My Fianc Wants to Keep an Expensive Horse (Hour 3)


Live from the headquarters of Ramsey solutions broadcasting from studios and Strut. Dave Ramsey show. That is dawn. Cash is king and the paid off home mortgage has taken the place the BMW as the status symbol of Janis. I'm Dave Ramsey. Your host glad you are here. Open phones at triple eight eight two five five two two five. It's Gods and grandma's ways of handling money common sense which is now so rare that having in his like having a superpower open phones triple eight eight two five five two two five ends with us in Atlanta Georgia. Hi Welcome to the Dave Ramsey show. Hi Dave thanks for taking my call. Sure what's up in your world. Okay so I read your book a couple years ago my son gave it to me and it piqued my interest I ended up taking FPU. And now. I'm just kind of thinking about what is my next step I'm really wanting to retire in two years. I'm fifty eight and I have about two hundred fifteen thousand in retirement money. I don't have a lot of cash in total sal twelve thousand in cash and I also have a fifteen thousand dollars pension upon retirement My desire to possibly do some real estate but I feel like I don't know if I have enough to do real estate and Just what my next move is. I'm I'm really frustrated with my job and I'm just ready to go okay now but I don't know if this is the time don't you okay so there's a couple of possible things you could do. The fifteen thousand pension is a lump sum. Or that's a year okay. Lump them okay so you would just roll that into an IRA when you leave. If you've got the lump sum option with that two hundred thirty thousand dollars to work with at sixty years old is what we're talking about and And of course later on you could apply for Social Security and join that either early or at sixty five either. One can't do that at age. Sixty obviously so couple possibilities one is you could do a little bit of real estate. I mean you can cash out some of that. Two hundred and fifteen thousand You know if you bought a fifty thousand dollar property that kind of a thing I I. I would not tell you as an inexperienced roles type person I love real estate. I've got a bunch of real estate. An advocate of owning real estate. But I would not tell you to take your only two hundred thousand and by two hundred thousand dollar piece of real estate. That could be disastrous for you. I mean if you make a mistake in that as a Newbie. That's that's kind of going to the race track betting all your money on one horse in one race and I just. That was scared me to death. I wouldn't. I would tell you not to do that. But if you could find something inexpensive and you WanNa fool with small rental property and that would be pretty small fifty thousand bucks would be and you want to just try something out. Try Your hand at it. That's fine. It's not devastating. It's not my preference. The second thing that comes to mind here is your only sixty at that point. You're only fifty eight now and I say only When I was twenty I thought that was really really old but now that I'm fifty seven. I don't think that's really old anymore. So a lot of people in our age group yours and mine were the same age approximately a when they leave their main career and retire. Have what we call an encore career. And for the next you know. Fifteen years from sixty to seventy five have a second career and many times. It's a small business idea. Or It's something that they've always wanted to do and they're really good at it and it's more lucrative than their original career not unusual and it's not an act of desperation. I have to work because I'm too broke to retire. It's more like you got a lot of earning potential. Still left in you and you may want to do something that you enjoy. I get it I get it. The place you're at you're done with right and so that's that's kind of my question for you Dave. Also I don't make a lot of money on. I'm pretty good. I do have a paid for house as well. I mentioned mentioned that Rude but I don't feel like I have enough income to be able to start that encore career like I would like to start right now if I could My husband is deceased. I do get A A six hundred dollar check every month for him by one of your earpiece last year that I could start drawing on his social security at fifty five and a half with you. See just what I do that. It wouldn't hurt because I'll give you that. Yeah that'll give you some income slowing and and minimize the fear. But I mean what would your career be real estate real-estate so you're as an investor or as a salesman no as an investor okay. You don't have enough money to make a living on real estate. That's what I'm saying if you bought four fifty thousand dollar houses with your only two hundred grand that would scare me to death as a new investor so I might look for an alternative. I can tell you that as my sister I would say sister. Don't do that I am saying that so but what I would say is. Let's find some. You know maybe get a real estate license. Start selling real estate start working towards that now and maybe buy one piece of real estate. Was some of your money. But I really wouldn't go all in slot all the chips at the poker table on one hand and go real estate with one piece of real estate or two pieces of real estate when you only on your very first real estate deal and your whole retirement nest eggs on the line that just. Here's a crap out of me. I can't tell you to do that so I thank you for the call open phones at triple eight eight two five five. Two two five or question comes from blinds dot com. They have a one hundred percents satisfaction. Guarantee means even if you mess up if you miss measure or you picked the wrong color. They're