GSMC Social Media News Podcast Episode 185: Rants, Help, and Comebacks


Hi It's Jamie Progressive's employee of the month two months in a row leave a message at the Hi Jamie hit me Jamie I just had a new idea for our song about the name your price tool so when it's like tell us what you want to pay hey hey hey trombone goes Blah Blah Blah and you say we'll help you find coverage options to fit your budget then we just all do finger snaps while a choir goes the one that we rely too an water because the first one is an underwater restaurant conveniently named under perfect which was perfect and this restaurant is golden state media concepts social media podcast time to Hashtag everything we talk about all the foreign crazy stories hello and welcome to the yeah yeah so it's sort of like a tunnel to kind of keep the waves more in control I guess so that it didn't splash over into the restaurant like into the doorway or anything I think the waves got high enough to like hit hit it I guess right I would assume so it's actually designed by Norwegian company called breath cement walls and it's like it's sort of like a square but like the sides are rounded like a box okay it's rounded and then like part of and today we are talking about a couple of different social media topics I would say the first to have something to do with the ocean ultimate where it was almost like concave so when the waves hit they like went sort of like a against like into it as opposed to like fighting yes big window and you can see like all the fish and the wildlife and the Kelp and everything it looked pretty cool but also scary yet how do they keep it from from the water flooding Norway and in Norwegian under can also be translated to wonder okay yeah so I thought it was cool and they're like underwater the into the stairwell so the top I guess is high enough up out of the water get the waves don't do that and then the architect said they had and it can one hundred guests and the total internal area is about five thousand three hundred square feet and when they submerged on Social Media Instagram facebook twitter to tumbler probably even friendster join us as we explored the quirky of really stormy to get all the big waves and everything what freaks me out yeah they like they were going to choose one location but then they're like oh actually we want to go to this part where the waters the restaurant underwater so it's almost a slant and the bottom part is under water and then you enter in at the top part and then go down the stairs and enter into this area where you have a Norwegian food and like seafood obviously is always good yeah and I'm I mean you're right you're in the ocean so I'm sure yeah right fresh GS MC Social Media News podcast brought to you by the GMC podcast network I am your host Heidi and I'm joined by the lovely podcast hosts Orion Hi choppier scarier does it get in his underwater obviously so yeah yes so it's like this like cement structure which like super thick during you know like the wonder of the ocean I like it is a water cold those in Norway North Yeah it's so it's really cold and they actually chose a location that's in different anchor points okay which I mean I don't think it's going to float away but that way it doesn't move you know in the water store and it's sixteen feet below the surface social media it's the golden state media concept social media podcast simple already in Norway but you're GonNa have to wait a while what kind of food do they serve their I didn't look too deep into their menu but I know that there will be they had to fill containers with water and place them inside so that it would like wait it down and they had to do that before they could secure it them they've secured it with like eight thousand a concrete slab so if you were to look at it it looks like a concrete box okay and it was some merged in July of two thousand eighteen and now work is underway on the interior complete or is it just through the sides it's kind of like if you go into like a tube and the bottom of the tube is a window and so the bottom is like I I don't know how to say that in I'm sure the proper way but it's one hundred and ten foot long structure it's like an Oblique Ob ob lick oblique it's so if you WANNA eat there the reservation list is already super long wow so you're probably at this point if you WanNa go if you're hearing this podcast you're like great I'll go all the way to Norway a you're sitting okay so it's like you have some solid walls on the side but then if you were to look forward it's just a giant glass wall we see like the fish and it and it will have a public opening in spring of two thousand nineteen and it's like it's set to accommodate one hundred guests and there's already a wait list apparently said about this restaurant under is because it's cement on the outside they've built it where it encourages like muscles to grow on the outside of the restaurant they have different fish and everything I saw one that was excuse me that was in the South Pacific and they're like tables on the underwater part and that will become like a muscle reef and the re full attract other marine life so as to make your like eating viewing experience really rich I think the Maldives mallows in like the tropic areas they have a couple underwater restaurants actually and they do have one where it is like the aquarium tank so it's really cool they had like an artist rendition and it kind of looks like you were looking at the fish like more straight on you know like there's some aquariums where it's like a tunnel you're like walking through a tunnel and they're like sharks and stuff swain over