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Snoop Dogg + Gayle King, Brady vs. Dak, LeBron vs. Giannis, Panthers, Kaepernick's book, Matt Stafford


Hey Yeah Jimmy here and you speak for yourself. You're forced to think for yourself and when you think for yourself. The sports world looks in order to enjoy this podcast. This this show. You need to have the courage to look at the world from alternative points of view and not be offended when you disagree. Speak for yourself. Isn't your twitter facebook. Instagram feet? Wide tells you what you need to hear and not what you want. So welcome aboard buckle up and enjoyed we start right here in Los Angeles. Id Snoop Dogg Gayle. King controversy over the legacy of Kobe. Bryant was turning into quite the teachable moment last week. Cbs aired a highlight package of king interviewing former WNBA star. Kobe Bryant friend Lisa Leslie. That focused on king asking whether two thousand and three sexual assault allegations complicated Bryant Legacy Snoop dogg Lebron James and others used social media to attack king for asking the question in the immediate aftermath. Brian's tragic death snoops Profane rant struck king and others as a physical threat. Kings friend Oprah Winfrey said snoops worse provoked death threats towards King. Susan Rice National Security Adviser during the Obama administration took to twitter and pledged that an army would destroy snoop if his actions harm gayle king over the weekend snoop clarified and walked back. His harsh words releasing an instagram video claiming his words were not a threat and that he's a nonviolent person. Well finally yesterday snoop did the honorable thing and issued an apology via instagram. Don't make no right control. GotTa Fix Gayle. King probably told you down by coming at you and Toy Mattis based on promotions me being angry aggressive bags. Overreacted should have handed way different than that. I was raised way. A lot of people. Look up to me appreciate me so I want to let them know that. Anytime you mess up. It's okay to fix okay to man up and say that you won't cynics will question the sincerity of the apology. They will accurately point out that Snoop's financial livelihood is at stake. You can't be a regular Martha Stewart's cooking show if you're threatening sixty five year. Old Women snoops advertising basis justifiably uncomfortable with a mistake made here but I don't question snoop sincerity because of the ground covered in the apology by saying. Two wrongs don't make a right. He's stood firm in his belief. That king's line of questioning was inappropriate. He acknowledged that his original rant was a byproduct of being controlled by emotions rather than logic and reason he recognized that he embarrassed his family particularly his mother and he accepted that he has a responsibility to be a role model to the young people. Who Look Up to him. And then at the conclusion snoop ask for a chance to make peace and find common ground privately. He covered nearly every base. More importantly his apology should provoking conversation. Among men particularly black men about controlling our emotions. We live in this new age society where everyone thinks. It's important to express their emotions. Social Media Beckons us to share our emotions. Like we're sitting on Oprah's couch twenty four seven. I reject the entire concept. It's unmanly it's a detriment to society. I cannot speak for women. But it's my belief minter best serve working through and harnessing their emotions privately within themselves with their spouse or a therapist constantly sharing or giving into our emotions leads to poor decision. Making I said snoop covered nearly every base in his apology. The only issue he failed to touch was his love. Affair with being high is become fashionable to laugh off marijuana. Use Drugs Cloud. You're thinking they make it easier to give into your emotions. We think there's no penalty for drug use. American prisons are filled with men who lost control of their emotions and made poor decisions while high. The SNOOP DOGG Gayle King. Controversy gives us a lot to talk about what we brought in Los Angeles rapper. Fan of speak for yourself. Glasses Malone help us talk about it. This show is now officially one hundred percent certified Lavar Arrington is utilised here with us as well Marcellus. Yes Sir yeah. The SNOOPS MISSTEP with Gayle King illustrate a problem. We have with control our emotions. No it does not Now four talked to snoop last night He wanted to thank this show in particular talked to his mom. He said watching our show. in-depth he said it triggered some things internally will made him want to come out and make that public apology and he's looking forward to come on our show. Hopefully we can make that happen very soon. But what snoop just highlighted to me was something that I took notice of growing up whether it was incompetent or offs lawson and edge mar which is a ghetto mindset and to me a ghetto mindset is when you don't have value around you and you don't feel perceived value. You don't have a lot and when you don't feel like you have a lot you trip over every little thing and it's an emotional trip is emotional trigger and we all know emotional. Intelligence is not fluid in logic. Did they don't speak the same language? And what we saw with snoop was that subculture glasses know about it. I know about it. I think we all know about it. Where you start to see situations come towards you pose themselves as stretch to you because you don't have the deep security the deep maturity or not fluent in how to express yourself in a cognitive way in a logical you. Just go to your emotions. My mother was a victim of having too much emotional intelligence out of balance my sister the same way. It didn't take anything for them to get triggered ready to go upside your head or worse not me now my father and I live so close to that line intimately I saw snoop in that same moment had that same trigger occur so. His misstep to me illustrates that no matter who you are if you are part of that ghetto mindset and I saw white white kids black kids women as I just describe if you were in that world. A use ascribe to that subculture. You were victim as well well and there's not a lot to say but I don't WanNa say ghetto. I like the word poverty. Okay because it's not just our problem. Is Anybody who you know if somebody steals your car and this is your car. Then you're willing to go too far but if you have five cars and somebody carjacked you for your car. Then you have another car where we come from. All you have is reputation. That's all you have. All you have is your emotions. All you have is how you feel. And honestly snoop. It wasn't just this specific thing gayle king. It was also the fact of the combination of Oprah and Gayle King looking like they're coming after black man he said it initially but he didn't really go in depth about it he said why us. And that's the that's like a big thing like if you look at Bill Cosby. You see gale Oprah I don. I didn't