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That's by Oracle gives you a full picture of your business in real time. Get your free guide right now at nets dot com slash Adam. That's net sweet dot com slash Adam recorded live at Corolla one studios with Adam Corolla and board certified physician and addiction medicine specialist. Dr Drew Pinski. You're listening to the atom and Dr drew show the I get it on. Got To get on a church again on mandate get it on. Thanks for tuning in. Thanks for telling front of their board. Certified didn't specialist going under escape. Oh where shall we start my friend? I never okay. So my kid's been hanging out here a bunch and we dug into some old videos remote past and on our way into like the first six months for three years of life kinds of videos full-blown ptsd from watching videos and in the videos. It's it's interesting the whole time Susan. They're saying like when you're eighteen we're going to we're going to let you know a terrible is what we're GONNA we're gonNA tell you because it's just incredible. This is unbelievable and Just seeing it we also video of her like right after delivery when she went to shock nearly died so we watched all this with Our kids and they were sort of stunned. Like somehow they thought you know. We're just to screw balls that you know fully formed just propelled them through their high school and college experience without much effort her without really killing ourselves as we but he give me give me full on. Ptsd to watch all that stuff again. Like I actually walk away or you say well let me posit. This thought true because I know You're dealing with the young INGRATES and I got the same thing going over here and you know it strikes me that the guys. I know who tell those stories where it's like my dad? He drank a little too much and he liked the ladies and and he gambled a little bit but Good man he worked hard for this family. And it's like I think my kids are going to be like well. My Dad was faith all he was basically sober. He didn't gamble. He worked hard and we lived in a palace but he was a Douche. I'm not sure you'll get even the worked hard a little bit of palace. I don't think you'll get that because I know it's going to be. He thought money was too important but he was a Douche right so it is interesting. The dynamic auto guys I know who tell me about their hardscrabble dad who drove a logging truck or something that you know like do that they wax poetic about how he loved the ladies and that kind of stuff and there was all that and then at the end they'd go but I respect him. You know I love that man or he. He's banned in my respect but he earned it right right versus the kids. You give everything to who have no context for it which is every second. I'm on this planet. I get a little bit closer to the dangers of giving people shit and it is dangerous and I've never of always known it. I've always known I guess I've always known the dangers of freebies. Because I grew up in a Freebie with a Freebie mom a Freebie House and I I knew how that was debilitating understood that I didn't really understand the white collar version of Freebie. I didn't understand the free college or the you know credit card that Daddy would pay for and you could go out and charge as much as you want. I didn't I somehow thought those people would feel differently about it because they were educated or they had or they're Mo- more evolved like I get the part where we were getting a free cheese in the food stamps and the welfare I get that and my mom was miserable and depressed. And you're living in a shitty house like that was kind of free. Flopping didn't I didn't know free flos immerse. I didn't know it would affect people on the upper end of the tax bracket as much. I didn't know about all the kids of the rich and powerful people that were going to. Od on painkillers. At Twenty Six. I I didn't know how debilitating it was that the upper at the top. And you know what I mean. Evidently Free Shit just affects everyone equally. It's just what was affecting us was sort of. My mom was pissed off that she couldn't use her food stamps to buy cat. Food will version. It's who the free shit is coming from right. And just think about how she felt about the tax payers and the government who created the resources for her to get the free ship. Well that's my point she. She couldn't use her food stamps to buy tack to buy cat food. And that was that outrageous or of course we all know that if you make your own money you can buy as much cat food as you want which is pissed off Piston. Associate this the people that are giving the by. She's pissed at the people that are enforcing the rules of no Catholic. You'd like well of course how. How could it go any other way? You know when I used to teach traffic school and people come in on a Sunday. There were angry at me right. There weren't angry themselves for speeding. They weren't angry at the COPPA game a ticket. There were sort of angry at me for ruining their Sunday right right. That's a sad in in very common wiring crying. Yes now it did. I don't know what the developmental sort of evolutionary