going to remake your window blind for free with BLINDS DOT COM. You also get free samples free shipping and with the new PROMOS run every month. You'RE GONNA save money check out. The Promo Code Ramsey at blinds dot com Vicky says I worked for the state government and every month. I have to attend a meeting where committee decides that people are approved or denied a loan for assistive equipment. We review their credit history and all the traditional junk I cringe just reviewing them almost every single time the entire committee unanimously approves the loan. Should I go along with a group because it wouldn't matter anyway or should I continue lip stain and therefore irritate my supervisor? I've discussed removing myself from the committee. But I'm basically ordered to be part of it. Well I would just tell them. I can't go along on principle with what you're doing. I don't I can't I don't understand the whole concept what you're doing unless it's someone coming in. The State is approving the loan on the state's loaning them the money of some kind You're putting someone who sounds like somebody's disabled and they need some help with equipment of some kind and the state's getting them into debt. I agree with you. That's a bad thing and so I mean you got a couple of choices one you can you know you continue the track. Your on and just abstain to you. Just say listen. I really do not think this is good for these folks and as a matter of conscience. I need you to take me office committee. It's not a good thing I do not agree with it And so step aside from it that kind of thing And Anyway Yeah. Of course the worst option is you quit or you get fighting to get away from it. I'm not suggesting something that extreme but you do have to it. Just tears the guts out of your inside of your body in your heart to do things that are against your conscience against your ethics against your integrity. Just can't do it. And how on all going basis? I just don't recommend that you will not prosper in that setting anywhere in your life. I thank you for writing in shape. Blondes DOT COM. Sponsoring your question. This is the Dave Ramsey show. Christians have an affordable incredible way to meet their overwhelming healthcare costs it's Christian healthcare ministries. The original health cost sharing ministry a better business. Bureau accredited organization C. H. M. members share to pay each other's medical bills. It's not insurance. It's Christians financially and spiritually supporting each other. It's what C. H. M. has done for over thirty five years learn more at C. H. Ministries Dot Org that's the H. Ministries. Dot Org Christian healthcare ministries is a proud sponsor of Dave Ramsey. Live Events. Kristen is whether some demo- in Iowa Hi Kristin how are you? I'm doing well. How are you dave better than I deserve? What's up I'm calling for with good news. We are pregnant with our forth. Baby yes we're doing mid June and we were finishing up a baby step number two when we found out we were pregnant. Well we've got a big shovel and we had a big pile of debt. So we finished that up. There was about nine thousand glass and then we started on baby steps three and got up and started four five. But I'm struggling with going to fix and so I was hoping you could help me and let me know what you think I should do. What are you doing with them? Well because I don't know exactly I mean well. Our income is great and so I just Kinda start piling the money and now we have one hundred thousand dollars sitting there in the last six months And I don't know should I cut it back down to about twenty I'm working two jobs. Because my one job does not have any benefits as a small business so no short-term somewhat gonNA ask need a job as a nurse practitioner and so I've been bringing in extra you know Double six figure income and so I'm not GonNa have any maternity pay when I'm on leave. I'M GONNA have to use that income and so are you single. No I'm married Makes about fifty. And so and you make what I make hundred forty at the job. That doesn't have any benefits. And then my job I just pick up and It's a six figure income and just a matters on how much work but I'm not going to be doing that. One baby comes just doing whatever you do. Your doc practitioners okay. Yeah I was guessing I could. Yeah it's pretty good side as I was guessing. Okay so all right so the deal is this. What is your household need while you're out on maternity leave to subsidize two to lay with his income to replace the fact that you're not making any money right right probably about Three thousand dollars a month. Yeah Okay how months are you going to take off? Very I would be nine thousand dollars. Let's double that and call it twenty. You've already got your emergency fund. That were you called twenty right. So we're going to have an emergency fund set another twenty over to the side to make sure everything's Okay said thirty over there. I don't care just to make sure everything is in the house and then you know. I'm just trying to make sure you're okay. You know while you're out you know sounds like you guys are saving almost all your income already. We are so I mean you know you've been working your butt off. So what's the long term plan with four kids for You well I also have a direct sales company that kind of took off to. I guess they did mention that. I don't know how many times going to go like multi level marketing I'm GonNa touch that either and So I don't know maybe I can just live off of that and not even go back to work or just work per time. That's yeah so we don't you know as long as you're as long as you go make one of these six figure incomes somewhere and you've got two or three of them floating