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Sein number billions from front. Row motorsports drivers Michael McDowell. John Hunter Nemechek and Todd Guilland even better one. Lucky winner will be chosen. Receive race tickets to join front row at the championship race in Phoenix later this year. Hey everyone welcome to the racing writers. Podcast I'm your host Kelly Crandall my guest today is Mardi gone. The owner of gone brothers racing which fields the number ninety six Toyota for Daniel swore as in the NASCAR Cup series. Jimmy has taken a big step forward in twenty twenty by making the commitment to run full time after making just thirty eight stars from two thousand seventeen through two thousand nineteen for Mardi. He's been involved in Nascar for over twenty years though in some form or fashion. And he's GonNa take us down memory lane from getting into racing. As a young boy in Canada to bring into the sport with Crevice Haas racing and learning from Roger. Penske and through the years gone has worked with teams such as Red Bull. Bill Davis Robby Gordon and Richard Petty. How got brothers racing came to be as also a bit unique so few light racing stories and are interested to know more about Martin or his operation. This is the episode for you. One thing to note. This interview was not able to be done in person as I prefer because of Cova nineteen. So you'll notice. Mardi is coming through over the phone. The conversation so great. The quality was much better than anticipated so there should be no worries there but I do like to be up front with everyone. Here is Mardi gone on the racing writers. Podcast I've was hoping we would eventually be able to do this in person but obviously the again this is our unique little reality for awhile. How are you doing now that we're a couple of weeks into the season ignoring the big fact that were not racing right now? Let's put that out of our minds. Just how are you doing over there at gaunt brothers racing few weeks into the season? Kinda just reevaluating where you guys are. Obviously now we have we. Have you know three out of four races in the bucks? Obviously they China's a was a huge disappointment for us. But you know we we have to look at it as a learning piece if you will and and move forward from there and you know Las Vegas we what? We ended up thirtieth California's Twenty Eight and Phoenix is twenty first. So you know continues. Improvement is absolutely what we let people from the beginning of the year. So we're making progress and we have still so much work to do. But you're not making progression of Las Vegas to Phoenix Mardi. What year is this for you and racing because again? I was doing some research trying to spark some ideas here and I think it's been what over twenty years now that you've been involved in racing in some form that adds some yes. I started at this myth called over twenty years in Nascar Cup where he sees you know. I started at midnight each year. Ninety came down to ninety five. Ninety six would crap is hard but I started at a very young age Back in the late seventies and Jerry Jones in Toronto Canada and then laid it in North Carolina. The yet this level since I have you five G. will yeah. Let's cover some of that so it's hard to believe though right it has to be that this is already your fourth year undergone brothers racing in the cup series so an in the Cup series. You know go back to the two thousand seventeen It's kind of ironic is. There's always a story behind something that we were preparing a car to To go to the return of five hundred and literally. We didn't have a driver so we decided that we're GONNA go down in under five hundred in two thousand seventeen and a friend of mine from back in the day to roll in Canada. Dj Tony can call me. And he was looking at least two to go down. Run the five hundred and I said Ironic. You'd call looking for an engine. The engine business about time. We try to reach technologies. Said GonNa build a car. But I don't have a driver and quickly gushing escalated and We were able to put together with With we went in that qualify. To five hundred two thousand seventeen and that's The Cup holder and get started at the up one of the things that I found interesting when I was looking over the website. Actually it has a nice biography of you on there but what? I have to admit one of the most interesting things that I found on there and you had mentioned at the top. There was racing in Canada. And I. I don't know why but I just started laughing. I said I didn't know I didn't realize that he had do you come from Canada or were you just racing in Canada because I thought that was fascinating Literally I'M A. I'm a citizen of a tree country. I was born in Alabama. Jamie emigrated to Canada and I was Grew UP IN TORONTO. The suburbs Until Ninety five yes. I grew up in in Outside of Toronto we raced all around the The tracks Ontario sunsets be way Lambros Anyway at Columbia speedway. And that's where we we learned how to race in the late seventies and then she And and Are Lucky enough to My oldest brother John He started racing at a young age and he decided to take me a long term his very first race in nineteen seventy eight. And that's where you know. I was one of those guys when to the racetrack at a young age of thirteen. And I knew right away is what I wanted to do and I fall in love with the sport passion for it ever since so we. We started racing street stocks back then that were built in my parents garage. Another two car garage. We had a house in the suburbs of Of Richmond Hill Ontario and they were just so delighted that you're able to build a car in over. Is it GonNa late hours of the night and all kinds of stories? Go along with that but so we grew up. You know building her own cars and racist street stocks. The sports model cars in the eighties and the nineties Then we started Gracie me back. Then which was the gas car series which is now the NASCAR pinky series that was the terrain series of race all over Ontario Western Canada. We raised in all BURDA Scotch. Y British Columbia so we raise some coast to coast and Canada. And two things to do Growing up in Canada living passions hockey which we did and racing cars and you can see that now when we grew up there arista trucks. You know. Canadian Tar Boers Sports