Corona Craziness


We need to roll back the state we've spy on all of our own citizens. Our prisons are loaded with non violent drug offenders. If you WANNA know who? America's next enemy is look at who were funding right now. Is Our government doing way too? Hello hello what's up everybody? Welcome to a brand new episode of part of problem On location away from Away from the studio so number one Let me apologize to you. Guys for For the schedule being all messed up Over this last week I I am not in New York City. I'm at my wife's Family's house And that's that's where the The Smith family is camped out for the moment New York City's getting just kinda getting to the place where I just didn't feel Comfortable having my wife and my baby I in the city right now. We'll we'll see what's going to happen but So so we took it out here for a little. We actually came out here Because my my wife's grandfather has been l. and She wanted to come out and be with her mother while they were kind of dealing with that whole situation so we came out and then You know with with all that has been going on with this co- Corona virus scare and some some talk of of Shutdown the shutdown in New York City and some shelves being bear at the supermarket. Kinda just felt like it was a better move to just stay here for a little bit. I liked the idea of being out of the city and In a in a home that is stacked to the brim with With food and A little bit of weaponry and Just not not on top of everybody else as is the case in New York City so were were posted up here for a minute. I've come in and out of the city a couple of times already. I'll continue to do that But I liked. I liked the idea of having my family here. So anyway I I went back to To my apartment in New York City the other day and I grabbed my my USB microphone brought it out here was was planning on getting an episode at you guys a little bit earlier. The microphone wasn't working so I had to run out today and buy a new one so I hope this is sounding good. I did a quick audio test a minute ago and it sounded it sounded pretty good to me so I hope it sounds good. Probably not quite as good quality as we're used to in the studio but Yeah that's what we have to deal with. I bought a couple of so. If this one doesn't work I got. I got another one too so anyway. hope everybody is Is is doing well I I guess I'll I'll ramp to you guys about a few different things number one. Obviously this whole Corona virus situation is It's Kinda wild. I'm I'm sure a bunch of you feel the same way I do where it almost at. It feels a little bit. Surreal some of the stuff that You're reading And watching about it. I mean it feels almost like you know the beginning of some Some crazy movie where things start you know falling apart all over the world. I mean seeing the situation in Italy and now Spain Some of these other countries Iran has been really badly headed. Just all over the world and I gotTa my my initial instinct and let me just even as I did the other Last week when we were talking about this I preface by saying you know. I'm not anywhere you know. I'm not the expert on the situation or even an expert or even anything approaching an expert on this situation so I'm not suggesting that I'm the person to like listen to When it comes to talk about the virus and what what the real dangers are there but I will say that. My impulse With these things my first instinct is to be very skeptical like it was like. I don't know they're always trying to scare us with some new thing. They always overplay. It never turns out to be as bad as as they say I know the media is just loving this because their ratings go through the roof There's there's lots of money to be made all around and so I just you know. I'm just Kinda skeptical ads. Just you know whatever it's just. It's the flu but not as bad as the flu and everything will be fine. I that was kind of my my initial take on this and It doesn't quite feel that way anymore. Now I've been trying my best to read what some actual experts Say about the situation and and try and understand it but look I'll say this I As of right now I'm I'm concerned. I'm concerned on a lot of different levels. I I'm concerned about the actual virus. I'm concerned about the panic. As a result of the virus I'm very concerned about the government reaction To all of this and so I think I think there's a lot there This is going to have a huge impact one way or the other. We're already passed the point of avoiding that. I'm in many different levels now. Hopefully you know the the virus is not like the the main cause of all that. I don't know that it will be. It seems to me that the the major problem is that the spray like what are the major potential problem is something like You know the the spread of the virus can't be contained effectively It ends up. You know spreading to a lot of people. The hospital systems are overwhelmed. People are getting turned away. Choices are being made for with you know who to care for and who not to care for that that seems to me be like the worst case scenario although I guess worst case scenario is then around summertime the virus dies down a little bit going into next winter. There's some type of mutation is some type of evolution in the virus and it's worse. I think that would be like the worst case scenario by the way I'm not trying to be alarmist or anything like