around to add with his fifty. You guys are going to be fine right right. So we don't have to have a pile of money to offset that because you're not going to pull up and just stop is what you're telling me. I'll make six figures one way or another. That's what it sounds like at least and then so you know. I think you set aside for maternity leave set twenty over in your emergency fund. Does that make you comfortable? I think so. So much that I'm not trying to get you into debt hat. No no no it. Just you know we. We went from this frugal lifestyle that we just have maintained day. And so all to say. Let's just think through this logically and and part of being logical with personal finances addressing their emotional needs. And that's all I'm doing. I'm saying you got an emotional. Need an actual need of maternity leave and we said it was nine thousand dollars. We've upped it to thirty. Does that cover the emotions please? Yeah Yeah Really. I bump up my husband's truck at I don't care if you WANNA move him up in truck that's fine. What's driving the truck? It's the two thousand six for a dodge pickup truck and so it's worth ten and he wants he wants to move to a twenty We got money on car as a matter. It's just the town working baby steps. Four five and six simultaneously the extent you buy couches trucks vacation slows down your six. Oh and stop and have babies that kind of stuff you know slows down your six but so what you're going to be okay. You're still going to hit all of your goals. You're still going to be millionaires of multimillionaires when you get to retirement age so I think you're killing it. You're doing really good think you're doing better than you think you are. I just want you. I just want to think through this from a critical thinking standpoint. What is needed here? And so if we put ten on his truck and thirty to the side and twenty to the side I think still got forty left to throw at the house and if you want to wait until after the baby comes to do that just as an abundance of caution so what but don't be just piling up cash over there over the next five years and call me up and Gago. Australia's can pay off my house. Now you should already paid off your stinking house okay. So you know five ten months nine months I don't care whatever but let's have a plan to systematically worked the steps overtime. That's the issue. Heather is with us in Sacramento. Hi Heather how are you? Hi Dave I am. So thankful to be talking to your. How are you better than I deserve? What'S UP I just wanted some advice on how to talk to my ex husband about money. He's A year ago I got full custody of our daughter And I had filed for child support and he got really abrasive with me and through just not wanting to have that confrontation. I dropped my request. It's been a it's been a year and I went back and refiled because Second December because he should support his child. Hello right exactly and We have to you know my daughter and his daughter lives fulltime and he pays child support for his son and in December. My Ex husband texted me and said he was going to claim our daughter on this year's taxes right. I know I know and so that just Kinda poke the bear and so I went back and filed and he texted me Over the weekend saying hey I really WANNA work on Communication Yada. Yada like okay I can we? Can you know on communication and now no I I'm in a committed relationship with my boyfriend for home for how long we've been together for two years. I've been separated from my husband my ex-husband for three. Yeah So I was you know we. We worked together for him to see our daughter. He only sees her about four times a year and so first thing Monday morning. He texts me asking. Hey you know I really like appreciate it. Some compassion for my situation if I have to pay a set amount each month. I'm not even GonNa make rent and this and that and total money makeover book. Yeah call the WHAM. Violence Child support's not hundred percent about even in California. He can pay his child support. Make his rent and eat. I'll give him compassionate. Need to take care of his dadgum kid. He's a father right. Oh and he's had. He has five kids living at times. He's had two more kids since we separated and he wants to do A. Hey let me know what you need. As far as money start paying child support right now. This guy is a master manipulator and he self centered as crap. I can tell that already. Yeah Yeah I got no use for people. Don't take care of their kids man. What's the best way to approach that? I don't think you're GONNA fix him. No I'm not. I don't think he's going to be happy. I think I'm just going to be okay with him being unhappy. How my approach? I won't be kind and gentle but firm. It's like you know you brought this child into the world. The law says and morality says you should take care of this child. It really is not rocket science club. Sign up and pay the bill. That's how this works and you know I'm sorry that it's not you know he doesn't pay anything now. Hello so maybe it'd be good idea if he just Kinda got practicing again. Take care of his kids to good idea. That's why we have this in the law because it's the proper thing today. This is the Dave Ramsey show. Collecting money can be tough for small business owners and sometimes no matter what you end up chasing clients for payment. There's no magic solution but making it easier to pay certainly helps. That's why when it comes to payments. I can't say enough about fresh books. It's accounting software. That helps you get paid two times faster by allowing you to automate so many parts of your billing process with fresh books you can just sit back and collect payments. Try fresh books for thirty days. 