Stephen Jones Says the Constant Quest for Perfection Often Kills Spontaneity


Fashion is fabulous escapers. The people yearn for it strange. How this funny thing! Called fashion can be a vehicle. It's been a time of such reflection and it's. It's the word I've lived. More than any other word that people have really reflected on what they do why they do it in a funny way I had been able to the focus and trying to do something. To forty years, and that's been stored, and I think very clearly the. Fashionable. Create is maybe to give people a dream. Hi, this is Ron Ahmed founder and CEO of the business of fashion and welcome to the podcast. This week. We welcome the celebrated milliner Stephen Jones. WHO TALKS TO OUR EDITOR? At Large Tim blanks about how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted his own creative process and provided some time for real focus. A Stephen says to Tim now he avoids the constant quest for perfection, because perfection often kill spontaneity. Here's Tim blanks with Steven Jones in science fashion. Hello Welcome to be Oh F- live today. We are talking -Tude Steven Jones whose coordinate themselves ususally with his look against such huge victory because lady in. This behind man. And thereby hangs a tale. I'm sure you do not have a Tretyakov lady hanging behind you without a good reason, but this is a very long time ago. I did a group show charity show with Reggio Dad About fifteen twenty years ago. And they have these shirts made the satin fringe of the lady by trio, and I said I love. You have happened to have a spat time. Oh, please send me one literally. Three years later. Little on Blake Garage this folded up in that and. I'm quite stretch. Fanatic, who is happy influenced I think by dougie fields and Derek Jarman who loved Church Co two and so she's always looking over me. How do you you must have so many souvenirs of your life and fashion? which now is how how many years is it being? What just. What anniversary and we're looking at. I mean literally forty years ago on the first of October nineteen eighty. That's when I have my shocking gotten says is executive shockingly enough? I completely ice. Pool Wella. Has a new album out and I was reading the other day that he is only the third person to shot. At a to have a number one album in each of the last five decades and you did you think of Paul Weller and the jam? Seventeen eighteen years old out Rowley was. You just can't anticipate that. That's what your life turns into. I imagine you must feel the same way when you think forty years. I mean you were twelve when you made your first. Executive thanks to now I just wanted to make into the next day. I mean when when you're nineteen. Somebody. Who's thirty is ancient. Beyond ancient I nine, hundred, sixty three. I'm amazed of how to career knots. Every day is a surprise I never get used to it and I think of the time. The Times that you have straddled as had make I'm. TIMES, extraordinary change and challenge look look, it will be going for right now. So actually you're the best person in the world to us does help in hard times. But the hack helps in zoo. Obviously. Because frankly sorry, Manila, it doesn't matter what goes on your feet. You'll be naked from the waist down, but you'll soon both. Losses Tattoos, may capitalist things. To hats helping times absolutely. I mean for example some of my favorite hats for wartime, because people have to own no matter whether it's. Over the festival will have to. Roll era. They have to make things they have to use the creativity and somehow it. Can be a little sign of optimism. To put us into. Clothing is too difficult, but can be a little signed how? Have you. Have you noticed that? In the last few months you see I mean we have been able to go out. What if people been doing with that? It's been quite interesting for example in the run-up Laskar. Monitoring amongst the four hundred number when we didn't know who's going to be rung own. Feeling the somehow we wanted to do something, and then I had a meeting with the the the good advice Gibson said. Hat's undressing out our sign of optimism in spite of everything in spite of everything. Going on, and we didn't know what was getting today, and in fact with the British. Code Chairman we did a online hoax should. Legal! Masion raise twenty five thousand pounds. Tell us why ascot is so important to a happening, but it's been like Christmas new in your birthday. We'll rolled into one. This is in Britain because this is really wear hats, an aunt about practicality. She elegance Liz, even though they can be about. But. It's really about exuberance addressing. So the idea of being exudes dressing up in these times just seem to this wages thing but. For example, if depression Saatchi's when people didn't have enough money to eat in America, they will gave to the movies. Passion is the fabulous escapism. The people young full I didn't if they into actually? It, but as idea, all escape, who is an is wonderful and actually during this time not to deal with a twenty four years now. And at loss I understood new book. Sorry. It took so long to get that. And it wasn't about Christian Gio creatives actual, but it