the story you don't need to get into this on the air we don't usually get into lorette. Look look look. I had an idea to do karaoke and it was going to be a thing. That mean did and Roy date and Lorenzo and the people who love Karaoke is going to be the small and it's been turned into this whole headache. That's unnecessarily complicated. That's stunning that something you are in charge of would become then. Oh No if I was in charge should be smooth sailing. I'm not in charge. So you've quit and put Lorenzo on your places if anyone wants to see him. Sink Kyrie okay. I think people would like Lorenzo Singing Karaoke so we asked you before the show started. What's your Karaoke Song? And you're like I said I'm on the fence about this yep noncommittal you're not performing though I'm not a singer and this isn't Karaoke Karaoke. What's going to be happening at this thing? This is no. This is no fun Karaoke. is you go out there. It's casual you have the Karaoke machine. you go out awesome listeners. Hey you WANNA sing a song go out. Let's sing a song. That's with this pressure. No this is a concert main stage. Everyone's going to have mike all eyes on you. I'm not a performer. I know I'm not a performer. I'M GONNA cower that pressure I ruined the night I'm not there to ruin your birthday down. That's what I'm about and you explain to me though and I don't understand you you're you're inefficiencies officiency. Can you explain to me. You have had two weeks and weeks to plan this hold on in an effort to not ruin his night. You're having Lorenzo. That's correct that is correct Lorenzo. Let me be honest about Lorenzo. Lorenzo hand one responsibility at the last moss event and he failed because he got drunk. His responsibility was to not get drunk. I was there. He was drunk hammered shovel them. You shouldn't drink as much because you're not that tall just saying so billy's falling apart. I'm fine I throughout this entire well-thought-out plan plan how we can make this work and it was rejected. That's it that's all. I have tried to help. No one wanted my help on this and then we come up with our own ideas track and you were in charge of in. No no no no no no is that the guest is that Lorenzo or I mean which one or him you don't WanNa talk to a Renzo because he has his whole `nother thing going on with Ryan Cortez that he's trying to infiltrate. The show is just super inside Amino Hassans disappointed me though with this Karaoke competition we'll circle back to you but Amino Hassen were supposed to submit or Karaoke songs and there is one song that mean should absolutely do he should have the presence of mind. Considering what's up e should do all the time the the song that he submitted it is not party all the time by Eddie Murphy so just going to disappoint the throngs of people throng great word. By the way that have come out to see him perform Guillermo Guillermo put it on the poll is throng a great word. This feud that I have with the Houston Rockets. Fan Base is is quintessentially. Our show okay yesterday. Those of you don't know and I hate explaining our show again and again to people but what happens offense to us consistently is what I told you used to happen to Phil Hendrie all the time Phil. Henry is as genius as anyone injury. I'm saying Phil Hendrie H. E. N. D. R. I. E. Politics. You are very clearly time. I'm sorry Phil. Hendrie is a genius because he was table on his talk radio show to pretend like he was talking to others when he was talking to himself in character and himself in character her would say outrageous things he'd pretend to be the interviewer of again himself and invariably and inevitably they were always ensnare. A caller who wasn't in on the joke didn't understand what was happening and was just getting outraged by this impersonation that fill Henry was doing putting out a person saying outrageous things as ads himself and interviewing himself and never falling out of character. How is it? I always marveled at his ability to always find somebody some sucker who would get there and before and be not in on the joke and everyone else who was in on. The joke was able to laugh at that person and I continue to marvel fifteen if teen years doing this. One hundred seventy stations. The biggest podcast in sports radio that you'll find that we continue to find not just people not just a person or two doesn't understand what we do an entire fan base we keep finding fan bases and now it's the rockets. It's fan base. That thinks we were serious when we said is James Harden ruining the ratings for the NBA. I was I was absolutely serious. He is ruining basketball. Ask You ball. And he's the single reason. Why ratings are you can't blame? A Guy who's twitter handle is Houston Hogan for not understanding the show. But it's not just him and you could go through through all of them you can go through and it was media members that were confused by it and just I and people alleging and this one his great people alleging the national media's bias against Houston. Oh I have a bias against Houston. It's a it's a terrible team to watch and the rooming McCain root against actively. I'm not impartial. They're not a bias against the rockets. They're saying a bias against the city of Houston and it sports. I why do several times. Its Way to spread out. I don't like it it's overrated before now and before this team you have Houston I have not thought about Houston basketball since. OJ Simpson was being chased down a freeway during the fine since Akeem allies you on have I given your team any you thought. And now you've brought this plague aesthetics to basketball drain the juice the juice boy. The Glide Donlevatar Donlevatar there are some legitimately meaty race stories out there. stugotz great these lebatardshow. Oh with those two guys on. ESPN RADIO ESPN. Radio is presented by Progressive Insurance guests on the Dan. lebatardshow appear via the Shell Pennzoil performance. Line protect protect your engine. This winter used pennzoil's thank Motorola. May from natural gas now crude oil. Here's your sportscenter. Update the forty niners suspended radio analyst Tim Ryan and after he said on a radio station. The Mar- Jackson's dark skin helps him disguise a dark football when running fake handoffs versus the Ravens. Now we know Tim I'm Ryan is wrong but is he right. He's wrong for saying we know that he's he's white you. You had such a good joke when we left the air of course when we ended the last segment told me to sit it out when we in the last segment your bravest off air though. I don't trust you want air but I actually said I ended the last segment with Should there be white. Footballs and STU gods. As soon as the next one offset all. You can't give me live manning that I didn't ask for any. The rockets will likely file an official protest protests regarding