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TV rewind episode three hundred fifty seven. Hello, and welcome into TV, rewind episode three hundred fifty seven for the week of may fifth two thousand nineteen. I'm Stephanie Zimmer happy to you back with you once again. Coming to you for the first episode of may, I had every intention of getting an episode out last week for the last week of April, but you know what they say, what the best laid plans, I had everything written out. It was just finding the time to record and edit that was just not happening for me. So here I am with an episode in may. And I hope that you are understanding of the change of schedule rope not being on a regular schedule. But I'm trying my best to get at least one or two episodes. Artem on I hope you do understand that this podcast is, again, sponsored by best David, Michael, and Lisa thank you for being our five dollars a month, sponsors, Wayne, Donna and Mark are one dollar a month sponsors. Thank you so much. You can join them at patriot dot com slash TV rewind. But just links in the show notes for today. And there's also a button on the homepage of the website. Miss Greta is on the couch with me. And she is panting in the background. So that's probably what you're hearing your TV rewind. Knew bring Arthaud what's on last week's television. We'll take a pause for the news rewind the last week and fast forward to next week and it's been a few weeks, I have talked to you. So we have a lot of things to discuss. We have up fronts coming up next week. So the fates of many shows are being determined as we speak, and we will announce many of those today, that have been announced. But if you don't know about your favorite show, just wait s-. I hope to get another episode out next weekend with the rest of the list. So let's hit it, renewables killing e for a season, three NBC America. That's very good for those who watch that. I've heard very good things about it. But I haven't seen it. Future man for a season three on Hulu which will be its final season berry season three on HBO NCIS season. Seventeen on CBS while good girl season three and NBC blue bloods for a season ten on CBS I can't believe that's been on for that long. When calls the heart for a season seven on hallmark shrill for a season two on Hulu manifest for a season two on NBC. That's exciting. For those who are washing that new show last man standing season. Eight on FOX NCIS Los Angeles for a season eleven on CBS and NCIS New Orleans season six on CBS the good fight season. Four on CBS all access the hundred for season. Seven on the CW, Roswell, New Mexico, all American. And in the dark offer a season. Two on the CW and an end. The historic thing about that is for the first time in many years, they cancel nothing this season. Very surprising. The twilight zone for season. Two unsee Bs all access black Monday for a season to unshowy time on my block for a season three on Netflix empire for a season six on FOX, and it has been officially announced that empire will no longer include jussie smollet as a regular cast members. Although they did extend his contract. So if they do decide to bring him back at some point, he still getting paid. So I don't understand that us really weird. They should cut their losses. If they're not going to really have them as a regular cast member. The chief or a season three unshowy time Penn fifteen and Romney the two different shows, I season two on Hulu blackish for season, six on ABC and Cobra KAI for a season three on YouTube. The only show that I watch on that list is blackish. So happy about the I like that show a lot. CBS will remain in the latter for another year, at least with the network renewing the young of the Russel's and the bold and the beautiful for the nineteen twenty TV season. The network actually renewed its entire daytime lineup which also includes the talk and game shows. Let's make a deal on the price. Is right, the forty seven year old wine are has maintained its position as number one Sopra thirty two years running the coming season will lead will Mark leading man. Eric Brandon's fourth decade with the series. Good for him BNB while. Meanwhile recently marked its thirty second anniversary. So that's exciting. That CVS is staying in the daytime game. It's not good news for all shows because there have to be cancellations along the way. Roh has been canceled after one season on FOX, the gifted after two seasons on FOX wrecked after three seasons on TBS and Santa Clarita diet after three seasons on Netflix. I only watched the pilot of relevant, it was it was rough. So I'm not surprised about that. The gifted I watched season one but I never bothered to keep up with it for season two. So I don't know how much it changed over the last season record. I really liked on TBS that makes me sad. But it's not that surprising because TBS has not seemed to be in the comedy game anymore because they keep canceling all their comedies. Including anti-tobacco that is pretty much canceled, even though it hasn't been officially announced and Santa Clara diet. I was watching like the first couple of episodes on Netflix ex and I really liked it and I wanted to continue. But then I found it I was cancelled. So I, I asked this question on our Facebook group. And I said, you know, a few just started watching a new to you, Cheryl