that I. I still think there's a good chance that doesn't end up happening. You know We'll see At this point I don't think it's a bad idea to be You know be very vigilant about washing your hands wearing gloves. When you're out stuff like that I I think that's A. That's that's fairly reasonable. And I guess tripe you know. Try TO What what are they calling it now to to Save I forget the term that everybody's using but try to isolate yourself a little bit Not not the worst. The worst idea But that being said you know I don't really know I I don't really know how all of this is going to shake out. And maybe maybe it won't be any of that and this along just kind of died down but as I'm sure most of you can tell at this point. This has gone beyond anything like you know swine flu or Ebola or any of these other things. It's a this is what we're dealing with. Now is a whole different realm and that is not just a matter of the actual virus like even if you think the actual virus is being completely overplayed this is all bullshit. Look when you live when when you have a situation where towns across the country are being locked down where people are being quarantined. All over the place When the NBA season is canceled when March madness is cancelled? When prize fights are getting cancelled? All of this stuff that starts to cross into a different level it's a different level of fear A out in the public You can see that with the shelves that are empty at grocery stores all around the country And and maybe that's that's probably worse in New York City in certain areas in New York City. That shelves were like completely empty But even out here by By my wife's Mother's placing like toilet paper and antibacterial soap and stuff like that. Which by the way I don't I don't completely understand. This might be a very ignorant thing to admit but I don't understand how antibacterial soap is going to help with a viral issue. Anyway that's I might just be stupid but The real thing that that you know you start to notice one way or the other. Here's this is going to have a tremendous impact on the economy a tremendous impact on the economy. I mean I I know I I've personally I've lost you know thousands of dollars over this virus already on. I'm sure just about everyone. Listening has in one way or the other had you know either. Their own Personal financial situation or their families or friends. You know has been negatively impacted. This is going on all over the place. I mean the amount of restaurants and businesses and you know Airlines all different sectors of the economy. That are just going to be devastated. By this devastated. He'll business is a tricky game. The majority the vast majority of businesses do not make it They're not success while most go out of business within the first five years And things like this can really throw off Thin profit margins a lot of times. There's not there's not that much wiggle room in something like this can really so the effects on the economy are going to be Disastrous and the you know the US economy as people. Listen to this show are probably more aware than the average person. The the economy is already. You know it's it's a teetering house of cards so to throw something like this ad. It is Is is could potentially have a huge huge negative impact and use you see this by the wage literally just before. I was starting to record. They just announced. I mean the Fed had already injected a I think something like one point five trillion dollars Into it's a tight over banks And they just announced the bringing interest rates down to zero says the first time they've done that since you know they Did that after the The financial crisis in two thousand eight. And that should tell you something about at least what. The perceived situation is from From our wise overlords over there at the Federal Reserve. And that. 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I think we talked about the election over the last two years probably We've said that you know the big game changer. The big elephant that could be in the room is a recession and recession can change everything and so this is This could be a nightmare situation for Donald Trump This is it's very very difficult for the incumbent To win in in a recession. It's very very difficult for an incumbent who's never cracked fifty percent approval ratings to win in a recession then. It's very very very difficult for an incumbent who's never cracked fifty percent approval ratings who's running on touting his great economy to win in recession so I I don't think people got well you know it was the virus so you know that we can't really blame trump as you already see From from the kind of standard democratic outlets there are there are gonNA be trying their best to blame every inch of this on Donald Trump You know which to some degree as unfair but at the same time Donald Trump will you know? I mean If you've seen already some of the sound bites I mean he's already said like five or six stupid things while this whole thing was going on so there's this this could be very very bad for him and if it ends up getting A Democrat elected could be very very bad for For the country so again it's early to predict any of that stuff but don't you know there's there's a lot to be concerned about here and I don't think it's smart To downplay it anymore. I don't I don't you know I