James Harden's dunk. That wasn't counted in Tuesday's one thirty five one. Thirty three loss to the Spurs enough of it. What are they waiting on? Trying to look at you have two days to do it. Officially don't do it already. I'm with you enough with them. I mean they were so confident that the NBA was just GonNa hand but w they didn't have the protest it. I didn't know this. You're absolutely right. We're up like twenty one that happened. They were up thirteen last night. They were up thirteen dumbest. They don't blow that lead they just want the victory gifted to them isn't good. Ears was arguing on highly questionable that it should be gifted to them. I like the AD finely. Justin Timberlake has issued a public apology to his wife. Jessica Biel Wheel after photo surfaced showing timberlake holding hands with actress Alicia wainwright in a message posted on Instagram timberlake attributed the strong lapse in judgment to a night of heavy drinking. I drank way too much that night or regret by behavior he wrote. I should have known better. This is not the example. I want to suffer my son. I apologize this is my amazing wife and family for putting them through such an embarrassing situation and I am focused on being the best husband and father I can be timberlake and wainwright are are currently in New Orleans film in the upcoming movie Palmer late last month. Paparazzi photograph the co-stars holding hands at a bar on Bourbon Street. Timberlake maintains means that that was the extent of their intimacy and nothing sexual happened between the two. They're making a movie about Arnie. You know those Blake motion gene activated security cameras amazing right. Well hope security just got easier because now blink system started seventy nine nine thousand nine visit blinkprotect dot com slash Dan that's blinkprotect dot com slash. And do it today for all the latest headlines Information tune the sportscenter on ESPN radio all throughout the day. If you're just joining us you know that I'm a race trafficker. I'm always accused of this by everyone. And now we have a legitimately meaty race story. A controversy has hit sports. A forty niners announcer has been suspended for one game because he said Lamar Jackson was able to conceal the football. Because football's dark and he's dark so clearly Tim Ryan is wrong but is he right. We bring in noted former football player and current Black man this out dominic Foxworth with us on. ESPN radio so help me understand here. This is the part. I actually want you to help me understand. I've never heard a player. Say What Eric Weddell said after facing the ravens where he said half the time he simply didn't know where the football was and he did not know who to tackle. Can you explain to me. How the hell that's happening? Well that's because you haven't seen an offense like this so have you watched Wing Tea High School football like. That's the premise of dolphins. When you don't have super towns guys you do a lot of misdirection and stuff like that so that it's just because no one runs that type of stuff in college is cool but they're running it and the NFL? I think that's the reason for it. It is not because Lamar Jackson is a is a darkly Arculli or Brown complected personally absurd to be. It was funny. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I just wish that they wouldn't have suspended so he could come back next week and say there you go a Mark Jackson accent with that play action skin tone got. It's got to mess appointing ground. You can't stop let's say hypothetically let's go ahead and say that it is true that sometime it could. I've been a bit you and I understand the logic behind it. Although it's stupid like I understand the logic that lead to that point then can't we. Can we have that like baseball players. The ball is white right and they are white. No one's complaining about like video that no one out here saying how black quarterback or black Pictures on disadvantages because the ball is like it just seems like an all the big to bring up in my last point is if they were troops over. Whenever I play all the years that I played from college pros we would always some player especially often oftentimes divas live and Would change their gloves at times based on the color of their opponents Jersey because they believe that it will make it harder for referees. He's to see holding in that situation because their gloves could blend in with the points in Tim Ryan's favor Ano- and Dominique Dominique. I must say in baseball. There is a batteries. I right okay. So let me finish if that were the case. Why don't of quarterback just wearing brown with us like we can solve this? It's not his complexion. Like if you want if you expect people if you believe that you get some sort of advantage by having plaques skin tone. They wanted US web around gloves. Like there's just seemed like a ridiculous absurd newer. A Union player rap. I don't know is it a uniform violation you guys. Can't I mean they didn't allow Peyton manning to wear johnny the united remembrance shoes they don't allow that was because that was because they were not made and Approved like if they're made by Nike or one of the food Outfitters and and you can wear them but I mean I am upset a little disappointed. You're getting away from the fun of this and try to actually answer the question like I think it's kind of a foolish Polish statement like it's hilarious. That he was saying that he got suspended for it is on you not familiar with my role as the straight man in these proceedings. You're not aware of that. You're the black man. I'm the straight man and that's what we do. We do the dance now. I think so all right. I'm fine I'm fine with US bringing this up but I think that we should have black baseball. Can we change that. Also put it on the pole. Guillermo at Lebatardshow should we have black baseball's in the name of equality thank Hugh Dominique. We appreciate you being on with US and offering us your perspective but should he have been suspended I mean that's not for me to say like I personally. I saw the news alert go by last night and I and I clicked it immediately because I was going to read it and I expected something far more Salaciousness assist when I read when I read. It just seemed dumb. It didn't necessarily seem like offensive. But I guess if we'RE GONNA IF WE'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA start. Suspending sports analysts for dumb. We're not GONNA have. How many sports analysts left? Oh good luck. Web Robots doing those jobs to see later all got you crushed. You know what's going on really strong uniform violation. I know this because of all the time. So del Beckham from June runs onto the field and they tried to flag him for it. To God's ear this holiday season there are some things you want to avoid like awkward