James to Inter Miami? That's the dream! Plus, Doyle on how to win MLS is Back


You're listening to entrance is driven by continental. You feel that. I feel a lot better. Bob Extra Tall. I'm missing exactly how I find out what's going on in the MLS. Maybe this podcasts is influenced me a little bit as well loss. Loss everybody up here. Every single day goes into the office into the laboratory. To try to cook up some great stuff for you guys. He's here. Greetings, greetings, and welcome to extra time driven by continental from vacaville California. I'm Andrew You with my partners in Soccer Mattdoyle David. Goss Charlie Davies what's up. Happy anniversary, everybody happy birthday today. He's now in the thirty club, your washed congratulations feel you thought we forgot and I did I didn't and. In an hour wishing you happy birthday. Obviously, no one cares about the things I. Say anymore so relevant to the world. Generation Z. IS GONNA flush down the toilet, so any of those listeners out there have officially tuned out for us, but happy anniversary to I, guess us and many others who have a big show today we'll get to a lot. We are going to get back on the greatest team of all time bracket on Thursday. We want your votes. We won't do that today. of course molasses back. July eighth do WANNA. Remind everybody in debut. Sal is back way before that on June twenty seven, so in about two weeks time here a little less than that to keep that in mind Utah. Twenty Twenty Challenge Cup, but it is according to Nick I shot who I trust on these matters extra times previously extra time radios. Tenth anniversary ten years of this podcast that is insane. That is crazy. This is only the most recent interest in of course. The Oh Jeez Nick. Russia time aboard Greg Lawless and Jason Guinea was listener since Day One? Are there any other day? One listeners in our group right now I'm assuming Charlie. You'RE GONNA keep your hand down, yeah! And I. It was actually. It's the ten year anniversary of my started mls soccer dot com as well because I was brought in as a freelancer during the group stage of the two thousand ten World Cup to cover the desk because Greg and I saw in Simon You know a Guinea was part of it, too, though he was on video side Greg and infer Shaw in Simon would go into a boardroom and do four hour episodes of extra time every day during that World Cup. So that's how I remember that this was this was my star as well, but yeah listen to that first episode. It was I think. S- Aghini hosting it, but it was really just a free for all where SA- Guinea for an lawless just argued about everything in talked over each other the whole time, and like with Simon and Jason especially like it was. Is The sky blue or pink, or is it green? It didn't didn't matter what the subject Locked Horns in refused to let go for like an hour at a time. I'm also pretty sure we don't have the. We don't host any of anymore. So a lot of it's gone away downloaded fair amount of it before that in pretty sure. The first ever episode is about an hour before they started. They knew they were all of them talking not knowing their on. Jerk class. I, mean honestly I enjoy. KRISHA meetings more than I enjoy the show itself, and I really like doing this show. It's like my professional highlight twice a week to get to do it. I remember. Laughing a lot I, just the inane things that were being said, and the arguments that were being had and I. My co workers at my job at the national insurance producer, registering Kansas City like poking their head over the quintessential. cubicle being like what is going on, I'm on a call right now. Why are you cackling about some soccer stuff and then two years later? They you know. My boss slid across the desk. A report about my internet usage said. Why are you refreshing soccer dot com nearly seven hundred times a day and I said this is why I'm leaving for new. York City I'll see you later. I was such a fan of the show. And when I got there obviously wasn't on the show, and it was like my I wanted to be on. On the show, how can I be on the show and I begged I'm pretty sure Simon and nick for a long time they finally let me on, and I felt so nervous like I didn't know what the Hell I was talking about probably true, and they kind of held my hand and walk me through it. I remember in interviews. especially I would try to. You know you're all sitting around in your little finger. As I got something, I got a good question. And Nick and Simon would just stiff arm me. They would not now. I'm just that's. That's good to know the genesis of that. And when Nick I felt I, was trying to pressure to behalf the host he was, and of course you listen to off the top south, normal greeting. It's his greeting It was so connick for years and years and years. They made the show. We've carried it on and I'm super proud to be a part of it We have any favorite memories to share before we get to some some lift tweets. Just disarming on general. Assignment is Simon is is the greatest of all time nothing that any of us is is ever done will ever touch just an average Simon extra time performance. And it's a loss to the entire content world that he's decided to be a suit instead of a content producer of. I think my one of my favorites win. One of his neighbors passed away and he didn't know how to pay his respects. He didn't know if he should go downstairs and just say something. If you should slip a note to the door if you should go to the wake how he should handle this very delicate process that just took like five seconds three words condolences. I'm thinking about you in walking away. Everything always got blown up is ruined attracting birds in Malta and all the judgments stories for years for years. I thought about how you spell. Jasmine I've. On paper like. Is this how you spell? Jasmine is who is jasmine. How do you spell his name? And then always? The classic mets tryout story in the. Words yeah, three teaser the or the Tasmanian Devil t was before I joined I listen to that and I was like what the Hell is going on. There's no way this is a true story like there was no way. One hundred seven happened and I don't I still to this day. Don't understand how. I was in Malta I thought it was throwing gas turns out. It was low eighties. Man. Star always like I. Don't none of this is landing with me right now. But look. This show is changed Charlie, and that's the of extra times it's never been one thing is always sort of like rolled on whether we were in the room with the water radiator that would clank when somebody was lying or like basically speaking out there, but or if we were in the green room or the blue room or the the phone booth over for twenty, all or an airbnb after US Open. Cop with some Brown liquor, I mean this a Hotel Room Floor Aka Bobby, warshaw struggle bus post game I mean. This show from those four originals to self to doyle to Dave to you to Kayla into Susanna to bobby I mean am I missing any regular occurrence in there and my wrist missing host. Is that everybody did you? Did you mention Kaelin? Okay of course I would say I miss. Scaling the least often hosts that we've had is we've had Ariel on a balanced Jones Working Maresca Rosie came on here and there. HAD BEEN WHO Magden. Bin Laden. Is Family. Chester furious. It's a good question hard to remember hard to remember but it's been special every single moment it is like I, said the highlight of my professional life, just because it's a sitting around bs thing before we get to our favorite, maybe modern day moment and I'm going to have to throw in Charlie raising his hand and going to the bathroom show is still laugh. Every time I think about that Patrick Sharkey says that the enthusiasm from last from extra times infectious. He says this show helped him fall in love with. With the League I think of all the responses that we got. That is the one that I. Hope is the most replicable. That's the one that I. Hope that people feel like we love this. We love talking about it. We love being around each other and we hope that in some way it's helped you enjoy major league soccer more critical Smith a memory from from him. Listening to an interview with the Atlanta wants MLS and steal in late twenty thirteen. This was when we were talking to the members of terminus. Back