don't want to be alarmist or tell people to you know panic or anything like that but I I will say I'm concerned about a lot of different aspects of this and The you know of course being a libertarian. Maybe it's my own bias but Though the one that to me is quite possibly the scariest is the government reaction To things like this you know. The governments in general are about as authoritarian as they can get away with being and that that's a general rule of thumb not not precisely true in every case but it's generally the truth and We'll see you know you. GotTa you gotTa think that if this is if this gets worse. Let's just say for the next you know month. This progresses In the way it's been a an Italy type situation. Well what you see is the normalization of martial law. This is happening all over the place in this country as well not on a national level yet but it is happening all over the place in this country. And this is where people really Get you know Comfortable and even in some cases Cheer on The stripping away of of individual rights and if history teaches us anything. That's not a great. That's not a great thing when governments start doing away with the idea of limitations on government power and individual rights So there's there's a lot to be concerned with their you know this isn't just a guess or thought. Look they're the two major The two major crises are crises. Crises of my lifetime Were probably nine eleven. And the the great recession in terms of like national emergency style things Which trump has officially declared this a national emergency for whatever that means and So so you know. There's look look look at the government reaction to both of those two. I mean nine eleven. The government reaction was a goddamn disaster. This is this is a big part of the reason that we have donald trump that we have the the you know that so many of our institutions. Are you know crumbling? The whole culture is being ripped apart so much so many of the problems that are going on right now are a direct result of of the response to nine eleven and in some ways the financial crisis was a result of that direct response. I mean it you know it. It was indirectly a result of of that response. I should say but you know the fact that they had to bring interest rates down so low to kind of help facilitate put in these wars on the credit card and ended up leading a bubble in the housing industry That's you know. There is a connection there but in response to to nine eleven with the the government grew enormously. We've launched war after war after war. I mean I don't know how many you know. Obviously the war in Afghanistan the war in Iraq. We also you know over through a government in Libya Started a civil war in Syria over through a government in Yemen now our funding one side of the ongoing civil war. They are Funding arming refuelling. Jets all that all of the above all across not to mention the military action in a few other countries out there but all of the response to nine eleven I mean it was just a blow trillions of dollars to kill hundreds of thousands of people you know decimate our own. You know brave young men who are propagandized into fighting in these bullshit wars. So there's you know the I mean the response was was a nightmare not to mention to really build up I mean it existed but to really ramp up the National Security State. The spying apparatus in in a way that was really unthinkable. Even when I just when I was a kid The idea of like you know collecting all of the data on on all Americans and all of this stuff and of course this whole this whole spying apparatus that was built up was a big part of the way they were able to. You know frame up. Donald Trump for the first three years of his His Candidacy and then administration and You know try to frame the sitting president as a you know a a guy who's colluding with a hostile foreign power and all this all this nonsense So that that was that was the response to nine. Eleven and of course the response to To The financial crisis of two thousand eight was what it was. You know bailing out of the big banks bringing interest rates down to zero You know destroying the The backbone of the American economy. Which was you know the the hard workers who saved their money just destroying them. I mean they had already been spitting on him for decades. But this was just a boot to the neck you know and And that was the response of record. High government spending The A borderline government takeover of the healthcare industry. You know like all the stuff and this is this is what governments do they They jump on these opportunities as they see them. There's Henry Kissinger said this. Didn't he say he said something? I can't remember the exact quote but it was like it was pretty straightforward. He said like every Every crisis is an opportunity to exploit. And that's that's the mindset of these Of these people who are members of the ruling elite? So it's not you know you don't have to necessarily go to some conspiracy like the virus doesn't exist or anything like that it does. It's not a matter of that. It's just a matter of I mean I don't know that that's not the case but I don't have any evidence to suggest it But it's the truth is that they have these plans. They wait for this moment and they're quite happy to pounce on it and to use this to get through what they've already