Park. How many passionate Bhaskar Change? We have in Canada and a lot of folks. Don't realize that but there's a lot of good. You know Saturday night racing. Limb of Great Borings and Jerry on Western native as a diary for the first time you hit on two things. I wanted to touch on there. Which is you mentioned that you went to a race. And that's how you got interested in it. So racing really wasn't something that was familiar to you until you were taken to the race track and fell in love with it so we grew up typical Canadian. We escape before we can walk and we play hockey every chance we could remember. This is beyond dating myself years ago. We used to play hockey local parks and their parents would take turns on going and comical fire department flood the outflow club the parks and we will play hockey that at the parts of the Universe Street. And there's no snow. We played you know Street hockey so we grew up playing hockey. And you know I'm the youngest of five so my dad was very busy taking all the different hockey rinks weekends and throughout the week so all of us kids could play hockey so we grew up doing that. And then my oldest brother. He's at six years over the NIAMH and He he had a passion for cars When you discovered stock hurry and he came home and told us all about this one race. He went to and that's what he was going to. Who's going to build a car and Like I said I'm young men sit at the table. Said if you go I wanNA go so Lucky enough the first time he ever went to to the racetrack. he Loaded me in the back of a station wagon. They had that was Tovia. Go back then. We didn't even have a traitor. We used to call the flexible trailer which was a chain and the chain hooked on the front of the race card behind the station wagon. We dragged out car up and down. You know down the road to turn. Local retract sunset speedway. We'll be started racing that I seventy so. How did your driving career go? Yes so my brother drove you know. Obviously I used to have a license. He he he troll. For a number of years He receives successful. I should say that he region successful driver Out of the The two of us like the youngest the oldest By my brothers in between did not the not driving. They came to watch. But they didn't really have an interest In motorsports idea about my oldest brother John so he most of the regime toll. By sixteenth birthday led the globe race car. Funny Story about a I remember doing laps and and Practice and hinge racecard. I'm sixty and I know he's like he's pointing he's pointing and I'm looking into the courtroom thinking. Oh He's waving good job. Well the realize after I've done four blocks and pulled into the pits that he was yelling screaming that I hadn't taken out of first gear so luckily had blown up his at blowing up his car for me. He said if you ever going to drive again it's going to be your own car. You know drive by equipment so I decided to go home with his how I built a car. Also and I race for out of those four or five years. I did okay. I was not near as does not wise I E he was burning up all the short tracks around Ontario by Alka four or five years until I think I would private six banks more money than my My little race team has worked decided that I should probably stick the business side of it and and get out of the sea so I ran into hoping you know. Run the team because we starting to read the first series Crew cheap team manager for small Saturday night small Saturday night which will and decided I was going to stick with the business side of racing and not focus on driving. You hit on something when you were talking about racing and Canada. So Motor. Sports and racing and Canada are were as big back then as they are now. It's not something that is new today. That fans here about the pinch series and you mentioned the truck race. A cat up in in most sport motorsports in Canada. It sounds like has always been a pretty popular has been great rates Takeda. And if you look at like a race attracts now up decorating motorsports park which previously was mosque for the beast. Run wondering is there and if you look at Montreal and you know yet one race it's run there today and run there for many years and you knew who came from Canada. Short track racers Junior Hanley you know. I was Fortunate enough in the mid nineties how I ended up in the states which the Canadian rates. You're by the name of Peter. Gibbons would you very very talented and I always used to say to Peter. You're a great race car. Driver departments were in the wrong country. Because we're looking at a gain of that and even have the opportunities that you know everybody who's down to the states and and even sports incarcerated Harker cars. I came down with them starting at Busch team back in the nineties but no we had some great race car drivers instead due to come up through. Canada and the great audience of Canadians. That have a huge passion for motorsports so he was always there but again growing up as a youngster and candidate was more hockey. Until you start you know looking out in the rising sea routes of sports and we found that we've got motor sports when you moved to Sarla in the late nineties. He was around ninety six according to the website. Where you just taken a chance at that point did you have? You mentioned the role with Cranford Haas racing. Did you already have that lineup or did you move to Charlotte just taking a chance to try and find something in motorsports? I took a chance and took a big risk my daughter at the time there was one years When you're old and It was myself. My brother-in-law decided we were going to do it. I had a stable profession job at a company called Canadian tire. Which is you know very large in Canada. And I left there after ten years and side of that. I wanted you know pursue motorsports full-time I wanted to dip in a cup series. I wasn't quite sure how I was going to do that. But I do what my passion was and I knew there's opportunities I had to be north. Carolina could've been tried. It had a lot of people. Tell me crazy and still today. Still Tell me laugh. That's that's okay so I figured it was worth the risk so In Ninety five we let it up and we We go to To Moseman Carolina with the help of Peter Gibbons because he was gonNA racing car sorry Bush car back then and we started