L.A. Auto Show Anticipation and Track Day Blunders


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We got Bill Goldberg here on the phone. We've got Alastair Weaver from Edmunds dot com. And before we start car cast is brought to you by Zyban for better engine performance horse power fuel economy and lower under temperatures Zaib ours. An ultra thin coating that reduces radiant heat by ninety percent put siber- on take heat off. Visit Zych coat dot com now, and of course, continental belts, visit e technology series dot com to learn more about them. And of course, our friends at dodge hurry into find great deals at the dodge black Friday sales event every time I read that I feel like bill's going gonna literally head to the dealer. Find out what's going on. By Email this morning. I. A good kid Hanukkah, man. You know, I I had a funny conversation Email exchange with with with dodge. And I was like, you know. Hey, thanks. Thanks for for for participating with car cash for having a great time and said everything seems to be working out to your favor like. Like Goldberg did the dodge commercial that he wanted to? And then he called us here on the show to tell us about it. But he called us from the dodge dealer as he was getting the the Red Eye ordering the running or just like. Like. Check hasn't even come in the mail yet. And it's already out factor died, it's all about timing. Get in line. Then you get a you to order seat. Then you gotta wait you're three to nine month. Whatever the heck it is. Yeah, it's all about timing. You know, like I said it'll be here. Hopefully, right around Hannukah time. Perfect and. Just to touch base on the things that you were doing you talked about NCIS, Los Angeles lack sweet last week fun episode. It's such a great job, and you're going out and filming can you talk about the the other show as well. Another episode of the Goldberg, you know, like I said, it's funny menu. Look at the look at the sign in sheet and everybody on the left columns got the last name Goldberg, and I'm only one on the right hand column with the last name Goldberg. I'm the only Goldberg on the shows truly gold Goldberg name in the show is just one of those funny things. You know? Hey anytime on that show. Awesome. This is an episode directed by leeann Thompson, we all know who she is. It was an honor and pre-owned Howard the charter. And it was it was awesome. And I'll tell you what. Whoever wrote that episode needs a metal because it was absolutely hilarious. And I just can't wait to see it. Awesome. What you're gonna let us know when we can when we can check that out. Hopefully. Sir. Alastair how you doing good morning? Thanks. Welcome back to the studio. I'd say Brighton early. But this kind of your thing nine AM. Nine AM when we starting. It's not. Yeah. When we got up this morning, you drove in from Manhattan beach. Yes. Yeah. A little to valley the morning, I tell you. It's traffic was a little light on the way. Here this morning. I think people are going out of town for thanksgiving or something. That was what it was. Yeah. Good fires terror, something something, California. No, it's no. But it's going to rain this week so expect some floods later I'm heading to big now in Iran. In the ram in the Ramya. Yeah. Speaking of the ram you came in. You were talking about the trucks you're talking about how much you guys like that thing and. I I keep watching these Chevy commercials. I don't get it. It's the guy who does nothing. He's just opens a garage door opens another door another door. I just don't get the Chevy commercial thing. And then and the one that I saw recently was like like, I forgot the whole script at the guys. Like, you know, what the best truck is? Everyone's like, the Ford of the woman that came across the desert like is it the Ford? He's like, no, they're like, oh, it must be the dodge. Like, no, it's the Chevy. I was like that's a terrible commercial. Because it's basically just a commercial saying everyone thinks the Ford is the best then maybe the dodge. And then the Chevy literally like what's the best truck? And everybody's like it's gotta be the Ford, and they're like, no, they're like what like how is this a real commercial for Chevy this terrible idea. I'm of it that way. But you're it's a commercial about how everybody's better than you. Actually. No. I know that's the perception. I know everybody. That for because emotionally it must be. Yeah. But right people come to the. When did people come to the conclusion that it's a good thing to mention your competitors? In the commercial? I I don't know in Europe that's banned in your account say you can't say dodge goods Chevy bad you legally, you can't do it. So it's funny to me. I've had that you can count and say that full by Chevy by Chevy. Yeah. Yeah. It used to be like, you wouldn't mention the brand right? Like, honestly, I gotta tight that. Chevy commercial is the best Ford commercial out there. Right. And then secondary. It's the best dodge commercial, and it's a week. It's a week. It's a week Chevy. All and I just don't get like how their agency is like this is a good idea. And then they send it to the client clients like we love this. Yeah. Somebody. Yeah. Yeah. And the reading the script and they see four then they see dodge and they're like Chevy the punchline after right, especially these days when people like fast forwarding through commercials on their DVR. So the first punch they here is what's the best truck Ford? Fast-forward? You don't even get to the rest of the commercial. Right. We do a little analysis on of how long people out you watch and how engagement and sort of matching will dwell time, and she's a a web Gatewood. But yeah, you can tell you people between the eyes, you know, that if you don't get it right in the first five ten seconds. Then people have gone it's funny because the film industry if you guys have noticed they're catching on. With people fast, either DVR, so they'll show the trailer of the film, but at the top of the screen will be just like a black bar