The Fire & New Ross - EP 254


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I'm so happy to see you. There's a can't believe what's gone on in California's since I've begun specifically what happened to you A the Facebook group our online people have been so extrordinary, but will you fill everybody in on what happened to you? Absolutely. First of all did you hear the news over there were they covering it up? So in Europe, all the there was the awful shootings here in California. And then these wildfires that destroyed so many lives, and so many homes. I was watching just in horror. No idea how close to home that was right? Well, I I want to say that I'm really grateful to be here today. This is a great distraction for me because the week if if anyone has ever lost everything it's a really bizarre surreal feeling and I'm good. And I'm in gratitude, and I'm all let's tell people what happened if they day. No, I my home burned down, my home, my home burned down. Yeah. I woke up it was a windy night that Thursday night and the winds they felt different. They just felt different to me. Not even texted my neighbors things different. I can't put my finger at felt wearily. You knew I felt like I knew in my dogs. New Howard my dog couldn't didn't sleep the whole night. I just knew it was really odd. And then I woke up in the morning, it was kind of a normal morning, but windy, and then these huge billowing the Bill smoke just started coming over the ridge. And of course, she and everything your place is going to catch on fire. So I'm like, I'm staying I'm gonna fight it. You know? Yeah. Remember you saying, you know, it's it's going to be okay. We're going to be fine every dramatic over here. And plus me live in we live in southern California. With the things happen. The hill behind my house catches on fire three times a year. And I'm just oh God. Well, how annoy put it out and be smokey. Yeah. So the neighbors I have two two neighbors that live across these guys named Lauren and James, and they knew I was going to stay and try to fight it, you know, but they had come back. They had driven their car up the road, and they had seen the fire starting to come over the ridge. And so they came back and yelled at me for to leave. So I knew in their tone that I needed to leave. They just seen senior report scene where the wind was headed. And like, yeah, they meant it. Right. They drove up the street, and they saw the fire coming and they came down there like Fags e get out. And I knew when they said that that I needed to get out. But in that moment where you just I got to get out because it's going to be really close to the house. And that could be scary. I mean, did you even at that point realize that it could really burn down? No, I still didn't. It was almost like a cosmic push. You know, like it felt like something else was pushing me to go like I just knew I needed to leave. So I grabbed a backpack. I put my picture, my mom, and at and I grabbed my laptop and two pairs of underwear and a t shirt like you grab the weirdest things. It was just bizarre. And then grab my dogs, of course, and got in the car, and they said drive down to the beach. So I drove down to the beach. I looked up and this wall of fire was right there in front of me. And I just stopped. I was in shock. I was like I've never seen anything like that. And so I mean that close and seeing these images on the news does not do it. I mean when you're in it, it is it was epic. It looked like Armageddon. You know, it looked like it was crazy. And so I went down to the beach. And this was a scary part. I was all by myself with my dogs on the beach and everybody was kind of like a zombie. We were all in shock watching this. Happen. And we were watching the fire over the ridge. And I noticed that it was like a tornado, you know, like the by a fire tornado. And this just it was it was turning. And it went all over my neighborhood. And it was like an asteroid came down and just on debt. Like, it just it would fling. You know, they say like the fires make the embers travel and then the embers catching on fire. It was picking up huge pieces of debris, and and things and they were on fire. And so we're ever at flung it wherever it landed. It would just go up in smoke. So I was on the beach like watching my neighborhood, just burn and and see the black smoke come up and it get closer. And then it started getting close to be on the beach. So I start I ran off the beach with my dogs. And that's when things were falling in front of me with fire, and I got in my car, and I drove up I drove south and I ended up at the center watching the fire burn my neighborhood from kind of like like an upper the center up there, that's kind