The most evil man in Biden's Cabinet. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Boris Epshteyn with Sebastian Gorka on AMERICA First


Our fathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created me. I know not what caused others may take but as for me all the world one little note along. Remember what we say here but it had never forget what they did here. What your country can do for you like you. And mr girl. Tear down this war here. These buildings all of us and we will make america great again. This is america first with sebastian gorka. What people into the water where scrabbling vologda worse than slavery high. I wonder if you're a blacklist to america first or black voter what you think of. Maxine waters saying the photographs of customs and border patrol agents using the reins of their horses bridle to stay that animals and protect them from illegal. Aliens who on american citizens is worse. Then slavery now. I'm no historian. But i've seen roots which by the way if you're not familiar was ally. The author had to admit that he made it up. You know couldn't akin tae not actually a real story but the imagery is accurate if not the individual person and the story. Slavery involved the selling of human beings by black africans to white traders. They're being carried over the seas in the insides of ships in truly inhuman conditions. Worse than any prison with disastrous survival rates to arrive on the shows of america and many other countries brazil as well brazil had more slaves per capita than america ever did. I wonder why brazilians don't have inherent racism in their culture. Like we are told we have here thanks to the purveyors of crt and then they were treated by mostly southern democrats owning their plantations as chattel a fancy word which means property like a horse like a donkey like a meal like a bale of hay. They were prop petit. They were shackled. They were beaten. They would torture. They were killed. With nary a consequence for those who kill the may were lynched linked mostly by democrats or members of the k. k. k. which was a democrat organization. But that the lynchings the beatings. The murders was not as bad as the image of a customs and border patrol agent. Doing his job on the border and by the way. There's a later part of that car. Where maxine waters says. Who pays those cowboys. How stupid is this woman. I mean truly. Does she have a double digit. Iq number one then not cowboys then. Not shepherding cattle across the border and secondly who pays for the customs and border patrol. Let me just think on that for a second. You do. Maxine waters ukraine eaten. Everything in federal government is funded out of our pockets as taxpayers by congress. Did you know that how. How long has maxine waters been in congress and she doesn't know who funds the department of homeland security. Every single dime spent by the federal government has to be approved by the congress. It's called the power of the purse. Not even the senate president doesn't have a budget. he can't buy one paper clip for those quote unquote cowboys. Until the congress approves the budget and who controls the budget who controls congress it is truly stunning but in a time when the democrats have not only the white house and the senate but also the power of the purse that give that the congress has who they who are they blaming for the images on the border an officer the cb p. Who's doing his job. Under the most difficult circumstances where he has been castrated politically by his master's. No of course. It's not his fault. Who's running customs and border patrol. Who do they report to. And who actually provides the political guidance the policy oh a democrat administration and at the top of the which runs. cb p is a man called alejandro. My yorkies and this is a count. That i didn't get to play yesterday that i need to play for you today. Given what maxine said and he's talking to congress just think of these words as you think of the images of the third world shantytown in del rio created by legal immigrants cut to my orcas have been quite clear that we do have a plan to address a migration at the southern border. We're executing it it takes time and we're starting to see the results. I'd be very pleased to meet with you And discuss with you some of the tools that we have employed on taxi drive the results that we saw this past month and we expect to see in the ongoing months. Those tools are not met with unanimous approval. But we are using those enforcement tools to help. secure our border which we are dealing to quote unquote drive. The results. isn't that delightful washington speak drive. What results that nine thousand haitians not even from haiti from chile. Come to the united states illegally. Dump i've seen the photographs. The great todd bensman found their discount. The chilean identity cards with photographs discounted at the border. So they could hide their identity so nobody would know that they're not coming from chile but they actually from haiti these. These are the conditions with three hundred women. Pregnant women under a bridge in del rio. These are part of your plan. Alejandro yorkers he goes on to say the following which is perhaps the biggest lie of all cut three. Is the border more secure under your leadership when you started congressman. The border is secure. We're executing our plan. And i've been very clear and unequivocal in that regard. The question is is the border more secure now under your leadership than it is no less secure than it was previously. That's a lie under the lights adaptable. Lie more than two million human beings that we know of will cross onto. Us territory illegally across the southern border by the end of the calendar year under the trump administration. That was unthinkable absolutely unthinkable. People like tom home. And people like Mount morgan secure the border. When kobe erupted they used the national pandemic health regulations on the title. Forty two to immediately get people out of this country who came here illegally and who were a threat to the health of americans today more than six thousand illegal aliens crossing every single day onto. Us territory that we know of and as they are intercepted the vast majority of them are not sent back to where they came from. They are given court appearance dates. Not actual dates just pieces of paper which say. Please contact us at your earliest convenience. Ninety three percent of whom disappear into america as they are bused across the country in vehicles. You painful alejandro. My yorkers is a scoundrel is a wicked wicked evil man. I'm sebastian gorka. This is america fast. Relief factor pain relief. It works pain relief. It's really just listened. To of story leah from ohio one sunday morning. 