purpose of that was but it doesn't seem to serve much use these days. What do you mean? My mom is flourishing. No so the guy at the Albertson's in north Hollywood is simply passing along the information that you can't use food stamps to buy cat food. Buy Your perfectly willing. You're perfectly capable or it's perfectly okay for you to purchase cat food. If in fact you'd like to use some of your own money for that but I know that's a bizarre thought right having your since her her sort of reality. Her construction of reality was that rich. People DON'T PAY TAXES THE TAXES. Come from the paid for the food stamps and stuff you know whenever you explore this well first off. They don't really break it down that far. The money comes from the government. That's the government that's how they just have money. They don't even think about that. They just go the government now. Rich people don't pay taxes in in her world. I think if you said well this guy is a dentist. And he does well for himself and he makes four hundred seventy one thousand dollars a year. Does that guy pay taxes. She'd go wall. He pays some but not as much as his receptionist. Pam Wright and go yeah. His receptionist makes thirty six thousand dollars a year and says she pays nine thousand dollars in taxes. And this guy makes four seventy five so he pays one hundred eighty eight thousand dollars a year so that hundred and eighty eight is more than nine thousand dollars and then my mom would go. Yeah but as a percentage from the percentage she's being a higher percentage and it's like my answer to that is always I don't care mine is. How much does each individual pay? I'm not so. Caught up on the percentage but fine so she would say his secretary pays a higher percentage which is unfair and she would say the guy who supplies the drugs in the syringes. The big company the big multinational company that builds who who manufactures the syringes in the drugs that he uses. They don't pay anything so that would be her breakdown right right and then she'd go give me some more. Free Shit. I'M GONNA go sleep like a baby. Well isn't that kind of how it works through. When did she let go the Free Shit? How long ago? I mean she's not still doing that as she well she. She got married to somebody who had a job so I think that's probably. When did he just position? All I'd be no never never had that discussion. Never never no I never. I never figured it out her her. Her Mom was sort of a communist. And I never I. There was no Epiphanies or awakenings are any movement in that world. Then I'm aware although we never get into that stuff so well so me and my PTSD. Which I already was kind of an from all the shit. I'm dealing with I've never needed comedy more for what that's worth. I'm getting deep into net flicks. You know stand up specials I I like talking to you Cigarette it just it. Just I don't know man. It seems like a really important cultural input right now while I'm GonNa tell you I'm GonNa go do comedy and I'll tell you a few of those. Hey Gary we might be able to find a Con Hit Chris up and ask them if how we're doing in the Adam Karol of unprepared Snippets will get into that second. I I'll tell you about Tommy John over the next few weeks. We're all going to spend a lot of time at home. Oh yeah that means comfortable lounge wear and underwear Tommy. 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Stand up at the laugh factory Coming up this Friday which Ob this Friday as you hear this. It'll it'll will pass but they're going to stream it so I'm just doing stand up in front of four people. I guess and in the middle of the afternoon but I am going to stand up and they're going to. They're going to stream that I would say people that. Have podcast probably going to be better equipped to doing standup in that setting than the average comedian Gary Tell Chris How how many new ones? What new ones do we do a have and maybe we'll play one of those On the show. So you know I'd been going out and doing stand up and then doing Adam curle is unprepared and we pull the pingpong balls out and we've been rolling tape on it so when I been going out around. The country plane shows We just taken these little ping pong balls in each ping pong ball represents a vignette to speak and whacking them up and putting them up on the youtube page and They're Kinda interesting because their improvised bits in real time based on what's on the Ping Pong Ball but there's a lot of interesting things that can be found there and that sort of real time experiment a lot of directions to go that you wouldn't have formerly thought of when the Ping Pong ball was I read and it's also kind of a challenge if you're listening at home or watching at home when you hear what's on the Ping Pong Ball. What direction would you go? Well it's interesting that you know it's the difference between somebody saying something funny and you having a direction that triggers some thoughts in all your Ardent idea around just a word even and that gets you moving interest right. It's it's much harder to you. How would you even start ms be funny? Oh now I can't. I can't do that but you can. If