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Queenie Pt. 2 - Stephanie St. Clair


Due to the graphic nature of this woman's crimes listener discretion is advised. This episode includes discussions of murder and corruption that some people may find offensive offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under the age of thirteen in December of nineteen twenty nine a slick layer of frost covered the streets of Harlem but Stephanie Saint Clair Strode up Broadway in patent leather heels anyway bundled and furs madame saint clair was dressed to the nines like any other day but today wasn't just any day today she was launching a war despite the precarious footwear she moved swiftly through the crowded streets her her right hand gripping the handle a baseball bat soon she arrived at her destination a jeweller's shop or so it appeared when Stephanie stepped inside it was clear that the store had been turned into a temporary office a policy bank as the shop bell jingled a dozen employees in the midst of a busy workday stopped what they were doing to turn and stare at the elegantly dressed woman holding a baseball. Bat Stephanie Smiled at the dumbstruck office and for a moment everything was quiet then just as swiftly earliest sheet appeared Stephanie Swung the Bat with all her might smashing a nearby jewelry case in two thousand crystalline pieces Stephanie Stephanie turned on her heel to target another case and another she knocked typewriters off tables stacks of paper flew into the air and flutter order to the floor worker screamed but she continued her rampage consumed in a gleeful rage then finally she we stopped she surveyed the thoroughly destroyed office and satisfied with her work turned to the cowering workers and dropped took her bet stephanie then gave the terrified employees a message Dutch Schultz better get the hell out of Harlem Alana picture a murderer. You're a gangster a thief. Did you picture a woman. We didn't think so- society associates men with dangerous crimes but what happens happens when the perpetrator is female every Wednesday we examined the psychology motivations and atrocities of female criminals. Hi Hi I'm Sammy Ni- and I'm Vanessa Richardson and you're listening to female criminals apart cast original you can find episodes of female criminals and all other podcast originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream female criminals for free on spotify just open the APP and type female male criminals in the search bar at podcast. We're grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram Ram at podcast and twitter at podcast network and if you enjoyed today's episode the best way to help us to leave a five star review wherever you're listening. It really does help last week we began our journey into the life of racketeer's. Stephanie Saint Clair Arguably New York City's first black black woman gangster Stephanie's influence shapes the crime world during the Nineteen Twenties and thirties and undertaking that earned her the title of Madame Saint Clair this week will cover madame Saint Clair's life at the end of prohibition when she found herself going head to head with the ruthless white mobster oster Dutch Schultz Schultz's violent takeover of Harlem's policy bank seen launched a bloody six-year war and spark Stephanie to to take up a new cause social activism in Nineteen Sixteen Stephanie Saint Clair came to New York City and settled in the burgeoning black community of Harlem a teenage immigrants from the Caribbean she'd come to the city alone with little money and no job prospects but a mere decade later she'd taken Harlem by storm through a combination the nation of luck and Resourcefulness Stephanie forged a path for herself in Harlem underworld. She cut her teeth in crime working at an illegal policy Z. Bank and soon began her own enterprise. It was an operation that would not only make her one of New York's first black woman policy bankers but one of the most successful numbers game operators the city had ever seen with the aid of her right hand man. The notorious gangster bumpy Johnson Stephanie built a gambling empire and began amassing tax-free Fortune in the nineteen twenties. Stephanie made upwards of a quarter of a million alien dollars a year. That's around three point five million dollars today. Life was grant from that Saint Clair she moved into an opulent opulent Brownstone and established a reputation for herself as a benevolent yet fierce queen of Harlem's policy banking scene but all good things things must come to an end and for Stephanie the beginning of the end came with the close of prohibition in Nineteen twenty-three Famously Anti Temperance New York Governor Al Smith repealed the Mullen gauge statute a state law that required the enforcement of alcohol prohibition the Bishen with Smith Signature local police. No longer needed to make arrests on the basis of the eighteenth amendment. Smith effectively ended the prohibition the era in New York nearly a decade before it was repealed nationwide. This was a huge blow for organized crime in New York City mobs around downtown had built empires on bootlegging and for four years New York City had experienced a kind of criminal renaissance Vanessa's going to take over on on the psychology here and throughout the episode please