really see either talking about Bill Bill Cosby. But it's not Kevin Spacey. If you look at our Kelly you have gail interviewing r Kelly right but you don't have gale talking. Any of Elvis Presley's appears or or anything about his situation in the same light. If it's oprah invest in in Michael Jackson's Neverland now committee where as the Jeffrey Epstein Documentary if is Russell Simmons. You're producing documentary back. Russell Simmons and and his situation or whatever you believe it to be but there's none on Harvey Weinstein. That's your friend where that interview Kobe Bryant. But there's nothing on big gotcha point get your point the only thing and I think those are legitimate and I think that's where we started our conversation originally about trying to clarify what snoop really meant and I don't think he did but he could have done. Just what you just did hear. Break it down. Without threatening or creaney appears he's threatening Gayle King and he acknowledges he let his emotions get in the way to where if he had set back in a cold reasonable fashion he could have provoked a really powerful discussing. Snoop is the voice to the underserved community and I think when snoop saw the interview much like the comments that he saw he reacted and I think it did expose To the question controlling our emotions I think it did expose a larger conversation and and the issue that I I always try to address as well which is when we when we ever taught to handle emotions. You know we can get into talking about where we're from different things like that. There are resources. Is that some people are are privy to having that most of the populations don't have all right so when you think about somebody who is coming up. When are we talking about? Hey control your emotions. Hey wit control your emotions church. It's not in schools. Rotc programs the military you go to a cadet situation. I can see that. I can't even really identify and and sports when a coach which truly saying to control your emotions I would disagree with. Come on art. Don't talk about controlling. Most coaches coaches talk about performance coaches talk about execution coaches. Talk about being in. Control yourself to be able to perform but emotions. I've never really like to always reactional. Not Not proactive. I don't I don't really Sunday and Marcel is set it off top. When he talked about his father and for me it comes from my father and the conversations we had about playing a game of chess instead of a game of checkers and there was only one way for this way. My father brought to them not trying to be a fifth. There's only one way for a black man to survive. Play chess if you run out here and play checkers. And be all emotional. There's a gravesite or jail cell waiting for you here. That's the way it was ultimately. I don't I don't think it's DNA based like almost feel like it's kind of like this is DNA by our parents are emotionally strong as well. So we have. I don't know don't know how y'all relationship work but if something happened in my home my father got upset about it. He was driven by emotions and he's military so there's very few people that would have as much control in terms of what it is that how they handled themselves then somebody who served in our country and a real war by the way he he really did get injured so to me. I look at my mom. She's a schoolteacher. If something took place emotions got involved. I don't think it's a I don't think it's a detracting thing to say. We are emotionally driven. But it's something that we should look at was that ever publicly see privately is inside. Your House truth. Social media is for everyone true truth. We look at social media like it's a cure for personal problem like off. I go to social media. I'll get the attention I need. When social media is really the virus US opposed to put out content that infests? Everybody that that you want to spread can't put out stuff you don't want them this free So maybe your dad was in within the household like Hey I'm gonNA kill everybody but he didn't do that public right. GotTa make sure we keep in Wall Association and I think that's a great addition to the point. I certainly think a great distance to the point. It doesn't need to go on and I think if snoop and that's why I apologize. I think snoop hat opportunity. Where in the old days? He would have had to find an outlet who's going to do the interview published. I think glasses makes the point that I'm trying to highlight in terms of social media has convinced US come out and share all your emotions gayle king right there with it. Where did she respond to snoop via social media and and now it took about ten days for snoop to say you know what I mean? You Gail we need to sit down and talk privately and talk about in deal with these issues. And that's why I gotTA GIVE SNOOP A lot of credit. He's made some mistakes but his course correction has been very good. He's a voice he's voice right. He's definitely more than a voice in his mature state right now but we can't question the stripe steady wears through the process of their maturation. And being where I'm from and no one snoop intimately like that makes me respect. The man for the distance traveled and journey to the point. Where snoop is now going to come out with contrition and say I apologize for just putting this out there this energy when I have so many followers who are looking at me to make my next step in a direction in a positive way I wanted. Just digress and say one thing though we gotta watch our pronouns because I think sometimes we take ownership. We think we've monopolize poverty or ghetto when we don't go back year Irish when it came to America Fighting Irish. Get who is Janelle is is how additions not colored. Sean and I always want to say because people being thinking ghetto synonymous blatch. Calm you down. I love the fact that Snoop confronted what he created and then he realized the totality of it and walked it back. And there's nothing that you can say in this situation that says we have a problem. Control are mostly because we all do. We all have different triggers. True my triggers different in your trigger and your triggers different in his trigger. But let's respect that when you go to that place where is going to be in public consumption jer always lucas social media as an APP. And everyone on there is not qualified to give an opinion but they do. I look at the back of the class got the microphone right so when I see social media I giggle more than anything. I think you have the mantra of Judge my columns enjoy my tweets. Enjoy my tweets. Because they'll take seriously but there is a large population out there who takes these things to heart and takes tease lockstep direction and snoop realized that in those ten days. I realize I'm giving people the wrong direction. This come back the thing you make the point you made about social media that I want to expound on again why I've narrow the focus down to us and Y you know. This show really leans into a blackmail