Moderate Democrats trying to recruit Justin Amash as an impeachment manager


Good Morning I'm James. Holman from the Washington Post and this is the daily for Monday December sixteenth in today's news in a striking turnaround the. US economy is now free of recession fears before the twenty two thousand election the UN's global climate talks end with a thud. Participants are leading Madrid with hard feelings and few results and hallmark changes course after pulling wedding ads that showed brides kissing but first the big idea. The campaign is underway to draft congressman. Justin Amash as an impeachment humint manager in the Senate trial of president trump. A marshes from grand rapids Michigan. He's one of the most conservative or really libertarian members of the house he he left the Republican Party on July fourth to become an independent after endorsing trump's impeachment. A group of Thirty Freshman Democrats led by Dean Phillips from from the twin cities in Minnesota has asked House leaders to consider a marsh for the small group tasked with arguing its case for removing trump trump in the upper chamber. The thinking is that Amash would reach conservative. Voters in a way. Democrats can't potentially bolstering their case to the public he also would provide vied Democrats cover from GOP accusations that they're pursuing a partisan process house speaker. Nancy Pelosi ultimately makes the call and she's expected to announce the managers early. This week didn't respond to our request for comment about whether he'd accept such a position but Phillips who's been in touch with the mosh about the idea said that the lawmaker has agreed to consider it. If Pelosi asks the move would be an orthodox but not entirely unprecedented. Pelosi chose a five-member bipartisan group from the House. Judiciary Committee to oversee the impeachment of eight corrupt federal judge about a decade ago. Still Most Democrats. We talked to predict that impeachment. Managers will hail from. I'm their own party and be steeped in. The evidence gathered by the House. Intelligence in judiciary panels a mosh is not on either committee. Will Most Democrats would fall in line on with her strategy in the Senate should be something of a wild card given his lack of loyalty to the Democratic Party however Democrats who were supportive of the idea a group that includes the conservative blue dogs but also some of the most liberal members say. That's exactly my Palooza. Should pick him. They applaud him for his courage in standing up to his own party. Bhalla Mosh Wasn't part of the House. Investigative Process. He is a former practicing lawyer known for his strict interpretations of the Constitution and he's very well versed in the writings of the founding fathers these discussions about a mosher particularly timely given the news that Jeff van drew a moderate Democratic Freshman Congressman from New Jersey. Easy is expected to change parties in part at a frustration with his own colleagues for pursuing what he calls a divisive impeachment based on hearsay. Republicans are already salivating at the prospect of holding up the soon to be former Democrat as a prime example that the party has overreached with impeachment is repelling moderate Americans five of injuries. Staffers sent a joint letter of resignation. On Sunday and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee said the committee will hire any staffer who who quits fan drew's office then drew. Who has been his? Party's most vocal. Opponent of impeachment made the decision to leave after a personal meeting with trump trump on Friday the congressman then begin informing his staff that he was going to do it but he didn't want the information to become public until this week but the news leaked predictably doubly on Saturday. And here's a headline. You probably didn't see coming or maybe you did. Trump went after Pelosi's teeth heath on twitter last night. The president suggested that the speaker has dentures. There's no evidence that she does and he said her teeth were falling out as she answered a reporter's question region last week about why bribery was not one of the articles of impeachment. The video that trump tweeted shows that just before answering reporter's question Polisi moved her mouth slightly early and took a sip of water but her teeth didn't appear out of place in her speech was not interrupted. Policies Office didn't immediately offer a comment about the president's tweet but the speaker in a bipartisan group of lawmakers have been busy they were marking the second day of a trip overseas to commemorate the seventy fifth anniversary of the battle of the bulge. Meanwhile over in the Senate Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called for subpoenaing several senior trump administration officials who have refused fused testify in the houses impeachment inquiry. He wants them as witnesses. For the Senate trial in a letter to Mitch. McConnell Schumer outlined a number of procedural demands Democrats say they'll make back to ensure that the Senate trial is fair and that it can be completed within a reasonable period of time that includes subpoenas for Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney Robert Blair a senior adviser suitable vein former national security adviser John Bolton and Michael Duffy a top official at the office of Management and budget who was involved in freezing the Ukraine and until recently was the the executive director of the Wisconsin Republican Party Mulvaney Blair in Duffy have been subpoenaed by House committees and defied. The Summons Bolton has not been subpoenaed but indicated indicated. He would fight one in court. Under sure's proposal the trial proceedings would begin on January sixth. Although Chief Justice John Roberts who will preside over the trial on the senators wouldn't be sworn warning as jurors until January seventh then house impeachment managers will begin their presentations on January ninth. The