that says like creed to and it stays there the whole time because as your fast forwarding that just stays there, and you get that branding up there for a minute. And it says, you know, Cree to November twentieth or something, right? And then you can kind of fast forward through the action you'd like get it Crete to it's coming out. But they just have it up there with the date, you know. And so you can't they should just do that. Now, she just by Chevy. Yeah. Nice. Nice. Believe it or not it's the top. Kind of weird that. How he's thinking about. I think about ads when when you walk in Alastair about vehicle testing and stuff when you walk in. I got a question for you vehicle testing wise there. Well, you're on hand. I have a very close friend is looking to buy in exile. And use it half the time on the tracks half the time driving it from practice rack he wants to spend about one hundred and fifty grand. He's looking at three different cars right now. I want your opinion. I'm the Lambeau the player on and the Ferrari before thirty I think it is the McLarens M P four, and I have no idea what the lambo is. But what's wh-? What are your thoughts on that Alex for a hundred and fifty grind say get the Porsche, which wasn't on your list? On ninety seven. What was gonna come up but taking the Porsche out of it? Okay. The trick is with the hurric- if it's a hurricane Lamborghini. The I'm a huge fan of the hurricane Puffer Monte wenches. I was over that driving bizarrely in fighting 'Romania last year and lime wasn't no one ever. Brought out the hurricane. It was almost like they felt they needed to soften everything off until two two toilets with different lifting climb base. Yeah. The Puffer Montes a call the always wanted to build, and I'm no fun of the havoc Montes brilliant. But it for a hundred and fifty thousand dollars, you ain't gonna get a up of Monty. So now, maybe used maybe like. No looking at new by any the other problem? Bill is you'll never fit him one of those. So. Not worried about me. It's not for a similar size. Gentlemen is Matt. So. Yeah. Fake. Great narcan. Get one of those Japanese at a little city now. If we for a hundred and fifty get you could get probably our full thirty which would great tripped Tripoli's with us for that. Quite the reason pulled everybody buys a portion, maybe doesn't wanna push. But the reason everybody buys 'cause they will take the abuse a full still if you're going to truck that much is still going to be an expensive call to to look after and maintain. You haven't mentioned the McLaren. What you what the full twelve c was. You would definitely go with those one hundred and fifty wasn't great Kelly was I I I tend to be great on track note. The most charismatic thing in the world a little bit quiet little bit just a little bit automous the, but that's a the it was still be a good thing hundred fifty might get you into an early five seventy now, maybe. Which is a which is a fantastic car. And that that great they move around a little bit as well. It's not one of these truck caused that just goes, well, you pointed out she really really fun to drive. I'm the other thing or Schwyz. But so what's bring force back into the fray. Well, a hundred and fifteen and he gets you a new GT three or sitting a use use one quite difficult combined. Sometimes as a premium attached to the GT three. I mean, I spent some time we did a film on the Edmonds channel with Edmunds YouTube channel the zeal won't against the GT three. And I just couldn't get over. How good the GT three was. I think we talked about it. Yeah. Yeah. I had that we spent some time in the last couple of weeks GT touring which is the one without the wings, and the stick shift Boggs, and if I could have one call today, it would be it would be GT three touring with a with a stick shift. And if he's going around two hundred and fifty grand od be looking to the polish can get them calm. The only with any of those things if you'll trucking them every day, and might might not just talking about it. I did appear McLaren day couple of weeks ago in Texas, which was a fabulous die. But you gotta do a set of ties might do a set of brakes as well. At least if you didn't tries and those bills start to mount of even if you're wealthy guy bills mounts pretty fast, whereas the pull she will take a lot more abuse. Gotcha. Yeah. So it sounds like the Porsche's the benchmark regardless of if he would want the by the Porsche or not. And I I I would say that I kinda liked the McLaren in that group. I think I think I'd hold out or spend a couple extra bucks for the five seventy. I drove the MP four. I drove it. I drove it on the infield of auto club did some track stuff there. And then their whole pitch was. Hey, driving around town. I and we're like let's go on like ten mile little around town deal. And then let's go to the track all in one movement. Yeah. And it was good. But also like the interior on that car is just like a little bland as well. It just didn't have the possess the Ferrari dead. I remember talking to that test drive Chris Goodwin. Who's now asked in Malton? And he was he was saying they underestimated the feel special city mouse below the Formula one team was all talion flamboyance. Mclaren was all about precision engineering, and they underestimate that most people. Dr these things at twenty five miles an hour down the high street. Yeah. Going off on you needed something that's kind of goes for a little more visceral. And if you drive something like six hundred LT today or even the seven twenty five and they've understood dot and they've put the kind of super back into it. Yeah. They have driven the MP for the the the the five seventy six fifty seven twenty s I've driven all of those as you have as well, I spent a dyke Louise ago down the the the Americas doubting Texas with pure McLaren, which is a trip track experience. I love it Bill. So they dry. You get you turn up a new spend a day with a with a one on one instruc- to you have race logic vibo telemetry. So you could they said a reference slop, and