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But you're also going to learn about things like insurance and real estate and investing to become a millionaire and talking to your kids about money and your spouse about money. Financial Peace University. It's the class you really should have been made to take or we shouldn't let you out of high school right me too. Well we'll give you the step by step plan to take control but it's up to you to take the first step get started with financial peace university at Daveramsey DOT COM or call us a triple eight twenty two peace triple eight two seven. Three two two three. Chris is in Saint. Louis Hi Chris. How are you Dave doing pretty? Well how are you better than I deserve? What'S UP WHY QUESTION REGARDING MY Retirement for a one My company matches up to four percent. So that's a good thing But I was a little. I'm a little concerned now. Fifty two And just listening to your podcast. I don't have any in after taxed. Money I've got currently three hundred fifty thousand in pretext kind of got like a hundred thousand and attention I would like to retire. Probably within meal the next ten years so but I'm nervous on not having any pretext money Is Is another question is is the pension money a pre tax or after tax it will be taxed as it comes out okay so it works just like the in that sense. As far as taxing goes it works like a traditional 401k. Which is where your money is now. You said you're how old I love. Fifty two in July okay and so. When are you talking about retiring? Well in my head I wanted to retire. Fifty nine and a half. They could get to my money but I'm a little concerned with at. In what way. What are you concerned about? Well it's just you know I I've got you know I'm looking at four hundred. Forty eight thousand in my retirement. There's going to be quite a bit of taxes. Taken out of that but it also grow a lot by then esther in ten years that that you should have about six hundred thousand or if you're in if you're in good growth stock mutual funds and that doesn't mention anything that you're putting in during that ten years as well so if you wanted to take what you've got now leave it all traditional let that grow to around six hundred or so over the next ten years and the other money that you've now put in the control contributions you make in the next ten years. Put that in a roth. That would be very cool and really what you're going to end up doing with it is it's the last thing you're going to take out not the first thing because your yeah. Your traditional has mandatory withdrawal beginning at seventy and a half. The Roth does not have that in the more. The Roth grows tax free the more. You've got tax free growth. You know so the longer you leave it alone. The more the account the larger the account is and it's all tax free. So it'll be the last one you tap into this other one would be the first one you tap into but I think you're doing great overall. I mean you couldn't can. We always have more sure. What's your home worth? Oh around two twenty five. Is it paid for? It is not okay. When will it be paid for well? I still owe about one eighty on it and so in ten years you should have roughly a million dollars or less between eight hundred and a million in all of your retirement accounts and you should have paid for home. That's worth a half a million so you should be. You have a net worth of Sam in and a half. Give or take okay. That's where you're headed if you get the house paid off and you just start doing roth contributions into 401k's and Ross between now and then and you'd leave the money that you're there that's assuming you're investing all of it in good growth stock mutual funds that have a good track record and You know I think that's a good way to go. I really do. I think it's worth it's worth with. So you're you're doing very well but I'm with you and that I think from this point forward your contributions. Your new contributions going forward Would be into a roth. I think that's a good plan. Mary's with US IN ORLANDO. Hi Mary how are you? I'm fine thank you. Dave. How are you good? How can I help? My husband just inherited home. It's Mortgage free the home. We're currently living in is worth about. We have about a forty thousand dollar mortgage. We believe it's worth about ninety five. Maybe two hundred thousand dollars. We don't have much in saving My question is do you recommend that we rent to home with the mortgage until we're able to pay it off or sell it. And maybe invest a prophet. Okay The you inherited a home. That's worth ninety. Th as forty owed on it right now. We inherited a home. That's worth about one hundred and fifty thousand home that we have a mortgage on his Got About a forty thousand dollar mortgage to ninety five south in the one that you inherited his paid for. Yes okay good. Which one are you going to live in that when we inherited is larger? And you'RE GONNA move into a paid for one hundred and fifty dollar house in the question is whether to keep the old house or not rent Elliott and on and you have debt other than your mortgage from. I have a small car loan. It's about six thousands left on that and that's it do you have an emergency fund. Yes much Out Forty five hundred right now since about as much as we have any say. Okay what's your household income? Roughly fifty thousand a year. Okay well if you can pay thing off and you want the you want it to be rental for the rest of your life and you pay it off really really fast. I'm okay with that. Meaning you need to pay off in about three years so you need to finish getting your car paid off. Get Your Emergency Fund in place in clear. There's mortgage in about three years. I think you can do that. But you're going