of raised. And so we were watching everything burn, and we were crying. And I think the hardest thing for me. Was that a? To see um. Not only my neighborhood destroyed like that and my community, but the animals the animals really got me like. That I had to see the parrots. And the butterflies and the Ps or scared and the hawks and the owls and horses were running a PCH trying to escape and they're coming out of the fields. We were all just standing there. Like in shot. We didn't it was so shocking that our neighborhood was burning. You know, what I mean like, but the animals just really they really did it. I just that part really got me. And so I then drove around the point which is another neighborhood across PCH. Highway along the coast, right. Myself. And I was really scared because I was all by myself in another really weird thing was that you know, none of the we didn't stick stick together. I think we all went into survival mode and just took care of ourselves. And went, you know, I it was really bizarre that I didn't have anybody around me that I knew and then on the when I was in the other neighborhood. I was just driving around. I didn't know where to go. And then finally the fire started getting close to there where I was. And so I said, I'm just driving to blue sky. I'm driving. I'm gonna drive south. I'm just gonna go as far as I can go. And that's what I did. I just kept driving, and I still didn't know where to go. I mean, the feeling of not knowing where to go is. So when would you ever have that in your life? Happen in your life, except during something like this like you don't ever do anything to prepare for that feeling where did you go? Well, I went I for some reason, I clicked on hints to Graham in the car, and a friend of mine had responded to something that I was posting about the fire when I didn't think it was going to hit. And I just knew that I needed to call her. She's an old friend of mine, and she's just said go to my house. I'm in Hawaii. And I'm not no one's there. And just go there, and my house is your house. And and that's what I did. And that's where I bet and you still there. I'm still there. Yeah. And she's still in Hawaii. She's still in Hawaii. She'll be there through thanksgiving. So you have what? What what what belongings? Do you have? I have not perish shorts that I'm wearing right now. This is the same pair ran out in. I have a couple of new pairs of shirt that I bought at target but going to target I was talking to Gerard. You know, it's it's I have like I think a post traumatic stress thing going on because it's hard for me to focus when I went to target. I had a panic attack. Because I it just went there to pick up a couple of things. But then I started realizing. So many things that I needed and it overwhelm me. And then I just dropped everything and ran out because I I can't think straight. We're getting to thank you. So yeah, I just have what I have like, I don't have anything. And I rented out a garage. They're a converted garage. And I have no fire insurance don't renter's insurance. So I lost everything except my car my dogs in me, and my laptop well, the most important the most important things you have right. The most important things. I think you Nikki, you have you have you. Yeah. You have your dogs that. Yeah. If your phone. But you have us. Yeah. I hope you feel that you know, all we can do is send you our love and show up for you. And do whatever we can to help you. Thank you. We love you. Thank you. I love you too. So sorry. Thank you. I'm just you know, I'm really filled with gratitude on the other side of it. I I've been going to gratitude. So that's helping me on the outpouring of love and support from the straight talker has literally held me up, and I'm just beyond. It's almost like I don't have words to describe it. You know, it's just when these things happen. Like my social media. My phone was blowing up like people were really concerned about where I was where I was going to go, you know. And so it helped me through it helped me through you know, like there's people that left me really see how many people love you. And I hope you see how many people love you. And I wonder you know. In those times. Like, I hope you feel the family that you have here like in the studio in your life, and the extended family of all these straight talkers who oh, you have come together in such an extraordinary way that we're gonna tell you tell the audience about if they don't know already. We're gonna be talking more about that coming up in just a little bit. But. Oh. Is this still the prayer? This is still the prayer. We have the phone was just ringing right there. Jay rods running out of the studio right now to into