you chasing the lap times a whole day, and he's just a fabulous day out. And it's the side it's about ten thousand dollars. So he'd say it's a huge amount of money, but you'll driving that cause with a one to one instruc- to with full data. And if you have the kind of income by one of these calls, oh and do. One of these days because she will learn so much. I didn't know the circuit driven the Kabi full, but not very often on the track. And I started off and I was off the pace a little bit. And then by the end that by the end of the five sessions, I was on the pace I was loving it. And we kinda chipping away at the tents hair. And the just a fabulous day out. And Brunei Senate was with the with Senna. So the cliche on paychecks Senator and stuff like that. If you get that thing in the right color of that things bad ass. Ten Grand's a little bit of hefty track date Bill it is. But to be honest. They do you guys if you're if you're in the market for those cars, and that's that's nothing. Well, so they do cheaper that. If you want to your own car, it's not ten grand and ten ground is to turn up private instruct to telemetry bunch of people looking to call that call. So, you know, you know, putting any anywhere until I mean, like if you you go to you go to the the Rolex historic Monterey. And you you hire somebody like Bruce Canepa b. A your crew for the weekend. I know you get his trailer. You get us hospital. You get guys wiping down the car to view things on it. You know, that's ten thousand his bills tend to for the weekend, roughly something like that. And I was working Warren Hughes who's a L MP to the Mon British guy, but was was working here. Five drive a coach and just the the ability to sit next to you. And just tell you little things that you doing that. You don't even know, you don't even know yourself. Yeah. And he spent thirty as as a professional rice. He's ability of Felix off in the passenger seat. And tell me what the call was doing. Yeah. It was it was amazing and classic thing that I tend to drive and he just had me just coming down temp aside and going faster. Yeah. That was a great day. I want to suck it guys. Hurt me say this before that I drove the seven twenty s we actually filmed a bunch of stuff for them. And I absolutely loved that car. And I think it's probably one of the greatest supercars out there right now. But then I drove the Ford GT, and I love that car for different reasons, and they were sort of at the top of my list. I love the Ford GT because of what it represented of having an American supercar, and yeah, and it's quick, and it's cool. And I I do like the feature that raises the knows he don't scrape the front on the ground GT. It's really fast. It's almost like hydraulics like, you know, like pops. Yeah. Like almost like it was going to pop up in the area are bouncing around. But those two cars were at the top of my list. Now bill. You've you've squeezed yourself into a four GT and did like the rally or something back. On the east coast, right? Have you been in the McLaren? Not. So that's right. You were I don't even know if we had started this yet when I had the seven twenty s but but I I I screwed Steve Austin in there. Even I are about the same. I mean, I I got twenty pounds on him. But we're about the same size of. He was he fairly comfortable in it. Or was he was he was okay. But you know, you know, Steve Austin, he had you know, had like a little bit of his beer belly. And. And you, but you also know that you know, if you're primarily going to track the car, I want to be as tight as possible. Yeah. 'cause lightning safety. The only the only real obstacle for Steve. Unfortunately for him for guy was he's he's he's taken some pumps in his days as well. And he's got he's got a pretty bad like shoulder, and he actually had a hard time sitting in the seat, and then reaching up to grab the door and closing the angle just tweaked his shoulder. And he's like it's kind of rough like like, you know, he's just like kinda put your arm up and back a little bit to pull it down to get that door closed was was he's like, yeah. That's not the best move or for my shelter. I tell you what they would take him on a track that you realize just how fast molten supercar as we wait with the telemetry, then destroyed we're pulling a hundred and seventy miles now. And then breaking it two hundred yards for second. Second left hand too. They had mccaren GT full rights 'cause out that same time which restricted about full fifty host spot. So we will faster in a straight line the in the seven twenty GT full, and you just you. I mean, we were there in jeans and jeans in this at a long sleeved shirt and hundred seventy miles not hitting hitting the brakes. Yeah. You having these these things that just getting faster and faster and Fowley and faster than most ways causing I wouldn't. And and without the electronics and stuff that we have today. Everybody would be having a bad day, by the way, you spoke of Senna and someone in Europe. I saw on the news already bought it. Trove it off the lot wrecked. It doesn't surprise me. Yeah. Then get very far brand new. Mclaren senate. What's that car million half? If you can get one if you get one and just wrecked it right away. I'm like come on get a feel for it. You know, get a feel for it. I'm going out after we do this show. I've got a friend who. Sonal viper. Yeah. There's the there's a wreck airbags popped. Yeah. I mean, it's not. That's rubbish crashes. Well, because that's one of the residential road, isn't it? So it's not like he's taking it to the track. And now he's just now he's like what is this track control button to let me turn that off hit the gas. Boom, hit the wall. We're looking at a picture of was like after the demon owners. That's the other thing is is after this. I'm going out to to check out a viper. We're going to check out a ninety two viper. The thirty fifth car made. It's only like twelve thousand miles on its men condition. It's nice. Friend is selling it. He asked me to help him sell it. I'm bringing