to have to be more intentional with your money than you've ever been your life to this point to do that. Okay the good news is you. Don't have a house payment and you will be getting rental payments in on the one. You're moving out of them putting a renter in and so but you guys have got to get on a budget. You've been really sloppy all the money that you've made in your life to this point has gone to somebody else right and that's gotTa stop otherwise. This is not a good plan. If you keep doing that then this rental house is going to become a burden to you. Because you're not going to get it paid off and it's only going to be a long-term blessing if you get it paid off and you make sure you get a renter in there. That pays the Dadgum bills. And if you don't if they don't get them out of there and you manage that rental fairly but very firmly and push push push push push all the way through this. If you're going to do all of that I would keep it and rent it But if you're going to you know move not hard core. If you're just GONNA slop around with Ice Reynolds GonNa take you down. It's GonNa be a problem for you but if you'll lean into it be very focused. I think it can be a blessing in this situation. If you owed much more on it than that I would be pushing you to sell it. I mean if it was a two hundred thousand dollar rental. Yoda one hundred on it with your income odd salad. I wouldn't be able to see you paying it off anytime soon. Quick enough anyway. And that's that's how looking at this. Hopefully that gives you some insight in the way my brain was working on your answer. Thanks for calling in. This is the Dave Ramsey. Show our scripture today. Galatian six nine and let us not grow weary of doing good for a new season. We will reap if we do not give up John. D. Rockefeller said I do not think there is any other quality so essential to success as the quality of perseverance. It overcomes almost everything even nature. It does love it. Jesse is with us. Jesse's Augusta Georgia. Hi Jessie how are you? I'm doing well Dave. Thanks for taking my call. Sure how can I help you? Just want to get your advice If you look at my shoes what would you do I'm soon to be married in. May of this year. God My My fiance She's on board with the whole baby in your plan. And then my but She has a horse and it costs roughly four thousand dollars a year to keep more and It has about fifteen more years to live and she's talking about getting another horse. After this from passes I'm in love with my fiance but I'm not in love with the idea of paying three hundred thirty three dollars a month for the rest of my life. I'm just trying to see if you could Are What advice? You could give me as to get her to see how much of a financial burden Mrs or what. What would a compromise be? How old are you guys I'm twenty eight. She's twenty eight to forty all make We're broke we have Forty six total together. We have forty six thousand dollars in debt and we make annual income Fifty five fifty five thousand. Take home between the two of you. Guess you both working forty hours. Yes Sir Okay. Cool and what is your career. I'm a millwright apprentice I've got two more years on my apprenticeship but My income is going to go up dramatically. I was GONNA ask that now. And what she worked for I'm sorry she's a medical biller. Okay all right. And what is her long term career plan? Oh shoot even kicking around the idea of going back to school but Nothing set in stone as Vietnam. Okay what is the forty six thousand in debt that the two of you have? I have twenty six thousand student loans and so she has thousand Riccar and the rest of hers student loans. Okay good good and You said that you're both on the plan. The seperation is this issue on the horse. I did you guys go through Financial Peace University together yet. No Sir. That's on our list. Okay Archer so we're going to. We're doing the premarital counseling. Good but our church doesn't offer Financial Peace University okay. Well there's other ones in the area that do you don't have to leave. Your church is run over and visit the other place to enough to go through. Fpu I'll give it to you as a wedding gift in the two of you go through it and what I want you to do is not say another word about the horse. The horse comes with the package. Okay 'cause you'RE NOT GONNA win this battle. She's had this horse a long time. Since she was a little bitty girl she's loved horses she's emotionally attached and I want to make her give it up. Yeah and so I think you just let it go. Here's what's going to happen. I'm an old guy looking at this. Okay you guys get married and start having other goals in your life the start to be more important than the horse and then as you're making decisions to gather she's going to release the horse if you force it out you'll never live it down but it will not be there and she will not buy another one at the end. That is my prediction. It won't be there for ten years even it's not there seven years. I bet as soon as you guys have two kids that horses gone. You know what I'm saying. I mean all all it's going to happen is other things like maybe getting our education. Other things are going to start to be more important than the romantic idea of a horse that she had when she was a little girl and she got this horse and but if you today make this a big deal she'll find her way out of this if she becomes a woman and not a little girl and I think she is. Okay other things are gonNA become important to other things are going to become important to you along the way too and you gotTa keep a nice big. Y in front of you. Why are we doing this? Why are we managing our money tight? Why are we saving? Why are we building wealth? What