note Vanessa is not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist but she has done a lot of research for this show. Thanks Sammy according to sociologist John Land Desk. Oh in academic journal the Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science prohibition did more than increase criminal activity across the country it justified particular crimes in the public's eyes with the enactment of anti liquor laws. A once legal eagle industry was forced into the underworld and thus crime syndicates running alcohol related operations were lent a sense of legitimacy Z. bootlegging underground distilleries and speak easies were seen as valid businesses they offered a new host of occupations and an internal attornal hierarchy for personnel to climb with less social stigma crime in reaction to prohibition began to thrive and thus mob's enjoyed more power than ever before alcohol related operations became the lifeblood of the American crime world but in Nineteen twenty-three the repeal of the mole engaged law made a once booming criminal industry essentially moot to compensate for inevitable dip in profits. New York's crime crime families focused their attention on neighboring states where alcohol embargoes were still enforced but by nineteen twenty eight half of the nation and had stopped funding prohibition enforcement entirely alcohol manufacturing and bootlegging was on the decline and New York's crime organisations were suffering suffering financially and thus we're desperate. They would do anything to recoup their losses and they didn't care who they had to kill to do it. It according to social and behavioral scientist Dr M Harvey Brenner a strong positive correlation relation exists between economic recessions and increased criminal aggression disconnection tends to be especially strong in cases of violent behavior including homicide though a direct causal relationship hasn't yet been proven Brenner concluded that this is likely due to a combination of economic loss and psychological stress these joint pressures drive individuals to engage in lawless aggressive behavior in order to compete for limited resources but though the white mobs of New York City had fallen on hard times the kings and Queens of Harlem's policy banking scene were living large numbers rackets in Harlem. Were incredibly lucrative. This was in large part due to race while white betters. Here's participated in policy banks purely to gamble black players use them as a sort of investment opportunity unable to deposit their money in traditional white dominated banks Black Harlem nights turn to the numbers game. The rackets gave them a chance to win large sums of money that they wouldn't have access to otherwise Halsey banking is best described as half investment and have lottery each day bankers would randomly select a secret three digit number and players not knowing the combination would submit their bets putting down cash on a particular figure anyone who hit the lucky combination would collect the whole hot though technically illegal policy banking was considered to be a credible institution in Harlem it filled a need in black communities that wasn't being served by white banks and all the while it was making the men and women who ran the rackets incredibly rich Halsey banking had made multimillionaires of people like Stephanie Saint Clair but no one benefited from the racket back at more than her mentor. Casper Holstein hosting was undoubtedly Harlem's wealthiest and most successful policy banker he had blazed the trail to establish numbers rackets in Harlem long before Stephanie came onto the scene known known for his deep pockets and magnanimous nature. Everyone knew Casper Holstein was the true numbers King in Harlem and soon everyone below low one hundred tenth street would know to in September of Nineteen Twenty eight Casper for hosting lost over thirty thousand dollars on horses at the Belmont Park race track in Queens but this was hardly a blip for Harlem's top. Policy banker hosting was rolling in cash. That's exactly what some nefarious onlookers figured as they witness the Dabur man repeatedly put down grand ran after grand at the betting counter they adjust found themselves the perfect victim for a kidnapping just one week later on Friday Friday September Twenty First Nineteen Twenty eight in the early morning hours. Casper Holstein was abducted at gunpoint when hosting failed to this show up at his office panic took hold of Harlem's policy banking scene to Stephanie Holstein was technically a competitor but he was also a beloved mentor mentor. One of the first bankers who introduced her to the numbers Game Holstein was larger than life and Stephanie had always considered him untouchable but his disappearance was a dark omen though he was a criminal Harlem's numbers rackets were nonviolent. Whoever was responsible for Holstein's is kidnapping couldn't be one of their own his abductors played by different rules and of Harlem's top. Policy banker wasn't safe. Stephanie figured no one was but Holstein's disappearance wasn't cloaked in mystery for long the same afternoon of his abduction. Holstein's business associates received a call from his anonymous kidnappers demanding a ransom of thirty thousand dollars the equivalent of almost half a million dollars today. Hey