another friend out there that once. Viper. And I keep thinking back know ninety two that viper. No abia. No, trash control. Not the fastest thing in the world. But it could be it could be if you drive it back, then it's four hundred horsepower, it's four fifty pound feet of torque and only weighs about forty three hundred pounds. Maybe a little less, and it's zero to sixty four point two seconds. I feel like a focus as he can do that. But maybe not quite, but you know, maybe s but I feel like that's not that fast anymore, but that car can pull over a g. On the track. And it's pretty easy to to get out from under you that car can get a little scary, very quickly on the technology. Wasn't as good about that only them. Yeah. You know, I think we had Christopher Titus in a few years ago, and he had a fiber. And he was doing like a willow springs like big willow track day, and he was talking about he was with an instructor. And you know, he he went around the track twice or something with the instructor. And the guy was very specific. He's like break here turning here easing here. You know, back off a little here and about two labs in the instructor was like. His mind was like, I don't have to say this all the time. You're getting it. And Chris was like I'm waiting for the instruction. And then he went down that long straightaway. And in the I left hand, turn one and the instructor didn't say anything, and he kind of looked like wait aren't I supposed to break, and he just went straight off? He just lawn darts. He just kept going this shot in the air. These two guys like Juan darted as viper into the grass like between like turns. I don't know one in three and he's just like he's like scary moment of my life instructors. Like, what are you doing? Chris. What are you doing? It's like what happened to the turn left? He goes. I thought it would be obvious by now. Yeah, it was it was it was rough. They they did some damage on a car for sure we'll McLaren guys. So you know, you got to put cones outbreak here. Tune in his PECS, they don't do that. Because what we realized soon as you take the coatings away, you might as well today's tuition. Yeah. Everybody everybody panics. Yeah. They just look for cones. Yeah. You just join the. Gobert you've done the Toyota pro celebrity race. I remember because. Yeah. Yeah. You. Yeah. Yeah. You it's funny that you brought up Titus. Because after I blew the tranny and the little Toyota piece a Celica he he picked me up on track. And give me a Bank of Palley. Did you blew you blew it? You blew the transmission before after you punch the car. That was before that was that was I think the reason why punch the car, but. Yeah. Second place, man. I was I was rolling. Couldn't get any more speed and figured why not just blow up the tranny gel. He did the Toyota proce eleven raise the car broke got mad at it. He punched broke his hand. It's funny. It's funny now putting now, but at the time, I think I think you're telling us the story like you punch, the car, then you sat down and you're like, pretty sure. Yeah. Was under contract. It was right when WCW was purchased by WWE, and I guarantee deal unless I would hurt. I would out, and I've I smashed the side view mirror. What my forearm, and I broke my forearm on it. And went back to the paddock and told my, you know, my managers. So, you know, I'm really sorry Iraq. I said, well, I'm really sorry. But I just broke my arm. My we laughed nobody ever knew till like a year or two years later, but the. You gotta sit there and go, I broke my arm. But now I have to wrestle with Belkin arm like because I'm not gonna tell anybody, and I've got a contract, and this is my job. And now, I've got arrested with a broken arm right team. Take take. Your your managers can't his feet away. So. He's like, yeah. You better suck. It up buddy. You got a guarantee. He's it's not my arm. Yeah. He's like this yourself. Yeah. I think it was how did the race? I forgot who it was. Maybe it was Vassar. Maybe it was a Vassar. Yeah. I don't think it was on, sir. I think it was Vassar and. Adam is talking to me. It's like, yeah. You know, whatever turn. And he goes, I we're should I break. And he's like, oh, there's numbers on the wall. When you see like the big five. Start hitting the break. And and did a few laughs. He followed the directions. And then he comes back and he's like I almost flew off the track. Like I was coming way too hot. And he goes. Yeah. What did I say five? He's like, yeah. It's like I was way off on that should have been like seven. I went into that. Again, as realized the I I was my bad. He's like why pad flew off the track? Listen to me like, maybe they'll listen to me. It's funny because Adam is always called Tanner Faust Tanner's really good on that track. And and you know, Tanner had a good tip. He's like, oh, he's like. Before they started doing the drifting the weekend before they would do it like the day before. And he would say, oh, this is perfect because the drift guys go out there. And when you go into this turn that term where they drift they lay down so much rubber just go full floor. Just full-throttle just hammer down and you'll you'll stick no one thinks you will. But you will because they lay down all this rubber and that was kind of his one of his little tips. And and even when they started drifting like the weekend before it was still enough rubber there. If it didn't rain that week. It was enough to just just go full out on one or two of those turns. It was crazy little tips. But I think the terms full out hammer down should never apply to be able with less than two hundred. Right. Well, what choice? Do you have? First of all, I drive an alpha male spider, everything is full throttle. There's that's it. You're either off or your full throttle. There's no there's no in-between. Yeah. Right. Is there's just nothing in between. That's the way it works about driving the three today. So let's get into what else you got going on Alastair. But I I'm gonna tell you guys a little bit more about Zaib. Our guys