in those days about what they wanted to bring to Atlanta and it's incredible what it became. Joined, the events team any became the membership coordinator in two thousand fourteen, and it became an incredible. We had a tweet here about the Americans. Abroad series that we did in the off season like I. Don't know this might have been four years ago. Dave one of the interviewee interview. Costa Rica. This is one David Patio, I. Remember correctly. Yeah, about a family who owned the team down in Costa Rica, that whole series was great I keep wanting to hear more of those kinds of stories JDBC says it's not a specific memory, but sometime back when doyle still lived in California, r.i.p March the match I realized that I was listening to every episode of extra time, and I've subscribed to live, so we were the gateway drug there. There's a memory from from mark about his first episode was hilarious interview with Roger Levesque, it became leveque became host right then I sounded that one out. It's bad. and also this is ever memory Simon Board, defending accusations of looking like an alley cat, and explaining why he hides in the corner when eating sardines at age do. Resident Great, memories before we move on Charlie. I know these have been throwbacks to or your day Charlie. This was a time when this show talked about what Charlie Davies did on a soccer field. Yes, what we're! Yeah Yeah. What's your? What's your? What's your? What's in your gut when it comes extra time? I just love the fact that we show up on Monday sometimes. I've been a part of the Thursday show. Just after weekend, and just going in on performances on Are the potential ending of of the season. WHO's GonNa? Finish where WHO's GONNA be in the playoffs. WHO's GonNa? Go into a hot and make that run the improbable runs. I just. I just love the fact that we share those our feelings, our emotions and it's it's not censored a feel like we can be who we are and talk you know in state. What we think is really going to happen I love the fact that you guys are. We have great chemistry and I love being part of the show, so. I haven't I. Just haven't spent enough time on show to say man. This moment really resonates with me and you know. Give me a couple more years and I'll say I'm ready to go. Let's do it. This month this show was off the chain. This was but as of now I just. I look forward to every Monday because I I really enjoy Sit with you guys talking about the weekend. It's a lot of laughs men. We're happy to be back talking about soccer. To of course, Melissa's back coming on July. It's about a month to. A week three weeks maybe even to start breaking that down as I said, greatest team of all time is GonNa. Come back on Thursday. Kevin Durant Guy. Base right now. As, we can get him to coming on extra time. I'll get Josie on. I'll get on if you want to answer right now, I. Okay. Yeah so look if you have memories cinema. Wayne greatest team of all time, but he was off by show. Exempt telling the call back on Thursday good. We're good. We're right here on Thursday with them or Mondays. He wants to do Monday to Magazi- are of course have been other podcasts. March to the match with Jona. Thomas Jefferson. Doyle was a classic back in the day than I. Shot came in, but right now our sister park to call up. Dan Hayek in the House we respect and high I was actually going to make Dan hi, produced each during the two thousand fourteen World Cup Dave just went. And he was down there for work. I'm pretty sure it broke Dan. Hi, complete spirit to do. I want to say that's one of the casualties of this show, but respect to Dan Hayek for doing that. I've been from that moment on. Proceedings have an epic life that I wish that I. Go Sir. Yep Yep Seven PM. On Tuesdays on Youtube Sasha question is the guest this week so to go tune into that and if? But. Since we have march matchup can I just throw. This is one of those things I'll always remember around Joel inflaming them on whenever I get an opportunity, GMC spines signs bashing drink all I think on a Tuesday or Wednesday so we haven't done a show yet or maybe I didn't work for me. I don't know so. I listened to March the because I was so excited I love Giovinco and doyle comes on, and it's cold water for fifty five minutes. How can you say he's worth it? He's not that good is ten times better than Javier Morale's. This is a ridiculous signing. The fact that people can't is euro snob garbage now's like word. This guy is wrong. A couple. On, that one man go drink lived up. Get agree with that. That was one of my favorite marriage match moments. If you have any of our bad takes from the past feel free to bring those as well because you know, we love the revel in those moments. those are always fun in our I guess. My favorite two shows of the year are the prediction show before the year and the show when we revisit the predictions after the year, and half the just roasts ourselves with Wanda won't. Hey I can't never live that. Them said it'll never go away. Let's talk about soccer. Though MLS is back tournament July. Eight kicks off. You Watch the draw last Thursday one of the most nerve racking moments of Charlie Davies lives. And We've broken down, so if you WANNA, check out the breakdown Thursday show, let's get to. Ease our way in, let's say. Lianne from Kansas. She is a stalwart on the show as far as the mail that goes Alli this morning. Prayer, Girl, what's up? She said you should discuss which teams rosters would be the most. Fun To be cooped up in a hotel for over a month. and My understanding based on our conversation with Margo Petitjean is that they'll be floors for each team. Everybody will have their own room, so you don't have to share rooms Charlie. But when you think about putting a team on one floor of a hotel for a whole month in the middle of pandemic in a quote, unquote sort of locked down playing games every couple of days with every other team. There I mean it's kind of like pre-season, but there's a lot more wrinkles before we choose the teams we want to with. What are the different things a play here? Who are the different personality types that you're looking at our the interactions? How the meals? What should we base this around? That who? Look into the dynamic locker room, so it's got to be a good balance between veterans and leaders versus the young guys the guys who have a personality. The guys who are you know whether it's the young student type versus the the young guy who thinks he's is you know? The big time player and can can call the call the shots who's on the massage table and he's twenty years old. You know those kind of guys the guys. Who are you know the the class clown? The guys who commit get people laugh all the time versus the guys who are much more serious. Will everyone accountable and then the guy's between. Between right the the guys who come up with the Card Games in the game, get everybody involved in versus the guys who are like our Let's juggle in our off time. Let's amount I gotta sit down and got a juggle. I got a Gerbil I got. You know, go, do extra the guys who are over the top. It's gotTA BE A. We gotta have a good mix. That's the key to a good locker is you? Don't have everyone who's super into to the sports and WANNA be like students learn and everything, soccer, soccer, soccer, soccer, versus the guys who are just like Let's just. Kick for a little bit. You know trading starts at ten thirty. We'll go out there like ten twenty, eight, twenty nine. We'll be fine which. You GotTa Love Charlie coming on the show I. Only trust players who watch taping care all the time, but then coming on here and being like, but I don't WanNa. Be In a locker room with them, and I don't want to be stuck on my back. How much you're not lying about that. Lied about that. How how much does the coach matter here like as we make this choice? By does the KENO matter, or is he? Likes. Huge the the coach. Sets the tone. He also has to give freedom to blur. They feel comfortable than a stressed out all the time. Because if you if you make the wrong move, you're afraid that you're playing times gone, or you're not gonNA. Start or you're not going to get new contract. That is that is I can't stress the importance of a good coach, a good leader who gives freedom to their players, but