conversation because I want to address issues pertinent to us social media particularly they got this thing that they call black twitter and we as black people have been convinced that twitter is our best friend and then social. Media's our best friend and is what you say we think this is a solution. We think this is the place to go that we are dominating. We're in control. Show our emotions and we're GONNA cancel people and all this other stuff and I look and I'm sitting back. We can't sleep ourselves. We're dirtying up our names by giving into our emotions over social media and this is why I'm so glad to see snoop take the steps and he just took and again. Everybody knows me glasses of friends with tech nine and toured with technology technology. My Guy Anybody that knows me I got a love. Hate thing would rap. I can be critical of it and I've probably been critical. Snoop in the past. But it's no different than Kobe when you start moving to areas that I really really respected. I'm going to do nothing but celebrates you and this do just walked into a lane to Kobe was in. I felt like by mentioning. The loss of control of emotions. Helps me try to help. People understand like social media's bathing us into this yeah snoop Marcellus noses sloop is. I've had this conversation publicly. Snoop is such a huge icon. And sloop knows he's this huge icon. Which sloop I don't really ever think understands. How big is he just is him. He's so naturally him everything he's doing is just him so even how he uses this platform how talks since? I came into the rap game snoop has always been like snoop. He's much bigger than that to the point like he's doing songs with guys in Turkey and Germany and it's the biggest thing you know what I mean like. I was looking on Youtube. It's the biggest thing with a song. What a guy from Turkey and Germany? And this is snooping. It means everything to their country so I think sloop also he's him so he doesn't realize he means so much to all of us so when you flex a we flexing we flexing right which you and. That's a huge responsibility has to authentic. That is just that. There's no veil so he's like Yo this who I really am. You're like Oh wait a minute. I have to be something higher than that because so many people follow me. Maslow's hierarchy of needs. I don't know if a lot of people know about this and my wife put me up on game on this and it really describes the human condition. There's five steps of the first one to grow in this pyramid. You have to qualify and graduate from the bottom up like a pyramid. I one physiological simple. Basic needs food water breathing. Then we get to safety. Do you feel secure in your surroundings. Then you get to love and belonging because once you feel safe you can start to let a little this out because I feel secure. Then you get to a steam Wa- start to believe and then when you get challenged where people say gang. Bangers do this now. I believe I love security basic needs and then the last one is self actualization now when I just said map it onto the hood. How many people have graduated from? Level One heart is so hard and then you talk about a guy like snoop you just saw graduation. You just saw him realize oh actually snoop. Dogg who controls a lot of people's emotions and energy so I love that but then we have to keep ourselves my full of so many people who are struggling climbing up this pyramid and many of them won't even get close it. That's why he spoke in the beginning she to begin with but we gotta go but I do want to end on this note. I hope the gayle king takes snoop up on his offer to me with. I understand why she's offended. I understand why she was afraid. I do believe he's being January one to connect with her and something to be gained from that conversation. 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I moved to Dallas where Dak Prescott still doesn't have a deal and rumors have been flying about what they're qb situation could look like next season last week. Michael Irvin said he was hearing that. The team wanted Tom Brady and now Peter King says he actually thinks Jerry Jones would rather have brady under center than Dak Prescott. Wow Peter King is right here no not at all and it is Jerry Jones victim of reputation bias right now and as messed up. We're GONNA use that two thousand fourteen. Johnny Manziel ill thirst steady. Had Steven Jones will talk them off. The Ledge S. six years later and he has constructed a great roster to the point where we think that they're underachieving and now Peter King who is going to go out there and say I'll bet you. He wants Tom. Brady why because that's what everyone sees Jerry. Jones the low hanging fruit thoughts of Jerry Jones. He wants his franchise quarterback he wants them at the proper value. He wants to be a great negotiator. He wants to build around his franchise quarterback because his team has underachieving but no he does not want forty three euro. Tom Brady with the Star power with the Star on his helmet. I'm with you absolutely not. He wants to pair these two young talents in Prescott together for years to come. He said it publicly. And then when you look at what he's doing contractually he. He extended Zeke for six years. He wants to extend that for about six years. He has his quarterback or his head coach who he feels like if I insert this guy. This is the missing piece. I got my quarterback. I just got to find out where he fits number wise that makes him happy and us. Happy in it's feasible to do but no I don't. I don't believe that at all. I think he he understands what he hasn't Dak Prescott. It's too hard to find another guy when you've brought a head coach on and then you'd give him. Tom Brady for one. Maybe two years and then say okay. Look for something else. Let's Redo this all over again. He wouldn't do that yes by. And here's why not because. I'm Tom Brady Fan but I know who Peter King is very well very. Well you don't you. Don't build up to the type of credibility and the boldness in an industry that he he has by just throwing out loosely based facts so by him coming and being a strong with his statement rather have his quarterback and he felt confident. Putting it out. There says to me there is a ton of validity to it. It's you made the point that because just like the way we were talking about. Snoop in a voice for his community here in the football world. Peter King's a major voice. That's room they don't. He doesn't go out. Willy Nilly and say things like this controversy. He's not hosting this show. You don't take chances. I take when he goes out and speculates. Somebody's whispered in his ear and he's following in off of Michael Irvin basically saying the same thing in walked back walked back into it. Wasn't somebody with a job with the cowboys are these discussions being had and just like. I said they're being had with Jerry Jones and the reason why Jerry Jones j Jones in win now win now and look. Would he much rather sign back to a long term deal? Yes is he frustrated as hail. The DAK wouldn't take