was hunger of the people who are observing it. Also was the fact that tape is? This dress may dot Yeltsin yahtzee house the fabric they could possibly afford. The was the P Coltie Catha with. The customer on the supply together, it was the audience. That the new the new look. And also after World War One. What happened the explosion of kind of exuberance and creativity? They both. They. Both followed on events set. You could say had terminated. The war the war will go went end go to ended. People could then look forward to. A rebuilding. You know there was a renaissance. Of other kind in fashion and. Now we're in a different moment and and I guess the big question is how what will people want from? Fashion in the world where this, I think uncertainty as this credibly dominant force in our lives, uncertainty on every level I'm just Atlantic dote about about this point and I think that goes this about eighty percent. Try Not even ninety percent drives I remember. You telling me a very long time ago when she was a junior. Republic initially, she actually went to to cover the Hungarian uprising. Being paged by Russia. And she went with her husband to be. Off Study to report on this and when she came back with. The the editors have become public venture graphs. Because basically everybody was really dressing up because they thought tomorrow would not come. Back Home Games will wearing their finery where they could we going out. Wearing lipstick few, and in fact, this is another thing in the Second World War. Everything was rationed to things which would not trash him with cosmetics and hats. Because Churchill thought they would be to Batumi. Marlin is a not to have this to central wounds. We'll trove that women have to, and if you look at American American posters, became proud and looking your best inspired to the bus Ajay, so it strange how this funny little thing called fashion be a vehicle hope which I think county. When you're actually in the moment as well as being authorised so so the half is actually an emblem of defiance in the way. I think. Yeah! Yeah, yeah, absolutely I mean. The hatches the greatest. Within clothing, the hatches the greatest symbol. And when you think of the Majesty the Queen you call it the crown to quit the oil shoe or the royal handbag Is the crown. That symbol when you think police. Policemen's helmets that could shake our thinking is Barrett. So hats always simple of whatever you want less intention to be. An is a symbol of optimism. Well if you put a pink hats on with the flowers, yes, how could? I notice you Beres for Kim Kim says Joel Collection which today and berries become something of a speciality of yours at Geelong Berry's Voice, especially specialty of mine, personally anyway, it's it's. Always love. because. Young old rich. They suit people inconceivable in a million different ways, so it's like. The t shirts hats ready and MISSIO laughter Beret. So really that's elsewhere. It's my personal love of it and Joe Lupton Deray if you look at his. Drawings from the very early collections and nineteen forty-eight will see. There'LL BE FULL-SKIRTED ULA. A new vehicle flick on top of the head, which was a very so in a way to finish complete silhouette, but not to. Add something else to it because he believes it was all one thing. That's how he felt about hats. They went separate item. They wanted the closing. I. It. The is t shirts hats. Yes, so the TNT showed has in its history, being a political gamut I mean yes, and and the Barry as being a particular a political hat. It was interesting to read that Imoko Boisseau, who Who Marketable who Kim was inspired by will collaborate it on the collection woods had used Black Panther representations in his work in the pause, and obviously you associate with Black Panthers was at a toilet consideration. You think in well absolutely I, in fact, I was in Miami I saw those paintings and many of the paintings. The guys wearing hats. Sometime soon, great big Lou Fidora's to actual blue suit but. The the Beret somehow something which was very deal more than big hats, and it was something which stopped Kim's imagination. My Old Oh. Yes, that's right, I mean we didn't do a cocky race specifically, which was the painting which paid on the e invitation? CH- did Berries Roy DRI Warr a struggle. In different materials. But what was It's it's it's so. It's so interesting saying something like that an and and having a sense of how things that. We sort of take for granted of have taken all sorts of different significance in this in the last six months. On, what what have you actually been doing? an and how have you been thinking about what you do of the last six months? Well basically I've been. Fault or at the Eurostar every week for forty years. So for me, it was very every. Every week not every day. Every day, but It was very strange because suddenly muting I was doing something completely completely different. It was strange to be at home. But at the same time I have visited nine I have company in. So, my first duty was to occur Bam, but then slowly I could retreat here and walk was extraordinary. because. We working collection present new collection September is I