Stephanie and the entire Harlem Community breathed a sigh of relief in nineteen twenty eight such a high ransom was a tall all order but for Harlem's top policy Banker Thirty K. was chump. Change Holstein's associates quickly gathered the money and by that very evening. The ransom was paid in full all in cash in her book. The World of Stephanie Saint Clair Author Shirley Stewart wrote that the very the next morning Holstein was released his kidnappers simply dropped him off a few blocks below Harlem's affluent sugarhill neighborhood allowing him to keep his watch and all other jewelry. They even left him a few dollars for cab fare. The abduction was quick. Nick Clean and by all accounts painless a non violent crime but the coverage of Holstein's kidnapping caught the attention of a much more vicious. This group of criminals white mobsters took notice of how quickly Holstein's ransom money was produced. No Traditional Channel Bank would be open late enough on a Friday evening to accommodate such a large cash withdrawal. If Holstein's associates were able to acquire that much money so late in the week and on such short notice they must have done so through a policy bank. A realization dawned on New York City's underworld world the Harlem numbers racket scene was flush with cash white mobsters hadn't previously taken policy banking in Harlem. Seriously individual bets in black numbers games were mere pennies on the dollar an amount that they assumed would never amount to a lucrative operation but Holstein's a hefty ransom quickly proved how wrong they were above one hundred tenth street money was flowing. They underestimated Harlem all along mm-hmm as their own profits dwindle due to easing prohibition laws and the Great Depression white crime families such as the Italian Alien Mafia and the Jewish American mob had their sights set to the north because the numbers rackets in Harlem were nonviolent white mobsters considered the neighborhood open and vulnerable with a little bloodshed they could muscle their way in and sees operations for themselves in Harlem. It seemed was ripe for the taking and notorious Jewish mobster. Dutch Schultz was the first to move on to the scene coming up Stephanie Saint Clair attempts to stand her ground as a violent invasion by the Dutch Schultz Threatens Harlem's peaceful numbers racket. VH1's true crime docu series cartel crew returns Monday October seven while the past generation of narcos might be dead. The cartel is still alive this season. The crew is crossing housing into new territory. Don't miss the new season Monday October seventh at nine eight central on vh one dragons sea serpents giants demons. These are the monsters that must be slain by any great hero in myths but these monsters aren't merely adversaries. There are a reflection of the darkest fears man once had every Monday my show mythical monsters tells the stories of these beasts and asks what they represent to mankind was the crack in just a giant sea monster. We're was it. The physical manifestation of our fear of the deep was the Nemean lion just one more monster for Hercules to slay or was was it a symbol of man's dominance over nature come along on a journey to uncover the beasts of the past follow mythical monsters for free on spotify. I and anywhere you listen to podcasts or visit podcast dot com slash mythical monsters to listen now now back to the story by Nineteen Twenty eight thirty year old Stephanie Saint Clair had built a true criminal empire from her Harlem Policy Bank. The endeavor made her incredibly wealthy as well as influential in her peaceful albeit criminal community but with the kidnapping of fellow policy banker Casper Holstein in her world was about to change Holstein's abduction had shined a spotlight on the lucrative numbers rackets operating north of Central Park and and the white mob took notice as the prophets of larger crime organizations dwindled with the onset of the Great Depression in Nineteen twenty nine they soon soon set their sights on Harlem of these white mobsters Dutch Schultz was perhaps the most notable if not the most brutal the Dutch Schultz born Arthur flagging Heimer was kingpin of New York's Jewish mob in the nineteen twenties with ties to the Italian mafia by H Twenty-seven Schultz's resume included bootlegging speakeasy extortion and gambling but regardless of what business tennis he was running. Schultz was best known for his violent streak. Dutch Schultz was a skilled gunman but didn't hesitate to approach threat with a knife or just pure fisticuffs for Schultz murdering. A man was as unremarkable as brushing his teeth a notorious Torius policy banker himself. Schultz was no stranger to the numbers rackets. He ran his operations in northern Manhattan and the Bronx in nineteen twenty twenty nine. Schultz began to plan two pronged attack for a takeover of Harlem's policy banks his approach would be violent of course but but it would also be political because Harlem was a majority black community policy bankers like Stephanie lacked government ties partnerships between black criminals white politicians were difficult to come by but Schultz on the other hand had political connections in spades he used this network of corrupt politicians judges and dirty cops to not only avoid imprisonment but to support his