also holds them accountable Tell us you know. Maybe it's a captain. He he allows the captain. Run the locker room in and dictate you know. Should we get an off day, you know. Should we push it? Being able to communicate with his players that it's a it's a huge. That plays a huge part of a team successes, the coach and sometimes. Players can be inspired or motivated to play better to in spite of coach. Right so it's like. Let's come together you. Let's let's listen to this guy which works for a short the short term, not the long-term right so. I can't tell you how important it is that the coach is is with the group gets an understanding of of his group, and the players have been like a week. We can trust our coach. We can play for this guy. Can I throw one more question out there either for Charlie because they both played at such a high level. Charlie can take a person. Doesn't actually matter. Who has the armband like if you're in a team? Someone picking molesting. Dallas. So you! Have, DALLAS was going to say Nice, who's the official captain of Dallas, is it? A Costa hedges its advantage agit. Okay, if hedges doesn't have the Armband, or you've got an well. This is a weird team because they're so young. But you gotTA. Go to see okay, so who's the captain of Seattle their? LADERA does that mean. Christian roll down and Stephan FRY are not still leaders like they are who they are right. Doesn't matter if you are the official captain in a cultural setting in the hotel when you're traveling. No it's more so when you're on the field and you have the armband on right. That's that. I mean captains captain usually given the captaincy because of one of three things. That coach loves you to death and things. I need I need to have. You were the captain to show how much you mean to me or the organization or the fans? Be because he is a leader in the locker room and he does all the the he does. All the small details in. You hope that every player on that team can. Use Him as inspiration, or he's an example, and you want everyone to follow that example whether it's like. An hour or an hour and a half early training facility stays. There is the last guy leave. I gotta get their last guy. Leave does all the stretching. The extra work is just in the in the video room. Just always doing those things and you're like Oh. This is the guy or it's. The Guy Though the the team. Respect the most like the teammate's respect him the most and he's the reason why the. Gotten because all the guys on the inside are like this is the guy we want wearing the armband. So it's one of those three things because I've seen it where a coach just like here where the armband to. A player that is the best part of the team, but everyone in the locker rooms like he's not captain. There's no nothing about him, but they think the coach thinks if I put the armband on them. Maybe he'll start to act like a captain, or he'll start to change. His is way of life around the locker room or off the field. Maybe we'll get him to buy in I'm trying to get a buy in. Maybe it's to buy into the team or just buy into what he's trying to preach on the field whether it's his tactics formation. If I give him the Captain Armband. Maybe he'll listen to me in her respectfully I've seen that and I've seen that backfire so. V A cat, I'll tell you though the captaincy is is very important, and you might not think players care or pay attention, everyone is so in that coach comes out and says here's our captain. Everyone is talking about it on the inside whether they agree with it. They don't agree with it or they don't care about it. It's one of the three. It's like any group. There's a lot of dynamics here. We kind of run over what can be in this man who's who's bringing? What are you succeeding in this tournament? I think that will matter area. And MLS real world, and since David Has Zanskar, kick us off where you own as Gabby Minnesota United one. You're talking about coach with personality. Who's GonNa give you a little license, but then you look at that group and I think what Charlie was saying. My like what I like personally people from all different backgrounds, different ages different points of view. You've got ozzy who's leading obviously as a veteran and then you've got. Got, young guys Mason. Toy who are good young players that care and work hard also fun off the field. Even Finley obviously bestsellers of Catan player in mls something to do on the side. You've got ICU is a good leader in the locker room of fun guy to be around. So I think you got a bunch of different veterans. Young guys, everyone fitting between and some good license. It'd be a personality blessing boy. Alleging Lena. Offer me. To Minnesota. I'm frustrated. I don't get that one. I think I'm GonNa go with the Colorado rapids here for a couple of different reasons. First of all you need to cut. You got it kicking. Rosenberg is GONNA. Keep you fresh. None of this like Willy Nilly Haircut. Like look a little bit rangy. When you come out on the field in Orlando Keegan's guy, everybody sat and then you got look at is a young team, but has. Has Some veterans. Who It as well so I think like in Wallace Reebok. You're GONNA be smiling the whole time. The interview I did with this guy in preseason I walked out of there and I just like based of the boats like biggest joker grin you could have. He gave me from literally ten minutes. Then you've got Sam vines trustee, but then if you need a little bit, a veteran side here comes drew more. Talk about him less all day with this dude, you'll family chat as well 'cause you know as you didn't I have a kid and then, Kai Kamara GonNa keep it light as well. Ru little worried about the fact that you think still in your own head that you and Sam Vines and Austin trustee. You're hanging out. I don't know if we're having I'm just. Like. You tell them. Is like when man first landed on the moon. I'm just going to you. Know Desert Operation Desert Storm. Making storming Norman Joe. There you go, thank you, you just throwback Wichita Wings reference is legit. Oh, no, that wasn't I thought. Was the Gulf War wasn't. Alive goes straight to the Wichita Wings with just about everything these days, but has there's a lot of youth, but there is some like older side. I just think that that team after last year like Charlie, said terrible start had no other option, but the band together. They as a group had to say you know. The leadership side of this not working for us, so we're going to figure out how to do it. They did it under two coaches. Now they have Robin. Who I think will give them a little bit of latitude to be who they are. We'll give it them. Good structures well I just think that therefore would have a lot of different things going on and be WANNA pop into all those rooms like Clint ruin I know I can have some really interesting life discussions with Clint Irwin and that's where I'd go with aiko par to Dave I. Think if you sat down with, you could talk to him about literally anything. That's my team I. Those are my friends. Get Your own kit. that. Tell me when I get all right. I'm taking the rapids. Anybody else have a a team that they WANNA room with in a little bit more dangerous. Eric is. He actually knows some of the people these teams. Can offend people. He actually knows doyle. Do you ever response? No, every single permutation of this sounds like a nightmare to me. Watching hotel with two thousand Jackson ability to go outside or eat real like no, the done of. There's no good answer to this. It's all nighter. This is like a youth term. You Sixteen Youth Tournament. Yeah, and you're just locked in and that's it. You don't have any. I test. Was that version of not answering Charlie Yeah, I mean. There I have some. There's probably fourteen I would go with and an I'm just not going to elaborate on it to Slough. I've a of friends. Still playing I have I've I've made some some new friends of the younger generation that are playing and I I know every coach so. I. You know I'm just. Going to have to pass on this. Here's a proposal extra time listeners. Please send us your mailbags of what you think Charlie's teams or Four teams he would pick listen guys. He's friends with the guys. He can't offend. Yes, they also stick oil on the team. You think he'd be most