such as in my case Santa Clara diet. And you really liked it. But then you found out that it was canceled. What do you decide to do? I know as a poll question. So I asked you continue to watch it because you're wanted to complete it. Do you stop washing because, you know why bother it's going to end on a cliffhanger anyway? Or do you look up reviews and see if it's worth it either way, the majority went with reader reasons, if it was worth it? So I think I'm going to continue at that show eventually when I have time. Went other shows go on hiatus because I really did, like what I saw. So I'm sad that it's canceled. Had some good potential moving onto other news. The current season of family drama Andy MAC on Disney channel is going to be its last the remaining episodes will air Fridays at eight seven central beginning on my birthday, June twenty first with the series finale scheduled to air on July twenty sixth. But it just shows that Disney channel does not want to keep their live action shows on for very long because I believe that is also its third season. And other shows on Disney, have not made it past third season such as girl meets world. I love it loud. Love that show. Preacher fans. Your prayers have not been answered sorry, the ABC drama will AMC drama that would be interesting without ABC considering what's on that. Joe, the AM see drama will end after its upcoming four season which will debut on Sunday August fourth executive producer Seth Rogan, confirm the news the tweet referring to it as the final season. They got renewed for the fourth season in November with production relocating to Australia. I liked preacher. I think I watched the first two seasons of that and somehow lost interest in it. But it's very dark, and it's very violent. So it was not always for me. Maybe I'll catch up with it someday nearly a month after her merge, twelve arrest. Actress Felicity Huffman is among fourteen defendants pleading guilty to their involvement in alert scheme through which parents paid bribes to get their kids into elite colleges. She pled guilty unaccepted full acceptance of her guilt, with deep regret and shame over what had been done. She said in her statement, per the indictment, Huffman and husband, William, H Macy, who is not referenced by name paid fifteen grand to have someone take the SAT in place of their oldest daughter. Which also resulted in a fourteen twenty score for her. They pursued doing the same for their younger daughter. But ultimately decided not to repeat, the action so good on them. But that and good on her for admitting it was wrong to do and admitting that she did wrong on, like Lori Lachlan who continues to not admit guilt. Despite the it's the fact that it's cost her Oliver jobs, and she might orcas in actress anymore. By at least one of those gals involved with this is admitting. They did something wrong so good for her. Your summer vacation will officially take place in Neptune California, Margaret calendars, the eight episode revival of Veronica Mars will drop on Friday, July twenty sixth, and it has been confirmed that all eight episodes will release at once which is very different for Hulu. They usually do one episode a week. So I'm excited about that. In addition to revealing the premier date, they also dropped a short teaser and, and since then have done another longer trailer. In which she in which Kristen bows character prepares for spring break in Neptune and all the NCAA recites that come with it and the tro that just dropped earlier this week is more about her life in Neptune. As as of now it was lovely, and it had a lot of Logan echoes in it. So I'm off fan of that. Logan, Veronica forever. As freelance reported, it is set five years after the events of the twenty fourteen feature film, which works out to the date. Now, of course and will feature. A new mystery as Mars investigations is hired to look into the murder of a student on spring break your six, I'm super excited for the show. I'm such a huge fan and such a huge marshmallow of the show. I'm very excited. I wish they would announce more people that are coming back because there haven't been enough announcements such as are we getting MAC back because she's a great character. I need some Tina major ruin on my life. We shall see. But always say I'll be tuned in to any announcements that they have if the did the same style they did for their Kickstarter. I'd be very excited like videos for each of the people who are involved, be great. But I don't know if they're gonna do that whilst have to stay tuned it weight, but I'm very. Except for July twenty sixth. I don't know that Manatt binge all episodes that weekend. But it will definitely be highly of my summer management at store twelve seventeen isn't the only change at superstore series creator. Justin Spitzer will step aside as show runner, a head of season five as part of a new overall deal with universal television, Spitzer will move on to develop new series for the studio, fellow superstore, e Gabe Miller, and Jonathan green have also Inc. New deals and what was exceeded Spitzer as co show runners before he created superstar. He spent seven seasons as a writer, and producer on the office Miller and green previously had a three year stint on the late show with David Letterman, as well as the office and the Mindy project, some not at