thirty three million. They offered him and the DAD has overvalued himself and put himself in a position where he's forcing us to do. Something we clearly don't WanNa do overpaying and so jerry has gone to his default position a is that DAX fought. They had opportunity before this year before last year to take care of it but they didn't they waited. They wanted to see just like we all wanted to see. Is He really what we think he could be? And then once he had this season with an AF- a full season with the Mark Cooper and some weapons that they put around him and they went eight they went. They went eight name underperforming team under before but he and he made sure he. Let's keep this going. Let's TAG team. You finally got somebody over here that I can't go ahead. I have materials here using Peter King's words against Peter King. He starts off the statement by saying I bet. Sound like you. WanNa join up where this eight. The Normal Peter King that'd be reporters are beck conjecture right. Yes you know your factual that's a great point. But just understand that when Peter King says I bet it's different than me saying I I. It's it's it's different what he said. I just feel like there's some credibility to and there's the whole Michael Irvin. Ps as I'm GonNa say the other thing that I think y'all and I thought Lavar befallen this trap too but again better looking at me more successful all of that. You haven't been in this position where you have to go to plan. B. Is like Tamarind Hall is playing a but if I have to go to an all time great of Holly Berry. I'll do what now out of here. This is certainly a negotiation tactic. Let let's be clear on this and take away from this. Let's let's be clear on the takeaway. You are continuously building building. The conclusion of we are not going to pay you back. We really do not want to pay you back down. We are trying to give you the money that we want to give you that. We're comfortable with but as days go on and more people come out and this is this is like a nail in the coffin to kill Peter King the put that out there I guarantee one hundred percent says that it could very well happen very happened that Tom Brady ends up with a stalled semi we started off with. I Bet Y'all started to give me a little bit. He sailed bottles. I do too. I got to Vegas. Who would you rather have your quarterback be at twenty twenty? We're talking hypotheticals. Peter King is reporting hypotheticals now context matters because he's not talking into contracts of a contract and football as a business. He's talking idealistically. What would Jerry Jones rather half a one year not reality to reality at school? He never addressed. Who Jerry Jones is going ahead? There would be no reason for him to casually lob this out there to be consumed lavar. I'm your number really impressed because that is the mind of a journalist. When you're Peter King and you write opinion pieces you dabs of information out there that you can walk away from if they turn out to not be true but look like a beast you look like if it if it does come true and you only do that. If you have low of information to say you know what it's worth taking this risk. Sometimes it blows up your. It ain't no different than I said here. Unable to a bit big Bet I. The clippers are waiting for trae partner. And they're GONNA get Leonard. I had tiny kernels. Information wasn't strong enough for me to lead a show with it so in the middle. What was so. We had the conversation. I threw it out there. Oh it paid off ourselves. That's why I say continues to say that's why he's got a couple of really good personnel guide and his son. Steven Jones to talk him off his ledge. Thank you because you can't build a team around the forty three year old. Well whether that's true or not what he's basically telling you is. It's being discussed no point. It's it's considered. It's thought yes we've been there before. They may not do it but they don't. They don't come out from nowhere joined now by Fox. Nba analysts Tino mobile crispy over there. Good to see to the Lakers. Who pulled out in overtime win over the nuggets last night? Which sent them to the all-star break with a four game lead in the Western Conference. The brand dropped another triple double and has surpassed a lot of people's expectations this year playing his way into the MVP conversations with Janas onto the Kubo. Who's been leading the conversation all year when you look at the numbers? Lebron stacks up pretty well with the Greek freak trailing in points and rebounds but leaving the NBA and assist and shooting a higher percentage from three. Are Questionnaires Lebron Catch? Jonassen the MVP. Race no I don't think you can catch him Only way he could is if he play better maybe he was the best player on his damn team about that. I like win the MVP of purple and gold. I but in all seriousness. Jaanus is going to have a better team record. He's going to have better numbers in totality distinct. That this is a situation where Jaanus is fully motivated once again because of the shortcomings last year. we know that right now lebrons motivated. But he's in the shared experience with Anthony Davis and they're GONNA rob each other of some of the shine that's necessary to get him over that Hump and get him to beat the reigning MVP. I knew lebrons going to do this as far as there was doubt last year. About Lebron from you guys. Yeah Yeah Dow now again. Now you think about this. The brand doesn't have to prove anything when it comes to trying to get an MVP. He's had those John Owner on zone. Another level where's the last year you elst right where you should have been more of an MVP player to get your team to the next round. Lebron James now is looking at this situation like okay. I don't have to be MVP. But I gotTA play. Mvp type of game so that we as the Lakers can be in a good position towards the end of the season. He doesn't have to catch Jonah so he's not no he doesn't have to catch you on us. That's not the question. Can he know for what seventeen season he could be the MVP campus in his seventeenth season? You're talking about him as MVP got it though. That's not the same and you know what you're talking me into look Lebron and Jordan. We know what this is all about in terms of legacy Jordan. Has this perfect legacy by being perfect in the finals. Then also no social media to see all his downfalls. We focus on a daily like we do. Lebron Lebron is trying to go with this totality argument. What is it GonNa have forty thousand ten thousand ten thousand? Mvp Year oh championship in my seventeen year. Like he's going to do things that Michael Jordan can even accomplish which is gonNA get him greater in that conversation of. Who's the real goat in NBA distinct unfair because one is the Bron James? Thirty five and Genesis. Twenty five right but what I think is a great accomplishment. Lebron part is that we even speaking about Lebron being in the top five. I think you're underselling. Lebron in terms of what his story is forgetting the MVP. And your