miserable on. Thank you. Is there, any current coach or player you know of that is a musical theater enthusiasts in any way. Oh, that's a good question. There's there's there's none that I know of to be honest I can't think of. Yeah. I I'm sure there's some some players who got pipes. Though who's WHO's the new Icelandic guy for for NYC AFC. He's a singer. Maybe he knows the my Iceland Dick Musical theater issue. The is land or is. He thinks he's Norwegian. He's Icelandic. We've had him on American MLS idol. Yeah, no. I've watched every episode I just yeah I'm sure. I'd. Wait who who who was it who played piano owes the harbor kid a wheeler immuno he could. Oh my God he could saying. With him, he's got it all. You gotta go to Sacramento for. I mean that's fine. All right so so I'm into it now right you set. Out will be with whatever team he's with even her new S. l.. We just got set up piano bar in the lounge, like in the in know in the first floor lounge of the. Of the hotel and then we sit down there and we using show tunes all night. When I tell you, he is a tremendously skilled talented individual. It is like that's just a small think. Just gives you a small snippet of what he's capable of Andrea Wheeler on new. Grad yet. All right. We're. Really cynical about it, but you brought me there. David Bill done and by the way, and now we have another idea because we need some group activities in Orlando for these guys, I would absolutely pay to watch eight hundred person Karaoke with every single mls player in like a massive ballroom. CARRY OT? We gotTA GIVE HIM WSB. Would it be like Pro Ralph or Karaoke like you have to bring your song to the to the Piano Lounge? And then you belt it out, and then everybody votes up down at the thing I don't know we've not hit the pro referencing curiosity and I think that means we on. The. Air. That wouldn't be fair NYC. Has Been, wondering so. I'm his voice is unbelievable, so it's game over. You can't win. Everyone knows the best episode of hard now. Wait a minute. Is the talent show for the rookies? So you just don't fair Allen Show, but like I feel like Charlie. Just threw a challenge out to like literally every MLS player. Yeah, like somebody's got hear that income out there for it give. Doing everyone's scared everyone. Won't do it. Do it I love it. What happens if he wins? Its first company CFC history all right. Let's. A little bit on the ends. Sorry, well, unless is back. We know about it. You listen to the show you're thinking about it. This is what I've been saying for a little while now basically since the tournament format came out, is group is I. Don't know if unfair is the right word, but significantly more difficult to advance from just based on odds and American. American. Soccer Analysis did their homework on this one, and if you think back on the format, sixteen grew in every other group has four the top to get through, and so just pure math. That's thirty three percent for group. A and fifty percent for the other groups, and you have four best. Their place scenes, which jumps it up to about sixty six percent. For All. The teams that aren't group and about fifty percent for group eight to get through now it's probable that group will get a third place team through just because they'll have more teams to get more points. But there's a lot of people out there. Suggesting this, thank group as should have gotten an automatic bid for the third place team to help even out this odds play. It. What do you guys think about that? What would you be thinking if you're Jim Curtain or if you're running dialogue or one of the teams in group that feels like hey, we should get through. We have the talent we performed. Why weren't we seated in some way? Is there an element of quote unquote unfairness here, or is it just like? Get on with it. No it's unfair and it's right there. It's right there in the math and the guy's American soccer analysis. Rand numbers. which is what they do. Is You know you said? We've looked at her singing? You're like this seems wrong and it is wrong and they came up with. The slight modification where teams in group have sixty percent chance be the the rest of teams sixty two percent chance as it stands now. It seems to repay about fifty percent chance. A.. B. C. D. Sixty five percent chance so just making this little fix. Makes it more equitable takes away the inherent disadvantage being in group. I like the to me. There's no reason this can't happen. Fully agree with everything is just the way you pose. The question was if you're Jim Curtain? What do you think he's going down there? Playing two teams that are expansion teams that have basically never played soccer before. As a group so I think that's just the counter for Jim Curtain. I'm just saying trash. These guys alright into saying. South Nashville Basketball Baby, let's go. I'm just saying I. Don't know that Tim. Current got that hard done by getting Miami Nassau in a year in which they'd never played before they played two games, and then they were on a global pandemic layoffs, three and a half months, but if you're in New York City of you don't feel slighted that you're not as top-seeded team I. Don't know I'm Not New York City of seaside often worry about were. I would never be so I. Won't be quoting. Won't be forced into this metaphor. The other point. Charlie, it is five of six outside of Jim Curtain new head coaches, and then I get those advantages I think the union I think, NYC, AFC do have advantages there, and they will play depending on the schedule, potentially two teams that have not played more than two official games together before. A man, the math just doesn't add up now. Flip side of this is because there are sixteen in that group. It is more probable that third team within that group will have more points than a third place seems the other group which makes it more probable that that first place team will get through anyway, so this scenario might just play out exactly as you might have thought without the automatic bid. It's pretty likely that third place in group is GonNa have. Have more points than the others, and therefore this is moot, but it is something to think about as we push into, think about this tournament more in this sort of strategy perspective which you wrote about soccer columnist, we can go in and you compared to the world, which is obvious, is the same format for all intents and purposes. What was your conclusion in your piece? These teams in group I beyond thing about how to win this tournament and start planning. How are they thinking? How should they be thinking? Town. I do like I went into it expecting to do research on summer tournaments in figure out that teams that counter attack usually when because we think about the the Chilean teams that won Copa America in fifteen and sixteen, and yeah, they pressed the teams that they were better then, but against Argentina against Colombia. Against the really good teams, the counters we thought about you know France and twenty eighteen. They were complete counterattacking team Brazil in two thousand, nine hundred. Copa America obviously. They spent some time playing like Brazil. But they also countered Argentina to death, after going up and I suspect that the numbers bear that out, but counterattacking has actually become West prominent in summertime tournaments over the past decade themes that are great at if you have bought for, be counterattacking team, but if you don't, it's become. Less of a weapon I think teams are just. They're better organized. They understand where to take professional fouls counterattacking. As obvious solution in these sermons, and what it really comes down to is almost that there's no patter. That like whatever you do, whatever your best at lean into that let that be like if you're Toronto FC and Toronto, is there pretty good pressing team? And they can counter, but what they really are as good possession team, and why CFC the same way lean into that. Be that if you're the Red Bulls go all out manic. Press US three subs fifty fifth minute to get fresh legs out there because there's no difference between Brian White and Tom Barlow. No offense allows guys. The both good analysts players felt like what really matters is. Can you be kamikazes out there? Impress