#1457 - GOALLL! Corporate Filmmaker Moonlights as Soccer Ref


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I hope you're able to enjoy some time with family and friends you were able to give a good president maybe get a good president For some reason this christmas just kind of sucked because you know whether it was twenty twenty or because there's something going on in your life which is what acknowledged that as well because people have all kinds of different experiences but hey here we are right whether you celebrate christmas or not like we're coming to the end of the year we've got a new year coming up and for me personally. I've just been trying to make the most of each day you know. Like what can i do within my control. How can i make some progress on something. That's important to me while also recognizing that you know a lot of stuff continues to be outside our control but we do what we can and by the way we're also a global community. There's a lot of people out there listening to this program and hopefully not just listening but actively thinking for themselves about you know how can i create more freedom and opportunity so that i can be more secure so that when something comes along you know that might derail parts of my life. I've got some other parts of my life. That are more secure. That's what it's all about just wanted to say that. I'm glad you're here in today's story as we come to the end of the year when a young soccer fan can't find his feet for the game. He gets the ball rolling on becoming a referee instead making money from the sidelines. So we're gonna look at the business details it becoming a ref What is it pay. How do you break in what might be good to know before you try actually learned a couple of things myself and this episode one is that there's a huge range of payment basically like you can make a very small amount of money or actually quite a lot of money being aref. So what's the difference. We're gonna talk about that. The story is called corporate filmmaker moonlights as soccer ref. It's coming up after this overtime penalty. Well as action on overtime penalty. It's just a brief sponsor message so state-owned. You finally decided to learn how to ice skate. So ordered the essentials. Every ice skater needs a pair of blades. A new helmet hand a good set of kneepads. And you used your bank of america. Cash rewards credit card choosing to earn three percent cashback on online shopping rewards that you put towards the cost of an essential piece of plo skating. Recovery heating pat visit bank of america dot com slash more rewarding to apply now copyright twenty twenty bank of america corporation own admission trevor. Rappleye wasn't the most athletic kit some seventeen years ago when he was just thirteen. Struggles with footwork. Present a problem when he signed up to his local soccer club the difficulty implying killing his enjoyment of the sport he still wanted to be part of. It wasn't quite sure what to do. Eventually the idea hit it like ahead but instead of playing on the field he get the ball rolling on something else. That's when trevor set his sights on becoming a referee it would allow him to use his soccer knowledge in a productive way. Although he was still young at the time only fifteen at this point he started the process to become accredited. Soccer referee for the state of california turns out to referee. Us one has to be registered with the legitimate association without that registration. Refs can't work a match at all at least not officially in some cases not even legally after his training which involves some- theory but mostly in person courses. Trevor felt ready. He was young and still unathletic but the training gave him new confidence. He wasn't about to blow the momentum since he was already involved with his local soccer community. The first few games easy enough to come by he would the lower level matches played by his local club. Trevor the size of the game didn't matter much with every whistle blow. He felt his confidence grow. Not only as a referee but also as a person. That's a big reason why he kept at it. Getting yelled at even insulted by spectators and then rolling with it does wonders for one self esteem so he continued refereeing in favour of playing all the way up to his college years up until then he's been earning some money from the games but it wasn't much actually at eleven dollars per game which takes ninety minutes or more. It was a pittance but now he was entering college. He knew the games would have a higher level and hopefully a higher pay great. He'd heard stories of referees at this level. Earning hundreds of dollars per game. He wanted a piece of that action once it college. Trevor started all the way at the bottom again. He'd referee the lower ranked division three games and often only the assistant ref the one who runs down the sidelines with a flak. He did these for quite a while. And then decided it was time to take a shot at goal as he approaches twentieth birthday. An opportunity presented itself to attend the us nationals. There was one thing he'd seen about the refs. That got lots of games in different tournaments. They made sure they were noticed. They did so by tending some of the larger competitions even paying their own hotel food and travel costs all with the goal of building a profile within the community so trevor spent eight hundred dollars assembling his own gear and equipment and headed off to the week long nationals which was certain to be a net loss but he wasn't concerned trevor viewed as an investment. He figured it worst case you'd have a lot of fun at best. He might make valuable connections in the refereeing world. And he did make those connections in fact he met the decision makers for several larger games and after a few more meetings he was eventually offered a coveted role. Refereeing a division one game like the low run. His first shot was as the assistant ref. Earning hundreds of dollars per game and as an added perk. Some of them would be televised. Which would eventually lead to some embarrassment. I'm one of his first big televised games involving the us national team. Trevor slipped and fell within twenty seconds of the match starting. luckily he got straight back and didn't miss a beat for the rest of the game. It just proves even a small slip doesn't have to stop you in your tracks if you're on the ball from there Strength the strength. He continued refereeing. Higher profile matches and competitions as the caliber of game grew. so did his paycheck. And you can now command over five hundred dollars for a single game. Trevor who now works in corporate film production never became a full-time ref. But that was never the goal instead. He uses his refereeing funds for fun money with extra earnings and nearly ten thousand dollars per year. It's something he still gets a kick out of all right. So as i alluded to in the beginning when i was working on a story i was impressed. First of all just with trevor's nasty and like his creativity and finding a way to be involved in the soccer world perhaps actually involved much more that he would have been if he had just kept playing even improved as a player like now he's actually able to work with all these high teams and travel all that kind of stuff but the interesting thing i thought was there's a huge pay range for riffing games new. You've got eleven dollars for a ninety minute game at the low end up to five hundred to even eight hundred dollars. It says in his notes here. Eight hundred dollars on the high end so one. Is that suggest. Well you know in some ways. I think the first observation is well. It's just a matter of working your way up okay. And that's true to some degree like there is a matter of paying your dues and of course you have to become good. You know that that's the most important thing is gaining the quality. The excellence and such. But i don't think that's all there is to it because i bet there are a lot of really good reps who aren't earning five hundred eight hundred dollars a game so usually in these situations. It's not only a matter of working your way up. There's often a shortcut. There's often a shortcut or a fast-track. There's like you know the people who are getting better. They also noticed something else. And in this case it was question of trying to make those connections trying to be noticed being willing to travel to the nationals. And pay your own hotel because you're trying to break into this field. So i think this is true for a lot of things in life. It's not only about working your way up like you do have to pay dues and get better. That is essential. Let's say but it's not sufficient you have to become excellent. Become a master at your craft and then also figure out okay. What to successful people do. That's different from those who you know just wrapping the low level games or whatever. It is right so that is an analogy. That can apply to a lot of things. I think i will leave you with that today. Inspiration is good but inspiration. Went action is better. Today's show notes for everything. I mentioned in this episode. Might be some other stuff who knows go to school dot com slash fourteen fifty seven one four five seven. Thank you again for joining me this year. I hope you'll continue as we go into twenty twenty one. My name is chris gil about this is site us at school From ni onward project.

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