overselling Jaanus. Because I sit here today is like. Oh this is great. We honest doing but I saw him do walled up in the playoffs and expo- and so it's easy it'd be nice regular season numbers. I'm not understood having really seen Lebron Outside of Dallas series. When he took himself out. I've never seen anybody take Lebron out and so I believe these numbers that Lebron is doing and this season he's I. This is the real deal. This will translate to the post season. I have questions about Jaanus and whether this translates to the postseason and in his seventeen year. That's a hell of a story to sell to say he should be the MVP. I listen I always Nebraska. Mbp to me. Because Lebron James Right is the epitome of a you. Play to K- you make personnel. You're making Lebron James Up. That's what you're doing it until genius becomes that like Lebron where you winning championships in your teams better. The brand teams will always be VP. Greg Jennings is back with us. Joins US now Super Bowl? Champion will blackmon now for questions today. I'd take it away homeboy. Srs Mood Joe Borough who said to number one to the bengals in this year's NFL draft but whitlock. You've been pushing for a different team. The panthers to go all in the try to get the number one. Pick FROM FANCY ARE FRANKLY TRAVIS. Had An interesting idea how that could actually happen tweeting out. It seems as if Carolina's moving on from Cam Panthers over Christian McCaffrey in the number seven picks that the bengals so the parents could draft joe number one to the bengals take. When asked you guys do you think Carolina's trace EMC in pursuit of borough look? I'm a huge. Cmc Fan but yeah. I would trade him if if if that's what it took to get a job borough and I'm not just San trained to the bengals. Maybe the Bengals don't want C. MC because they got joe mixing but if you gotTA trae McCaffrey to get another asset to trade to try to couple with your number seven pick. Yeah I would do it and I I love rule for cabin got gather myself. You Finish your notes right. 'cause I'm not even interested in considering this you know somebody just coming you idea like dog move bre but I'm GONNA do my job chickens coming first of all Joe Boroughs not even the best quarterback into draft. That's to who got the healthy hip right now is going to show everybody number. One and Bucky Brooks is mock draft as well so is getting out there. This is the best prospect to too much value and give it up a number seven pick and CMEC the first running back says Marshall Faulk to go for a thousand thousand. We call that data. What ask you know why you don't hear much? Because not clear. Sits he got into the League? Man leading an scrimmage yards. You know WHO's number to somebody? Who's good to great? Oh Ezekiel Elliott second distant. Second so no man I I can keep going and I'll probably will get on my face with this. Yeah I'm with shoe. This is a no brainer. I keep. Cmc this he'd provides you with so much offensively and then regardless of who your quarterback. Is I make them even better. So why get rid of me? That he's the only reason what when you look at the Carolina Panthers now that they got guys retiring My Guy Camp keithly. They don't even they don't even want him anymore. So it's like he's the only focal point that makes you think that this team is attractive. Yeah I I agree. I'm definitely NOT GETTING RID OF C. Mac I mean he he. Is the offense like you said you had the backup quarterback in? They're getting done. I think the jury the jury is still might be an umbrella. I know we saw we saw last year but this could be a situation like draft. Could be a Bo Callahan situation. Maybe something that they see chicken. The armor I believe is number one but I'm not I'm not going. Let me DICTA STYLE. All of you. All this L- ser- Mike ditka. That's a good reference. What do you think Joe Brady thinks? Carolina's new offense coordinator the passing game coordinator. Lsu right what do you think he thinks? Joe Borough I think he thinks to was. Do you think he thinks but it could be kingsbury situation where he wanted He Wanaka he wanted him so it could be situation where you want their guy look. I'm sure Joe Brady was them but the talent disparity that you have as a luxury lsu Alabama it's not gonNa work that way in NFL so yeah you WanNa go with your guy but you also have to build around your guy because you won't be that far in front and turn talent of other teams. You will face no matter how lowly those teams are so me on outside. I'm not sure that Joe Boroughs not a one and like a one hit wonder in terms of he had a body of work. Would for whatever reason it didn't work out and then he had one year. Lsu before you had this year at Lsu. So I'm not the one that's going to throw everything away for a guy who may had just one one you bring up a good point. Yeah because the coach that has been not only saying what he's been able to do on the field but I know you. I know what you're made of. I know you make up. I know how you function. I know your DNA like that would be attractive for coordinator to get that in there but he also understands. There's other coaches around here. That seeing something different so if they don't see it now they got a new coach. Matt ruled is just coming from the college space right. Who again we've seen it. Who saw her and they got a new owner. And I just think as the organization when you go out and hire Joe Brady off of the one year he had with. Lsu that tips your hand. Like we're all in on Joe Borough right and so now if you go all in on Joe. Bro You gotta get Joe Borough and you may have to give up a piece that you really love to. Because I'm not saying that would do it. I'm not surprised I'm not saying that they wouldn't. I'm saying I wouldn't do it but they are starting from scratch. That's the thing they're starting from scratch from the top down so I can see temper making a business moving the football side to go broke because they'll for the long term but we're married men up here and riding around my wife and she loves the person she could give me all the good reason to buy and there's one thing to decide for both of us how much it cost there you go. I mean I look. I know I know you go kill leaner. Look good to me to look good to me to go in all hail to the non to our to our so what let me tell you. Why COMEBACK IS WORTH IT? You know this dress. You Bald me that I've been saving to wear to this Oscar Vinci. Taking me to this is the only person that works with. We've got its own. Tv anybody. They went out there but dressed. They went out and ball loose. And you gotTa have that purse. Look at his first class problems up here. Let me tell you a cost Christian. Mccaffrey Sandwich all time. As a young runner between Eric Dickerson Adrian Peterson. Y'All WANNA get out. No maybe you see cops wouldn't next so we wanted the Oscars. Oh Fox joined once again by LAVAR ARRINGTON and La Rapper glasses alone. Time for the most fear of discussion today. Colin Kaepernick is writing a memoir. It will be a collection