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We're voting on amendment after amendment Most of this is going for the nda. So this is one of those wild weeks where vote after vote Most of them are democrat amendments. Because as you know they usually don't take republican amendments and some members of the freedom caucus have said that the nda should not be voted on by republicans until we see certain other actions taken by the white house. What's the state of play is going to go through. What's the latest number. Well there's a lot of us in the freedom caucus that are taking a stand against it we are. We're against drafting our daughters strapping young women. Especially when there's seventeen million young men eighteen to twenty five already signed up the flex services and our current Active duty military forces or at one point three million. And we're not even at war so there's no need to even be talking about drafting women at sample ridiculous. Of course we know women are capable and they're equal but we're just not into drafting our daughters our our wives and and don't think that that's that's necessary. It's another one of those Racing gender you know social issues. It's just pointless with that we can't trust this. How can we trust the military the leaders especially after they abandoned americans and and look what they did they arm the taliban so there's a lot to unpack there with the as a lot to unpack with very very excited that you could join us just for a few minutes and i know you have to go back last question for you We discussed the custom. Ninety nine eleven that we're issuing here in america first on list it's combined there's only a hundred left out of the three hundred custom nineteen eleven but you'll giving away a fifty cal barrett. I wanna post that. Has that already happened. What's the deadline. Oh no that's that's going to continue on for at least another month. People can sign up at green gun dot com. 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You could be up to twelve thousand dollars a year. Call them right now. Eight five five five eight one fifty eight twenty eight pre qualify for free call. That's eight five five five eight one. Fifty eight twenty eight or just go to american financing dot net american financing. Mls one eight two three three. Four mls consumeraccess dot org. Just find out how much money they could save. You want good you do. Twelve thousand dollars. American financing dot net. It is a peculiar situation. I find myself in. I feel like i'm going back in time because baron is in the studio. What a rare sighting of the bound giving his baronial way to all of our viewers right now. Boris epstein welcome back rodeo pocket square. The baroni pocket squares. We have to have them. I'm just a duke. He's farren tell me arizona let's start with arizona to be fair. I was here last week. For what were you doing. Were you in. The view is different and was much more comfortable. He was hosting for me. Because that's who's the pattern is. And i will tell you it was fun. Doesn't come at a blast. The audience amazing. We had so many guests wanted to be on. I didn't even have time for costs but you had a load of guests. I think that's what i'm saying. I didn't have time for audience. 'cause i think we may have had ten guests and we had huge names. Lack salt bernie kerik. We owe yet rudy rudy. Kimberly guilfoil said we we had we had all-star connect me to that guilfoil lady. Gimme guys will help. People will tell you. We'll talk to eric. And mr geo nassir was such an honor to be. Thank you for having me today. Of course every time here twice just in case was working high energy. The open was superb. Then i caught you. I think in the third hour lots of fun. Thank you about it. And then i did a two minute. Wrap of that is usual message right and then you and sharing with the listeners. The viewers with the audience of standing strong and it was brilliant auditors. Thank you thank you thank you. Thank you okay. So let's talk about frankly. It's been delayed for months. The arizona owed it. A lot of people are losing faith. Eunice got off the phone with somebody so talented baras one. Can we cautiously expect. Well you know sources of source. So i've been as you know. I've been staying abreast of what's going on in arizona really keeping a close eye on it and make and here's the deal. The audit and audit report should be the audit and audit report. The numbers don't lie ride. The process doesn't lie. So what what. I wanna make sure. Is that when we get tomorrow is the exact representation of what was found. Isn't watered down in any way is from what i understand from what i'm hearing. We are going to see numbers which reflect ballots and issues which are magnitude higher than the difference between president trump. joe pike county alone this mockup county alone. who's doing the audit. And do we trust them. Cyber ninjas doing the audit doug doug logan do we trust them yes and they've shown to be good people to show be honorable people that never. I don't think they've done something like this before. Because nobody's ever really done a full forensic audit of nobody's but it's a tough slog has been and also you gotta remember maricopa county's done everything they can to not turn over that of the nation and because the doj's heavy-handedness an audit to be two parts to recount. What you count the ballots and figure out which ones are authentic. Not anna canvas. Now hang stuff that you're stealing my just something thing so this is a pro set to me last week. Said audits are irrelevant because you're just recounting fraudulent results. What you have to have is a canvas now can explain the difference short and audit an audit has two parts a recount part battery county. That georgia early days after the election is just kind of a piece of paper we got and it doesn't matter how good or get the same result. A good recount going on here. Well you count the papers but you look at the quality of the and you're doing a qualitative agree count their issues not just very not just quantitative ranches numbers but quality so if a signature doesn't match or something is is to identify. Okay so that that's a that's a widowed qualitative. Okay and i recount. And then that was done and then canvas is when you because you know with the ballots addresses are you. Don't who they voted for. But you know you know. One o two maricopa way in phoenix. Right