actually could do over. Over my new collection myself I mean normally I never ever have the time or the focus. And I think. That's been the same for everybody. industries is to have the creative focus. Malt much else is going on so therefore you do actually have to. Concentrate on that piece of white paper and get through it and get through your creative paying, and just let you get on it and I did do. It was great and showed something lost. Film made by Zubaydah. Was Nine that and I made an suits which was extremely well received? So, that was one thing I did I was a million different projects. Hang on, and then we have to deal cruise show which is happening in preparing for that, which is happening next week in Lecce, but actually preparing a collection of the summer, so I was facetime ing with. Manufacturers in an my Italian Franz, people working at home. Yeah emotional. I spent this much time doing this on zoo. Did you end you actually making things for this time while would be. Thanks outweigh. I was making things myself just the prototypes. I think if I was to make hats myself it. Most of them will be rejected by the workroom. Has Some dodgy stitching I'm but Yup, absolutely and. I can. I can shave his earlier. Is. This a little miniature had. Which I carry everywhere with me, anyway. I'm this is. A hops is amazing. Yeah, and this is little trials. This is one of the make way So. Apple yes, yes, and. She. She's got a few to. Wardrobe chains it here. Is can be most of the twelve if you can imagine how much! More maybe Nina Simone as well and. Go! Well. That's not so anyway this. Actually stop dignifying credit. Caprice station? But this is like you're waving. You'll Morocco's. We've known that SORTA website. But, that's what I was I was. I was working on detonate. Since Great! The collections video, and also the hats books such I- additives to create. It came out during that time as well as it was lots of things to. Every day was a busy day. When people say Oh, you're just sitting at home doing yoga now. Got Place looked in the evening. Still everything was. Making sourdough bread matter no, I, mean I wish? I could have done open on. Brazil was. Not Read. That was the other one yeah. Did you find yourself thinking differently about what you do, I mean it. It's been a time of such reflection and It's it's would I would almost as will miss more than any other word that people have really reflected on what they do why they do it Some people using the time to step back other people Forging on into. The uncertain future. How moving feeling I think for me. It was very different. because. You always tell me as being the busiest in fashion, which in a way I think I, am but it. Foot, just being able to focus on one thing. I mean it was terrible to arrive in this way, but that was an extraordinary things that I. Apart from one collection that's Omya who have done that in my collection that was forty years ago to in a funny way I had been able to have the focus and the time to do something the time being able to do what he is, and that's been extraordinary and. Have I been looking at What I do in the way I do it. Yes absolutely I half, which is why I think I'm so lucky to be able to do the things Jane. Tweet do we think of the purpose of fashionable why we're creating that? Yes, we do, and actually I think bay clearly. Supposed to. Create is. Maybe to give people a dream to get people the I two more times. That's a lie jainism something, which is purely. That clash up. You know just before. Will of this happened? You have the that big showing right? In, the World Pavilion in Brighton and. That was such a gorgeous piece of Steven. Jones, Yan Extravaganza. Is it. Am I wrong in thinking that that. The work since and I feel I feel a sort of almost sculptural purity in what have saying what you've posted and the film you showed during the London digital actually that this. I, feel almost like a reduction in a way that you've that you've you've made things. You know it. It's kind of an interesting op. The office when you feel at they do tend towards a more purity and a sort of. Radical purity actually as they get as they get older him. I mean you can make things fancy. You can make things simple. and. One thing that you learn as you. Know the favor of the piece of paper. Is still saying. But one thing you do when you get older you designed. Is You know into stall? Because you know you can kill the design by overwork. And, also you become. Aware that may be your first captured the scissors. Which is done through your subconscious is made is maybe inherently bachelor than something which is to studied. So I think in a funny way of letting go. and. Do things become simpler. I mean I feel a bit? The Gos- to say this. I mean the prime example of that is. In his final collections achieved lay number of purity that he. Didn't really have he wasn't really looking for the wrong. Command myself. But that's one thing that I really know that half gin and similarly. In his collection, Suda, fifty, five, fifty, six, fifty, seven, which was the loss collections he did. Even, though the ladies around him wanted him to continue to make. Big Gowns which were