the control room to see if we can get that phone up. Are you there? Hello. Hello. Hi. Who is this? All right. Chris Chris, I know who it is. Chris I want you to say hi to Z. Z Z. Hi, chris. So Chris, are you? I'm good. What Chris is a listener of the show and a kiss kiss to you. Chris. All right. The chrish is a loyal listener to this program and a beloved member of the straight talk group a community group. And Chris will you tell the facts he was just sharing the news about his house burning down with the audience, some many people who listened to procam aren't members of the Facebook group are potentially hearing this for the very first time. Chris can you tell me what you chose to do because I think is just so extrordinary. We wanted to have you on the phone to maybe put a silver lining. Yeah. On on this awful story. Chris. I I just I really wanted to help him out. He helped me out a lot. So I started a gofundme page, and I started with a two thousand dollar goal, which I thought you know, that would be awesome and a couple of days to reach that. And then within. Hours had surpassed that and I got a hold of Nikki to make sure it was. Okay. You know, I didn't want to overstep my boundaries. And I think right now, we're at a little over thirteen thousand dollars and believing all from straight talkers. I am. I it I'm speechless. It's so crazy I've been crying for days. Oh my God. Amazing. Yeah. And let me tell you something if there is any silver lining on this story. It is about your impact on Chris on the human level before this and Chris use stepping up to try to help and the community surpassing expectations. Let me tell you. If you look around this world, this goes for us everybody, you look around this world and wonder if there's any human kindness left because when you watch the news on the TV, I question it everyday is there left in this world. The straight talk group. It's been proven to me now. Yeah. This straight talkers set an example for the rest of the world's right? And if there's any thing good to come out of this, those are the two things one facts that you are loved on what you even ever expect expected. Yeah. I'm like blown away by that. That made me cry all week. I cried about that. Because we do the podcast we go home. And we're in our world in our lives and stuff. And I don't know who it's reaching. I don't really know, you know. And then when something like this happens, you see how much you're loved, and that's what I saw this week. So I'm I'm blown away. Like, that's all I can say Chris what I love about. You is that you you didn't waste any time. As soon as you got wind for lack of a term. The fire you immediately sprung to action. And I just thought that was so lovely, and so kind, and I know you in fact, have you know, he's helped through some some struggles in your life, which I don't even know if you realize the impact that you made on Chris like, I'm sure you you were helping and just through Facebook is this you guys go team just Facebook as a listener. And yeah, he was following me on Facebook. And I corresponded with him a couple of times through Deums amazing. Well, Chris you are an inspiration and more people should be like you. And I have to thank each and every straight talker. Who donated I went through that that lists some people donate a dollar five dollars, some people don't even five hundred dollars. Yeah. People did what they could to come together for a family member who they love Chris use. That would not have happened. If you hadn't started that. And so you deserve so much praises for being a force of kindness and support in the world. Chris crash fish. Fish. Vici- chris. Funny. Okay. I am. So so moved and the the giving doesn't need to stop now which. Squish? No one. He's all this. Fish. Dish crash. This crash. This chris. I have to say the giving does ninety to stop now two thousand dollars was the goal. We pass we have passed thirteen thousand dollars. And you know, what the limit is. There is no limit. Oh, my so if any straight talkers are listening right now. Please go to Hello Ross pod. Well, be blasting out a link to this, and if you can give a dollar amount, and I want everyone to think about am talk about you. Don't talk about me. Talk about. If Fags he has contributed a moment of levity to your life laughter enjoyment with his contribution to aquis contribution to straight talk with his humor or his songs, or whatever if he has contributed a moment of good in your life. Then please come together now to contribute something to make his life. Thank you better. Even if it's a dollar imagine what it would feel like if you lost what you had and had to start again. So if you have a dollar, please go to Hello Ross