you but I'm sure that's a very different ocean experience because that's like more tropical right and Norway's like colder it's big crazy yeah the view is good though because it's like right at the bottom you can see like the what are those like the celts came maybe chin-high or knee high and then there was like the the C. C. Life Yeah yeah yeah like a shark tunnel and you can walk through them above you it's not like that it's more like you're looking at them like straight out of them if you'd be like in a submarine yeah with like a bunch of fish and everything around you and it it looks like they're in an area where there's lots of like Kelp and stuff yeah it looks pretty cool oh I'm seeing okay I'm seeing the in had some lighting Like yeah I know they said a big problem with like an underwater restaurant is the glare between the like the lights in the restaurant and then the ocean us so it was like a restaurant run on the beach restaurant was in the water so like their tables were set in the water so yeah and then like Snow Hedda or something I'm not exactly sure how to pronounce that it's the Oh I don't know how to pronounce it right yeah I I'm I'm sorry Norway Yeah just like swimming around you yeah yeah like near you and everything like that in the tables were above the water leaves weren't like Norway big so like the part that you're sitting into eat sixteen people surface which is crazy like fly fly do they see legs fish swim above it like a storm or something exactly clear day yeah the restaurant owner was saying like you should come in a storm to really see like all like Mother Nature and everything and I'm like lers but I'm sure it's very expensive it almost sounds like sunken ship yeah kind of like if you take like the the back end is in the water picture now that looks kind of scary to go inside when they drew it like what they think it's GonNa look like it's Kinda dark yeah which kind of scares me affront sticking is a pretty big window though yeah it's it's thirteen feet tall okay yeah which is yes you to get it I'd be so scared Oh 'cause I don't like feeling things rubbish Oh yeah that'd be scary yeah that's like the waves yeah yeah but that would just be scary walking into it and just seeing a storm in the waves right I would not make for my dining experience to be relaxed I feel are any lights so have you don't get your light right you won't see anything like if you look out the window you just won't be able to see the difference of light so I think they worked really hard it maybe they meant for it to be because it looks like the pictures taken at night yeah I'm also wondering if like a fancy restaurants always kind of dim lit the of piping hot on a toasted corn bread roll yeah a corn bread roll save time order your new Nashville hot brisket on the firehouse subs APP today firehouse subs and yeah like if you were in a submarine and it had like a windshield kind of be like that okay yeah I thought this was the first underwater restaurant but it's actually not make sure you could see as much as they wanted you to really take in all of the wildlife which is cool I I would go I'd be a little scared I mean maybe I would go in earlier to me because the ocean currents and stuff yeah like move stuff around exam don't like the idea of like sitting in a pool with fish or with other people just yeah water news story are you hungry for the usual today for you ready to spice things up with a new national I progressive Casualty Insurance Company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law always on the go but the day just be one without your Hollywood thin more subs save more lives participating locations limited time only hi it's Jamie progressive's employee of the month two months in a row leave a message at the Hi Jamie it's me Jamie I yeah wow that would be quite a date yeah would yeah all right so we're gonNA take a quick break and then we're gonNA come back and talk about our next under L. Hot brisket from firehouse subs we're kicking up our slow smoked beef brisket with Nashville hot seasoning it's topped with melted pepper Jack at our sweet and Tangy slobs yeah they're probably smaller yeah but that was pretty cool well in warm waters in South Pacific draft piece of food and the fish just like swarming hello and welcome back to the Social Media News podcast we are continuing our theme of underwater. Yeah I wonder if maybe they WANNA have it like that so what's the price did it say I did not look I mean I'm sure I'd have to do some currency calculation together like US dollars soot golden state media concepts under ten podcast take care of that and all inclusive luck of pop culture and the next story we were talking about is a shark attack scary very scary this happened in Encinitas California it happened on September twenty ninth water I don't feel like you would really see the storm under there you wouldn't you probably just see like kind of like looked up you just see like the Ocean delay doc and they all went back to the shore and a I believe they said it was a lifeguard in an off duty police officer who pulled the boy into like a Kayak kayaking in don't go if you're claustrophobic either Oh yeah yes pretty does the insurance alone is like you want me to go into this dark tunnel to the bottom of well I don't I don't like the idea of that yeah I don't want to be an underwater concrete box in a storm but then I feel like with the picture even though it goes under the is if you're GonNa Book Weight Advantage Plan Plan who you're GONNA ask it looks pretty romantic though even if it was like completely at night nine feet of water and a little thirteen year old boy was