of his best re tweets and likes from twitter a collage of photos of him wearing Dashikis corn roles and Afros and a preview preview of his line of Kunda Kim. Tae T shirts and overpriced. Nike's I kid. I don't know what's going to be in the book. My belief is Cabernet. Doesn't know either. We'll be ghost written and funded by the people determined to promote the symbol formerly known as Colin Kaepernick the Promotional Campaign for Capital Book and Publishing Company kicked off this morning on the pages of USA. Today my longtime peer and friend Jerry Bell landed exclusive interview of Kapernick promoting. The Memoir Bell wrote the capital will announce the book deal today. Bell said he exclusively interview cabinet on Tuesday. Bell is one of the best football writers of the past two decades when it comes to capture however bell is more advocate than journalist his piece in USA. Today reads more like a marketing agency. Approved press release than a news story bells pros the silent symbol into the offspring of Dr Martin Luther King Junior Malcolm X. Abraham Lincoln and to Challah from the Black Panther movie. Take a listen to this cap quote. I learned early on that. And fighting against systematic oppression dehumanisation and colonization who controls the narrative shapes the reality of how the world views society it controls WHO's loved. Who's aided who's degraded and who celebrated? Here's another cap quote. I realize being able to control your narrative until your story. The way you want to is very important. The manipulation the colonization the distortion of stories narrative. History has been done forever. This is a way for me to be able to counteract that and begin to decolonize that and centralize the narrative of not only myself but other black and brown writers and authors. I'm shocked this do didn't say four score and seven years ago. I had a dream that one day we would be hoodwinked bamboozled and led astray too. What kind of cap goes for years without talking and now in an exclusive interview with USA? Today he's regurgitating. Tahi coach talking points in a one on one interview. I'm skeptical very skeptical. I'm disappointed Jiro. Bell didn't provide any details on where the interview took place was on the phone in person where there were their handlers around cue cards you landed interview with reclusive newsmaker. You provide some context and of the setting and how it happened. You also ask a couple of difficult questions. Cap is a polarizing figure. Usa Today is a publication for a wide cross-section of America. This is a nineteen seventies profile piece for jet magazine Cap. You think returning. Nfl's a realistic. After you sue the League smeared the league is racist and enjoy. Kuta can take t shirt to a job interview arranged by the Commissioner Cap. If the League is races you say why do you want to rejoin? I don't have a lot of an enthusiasm to read the memoir. Someone else's going to write for Colin Kaepernick is just going to be more propaganda to prop up a symbol. Who has trouble speaking for himself? I myself let's get US rolling. Things CAPS book will be worth reading not for me. But it's going to sail ooh Michelle Obama's memoirs been moved off the shelf caps. Come and I respect the fact that he's doing it in his own publishing company daddy starting so this is GonNa be the first release. Obviously and I love the fact he understands the value. I don't respect that. A guy who in the last four years hasn't given four interviews is now going to go on a press tour. 'cause I sold a book bestseller book to never shut up and guess what it is a lot of questions. Qna's interviews but now he couldn't do that for the message he couldn't do it for his own personal reasons of being a symbol of the message but he could do it for the profit he could do for the book as a little disingenuous for me. Well it'd be reading. I'm not so curious because I'm not so curious of his mental framework. I'm not so curious about how he got to this arrival moment into this place and I'm not so sure that he will be so forth right and telling all the reasons so for me. It's not going to be worth eaten but if someone wants to get to his mental architecture go ahead. I'm not gonNA dicit but it ain't GonNa be on my show. I'll read it. I'll read the book is worth reading. I don't know if I really care about Cabernet. I don't care about cabins opinion but I'll read the book because this roller coaster that's been going on with him for years and years. I I would like clarity and I'm praying that there is clarity. I don't know if there's going to be clarity. I don't know interviews. We HAVE CONVERSATIONS ABOUT TRANSPARENCY. But nobody can ask questions. I don't know if we ever get to the bottom line so hopefully book does it. He's a polarizing figure. And there's no questioning that. I would read the book and I want to read the book because I would want to know what type of journey he's GonNa take his reader on There's been so many different storylines that have been connected to the cat. He's a part of our culture. He's a part of our community. The football community. I would like to see where he's going to go with it. What's the context that I'd like to to see if his if his path is all over the place. It's all in the forest. Or has he charted a course from point A. to Point B. for what it's worth people could not like him. There could be people that love them people that are detractors of him but one thing's for certain he has stayed consistent to what his plan is and to who he believes he is and what he represents and for that. I this could be a golden opportunity for him to actually shed light on people who think not so highly of him and so that's an opportunity that would be enough for me to Pique my interest. I hate to connect us in any way to snoop. But it's like one of the things I liked about snoops apology. And almost everything he's done and this gayle king situation he spoke for himself just him and a camera and it sounded real and authentic. When I hear capper Nick in this organized interview with no tough questions systematical Preston Dehumanisation and colonization the few times. I've heard cap speed. He doesn't sound like this the few times he doesn't put together and again having been a journalist who takes people's quote people even the smartest people don't speak in these types of complete knowledge through reading the Smartest People Rock Obama would allegedly interview. And so I think glasses and my son is. Would you make a great point? There's no caps pro transparency. But he's the most secretive and reclusive leader. You've ever seen in the way. He's controlling his emotions off. Wei In curved it right back but then Marcellus pointed. I hadn't thought was like you would do no talking when you had the entire spotlight. And a chance to speak out against police brutality and the underserved community and how they're mistreating the criminal justice system. You would do no talking then but now that you have a book to Promote Publishing Company