pod. And donate. What you can. I will be doing it. Really? Thank you. Of course. Thank you can. I just think Nikki to Nikki was writing for a second. It was like about noon. I'm sorry. Seemed to me that. I know that we have to rush. And so I just wanna thank Nikki to for stepping up and being there, you know, she was right there with Chris. And she was right there helping with that campaign on the gopher me. This. So funny. Oh, my. So much. Nikki was sending me text messages. Like, I really when I heard about the co found fund me campaign. I didn't I couldn't quite focus on it or go on it. I just had to figure out where I was. Yeah. And Nikki would send me these tax with little hearts would be like to. Five hundred. Because I know listen, it's not about the money. No. It's about the love. Yes. I can tell you when you lose everything ten grand may sound like a lot of money, but not when your bed was burned. Not when everything you own was burn, not when you have a fork and knife a plate, and I'm not trying to stretch tongue scraper or loofah atop scrape acquaintance. Say Roz, though, one thing when I was driving. I said I said, my loofah new tongue scraper is the little things, you know. What about did you grab any of the hats? I gave you never had on all my sunglasses. All my hat's. All my. Well. Now, I piss really no, of course, not. Everything everything extremely positive through. You think by j j? Why? Okay. Here's the deal. It's amazing. I is unbelievable. We're all Fags. The all you can do is with the support. And love of us is take one day at a time. Yes. Can I just say that Grozny? You did text me from Europe checking in on me and Russ called me a flame. I did I did not too soon. I said God, you know, your flaming when you're. Play me when your house. In. It was funny. I wrote them too soon. Trying to make him laugh. That was after supportive, Texas. Truly. You promise if you come to LA, you'll come visit us, please. You guys would be the reason. All that money and get your first class ticket. Which is. Nothing about five starts. Yes. Stay with me. Chris angel house. Ashes. There is a lot. You know, what rises from the ashes they say the Phoenix rising. I saw a lot of mine. And so what we're going to do next is rebuild facts. He will do it all together. I cannot wait to find your next place with you. I can't wait. I can't really you're excited because I have no idea where I'm going to. We're gonna look at Toby. We will do it together. Thank you. All right, Honey. Hey, Chris, would you do me a favor because it is the longest is the longest prayer straight talk history. Could you do me, you know, marks not here? Could you do a donkey kick and say live from the Ben stone studios in Los Angeles. It's straight talk with Ross Mathews. Yeah. Okay. Hit it. Chanting. I'm donkey. Live from the Ben sound studio in Los Angeles, California. It's straight talk with raw, Matt. He's the gay best friend. You wish you had. And no you need. This is tough love money now is Ross met. Mumbo jumbo. To the program. We are going to be all right? Do reach around here. Reach around. And loan is here. The grow that. Thanks says I kind of want to go back and see it. And if there's a little part of my bed left, I'm gonna late on snuggle in the ass. Are you thinking do whichever you gotta do your healing process? Yeah. It's closure. Right. Okay. So here's the deal. This is going to be a short episode because we needed to update everyone. I am dragon jetlag because I got in last. I was driving here studio this morning and was like, oh my God one sleep ago. I was driving through the Irish countryside on the other side of the road. I mean, I just their time. Did you get in last night? Like like nine something, you know, had dinner went to eleven twelve and then woke up in came here for seeing in the morning. So I'm just like, whoa. I woke up like, you know, jet lag four in the morning, right. So what's the time differential eight hours there? But I was an amfar nine hours. Yeah. I went so what's gonna ask you decided to stay longer. So here's the deal. So I went to go on tour with drag race queens. Great ones by the dry, Monet exchange ginger, Mansfield Hera cart. Thor thaw wonderful time we went to I flew into Amsterdam. And I loved Amsterdam. Damn. I'd never been. It was just canals and gorgeous. And so we did our first show there, then I hopped on a plane flew to Glasgow. Scotland couldn't understand a damn word. Anyone? She was like, she's. She is. Yes. I know. With the accents. But I couldn't stand performed glasco and then flew to where I don't remember. But I was in Birmingham, Manchester New lending. I took trains all over. It was just so beautiful and so fun, install exhausting, and it