attacked by a shark very very sad what kind of shark yeah no it looks cool I feel like that'd be like quite an adventurous date you're like really trying to impress someone all right if you better marine biologist till minivans going like lobster fishing or lobster diving diving for lobster and that's what it is and they were only like two hundred yards out from the shore and about the sharks since the attack but they want to be able to identify what type of shark it is right because if you identify what type of shark it is it's easier to like track based on what you think their behavior has had a new idea for our song about the name your price tool so when it's like tell us what you want to pay hey hey hey and the trombone goes Blah Blah Blah and you say we'll help you find coverage options to fit ajay then we just all finger snaps while a choir goes savings coming at Ya savings coming at Ya yes no maybe anyway see you practice tonight I got new lyrics for the rap break Charlie Sausalito in a restaurant in Asia that had that too where they just kinda like flooded the bottom like the floor area of a restaurant and they were just like fishing there but feels exactly no we can't swim a net but it's also scary that they didn't like spotted earlier you know like sometimes in beaches they will see a shark siting and then you won't be allowed to swim tonight yeah yeah I mean this just exasperates my fear of the you know help sharks proved to all the kids there are sharks for a while but they said that they didn't I guess they didn't see it beforehand or anything it just Kinda came out of the blue probably literally right out of the blue exactly at this article so around the twenty ninth of September they said he was in critical condition but he was gonna he was probably going to make it had to have a bunch of surgeries on his torso southern California okay so I guess there was a group of kids that were on like little field trip I think it was actually like a Church Youth Group Event Oh and they were it's actually they were saying it's very rare to have a shark attack in this area so I mean that was like okay well I guess that's a little bit better where is Ensign Nita's yeah the underwater yeah and you can see like you actually like it looks at the ocean floor because the restaurant bottom hits the ocean floor right you can get everything on the bottle I went to the bottom and all the comments everyone was like oh so the police are just going to go after a great white shark you don't even know what he looks like it was like we have not had any trouble keeping people out of the water a shark okay we'll stay we're just GONNA over here so bad so it was really trying to eat that yeah oh it was trying to is trying to eat alma gosh yeah and like I guess they said they haven't been able to see the berries by species to figure out where it's going to go next store like to kind of judge like is this just like an off thing or does this type of shark like swimming this like d not like it happens all the time which is that's still really scary I also on a random no that's kind of funny when I was reading this article I was just GonNa ask where yeah which I think you know like there is like the surfer who had like her are harm yeah I think it wasn't an arm it was like his torso which is why it was they probably would be able to tell a little bit from that right but I don't think I don't think some of the authorities were in touch with the doctors were working with the boy so I'm not sure nine every pun intended and they said that after the attack a flight the beaches people can go onto the beach but they haven't been letting people into the water right and the and and then he had to be airlifted out to the hospital and go into surgery immediately wow that's how serious it was yeah it was yeah he he was I think when they they don't know for sure so they think it's a great white but they weren't able to find the shark what yeah so he got attacked and then everyone's Yelich short water kind of things like that I was so scared anyway like with the Church group or they use I'd be like you can't go past where you can't touch because is pretty like you can't tell you savings coming at Ya savings coming at Ya yes no maybe anyway see you practice tonight I got new lyrics for the rap Break Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law so sad they know it is really sad it's a cool like war story though yeah what he's getting older he'd be like yeah these scars are from right no bullet holes or the ocean is this yeah no I agree but look cool cool call adventures dining yeah think it'd be cool xactly go skydiving happens young can blame anything yet every all the sharks all the sharks gosh so was it like a four digit save the will they obviously don't know if they don't and you're just GonNa go after him one person who was kind of serious and that everyone was just joking umbrella there go the cops stereotyping those great white shark left I mean I mean I'm not GonNa take on a show and so they like pulled him onto the Kayak in like tried to help him put pressure on his after him like oh he was gray yeah all the colors of chartres I wonder how it is nowadays anyway because it's like anything what shark was if it was full grown or yeah they don't know they don't know they don't really have any identifying features of the shark so the bike marks don't tell me my eye and this was his first tack in like the last one they had was thirty years ago Oh so it's so safe places not like this happened right like before with people that's like eating in Asana that'd be terrible oh gosh they also the architect it goes back to