small talk at office parties and long nights with the in laws that don't get stranded ahead and test your battery for free advance auto parts if you need a new one. They'll install it for you. Plus enter the Code Dan Twenty when you buy online and said twenty percent of your battery purchase advance auto autopart figurehead. They could bad guys. This year for Christmas gave her the next best thing to wearing nothing. At all with soft Silky newbies pajamas available exclusively lucidly at PAJAMAGRAM DOT com sent to us and smooth noodles pajamas. Field just like her own bearskin nudist. So seductive should love the feeling of wearing next to nothing at all and you'll love the way they look includes free gift. Packaging and delivery by Christmas is guaranteed so visit Pajamagram DOT com today. That's PAJAMAGRAM DOT COM Donlevatar. To God's looks really unhealthy Stugatz. That sounds about right. That's because I am. Yeah and it's because I do not live with our show with two guys on. ESPN radio gear. Mo- put it on the poll. Please should Tim Ryan Appeal. Should Tim Ryan Appeal. Take it all the way to the commissioner character witness John Brinks. ESPN radio is presented by progressive insurance and sharing cars homes boats motorcycles RV's and more progressive dot com guests. On the Dan talk show appear via the Shell Pennzoil performance line. I don't know what to do here. Man is your sportscenter update. I should know this word but at representatives. Not that word right. I don't know how to say this. Try Try yeah try on a on a dry religious man try like that makes a difference go arch Diaz. Oh my God. That's wonderful. It was just Taymor. She Diaz just bad enough that everyone the audience knows what he was trying to go for and knows exactly how poorly that was comedic. Nicholas perfect ignorance anyway. Archie has of Baltimore gave a Ravens Ends Number Eight Jersey. Two Pope Francis Nice of Archie during a visit Rome. The Jersey which features Jackson's number as Francis on the back and was autographed by both Jackson and John Harbaugh harbaugh doing autographing. You WanNa try again at the word now that you've actually we've been talking. I think you'll keep getting that wrong. Pope Fred and Jeff Wilpon negotiating doing a sale of their stake in the mets organization. With Fellow Stakeholder Steve Cohen finally and finally five years from now though five years. You've got I'm fine. I'll take it off of that right there. And finally Adam Sandler has threatened to make a a movie so bad on purpose if he doesn't win an Oscar for his upcoming movie uncut gems which co-stars Mike Francesa the pope sportscenter brought to you by advance auto parts. They had big advance at anytime. What for batteries is about to fail and get a free battery test free installation with Eddie automotive battery purchase only in advance? That's auto parts for all the latest headlines Information tune into sports center on. ESPN radio all throughout the day gear. Mos Music Dome is going to be in the twelve o'clock eastern. Our Chris Cody has been taken out of the show today sadly by his bird box punishment of being blindfolded all show. I can't go to him on anything he doesn't know when to talk. We have a John. Branca's like fruit loops experiment to do in about ten minutes. Does Adam Sandler thing. That's going to sway Oscar voters like. Oh no we. Can't Dan possibly fathom what a bad Adam Sandler movies going to be like. We need to give him an Oscar de is going to be a ton of job. I mean I like Adam Sandler. I don't WanNa take shots at him. I mean I feel like this is a popular thing. People do. Career has been really good seriously the netflix movie. Now just some of the stuff that he's done some some of the comedy stuff that he's done he did punch drunk. Love was very well done but that was like twenty years ago years ago. Christians made a scooby doo sound but he can't find his Mike to talk to you. What are you talking about? The last of the end of his career's been terrible. I don't agree with you. Punch drunk love was how long ago. Let's let's see that I also. I like that movie. I don't know the name of it. But the movie where he He played some comedian. Who was dying? A famous comedian was funny. Eight people love came out in two thousand and two out is a good start to his career. That was a long time and twenty people. People I think it was like two thousand fourteen man. Dano he's made wising up for an Oscar isn't the movies in good. I mean he just made himself up straight. Think I think no I think he is. I think he's actually up for an Oscar. I think he is actually Getting Buzz Buzz. You mean yeah. What is that movie for Uncut Gems? He was nominated at the Gotham awards. which is has like a history of being a correlation that could lead to an Oscar nominated for incest the thinks he deserves herbs and Oscar? He has to win one so great career. Would it be like supporting actor. God I hope he Winslett also run. The mets should do everything. God this is so much when he retires again. Have you still been listening to a show when following him on on his APP or are you still doing that. It's been taken a little break from that. You know the APS dead. Mike's on Mike's off the APP is dead. I believe so yeah. That's too bad so we'll get to this fruit. Loops experimented a moment but How do we want to set up? Steve Bella check sound. What do you think it sounds like? I mean you've seen as Hairdo. Obviously he looks shockingly different than his father. Well let's explain to the audience. What he looks like for those who have not seen what Steve Bella check looks like and may have you may have only seen him for the first time Over the weekend when they were playing against Houston and he was on the sidelines. He's shaggy not the Scooby Doo character although also that yeah but he's just gave shaggy a mullet but I don't even mean I just mean his hair and everything has shaggy indie. Wendy does have mullet. There's a party in the back. No doubt okay so this is the front but definitely a parting about. What do you imagine that he sounds like a totally different different? Like a young guy because he looks young but this is the first time I've heard him speak and here is the sound that came. Out of Steve Bella checks mouth. It is shocking. I don't know I haven't really thought about how correlates Asus finding my things that I think that. That's what's best so about about the choice of memory of Your First Football Chore When He First Full Chosen Yes you do yeah. I got a couple of memories the same apples if all the DNA the DNA of boring press conference has been a hand. Me Down through the family. I was so hoping he sounded like actual shaggy not like Scooby Doo singer. Shaggy wasn't me. That song came out a couple of years ago. Right huge huge it it would have been closer. If you