and his two ballots. While the as you go and you check the address and you see whether there's a house there where the people living there is if it's a date every single vote you pack. That must be massively expensive. You do spot checks volunteers okay. It's just like statistics whereas you take ten percent twenty percent. Spanish sent that grows right by twenty percent and again this is this an election in arizona and barracuda's two point two point one million votes. The rest is another million votes right so about people month. Three hundred million votes in arizona as a whole so this election. That was that was right now. For by ten thousand votes and your source ten thousand mule sources told you that in this qualititive audit the discrepancy or the problematic ballots more than the quote unquote biden leaders. That what. I heard correct magnitude. Well that's huge. It is huge and again. This is what i'm hearing. There's my sources. I'm not gonna get ahead of the senate if it's true. What can that trigger. When you rogers who knows neurologists leading the she's gonna be on the show today good and you just literally talked earlier right. She's she's a friend you should. You should ask the question. What's not so she will cape good the push the decertify as next and you're gonna have people democrats and some rhino republicans. All you can never going to happen wrong. And here's why under article to the constitution. The power to conduct elections is this is completely steadily reserved to state legislators so the state legislature says that. Hey we've got the receipts and here's people all they're trying to flip the luxury trump. Not necessarily. the answer is not that the answers if this was if this election is inconclusive. If there are x. Thousand ballots are three four five times more than than the separation. Just for maricopa million copa is. The cheating was the least because panel counties in arizona where there's native americans who you know it. Usually the numbers will just outlandish like ninety ten for democrats really ninety land so so they do america reservations there. So you know if if you're going to be able to say that there's definite receipts this. This election was uncertifiable. Then you've got gotta be certified. Well we're going to ask wendy. She's going to be with us in the second. Half of this is why. The baron is a regular guest and guest host because he brings us the intelligence fresh off the grapevine We continue the discussion with boras. I'm smashing go. This is america. I come to you. Live from the relief factor dot com dear the latest reporting and analysis on the big stories of the day on the daybreak insider. Podcast it's top notch reporting from sr news along with his sharpest insight. From hugh hewitt. Mike gallagher dennis prager sebastian gorka and the voices of townhall dot com. Daybreak insider podcast. It's your first luggage. Today's top stories available of apple. Podcast spotify google at salem podcast network dot com the side of the. Us constitution america furs. It's only view who are hanging on. I'm gonna take your calls in the break. Nancy don't go anywhere. I love that question but we exploit him. He's in studio. He's the baron. And if you like this show where did that hour go guy seriously. There's somebody steal it support those that make it possible. Especially mike. Lindell the inventor of my pillow the pedal that navigates never lose his shape guaranteed for ten years. Fifty one million sold. President trump loves the. My whole team uses them. Use my name. And michael give you up to sixty six percent of my pillow dot com promo code geo arca. That's eight hundred eight nine eight four six eight mypillow dot com from coachee. I wanna make your day for you. Who wanna play your cut. From one of your favorite people caught eight. I arrive in opposition to this supplemental. I will not support an effort to enable and support war crimes human rights abuses and violence. We cannot be talking. Only about israelis need for safety at a time when palestinians are living under a violent apartheid system and are dying from what human rights watch has said our war crimes. I just come in for me on this. Would you boris yesterday. The democrats blocked. Tom cotton's attempt to have the taliban designated a terrorist organization by the state department. And they have cheated to leave saying that the use of the iron dome is a war crime and israelis an apartheid state and if there's institutionalized racism in america it's in her party a thousand percent and we've been screaming this from the mountaintops as a proud jew. I will tell you that to have these rabid antisemites. Ailsa cried and cried on the house floor and she got up for your next hour because of the one because of the money given to israel literally so it's ballet because oh it's not just you but it's just a lot of it is ill see the idiot you're with address and all that that's that is today's democrat party is and did you see steny. Hoyer standing up juicy. Nancy pelosi standing up is chuck. Schumer say anything. And i will tell you this over and over again we can expect any better from the liberals okay but of the jews in america the the in the leadership the leadership the steny. Hoyer's the chuck schumer's the the major major names all through democrat of them's at anti nothing if they do not stand up and fight jerry nadler if they don't stand up a fight back and to to the juice. Voters the donors the people working. You know there's so many people who work for liberal causes do not do not separate your judaism you're jewish ethnicity. You're an effect that we do have a homeland in the state of israel the jewish homeland from the fact that these people who you work for who you support our against jewish people if the jewish people in this country do not stand up and do the right thing. We're going to have a dark day. I'm going to say this. If you're an american jew and you vote for the democrats. You support. antisemitism is i think it is. I think it's it's either you support it or you trying to turn a blind eye to it which is maybe worse which may be worse. This family in the holocaust wants to come us. Come at us. Okay but you and i. You've been nothing about an amazing friend of the jewish people. We know our president. President trump has been in a made the best ally of the jewish history. Entry embassy recognize jerusalem off to twenty years jewish off wake wake-up of presidents from both sides betraying our friends. I'm sebastian gorka. And he's the barrett.

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