the team. We literally had Peter Purchasing property. And we're going to raise the bursaries following year so we were working on the car at night. Bill shot during the day so we came down. And you know you're here. I think three or four months in in Mooresville Before we even went back home. It's our families and I went backwards and I think Christmastime of year so we went through. I believe with ninety. Five setting-up Bush team and we got to the end of ninety five and unfortunately motorsports dictate a lot of sponsorship and Peter's sponsors I decided to dip it right so he was left without sponsorship and He was You know looking at moving back to Canada and my brother-in-law Marie Tim and I said we wanted to stay. So Murray literally went over to Hendrick motorsports and Applied for job and got hired right away. He's still there today. And I said that I was GONNA look around at some other cup future getting started and I came across microcredit. Critics entrees Gordon to ninety six. So lucky enough that Michael took a change on me That I did not have the experience at the Cup level. You know again the bull ring rates motoracing up in Canada and then You know we've run the Bush team for you and I told Michael My background from business and racine and took a chainsaw and literally don't launch That launched my career in To the ninety seven Creditas Ray. The name for some might be vaguely familiar when it comes to that program the Crevice Haas racing team. But you guys had a robby Gordon. Jeremy Mayfield John. Andretti as drivers remind folks who may vaguely be thinking. I recognize that program or that sounds familiar just on the program and your success. What was going on? I mean again. The drivers you guys had come through. There are recognizable names. So you know. Extreme Carl Carl's Newman owned. Maybe car team They were stolen cars for for the dregs. Right for Maryland. Michael and and and and lots of great racers And then he'd started this Upkeep WITH MICRO-CREDITS WHO FORMER AHEAD OF S. B. O. Special Vehicle Operations for Ford Motor Company. So they decided. We're going to start this of this. Woodson Winston Cup team back then and the first driver. you're absolutely correct. Bobby goal that. I believe you're in Michigan. And maybe a couple of other races before they'd arrived at the time and then They had hired on Jonah dirty and it was number thirty seven and they have Little CAESARS and K. Mart for response or and actually a story behind that to which a lot of folks might not know is I asked. Michael was probably a couple of years after a day with Microsoft. How did you come up with a number thirty seven you know? Everybody has a story of war number. Thirty seven and Michelson it's easy. I said okay. I love to hear the story numbered the car. Thirty seven for two of of of my heroes. He says the greatest driver ever lived. Garin hurt and seven Alan quick because Alan Quirke was a driver. And that's how he came up with thirty seven and I was like. Wow you've got a lot of thought and how this process works and how you pick. The number and Michael was a very deep thinker. He was very analytical on. How are we gonNa have you read about things? And there's a lot of thought through all his decision so anyhow so the John Andretti driven a car in ninety six which is the first full time year and then they actually did a driver slop that John Andretti over to kill. Yoga's drive the ninety eight Jeremy Mayfield. Carryovers came over to drive that thirty seven and So we went into a ninety seven with a K. Mart RC Cola and. We had a decent year. I mean flashback. I remember going to Daytona. That was my first race with the team in nine seven and we have to qualify for the race. I mean now you fast forward to two thousand twenty the accident. Same thing when he difference back then. I was the team manager of the team. That the general manager. I wasn't the owner right so I did realize amendment stress level goes from GM the ownership where we have to qualify for the race which we did. And don't call me. The numbers we had met has fifty plus cars show up to try to qualify for the Daytona. Five hundred and so we had A. We had a good. You had the ice. They're decent year Paul Andrew said commodity crew chief. Then you're you're steadily building the program I think we had twenty slide. People back then closer to the For the team and then tonight and she was nineteen ninety eight the end of ninety seven. I should say Carl Haas decided to sell his fifty percent share. The Roger Penske and the team became penske credit. This racing at the nineteen ninety. Two car team trustee was thirteen and that went on from ninety eight and beyond into the queue thousands and then micro decide to saw his fifty percent on the team in two thousand two. Roger penske racing and how the two twelve car got laid out. I can I I. You mentioned it. You know being in charge of an operation that had to have been an eye-opener you mentioned some of the stresses they are just of being in a position like that had to have been just an eye opener of what it takes to run a cup series program. We're lucky enough. We want our First Cup race. Pocono nine hundred ninety eight with no other than dealer and her win. Which was quite the dramatic win so yeah the scene all the things that were involved back then word where it's about today is being the monumental task. I'm just not on the team. Side by the spurs sanction by the everybody. Who's involved but the decisions that go along with that and you know kind of have things don't pay there's so many different variables in the winter making decision. you know how you build a car and how you get to carve the race shocking. You know who you hire. How many people you hire. It's just a constant so I was. I was lucky enough to learn so many things from From microcredit from Roger. Penske you know I. I can recall when When they decided to put the two teams together Glenn Ninety Eight and Roger Michael held a meeting down over of that was the name of it The back then and with an eight hours we started in the morning. I don't think anybody ever enough to compensating Nobody ever per meal up and was brought in to leave the hours. Roger and Michael out orchestrated how to put two cars in the one team. Now remember since. Nineteen ninety. Eight