said GROWNUP. He's GonNa Happen to me is that I only saw that movie last year and I thought it was noon. And that's what happened to me age. Also I'm not familiar with what Adam Sandler. It looks like. Now we'll get the Irish people look younger older her. WanNa talk about this experiment that we're going to do in the next segment. Because yesterday sue guides read an aunt. Finally that said all fruit loops tastes the same. They're just different colors and sue. God's got so angry at that. He insisted that he could tell the difference between all the colored fruit loops and he specifically quickly cited. How much you love the grape fruit loop so we bought fruit loops and we got a sixteen foot long receipt from CBS? Just from the one box of fruit loops and we're GONNA come down a bit of sports science study and see if sue God's can accurately tell us which color and flavor he's eating while he is blindfolded. Okay you guys were blown away by it as well though. Weren't you like maybe it has something to do with visual. Where from eating a grapefruit loop I feel like it tastes grape? Perhaps I I will say I was not surprised by it at all because I've had fruit loops and there is no difference in taste. When do you eat fruit loops individually? Why do it all the time? What do you mean I put my hand in the box without milk and I just eat them one? At a time I throw in my mouth. Did you know fruit loops. Spelled with two does like in both words so like it's not F R U. I T it's F. R. O. T. L. O. P. S. Rome without learning so much but it on the poll. Did you know that fruit loops. The word fruit was spelled with just owes real quick. I I also want to do another study because I have one of these XFL. Football's okay. Here me out. Let's make you an NFL safety. Say Eric Weddell keep in mind. When Tim Ryan was calling this game? It was raining so the duke was a bit of a darker shade. All right. I'm more Jackson. In this case study. The Duke would be a perfect name for a white football the the football's a tad darker closer sir. What it looks like with the Baltimore Ravens uniform? And I'm Amore Jack. That was a stunningly good race jokes. That was unafraid. By God's it might be shining being moment in terms of race talk not that it's competing against much. I am holding high in tight. I am Lamar Jackson wearing You know dark uniforms. Okay right now envision me as Philip rivers and I'm holding the ball in the exact same position. Is it more difficult to see the football ball. If Lamar Jackson is holding it that it is Philip rivers. Yes you're fired I'm sorry are you are so fine now. No wonder review at the very least you can up. You've gotten us into so much trouble. Can't say we're going to get yanked off the air. We deserve to be suspended. vended you moron. Donlevatar and finally fruit loops are all the same flavor. Just different colors. I refuse to believe that that right. I refuse to believe it. I mean try the grapefruit and tell me that doesn't taste different than the cherry one because it does. I love firt loops stugatz. Sit It on the pole Guillermo. Oh at Lebatardshow. Did you know that all of fruit loops were the same flavor. Just different colors refuse to believe that these these lebatardshow with his two guys on. ESPN radio guys at a time. For straight talk it is brought to you by straight talk wireless. We've got some straight talk from A tweeter here my grind feel free to come in here and blindfold STU gods says. We conduct our of fruit loops investigation experiment. I'd it also like to know at some point Mike when we're going to do if we're going to do what's happening with the lie detector that we used to do annually with Stugatz and it's a great segment and we put aside. All of God's lies we believe really that this is another lie. He says he can tell. Which one is the grapefruit loop and we're about to test that theory? What is happening with our lie detector? Our annual lie detector test of STU Gods that is no longer annual again with this a bit ran its course and also also is a bit of theater of the mind if you did if you did any sort of research. It's hard to do those spur of the moment unless it's a big time lie now thankfully she got this big time liar but we figured three times was enough. Were you back there billy. I thought this was going to go to the grave with us. Lie Detector segment was fake. Dan didn't know we kept up. No raid the first time known. Each time we did it. We would just pre screen the questions to get had an absolutely accurate one. So the the the first on the audience saw it was actually the second time soon. God's would do. This was explained that Dan several times but Dan would still still ask questions rapid fire and demand immediate answer. It wasn't explained to me. Several Times is finding out that the when you said that they know state yeah it what well okay. It wasn't totally faked like no interest to me. The answers will offending just a second time. We went we do it before the show over there needed to be like eight seconds or something in between these questions. We realize. You can't do that on the radio it's going to be bad. And then we found that also Joe Joe Harper bit of a Ham. He likes to play things up a little bit to answer to God. I can't remember the same answer he'd give earlier in the day and later in the day so we very much bookstop at Oheka days show. What a true showman? What happened happened with billy? Billy was very close. What happened is that Walter? Marcado died but celebrity prognosticator was about to be Walter Mercado. You're you were on the trail of the entire Mercado family and the next thing you know he died so that was. That's going to be one of my biggest life regrets I'd say but we were closer than anyone knows and on. Now Tell you how close we were. We were to the point where I thought that Walter mccarter was going to be our next celebrity prognosticator. I tracked down his assistant. I wrote a letter in Spanish invited. Lorenzo on because I thought that that would help with the Spanish because my Spanish is in gray than I realized. Of course he bladders way too much so I cut him out of it. Altogether during the night just dealt with it in Spanish. I handled the situation. I found out that he was traveling back and forth. I was like you know what I think. This is going to be our next I think it's GonNa be our next Hillary prognosticator Asta cater and then October happened. And you disappeared for a little bit and I realize this isn't really going to work out with Stugatz. So then he died before you came. Okay that's a good explanation. All of that makes sense but a weird crew. We've got the fruit loops in front of. How do you think that would have worked to golf? Very poorly I'm sorry that that didn't work out now. It's you know we'll get we'll get him next time we'll not