tightly corseted because they've money in back because that's what was known for, he wanted to go in the opposite direction I mean his last collection school. Alenia League. is about freedom and he wants to do on wasted things which were easy to. which will comfortable modern woman an old in a modern way? And Which? Visually hunting construction so. I. Don't know if. I'm guessing most simple, but. I think the messages. I, did it Quentin Crisp, said. your you'll drug suck to get stronger? and. Checking in the opposite way to come some. flower niche. Well, it's interesting mentioning Balenciaga. Because ecause his whole, his work was a spiritual west. And he got more. He got simpler as he felt. I guess he's got closer to God. You Know He. He member that the he tried to find God in a sleeve. so he would recovery cut re cutting. Of course he he never could so there's it. It's it's it's. The hat I mean, you can translate quite easy when you're working with a full which you're trying to balance, you know. Find, achieved the perfect balance, and and perfection is. Is it unattainable? Are you in a constant quest for perfection? That is just out of reach. Would you and I I'm not. In a constant quest affection no! Affection! Often kills spontaneity. and. A hat? Is Very beautiful. itself if it is perfect. That's actually what somebody wants from edge is not something which is beautiful, but something which is spontaneous and fresh invigorating in. That's how I feel about it. I'm not. Everybody would think about it like that. That works perfectly for out. postcode would weld that notion. The spontaneity effervescence Ben that you know people are going to be looking for potential I. can that's absent? The KFI shown to have something which is. To spontaneous, or is it just? Won't transfer station reasons. Cecil Beaton talked about the gloss of fashion and end. You know affection is truly a mirror. Obviously it reflects darkness just as Much as reflects light. I'm so I'm really super curious to see how this Avonex fee is. Unfold I'll how? How? People how Sintus but also. Customers adjust what what what what will be that people are looking for because. Like. I said down. With this uncertainty, we don't know what's going to happen in September that let alone next next year. You're off to that I mean this whole go between the fashion business. And consumer. And at the beginning of lockdown, everybody was talking about. There will be a whole new world afterwards. The people will think in a different way. The fashion business with regulates so in a way that is more responsible at etcetera etcetera. And yes, that is true, but I think the Kostroma even more. They're thinking about it. Breath, much in a traditional way now. that. You buy a new sponsor Patia. Puts on Friday night. Nate, you know you have a wonderful evening. The something very basic and simple. Attempt we market, know whether you're. Buying A T shirt promotes street. Three pounds or whether you're buying a young. Gal. Sit of happiness zest as it could bring, you is one of its most important. Functions and I think when fashion designers would consideration about the fashion business Blah Blah Blah that she forgot radio customers want. But when you talk when you talk about. A couture dress a keeper. That's something you wear once. That's something that you I mean men way couture's you go to the more sustainable kind of fashion at the risks, because it's cherished in, and it might even be passed onto somebody else, but sparky. T from Oxford Street. You know this is A. This is a kind of. Mind be youtube, but you'd search way afterward Murray. Cherish it till the day. I die I I especially. If you had a good time in this is the thing i. If you're. A single mom or family, the fact that you can actually go out and buy teashop tweet pounds, and it can make you feel great. Maybe not see any medicine you've got. We! From the very happy Criti- design assigned to things where. Pair of shoes. Thousand five hundred pounds of Stevenson's hatches, three thousand pounds, but actually out in the real world. Every different price level has got its constantly. It's arrogant of to. Expect the other people are going to consider passionate ways. Now, but I do think it's important better part of the sustainability. Debate is being. I'm taking a stand against disposability and I absolutely you re re re educating people in in will educating people in the value of things effect. T shirt has value to you. You know you wear it more than one sizzle. The whole notion of less is Betta. better buys that that sort of sort of rarefied elitist point of view that that's just that's just. Letting. People know that that that. What they have was made by somebody. You know what they have made is made by somebody else. It has value it. has this dignity in somebody else's labor? Masters a massive. Challenge by the. Absolute an I couldn't agree more. However. The whole of people out there. Who Really Ford Fashion? Really folks over. At Apple, and those things which are low price. Giving for them exactly the same service is when. Somebody is by handbag. Exactly the same, there is no difference. Obviously, those things are