transgressed now is you're a pure counters hashing team like I think the crew can be? Counters? But whatever it is lean into that the one thing that has changed a ton over the past decade in the summertime tournaments. set-pieces teams are just so much better on attacking set pieces now than they were decade ago. I think there's more time put into it more elaborately rehearsed in twenty twelve euros. I think it was about twenty five percent of goals came on visas in two thousand eighteen world up. It was just about forty percent of goals for because everyone in two thousand twelve euros played in two, thousand and four. They were like Greece won this tournament year. Maybe we should work on. Not a fair point, but I I. I think about that, and then you think about the. The fact that teams that has score I win about seventy percent of the time Like God. If you want the long shot Darkhorse, good money play. You gotta the Colorado rapids. Fan Right now. They scored twenty seven goals last year. Which is obscene? And then in the first two games, this season is to more set-piece goals one from Kyw, and then the late winner from drew more so it's it's lean. It's have that identity. Be Confident in who you are. Impose that on the other team. Make early Saabs in the second half. The season is sees initiative, and you'd better be good on set-pieces. You'd better be really good on set-pieces. Doyle, just darkhorse Charlie. Do you have a dark horse? You can't take seeded teams. You can't take. The expected powers we can sort of tease this when we did our preview, but we were all pretty giddy and a little bit loopy, so our Charlie contact list out to see who he calls most often disease. I mean I. I I had I did say Houston Dynamo. Be My darkhorse. It didn't go hard. This Houston Dynamo legendarily terrible on set-pieces last year, but didn't continue going new coach. Assure. That's who I. Think is my my horse, can you? Can you expand on it know? Is it just that like in Minolta's in a lease, they have to talents who you know can just annihilate a team in what you trophy. Yeah, when you when you say pick someone to counterattack through like an Imbaba will, at least like the mbappe eight speed wise in counterattack threat that Imbaba is on the world stage for MLS. That's all Albert. Police when he's motivated healthy. He's GonNa. Cause no matter who is playing against. He's a cause. Cause fits because he can get up and down so powerful he's he's got the pace and he. He knows how he can hurt you and he's GonNa do it. You can't stop them now. What you? What has let him down is his his his finishing in the final third productivity is is that. Is that final pass finding the feet of Minolta's? Is that final shot on target? If he can do that in this tournament, you're talking about players who want to go to the next level. They want to go to Europe. Well. This is a a great tournament to get your foot in the door. And then you finish out this this year. Strong, so then come winner. You're off somewhere. Right so. For Me Houston with TAB obviously new coach, new philosophy, getting everyone to buy into his system. Listen if I'm a new coach and I have two of the most talented players in the League on my roster and they've already said I wanna go to your. I want the hassle. I'm going to help you get there, but in order for you to get there. You GotTa help me. Help me help you right. That's simple as that simple buy in to what I'M GONNA. Preach for the next six months and I will I will I will get you to the promised land just trust me. That's all you gotTA. Do is trust me well. Houston Dynamo have all the pieces. To to have success when you have note doesn't at least on the attacking end. You have players who can win you games now you just have to buy into the defensive philosophies and marking at set pieces. Do all those things like you said? Now you have a team that can that can really hurt you. Houston Dynamo is is for me. The dark horse doesn't mean it's guaranteed success, but they. They definitely have the players to hurt teams in this league from a wedding. Respective odds are to be are going to be really good to like. We're talking through dark horses here in Colorado I. Think is like forty to one or something like that I'll. I'll let you jump in here. But I I just have to say doyle. The one thing we haven't talked about, and I'm not convinced the Dynamo Charlie it anyway, we didn't even say. Say Darwin Taros naming that. If they're saying we are going to be a tanner. Attacking Team Darwin has had all this time to be healthy to be fresh. He doesn't even have to start. Do you WanNa Start Mammal than start memo? And he was killing it on the back post last year, and to start the beginning of this year. So you have those two options. You have to change the game you have. Christian Ramirez changed the game as well and then. If I was tab I would be like I'm attacking with three. Like I'm just going to attack with three and to get my organization down I'm not gonNA. Ask Valentin or lung to try to push forward. It's probably not their strings anyway. And then you have Bonia conversa- Vera and maybe Martinez who is more of a is not really the like Murad forward in the final third sort of ten. Anyway, he's really more of almost like a hybrid eight, so you have like an eight percent brought so to speak that you can put up and if it's Darwin Minolta's and Elise, and you can get into the open-field, and there are tired legs, and you've been the one who's been training and humidity, and he in Houston for the better player of month. Maybe, that is enough to think well. Maybe we can make a run at this, and then you look at your group. Now it's going to be tough because you've got see and you got Portland. Wait. You think that there might be a problem in Kiki strewn and Victor Cabrera trying to stop Carlos Vela don't. Ever. Leave out minor Figueroa when you talk about the Houston Dynamo back on, do not besmirch the legend like that and also don't think there's anybody else in this league. That's GONNA. Start Columbus and I agree with that Charlie. Okay I would say don't just. On the top of the list we've seen how much having valuable centrebacks and having a good centreback partnership matters and mls especially in the playoffs. If this is the playoffs scenario, juiston is high on that list of there's only so far. They can go, because they don't have to. Centrebacks that will organize that will keep things clean consistently and that you can build the rest of your team off. It's probably one of the how many Seattle is. How many seats have that? Yeah, no, you are not wrong. You're not wrong in that assessment. Cords crush mark demure dockers. I think it's fair for me to pick Columbus because they didn't make the playoffs last year, right? The dark horse I would say the one thing that stands out as You've already discussed the issues with being in Group A of the sixteen in the opportunity to get through group D in Group E then. Group Eli by all can group E by landing. Those are the worst seeded teams land united without Joseph, Martinez, and Oursel- team. That's law severino that we don't know who their matchwinner. WHO The guy they played through his right now so I think the Colorado shout. Legitimacy? There s case going in without fully baked goods, Tziaras, so there's crushed marks there, but to me. It's Columbus 'cause I. Think they've a pretty good chance of getting out of that group and they have. A spread of talent where they have. Veterans will understand at a handle their body how to handle this whole situation, but have youth as well. That will have fresh legs. I think they're good in the back I think they've got a veteran goalkeeper and they've got a different a few different ways that they can hurt you plus they've got Zella on. WHO's going to cover every late of grass? Dominate the game. Game and Nag next to him. An Archer which I think might be the best midfield for a scenario like this. A four five days off having bounced back all of them in their prime time have high energy. All of them can connect because they all have cleaned for starch to keep the ball moving. All those things so I like this Columbus Group in general I think for a tournament like this. To Doyle's point. How will they choose to play? Why is it that