him. We'll get you know someone else next so about four. We get to this fruit loops Blindfold experiment though. And I'm GONNA need some help here with how it is that we're doing the mechanics of this. I WANNA to get to this straight talk From this guy on twitter Anthony Bartholomee. He is bringing you the straight talk today. He is objecting to our poll. Should there here be white football and this is what Anthony Bartholomee has to say stupidest bs ever think about it. One Insane sportscaster imagined a supposed advantage for black quarterback and now someone wants to know if we need to make footballs white to be fair to white. QB's perhaps all football should be read but that someone will find a way to racial. Is that you get to show. God's already cheating on the blindfold. He hasn't had. I wanted to move things around the disgust of the shipping container. I didn't look at any nowhere Mike and when I didn't feel his presence around me anymore so I was just lifting this thing up to see where Mike had gone. That's all why are you lying. Because that's what I do okay. So he's cheating he already cheated so we can't even do it now. We can. We can we not do it. Let's see all right so this is the test. This is the thing that we are trying to test here. You've got STU gods with a blindfold which I think are Bikini panties. As if I'm not mistaken they are. They are covering his eyes and now he is trying to test the theory that all fruit loops are the same. They're just different colors is there aren't actually different. Flavors so what does he have to do here. Mike if he happens to pull up a great one is this grape. Yeah he He's been quizzed on all the colors that are in the fruit loops box. He told the specifically can tell us exactly when he has a grapefruit lube. And he's pretty confident that he can tell us all the flavors so we put a wide array of fruit loops in front of him and he will tell us exactly which flavor he is picked out beginning with the first one. Go ahead stugatz rummaging. Like the rummage. Like a good rummage. Dano here we go number one the first fruit loop doing. He's putting it in his mouth other blindfolded guy. It has been placed in his mouth. That's the red one. That is the red one that is correct by STU gods healing. It's amazing You Kill on route loops man you do so. This is tough man now the second one now hold on. I got one yup one at a time. So you'll mix flavors thank you. I think that was a red one again. Yeah you want what. Oh you got water. Maybe so you don't miss the tastes. We're doing just fine. How you're doing fine all right all right here? We go got another one. Um I believe that to be a yellow one. Yes cheating is cheating did I have. I thought he cheated. I thought he thought he looked down because he was trying to thing where he was lifting it over his eyes. And I'm pretty sure glance at the company's just memorizing let's just jake up shaking hands. Shake it up all right. Because he's shooting right. He's clearly cheating. This doesn't work no way to get it right every time there. This doesn't work as well when you're sitting here and your I cannot see a thing I tell you cannot see a thing all right all right well when you do too well in anything we think you're I understand. Anatomy earned that all right so fruit loops expert extraordinary. Stu Gods is now going to go for four in a row on the fruit loops. Let's see what we have here. Go ahead and put it in your mouth breath. I think that's the great one. Wow One more one more. Yeah we should do it until you get one wrong but until you get one wrong. I don't feel like you're very good at this. Well no I am very good at this. Hm who was the blue one it is insane I I have to call it. He's very clear all right very clearly. Go ahead and take off the blindfold the Bikini and you can see. They're all everything take prescription required online physician consultation and are only available. Physician determines prescriptions appropriate. See website for full details and safety information. 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R. H. I am S. dot com slash. ESPN FOUR HYMNS DOT com slash. ESPN Donlevatar let's go to eighty uh-huh billy eight instead of a B finds it clears there by Stugatz. Never the Chris Corner on the line. CC CC Donlevatar show with these two guys on ESPN radio. ESPN radio is presented by progressive insurance guests. On the Dan lebatardshow appear via the shell. Pennzoil performance. Line here's your sportscenter. Update a couple of transactions as a major league baseball. The braves of signed Cole. Hamels to a one year eighteen million dollar deal and phillies Zack Wheeler to a five year. One one hundred eighteen million dollar deal wheels up but Art Hopkins Juan Manuel Marquez Sugar. Shane Mosely are being being inducted into the International Boxing Hall of fame. Christy Martin and Lucia. Reicher they were also also inducted with a silent. There could be rods Reicher. Maybe and finally apple. TV just secured the rights to a Billy Irish documentary documentary that was subject bidding war for twenty five million dollars. A DIS- here's these selectquote. Difference most companies give you one option in one policy one rape but selectquote shots could get ten options from highly rated life insurance companies very free personalized quote. Call Eight hundred seven eight zero ten ten or go to selectquote DOT COM for all the latest headlines Information tune into sports center on. ESPN radio all throughout the day craziness going on here because billy has his messinger singer segment. Dan's in the penalty box. I'm here hosting the show Mike's year Chris is blindfolded. I have no idea what's going on but Dan is in the penalty box. Mike how are we gonNA to do this. Well I I hate to sort of peel back. The curtain all the way but the penalty box is in the same spot that the music domains. What's and Dan Dan? I'm sure because of his agrees mistaking the last segment that he's he had to apologize for is rightfully serving his time and he was probably thinking of as a reward. Ah To miss out on one of my favorite segments but we gotta do the Music Dome Segment. We can't just not do something that we t- so I guess we gotta toss the billy all right so ability l. e. you ready for the Music Dome Segments. Hello Hey what's What what's this business about over here? I mean you just GonNa Happen to do it. You have to work around bill all right. Well I thought this was going to be the massing or update in the Music Dome so Dan. Oh actually special guest Dan. You want to join me in the music. Don't expect all right guys. Welcome the music. Dan Little Alert Dan all right welcome to the music. Big Week of the mass singer last night take it was week. Let's say eight of the Music Dome. We had to face offs. We started out with butterfly versus the Fox and then