New Details on Ex-Renault-Nissan Boss Carlos Ghosn's Escape from Japan


Wall Street Journal listeners. Come from all walks of life and business and no matter what type of business urine eighty P is here to help you achieve what you're working king for with. HR talent time benefits and payroll informed by data and designed for people learn more at design done. Eighty P dot com new details on how former renault-nissan boss Carlos Goin' escaped. Japan need heard a lot of people. Refer to this as a James Bond style operation embraced when they're telling us with the details. Were and why the euro has never been this last year. There was nothing pushing it forward less new year. It's new regulations including some big ones in California. This is what's news from the Wall Street Journal. I'm Kim Gittleson. Let's get started Now before we take a look at Carlos goines escape from Japan Pan. Here's what you missed days after an attempt to storm the. US Embassy in Baghdad. Supporters of Iranian backed militias have retreated the Tuesday effort to enter. The embassy was in retaliation to the killing of two dozen Iraqi militia fighters in US air strikes over the weekend in an interview with Fox News yesterday Secretary of State. Mike pompeo said there were no plans to evacuate the embassy or withdraw American troops from Iraq which was iranian-backed terrace erris. Many of them are individuals have been designated terrorist by the United States at others. Come into the American embassy and posing a risk to American Diplomats and personnel inside. The embassy saw the president trump a direct a quick decisive prudent response but making sure that we had all the resources necessary to keep people safe and to secure the compound around as well no more mango cucumber or cream. We report the FDA will ban the sale of fruity flavors of e cigarettes. Only tobacco and Menthol will be allowed but the restriction won't apply to tank vaping systems that are commonly found at vape shops these allow customers to mix their own flavors. But aren't that popular with teens. President Trump said the ban addresses health concerns while limiting the impact on small businesses. We're GONNA protect our families. We're GONNA to protect our children and we're going to protect the industry. We report an announcement could come as soon as Friday. It's a new year. Which means new regulations nations a host of new laws went into effect yesterday dealing with everything from felon rights to grocery bags? Some of the biggest changes were in California where the nation's most stringent data privacy laws took effect the state also enacted a new law about who businesses can classify as independent contractors. Uber and Postman's have sued they argue. The law violates constitutional guarantees of equal protection and due process Now our main story former Nissan Renault Chairman Carlos gone fled Japan over the weekend. We report report that he took a private plane bound for Turkey before continuing on to Lebanon. He's a citizen. They're going was arrested in late. Twenty eighteen in Japan on charges of financial wrongdoing. He's denied those charges and said he didn't flee justice but quote escaped injustice and political persecution. To find out more more about his escape. I rang up our reporter Sean Mcclain. He's in Tokyo. So Sean First things first where are you right now. I'm currently standing outside the house else. Go and used to live in in Tokyo and a nice view of Tokyo Tower in waiting for the prosecutors that come out occurring inside doing something so what what do we know about guns escape so far what we know so far is fairly thin. We know he left from Kansai Airport near Osaka and flew to Turkey from Turkey. Flew to Lebanon how he got from his home in Tokyo to Asaka. There's something we're still working on on reporting out or chasing a lot of rumors a lot of people who know things but we don't have anything solid yet we've heard a lot of people refer to this as a James Bond style operation when they're telling Oy is a belief that the bills were and Japanese authorities haven't said much yet about his escape but we know the gone is now in Lebanon and were reporting that while the country denies any involvement in helping him escape. It's been lobbying the Japanese government for months to have go and stand trial there will you. You're all right. Lebanon is said they had no involvement. We have no indication to believe that they were involved. We do know from sources that Goan if he faces trial he hopes that it will be in Lebanon. News doesn't WANNA be Japan. He says that ninety nine percent conviction rate in the way they treat defendants in Japan means. He's incapable of getting a fair trial here so he decided to leave and move to a jurisdiction where he feels like he get a fair trial so far Japanese prosecutors have defended their justice justice system and said that go and get a fair trial in Japan. Can you remind us again of the charges that he's facing there. Joe Facing three charges the first of which which is understating his pay the prosecutors say that Goan secretly had plans to pay himself a loads more money than