criminal criminal activity in his territories in Manhattan and the Bronx and Schultz intended to do the very same in Harlem so he got to work slowly but surely turning the neighborhoods own police against them in nineteen twenty nine. Stephanie Sinclair unclear began to notice a change on Harlem's streets left and right. It seemed that her numbers runners kept encountering trouble. Police harassed her men then while they made their betting rounds and in some cases even arrested them on the spot again and again. Stephanie found herself bailing her employees out of jail this would normally be expected for any illegal operation but that wasn't the case for Stephanie. She paid protection money to to avoid this very scenario. Protection money was essentially a bribe regularly paid out to police to ensure. That cops looked the other way. Hey in the presence of illegal dealings see no evil hear no evil was the motto of Harlem Police but not any longer almost overnight the cops changed allegiances and when Stephanie's numbers runners return to headquarters bruised and bloodied she discovered why Dutch Schultz had come onto the scene through his contacts in City Hall Schultz effectively monopolized police protection he inserted himself as a middleman between the cops and Harlem's numbers rackets now to avoid arrest policy bankers were forced to make make their payments to Schultz and anyone who refused was promptly beaten to a pulp and in some cases when when Shultz deemed it necessary to send a message. They were even killed one by one. It seemed that numbers runners were ending up dead on the streets proof of just how serious Schultz was Harlem's once Peaceful Policy Bank seen entered a dark chapter and his days. He's turned two weeks and weeks turned to months. It became clear that Dutch Schultz had no intention of backpedaling Stephanie watched Sir Fellow Policy Bankers were run out of business one after another they dropped like flies in the face of shelters brutality handing over valuable oh pieces of Harlem numbers racket to the white mobster but Stephanie's Saint Clair refused to back down wall. Her colleagues gave up their businesses Stephanie Double Down. She urged her male employees to stick with her through the battle against Scholz Scholtz in her book. The women who made New York author Julie Shelf owed described Stephanie's rallying cry what kind of men would desert what a lady in a fight not her men. That's for sure Stephanie's employees including her faithful right hand bumpy Johnson remained with her the spite threats of arrest and brutal beatings. There was no doubt that her workers felt a sense of loyalty to their madame but sources claim that Stephanie also so gave her employees larger cuts of prophets during this period a small price to pay for putting their lives on the line. Stephanie's defiance was in part heart due to her famous fighting spirit the bold sensibility and sense of agency that had helped her find success in the underworld but it was also fueled by a profound rage that Scholtz was stealing business from a community that already had so little and so thirty one year old stephany took up the mantle. Oh as Harlem's unofficial champion Harlem nights were her people and she felt compelled to defend and to lead them in a fight for Justice Status Professor Megan e Galster at the University of Iowa found that affluence has a significant impact on an individuals participation in civic engagement especially on the local level galster said that those with wealth could better afford to participate in community activism and wealthy individuals who lived in communities experiencing socioeconomic inequality were far more likely to be civically glee involved than those individuals who lived in strictly prosperous communities and it'd be safe to assume that this drive would be increased tenfold if if the welfare of their community was inextricably linked to their livelihood as it was in the case of Stephanie Saint Clair though the genuine altruism of her motivations nations could be debated. There's no doubt that Stephanie had skin in the game and she would do anything and everything she could to win but for Stephanie Saint Clair the battle for Harlem wasn't fought on the streets as much as it was waged across the pages of newspapers on August Thirty First Nineteen Twenty Nine Stephanie took out advertisements in a local Harlem Paper The New York Amsterdam Sudan News and published open letters to members of the community regarding the state of the neighborhood. These letter ads were one part firebrand activism awesome and one part episodic recounting of her exploits Stephanie urged readers to register vote and reminded them to utilize their fourth amendment rights to protect themselves from unwarranted searches and seizures from corrupt cops but most importantly she called out the devastation Dacian that Schultz's takeover of the numbers racket had on the Harlem Community Stephanie took out more than a dozen full page ads in the New York Amsterdam news she dedicated paragraphs to exposing and Shaming Schultz is violence against black business owners and residents and eventually it got Schultz's attention. He was furious at Stephanie's public defiance her one woman campaign against his numbers operations perations could hurt his business so her