we had thinking gee versus the tree and end guys. Dan Dan we had a special guest judge again. who was it any guesses? It was Joel McHale again. All right. Let's just get things started the first matchup of the night hold on Dan. He has to serve a fine because he just pulled up. Ed Flynn sown. When it's Fred Flintstone do a fine the three dollars just college? Is that the less successful brother of Fred Planet. That's a fine tone when you have to explain a joke. It's five. He says easy. Apparently it was a joke. Some Alabama all right. Let's get things started butterfly versus the Fox. All right. The first competitor of the night was the butterfly. The Butterfly performed sorry not sorry by Demi Lovato Dan Dan here are the clues shared a stage with giants. Some reference to football there was football. There's people think what obviously New York giants then there was Teapot that was hot and said one hundred percent and then there was a playbill. So you thought. Hey you know what probably Broadway Star here. Were the guesses the night again perform. Sorry not sorry everybody Demi Levato you were. The guests can thought it could be Carrie. Washington Jenny thought it could be Michelle Williams. Robin thought. It could be Monica or Leona. Lewis and Robin when he said Monica said I remember when Monica is which I thought was pretty rude especially if it was Monica in the butterfly. Let's move onto the next contestant of the night. It was Bill Fox all right. The Fox performed Tennessee whiskey by Chris Stapleton. Here are some of the clues. There was a playing the piano and the Fox uniform. And they're like another box costumes like it's not a great Fox costume true blue superheroes still don't know what that means and no more fancy dance moves. The Fox was all about business this week. Dan Serious saw all right. Here we are some of the guesses. Robin thought that it could be a j McLean from backstreet boys. Ken Thought it could be Jamie Foxx. Jenny digs and then when they talk to the Fox. The Fox said quote working with my friends even though they don't know who they see so some of the judges. But that's what the Fox crazy like a respect to the segment all right so that was the first face off and you know what that means one of these two headed towards the smackdown. Let's find out who it was. That was headed toward the Mac down. Dan Any guesses. Who Do you think it was headed added to the smackdown? It was the butterfly was headed to the smackdown. All right now let's go faceoff number two face off number two was J. Guys. You see here versus the tree. All right jake performed haven't met you yet by Michael Boob Lake Lake Great Song Choice Fruit thing magic and if you remember Dan. Nicole loves THINGAMAJIG. All right here are some of the some of the clues hustles everyday said. I didn't want to be second pick anymore. Could mean Dan. What do you think that could mean you're a member? I think it's victory depot. Guess when he was picked Second Dick the big deal. So here's some of the guesses. Joel thought that it could be Dennis. Rodman Robin thought that it could be Montell Jordan. Jenny thought it could be Dennis Rodman. Can't that it could be Brian McKnight. Here's the thing about this. When thingamajig is revealed to be Victor? All the depot. Because I'm convinced as Victor Oladipo. All these clues I think they're gonNA be confused. Wonder who was betrothed with people so I feel a little bit that victory with people when that day eventually comes now j. was going up against the tree are vechury alright but all right. The tree performed total eclipse of the heart of the clues smelly cat. What is a friend of which at fifty dollar bill and there are a bunch of Kansas Soup and here there were some of the guesses? Nicole thought that it could be Lisa. Coup Dro- Canton. Ken Thought that it could be the person from a big wedding and Joel. I'm going to convene Megan Mo- Lalli don't walk under that Ladder Dan. That's the bad luck. Alright so the match up. If you remember correctly kick versus tree who do you think won or lost the do you guys think one of the tree was the winner. The tree was the winter. So you know what that means to God that that led us to the smackdown of thing jig versus versus the tree. Butterfly sort of hard to follow in the smack down. The Butterfly performed believer by Imagine Jin Dragons. Mike's favourite band and thingamajig performed caught up by usher. Now guys this is when we find out who lost. Who Do you guys think? Lost this week choices again Jaeger. Butterfly obviously had a very disappointing second performance and could easily. You have been eliminated however butterfly was eliminated this butterfly. I've had time to think about the guesses. Okay well here are the professional guesses and then we'll go around the room. I guess everybody's guesses. Ken Thought it could be Melby. Robin thought it could be Michelle Williams. Jenny thought it could be Michelle. Williams Nicole Michelle Williams and Joel that it could be Victoria Beckham Worst guests at night guys guesses Mike. Yeah I guess okay so shared the stage with giants and football player. Layla Ali I believe is married to Curtis Conway. So Leyla aaliyah's my guess. Leyla Ali was already revealed as the panda earlier. This season. Thank you for paying attention to these recap recap any other guesses. I'M GONNA go. Leyla elite guys are the words. Thank you for participating and the butterfly fly was none other than radio shows. How will your child all right that? Oh about wrap things up this week from the music. Do we will talk to you music. Dome we'll talk to you next week. Raindrop drop the top time to read the script for hats. Spot Gabby saw that segment months and was so intrigued by that. She started watching the show now she hated Donlevatar at finally. Joey chesnut Major Leagues eatings number. One rated gluten devoured forged oregon thirteen hooters chicken wings Stugatz a lot lot at so bad it's glutton and I can't blame Roy there I'm not gonNA blame right. He spelled it correctly the commas Hamas there. Everything's there I'm just an idiot. These incident lebatardshow with two guys on. ESPN radio if you miss any of the show you can listen to all three hours of the Dan lebatardshow plus our Miami only hour and our best of podcast on demand in the ESPN APP and subscribe to the laboratory in. I'm friends podcast. Network featuring South beat sessions stupidity and mystery great please rate and subscribe new episodes posted every week. Wherever you get your podcast? Is there a new episode. SORTA stupidity out now there is. I rarely do this. It's the second time we've done it where I go. Serious and stupidity becomes a Palm Beach Session. I did that was John. Durham boss who was a former. NFL Long snapper two time. Pro Bowler magician just an amazing journey life and