wanted for a long time and of course the you know the war in Iraq was like a perfect example of that though war in Iraq was something that all of these neo cons were pushing for since the late eighties and then they were real upset with the the first war in Iraq. Under George H W Bush that they didn't overthrow Saddam And they wanted to. They wanted to overthrow him. They were pushing for that. All through. The eight years that Bill Clinton was president and they never got him to overthrow Saddam. They did get him to bomb the crap out of them and to starve them with With that blockade But you know once nine eleven happened. It was like okay. There's their opportunity. Now they can push for the policy that they've always wanted and and let's be very clear about what the government response already has been to the corona virus. I mean just particularly you know. Forget about the like The quarantines and the curfews and things like that things that you would think In a you know a constitutional republic or whatever were supposed to be would be powers that you're like okay we're where exactly by what statute by like. How exactly did the government's get this authority of even forgetting all that stuff? Just look at the financial stuff for a second. I mean so already before. This thing has really gotten bad. It's not as if you know there might be some projections and believe me. There's some really scary projections out there. But it might be projections about you. Know the Hospitals being You know like overrun and and you know the virus spreading all around or even like a you know a lot of people dying or whatever the worst projections out there are will before we've gotten to any of that. We already have The Fed extending one point five trillion dollars in in in loans to banks and And bring interest rates down to zero now now. What is that in reality? I mean that is nothing but just a I mean you could call it a bailout if you want to or you could call it just a straight up giving bankers money. I mean that's that's really what it is. Wouldn't you give them a trillion and a half dollars to the big banks that that's who gets this money okay and then you're going to bring interest rates down to zero which basically says that all the big banks can borrow money at zero percent interest rate and whatever they can get for the money whatever rates they get you know whatever interest they get for the money they loan out is all pure profit to them? This is nothing but a huge transfer of wealth from the Working People in America to the big banks that has been the response of the federal government already just straight up robbing the American people of their wealth and giving it to the banks. I mean that the people who don't need it the people who are in many ways responsible for the economic mess in over the last The last twelve years in America. I guys let's take a quick second. I WanNa thank our sponsor for today's show. Which is Vin Cerro? Listen I'm not usually a watch guy but I just got my second watch from Ben. 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'cause we care about truck drivers so much or something like that This is just come on man. I mean just on its face. Isn't it so obvious that this is bullshit If you really cared about saving the economy or or you were really like you know cared about the people In America let's say you had leaders in the government who cared about the people? I mean there's lots of other options of ways that you could try to help the economy short of we're going to give the big banks a ton of money there. There's lots of other ways I mean. Obviously you know Libertarians. We have our own. You know Preferred methods but I mean think about it right like think about if you really wanted. Oh you wanted to stimulate the economy or you wanted to To bail people out or help people out in this tough time. I mean what if they just came out and said We are suspending the income tax for two years. How about that? How you just come out and say we're just guys because of the situation we wanna you know stimulate the economy we're GONNA suspend the income tax for two years no federal income taxes. I mean that would do a lot a lot more to stimulate the economy and it would actually reward everybody. Who's doing the right thing? Who's out there working? I mean you know th they're they're terrified to give you a taste of that because they don't want you to see how sweet it would be to not have to not have to get robbed out of every paycheck They don't WanNa let you check that out. 'cause you may not you may not ever want to go back but that would certainly be Another way to stimulate the economy and it wouldn't involve You know it wouldn't involve paying off big bankers but I guess that's just not a not quite as much fun for the powers that Bay But so this is. This is what's happened already and just wait because it's it's GonNa get worse. There's all these All these Criminals who who run government and influence government. They're all waiting. You know the the worst this thing gets the more they're going to be able to exploit it so we will keep our eyes on that all right so the other thing that I I wanted to mention that that has I. I've seen a lot of people talking about and of course this is where you know what. Piques my interest is that there has been a lot of talk of how this Corona virus