they're best at? And will they will Kayla a border, go a hundred degrees in that direction for this tournament, or is he going to try and one up Gregg Berhalter and have the most beautiful soccer in all these things. I just want to say I'm not sure what goes. GRINGO RACK Crooner train. God. Just want to say I'm not sure what one hundred degrees in one direction is that I completely understand what it meant. One hundred percent morality be better for. Percent Yeah can I can I ask is FC Dallas. Can they be a dark horse or is that? Are they too much approving commodity? Yeah they cannot be dark horse I think they can be a dime because they're not nothing. They hop lake, seven or eight. Are they I mean if they are in the top two in their group. Going in already, they were there one of only two playoff teams in their group like they are. It's assumed that they will get out of their group at a minimum, but I don't know. I'm just saying to win the whole thing. I'm saying a dark horse to win the whole thing the reason why I say that is what they showed against the out on the playoffs last year. So they have that little inkling of belief, they have the young legs, and they have a mixture, so you have like you know you have read Ziegler Grier and Holland sad and and some others that are gonna sit back and say okay we we understand how to manage ourselves to the tournament, but then I just look at what they could be. In something like this options that they have especially the frank. O'Hara comes in and is able to play and depending on the transfer windows and everything else. I know he's supposed to join up with them. But I don't know what that means for them. As far as availability right now, kind of seems like it's up in the air. Fossa PA Michael, I know Must Garros. Unproven, but off the bench if you're just asking him for like fifteen minutes to run Michael Barrios in these conditions and no his name. It can't be a dark horse. Already, you name it all these players who can make this is not a dark horse. You With regards team. A dark horse team is a team that's expected to finish fourth, maybe third in the group and get out. This Houston You're twisting is A. Dynamo. I am not I'm just throwing it out. Dark horse is a team that is not expected to even get out of the group, not even close. I think it's GonNa get to win I. Don't Think The Dallas are expected to win. They're going to be my darkhorse expected to win, but not quite expecting crafts the Houston Dynamo. Thing To part in. Lucas! The playoffs last year we be you pick the team. who were like I, think they could beat Seattle. 'cause they almost beat Seattle on the road in the postseason at the end. Hustler they're. GonNa run I'M GONNA end this conversation right now because Nashville. Fans are like David's wearing our shirt, but you guys won't talk about us. We got a bunch of tweets concern. Played Qlayla. Who's also clear swift, which is fine? He says on Grant Nashville in general, but expecting extra talk about all five teams other than Nashville in group, Bay and washing them talk about all five teams. Other Nashville is still disappointing. Pharma Soccer did the breakdown locally Stephen West of the same thing he said I'm thinking nationals chances to advance out of group. There are a lot better than extra time dead since we weren't even mentioned in the Freeview Bay last week. So. National, you're right. We basically skipped it other than one doyle reference Gary Smith. They Dash they did avoid NYC AFC in their schedule, so they have Orlando Phillies Chicago. which in that group I guess is a little bit better, but it's still demon Orlando that's hosting it's. We don't know what this team is. We don't know who they are Matt. We didn't learn anything over the first two games, not that that's much sample size. To really feel strongly about you know as doyle said, steer into your identity completely in a tournament like this. We think that they're going to sit encounter. But they hadn't done it successfully in two weeks, so actually actually kinda disagree with that I actually thought that. They did a nice job of leaning into Building from the the central midfield pivot 'cause. They have DAX and they have good. and. Those guys get past the doctors one time great sixes in this league, but he. Is that not necessarily because he has digger Chara like range, though he's a great ball is because he is so good at making those third line passes two feet in the pockets, and then we could do that as well on joint course, it is a wonderful diagonal switch and they were actually able to use. A little bit against I guess Atlanta Allot against Portland like if you go back and you watch that game against Portland. Nashville actually controlled. The Gay, but then they take lead in the tenth minute an issue. The fifteen th minute. It wasn't just that they sat back. They were under legitimate pressure. The problem was that just in terms of the attacking third. What I don't the town. This is where I'm going with this. Because I, just scores. I. That's guard of this equation. Right and who can win these tournaments is there. Might be the best forward. Walker set pieces, but then other than that. What's proven Dombrowski is a another extra time like favorite from over the years. But. Back Vince there. Charlie I agree with anything. About you, but not convinced is probably the white right put it David Com another extra time classic over the years. We did not mention bobby. Warshaw David. COM BRIN VP. That's a classic right there. I would say this unlikely, but like again. where the goals go from, but the other thing about that was. This is only a two week. Sample size I don't think it's fair to base everything off of it. But in using David a communist starting lineup in the way they chose usually all. It almost showed a lack of willingness to take risk. From Jerry Smith David, Thomson Name. You know you're what you're going to get, but. You also know what you're not gonNA. Get and I think a player where it's like. We put him on the wing. He'll get a couple. Opportunities take the risks to put him in the middle in front of those to center mid rather than playing three defensive mids and try and have him control the game a little bit and Move Mukhtar on I I'm not saying this is everything, but it felt like. Here the pieces I have I'm just GONNA slate. Did they didn't. They didn't end up playing three defensive Ms. they had mukhtar starting as a ten with Godot dots behind him, and then layout was on the wing and he had moved. Over switch places quite a bit like there was some. There's a decent amount of interchange. They just like the. They just don't have a goal for I think. Like I'm skeptical Gary Smith's because we. We know how his team played. When you know ten years ago, when given when they won MLS Cup they were. But like based upon two games there is I think there is some evidence here that they are going to try to use the ball which I do think makes some sense, but like it doesn't in the end. It doesn't add up the goals. Maybe that roster the hat. TVD would you rather bag? Team or a team that tries to use the ball in that in a more possession based style. Charlie just based on the conditions. On the conditions. GimMe keep keep the ball. Make the team and chase and just be smart. When you when you do. Lose the ball that the team is is looking on to counter. It's it's easier said than done. But teams that are fantastic counterattack teams. Have to make sure that when they do counter and break that even a team tries to follow you. It's not good enough. Right if if you know Albert, the lease is the guy you're going to on a counterattack. Make sure that he can't get fouled or the person's trying again. The ball doesn't get foul before he gets going. And that's that's the key. Can they be that good? In that clutch at when they when they do start to counter, not let someone an opposing team. Prevent them from from countering by them. If you can do that, that's that's the key to success in if your possession based team. That's just gonNA. Keep the ball. Pinkett around. Get the other team to chase or tire that when you do, lose the ball that you're smart enough not to let teams hurt you on the counter, not to let Houston get on that breaking Albert lease into open space, so