all worried about superstore, as long as it's going to have people who are previously involved in the show. I think they. It will be just fine membury excited about that show. I'm a huge fan blind spots. Renewal prospects suddenly, look murkier now that NBC has pulled the show for the duration of may sweeps beginning as of April twenty six when this was announced the blacklist move to eight PM christening, their new time slot with a two hour episode and remaining there until the finale on may seventeenth then on may twenty four blinds about or return with the anti opin ultimate episode at eight PM. I don't think I've ever heard that phrase before it must be the third west episode these season will, then close it back to back episodes on may thirty first airing at eight and nine. And that means that the blind spot will not air any episodes during may sweeps. That's very interesting. I've never watched blinds. But more than just a couple of sites when it first aired. But I don't know what that means for the show. We'll have to wait and see. And now we have to announce the death of a few people from the TV world who have passed away, as we wrap up the news Dallas fete, Ken Kercheval, who played cliff Barnes. They longtime arch enemy of J, R Ewing on the original CBS series and subsequent TNT revival has died at the age of eighty three. He died on Easter Sunday evening in his home, in Clinton, Indiana, after making his acting debut in nineteen sixty two in the Broadway, play something about a soldier could she'll went onto appear onstage in the apple tree, cabaret and fiddler on the roof. He segue to television, be a roles in soap search for tomorrow, the secrets German, how to survive a marriage his film, work included. Roles. In the seventies picks network. The seven ups rabbit, run, and fist. But his big break came in nineteen seventy eight landing the role of cliff on Dallas. He appeared in the pilot through the series finale, one of only two cast members to appear in all fourteen seasons of the show. The other one being Larry Hagman Hy reprises role as cliff in nineteen ninety six TV movie as well as TNT revival, which I definitely watched. Kercheval, an Hageman were the only cast in bursts, who were on Dallas through its entire original run from pilots finale. He appeared on three hundred forty two episodes of the series and directed a here of installments as well before returning as cliff in the telefilm, and revival, which and the rival lasted for three years before getting cancelled in twenty fourteen. And I loved that revival. It was great on playing cliff Curcio admitted back in nineteen eighty-seven to the Chicago Tribune. He just makes you cringe. Sometimes the only reason he works is his own, sincerity, and the humor, I inject into him, if it wasn't able to convince people that cliff really, really believes in all, schemes it would never work. That's a great description. So I'm a huge fan of that. Character. Off cliff Barnes. And I really enjoyed what they did with the character, and what they revealed about various people connected to him in the revival. I thought was very interesting. And exciting go watch via if you haven't. It's awesome. It's way over the top and cheesy, but it's a soap what do you expect? And the second one is Oscar nominated director John singleton, who also co created the affects drama snowfall has died at the age of fifty one. He passed away on April twenty ninth after suffering a stroke earlier this month and falling into a coma and his family took him off life support. A graduate of USC film school, singleton rocketed to fame with his direct to'real debut of boys in the hood in nineteen Ninety-one which earned him in a kademi award nomination for best director making him the youngest person ever nominated for that award. That's pretty cool. Singleton went on to direct films such as poetic Justice, higher learning and rosewood along with the two thousand the year two thousand shaft remake starring Samuel L Jackson and the two thousand three two fast two furious. On the small screen. He created the nineteen eighties drug trade, chronicle snowfall and directed the pilot episode served as the executive producer during its first two seasons. And it was renewed in September for a third season but has not yet premiered. He also directed episodes of empire and American crime story. The people vs OJ Simpson. So John singleton definitely well known in the TV and film world and way too young to have died from complications of a stroke at the age of fifty one that's so tragic. So our hurts, go to the family and friends of John singleton and Ken Courchevel who passed away in the last couple of weeks. You can find all links to everything that we talked about, at TV Rian, podcast dot com slash three five seven and with that will move on to the weekly rewind in the weekly reader when we talk about some shows that have aired in the last week and gave you some thoughts on what happened in all those shows. Now, if I had done this podcast last week, like I had planned to I had a lot more shows to talk about because the previous week, I was on station. So I caught up on my Tibo one hundred percent except were legion season two which had recorded. Which was very exciting for me because that hardly ever happens. But, you know, I was home for a couple of days. So I could catch