situation. How our Global Pandemic Works with Libertarian. Theory or libertarian philosophy and There's been a lot of people who have who have been criticizing The Libertarian saying that you know in some way that this kind of disproves. The idea of Libertarianism. Being a viable option. Because what are you GonNa do when there's this type of This type of outbreak So there was one at blue checkmark. Forget who tweeted something like there are no libertarians in a pandemic and the tweet went viral. And you got a lot of Libertarians. Myself included a little A little annoyed But anyway so I just wanted to like address that and talk about that for for a little. Bit like what? How DOES LIBERTARIAN PHILOSOPHY? Deal with this type of situation. How would a free society deal with these issues? Let me just say first of all. I think it's I. I don't even know understand why this is difficult for for people. I mean I don't get why I don't know where people are coming from. I think there was a New York Times article that said something about socialism being needed for for for a global pandemic a pandemic or something like that I you know I remember doing podcasts. On this back in like During Hurricane Sandy. When they would say you know a big storm requires big government. And if it's like you live through these situations where what the world we live in. Is the government failing at every level to do what they need to do in these situations and then you're like out there's proof where would we? What would we do without the government? It really does remind me of that old. You ever share that old Like Communist joke Say there's there's two women on a bread line in the Soviet Union and one of them's complains a other woman and she's like Oh my God. He's bread lines. The terrible you know every day the lines get longer and they give us less and less bread. This is just such a nightmare. And the other woman says Don't complain in America. They don't even have bred lines something like that. In America. The government doesn't even give out bread or something like that. Anyway you get the idea. It's an old dumb joke but I like it but The idea is just that you know you think. Oh well if the government didn't I mean I know the government's doing a terrible job in were starving to death but it's better than having no one give out bread you know. Then that's of course the old status myth that if the government doesn't do it it doesn't exist But so you know that's that seems to be the mentality people have like well. The government's doing a really shitty job. But that's better than no job being done at all Anyway I don't think that there is on any level of pandemic presents a problem. Well I mean of course it presents a problem in any society but I don't think it presents some like issue with the philosophy of libertarianism. Like oh we can't figure this out I will say that it does perhaps Present a bit of a problem for the open. Borders men are cast types. See like that. I think is more of a reasonable Criticism. Like to say like okay. Well like who like there's really no open borders advocates in a pandemic an analysis. Not Completely. I'm sure there are still some but that does to me. I will grant you. That seems a little bit crazy The idea that like you wouldn't be able to close down travel Look let let me say. This number one There for the. I don't know if I'd say the majority but a huge portion a huge huge portion of what the government's response has been to that corona virus and in many ways probably the best aspect of the government's response has been cutting red tape essentially leading hospitals and Medical professionals get out of the normal regulations. That don't allow them to do what they want to do. So a beautiful thing about anti-capitalism libertarianism volunteerism. Is that they basically say of the philosophy. Says we say none of this red tape exists at all. Just get rid of all the red tape permanently. Lent hospitals do what they think is best. What all of these different doctors and nurses and first responders with them all do what they think is best and you don't have to have you know. Donald trump getting up there saying you know I'm a we're GONNA cut the red tape to this and that so that you can do what you already should have been allowed to do The other thing is that this is really the beauty of anarchy. Capitalism is that You have what you have is a situation where there is maximum efficiency with minimum authoritarianism. So you know. There are certain efficiencies that like a dictator could have of government over like A. Let's say a Republican that's not really describing our country but like a you know a government with divided powers and limited powers right like a dictator can just say we're doing something and it gets done But the problem with that is that in order to have that situation. You have to give ungodly amount of power to one person who you know if you look throughout history. There's this to use that for Evil and not like just a little bit evil like Holy Shit you know Biblical fucking movie level evil In anarchy in an anchor capitalist society. What you have is all of that efficiency. But it's so decentralized and everything is you know a acquired through like you know just acquisition of property and so you have that efficiency without the evil without having the right to rule over other people so obviously