resistance was naturally met with violence in short order. Stephanie received anonymous dimissed threatening calls to her opulent Brownstone home then she noticed strange men following her movements trailing her she walked to and from her her home and the Policy Bank but never the alarmist Stephanie paid them no mind on the streets. At least she was almost always flanked by bodyguards regards but soon it became clear that Schulz had ordered hits on her life. An acquaintance of Stephanie's eventually confessed that one of Schultz's associates approached her with an offer five hundred dollars to lure the madame into an apartment where hitman would be waiting to offer once once and for all but this only stoked the flames of Stephanie's rage and so she dealt with the threats in her own quintessential style while deftly and without getting her own hands dirty according to author Shirley Stewart one summer summer after noon. Schultz sent a man to Stephanie's home presumably to intimidate the Madam but before the Goon could make his move Stephanie shoved the unwelcomed visitor into her hall closet and locked him inside then she simply made a call doc soon four of Stephanie's own men arrived to take care of the situation twenty minutes later. The man was is beaten within an inch of his life. He was barely alive just enough to send a gruesome message back to Scholtz taunting getting Schultz she announced in the Amsterdam News. I'm not afraid of Dutch Schultz or of any other men living he'll never touch me and though the Madam wasn't known for engaging in violence herself she had no qualms in personally wreaking a bit of property damage in late nineteen twenty nine. Stephanie began appearing in Scholtz storefront betting operations bent on destruction. She attacked his shops smashing glass cases display windows and destroying stacks of betting slips effectively ruining days of work. She waged her ambushes alone without bodyguards or goons. This was intentional. Stephanie had to make her point clear she wasn't afraid of Dutch Schultz and there was no threat. He could possibly make that would break her. Though shelters attempts at intimidation had proved fruitless against Madame Saint Clair resolve he still had friends in high places so he said about pulling the right strings to solve the issue for him on December Thirtieth Nineteen twenty nine thirty one year old. Stephanie was arrested by Harlem Police on racketeering charges for the next three months. A Stephanie Sat in jail her attorney turney fiercely pursued a jury trial because she was a well known and charitable member of the community he was certain Stephanie would get off on a lighter sentence if granted Haarlem jurors however the presiding judge swift lead denied the request then in March of Nineteen Thirty Stephanie was sentenced to an indefinite term at the State Penitentiary on Roosevelt Island located in the center of New York City's East River after over fourteen years of illegal racketeering Harlem's numbers Queen was behind bars for the very first time without their fierce champion to lead the charge against Dutch Schultz's invasion Harlem's numbers seem continued to decline as Schultz gained power in the struggling neighborhood as Stephanie languished behind bars she began to hatch a plan to beat Schultz at his own game game and she had no intention of playing by the rules up next Stephanie Saint Clair Takes Dutch Schultz to task and uses her own connections to drive him from Harlem now back to the story story in nineteen twenty nine notorious Jewish mobster Dutch Schultz staged a violent takeover of Harlem's policy banking seen through a combination of intimidation tactics political corruption and even murder but despite his brutal methods Stephanie Saint Clair refused to back down instead she staged a one woman smear campaign against Scholtz and singlehandedly waged attacks axe on his numbers shops but in March of nineteen thirty Stephanie's fierce resistance came to a halt when she was arrested on racketeering charges ages and given an indefinite sentence in a state penitentiary for months Stephanie Languished Behind Bars while Schultz's grip on Harlem's numbers rackets tightened with each passing day his operations drained tens of thousands of dollars from Harlem funds that were we're desperately needed in a community already suffering from government neglect policy bankers gave back but with Dutch Schultz a steady takeover the funds raised in the numbers rackets that Harlem so desperately needed were being funneled elsewhere according to their apologised just a professor Lee mullings in the absence of government support minority communities suffer from class exploitation these various discriminations the nation's such as housing and Employment Insecurity take a great toll on the well being of Marginalized Communities Harlem Developed Policy Banking King as an answer to racist political structures Stephanie as well as other bankers recirculated their wealth albeit only a fraction of it throughout community whether in the form of providing loans for small businesses or funding Community Projects Harlem benefited from the Benevolent madams contributions solutions with Stephanie incarcerated Dutch Schultz had free rein to wreak financial havoc on an already impoverished community thinking talking