Zaib are is an ultra thin coating for manifold headers turbos tail pipes mufflers and tips, it has a thickness of point zero zero one inch which reduces radiant heat by ninety percent. And it's the first DIY thermal coating of its kind now, that's impressive. It's non-corrosive and does not break down. Even a two thousand degree environments that makes wraps shields and expensive ceramic coatings obsolete. This is the future use Eibar for better engine performance. Horsepower fuel economy and lower under hood temperatures. Zaib are comes in four awesome colors. They have bronze midnight, black casts, silver and Porsche gray. That will definitely make your engine. Showpiece? Zaib are is available for purchase at psycho dot com and many autopart retail locations. Zych otas e Y. See AT dot com. Put cyber on take heat off. All right. What's going on with you Alastair two big things? Visit and that's the weeks. We just launched today with the press as it used to be rankings. Pro basically Edmonds is ranked every new car on sale. So they're about overfull hundred cause in the market today, we subdivide into fifty different categories. So you always combining apples with apples, and then rank the malls. If you head to head to the site now on the homepage, click on one of the why icons you take you through two rankings products. And you can see how we ran every sale because if you think about it my job is to advise people on won't call they should buy. So whether it spills friend, buying a GT three or not GT three or somebody buying a civic or camera, whatever it may be I'll say well that she was the best for you. And the rankings is is always way of doing that. And how do you break down? What are some of the parameters that determine the ranking? So we put everything before we can produce ranking week produce what we call an Edmonds writing. So every vehicle goes to test drive, and we run a whole bunch of numbers on it. The calls go to studio in a fully measured out. Plus, we we run the call normally for couple of weeks and put a huge of different drivers for it. So it's a really in depth taste. We believe it's the most in depth in the in the world, and in for what we do and of the back of that we create rating rating system everything from driving performance to comfort to practicality to use ability an that relative to other calls in that sector, so mostly we don't comparing the the practicality of nine eleven with it with CRV. But having done that we create individual writings out of ten and then overall rating, you see all this on all on all pages had to say the Honda Civic page, then from we will rank the vehicles based on those ratings. So it's a combination of a lot of data to a lot of science police. The subjective opinion that come from a huge experienced team who've driven everything now all of this is based on your initial testing of the cars, and some experiences you have with them will at some point. Will you add some long term results to that? Does that make sense? Like if you have something for a year, and you put the twenty thousand miles on it. Do you go back and say this is the initial ranking. And this is where we are now based on you know. Yeah. So these not every card gets long-term testing. But I'm saying, yeah. Well, what we're going to try and do is run on them but one run victory and in each of the major segments. So this is going to be a new new philosophy going forward. But I should say the whole thing is dynamic because a lot of the car of the year woods that you see. See it's like best call twenty eighteen nineteen or whatever it may be an a lotta those based on what new came out this year. So you got these would normally so tell the we don't regard as the best in the class. But it wins the overall award simply because it happened to be knew what which recognizing this genuine. Excellent. So you might see so example, Mercedes s class win for ten years in a right one. And every time a new vehicle, I would just tested the tight about full, for example this week. And that will as soon as we get into office to protest that will impact the ranking. So this is a real time verdict on what we regard as the best 'cause in that class and the best cost for you and working on different ways of compact from class to class, and that sort of thing so and he's also trying to be Newell and safe, right? One to be big on draw. If you prioritize handling flare over over. Practicality? We all reporting will actually show up. What what we because it'll be a writing driving fullness writing practicality? So you kind of dig into a little bit you can compile Vic hills. So you can search vehicles based on what your preference is. Like if you want performance for handling or something else? You can't you. Absolutely. You can compare the vehicle side by side. You can also dig into the the Moines that review with the individual writings, Phil. Full performance, practicality, excetera, etc. Safety ratings and everything else knows. Well, so there's a huge I mean is a huge amount of what going into this. And this is going to be a really big play for his now on and in the future. So he's found to be controversial. And I didn't catch anybody. And then go to that go to the website have a look at it. If you disagree. You can Email comes to me you can Email me right rankings at Edmunds dot com. But yeah, it's a big. It's a big thing for his launching today. She sent the press release and the note tool, the that's all you're making a phone call for you walked in. Hey, is that rankings is that going live? Let's going on there. So there's always seven call this Morning Post. Get pushed on Email just wait for the way, this evens going on because people why am I number? Yeah. Why am I number? And we, you know, we we do so time plays into video strategy as well of weeded out big trucks test, which is has been a huge success for as to you know, the ram came off. And then the full then the Silverado and people, you know, manufatures caravans we go twenty million people a month coming to the site. So people