in in an an cap society if communities streets buildings. Everything's privately-owned You can shut down travel instantaneously. I mean you can. You don't have to go through any red tape. The property owner can do whatever they want to in the same way that you can You cannot let somebody else in your house. Communities could just not let other people in I mean you could have far more effective quarantines And and you can do it all without the possibility of martial law and all this other stuff So it's it's it's just like a far better system And and it really does go to show how. How much people Misunderstand this this stuff. You're also going to be way way. More likely to figure out a vaccine figure out solutions. I mean Qadam. They literally just The FDA just allowed this corona test. That was something like ten times faster and gave better results than the current test. That's on the market. So just you know what I'm saying. Like just the only thing the government ever dozen times they go. Okay we'll get out of the way and let the market solution which is so much better than the one we have. Here will that Go out to the People. Like wow thanks government. Thanks for all the help. What would we do without you in a pandemic we'd probably solve it much quicker And we'd probably limit it much earlier on And I don't know if you see the way people are reacting to things like this well okay That that would seem like yet. I don't think it would be too difficult to work up. A key to convince community is to Suspend travel from affected areas. I think it would be pretty easy. And there is something you know like really There's something really amazing about just watching the whole thing. Play out in the way that the government operates Bernie Sanders said something And I'll get more into Bernie Sanders on the next episode. I'm going to do a an episode on the debate. and This the state of the presidential race. I'll do that in in another episode and then I I now that I got my recording situation. Set up here. I'll I'll put out some extra content this week. Bonus episodes everybody get ready I think I might do like some more like shorter episodes while while we're out here but but you know Bernie Sanders had thing. He tweeted out the other day and he's just so such a great Bernie Sanders moment shows. How much heat like this socialist mindset where they just misunderstand everything but he said Something along the lines of like you know Let me be very clear to the pharmaceutical companies In a a situation like this a national emergency. This is not the time for profiteering. Whoever makes the cure it should be distributed for Free? And they shouldn't profit at all from making mature. Now I kind of I guess I kind of understand like if you were like sixteen and don't understand anything about economics than like maybe that sounds kind of Nice like yeah you should just be really great guy and make you know. Figure out a vaccine for this and then distribute it to everybody for free But for adults in the real world I mean what had Bernie Sanders actually. Just say what. What is he saying? Here he's saying Basically I'd like to remove any incentive for somebody to to solve this problem Hejaz. No you evil bastard who are trying to solve this problem. There is no reward for you. If you do absolutely none in fact we're going to be looking at us saying oh you figured it out now you oh everybody. That's you better to figure out how to distribute it to everybody and don't expect to make a penny off of it. I mean stupid is that here's like this is really just like right there. The difference between the Socialist and the capitalist mindset and the what the capitalists understands. It's like well look feel however you feel about prophets and how bad you think that is what I would like right now is to say. Oh if somebody could solve this problem I want them to get filthy fucking rich because now they're really really incentivized really motivated to solve the Goddamn problem. And that's what you want now. Where where do you think you're going to get more of that In a Libertarian Society or with big government where do you think you're going to get more incentive less red tape to go solve the frequent problem another Just one other Quick Point is that you know there's been a lot of demonizing of price gouging In this environment and Of course for those of you who have like read your Walter Block and know the stuff I mean. Price-gouging would actually help the situation quite a bit. It would help the situation quite a bit If if people could just you know if there if there was no regulation on what people could charge In the situations of people weren't being demonized for that you'd have much less shortages. You'd be more likely to get hand sanitizer and yeah. You'd have to spend a little bit more on it but like I don't know most people I think in this situation are willing to spend a little bit more on it. That's why I mean. They wouldn't price gouge if they couldn't get it So so that's another aspect that would be a greatly Where the situation would be greatly helped With you know free markets and eliminating government from the equation But anyway it's You know I would as I said before I would. I guess concede that there does seem to be You know some degree of of a floor exposed in the kind of open borders monarchist position. And then you know