Welcome To Le Batard and Friends Again


hey everybody it's mike ryan executive producer. The dan lebatardshow was su gats. Now if you're looking for that radio show called the dan le batard show with sue guts. This is not it. This is a trailer for the tar inference network. If you want to find the dan le batard show was to. God's simply search that in your platform of choice and find the behemoth that is at radio show but this is laboratory in france and or one of its affiliated podcasts properties such as south beach sessions soupy and mystery crepe three very different podcasts. South beach sessions is a long form interview series. Dance down with an interview. Subject and magic happens mystery. Craig is a mystery. A random grab bag of content curated by one or several members of the laboratory friends universe. And you never know what you'll get on a given episode into poverty is god's personal sandbox. It's whatever he wants it to be. It's often full of curse. Words and sue guides usually outsources all the work on it so he can be lazy and collect dollars. But you really can't expect more from sue guides today. Please do us a favor. If you're curious about our show give it a chance and give these individual properties chance because a lot of hard work goes into it. We're trying to grow these properties and give you some menu. Items here on the laboratory in france network. You're not going to like everything we don't expect you to. We don't expect you to have the time to listen to everything that we put out. We just want to give you options. And if one of them hits great reward us what the subscription and hopefully occasionally. Some other episodes might catch her eye. Please subscribe rate review. Thank you and i promise you. This won't be the only episode here. We're going to maintain our weekly output. Just like you had it before only this time with a tad more freedom.

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