produced. This. Film! By if of the the real cost, which is the factories Emmanuel, Dash? Factories. Investor! THE IT IS! Not Not at all good ways that those things are actually created, because if you abiding Teasha, three pounds or two pounds, who is suffering because of it is? But. Obviously designed amendment which okay about sustainability. How, bashing, go forward and be less wasteful. SEVENTY CLOTHES NOT SNEAK COLLECTIONS HERE! All that is great, but A conceivable will appreciate that these consumers who are buying design, the level of merchandise as other areas of the market. I'm not say show because. People done have that luxury to be so flexible. It's a bit like buying organic meat or something, but yes fine, but if you're a mumbling soon, support. The fact that you can buy me too is extraordinary. Well, it's the long road. Definitely Kim or everybody feels the way that I'm kids, not just the afternoon. With feel the way we're talking about, but I remember I. Remember him talking to you about. Sign inability what you mean at. Do you having the off what is what's in that couch? Mother's room. Take. SALONE teague. Sniff that cup. They. We were talking about you know. It's impact on your job. There are materials. You're not allowed to use anymore. San Many and most of the laws actually increasing all the time. That is less and less that you you have access to. The, the big changes already happened, and they really bad animal products, but those two came in and beginning of the nineteenth century with the Open Society New York not was really the before Ho Scientists documents that protection O- of wildlife like nap, words or tigers in or ivory. Actually protection from bug was that was the first thing change reduced Oldman's lowest. These is primarily. For Happy New Guinea and South America because there's decimated and groups of women. Festival in America then here break. Go together incentive we become decorate hats with us with a sorts of things, and actually that was one of the things that Chanel did the getting new the Middle Name I. On the things she did with. With made fashion of untrimmed boots, is everybody else's bearing hundred different wings paradise on heads? She should very minimal in clean As whether it's the sweat chosen. Do Do. Bit even within your career. I mean things that you that you use when you were working with John Galliano on deal Cujo. When he thirty years ago, maybe Twenty. Years you're not allowed to use his now I mean there is. For example, a not necessarily protected, but we weren't wanted abused now because we asked the public have a different point of view. Also the is even now a whole discussion about feathers, whether you can use feathers and the hats all the feathers we use our biproduct to food, production and. will be cool. Bonnaud foul, so it's chickens. Geese Guinea fowl ostriches. Farmed for me as well so. That's a big discussion discussion nothing. Every single newspaper round wells an article about these. Popularized pretend and the certain materials which. People always amaze. The felt is actually made from far from Panama also. Kombi made from anything else. Because base the basic way name is. Animal Furs like human half the when he gets down exit goes, curly is and will tell you MAC is. Basically it's the five is into looking together, which makes felt so. people. Questioning. Felt And then of course, the stroll so much which comes China and as it has hundreds of people because. China or from Central America like South America the other store, producing countries, so it's always in flux. But there are. Many. Many new fabrics isn't quite interesting to us. Is What only about those because you find? Do you find restriction inspiring? Yes. Absolutely it's actually very funny. When making these prototypes optimal I do is I stopped with Emi to square at this member Semi. might quite big and the night us every single little scrap, so get smaller and smaller and smaller, but that's this wonderful and ridiculous self imposed discipline I'm. It's always good to have a brief. Ride Working with other fashion designers as well as Jane Lansing. Completely, different. What have you been looking at during the last six months? Just you know just to feed you'll you'll create urges any anything. Specific any assistance when I'm in your library at the office at the federal. Office, it just assume full. Of intriguing, well thumbed volume, but now it's actually organized in a way that it wasn't way. Getting into work one day week checking Dixon picking up host and we will. Be Looking at actually be looking at nature. Jessica's paintings and things watching some TV, but I have been a Netflix. I've just been looking at the changing seasons of nature and reponse coming out will these things? I never ever see because I'm aways. On runway number three Heathrow. I. Just don't see those things in a funny way that everybody else does but identified so I will spend hours looking for the looking leaves on wisteria outside my window and modeling soul-searching than maybe, too. So, I think that's how I've been spending my time and trying to get healthy eating teaching. Hotel food. And cooking, then cooking