it's a chess match, but it's all about if I had to choose between the two sides. Sides Gimme the ball all day. I cannot stand being being a dis- a team that you. You seem like you're disinterested as a striker because you can't get involved, you're just up there hanging out, and then when you do you're. You're not in rhythm. It's horrible. It's horrible chasing. You don't WanNa Chase so Gimme possession and had the ball, and then you get your touches and the other teams just like Oh, I can't stand against this team because we don't touch the ball and that's where you have the most joy when you have the ball. You feel like we have the ball. It's fun. Chasing defending count me out. I love that every example is based on the Houston Dynamo Right now for Charlie. It's like my favorite thing. Right now in this moment, and by the way I just want to establish Reto Ziegler Matt Hedges. Always had cannon FC Dallas. Darkhorse, I'm sticking to it Let's talk Miami because we didn't really hit this like we. We joked around with Paul mcdonagh when he was on the show on Thursday, and he's like. Yeah, WE'RE GONNA. Get a DP attacker Tam aid, and now potentially linked with Abby Johnson but like we didn't actually dig into it. We just threw the jokes that we normally do at making jokes in this case, Edison Davonte or Mario Batali, etc, etc.. I. There was a pretty good debate going on when I had to restart my computer during the pre show meeting about what this DP attacker should be because there was some you I heard. Saying has to be a number nine because join courant's young quote, unquote unproven, and also because he's been injured, though is back. And then Dole. You're pushing back hard. So what is the case or Inter Miami at that DP attacker spot. If you're looking for a profile, what should Paul mcdonagh be looking for? What is he looking for? Because he is obviously looking, negotiate and trying to get something done. I think a pure midfield chance creator now whether someone who plays a you know, actual number, ten or someone who's maybe a little bit more of a winger I think that's the most obvious need because as a result of czars, capable of just amazing stuff, but he's not a game controlling number. He was never that in Mexico. He's never been. Matt for the Mexican National Team and he certainly didn't look like that. In two games this year Pellegrini the winger. They spent a lot of money on. Each struggled in those first two games He was not able to create chances. He wasn't even the lineup in the second game, so I think. He'll you want someone who could play those pockets underneath, and who could put the ball on latter and busted? Paul's chops a little bit. I ask you. How Thomas GonNA fit into the? 'cause like that would be just such. The obvious homerun signing for the swam. Like a no brainer, but if if it's not Hamas, it should be someone like it. Based upon what we've seen. This team has could in most places. This team has a players who are willing to do the running both on and off the ball. I thought Morgan the Scottish when you're pretty good I. Thought Robbie Robinson looked excellent as number nine in the second game against the DC United Charlie and I have a little bit of a disagreement over where is long-term position is but I think the point is that if you have guys like that, then you need the string puller, and if I was if I was Inter Miami, I would be looking for that DP. Elite level Chan's creator with that final spot. Especially, because if you look at the number nine, they already invested millions in Carranza. Who is an Argentinian youth national team player? They already invested the number one draft pick in in Robbie. Robinson who assisted on the only goal that they've scored so far as a team like. That is that's A. That's a significant investment. If you go out and you get Edison Cavani those guys are never gonNA. See the field. Then during crucial developmental years, those guys are never going to see the field, so does it make sense to me? Especially, because based upon the two game sample size, the real issue is can they create those chances? West, than can they finish them? What does that mean for the lineup I'm looking at the eleven right now. Does that mean? Laughed or now Sarah. they played three four to one in that second game in. They looked much better, and Pizarro was in the in that to line playing Barco, and PT play for Lanta. So you've got find a guy that to. Play next to door now. Does that mean? Pellegrini becomes a wingback I? Don't know, but that's something for Diego Alonso definitive figure out, and as we've seen over the past couple of years, there's an unprecedented level of depth in mls now compared to years past so. People brought DP off the bench and one MLS cups. We saw in two thousand, eighteen with Atlanta and I think that I mean that's teamed up Paul McDonald Bill So I think that. That's something that they're going to be figuring out Go ahead there, but even if you do play for three three, and I think doyle touched on it. I think it's our best position is as you call it eight whatever you want behind a true trans creator ahead of someone who's a legitimate, because beats our covers. An insane amount of ground can be an option, and then has the opportunity to step into the final third and create goals when he's able to and I would argue is. Is Best moments with Mexico have been in that role behind someone who is more of a true chance grader with his job being cheap possession, help our six in big moments in transition and things like that so I think pizza fits into that Brady well. We all just send it home. As regards, is the obvious from player profile everything point of view I guess my question to be if he's not available. They can't get that done. Is it worth getting someone else. WHO's at ten I don't know if that's Silva. I don't know if that's goats I don't know what type of player they're looking at over a guy in Cavani. WHO WITH URUGUAY DRP STEEP? Mars is the one who stretches the back like and has played as a creator to a level and is an elite score and is a threat on set-pieces and as a well. I wouldn't say Cavani drops deep. Yes, he does watch him play with Uruguay. It's him dropping in to get the ball and clicked over the top for war as or clipped to the back post for spars, like especially as Suarez has decreased his ability to cover ground over the last few years. Trust me, that is. She has the ability to do that and do it at an elite level. I'm not saying that's his best skills, but is he better at that? Than say is right now, or I don't know who else is available as that number ten that you're gonNA spend big on and build a team around. I don't know. Not Somebody who's GonNa jump in there I didn't know I was waiting on appeal. Real question is, do they? Do they go for a long established veteran player, like Vanni or Godse or A grow and contract ends in two thousand, twenty one. That's another player Arjun yet. Do that or do they go in the opposite direction and do because they've been rumored with. Tiago Amada, who is the next number ten twenty years old, the next number ten coming through in Argentina and like that. That seems to be the club that they want to be in a lot of ways, but it's a it's an open question of whether you can look LLC. His really leaned into having those young players developing them, but they also have Carlos Val right, and I think it's A. It's a stretch to assume that ZARA RO is going to be able to be Miami. What Valla was is for L.. AFC. Are What like GIOVINCO was for Toronto Yeah I. Think One of the when I think about this and I. Think about trying to sell those players. You need almost like, and you've used this term a lot in the past soil, and maybe that's why it stuck in my head, but like a force multiplier in the sense that guy that's going to make your young prospects look a lot better not because they aren't that good, but because they're going to play up to that level of. Ability and vision, and it's going to change the way that they think about the game and the way they perform, and you have to have the performance aspect to get the sell on aspect. What are the things I was thinking about day when you were talking about? He's Arlen Eight is also said that he wants to get a Tam eight and that would seem