was great. And then I was I loved it performing a love getting out there really lit something inside me to like get back up on stage. It was fun. We're the audiences there different than here. Yes. I, you know, it's funny. I and I was so taken aback when I was in London remember in the spring for the Royal wedding. I was there. I couldn't believe how many people knew I was I didn't understand how popular drag races over there all throughout Europe. And I it's I just was so I didn't know that those fans existed does that make. Because it feels like you would never think that they know you in another country something. So it was it was it was wonderful. I was so grateful that I mean these were every night we had, you know, twelve hundred people. I mean crazy right sometimes more than that. And straight. Talkers a ton of straight talk. Shut up -solutely kitchen to all our foreign French kiss too. But it was a it was amazing. And I was just blown away by by it. And then. I I was leaving. And I had to lay over in Dublin right had to fly from Newcastle to Dublin Ireland, and I never been to Ireland. And so I had a layover, and I went to the lounge, and I was sitting there, and I was looking out the window. Just thinking God, it's green. It's so pretty. And I had that little in back of my head like you should stay like how fun. I can't say gotta get back to do, you know? And I opened the calendar and looked in the only thing I had to do. Was straight talk. And I thought I could blow them on. Just a little bit here, you know, and like could play that. So I reach up tomorrow. And it's like Mark like could I not could I and he was like in Mark's defense. He said, you should do it just go. We'll figure it out. So I just left. Just never do that just left and rented a car, and I drove I drove and drove and drove and drove in droves. And we will get into it a little more. I have a little bit of recording. I was supposed to do more. But. I was living life. So but did you questions about Europe? Matthews. Barry. Deep. Okay, fine. Hold on press conference time for a press conference. Matthew's cross mass us over here. Yes. Yeah. Did you sorry? That's lame. When you when you were Europe yet, did you happen to go see Michelle visas show? I did go see my friend Michelle from me on the West End in London in musical. Everybody's talking about Jamie, which I think is going to come into Broadway. Test shows in London, and it's a wonderful wonderful show. And she was she's a star. She go see every everybody's talking about, Jamie. Everybody's talking about team. Math. I saw an Instagram posts that you had said Europe or the UK has figured it out. They had a a pizza pizza with pepperoni. What was jam? And there was I went into I need a bottle of water. We walking around in a bathroom and left in the case. And it was a a pizza dog. It was a hot dog. This a hot dog bun covered with red sauce cheese and pepperoni, and I would try that. Yeah. To try it. But I looked at it. And I could try that ten pounds. Ten pounds. What your secret not? I was working traveling didn't have time to eat didn't on me. Going not really snacking someone's working at nine in everything. Yeah. You're going through stuff. You don't get it. Yeah. When you're gone through it that she died. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. So did the comedy land the same way with the audience? Yes. Puns work. The waiters in a restaurant. What? No like, they didn't understand what I do upon. They bring something to take this diet. And they know it's not. Got any other questions? Fevered venue, and y understood. Oh, gosh. There was some amazing old theaters like really old Europeans. But my favorite was the one Amsterdam. It was beautiful performing arts center with this wrap around screen all the way behind projected with moving images. It was really lovely. But then performing in some places that were built like in the, you know, the eighteen hundreds or older than that. I was in Ireland and I was walked walking around. I was in a town called Kinsale, and I was just walking around. And there was this church, and the little thing I was reading it built in the fifteen hundred crab, and then I go block, and there's another another church, and it was built in the twelve hundred. Okay. I would love to see it was crazy. And so I just like touched it like the bricks thinking like, oh my God in the twelve hundreds. They laid this brick then how come my house built nineteen fifties? Let's talk about that. Okay. Well. Any other questions? Maybe you're. No European too much in your house. All right. That's unbelievable. Listen, we're taking the quickest you question think of it. When we come back on audio and get into a little more of my time in Europe. Don't forget special thanksgiving coming up next. What's more talk? On the way. We all need someone to talk to when we get down. Name a lot of us. Can't afford going to therapists or don't have the time. Maybe don't have insurance. We want to tell you about a company that is here to help with that problem. Introducing talk space talks base. The online therapy company that lets you message a licensed therapist from anywhere at anytime. Get something of your chest. Whenever you need to talk about everyday challenges at work or home chat about life. 