embiid, yes, but additional restraints that I mean I I'd not be making balloon. I've been running almost every day and doing weights as well shocking. Let's see. Better. Wrong both neck. But you know when you imagine when you would in the future when you look at the hats, you did in this moment that they will in some way encapsulate. Can. Can you do that with your with your career? Can you look at a hat and see how it captured? Whatever was happening that particular mountain on my God? Yes, because I mean I always think that? My hats, which by graphical anyway. And I think this collection of has been working on is by far the most personal Alexa. Maybe I've ever made. It's been the most extraordinary experience. And I I can't even say it was lucky because I would take the luck. Can. was such a terrible situation. But I don't underestimate the rarity. It's the experience this I had I. It's been. Just the Simple Act of guessing. Being able to go. Like the coaches wheel. Oh. Going picking up a paintbrush in mooning being able to do that. And, in fact, not being told in. Oldest different directions, the fashion world demands the Tweeden cold. It will then. Whether it's. Doing Press Ole. Eccentric Cetera etc different things. So when I when you fill astonished me about this I, said Focus and I. I have, but yes, that's very different totally. How tell the tell me I think this. May Be a complexity of intent. But simplicity of how it's rendered. So things. as they see. The that that not contrived. This, who sleep honesty. Now In all the different things. Different emotions which we will be going through. And I think everybody is being. The survey academician period. We're lucky bonds. We living in festival country. Not Touch would have not been now. Maybe the most important thing that we've been experiencing. Experiencing is on steal something. Honesty of purpose. So interesting that you know I, I was thinking to mutual crowder about a new collection, and she also talked about competitive complexity of simplicity of. Of real of realization and On a C., being the sort of Greenwich. Humility as well I hear. I've heard designers I've been talking to. In Zoom talk about humility. The takeaway from one of the one of the most wouldn't takeaways from his time because I. Think he see this whole big thing going on that time, you think. Oh my God. I'm making critique clothes for. Spoilt women or something like that. And yes, that's the end product, but it's made what he do is really look at Jay and that the that backs us. Hump is maybe the reason they ocean business in the first place. And it's very very easy to get that. Because Ninety nine point nine nine cents to the time you being told to do otherwise and you have to do is. Because you'll. Running a business in being media superstar if you will. Jones. Is. It's very difficult to remember. The reasons that you got into it. that. The joy of creation that you feel. Which has somehow being. unsaddled. From? The politics of creating within within the company. Mean I'm sure you must also feel this Initi- books this giant organization essentially when she gets morning the. Piece of paper on her soul. Much Do, but this is huge. This is like a this is kind of like A. Damascene, conversion was some. This is hey, can you right back to a to a bland to a black slaves in a way? Absolutely I think every I think everybody is being going through that. All the designer who I work with regularly. Happening gangs through that and being really examining. What they doing and I think. Considering the state of How well how retail will be? Or not it's a very good same. The everybody's considering what badgering because I think they really have to formulate era is. Because it, the fashion businesses Malkin. Way To. What would be your ideal world? Then what would be your ideal vision of action? Wild ouster base I mean I. I've said all along I. I, love the idea of the shop with the autism you know, and the personal relationship between the Creator and the customer sort of quite an old world vision, actually yes, and for me as well that privacy. And sometimes people say what you. Want to people by Wednesday things. Because it's being made for them spent especially. Because, they could influence the design. blender is that the greatest design of he made Tanisha his. In innate eight curbs Oversight dressmaker things which he. Did with the same passion as he did Grand Baucau. Closeness of working with somebody is. Very important so I think. Yeah The an privacy. Most clients actually. Many clients. Who buy very expensive. Things don't want to have A. Address they seem on the comfort vogue. They won't something which is much more discreet in that, which is especially for them and I know. For example, a ranch mine who works for Amas says the jury. Down that makes measure service. People, who normally super-busy Business Oh have very busy line. It'd be sending enjoying their mates measure business. Case for. Minded people handle something like that Going through the roof so. Special yes, if he won't. A great t shirt! You can get that anywhere, but. People spend money on something special so. I. Could go definitely future, I