are we want to be when we build this wealth? And if you've got that why in front of you if it doesn't include a horse all of the sudden horses in the way in her mind not yours and when that day happens I will be gone and that is not ten years from now will happen sooner than that. That's my prediction. And that's nothing prophetic. I'm just an old guy and seeing a lot of this stuff so I think you'll be fine. Hold on a minute. I'll have miskelly pickup. Get you guys in Financial Peace University. And we'll start the horse eviction now. He's all you gotta have a reason to just like car car car. I'm in love with my car going but you gotTA stop at three hundred dollar car payment. I mean you're driving me nuts but you can't sell your spouse. You can't come home with your spouse and go. Hey Bilas Daveramsey podcast. We're selling your car that you're great financial plan. You think that's going to work. I KREBS NOT GONNA fly. It's not gonNA work. You got to come home and start talking about fun. Start talking about how we're gonNA live in the future. What would it be like if we didn't have any payments when somebody gets really excited about not any payments they sell the stuff that he got payments on it? Don't they get excited about not any payments and then it becomes their idea and you don't have to talk them into it but if your plan is to announce the sale of your spouse's vehicle or your horse you don't agree plan? You're not on track yet. So that's how this deal works. Hold on Jessie and we'll help you out. Brother honored to have you on our team here in any way we can serve. You glad you called in open phones at triple eight eight two five five two two five. Jasper Indiana Britney's with us. Hi Brittany how are you? Hi Dave thank you so much for taking my call him great sure how can I help? Okay my husband and I went through Financial Peace University this past fall which we realized now. We should've done many years ago. We've been married about twelve years and it has done great things for our relationship for sure So we are very close to starting on baby steps four five and six probably within less than two months probably about a month. So we're yeah so we are Kind of trying to plan ahead on to how to make that work. I know that I've listened. We've listened to lots of your discussions on this and kind of however it works best for for each family is how you've recommended. I guess on. How much do you WanNa put into college? But now when you get further along on paying your house off and that kind of thing so I guess I'm kind of wondering if we follow the fifteen percent of your gross income into retirement. I don't know how that fits into our current budget. And I I. I don't know if I'm just missing something or I don't know how a percent your house. Or what percentage of your take home? Pay Your House payment Person of our take home. Pay Your House twenty five percent or how about nine hundred dollars? Show your your take on. Pays like four or five thousand dollars a month. Uh-huh it's about fifty two hundred. Okay right Fifteen percent of your household income is what is as nine thousand bucks a year. Okay so this is doable. You can do that. And we're not talking about seven hundred bucks a month and you used to pay that out in payments and then so you're not going to do huge chunks towards college or huge chunks towards the house extra on five and six right now but as bonuses come in Harrington says small grandma's laser by five thousand four hundred dollars or something that goes on the House or in the college fund. You get a bonus or you sell something or some money. Some found money shows up it goes on the College Fund or on the House College Fund in the House College Fund in the house until both are done and when both of those are done then. That's when you hit baby steps seven but today you're not gonNa see a big advance on those things. You're going to get in the rhythm of monthly investing in your retirement and that rhythm over a long period of years fifteen to twenty years is how you become a millionaire and you keep that rhythm going. You'll get there. That's exactly how that works so but you can do it do it. You've been doing this other and all of that was new when you started you doing good. Thanks Britney efforts this hour of the Dave Ramsey show in the books. We will be back with you before you know it. In the meantime remember there's ultimately only one way to financial peace and that's to walk daily with the Prince of Peace Christ Jesus Hey guys it's Blake Thompson senior second producer for the Dave Ramsey show. This hour is over but you can find more great content. When are you to catch the most watched daybreak debt-free screams and the very popular everyday millionaire second go to the Dave Ramsey? Show Youtube Channel. They make more money doing what you love. Check out. Kristie Rights Business Boutique. Podcast Christie's inspiring and equipping women become successful running their own business ham Christy Wright and I help women all over the country take their ideas and passions and hobbies and turn them into profitable business. That you have an idea in your head or dreaming your heart and you've ever wondered if you could make money doing it. I'm here to help join us on the business. Not podcast where we are equipping women to make money doing what they love. Hear more from the Ramsey network including Christie rights. Business Boutique podcast wherever you listen to podcasts. Hey It's james producer of the Dave Ramsey show. This episode is over but check the episode notes for links to products and services. You've heard about during this episode. Thanks for listening.

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