wasn't a lot of multi. Car Teams had a multi cartoon. I believe Roche was there was one or two others. But there's not a lot and watched him how he said. Okay this time to build agent and so we're going to manufacture car. This is how we're going to travel this. You know accounting all the aspects of it. We're GONNA do licensing so again. Learning learning from those folks is in is is something that you know you can never put a price on and I was just so grateful and that that had the opportunity to either of y'all all that unveil real and how we rolled it out and later on in life I can still dirk use those lessons. Learned years ago to apply. How would you know today? I was Gonna ask that because along the way you also. I believe. Were involved with red bull racing. Richard Petty Bill Davis Robby. Gordon racing. But do you think you were storing away information and lessons learned that even if at the time? You didn't think you were going to have your own program. Maybe but do you believe you were storing away information lessons that you would apply one day and whatever role as you kept going with your career things that you learn to stir daylight for about That you don't realize of the year two years or ten years down the road but you know today I still look back of lessons. Learnt and and you know there's there's an old saying learn you learn more from your mistakes you burqas and you know Hewlett Packard. You know meager should not different. These are the circumstances over delta. This information has a time issue all the facts that they had but yeah with without all the experiences that I was able to gain. I don't know if I make the same by says she making process would be today or having gone through those lessons. Learned from the. It's called the twenty five years but again I I was mocking. You know rich fortunate that I was around some of the greatest people motorsports and to your point county not realizing the back that you know. It's it's I remember. Rescue also told me a story years ago I started to Atlanta. He finished second or third like that and he said I thought this stuff was gonna be easy and then he came by and got a reality check. So you know I. I was lucky right the same kind of situation. I was lucky that I had a larger scheme. Microcredit business so many others again working with an independent like Robby Gordon. The way he does things and looks at things and it Powell petty. I mean people that have just been. They've lived motorsports to her lines. So I was fortunate to be able to so many different things along the way. How do things the right way and how not to do things You know when when you should move forward and maybe sometimes when you should pause and today I still back. Those lessons learned and apply them on a daily basis was ownership. Something that had already crossed your mind during these times when you're working with these other organizations or when did the light bulb go off and you say okay I I see the stresses and I see what it takes. I'M GONNA put myself through that when when did it become When did the light bulb go off? Martier you said okay. I want to have my own operation. A great question Kelly. So crazy town's today is being introduced by Michael Creditors you know in nineteen ninety six. He asked me what do I want to do in five years and I told him I wanna be in your chair. And he doesn't he was right. It took a la took a lot longer than five years. No I knew I mean what I wanted to do. I knew event wanted to own a team any on back then I was naive right like I wanNA. I WANNA own a team. I'm going go. I'm GonNa find a sponsor and hired keep on the way we go well when I got really integrated into the sport and how difficult so many things are. I think that dreams turned away. That was ever going to happen to be in the nineties. I was more than content on you. Know running the team for for Michael. Working with Roger Penske and having you know drivers that we had watching a guy like rusty wallace who was one of the great. You know as the P. May so those aspirations kind of went away for a while but they came back became back probably seventy years later and you know working with Kyle for a little bit and encounter. Come talk he's just a great guy he's just he's he's a great humidity. There's call petty and the race car is called. Patio outside the car. I mean he's a great guy and you know even today when I run into Kyle at the race track and comes by always got a great story is always got pettis file. And he's always got a you know a great outlook on life and there. Is You know some some of those Sunday morning conversations with Powell and you're watching the time there were struggling with with this with this team but history that petty enterprises motorsports had throughout the entirety of Nascar and watching what they built there. And you were running well on the racetrack. You know they were running a very strong business that you will and I think then for whatever reason collect those you know I would really like to get into the ownership side of things and one thing led to another an mkx trinity happened that I got introduced to a young driver by the name of rating. With and you know through that. I work with a little bit in bed. I know in Robby Gordon for years. I've met in back. Could you know Michael Curtis and Robbie said Hey. I want to get this. You know this Bush keep going. He was driving. It are CR and I can help you do that so I started work with Robbie and in the same time Brandon. Whitt and one thing led to another and next to you know reforming to start racing the truck series and the witch paddle for new and You know they. They wanted to go full time truck racing and I had asked where he's getting my ownership walk kind of concrete. He the NASCAR and I said okay. Let's let's put this together so we became partners and the team was. I called Clean Lime mortar sports which eventually turned into red horse racing. But that's how it all got started an ownership when you was going back to two thousand four now on the the tricksters. Yeah it's again in amazes me to look around and read the biography of just how involved you've been before we get to gaunt brothers racing and currently what's going on. I wanted to hit on one hundred thing as you're making your way here