think. table difficult. But that that's perfect, perfect you, then people people would come to you and say. Make me a half. While The only thing. Is that during lockdown coming out to block town? I know it's all over. The world had sales, not only mine. been going through. Amazing enough yes, in America in the far, east in China. have people being buying hats because they're an expression of? An Evacuated but wonderful good time. and. Where are they wearing them? Maybe that wearing a hat? Maybe they just want to get the books. Maybe they just want to knock on the fragile. See I. do like the idea of it that that things that we've kind of paid lip service to as private ledges actually have gone back to being private pleasures. People getting dressed up with home which? Yup Maybe. The hats on having. Hats on having wild sex I mean I hope they. HATS AN APHRODISIAC will. Maybe you can put a hatch all any. You want to be. A hat and a he'll have nail. Naked in between. You've said that to me had certain APHRODISIAC, but you did say that to me once. Goldeneye repeating myself not no, I think it's I. Think it's a it's a it's A. It's a idea worth repeating day. Even. What I think we need to get you in a few hot Sunday but very beautiful. But. You you mentioned my head once you said it was the biggest hit ever measured. I was telling you when I. Hit a motorbike that I couldn't get a crash helmet in the biggest commercially available size of crash helmet I had have a crash helmet made for me and I'm sure you could have gone to Nassir into Pio. Really, why couldn't you head now? You laugh the menu image my head, you sick from God your rights. It's just. It allows brains or is it. Solid New Zealand Solid Kiwi upbringing. Now if you put your emi, you can hear the wind whistling. Oh whistling across the beyond mood. Mind like the sound outside Palm, springs. With Cinerama on Sunset Boulevard where where next and you've got lead shaffer deal couture, but what I'm actually making hot streak wedding. This weekend coming up and then let shake a week off. And then. Extensive preparing for collections in September. Because coolest. Fashion businesses permit rid. Working on things for this time next year? I'm working about a year in advance to hopefully by that, things would have found some sort of ballots. Will be in Britain big social events like us good, who has weddings which council this year nipping till next you will them, so I think twenty twenty hundred into very brave is yeah, so the fact that I might have. A spanner auctioning off. After this is finished is wonderful. The do sort of dread the if it's Tuesday, it must be Belgium lifestyle I'd the return of that lifestyle for for you. You know that you as you said F. star at your side an you've found this in a peace and tranquility at home Do sort of kind of secretly drenthe the the the the the carousels going to kick off the gain at top speed. Well, it certainly is not going to kick off at top speed because we know came to be I. Know can be able to commute. Harrison San waves I used to go to U.. N. perpetrated with Marc Jacobs. That's not going to happen, because it's too complicated. Knife traveled a few times. Going through, and I have to say you're a story streaming. It's not going to have to say needs and if it doesn't have to say. I'm going to I. Mean already. I, do fittings with. Tom Brown Jacobs On in Japan Through facetime will resume will through out so for me. This is slightly business usual. But you're at yeah. I, anti motto Scheduling. Hang back to. Wolves honey enough just before. Korn T I had to Paris for the day. And I could be a almost in the third person is very interesting to see. That also what I was supposed to be doing within this fashion. The. We all keep high. and. It was great, but I was very happy to be. At the end of the day. While I was always worried about you I wanted you to take it easiest sad that that is my hopefully. Keep it up, but Keep it yeah same time? Assuring US said in and get over that. I'm ready for my close. Well thank you so much. Even it's lovely to see you and Let me see you to as. I didn't know if we will see each other in. September might see each other say she before have presented professional level. Golden is what's going to happen September. On some people counselor shows some people are hell bent on having meshes or some sort of showing. The one thing about passionate evolves if it doesn't evolve, doesn't make sense. You know we haven't seen the people since March the seven Avonex. Being with other people's now the so yes kind of physically. It's a strange. Strange world where Justin, but you're always in my heart. Never? From my clothes. In, case it well outrageously to seize even okay seat him. If you've enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe. Give a rating, and you might be interested in joining the business. A FASHIONS GLOBAL MEMBERSHIP COMMUNITY BE O. Professional. Are members receive exclusive deep dive analysis regular email briefings as well as unlimited access to our archive of over ten thousand articles, our new IPHONE APP learning materials from Piaf Education.

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