about the toll Scholtz was taxing upon her beloved Harlem made Stephanie's blood boil but she wouldn't be forced to stew for much longer after after almost nine months in the State Penitentiary on Roosevelt Island thirty one year old Stephanie was released on December Third Nineteen thirty thirty and she immediately got to work Stephanie was determined take down every last man who'd landed her in prison and fortunately her release came with good timing in nineteen thirty Franklin Franklin D Roosevelt was the newly elected governor of New York. He was set on investigating allegations of deep seated corruption in the states justice and a political system. Roosevelt assembled a task force to look into these claims called the hoffstetter committee or the Seabury investigations. The commission embarked on a massive investigation into city officials potential ties to organized crime. It was an undertaking that involves the examination the nation of thousands of papers and statements from hundreds of witnesses so stephanie eagerly stepped in line armed with an arsenal of names and and information that would implicate the very policemen and politicians that Schulz had used to land her in prison. She'd kept the names of the dirty. Harlem cops whom she'd paid protection money to under wraps for nearly a decade but with Schultz's invasion allegiances had changed and Stephanie Stephanie would be damned if she safeguarded the reputations of traders the very next Monday after her release from Prison Stephanie Testified Before Committee and the members of the Hoffstetter Committee listened more than a dozen police officers were suspended from the force including the officers officers responsible for her arrest. It was the most dramatic exposure of political corruption. The city had ever seen but Stephanie was just just getting started once again she took up the mantle of skewering Dutch Schultz on a public platform warm exposing in great detail the injustices and violence he'd wage Don Harlem in the pages of the New York Amsterdam News and she didn't stop there. If she was going to drive the ruthless white mobster out of Harlem she had to best Dutch Schultz at his own game so so she ratted him out just as he had done to her in March of nineteen thirty-three she provided information that led to a rate of Schultz's is operations according to author Shirley Stewart the fallout included the arrest of fourteen of Schultz's employees and the seizure of over twelve a million dollars in the form of cash and betting slips the equivalent of over two hundred million dollars in two thousand nineteen. This made a sizeable sizable dent in Schultz's operations but the multi-millionaire mobster wouldn't go down with a single blow. It was clear that driving Dutch Schultz out out of Harlem would be a multi year process and the inevitable fallout would be difficult to justify already in nineteen thirty three the policy see bank wars of Harlem had led to the murders of dozens of people continuing to battle Schultz would only result in more needless death and chaos it was becoming clear to all of Harlem that in order to beat Schultz the next move would have to be fatal but Stephanie Stephanie found that the Italian mafia already had their sights set on shelters life however they wanted to take over his Harlem Operations S. for Stephanie. This posed a difficult decision choosing the lesser of two evils. Would she challenged the Italians yet another white mob overtaking taking Harlem's policy banks or which she forge a partnership with their powerful mafia and willingly hand off a portion of her dominion ultimately lead the choice was obvious for Stephanie. No matter how much it hurt her pride to give up any amount of control she couldn't willingly put more Harlem Nights in harm's way headed by Charles Lucky Luciano the original founder of the Genovese crime family. The Italian mob in the Nineteen Thirties was at the height of its power ever the wise businesswoman Stephanie realized. It served Harlem Best. To keep the Italians aliens as friends rather than foes and so she agreed on an arrangement with Lucky Stephanie handed over a portion of her prophets in exchange change for her employees guaranteed safety and the ability to continue running her numbers operations albeit in a more limited capacity but any regrets Stephanie felt when Ceding Control was justified tenfold on October twenty fifth nineteen thirty five. It was a day day Stephanie had waited six years for that day thirty-three-year-old Schultz was at the Palace Chop House Restaurant in Newark New Jersey easy conducting business over late dinner. He was there with some associates including two of his bodyguards but midway through his prime rib. Schultz excused himself from the table. He had to take a leak as SCHOLTZ washed his hands. An armed hitman burst through the door of the men's bathroom mm-hmm holding a semiautomatic before Schultz had a moment to draw his own pistol. Two rounds were swiftly fired into his abdomen. Schultz collapsed to the linoleum as his associates and bodyguards were gunned down by a second hitman in the dining room but Schultz wasn't dead yet. He managed to survive for almost twenty four hours before succumbing to a blood infection aw in his last hours he drifted in and out of lucidity speaking nonsense