through the years you mentioned you go to the truck series. Get involved with red horse racing. But then you got away from the team stuff for a little bit because you mentioned earlier when we were talking about triad racing and you went and got on the manufacturer's side. Was that one of those things where just an opportunity you wanted to explore or the decision on stepping away from the team side and then going to affect the manufacturer side that would that was an interesting piece. The manufacturing side obviously was Was Building Engines. And not already Gregory's by W agents per and having that partnership and obviously you know I. I had a relationship the Toyota folks. Because if you back up you know Mike. My tea became a charity team. And and Red Bull where your team? Also their partner of ours at At Red Bull so already had those relationships and I saw the opportunity of triad and building engines and manufacturing piece of equipment and then treated so you know obviously that was away when we purchased the triad racing technologies. And you know we did that for ten years but I can tell you after about a year so building Indians. I still had this drawbacks to do you know ownership side of things on on the team side. Because I've always had passion to to be a team member to be. You know to be part of the team. She you know when the team on the team whatever. The case may be of always had that so when we when we purchased triads and started you know. manufacturing engines for You know true to support teams and partners about a year later. I remember having this with With David Wilson from from charity. I said no date. You know businesses as well We're winning races and sitting on polls by Mr Team sign and he said what are you thinking and I said well you know my my brother. John started in racine in and like the storm team. Get back if you will love racing in Canada and and obviously our focuses on building engines but curtain. Oh weekend here or there might Might go run in the in the Canadian pinky series and had my brother died the car which she was great on the ovals but he didn't like Didn't like racing the courses too much or didn't like him yards. And so we got Jason Bowles. Yeah see you drive on the On the road courses and We we started racing up in Up in Canada and the and the rookie series and limited that how GB are was horn was a gift bag. Brother John for you know a brother. The brother under his wing and showed him a sport that ultimately became it became my passion. And and my. Let's harder Marty. Is it harder to work with teams on a team as a member? You know running an organization being team owner or is it harder to work with teams when you're on? The manufacturer side charter will teams. You're on the manufacturer's side they won't hesitate because when when you're on the team side and you're g member or teenager gentleman's or whatever the case may be your heart of that organization right so when it comes to make a decision hard decisions right you you you can gather all the facts that that you have and you make those decisions right based on on what you have in front of you when you're manufacture your manufacturing partner piece for the team right so in a way. I wouldn't say you know only not the correct bourbon senior outside. You're not really. You'RE GONNA temporal part of the cheap but your benefactor part for them and it was like week after week. How many guys you want. How many policies had on your always criticise? You're always want you want more of the year and you always want more power. The thing I learned on the Union Side County is at the injured breaks. You cannot fix it and the car wrecks. You've got a good chance that you can fix your race in the back of their rights. The engine breaks the races over forever for everybody. And there's no worse feeling Immonen sports for me personally. When one of our engines would break. 'cause I'm like you're just taking the opportunity away from from that team from competing so it is much harder on the manufacturer's side Engine business is a very hard gooney business especially when you're new manufacturer you're going to be ugly for more than one team to. You're watching all those teams and something goes wrong as an angel providers and better. You feel personally responsible for what happened. Even though about spring could have broken for some random apartment wrong or GLOCESTER radiator water in age as I already way the engine blew up and all that went through the radio. The ladder came wants to know about story that he just no you agent blew up so it's a lot harder on the manufacturer side than than it is on the side for sure so. Jpr brothers racing you started with Canaan in the penalty series. What was the original roadmap when you started your own organization? This is your team. I'm doing it now. This is I'm going to be in charge. What was the original roadmap? When you started with cannon pinches was it to start small and then forward or kind of what were you laying out when you first decided okay. I'm full on now team ownership. Yes I'd love to tell you the Great Road Map if he had led the Sri the business plan. But I'm just GONNA be honest. We didn't have one we just said we're GONNA do this and literally give back to my brother John because he he didn't have a ride and I said you know what we're going to start a team for you and there was no plan then was like we're GonNa Race. That's our passion that's enjoy doing. We're GONNA put this team together. We'RE GONNA go run some races and of course you know one thing led to another. We ran some races. We had some success and decided that we were GonNa you know this. Cayenne car in going to go to the stage race in Radio Tweet. The accurate a showdown and it turned out. I'm Portuguese two thousand eleven and Jason. Bows you got to know a little bit draws a couple of racist force in Canada Montreal and in Moscow. You know he'd come from that neck of the woods deep in California. You run those each cars and I said to my brother. I think we're proposing this car and Let's go to the tortoise showdown and see what we could do it. So we went out there and we're apertures second practice and unflinching retired and crashed. The car had been at the backup car. I can't recall women qualified. Twenty th or