started when USA Today and you're about to go on a campaign or you better and he is and you know what I. It's sad because it's just more protests personal profit just like the Nike shoes and then was going out there. Oh One shoe store is giving away part of the proceeds not Nike Shoe store. So I I catch all these little things and then he went mute for martyrdom so everybody could be like. Oh I don't know but the mystery is the martyrdom come he says right now in this softball Q. And A. that. He wants to control the narrative. Now is twenty twenty. Sorry brother in twenty fourteen to uninterrupted started and the players. Tribune and their whole macho was to control the narrative for the athletes especially the Black Catholic. And this is gonNA come out six years later about. Oh I want to control my narrative. And then the southbound as you just said the colts if you've read the autobiography of Malcolm X. Which we think we all have seen Black Panther. You say what he just say right there. It's so simple. It's so mainstream colonization. What the hell. Yeah literally. I did think Black Panther I was like man he read in so look. Look I I don't like to like to totally boo boo on them. But I do question when he asked. Why do I do it at this moment? Why not earlier in my career a lot of the surrounding me? Everyone wants to know. Now can I take the other side of this second? Need just a just a process on possible perspective. Is it far out to think that he has thought this out and really vetted this out to a point where now it's like once you put something in a book and you've written a book I don't know? Have you ever done a book? Have you ever done a book though I have? I have when I didn't like somebody goes. Rome is like once once it's on on the paper once it's there to be read. You can't recant that you can't. You can't take it back even if you have to if you're forced to because something comes out it's there so if you're going to speak in those terms whereas definitive on what it is that you're standing for him what you believe in why not think it through. Why not why not and we talk it out and have a business associate. We manufactured in crafted instead of authentic in which he really did it for. You know what you did. If that's fine authenticity. Sixteen well what if he can find authenticity within that manufacturer deal? I'm just looking at it. I just wanted to see if he produces this book. Ken We feel like there is authenticity connected to Colin. Because I haven't felt like there has imposed on a lot. Different Wars quotes. We decolonization here. Speak to kids from their neighborhoods. Don't come with the decolonization. And all you know dehumanisation all these big buzz words. You don't looked up at last thing. We don't have a lot of time but I get. I don't think he's in control of his narrative. I think other people are in control of cabinet. He's been a symbol being used by people with a political agenda to take on football as part of it but also to take on the patriarchy. I believe he's just a prop transparency. No is he controlling his narrative. No the whole campaign lacks transparency. That's controlling your narrative like he's putting out what he wants to put out but we just losing a level of authenticity. So is it him saying these things I don't know but I know it's not transparent at all and that scares me. I know he has helped if he certainly has resources and he has a community. That's surrounding him. That helps him come up with it and I think people benefit if he can keep his cost strong and can continue to build it out so but I do think that he's composes. Cap It is it is it is and I but I do believe that. He's leading the charge on what he wants his narrative to be. Yeah well for me. I think that the lack of transparency and the different consultation dead. He's under the guidance of now. That's different than Dr Harry Edwards. Who initially consult them? If not in that same position right now you can see this shift in position and the shift in this protest so and look I. Just keep it one thousand. I already know the story of this suburban try hard. You know what that looks like. Always get questioned in over compensates. I know what that looks like that Book and Grace Man saw and look how transparent is going to be. Why did I start it not earlier and you know when I was different persona? Is he going to capture knicks? Is he going to go there? Is He really going there? Because we know you want to talk football up Outta Smith anybody WANNA talk. Oh this is a book your out in my book. Talks bad about me and good. Outta SMITH TO NESSA to teammate. We go in there if we go there. I'm reading this book. If we ain't going there the Bar Aaronson will Black Bat Detroit sponsored by Ziprecruiter. The smartest way to hire after another disappointing year reports surfaced. Today that the lines are actually looking at Trade Matthew Stafford but general manager. Bob Quinn. Mealy said. The reports was quote one hundred percent. False Stafford's been in Detroit for eleven seasons but he's never won a playoff game. Marcellus would move on from Stafford. Be The smartest way to win. No not at all. I know he didn't play a lot last year and had to lose record into games he started eight games three four and one but boy was he on eight-game mission. Did you see the numbers boy boy back Marvin Joe Man. If you really WANNA take it. All the way out and extracted sixteen gay. It was like a five thousand yards season forty touchdowns around that world. He was balling. That said this team doesn't have a lot of teams success and starting to look at that paycheck. Like what are we getting for this and for me? I wouldn't want to get a lesser quarterback. Because he's going to be lesser in value and then all of a sudden expect more from the team so I was staying pat and build around him as much as you can because he has a tremendous arm inability as we dissect the top ten picks. It sounds good but definitely definitely not. I wouldn't at all you look at when TV. Please talk about like on town like Aaron Rodgers and Padma home was ousted is right there in terms of arm talent and just make sure to give health right. If you look at this team overall what three head coaches four offense coordinator. There's still things around the organization. Besides what's going on the field that there's an issue they need to solve so I definitely will not do that at all. This this is an important off-season continue to build that team because that's team game once again. The quarter position is totally find. Don't move on from him. He meant to say one hundred percent premature. Not One hundred percent false. Let's be really hasn't the quote that sort of came out. Yes yes. There's a possibility. Let me get you the math equation here. Eleven seasons add in their two thousand sixteen two thousand fourteen two thousand eleven. You know what though years are playoff year's playoffs playoffs. We talked him playoffs years. Only three playoffs Shirt Patricia. At third season going into his third season and then at the final number. You're picking three overall in this year's draft that is not the mathematical equation. That would say you're going to keep one Matthew Stafford it does not equal says yes trade them. Why you WANNA trade him? 