The Best Strategy to Acquire New Clients


hey there i'm eric olsen and i'm kevin days join us on our journey the building at one hundred million dollar company hey there it's air jails and when we are talking to eight prospect one of the things we tried to do actively is put ourselves in their situation we want to understand exactly what their challenges are when it comes to running the business and when it comes to getting new leads for their business we work with a lot of different businesses and a lot of different verticals and we've seen quite a bit we actually at a lot like consultants for most of our clients when it comes to giving in business advice and a lotta times on were talking to a brand new prospect we have a pretty good idea going in what's happening with their business but we really need them to tell us exactly what's going on we need understand understand from their perspective what their problem is that maybe we could help solve when i was younger when i first started off on my own i would make big assumptions about why clients were coming to me in maybe fifty seventy five percent of the times i was right just because i had been in the business and i knew some of the problems and they could tell me some basic things about what the problem was but i made assumptions about what the full problem was and that was ashley mistake what i do now is i don't i try not to assume anything as far as what their problems are and i want the client or the prospect helmi precisely what the problem is i want them to be talking much more than i am talking when i sit down with him the first of the second time i want them to express what the problem is the pain that is bring into their business and i'm wanting also expressed their vision for the future if they could wave a magic wand and poof right now they were in a new scenario what would that look like realistically 'cause you know some people will ask that and i'll say well i want a million customers overnight okay well that's not gonna happen on a five hundred dollar monthly budget but based on near budget what do you actually think success looks like explained it to me how many leave is one week is that enough you or is more like ten a week tell me right i want them to tell me they have to express what what their vision is and what success looks like once i know that i could go back to the drawing board i could look at all their digital marketing they're doing and i can come up with a plan and bring it back to them a lotta times will have two or three meetings before we ever ask the business it can be a lot of work but it establishes a very tight relationship centered around what the client needs an as were going back and forth of them we are working on a plan together i may bring ideas of them but we discuss it and then they pick and choose and we craft a plan that is ideal for their situation their desires and their vision that is the best way to acquire clients is to get on the same side of the table as them matter of fact there's a book by person named in all man called same side selling where a lot of these principles come from he says you have to put yourself in the shoes of the buyer higher this is not an adversarial conversation they were having here you're about to form a partnership with someone and you wanna make sure you understand exactly where they're coming from and you also want to align with exactly where they align

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