something and. I thought we were doing well to do that. Because again there was a lot of cars showing up these events and we were lucky enough to win the race and a bike apologies bulls so from there. I think what happens like okay? Yup impact some success. And then you know that means going right so then we decided well what what's our next and it kind of was nor truck race here there and you know whenever we could because our main focus you know for for from two thousand and eight to two thousand eight. You know sure we. Gb are started with the running. You know an east race truck race here and there was was made a faster engines. You couldn't take our high off the ball on on. This is what you know. You WanNa give them your forward which was making sure that we're building race-winning engine so while we had the team going kind of in different acts mortgage you go until we turn to wake up in the two thousand seventeen movies that are we`re. GonNa we're GONNA START Cup rates in the years in between we put it in idle. Yeah so it sounds like there really wasn't kind of a thought or a process of hayward just going to go cup racing league that was just the why not. Yeah no obviously that was back restarted Joe Cannon and the wind on Saturday night race but yeah well when we started on the upside and we're looking at the landscape a nats car you're looking at probably what was going to be coming down the line for aging wise and how it's GonNa factor into business of having those discussions for few years and You know from our perspective. You're a great motor sports and you started making what's next right. So we're not gonNA build agents anymore and we knew that was coming you know. What do we want to do? And that's it right away. I want to be on the team side. So let's look at. We're GONNA do this. We want to come and literally at the end of your sixty when we made that decision. That's when I started putting a plan together that when we had the plan for me said okay. Let's their feet wet here for pro toes in the water. So let's see about building a cop car for seventeen and we started putting that those planes in motion if you will and then Levy. I got the call. Dj Teddington about he was looking for agent. And I said I'm pro team together and within a few weeks decendants toner and that was to go out and see okay. I mean there's so many pieces per team together. It's getting all the equipment together. It's the people which is the biggest thing getting processes and two thousand seventeen. Allow us to do that. Pretty those things together then obviously back again eighteen DJ And and we're able to qualify for the five hundred in racist through Eighteen that we had Gernhardt committed I can jump around like twelve or thirteen races force in two thousand and an eighteen and we had some bouts of Szeswith jeopardy and still building our team and then you're lucky enough to put a deal together for two thousand nineteen with Parker Clinger Cohen and sat down with Parker. And I think it was December of several EP looking in the nineteen twelve park of yours by playing. This is what I'm trying to do. And the eventual is. I want to get this car full time and Parker was a great building block for. Gv are and just his way. He goes about being prepared for a race and his thought process he was he was perfect. Guy The perfect time where we went to the two thousand nineteen Okay we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA run the Daytona five hundred in our plan and along the way you know we're GonNa make sure that we have opportunities and and really wet which took US obviously writing to two thousand twenty now that you're a few years into team ownership with GB are. Is there something that has stood out that you didn't expect to being a team owner? Is there a misconception? That quickly fell by the wayside. Ors Or anything that just stands out now a few years in to running your own company. There's one thing positive evidences. Hey there's an ops gordon thank you you. Try TO BE PROACTIVE. And making sure you have all your planes and everything in place before you actually get to the racetrack. Then there's a lot of the reactive great so obviously not making the return of five hundred was a reactive piece. Y'All stay together with the plan to go to China and on the race in the back of my mind that there's a possibility yes and you know. We talked all of our partners about that before every the biggest risk is going to be Daytona. You know again. I've been lucky enough and have the opportunity to learn so much along the way that I've seen you know the highs and the lows of motor sports and there's GonNa be a lot. More Moser is high because you can't win every week. Obviously there's only one winter so you gotta be prepared you know you're GonNa hope for the best and prepare for the worst. You know it's it's it's it's a cup scored right so you know. It isn't like any other sport defeated sponsorship. Which is you know is is a task so so there's so many different areas of the team. You know you have the competition side. Which is you know. Which is the people in the parts? And then you've got your relationship side you're with corporate partners you're factors there's marketing there's licensing does apparently so there been one area you know two questions popped up and said. Oh you know that's dealer that's a that's a roadblock or massive Schema. Haven't done it. I think. Sometimes it just GonNa pack of one by one and make the best decision plan and you gotTa just always keep moving forward. So I don't know if there's really been anything that's come up and said Oh my goodness that you know the biggest one is probably the latest one right so again I go back to five hundred but that really took the The wind out of ourselves but probably within forty eight hours. You know twenty four to forty eight hours. We're going to be better prepared to go to Las Vegas. So it's a hard and it's a monumental task on on on starting to team but you know we all stayed together. You Know Redo the risks that we were up against but we also know that called two three five years down the down the line but the rewards can be so you know. We separate those arrests of decided that we're going to go a few more things for your. Mardi just close the book on Daytona. Something