people do care about this. Yeah. I think it's a great feature because. Like you. We get asked all the time. I certainly do people go. Hey, what what's what should I buy? What should I buy? And I say, I don't know ask Alastair. I do you on Twitter all the time. Now. The mentality. We have me talk about it in into this. I did. But in these kind of expert for Guidry. So it is that guy in the guy gal in the ball who who send the as you do to me on Twitter was the best and what we do is apply that to twenty million people through the mechanism website. So. So he's still asked me again what I should be doing. You say get to this page Bill, and it'll be the. Oh, you can just text me. Right because Bill you, and I were having a conversation not too long ago a couple episodes ago when we're like we're talking about the difference between the Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln navigator the full new navigate, right? Yeah. I think I was three I'll be tapping into them SUV's exit mimic couple of weeks to. Yeah. It's the great the razor over. It's a great feature. We need to be a bit more. You know, we need to have that confidence. We have that now testing. And and you know, that's well Edmonds does as firstly to advise you on on what call would be best view, and then guide you through the whole shopping process. So there's a real to what we do. And that's the that's the point of rankings and ratings and the reason why we gotta test trucks every Monday and spend the spend the week. He thoroughly geeky about calls, but it's good fun as well. The other thing we've got coming up next week. So I think that is the Elliott show the LA auto show one last question on the ranks is. All of the testing and stuff. That's something you do for all the cars. You can do a comparison of all of that stuff. But what about when you start getting into things like a raft? Foreign a CRV, and you want to know, what's what's the most dog friendly, or what is the easiest to strap down a baby seat or something along the lines of that? Like what when does that start to factor into? You know, I mean because people buy cars now based off of the sync system can you plug your phone, and how integrated that is and it's crucial. And what we always trying to do is is to and this also plays to why we run causing a long-term test as well if twenty thousand miles, but even when we get causing for we went right to unless he's being through our office now in depth process. So if we go and drive a car on a vehicle loam somewhere in the world. That doesn't count tools rankings. We need to get in. We need to do thorough testing on it. And you're absolutely right. We need to recognize that somebody buying a CRV has an entirely different mindset to somebody buying McLaren. So can you fit the Chelsea taking can you get the stroller in the boot, you know, how does infotainment system where we know? For example, Toyota's end June is pretty hopeless county, increasingly, you know, can you have call play, and if you can have out call play can you have enjoyed also because this is actually how people use 'cause and we assess vehicle based on on how it will be used. So of course, you take a slightly different approach was the all woman. She went to see AVI aura, a civic or a Camry. But we have a broad range of people within within all team age, age-groups, gender everything. And so it's it's more case of putting lots of people through the getting different opinions understanding how people use it and then coming up with an opinion based on that. So if you think about the market today, those there's a whole entertainment world the. The grand tour top gear, and that sort of thing does the influences buying super Kells with Totti's money, or whatever it is. But then there is a whole of spice. I think we we need to lead in this. I think we do lead in this area. Which is what is the best call for me, which is proper advice. So we like to make to engaging. We wanna make entertaining. I think of Ideo and stuff does that. But Volos you go to come away from me saying is this the right call for me and even GT three which is against the wall. Which is the enthusiasm end of what we do. We still came away the very clear opinion in which we felt was the strongest. Yeah, I spent a week in the Jaguar pace the all electric Jaguar which despite all my bitching about charging. You know, trying to charge a car on the public network is bullshit. So if you get any electric car like you gotta get the charger at home yet. You have to you have to there's no other option because the public infrastructure for charging is is shit. Right. You you got to. Drive to rouse parking lot or something plug that shit in for seven hours guys in their little Fiat five hundred or behind you going. What are you doing I needed to plug that in? And then are you going to be here all day? Then you gotta like Uber home or walk a couple of miles and leave the like, you just can't do it publicly. So you gotta have the charter home. But I really liked that vehicle. I thought it was I thought it was great. I thought it was fast. I thought that I kinda like the size of it. I think for LA it's a good size. It's it's not big it's sort of mid size sedan, but a little bit higher up. It's like a Jaguar XE f but higher up hatchback. Right. I liked it. But to your point the Jaguar infotainment system still like it's just slow. You just you hit a button on the radio. And it just takes a two full seconds before that think flips over to the next thing. I'm like why why do we still have this? This has been going on for like seven years, and it was like come. On guys we can do this. Look, there's a lot of car companies out there that are really good at making cars, but they're not good at making other things. And I'm saying go to somebody who is good at this. Like if you're Jaguar listen don't be afraid to give Google or apple or Microsoft, call and go we can't figure this out. We can't make our radio buttons fast. So how you do it for us because you're pretty good at this stuff. Like, no