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Crusade Channel News News you can trust because the truth can be trusted from a Crusade Channel News Desk. Here's stacy. Cohen did morning crusaders Wednesday January. Fifteen twenty twenty. I'm Stacey See Cohen reporting from the Crusade Channel News Desk at the Cohen Ranch in Winkelmann Arizona. This report is brought to you by McClure tables using Michigan hardwoods in Michigan to make the best made in the USA shuffleboard on the market chef. Alon over to McClure tables dot com that's NC L. U. R. E. TABLES DOT COM. Tom Here's what to listen for this hour. Some new evidence surfaces in the impeachment of president trump. The Democrats disgust if a woman can actually become president last tonight. And Bruce springsteen son get sworn in the chairs of three House committees Tuesday transmitted additional evidence to the house. Judiciary Committee Eighty four referral to the Senate just hours after House Speaker. Nancy Pelosi signalled her intention to pass articles of impeachment to the upper chamber the records many any of them. What's APP exchanges released by the intelligence oversight and foreign affairs committees include some new information that was provided by Lev Parnis? He's an associate of president. Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani. They are part of a response to a subpoena requests that dates back to September and connected to the house impeachment inquiry over over the weekend parnassus council announced that he handed over records to the committee's besides the what's APP messages. The fifty nine pages of records include emails and handwritten in letters that appear to describe Giuliani's attempts to meet with Ukrainian President Vladimir Alinsky and an effort to remove. US ambassador. Maria von from her post. There was a debate last night. And it's the last before vote. The big issue was can a woman become president of the United States. The nonaggression pact act between Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts faced. Its most difficult test and it seemed to hold at least for now the to Progressive Senators de-escalated tents round of tit for tat exchanges between their presidential campaigns on the debate stage Tuesday night over the charged issues as of gender and electability. Warren probably delivered the best line of the evening. She said it's time to tackle the question about whether a woman can be president head on and she pointed out that on the debate stage the women on the stage had a better record of winning the men on the stage collectively of loss ten elections Warren said the women on the stage stage. Having lost any Tuesday's debate stage was the smallest yet with only six candidates meeting the qualifications Biden Sanders Warn Pete Buddha judge wjr and Amy Klobuchar jars well as Tom Starr. Meanwhile president trump touted the strike on Iran's Croissant Sulamani and bashed Democratic candidates at a rally. Tuesday stay night in Milwaukee Wisconsin as the Democrats. Were taking the stage. The rally also came as the Senate readies itself for President. Trump's impeachment trial trial. which is expected to start on Tuesday January twenty first after months of bickering with prosecutors about his cooperation? Michael Flynn's saw his legal co-counsel file a notice announcing his intention to withdraw his guilty plea because of the government's bad faith vindictiveness and breach of the plea agreement. That move comes less than a week after federal prosecutors recommended a sentencing of up to six months in prison for president. Trump's former national security advisor in the new filing on Tuesday Flint's legal team also wrote that extraordinary developments have come in the case in the last thirty days which is revealed additional information. That Flynn's attorney rights. They need more time to look over. Coming up are saying the day he was known as the very first hermit quota. The Day migrants are brothers and sisters in in search of a better life far away from poverty hunger in war Pope Francis. You're listening to Crusade Channel News. Do you knew someone who's the Kofi Snow but who thinks goal make copies toward by triple headed east had a full bucks cafe. Well grab your pal by the man unbundle and lead them over to the founders trading post where we feature the finest tastiest pan roasted coffee and all of America including our newest condition abby roast from benedict and brothers of Our Lady of one a loupe monastery in silver city. New Mexico brother Bernard Han rose nine in unique blends of coffee including their award. Winning Brazilian wrote their ultra robust French roast and the aromatic espresso roast. We carry all of the Abbey Roast coffee and are proud to sit. Brother Bernard and the Benedictine monks in their mission via bag. Four nine of cramped roasted Abbey Road Coffee. Today you've heading to Mike Church Dot com forward slash coffee order by phone at eight four four five seven eight seven two three r seen it the day Saint Paul. He's also known as Paul the First Hermit and Paul of Thebes. He was in Egyptian hermit and a friend of Saint Jerome. He was born in Egypt and left an orphan about about the age of fifteen and he hit during the persecution of the Church at the age of twenty two. We went to the desert to circumvent a planned effort by his brother-in-law to report them to authorities authorities as a Christian in their by he could gain control of his property. Paul soon found that they are medical. Life was much to his personal taste so he remained in in a desert cave for the rest of his reportedly very long light. His contemplative existence was disturbed by Saint Anthony. Who visited the age? Paul Anthony also also buried Paul supposedly wrapping in a cloak that had been given to Anthony by Saint Anthony. Shas according to legend to lions assisted Anthony and digging being the grave. While there's little doubt that Paul live the only source for details on his life found in the Vita paulie written by Saint Jerome and preserved in both Latin and Greek versions attorney. Michael Avenue was abruptly taken into federal custody in Los Angeles Tuesday evening following a day long all disciplinary hearing in which the California state bar asked a judge to prevent him from practicing law based upon their belief that he poses a threat of substantial santeuil harm to the public if he continues to perform legal work of ninety was on the stand when the court took a break and an irs agent placed him under arrest multiple notable sources. Say that avenues accused of violating. The terms of his pretrial release wasn't immediately clear what he allegedly did to violate those terms because as the documents are under seal a Delta plane returning to Los Angeles International Airport after pilots declared an engine emergency dumped thousands of gallons gallons of fuel all over Tuesday afternoon at least fifty six children and adults reported minor skin and lung irritations across several schools according according to fire officials students and staff at Park Avenue Elementary were among those affected outdoors as fuel rain down on the playground according to CBS. Los The Angeles Los Angeles County Fire Department. Inspector Sky Cornell said twenty children an eleven adults were treated but nobody was hospitalized. Some good news. For Bruce springsteen son he was sworn in Tuesday as a firefighter with the Jersey City. Fire Department along with fifteen others. Sam springsteen was joined by his famous father and mother other at City Hall along with Mayor Steven Fulop and other city officials. Sam 's famous parents sat in the front row as their twenty five year. Old Son was sworn into the newest class. Were very proud. Bruce Springsteen told reporters at the ceremony were just excited for him today. Send Me Your News. Tips to news at Crusade Channel. Final Dot com stay tuned to the crusade. General live breaking news updates all day and the best live talk radio anywhere up next. The Mike Church show continues. I'm Stacey Cohan for the crusade channels seeking news and finding truth.

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