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I know those they are the sunglasses you and I got together. I mean. Yeah. On our Palm Springs weekend. Uh-huh. From the store that was like three for twenty member. That's right. Yeah. And those are your favorite one, and they are my favorite ones. I grab the only para grabbed but I thought about that storm. I wanna go back like, I miss all my sunglasses. Thanksgiving. I I don't really have any plans for thanksgiving. I know I know plans, we'll maybe we should talk no pressure, but we should talk. Okay. Okay. I wanna stay home and order like the one thing. I'm happy about being in the city because my friend lives in West Hollywood is I can order pizza, and I can order those post mate thing. Feel like I'm back in the living. So I may just order food drop dead gorgeous. That will make you thanksgiving. Yes. I think except I think a house burns down in that. Isn't there? Tell me. I think maybe there's something like that. What about like backdraft? Oh, towering inferno. Oh, come on your fires. Cat on a hot ten roof. Now. God. Your head's going? The roof. Two. To to too soon. Believable. Not okay that we would laugh. If you can't laugh, what are you gonna do? Have to laugh series lifting me up right now. And so feeling so much better. Good. I'm glad because he know if like the only thing you do no matter what happens bad sad in your life. If you can just get together with friends and laugh like you're gonna be okay. I really believe that. I really believe that like I'm glad we're here. I am too. I'm glad I'm here to because I just wasn't here. I was in. I said I was in Europe. And I buy like I said without going into too much detail, but you know, life. And so I was there and I decided to go live a little and just kind of explore. And I knew I had to do this straight talk. And I wanted to sort of like my plan was document my whole trip daily did a field trip. So I set it up like overdue field trip. And then I didn't tell you. So this is the first part I just to give you a little bit. I went into this. Let me tell you the story I go all through airland. And I my plan is to record all these towns, and I'm too busy living my life and at a time when I need to and so I didn't. And then on my last night. I'm driving don't know where to go. Don't know. What city I'm going to go to and I'm kind of going through it, and I get to this town and it's killed. So I pull over this is a door -able wherever this is. And where I stop and I like, well, maybe I'll stay here, and I turned on parked in front of a hotel. And so I. Do you do you have agencies and then like totally? So we have one room. It's the penthouse. We can give you this cheap cheap price. Breakfast included. Great night with nine euros. Right. Beautiful. I'll take it and I walk around and it's on this river, and it's gorgeous don't thinking. And you know, you know, when you're in your feels on this. And I see this place called the theater tavern. It looks Irish and I walk in and there's local sitting there, and there are drinking Guinness pints. And there's a woman, and I ask what the name of the town is. What is it? I was in new Ross Ireland. No. Really? That is new Ross Ireland. I was assigned to tell you that you were meant to be there when you were meant to be there. I mean, I love those kind of things when I asked the bartender her name, cute blonde, girl. You won't believe what her name is take a listen to just a little story of me. And why I stayed in Ireland. We'll have a little more update after the break. Talkers me Ross. So here's the deal. I'm supposed to be in America right now. But I'm not let me explain I was on tour all through like I was in Glasgow and Amsterdam and then alter the UK Newcastle and Manchester and Birmingham in London. It was really fun. I was with a bunch of repulsed drag race queens ginger Minch money exchange bought the drag Queen or Feo THEO Hera Mony cart. It was great. We had so much fun. And I love traveling like we flew some places I took the train which I love the train. That's fun. You just get on you sit there's wifi. I love sitting. It's pretty I think I'm a