story but a very serious story just amazing tragedy. But he's overcome all of that and So that was my guest this week and it was a palm. I put him on the couch. Why Dip an inspirational interview on Stupidity? This week. A change up as opposed to the fastballs that usually Stu Gods pops the Mitt with uh-huh which is just having michalak junior do his job better up so here is what happened during the last segment. We we have a difficult eagle balance That we are incompetent about which is doing television radio at once and some things that happen are funny on television. But you need the visuals holds. I don't know how funny all that was on the radio. I do know that what we just did was funny on television and it was only funny because of the grand levels of incompetence competence that we rise to here at the worldwide leader in sports. We have so many people who work on this show. And you'd think it'd be better given the amount of people who work on the show but you will now understand why it doesn't work better first of all. I was supposed to be communicating with Mike during that segment. I just now got the number to call just now minutes ago. Seconds ago The number to call to communicate with the studio. I was supposed to be communicating with the studio during that. There's not great service in that penalty. Don't-they box okay. So that's part of the problem but Another part of the problem is when I leave to go sit in the penalty box. I'M GONNA try. I don't want to exclude the radio audience audience so just so that you understand. We were making a mess of the penalty box and the music dome segment by just getting in Billy's way at every turn billy rude billy is that was a degree of difficulty. Ah I felt bad for you in the middle of I gotta be honest billy. It was your best one. It was smooth. It was clean like you did a tremendous job or a lot of obstacles at billy including accidents for some reason. There's a ladder in that studio and the ladder scared the holy. Hell out of me because I didn't know what the sound was. I did not know what fell behind me. I felt the breeze of it falling by and listen to the sound. It makes you understand that we could have televised my death on television. If this thing had landed on on me was going up against a tree the tree alright. The tree fell so close to me. It scared the holy hell out of me now while that was happening. Keep in mind while that was happening. Also smoke came out which is weird. Because it's a carpeted room room. I don't know what dust dust and I wasn't sure wasn't an explosion because listen to the sound. It was not a small ladder. It is a ladder matter that is unnecessarily inefficient and large for that room came dangerously close to metallic hitting me in the head. The but that's happening. Okay Helpful Bruce who was last seen twenty minutes ago snoring in a chair and the other naptime helpful Bruce Walks into this studio any changes the feed from Stugatz being able to watch what we were doing going to a different channels as center coast-to-coast Mike Game in and he put the television on to the screen that I needed to see so I could see what was going on in their in real time. By the during the sportscenter Brusca strolled on in after a nap. If sleepy bruce hadn't changed the channel. What's would've seen and is a blindfolded? Chris Cody Pantomime relieving himself. I do use the restroom and he shook it out when he was done. It was a vigorous vigorous shape. There's cameras in the restroom. We should explain Chris. Blindfold is blindfolded lime folder. We should explain that. Yes Chris Walk into the wrong room to urinate again. If you did not hear this this do you guys realize you came very close to televising at the very release my paralysis. Shame on you guys. That would have removed. That would have been a big league title man. The only. How scared did you get when that? Did you know what had happened there. How did that happen? Why ended a giant ladder fall from the sky? I I mean I don't know I just looked up and all of a sudden ladders falling rolling and then something fell again. Smoke came out and then I saw something broken. That was plastic on the floor and I was like God. I hope that wasn't important and I hope that we didn't end this segment. It was more so I hope we didn't break something that would take us off the air then like is Dan Okay but then I saw your okay. Not sure he was. Okay it's show business guys just Dead Air three four seconds of dead air. And we're off cassettes Dan but not that exactly. I believe that Uh Billy is right on victor all depot. Victor Oladipo is going to that. I missed that part of it because the latter fell his gonna be. He wasn't eliminated you. Yeah that didn't happen last week but it one hundred percent by my guess is Victor Oh depot and they're really worried that character have a beautiful singing voice. Oh yeah does Dennis Rodman and does not have a beautiful singing voice. There's no way that that's Dennis Rodman Bingham. jig Is incredible so Victor Oladipo is incredible. But I M worried that Ken Jong Jenny McCarthy Earthy and Nicole Scherzinger Robin Thicke are not going to know who Victor Oladipo believe. That's a very real possibility. Why would they? I don't know because it's taped. It's embarrassing they'll just do it over. Ken Jong is a sports fan though so he might know it. But that's that is actually an interesting thing if you are the star of this. This year's twelve and seven Indiana Pacers. Even though he's been injured they're fourteen and seven slowest fourteen quite as fourteen and seven starting. NBA History Slowest If you are the leader of that team most of America's probably not GonNa know you. It's nothing against him. He just not a face that musicians musicians would know off the top of their head when they take off a big fuzzy mass. It's such a great point. Fourteen seven a leader. Now without all you know what's GonNa know if if he takes off that costume cal embarrassing is that if it takes off the Qasim they show his face and nobody knows who the hell it is. Well you know it's going to air. He's going to take it off off. The nicotine is like Oh my God. I knew Nakano's everybody I knew who was and then make all Victor Oladipo from the Pacers of the NBA. Yeah that is oh they did. That didn't do that in the in the GEICO commercial with. 