you start to get into this A situation where you're like okay. Well if you're if you're okay with suspending your open borders now during a pandemic you know it does just philosophically speaking. It becomes that old You know the olds you know would would you sleep with me for ten million dollars Okay would you sleep with me for five dollars of who do you think I am well? We've already established who you are now. We're just negotiating. You know that alda that old thing so if you're if you're saying oh it's okay to close borders now. It's like okay. Well so why because it's going to be a disaster. It's like okay so then basically if anyone thinks it's going to be a disaster you can close the borders. But what exactly where do you you know arbitrarily? Draw that line of disaster because there's a lot of people who have maybe taken a quick glance at the history of multiethnic multiracial democracy's and thought you know. I think that might be a disaster. So it's just now you know it's just like you're not so you're not standing so firmly on principals if you're willing to compromise your principles when things are scary and then you have to decide. Well what's scary what you know like what is a reasonable line to say okay? This is the this is a time when we can compromise on our principles so there might be something to that but private property and caps. I mean this is all I see are the numerous different ways that we would be so much better off avoiding all of this government. Red Tape Avoiding all of these. You know these problems and a much more efficient manner and You know so. Despite having all of these government organizations set up with the pure task of you know of you know like the the CD's pure task is the control of of these outbreaks. That's what they do and I'm sure that they'll just get more money for it and this is really I mean. That's that's it. I mean obviously you know I I assume most people listening to this show already know this shit and I've certainly been talking about it for years but this really is the the you know the essence of the mechanical problem with State Azam And it's it's not like obviously there's a million and one moral problems but even if you get past all of that the reason why right the reason why You know big governments fail. The reason why. Communism fails and capitalism succeeds. The reason why this like you see people starving to death in these socialist countries. And then you see people with like they're fucking Nice. Houses and pools in these capitalist countries is because the market has something that the government does not and that's the cleansing mechanism of the Prophet and law system. So when somebody does a really good job and pleases the consumers they pleased their customers. They make profits and when they don't they have losses and they go out of business. They suffer for it when you do a bad job. You suffer for it. I guarantee the result of all of this will be the CDC getting more money in government when you fail you get rewarded. So all of the incentives are lined up free for you to fail or certainly you're not incentivized not to I mean it's it's like you know this is you. You can fail your way To a budget increase. This is what happens all you know all you look at any area of of the government like public schools. They fail and fail and found and they go. We'll see we're failing because we need more money save right okay. But when businesses fail as they could easily just say like well. We're failing goods. We need more money. But it's like nope. Sorry you're not you're your customers aren't happy so you don't get any more money you go out of business So anyway I mean I just think this whole situation is like look you know. I guess I'll I'll wrap up here for this. A Corona virus episode but I I'm concerned about the situation. I think it's GonNa get worse before it gets better. I think the government response is going to be very very bad. I think this is going to have a huge impact on the presidential race. I'm going to get more into that next episode Where we are with this whole crazy. Primary season and You know this is a a potential to be bad but hopefully hopefully. It's not as bad as a as it could. So we'll see we'll see what happens anyway. Thank you guys for listening. I hope everybody is Is staying safe and being careful out there and I will I'll I'll put out a bunch more content this week I promise you that So my apologies for For the erratic schedule for missing a couple of episodes last week Although I hope you enjoyed the The Michelle Malkin interview. Maybe I'll even do a an episode this week where I address that and some of the more controversial stuff going on anyway Also I recorded in episode with a Pete Granada's Pete Raymond Reiter Mounts I recorded His his wonderful podcast Freeman beyond the wall So that's out so you can go check that out and I think I'm gonNA episode with Tom. Woods tomorrow for for his show So I'll you know you guys get you guys will get a lot of content adamy this week if your home and if you're if you're in quarantine or your self quarantining or whatever it's called self distancing that the term looking for if you're doing any of that stuff they'll be I'll I'll make sure I have some content at for you guys all right. Thanks for listening. Talk to you soon piece.

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