trained person. Anyway, the point is this I was flying home, and I had a layover in Dublin Ireland. I've never been to Ireland. I never thought I'd go to Ireland, and I was sitting in the airport during the layover, and I just looked outside. And I was like well Ireland looks pretty. So I just. Got off the plane and left the airport and rented a car and now I'm driving through Ireland. It's very Diane lane in under the Tuscan sun, except it's like under the Irish sun, and I'm not gonna buy villa here. But I do feel like a a chocolate a little chicken. And rub it on my face like the lead in the movie. I don't know what came over me. But I'm having the best time. So now here I am in Ireland with a rental car, just exploring. So wanna come? This is a very special straight talk with Russ mandatory field trip in Ireland. Let's have some fun. Sweet. But it's Harry Titanic. Riverdale. So I just was driving. And I thought this town is so cute. What is pulled over and got out of the car and found out that the town is called new Ross new Ross Ireland is that the name of the town. Yeah. County Wexford Ireland. So I came into this pub, which is called the theater what what's it called? Tavern in new Ross, and I walked up to the bar order to drink and to the bark said, what's your name? And she said, what is your name, Louise? And it's so crazy low we's. Louise. What's your name? Louise. Louise because that name is very special to me. My mom's middle name, grandma's, minimal. Dog who he lost? So of course, it's already special to me him. And at the bar is also some other people. What's your name? Joe Joe end Alice. Okay. So Joe and Alice in new Ross in the theater tavern. So when I walk into the tavern, I want to order something very very Irish, what should I order? What do you think is right for me Guinness again? Now, I don't drink a lot of beer because it tastes like pennies to me. I'm more of a Chardonnay on ice kind of guy Guinness, try. Okay. So I'm gonna try again is right now. Okay. So this is again is. Louis just gave me a Guinness, and it is very dark. The black stuff. Okay. I'm into that. Okay. Okay. Dr. Okay. So this is this strong. As far as beer goes is pretty strong beer. It will be the same strength as most laggers. But in terms of taste is it like. Coffee, black coffee. Doesn't. Bisher taste some people put blackcurrant in. Accordia? Well, listen, I like my coffee to hit me in the face. So I I actually got to START III Americano black every morning snubbing deals. I think I can take three to my I get is three three two one. Okay. All right that strong. Okay. Well, this get me messed up. I like Ireland. Ted pieds ten pints. Okay. I'll see you then. Thank you. Joe? Thank you. Thank you. Louise. Thank you so much. Thank you so much, Alice wise, why is the best because. Green fiv everything. So everyone should come. Visit in friendly. Yeah. That's great. Neighbors. Great neighbors for the country can depend on the mode. So everyone listening to come visit Ireland eighteenth. I think they shouldn't know if there are. Do you know what the gangs? So can I buy you all against to say, thank you get us on me. Anyone want mine? Thank you. That's all recorded. Living. Music because it makes you really went there. I was what it would be. Would look like well, listen. So here's the deal. We are stretch crunched for time as they say in whatever everywhere and. We are going to be piecing together. I hope the I understand a lot of us are in transition in turmoil right now. And so we are we are here for each other and for love and life and all that. So just bear with us coach. And after thanksgiving we're back on track. Sound good sounds good? Sounds good. So here's the deal. Goto? Top on air. Brung? That is. Doc episode in Ireland. That's what I did got that done. Got that done talk to locals they bounce off like Ross out and about cross cross runs across the world. But do follow us on a Hello Roth pod. Whether you'll find. Faxing malone. Thank you. Thank you. I'm so glad you're safe in here. Thank you Raas. If you wanna follow Fags venture, he has the hottest account on Instagram. Best way to get through. You're on Twitter and Nikki Boyer on Instagram. John J Roddy is Josh underscore Rodriguez. Underscore. I am. Hello ross. Thank you so much. We're gonna put together some sort of giving. Joe? I don't know what it's going to be able to figure it out everybody. Okay. Thank you. So so so. Oh, so so so much. We are family. And I'm so grateful for each and everyone so grateful, well, and I hope you feel. We all to think tank win any one of us goes to anything. We'll all be there for each other. Right. You all have a great thanksgiving.

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