up on stuff. However, last week, the case was not the same. I went back to work and it made it harder for me to get caught up on a lot. So really I have watched a couple of things, but not anything worth mentioning because some of those shows are going to be having season valleys in the next week or two. So they didn't have anything super dramatic talk about so the only show that I wanted to talk about was is ambi- which had their season five premiere thug death. And it is the final season for is ambi-, which makes me sad. Because I really liked that show so much. But I'm also very excited because rob Thomas has never actually been able to finish one if it shows without them getting cancelled. So I'm excited for just I'm excited to see what the final season is going to look like because I've grown to appreciate these characters so much, and I'm really excited to see how they wrap of all their stories because I love this show airs on Thursdays on the CW. So here's what we know. So far Payton is the acting mayor major is still the commander in charge of Fillmore graves. And he's a little less willing to go to extremes than chase graves. Was so we pick up six months later. I don't remember if they actually said that on the show. But this recap says it's six months later, it makes sense to me, will this go with it. We still have a lot of problems in Seattle new Seattle. There aren't enough brains to feed the dead the tensions between humans and zombies are at all time high. There's a video released of the undyed showing down on a human women's brain, and it goes viral makes things quite much worse and Blaine who's living lavishly like a rockstar, which was my favorite part of this per MIR him just walking around, like he is just the greatest thing ever being so smug. And having these ladies in his bed, and he's just throwing around money. I just loved that part. He finds that his brain smuggling business is in trouble the border agents that he's paid off to look the other way are no longer okay with sound base, because of that video, meaning that his operation is not delivering like it used to. And he explains to live in Clive. And we find out also in this premier that Dale is pregnant, at least that's what it looks like to me. And she's asking for very specific chocolate, and she has a bump on her belly. So that's exciting for them. Some base get hungry, and he gets in. And Wayne delivers less brain sees less wealthy, which makes him sadder, which he shows them in a very cute little way in which he comes into the police station, and he throws ten thousand dollars at the men and a little bundle. And he explains his sad state of affairs. It's not a bribe, it's just a statement. And then he almost accidentally leaves it on the desk, he leaves, so as part of their deal. Major puts the pressure on blamed to bring in the goods major reminds him. It's why people are willing to pretend you're, you're Jack Sparrow, and that Jack the ripper Yikes. So Blaine kidnaps the five border security guards and threatens a turn them into some basin. Kill all wines. Isn't that nice? Four of them agree to resume their partnership and the fifth never returns to work sad. Meanwhile these on beheading dead enders are going to extreme and violent links, which was the most shocking of this episode. A human man approach is one of the activists leaders at her food, truck and has given a location in time. And then drives a van armed with explosives into a security checkpoint killing several Fillmore graves soldiers. And this is before we find out that this character who leads this. Is also appearing on a morning talk show with Peyton, and they basically have a debate about. I mean, the blonde chick thinks that zombies or the worst and they have to be murdered. And Peyton is trying to be very cool and collected as the acting mayor and it just is not great. And the blonde lady is from the Goldberg. So I definitely recognized her. So with all the chaos is easy to understand. Why major is inundated with applications from people wanting to leave Seattle. I mean it's not a great place to be right now. It's kind of the worst. At the same time live is reviewing hopefuls, who want into the city encoding video from teen boy, whose terminally ill and stuck in a terrible foster home, basically, he is getting molested by his stepfather by his foster father and his foster mother is enabling it. Just makes you wanna cry honestly, and she was basically crying tearing up watching the video, so she sends not we to get him across the border. That's the funny thing about it is that I don't even know what his character's name is. But fancies capper cannot be anybody. But we will. So I'm disconnect continue to call him not. We. We'll because I don't know what his character's name is. And I don't think it's important. I just go we will wait, wait. It's not we will. It's funny to me, and TV line does the same thing. So I'm cool with it. So she sends able to get him, he finds his a prize in which it's not only the kid that wants to go. But it's also his to foster sisters who are also in the house and need to also leave to go to see it'll. So, of course, not wait till is very surprised by this heat does not have ideas for them. So he agrees to take them, but it's going to be pretty dangerous. But he does agree to take them all with him by the last one