yesterday that's not cute Raza parent I would be like now that's got attacked by sharks can make up some the poor boy he's okay it'll be okay okay okay another topic that we're going from water to fire full story but then I'd be that mom that'd be like tell the truth you have the bit because you were responsible stop no you didn't sign a shark exact you could have did more the F._d._a. this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease like everybody else to say it's a boy was that I think it was like one eight hundred collect commercial wave I don't even know if you would know the new finds out that he's having a boy and he doesn't have any money so he calls his parents or something on on collect have you ever used one eight hundred collect no escape or anything but he has to pay more than eight million dollars Restitution Yup Oh my God it's starting with one hundred thousand initial payment and then he's making monthly payments after that has like five years probation is this just like some regular Joe Schmo like who has eight million dollars yeah I don't know I I'm sorry yeah twelve so they win the fire originally happened this was maybe what was it was like maybe a year ago and then I feel like that's like you want to do something nice you know like you want to celebrate the birth of your child right and it all just it all just goes to Yang really come on one hundred fifty degrees what are you already high okay okay to Sonera Zona Okay and he was going to he was going to shoot a rifle at a target containing Tanna right which is owned by Arizona State so there's a huge wildfire yeah it was what do they call it like the sawmill fire I think it like burned a bunch of area to get charged the explosive powder and it was gonna explode and it was going to reveal like either a blue powder for a boy or a pink powder for a girl that all around you're gonNA shoot inexpensive who would you dial one eight hundred collect then you say your name and endow the number or you dial the number and then say your name so yeah so they know who the calls exactly on so he's like wooded area was not thought through at no not at all not at all it burned forty seven thousand acres that were I swear yes how okay so how did they spark a fire so for the party the father his name is Dennis Dicky's thirty seven of that was sparked by a gender reveal party what hell okay how gender reveal parties are like when people are having a baby anything fifteen bills to pay you know we have the government to pay and downed like well yeah those early sad it'd be like go talk to your father and he's a reason why you don't have a college fund either so is just recently that he's being charged they're coming out publicly saying what he's being charged with and so when the fire started he called in he said I'm so he wasn't trying to yeah I've read this and I was like that was also like you know your girl wasn't like this is a bad idea also like they were kind of like and so he came over and he said like this this is what happens if he wasn't convicted for like avoiding the government or anything but it was the coronado the balloon and you pop it and it has like the different like can cutty colors and stuff but you wanNA shoot it dynamite base of I know you don't need this is a this is an accident waiting yeah exactly for sure for sure and family eight million dollars and like he's on probation they want to like reveal like Oh this is what the gender is the parents might not know someone else set up for that I have a whole nother opinion party for everything now Arizona's but I just was like this is this Zona thing it has to be where did you go to school yeah well also in the article they said like it was a highly explosive material acting relief with active OTC ingredients plus the added benefits of THC free hemp oil get back to your life with CBD medic available online and at cvs these days the FDA this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease it's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine oh I think it was just like a regular guy oh my gosh and they're about to have a baby you know so much I mean they should have thought this through first of all in your peace of mind it's pain and it's getting in between you and the life you want to live CD medic targets your pain at its source it's fast acting relief with actor gene about Social Media News it's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking the vast jungle of podcasts Nell listen close and here this out pursue there's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been Sir Oh national forest which also burned and so it's federal land and it's operated by the US Forest Service is probably why it's so much money right because it's all land that is owned events have not been evaluated by the FDA this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease tired of searching golden state media concepts podcast network guaranteed to fill that podcast is whatever it may be visit us at www yeah probably gonNA catch on fire if I was away the wife for the mom out I'd be like this is so a dealbreaker okay you're on your own on this I'm GonNa take care of the baby and it's attacking your peace of mind it's pain and it's getting in between you and the life you want to live CB medic target your pain at its source it's fast in the golden state media concepts podcast network is here I'll thing less than our podcast bliss with endless hours of podcasts yeah exactly he doesn't want people to identify kid you know as like the one who started the fire you know what your dad did it'd be terrible to be made fun of on the playground collect for your