to me like. Maybe that's the guy that pushes. He's are either forward, or maybe it's bizarre that Tampa Bay, and then like trap in that three behind, and you're still trying to get a DP to play next to somebody else who would be. Maybe it is Pellegrini may be placed farther forward. I don't know we haven't seen enough, but I would trust I trust Paul Indigo. Lonzo style just saying this I think we do a disservice sometimes enacting. Like, the Guy Pellegrini Carranza are at the level coming into molest Alemi Ronin Joseph were coming into mls and Alemi Rhone as young as he was was twenty three when he got molest, and I've been a full time starter for news, and Joseph obviously had trouble in Torino was a full time starter for Venezuela at some pretty good Cope America. Performances for Venezuela relative Blah Blah Blah so I think an, and that doesn't go into the fact that they had Michael Parkers and Brag. Who's on and Carlos Carmona and all those other pieces that were better in so I just think. Doyle mentioned it Carlos. Bella is a big part of what L. AFC created, but they did bring in Lee win that first year to have him in I don't know how much they thought he would be used. The obviously wasn't a disaster area, but they had those veteran options vinnie to been. Any first year? And so I just I just wondered. Do you bring in a twenty year old number ten and say the team is his and Pellegrini's. Koran says because Ralph L. P. sorrow is just not good enough to carry guys in with seat enough. We haven't seen enough of interim. That's that's what it comes down to. Two Games is not enough of a sample size seen enough over and all be sorrow. We know how good is player. Right, he is not not not within. The whole. Setup give me twelve games and I say our though Presario came up or escapade, or did some different ten twenty six would also not changing the player he is in can chain Arlos. Zelezny your way. You can change the way he plays within the team. Though okay, that's fair, but I'm still paying. The bill is the best player of his generation in Mexico. and He's good enough to carry. What L. AFC's doing to some extent when necessary bizarro is not becoming that person right now, it could be become a vital part of his team, but. You're still not contending at the level of L. AFC with him as your best player in Major League sock. I mean it depends on what they do with the group around Bizarro. It's only two games in. Give give them a half a season. And then you can say he can or can't do something. It's just not enough time. And Charlie said his favorite part of the show is coming on in Japan. Hot Takes Mondays now. Is Putting a towel in. Cape Cod water because he doesn't WANNA get to. Hey. I'M GONNA give. Their fair shake because it's just not enough time to games, not enough time we get. We got two years so far with L. AFC. We've seen a lot. Villa approved the law and the report now is alive, so you're signing Indian Harwich. Nobody's surprised about because Andy was literally training last year like in celebration photos in the locker room like. With us for a while, we do zero chance we sign him. It's purely. We went wink. Yeah, definitely not so still just a rumor, but if feels like it's going to happen here and you heard Paul mcdonagh say. Once spot now short-term will in this show here with a fabulous Johnson to molest rumor. That was coming. You knew it was, says heard interested. Sti Soccer reporting that he's interested in moving Dallas I'm interested in like you know having ribs for lunch, but it's probably not gonNA happen for me. at. Let's say he's a Tam player. Where would you put them is Inter Miami place that he could go because Paul, did say we have that number one spot and we think we'll use it. You would seem like a guy that they would use it on. Does he fit in Miami and if not? Where could he fit? Where do you think he would be good in MLS? Everyone's just scanning scanning. Their brains allows looking at the allocation order so technically. L. AFC is one which they would use on the Har, and then all and Miami would be two and three would be FC Cincinnati. I don't know if you're FC. Cincinnati can let him drop pass you. He's willing to sign in your at the top allegation order to use on him because I don't know who else. You'RE GONNA use that spot. And I know they signed and Kubo and all these guys, but only played soccer in a year like I think he's been out, so you have the opportunity. Bobby Johnson's barely played. The last three years. Gregson was on a roster coming into this year. He was he wasn't being paid by Turkish team. I don't think so right. The either way guys good. I mean in this house embassies Hattie the guys a baller. You can see that he's a good player. Can also now rally sold on someone. He's seen twice. I hear me. You can tell if someone's a good player. Johnson's a high level player. I think the easy answer is. There's not a team he doesn't fit into. It's just where. Were other resources worth it for a lot of teams. Because he's. He's GonNa be thirty three. He's played a total of about. Eighteen hundred minutes over the last three years he's had. Two goals and one assist since the middle of of twenty seventeen. doesn't played more than two thousand minutes in a season. Excuse me since. Fifteen sixteen he's only score. He's only played more than two thousand minutes in a season once in the past half decade. I. We all know. IF HE'S FIT! Fabian Johnson is excellent soccer player. I seems crazy to me to expect him to be fit. As he hits his mid thirties and starts playing in a environment in terms of cheat humidity where he always looked uncomfortable for the US national team like volume. Johnson has very good games for the US He also has some very very poor games for the US, and it often seems to be climate related I like. I! I, if I was an MLS GM I would not use. Tam Spot on fobbing. Johnson I just can't see at working out. I agree with dose, as but you look at allegation, listen, it's like. Ninety Vancouver Orlando or the are three through six. Who else on the allocation order is even gonNA come back to MLS emmy. Is Fair but maybe instead of using the spot you. Flip like the galaxy maybe being interested because obviously get lost by and you know. A. Has Said we, WanNa crossing the ball. We need to keep crossing Volvo. And Fabian Johnson Excellent crosser of the ball. He can play either wing. He can play either fullback slot, so maybe he makes sense for the galaxy given but the. Death work, workout the trade. That's the one where I could see it yeah. Ara Sally could be an interesting one as well if this is a cheaper way for them to. Fail Wall Severino get bringing the next young guy getting some production than. Whatever it is that they would I mean they're not gonNA SLASH DP right now so that he would have to be a player. I don't think anybody would take a DP risk right now. Given the injury history. He has the ability. We'll see what happens in the show here and I I'd like to make this somewhat regular with A. His best take in the group chat that is also going on. Here's the quote for you red. Bulls are dark horse, because they don't actually win knockout competitions, so that's one hundred steak from this conversation which i. On a different day, I might stolen as my own. For US ten years of extra time, thank you guys for joining me today. Thank you for hanging out for years and years and years. Sandwich on this side? A! Single. This was the distraction for me. Smack last. Thirty minutes. I've just been staring at this beautiful sandwich. Is that a meatball sub? Hold on I'm GonNa Guess on that I think that's I think that is like cage in Turkey. Hole in is. Real It's Ham. You have men as tomato hot pepper. Hot Peppers and A slight. Couple of slight pieces of toasted Bacon. No I only there. On. Oh Gosh Stare at this for thirty minutes. and You wonder why I'm not on my eight-game because. I look at this. Look this is. My doesn't get the captain's armband. Because once his head gets turned. Back. Comes in with Jane and he likes. Life. Is that a pie in the second row. Thanks for joining us, it's everybody thanks for ten years. Thanks for tuning in and listening. We'll see on Thursday. Enjoy your weekend, everybody.

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