of the passengers on the bus tips off the police that the girls are hiding in the bathroom and game is over back at home. Robbie has his time with them on. So he's is AVI. And he decides to take the brains of a Vinnie Jones tight macho man, and so his pay his. Type this episode is basically aggressive macho guy who super jolly about everything that Payton does, especially because the newscasters all over her. So he's not he's not feeling it at all. And Peyton is just not dealing with him at all. She's just like okay all this week for this pass. But of course, at the same time that he's on this brain. He does not get off to the best start with his new liaison a cure. Because he's mostly just yelling at her mostly because he's just irritated about everything else that's going on in his life. The other doctor figures out the needs figures out that condition needed to derive the cure. I thought this was a really touching part of the episode because you think that Ravi on this kind of brain would just be like her totally over the top, and aggressive the whole time. But when the other doctor mentions the specific illness. We have to remember back into our brain ins of this show that it is the same disease that Isabel had. And so he's very sensitive about that because he knows that, that is what killed her when she was very young in her teens and this other doctor doesn't know about that story or that he has any connection to anybody who had it. And if I'm incorrect on this, please, please, correct me, because I'm pretty sure I remember this well enough to say this, but the other doctor is basically explaining the symptoms of this in the fact that only three hundred some people in, in the world have it, and it can be used for cure. So when he first hears about this from the other doctor, he's very aggressive end and mean, to her and yells at her. But then the second time as she's trying to explain this to him. The real Robbie goes through and says, you can't do this. You're going to be killing these, these young kids. And so when he's on this conference call with the other doctors. He's messaging this doctor and saying, are you going to say that it's this disease that's gonna cause it. And she's not sure if she wants to, but they have a nice little, I conversation. And in the end with this conference call with the doctor. She decides this say that, yes, I had a theory about teens with this disease, but it didn't work out and it wasn't cracked. And so the conversation is basically over and the two of them are going to be friends know which I like because she realized the jeopardy that she'd be putting in those three hundred children's lives that they'd be hunted and killed. And so she comes around to aside, and keep seeing her nation from her bosses, and then they end up being friends, which I like so interesting development for that storyline, especially because Ravi knows it. He has created a cre- Acura from Isabel. And so he doesn't want that to jeopardize the life of all those other kids who have that disease. So I was in isos storyline for him. And as the episode ends live in Clive think they finally figured out, who the dead woman is when. Her boyfriend finds her phone and Jacquet abandoned in the woods, but we don't actually know we just know that, that lady is gone. And we have a two bay continued which we haven't had for a while. But I really liked this. First episode back. It's didn't have a whole lot of action happening. I was expecting more bang for the buck considering that we don't have a lot of episodes for this last season. So I was expecting him to hit the ground running and really hit us in with someone. Bam information. But they didn't do that so much. It was basically just reminding us of what of what has happened before and setting up where we are now and maybe as the episode's go on the action will continue to build and be more exciting. But there wasn't a whole lot going on. It was exciting to see the deal is pregnant, I'm really happy about that, especially because that was so important to Clive to be able to have a family, and that's why live gave her the cure. In the finale. I really like to see the conflicts that major is going in as a leader of Fillmore grace, because he doesn't want to be as amoral as his predecessor was, and he wants to make good decisions but at the same time, it's very difficult to make good decisions in this kind of situation where everything is so wife and Daf. I loved seeing blamed just being totally over the top and ridiculous as per use. He just such a great bad guy. And the fact that I don't hate him makes him even more interesting to watch. I have to say. We didn't get to see live on any brain, but it was fun to see Ravi on a brain. I really liked that even though chauvinist over the top macho guy is not as character. I thought it was pretty interesting in fun to see. And the fact that Peyton was just not relieving paying any attention to him when he was doing this, even though he showed up at the tape recording for the morning show. Just totally pissed off and. Looking really mean. But that was that was just the kind of a, a fine little thing to do. But overall I like this premier excited to see what happens as the episodes continue. It is the final season. So there's only so many stories to tell but I'm excited for what happens from here. So