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Set with a five Blade Razor waited handle shave gel and a travel cover offered just just three bucks plus free shipping just go to Harrys DOT COM and enter eight thousand at checkout. That's Harrys Dot com code. Eight thousand. Enjoy Donlevatar I mean as the call me Chris Karaoke Stugatz do ooh that back rose bringing it today. This is the Dan Le Batard show with Stugatz on. ESPN RADIO OH ESPN. Radio is presented by Progressive Insurance guests on the Dan. lebatardshow appear via the Shell Pennzoil performance. Line here's your sportscenter. Update a couple of transactions ends actions and Major League Baseball. The brave sign Cole. Hamels the way one year eighteen million dollar deal the phillies of signs. Zack Wheeler to a five year. One hundred eighteen eighteen million dollar deal. He had a bigger offer from the white SOx wheeler decided to To go to the PHILLIES WHEELS UP Hopkins Juan Manuel Marquez. Sugar Shane Mosley are being inducted into the international boxing hall of Fame Christy. St Martin and Luca Reicher also inducted and finally ric flair's ringtone is rick flair drip by offset for all the latest is headlines and information tune into sports center on. ESPN radio all throughout the dope. So Dominic Foxworth. Our friend I thought he was very funny yesterday. On Get up It was visually funny and it was just generally funny. Jay Williams was calling the small dudes in the Studio Ryan. Clark Dominic Foxworth telent calling them out saying they didn't want that smoke okay and Dominique went crazy and was shouting at him. Threatening to fight him walked over to One place and screamed over there and then got in the way of their graphics. It's visually very funny. What he does And now Adam schefter evidently 'cause Greenberg's totally lost control of that show at this point Greenberg Greenberg in the middle of it. He's he's in a bit of a frenzy because everyone around him is moving very fast and Adam schefter evidently bet bet did he bury Mike. Greenberg let's Adam Schefter is one of the kindest people we know shefty Greenie. Would we agree that. That's that Adam. Schefter schefter among among sweep people at. ESPN like it's Kirch in like everyone has a bad word to say about somebody. I've really gotten to know Adam schefter pretty not well over the last few years. He is the nicest person forget about. ESPN he's the nicest person I don't know what the rankings are. Okay because between more schefter and Kirk Chen and we would have a real a real strong nice off. Roy wants to nominate himself Roy wants ally. Bobby uh-huh I look at it so I think schefter loses that easily by the way do you. I mean he's that doesn't mean he's not likeable. He's incredible more incursion. Can't compete with that. But if if you also met Adam schefter he just exudes He really does exude a friendly sweetness. But you can't imagine any of these guys getting particularly angry and you put it on the poll Komo at Lebatardshow. Can you imagine Adam Schefter. Tim Kirkman Chris. mortensen being in a murderous rage but schefter buried Greenberg Lindburg just Just drilled them. We're not used to seeing this on television. Momma didn't raise us. What does that mean? I mean I don't know what does that. What does that mean? What Mama didn't raise it means it means that he's up he's GonNa play means she's his mom is different than greenies mom very much? You're gonNA live crowd from those. Are All the people and get up being very nervous. Those are all the people and get up. Who aren't asleep while the show is being taped razor was what does that mean? I mean I don't know what does is that. What does that mean like? Momma didn't raise me. He's he's got a way means it's she his mom is different than Greens. Mom very much. The idea I mean Greenberg has played that worst character to great Richard. It's worked out for him. The worst character in sports. I don't think he's terribly hurt by that. Also because I believe he knows it's also oh true. It's not much of a playing of character. Their whole thing that they built with Golick in Greenberg was built on an essential truth which is Greenberg's the worst. Oh wow now you're going after. I think Greenberg himself would tell you leave Greenie alone. Everyone thought it was the whole. The whole bit wasn't it. They were different. Are you kidding me Mike and Mike they was an athlete and the other one just talked about it and never actually put his hand in dirt. Wait a second now. Oh man that was. The dynamic whole that was the formula the formula was that they were very different different human beings. One of them was a metro sexual the other one. You know eight doughnuts. What's your formula odd couple? We stole it. We just did the dumber thanks. It was it was you. I said that's the reason that you couldn't work together. Because you cannot be the smartest person on a show on this show. I'm the damn cleanse. You continue to say you're good looking and I really do believe you're living on your parents. There was a time though right. I can assure you you shouldn't be telling anybody you might have lost weight. But that's only because when I first met you boy where you voted aging vinegar. I still on the second the best looking guy on the show I do. I believe I believe might be the best looking person on the show. I believe I am second. I think everyone's been shifted down a peg since Anthony came aboard. Yeah Eh true. Anthony is strapping. Anthony is all the things that billy's not you're not striping trapping again. Wildcard tired a lot of unnecessary shots. Is Billy strapping. When he was running? Look confident billy strapping. I cannot coming up. I cannot dispute that billy on his wedding day cleaned up well and looked strapping and I cannot dispute that when you ran across that finish line well ahead of Pablo Tori and Amino we know. Hasn't that no one has ever looked more strapping. That photo of you posing in front of the scoreboard at Marlins Park the day. F you to you had some of that going on when you got the confidence it's going really just puts an or around your super attractive when you're confident. Unfortunately you're never confident. I need to leave something for you guys. Because you're funnier likable. What's happening right now? You know what. Maybe raindrop dropped top. Time to read the street for a hat spot. Why is there a close up of my face? I want you guys to drink that in on. ESPN news he continues to tell everyone how handsome he is pleased. Bring that Cameron as close as you can and make it. Just get really up into Stugatz his teeth into the into the stubble the dollar Shave Club. spokesman is again unshaven. Look at those ferrets over. His is dancing facing sensually as they always do. Some bags under those is so gross you can listen to the Dan lebatardshow with the stugatz. Thanks to one eastern on. ESPN radio and you can wash on. ESPN news this place look haunted. No I don't think so. What about those two creepy girls come stay with truly frightening fairly scenery missing Yanagawa? Thanks Great Service with GEICO. You get twenty four seven access to the giants. Thank you creepy girls. Part of sleep in the car now Geigo weeds which today for twenty four seven access to licensed agents.

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