that I wanted to follow up on the owners press conference you were put on a brave face. I gotTa admit when you came in and talked to us but one of the things you had said was. You weren't sure at the time. How big of a setback missing the Daytona? Five hundred was going to be so again now. There were a couple of weeks for move just to close the door on that. Are you able to kind of paint a little bit of a better picture for us on what that did to the team? I think it was a bigger shock to be totally honest with you at the time Kelly. So speaking with you today when the times we've brought it up since we've updated so it was hard to swallow at Daytona but the best medicine for us was mindy giving off Vegas. So was it a setback. Yes but the way I look at it. Keep out Daniel out of our partners calms co- Coca Cola Toyota G. R. D. It's behind us. I mean I'm reminded weekly by our friends. Attorney David Wilson. He's like you've improved you might. They Ran California. You know. I'm I'm disappointed in somewhere embarrassed. He said Yeah but week before you didn't run as a you're absolutely correct so at Las Vegas we've got to California and we're twenty eight. We got to a Phoenix twenty first. So it's behind us. There was a setback. Then it has an expected us As crazy that sounds moving forward. You know there's a financial peace that goes along with that that you know Didn't happen and not happen. But that is what it is right. And we can't change result and that that's behind and alerted just look out the Bug Vinci of and say what's in front of us and what's the next objective. We've got Iran one of the things that Daniel has said. He's been very honest in admitting. Hey I'm not a patient person but this is a process. Obviously you mess. You mentioned there a few times now. The progress from one race to another the results have been better. So are you a patient person? Mardi or do you Do you understand as long as you've been doing this that it is going to be a process to get everybody on the same page and just get those results and you know for somebody like Daniel who still learning everybody's names you know Do you have the patience to understand that? This is going to take some time. I I have more. I have more patients than the Daniel. I can tell you that. But it's okay. Daniels. Young. He's aggressive Risk driver right so you know that. Can't be my mentality that I run out of patience 'cause if you've run out of patience or pine very quickly so. I have to be patient. Now there's some times inside of me that I'm impatient but I can't show them right so you know. Obviously you know Daniel wants to go faster. You know and Next week previous week. We're all about that. We're all onboard with that. But you have to understand too that you know gain you can you can. Joe Gibbs racing in Stewart Haas. We've had this discussion several times right. He came from a team. That's been established for twenty plus years when they both won championships in raising our sort of one bulk win championships and and everyone races and Saddam. We have none of those none of about we are. We are building a team. So Daniel is a is a huge piece of our building block because he can advance us and his knowledge and dragging full-time on the circuit canal. We haven't had a fulltime driver. So Dana took a chance on coming to GB are and helping US progressives team and sometimes during the race you know he can get a nation and but you know what Jarvis do. That's what makes you know. Great drivers right all impatient at. They're all patient. It probably all finish those thirty fifth week and so again as long as we keep progressing week by week I think I think gain back And when we get an x ray track that we you know we progress a little more weekend and we don't then we're going to the right. You're on the right direction. I can have more patients because again I can look back on my experience. All we back to the nineties when I was a credit for sauce and try to make the Daytona five hundred right in in in nineteen ninety seven and then fast forward to starting your own truck team and knowing the trials and tribulations parts of pieces of people you have to put together to get that thing up and ready to red bull when when we started and we ran you know the old car and and and and the Lucar all right keycard the same year and unfortunately we miss racing here but so many so you know so many other new teams are coming into the sport at that time so I can learn from it I can look back about and go you know what those days pass but you gotta learn from your mistakes and you got to build on it so with that. I have more patience the years go on you. Hope he gains more weight them. And you can leave all that and you know. Daniel hasn't been exposed to that like I said he came from Joe Gibbs and Stewart Haas very well race winnings dot established organizations and. We're we're not there yet by any means so I think You know him. Being impatient is okay. 'cause I you know I don't know if we really want a patient driver inside the car. Could you get your race result? So I'm okay with that. Explain to people so one of the things that I've said for a couple of weeks now is because yes. Brothers racing goes from part time the last couple years to now fulltime and I feel like that can't be Stated enough because I want if you could. Marta explain to people. The challenges of team like yours going from running part time to full time because it's not as simple as saying we're going to do it so explains a fans y so challenging and why this is going to be a process figured the the biggest challenge and they challenged repay everyday if the people aspect of this court is getting all the correct people into place and that was not done overnight so obviously we started late you know. We started in January. We didn't we didn't start building team at the end of last year which would have been November December those two or three months runway to get your Daytona. There's there's a lot to be done for that. So we were literally out you know trying to recruit people and big January. Were all the people that were available for. You know twenty twenty beyond had already jobs and other positions with other teams so that is the hardest piece of it right now. Going part time full time we all go