stream of consciousness his last words were reportedly oh dog biscuit and when he is happy he doesn't get snappy. Schultz's death was slow slow and no doubt painful just Stephanie would have hoped she delivered her last words to Scholtz. Be Telegram just hours before he passed best highlighting the poetic justice of his demise it read as you sow so shall. Ye Reap and she signed it. The Queen of policy to Stephanie Schultz's murder was an enormous victory but there was more than a sense of the justice at play in her sensational reaction to his death neuroscientist Dr Eddie Harmon Jones explains that the expression of revenge is closely closely connected to activity in the pleasure centers of the brain when examining brainwaves Harmon Jones found that anger specifically in cases of retaliation relation triggered the prefrontal Cortex an area of the brain also associated with the satisfaction of hunger essentially. There's there's a reason why revenge tastes so sweet. Harlem's Madam it seemed had ultimately won the war against against her brutal enemy but with Dutch Schultz's death also came the gradual end of Stephanie's policy banking career many of her colleagues said quietly left the scene in the wake of Schultz's terror and when thirty seven year old Stephanie reemerged from her six year war she found that she she was one of a dying breed. Many of the few remaining black policy bankers now worked directly under white mobsters and soon soon Stephanie arranged with Lucky Luchino to do the same but on one condition that she passed the torch to her ever faithful right hand man bumpy Johnson handing off the day to day operations to bumpy allowed Stephanie to informally retire from the numbers game however oh she couldn't stay away entirely some sources claim that she continued to work in some capacity behind the scenes for decades after she had claimed to cede her policy banking business regardless bumpy ultimately became the face of the operation and oversaw the rackets under Luchino. Though this imposed hierarchy became more or less a formality when Luchino was deported back to Italy in nineteen thirty six allowing bumpy virtually the free reign of the Harlem Policy Banks Bumpy carried on the legacy of Harlem's policy kings and Queens of years passed by operating the numbers games in the same benevolent tradition as his predecessors community support was bumpy priority just as it had been Stephanie's but the end of her policy banking days didn't mean the end of social involvement for Stephanie Saint Clair in fact it was just the beginning Stephanie continued to take out advertisements in the Amsterdam News using her influence to keep Harlem nights informed on the state community but now with Dutch Schultz out of the way Stephanie was free to address broader more systematic problems plaguing the people of Harlem mm-hmm issues like Housing and employment discrimination and police brutality were common topics that Stephanie addressed head on she began again each of her open letters by addressing her readers as members of my race and every one of Stephanie's ads was accompanied by a photo of herself dressed dressed in her signature elegant wardrobe for the next Thirty Years Stephanie was an advocate utilizing her platform in order to provide a voice for her community a responsibility she took seriously if not with some measure of Ego as was Stephanie Style her new role as a community activist fit her perfectly always intent on bending the rules fading into obscurity as a plainclothes lane closed civilians simply wouldn't do for Madame Saint Clair. She continued her civil work and took a particular interest in Harlem's Caribbean immigrant population seven for the rest of her life. She dedicated herself to assisting new immigrants in their integration to New York City helping them learn English find employment employment and even apply for citizenship. Stephanie's placed was among her people and through advocacy. She continued to fight for their best interests until her death. Stephanie Sinclair passed away quietly lightly in December of nineteen sixty nine dying of unknown causes just a few days shy of her birthday though her departure from the world was understated understated her legacy is anything but a brutal criminal and a firebrand advocate the duality of Stephanie St Clair's Legacy. Z. Is as complex as her life. Thanks again for tuning into female criminals will be back Wednesday with the new episode for more information on Stephanie Saint Clair amongst the many sources mrs we used we found the world of Stephanie Saint Clair An entrepreneur race woman and outlaw in early twentieth century Haarlem by Shirley Stewart extremely extremely helpful to our research. You can find all episodes of female criminals and all other podcast originals for free on spotify not only to spotify already. We have all of your favorite music but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite podcast originals like female criminals for free from your phone desktop desktop or smart speaker to stream female criminals on spotify just open the APP and type female criminals in the search bar and don't forget to follow us on facebook facebook and instagram at par cast and twitter at podcast network. We'll see you next time. 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