'cause you may be able to add another weapon. You may be able to add a more affordable quarterback that can start while you're grooming the quarterback that you draft whatever it may be. The odds are not in favor for you to keep an eleven year vet. That is only made three playoff appearances and that last one being in two thousand sixteen come on. We live in a current environment. Pretty I completely disagree with you. I'm glad you agree. Matt Stafford is not remotely the reason the Detroit. Lions have only made three place in his eleven season. Paid Back Matt. How everybody's cat book just you. Just next point. He does moments around next. Come on. That's what the if Matt Stafford was on the Dallas cowboys will be social salsa fees. And so I was like Whoa me curve. They stick with mass staff. Now if I were the Dallas cowboys I would go if. There's a thought that they might do that. I would go all the way for Matt Stafford. That dude is a difference maker. He was just like Marcella said having a great twenty nine thousand nine hundred and he not got hurt. The team's GonNa have success. I think they would back into the playoffs. But you put mass staffer with the right coach. Andy Reid heading Heli might look like Patrick. Mahomes. CanNot Detour a little bit. Okay so cam. Newton has last seen on. The football field was six into din injury but he was. Mvp then he comes back injured from a preseason and has two games and then he didn't shut it down. We give Matthew staffer. I'm just asking. I don't even know why I'm doing it. Why are we giving Matthew Stafford a lot? More credit in the Camden has last seen before injury. We give him credit for this season. He got injured. They both milk cartons to me. Fine them nobody goes. Yeah let them all go. I like Matthew Stafford. You build around hill but the results don't show that we're doing his favor in terms of trade and you do Matt Stafford or favor. Because if he went somewhere else he was. I can see indy calling. Because he's not he's not going to get hit you know. And they're having time knocking to indy. He's going to let it up again. We'll I like your thought. There are super six contests for the XFL Games this weekend. Yes Sir before. The Games kicked off this Saturday. Make sure you down the sports play for free for your chance to win up to ten thousand dollars of Jimmy's Elvis talking about our approval ratings for Snoop Dogg. Do now you know for yourself. Who's the big dummy okay? Dominant Day go to the person who said. How'd you say off? Respect your argument but I still disagree what I mean. If you respect why you disagree and no matter no more then that's nuance that's called. Whitlam's a little bit of that. Let's talk some Snoop Double D O G or amid how man. Hey apologized to kill king yesterday after coming after for tough question. She asked about Kobe. Bryant's pass shortly after his death. Stupid admitted his emotions got the best of him saying. Two wrongs don't make a right Marcellus. What advice would you give snoop moving forward? Oh Man I have no advice now. Because he stepped up to the plate he knew his influence he knew how grant he was in our communion and world even misstep. He can acknowledge that like you know what they say. It's not about how many times you fall down. So many times you get up and look good. Snoop getting up like this man much. Respect to doll right yeah. I don't even know I have any advice on you. Know Scoop May some Gospel Music and people laughed and thought that was ridiculous and this is what I didn't laugh because I always say it's like when Tonya May Gospel Music I was like well hold on their praising God and Jesus and I'm supposed to be mad but when they're wrapping about dealing drugs also celebrated pre. I'm like now I accept the truth from wherever it comes up. And if his love of Jesus and Gospel Music made him do what he did today or yesterday Gayle King more power to him and his Mama Mama Jimmy. You got any thoughts on snoop well to me. It's really not that complex. Let's be honest. Most Black Man. We come from a single parent home. We raise bar mothers and whether we want accepted or not we're creatures of habit motion as opposed to be a logical so therefore when we find ourselves being confronted with a problem or a conflict we try to solve it with emotion has opposed the logic and then thus we find ourselves having overcrowding in our prison systems and overcrowding and graveyards. I mean think about a man for those of us that did have a debt brother. You know whatever what was. We taught nine times out of ten. What did they say? All not letting nobody disrespects you able. Somebody put their hands on you. You'd better bus head back to the FATMI. Don't come back in here crying. Kinda me or asked you won't have to fight me. Come on repetitive. Repetitively what we're hearing Iran Blues rat-tat-tat I put that fool on his back cullman but actually what is it that we see you know. As far as daddy my daddy was a man that was larger than life. Okay if you cross me. He butcher hit in the streets. I saw at first. It was with my Momma or whether it was me okay now beyond that. Look at this man. Let's talk about what we don't talk about. Let's talk about the fact that when we have to try to deal with life on life terms that we don't possess that ability and then we wanNA start dealing with life in an altered state he. I told you all along. I used to work in law enforcement. I worked in jail for over ten years. I watched it time and time again. They come in jail on Friday night. They WanNa talk to me on Sunday. No doubt what I do what I'm here for. You don't know then after Taylor you WanNa go on suicide. Watch 'cause now you're head on cleared up now you thinking about what you don't see. It now might be a little too late sandwich. Man I respect for snoop because at least we were able to have this dialogue at least way but have this conversation and talk about how we shoud handle a situation instead of how we did handle a situation good conversation. It's about time we've black. Men need to talk about how to handle motions responsibly. Instead of just what we would do on social media no jokes today from uncle Jimmy goodstuff. I'd know want to defend mothers just a little bit. Can't blame them all for our emotional imbalance if we have that. I've got snoop at a role player. Dale Yeah Look Man. Apologize Four all time. Greatest character you know. He's making progress. He's like God's not finished with him just like you ain't finished with me okay authenticity. I'll get twenty sixty nine. May you gotTa do some open. You Ain't listen to Zeus. Do slightly eighty-five even I'll give it a day. Deep cover give low degree. Did you have any gold status?

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