that is, is ambi- and that's the only show I want to talk about because as I said before I've watched a couple of other things, but nothing worth mentioning at this time. So we'll just move right along. So with that will move on to the fast forward and we have some things that are going to be coming back or finishing up this week. So even though I'm recording this at eight o'clock on Sunday night. I will mention some things that are finishing or premiering tonight. So we'll the dance has its finale tonight on NBC the Spanish, Princess premiers on stars. When calls the heart returns on hallmark sands Laurie Lachlan for the remaining episodes. No word yet on whether she'll be part of the next season. But unlikely Monday, the sixth, the resident on FOX finishes for the season shadow hunters series finale on free form, just seen try not to cry too much. I think you'll be all right, though, man with a plan finishes on CBS and into the badlands has their series finale on AMC on Tuesday, the seven, the haves and have not season six premiere on Owen. On Wednesday the eighth Lucifer season for all ten episodes premiere on not flicks empire season finale on FOX, the goldbergs and schooled both finales on ABC. Star on FOX modern family and ABC and single parents on ABC. So Wednesday will be a pretty big night for me. I'm very excited about the goldbergs an school because berry is going to be on both episodes. So it'll be very interesting because he's going to graduate on the goldbergs, and then he shows up on schooled as Dr berry totally much more mature and having, you know, having great success and came back to win Laney back and just at the moment that CBS finally realising. Yes. Feelings for her, and it's now a triangle, and it's super complicated. And he hasn't told her how he feels. Oh, I love it. It's I love it. I really also enjoy single parents, a lot scientic cited that that has had such a successful season. On thursday. The ninth paradise hotel season three, premiers on FOX and mom finale on CBS, and that's going to be a good one too, because he gets married and she gets married, not with Christie and it's going to be all thing. And I think it has to do with her reaction to the dream that she had up being the last episode, and I'm super worried about her relationship super worried. On friday. The tenth sneaky Pete season three premiers on Amazon and society, premiers on Netflix agents of shield season, six premiere on ABC, and I wonder how much influence that will have post everything that happened in the vendors. I don't know. I haven't watched shield for a couple of seasons now macgyver, on CBS finale, last man standing on FOX finale, the cool kids on FOX finale, proven innocent finale on FOX and blue bloods, finale on CBS and that's what's going on for this week. So that's it for the fast forward. So now in talk about record for later and give her a combination of something to talk about on DVD streaming or on TV and actually have to recommendations for this week just because as I mentioned I was on staycationing that we can after Easter. So I actually not only caught up my tvos but I caught up on streaming shows. That week in the following week. So it was like, really exciting for me. So my first show to recommend is called being Erica. And this is a show that ended on Canadian television in two thousand eleven so it's now you know, two hundred nineteen so it's been a while, but this is a show that I heard about way back when it was airing, but it didn't really do much because I didn't have any way to watch it at the time. And so I continued to think about it and see if I could catch up at some point. And at some point, I must have been able to watch it on some Canadian website or something, because I watched a couple of seasons. I think maybe all I wash all the seasons except for the last one because the last one was not available. So recently like several months ago. I discovered that season four of being Erica was available. And so I caught up on it. So being Erica is a very cool show. It stars Aaron car punk. Not really any other recognizable faces. I'm sure they're all Canadian actors but not anybody that I recognized immediately the premise of the show, is that Erica, this, the main character on the show gets any, an encounter, with a therapist, who's not a therapist type person that you would see in real life because basically she gives he gives her the opportunity to go back in time and redo her life in various moments that she's made mistakes. And so through the course of the show, she has the opportunity to do this. And by the time she gets the season for she's progressed in, in her process of doing this so much and grown so much that she herself gets to become her own doctor and have her own patients and having the same opportunity by the end of the season. So it was a very cool show. I really liked how they wrapped it up, and they had a very satisfying series finale, and it made me very excited to have been able to finish it to canal. Find all four seasons of being Erica on Hulu. Oh, definitely. Recommend it and they're not super long seasons either. So I think they're like thirteen or episodes, or so that it's very manageable. So definitely. Check that out. And my second recommendation is the Kaminsky method, which is on Netflix, and the season two should be premiering sometime