proposal on witnesses is certain drawl resistance from McConnell the top Senate Republican would prefer not to call the type of high wattage witnesses that trump has demanded such as hunter Biden or the whistle blower whose complaint triggered this whole inquiry and McConnell weren't privately that a battle over witnesses would lead to what he calls mutually assured destruction. She were proposes allowing up to eight eight hours of testimony and questioning per witness. McConnell and Schumer are set to meet this week to hash out the scope of the Senate trial and Schumer's proposal. Missile came after the Sunday shows which Democrats ramped up their criticism of McConnell for declaring that he is working quote in total coordination with the White House to protect trump and a new fox. News poll released on Sunday. Shows that fifty percent of Americans want trump impeached and removed from office will forty one percent believe he should not be impeach according to the poll while eighty five percent of Democrats favor impeachment and removal eighty four percent of Republicans. Do not but there's a new high in support for impeachment among independence dependence forty five percent favorite now compared to thirty eight percent in Fox's previous poll and that's the big idea here are three other or headlines that should be on your radar as we start the week number one the. US economy is heading into twenty twenty at a pace of steady and sustained growth after a series of interest rate cuts in the apparent resolution of to trade related. Threats mostly eliminated the risk of a recession. This marks a dramatic dramatic turnaround in momentum since August when some forecasters predicted fifty percent chance of a downturn starting by the end of next year many economists credit the Federal Reserve's interest rate reductions and the slightly improved trade picture for propelling the stock market to fresh record highs and causing forecasters to bump up their predictions. For how long the economy we can keep growing and adding jobs. Without stumbling trump secure democratic sign off last week on the new trade deal with Mexico and Canada that will keep most goods traded between the three nations tariff-free free he also reached a limited trade agreement with China that scrapped hefty tariffs that were set to go into effect over the weekend in exchange for China agreed by about two hundred billion dollars more in US goods goods over the next two years. The trade deals will not as ambitious as what trump promised have lessened. One of the biggest drags on the US economy and that in a word is uncertainty certainty. Larry cudlow trump's top economic advisor told The Washington Post on Sunday that tariffs will be much more stable for quite a while now Carlos even predicting three percent economic economic growth next year a pace that trump has promised voters but the US hasn't reached since two thousand five and almost no forecasters outside the White House. Say It's feasible. US Trade Representative tentative. Bob Lighthizer also said Sunday that some of the larger scale structural changes. The White House wants China to make could take years to accomplish lighthizer. Comments comments reinforced the belief that the White House is going to scale back. Some of its more adversarial tactics against China next year trump approaches reelection number two after more than two weeks of negotiations punctuated by raucous protests and constant reminders of the need to move faster negotiators at the. UN's climate conference in. Spain barely mustered enough enthusiasm for a bland compromise resolution that they patched together. Well well raising grievances about the issues that remain unresolved delegates from nearly two hundred nations wrestled for more than four hours passed their plan deadline making these the longest in the twenty five year history of the climate talks as officials scramble to finalize a complex set of rules to implement the Twenty Fifteen Paris. This climate accord which the US has pulled out of a handful of higher emitting countries that are still in the agreement squared off against smaller more vulnerable countries. Negotiators were at loggerheads. Auger heads while crafting rules around fair and transparent global carbon trading system. So they punted the issue to talk about it. More next year fights also dragged dragged on about how to provide funding to poorer nations already coping with rising seas crippling droughts and other consequences of climate change number three. The hallmark channel took down a wedding planning companies commercials featuring two brides kissing after a conservative group. Objected objected. The network then changed course after it was heavily criticised all weekend for that decision the TV network known for its annual lineup of holiday. Movies was pulling doing. Four of six commercials depicting couples. WHO said they wished they had turned Zola's services for their big day? The rationale given Thursday the email to Zola representatives. Was that their ads were too controversial. Zola announced it would stop advertising altogether with hallmark pulling the noncontroversial ads by Sunday night. The owner of the Hallmark Channel backtracked and issued a public apology for quote. Hurt and disappointment that it is unintentionally caused the company said it will reinstate commercials were reporter with Zola and enlist the help of a nonprofit to improve its representation of the LGBTQ Cq community on the hallmark channel. And that's the daily to Oh to for Monday December sixteenth. Thanks for listening. I'm James. We'll talk to you tomorrow. If you want to get more news about the impeachment process you can subscribe to a podcast feed from the Washington Post with all our updates in one place including the latest from the daily to of twos big idea. Can he do that and post reports. Find It. Washington Post Dot com slash podcasts.

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