he was earning after retirement guns Response has always been. He was thinking about possibly being paid future. Brazil negotiation. The company didn't owe him anything thing therefore he didn't have to report anything and then he's also has additional charges. What they call breach of trust in Japan that have to deal with a Business arrangements between Nissan and acquaintances of Carlos gone and prosecutors are alleging a quid pro quo in those arrangements Gone and everybody associated with those deals. Say there were all about boarding. Carlos did receive the personal benefit with Nissan money. All of those add up to about fifteen years worth of control jail time in quite a large number of dollars worth of fines. Okay so he's now in Lebanon. What would a court case against Carlos? Let's go look like there. And how would it work. Well Lebanon under Criminal Code Claims Jurisdiction over all of its citizens. No matter where are they are in the world they can. They can try anybody for any crime regardless of where they committed. As long as it's a crime in Lebanon his wealth. They said they would try him under some. UN Code to which Lebanon is a signatory. That's what they've offered in the past and I imagine that is what the goal inside is is modeling their strategy around. It sounds like they're still a lot of unknowns about what happens next Ext.. There's a big big big hole in what we actually know. As opposed to what's rumored to have happened so hopefully in the coming days we'll get a better picture and And hopefully we'll get to tell the full tale of what must have been in a spectacular story to make it out you can find all of our continuing coverage of Carlos gone including our investigation into the charges against him up on. WSJ DOT COM. Are you a Henry it stands for high earner not rich yet in means the despite earning a six figure income. You're struggling to amass any meaningful nest. Egg are friends of the Motley. Fool can help. Since nineteen ninety-three they've been providing investment advice helping members build the financial future. They envision to Kick Start Your twenty twenty financial financial goals. They're offering five of their favourite stock picks for free realizing. YOU'RE A henry. Remember the not rich part you can do it. And the Motley fool can help visit full. L. Dot com slash. WSJ on two markets after a break to ring in the New Year global indices he is resumed trading today Chinese markets rose and shares in Europe opened higher. We're going to stay in Europe this morning and turn to the euro. One euro currently buys one dollar and twelve cents now. We very rarely tell you this exchange rate and that's partially because for the past year the euro. It didn't move very much Kaitlyn. ostrov explains so the euro austere had its calmest ever since the inception of the common currency for the Euro area in nineteen ninety nine and what that means is that you know. The euro never really broke out of the trading range that it had between buying dollar nine cents in a dollar and fifteen cents typically quickly it will go much higher upto one twenty or one thirty against the dollar but last year there was nothing pushing it forward what that means for investors is at that creates an opportunity Kennedy for them to use that really stable veins and by other currencies and they can make money off of the interest rate differential as Europe has really low vacates and other countries have higher rates and so what it means going for. Twenty twenty is that the euro is expected to stay within a valid small veins stone out really break out of that and and it will continue to be an attractive. What's called funding currency? Making it a good place to buy other currencies and years. What else else were paying attention to today? Officials in Australia are warning that brushfires in the eastern part of the country could worsen. They've urged tourists to leave the state of New South Wales. Australia's prime minister. Scott Morrison defended his administration's Jason's handling of the fires and it's climate change record well of knowledge. The link has has the minister between the broader issues of global climate change and what that means for the world weather and the drought conditions in many places. But I'm sure you would also agree that no response by anyone anywhere in the world. It can be linked to any one far event and I don't think you'll suggesting that here in New South Wales Victoria or anywhere else. Finally you've probably a herd of dry January but here's one that might be new to you Vegan. Yori it's a movement that like January started in the UK. The pledge is to spend and the next thirty days eating a Vegan or mostly Vegan Diet more than thirty thousand people across the. US have signed up to cut back on meat and dairy because of health environmental or animal welfare concerns. If you're one of those people we've got some tips up on our website like eating enough dark leafy green vegetables to make sure chart. You're getting enough calcium. That's what's news from the Wall Street Journal. Thanks for listening.

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