this year and season one is only eight episodes. So it's very consumable and it's only twenty something minutes for each episode and very great. So this stars, Michael, Douglas, and Alan Arkin as best friends who are also kind of combat a best friends. A kind of reminds me of the male version of grace, and Frankie, or what I imagined the f-, the male version of that would be because I have not seen grace and Franky Michael that goes plays a acting coach and Alan Arkin is just like her his Kerma g best friend, who's dealing with all kinds of stuff in his life, sir. Older guys of a certain age, and they're dealing with living in Hollywood. And all the consequences of that being. Having high profile lives, and I really like it. It's, it's interesting to see that kind of a story told about men of a certain age because you don't have stories about men that age a lot, but it's very interesting. And it's very funny and it shows them trying to embrace romantic relationships, even though they are much older people now and one character does lose his wife, the Alan Arkin character does lose his wife through the crosses of the first season, and you see him grieving, the loss of the character played by Susan Sullivan who plays his wife and how he deals with the consequences of his grief, and how he deals with his daughter that comes back into the story, who does not have a very stable life, and she's, she's played by another notable. Actress Lisa Edelstein places. What has starter? And you see the dynamics of the. To friends, you see their family life because each of them has kids, and you see the how they deal with life. So I'd highly recommend it. And it also won the EMMY for season one. Which kind of was the reason that I got interested in nice at all if they want an EMMY that must mean something so I better, check this out. So I did. And I got hooked within the first episode and I just kept going, and there's only eight episodes. So it's very easy to watch, and even my husband liked it, 'cause he likes Michael goes from other things. That is my second Mercker mutation for this week. So if you've seen either of those shows, please, let me know what you think. And if you have any recommendations for me for various shows to watch once my other shows, get to summer break, because I don't watch a whole lot of things during the summer, some always looking for new recommendations, even though I have a huge list of shows that I need to catch up on. But that's my Rex for this week. We are in Amazon affiliates. If you're interested in ordering anything on Amazon to help us out, you can do that at TV Ruben, podcasts dot com slash Amazon, and we will greatly appreciate your help. It like to find me online, Twitter dot com slash angel Steph. A. N. G. E. L. S T, P, H, or Facebook at the same link Instagram angel theft, six twenty one please check that out and follow me. We have other shows on the network that you might wanna check out alias rewind has just finished up recording all of its episodes, but they're not all released. Sue can still listen to us rambling about alias which was so much fun to talk about. And it didn't take us five seasons. I mean, it took us five seasons to watch by didn't take five years to watch, and it was just a really enjoyable experience. That I'm glad that I did it. I'm gonna miss having my friends to talk about with alias. But we still have psych rewind that's talking about that show. We are in season seven, and you have this show. So stay tuned to find out what other new shows will be launching in the next couple of months. It won't be anytime soon because things are still influx in my personal life. But I hope to have something together within a few months, and I'll definitely keep you informed. If you'd like to send us feedback you can do that at TV Ren, podcast dot com slash feedback for this show or for psych rewind. You can review in subscribe to any of our shows by going to TV ruin podcasts dot com slash apple or for the show a slash Android slash radio. Such Google are slash iheart radio. You can find us in all those places. And if you like to help us out financially patriot dot com slash TV rewind is how you can do that. You can also follow us on Facebook dot com slash groups slash TV rewind. Which is really the best place to tune in to news about the network and what we'll be doing in the future and just about random stuff in the TV world. And I'll be posting as much stuff as I can over the next week with different announcements about renewables and cancellations and reactions. Please check that out if you haven't not yet and also can find us on Twitter dot com slash TV relay, but I basically this post about the episode's there, there's not a whole lot of conversation happening. But Facebook group is the best place to get conversation going to thank you all for listening to this episode. Thank you for your patience as it's been challenging over these last few months, actually several months to heavy have have a regular schedule. So I appreciate your patience with me. And hopefully things can get on track on a regular schedule soon. But mostly what happens, you can find all our show notes and time codes and everything at TV, ruin podcast dot com slash three five seven thanks for listening. And I will talk to next time.

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