child is not going to college sir no that's an awkward story too of like when your bike babies born they're like Oh you know why area burn they did not talk about his wife so I don't know I mean yeah I'm not sure obviously she's probably not very happy about it probably opened up a whole other welcome back to the MC Social Media News podcast so in our last story we talked about a wildfire that was started eh you'll have like blue in the middle or think he goes a matter yeah for sure for sure Oh all right we're gonNA take another break and then we're gonNA come back and keep talking coverage from news sports music fashion looking entertainment fantasy football and so much more stop flirted around and go straight out to the about the situation I told my kids all the time be smart about the situation yeah thinking through what could happen about it simple is okay yes we had a baby boy and he just says like all his name and I'm like why don't you just tell people what it is because I see the gender reveal party gone wrong I would also like to mention that the father has actually not come out yet and reveal the gender of his baby so tasty ingredients plus the added benefits of THC free heme boil get back to your life with CBD medic available online at CBS. These statements have not been evaluated love fees. I take amazing you're GonNa have to teach me okay so this was this is basically if you're dying to take a SELFIE ADAGIOS MC PODCAST DOT com follow us on facebook and twitter and download us on Itunes soundcloud and Google play story it doesn't have to do with underwater or fire I'm sorry I ran out of connector but this is about self fees something that we all know so it was definitely a fight after that they say that like finances is one of the top things that break up marriages million dollars researchers associated with the All India University of Medical Sciences which is a group of public medical colleges in New Delhi so they were the ones so I study has come out saying that more than two hundred fifty people worldwide have died while taking selfies in the last six years I was GonNa say how is that just as Sir by the state yeah so that was just a bad move yeah was not smart at all for General Party please do it you know be smarter will he had to know right why do you have this where did you get him five I would never be like there's just shoot at a flammable thing and see what happens yeah I just feel bad that you through General Party and now you feel you know just ashamed to say your baby's gender just so sell quick what how does the wife feel about it yeah so it was a big forest fire we'll forty seven thousand acres yeah but it took him a week yeah oh my gosh yeah I feel really bad or Zona this year no no yeah thank God yeah the last six years okay die like what are you taking off a cliff I think so so there are a lot of no I can't even imagine that'd be so stressful Oh yeah yeah also for the firefighters from at least twenty different agencies fought the fire for about a week so we of these the leading cause was to be drowning followed by instances involving transportation so like if you're taking something in front of an oncoming vehicle basically or uh who did the study and they analyzed two hundred and fifty nine selfie related deaths from October twenty eleven to November twenty seventeen and they found that he's going to see it if they like recorded it or anything yeah and his name is out there so yeah if the baby has his last name that's so sad done for other cause was falling from heights okay so how do they know that the a the onlookers like oh he was yeah it's probably like reporting NFL which was so sad it would like did he drowned or just hit his head I think I mean I'm sure he drowned hit his head and we all the above looked like the lenses look like mirrors and she was like driving and she her she took a Selfie and the caption was stuck in traffic but uh-huh have it on his phone his might have fallen to though so they might have found the phone it's at the bottom of that yeah yeah so and so I think they were saying like more than eighty five percent of the victims were between the ages of ten and thirty ten head yeah related to the India like the having the most selfie related deaths I do remember a story were a man was he was killed by a bear because he tried to take a Selfie what are you guys doing house bad as already hot just got hot right now I don't even think it rains there to clear that Stein goes like oh I'm so sorry I know he probably feel so bad not Levin Educated Zona Good Luck we wish you the best so our next gum in the article that had a lot of stories of people like there was some young guy who went to Yosemite try to take a Selfie near a waterfall and he's come home with my gosh yes or that was really sad and they actions that India has the highest number of salty related deaths than other countries but other countries which is an gosh that photo you'll never have it I mean not that you want it I'm sure they probably do many crazy gender reveal parties you know and they have like a box of balloons different color is the balloon yeah a guy like oh perfect he's got a cell phone he looks he'll take a photo with him so sad and I guess some safe selfie tactics like like a stick figure posing on like power poles or like holding a gun that crazy I want to be that adventure to the risk I mean that would be safer they also said Russia has launched a safe selfie campaign so they have a slogan searchers saying that they suggest no selfish zones so like certain areas that are kind of dangerous they WANNA make them

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