shame in that. By the way, exactly concentrate on what you. Great. I love you and Callum style. I love the interior of that car. I love that far better than Alexis, and I enjoyed driving. That thing immensely. I thought it was I thought it was quick it pulled hard that the electric power is great even eighty miles an hour. You hammer down that thing. And it's scoots along. I liked it. But. The, you know, the cameras on the cameras off and put it in reverse. And then I go reverse, and I put it in drive again. Then the camera comes on like, well, it's too late. Now. So it's like what's going on? All right. So we're gonna talk a little bit about Elliott Osho is well, I'm gonna tell you guys about continental when you're under the hood ever notice. How often you see continental belts? There's a reason for that continental is one of the world's largest original equipment suppliers for the automotive industry, automakers around the world, insist on continental for original commitment belts, the US. Big three BMW VW over thirty percent of all new vehicle sold in North America. You know, what that says it says continental knows e because they are we continental e technology series multi v belt for the automotive aftermarket are precision engineered for perfect fit form and function with a true, e pedigree there, the belts engines already know, so you can confidently spec continentals multi v belts there. There's one for ninety eight percent of eagles on the r-. So today, you may not know it, but continental is also a leader automotive technology. Hey, maybe they should call Jack. Electric components for things like Thomas drive in an accident free zones. These guys they focus on innovation and every in every pot. They make including technology series, aftermarket belts. Visit OT technology series dot com to learn more. Maybe they should do infotainment systems just saying just a little tidbit there. LA auto show Shah I like going because it's close, and it's the auto show that I go to every year. Everybody's very very sweet they say come on down. Come to the press. Stay come to a bunch of vents. I got a few things on the menu. I've got a Bentley event I'm going to get a a Lincoln of going to and Genesis the the Hyundai non Hyundai car the Porsche. Yeah. The posh Hyundai. Going to one of those events, and actually I don't have much of a relationship with them. But I'm always so curious about that car because it looks nice. And it it looks like the car that should be all in like this stock footage because it's like, oh, it's BMW Mercedes. There's no logo on it. And that's kind of the generic car and they should use. But I haven't got the spend much time with them. So I'm gonna go to one of their events as well. But what do we have to look forward to at the LA auto show? Big show. We talked before on the show about how you know. The whole also Ulta show will is is is diminishing. But she LA if anything booking that trying to because he's a he's a huge market particularly for the for the luxury brands, but this I mean, Paul new cows master three which would be a huge will is launching hold the passable, which is sits alongside the V and the pilot, and he's kind of was described to me as a heel lineup CRV v. Then it'd be passable pilot and pilot bigger Bigalow. Yeah. And it was described to me see as. Kind of masculine CRV. So space in the pilot a little bit better off road than a sea of a little bit more aggressive. We've had a sneak preview of that. That's debuting. Bentley continental cabriolet as you discussed outage GT comes sept- each one, which will be sporty aversion of the each on SUV that we that's launching next year. Okay. Porsche nine nine to the nine eleven. I'm crazy sitting here saying how much we love the current one nine nine one point two. Yeah. Like, you just still doing videos? Hey, this pushes so good. And like, I'm glad you like it. We've got a new one coming out. Yeah. It's it's it's crazy. So that he's that she launching here in LA next week the nine nine two we've already had a little sneak drive sit in the Porsche such a good job of distracting us with all the little spin off models. Right. They're like, hey, the nine nine one. Yeah. It came out seven years ago, and they're like it's really long in the tooth or like, no, no, no. But we feel like we just got the new. Like, no, no, you got the GT three. And you got the GTS, and you got the all wheel drive, and you got the, you know, all these versions they sort of released over time to keep that thing fresh they're geniuses at that. They on this one will launch next week here with Caraba s and Carreira full s then you will in PDK floppy puddle, Gabe oaks, then off the back of that. You will have the standard Carreira coming out. Then I'm then manual gearbox. Go with us still retained and then on from the you'll have maybe not three target should in there somewhere. Again, targa sheepdog. A we'll be in not makes hybrid will be in that mix. A few years off. So it's eight speed PDK now seven speed stick full fifty holes power for the Carreira s. I mean, the performance thing will be we'll be extraordinaire the turbos room. I've over six fifty holes posso as always Mojo's power. It looked like nine eleven is going to have one of those. How's that? So red strip across the back that will right. Yeah. On every new. Hasn't. Now, Cayenne hasn't now polls you. Another. Coming up. Jim you you mentioned mcken that's already getting refreshed. Mccamley will be here in LA is well that was launched in China. I won't to say couple months back. So yeah. New Macan, which is a pretty hefty refresh oversee cayennes new as well relatively new. So it's a great. It's a great lineup excited begin to launch on Tuesday night. But also just a lot of mainstream great mainstream stuff as well. Say master three passport. And it's a good show. And it's will be we'll have a big team that I will be doing video stuff. Putting on the site checking out the new models. And if you're in town. Yeah, it's still it's still a great day out to know the day to