buy parts pieces and treks interpreters for the most part and we had a lot of those in place for part time. The biggest thing is the personnel and people are what make NASCAR cars go again. You know we're up against teams that have been racing. You're twenty five years. They were so we have the parts of pieces. That are Joe Gibbs for Stewart Haas or hendrick or row and eat though but they've been pretty knows parts and pieces in place for years along with the personnel so we replicate. It's called too big blocks parts and pieces of depot but the people part outweighs the parts and pieces because if you have the knowledge that people that know what to do with the car. I it's you know I've said this for years right so a car actual racecard sell. It doesn't have any feelings. You can't hurt his feelings. It's a bunch of steel with wheels and parts and pieces on it but people you can hurt their feelings and everybody's different and everybody has a personality and and trying to get back to work altogether. That is a secret sauce if you will the vix race to go and we're up against time so that will come but it takes time for that but I have two more things for your Mardi. I appreciate all this time. Shed some insight for fans who may not know much about the operation and just explain. How many employees you have. I know you've got a great shop over there Mooresville. I haven't had a chance to see all of it but I did get to stop by last year when I was talking to Parker. So just explain your your space what you got going on and just shed some insight for fans on just. I guess the size of your operation. We run our team of a smaller. Keep in dead air kind of look back and at you look around and you try to learn from other people and try and see what the do right. What the wrong. Everybody looks at everything and trying to make the best decision that you can. So you know we're we're eighteen thousand. We have approximately thirty plus people and in our place but we do what I call on. A third party supplies right. Said we don't HANG BODIES LEESON THAN THIRD PARTY. We don't you know obviously be built. Engines traded gre or partner there the other agents force and we have their party survives with transmissions years. So we're looking at me. Assembly in the car. If you look at it like how they do it over indycar chassis supplied or you buy one chassis for all for all the competitors you you both your parts and pieces on the car. That's that's a model. That's how we do it. I love the way the seventy eight cars used to have their model that they literally focus on. You know pretty near car together. Same thing show to supply their engines and Joe Gibbs you're with US JOE GIBBS SAFAI over the mall a group of the guys changing patterns so we're not a big operation at all but I look at the seventy eight as an example as a model and see how they did it and how successful they were and it came down to you. Know they they didn't have you know the biggest fanciest shop in the In the industry but they had they a shop that worked very well for them and the really good people that worked at seventy eight car and they were very successful. So I try to model or operation off authen- and again if you look back at some you know I'm just using the seventy s in his anger there's many teams that started out like we did and they've you know they've built their program up solely. I think a lot of people look at those operations. Go Home Seventy eight Martin to actually be one races and championships as you need. Look back ten years and and see some of the struggles that they had those things. Don't come overnight so remodel or operation around that small model where the third party vendors suppliers vice with parts of Jesus and we focus on building the car together and looking on average even resources. One last thing for your Mardi. I'll get you out of here on this question so looking ahead trying to you know not necessarily predict the future but if you could script it when you start looking at the future of brothers racing now that you've taken this next step by becoming a full time team. What do you hope is in the future for your operation? What do you hope this team can become as you guys? Keep moving forward and making that progress. Vn end result is when when he races winning championships. And that's that's the goal that that is you know the roadmap and the business plan could G VR. But along the way for that to happen. There's a lot of pieces that have the tradition and lucky enough. You know you talk about Connecticut. Game of behind you know on the personnel side and the parts of pieces one thing. We're very very fortunate about it is that we've got great partners. I mean we wouldn't even have had the conversations opportunities to start twenty twenty and then full-time on for Dvr if we didn't hug traded gre and our other partners com school coke with of those folks. That doesn't happen so you know those are the guys who collectively you know said. Hey we can put this together and we can make this work but you have to have a future and yet stop and build upon that. So you know. We've got great partners right now. Obviously we WANNA keep them for years to come and we gotta look at. How do we? How do we build with them along the way so we can get to a place? Where you know Joe Gibbs today or enter kids penske and DOTS is GonNa take some time but really when it comes down to it it's it's two partnerships that you have because without those there really isn't any other opportunities to Detailed your Jeep Marty. I greatly appreciate all the time that you've given me today. Hopefully we can talk again sometime soon. In person in the future and it's been a blast getting to see how far this teams come so thank you so much for doing this. Thank you Kelly. Appreciate it all right back here to wrap things up. Thanks to Mardi for the near our. We spent together recently and the stories that he told when I brought up this idea to Lisa Hughes Kennedy from Toyota another person. I want to thank for helping. Get this interview scheduled. Her response was Marty has a great story. I didn't doubt her but now having spoken to Marty. I'm really glad we did the interview and was able to learn. Just how great and fascinating. 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