the show. What's today today? The show is coming out on the twenty first. Yeah. This show is the day before thanksgiving. Okay. So as you're listening to this. On friday. So that week on Friday. So next week for us is like the press stuff, and then and then it's open to the public, and it's open for a long time. Like, a we we until till December ninth till December nine thanks Eliana show. All right. So there you go. So definitely check that out. I think that'll be kind of fun to do. Bill you come in LA. I am not now. Maybe. The goldbergs call you back up and give you some. I'll be there. December third another episode of the gopher. Oh, all right, there you go. It should be a fun event to go and check it out. All right. We're going to wrap things up here. And. Before we do I'm gonna tell you about dodge. Join the brotherhood of muscle and give winter the cold shoulder with Dodge's all wheel drive vehicles. You can joy Reid like it summer in the dead of winter. Visit your local dodge dealer now for a great deal at the dodge black Friday sales event, if you don't go go go over clause will come after you. I keep seeing different variations of the commercial. They're fantastic. I think the feedback is as been crate. I saw I saw Christie Lee Frank Christie Lee, Christly I mean that I beat at the drag race roadkill nights. But still, you know, no, less charming. Driver. If I beat her. All right. Yeah. I guess I guess delivering presence is not a race. I don't know. I felt like it was but of. I'm the one that's gonna get out and deliver them physically. So if she drives them to, you know, technically, make it quicker must be pretty EMMY, the I tell you. That's funny. The best part of that commercial to me is you painting the engine. You're like the the. The easel there. You're like painting, and I didn't notice it the first time or to what you were painting. And I was like, oh, you're you're you're painting. Your painting of demon Edger. How new yeah. Of even more amazing is I'm not left handed. I always trying to figure that out. I was like you look kinda awkward with the left hand going on with that. It's funny because I know you and I saw the commercial like why did they make you do it left handed? I don't know. It was it was it was it was weird. But. All right. Anything else going on with you Bill? Anything else? You got to throw out there before we wrap up. Just waiting on that Halphen, man. You know, we need the control module they need to make the control module available. So I can put it in that race car for God's sakes. If not soon than we're gonna have to give hell you a quick phone. Call. Oh, yeah. I'm I'm I'm crushing on those guys on the on the turbos that he's got going over there. He's what a nice guy if you guys missed that. Go back. Listen to the episode with with with John from Helen turbos. Cool to really understands what he's doing. Like, I said I known him from drag racing and he was so dominant out there. Now, he's making all these kits. You know, a small microcosm of the car world. You know, I'm we've been in this for a long time flex wheelers. Great friend of mine, I haven't seen flex in a hundred years we bump into each other at sea. My he's with Hellene. There goes the relationship with him. So I mean, again, it's just a prime example, why the damn car world, so cool. You know? Yeah. He's making a two thousand horsepower demon is. Yeah. Of course. I love you. All right, guys. We're gonna wrap up and Alison Weaver from Edmunds dot com. Guys. Thank you so much for for listening to that. Thank you for coming in here. And now thank thank you for coming in and giving us a let go check out all the ranking system that they have over there. You can find you can find Edmonds. Go to Edmunds dot com. You can find Edmonds on all the social media. You can go to Weaver Alastair on Instagram and then go to Alastair Weaver on Twitter if you get this wrong. Just switch them. You'll figure it out eventually and checkout Goldberg Goldberg and Goldberg garage on Twitter and Goldberg nine five and Goldberg's garage on Instagram constantly posting stuff up there like you said fun stuff from NCIS and the Gobert, but also Goldberg's garage all the car stuff. Burn outs videos, kind of fun stuff. You got going on that way of knife or death? She's in two tonight, ten o'clock nine. Central alway on just go tech that out. Doing a lot of his voice over stuff. Dude, all of his plugs in there. All TV enthusiasm going to love that you could check the out at motivator dot com. The websites up there, you're gonna do some Christmas shopping go to my website snoop around and fiber could try I think you could do that from Edmonds not from my sight, but to support everything that we're doing here you can go to car cash show. You can click on that Amazon banner. You can go to motivator dot com. Click on that Amazon banner by all your shit from Amazon and then. And then we get a little, and it doesn't cost you anything. Extra some five star radio or Goldberg clause is gonna kill. That's right. Telephone on itin. We're going to keep growing this show. And. Governor got a Helen and two cats. We love the ratings and reviews. All right. Chris. Thank you so much. I think I saw Kaelin run around here too as well. So whatever you did today came with. Thank you for that. You're amazing. And until until next time keep the air and the spare and the bag in the wheel. 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This year's parade is expected to be one of the coldest ever with temperatures not going above the twenty s and the wind chill making it feel like it's in the teens. Julie Walker New York thousands of active duty military troops at the Mexican border. Will now be allowed to use lethal force. If necessary says Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, someone beating on a border patrolman. And if we were in position to have to do something about it. We could stop them from beating on them Defense Secretary, Jim Mattis, I'm Rita Foley.

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