you throw out almost any word I can I can do. It had had a weird one. A one you'd probably joy we played it on. She asked Gary can look it up. But we had Abortion and I laughed so you try to think. Well you just heard abortion. How do you? How do you make this thing funny? Whether what's your angle on abortion you have to find an angle now. You could politicize it. You could be a for it or against it or whatever it is but that's not really that funny right and then you could talk about an abortion story or some version of it but it's still not funny a what is what would be your angle like what would be your an abortion angle abortion funny in real time up on stage and We'll find it. We'll it Gary will find it. Get it from Chris and played for So other things to To discuss we're talking yesterday about that. Msnb she Thing where the guy explained that this is not the country. Whatever what what does he think he's saying and there's something going on where people are now falling in love with grandiose empty calorie blow blow heart. `ISMs that really make no sense to anybody at any time but yet feel very satisfying to have. We been going down that road for a long time but go yes. Yeah the only difference. Is that when you said the school to prison pipeline thousands of people? How do you see as a train goes from the school to the prison right? But why is this guy on? Tv what is he saying? What do we? Here's what I'm saying. What do we need his fucking input on like I went? Thanks I watched an elderly person. Die through a tablet will never be the same. Like what is that blow. Hardwood we that fuck blowhard for I. I have nothing. There's nothing coming out of his mouth biological. Yeah it's to the point where I don't know what he's saying and this is. Why would be a horrible? This is why would be horrible. Anchoring THE MSNBC show. I'd be like. Hey Bob I don't know what the fuck you just said. What's that mean. Things are never gonNA. This is not the country. We b-actor moving. That'd be horrible. That'd be a good Acre but well horrible that I wouldn't last but I wouldn't I wouldn't be doing making grunting noises I don't know what you're saying. Are you saying the highest thing? Nothing right he's feeling something that he's trying to express through this statement of nonsense. So what is the feeling? He's having what is he experiencing that he's trying to put into words. What would what is his motivation? What's going on his head? I don't see my thing is it's just pure grandiosity. Well but what do you see but think about it because I see something there? I see something there if I if I were to tell him what I see. He would deny it vehemently. Well now Gary. We have to listen to Barnacle bill we gotTA LISTEN TO BARNACLE BILL FROM MSNBC right to hear his final statement and how how very powerful. It just doesn't mean anything. Sorry guys we're heavy. Tst You can tell. She has ptsd told me a story about the night before watching a man die. Seventy four seventy five years of age taught the father of a family. The family was watching him as he faded into death. They will watching him on an IPAD. So this is dying alone in America and sadly I think one of the EPA tasks for this particular period of time we're going through is a lot of people now think that this is no longer the country once thought it was. It's sad. Okay I have no fucking idea what imbeciles talking about or I he his guy what he must be in academics. But I it is. Oh my God is really rough that people get sick and we have to keep them isolated when they died that is a fact and he is a drama queen. Alum could you little fucking dog? He likes drama. He's told a story and and that's happening out there and it is sad that is so so then he takes that sadness goes. I've decided I hate this country and I hate what it's become in a I'm willing to unravel civilization to make that point. I'm willing to bring things down completely to push that point home so let me go here. I go. This is a disaster. This country has no this country is. He's saying that we're we're collapsing civilization and he is gleeful. Think about that Lee. He's expressing glee and sadness because he was already said. I don't know you think there was glee in there. I think the light maybe delights. The better word elegant that this is a this round. What are these Old Fox on TV? Four what what is he doing? Why Co anchoring anything he should fucking anchor at tuna ship Barnacle. Bill what Gary. What does that Guy Do? Who is that guy? He's a he's an American Print print and broadcast journalists started in Boston and he's basically just sort of been a political commentator on various shows for a long time morning. Joe Hardball with Chris Matthews. All so there's your fun again. There's a controversy in the eighties. Where yeah looks like in the Oh in the late nineties where he was caught lifting. He wrote an article Of Eighty humorous about rations and it turned out they were all lifted from George Carlin's book and he went on to deny it and then a few months later they someone found a Tv Interview that he did where he was holding the book He'd never owned it so know. That guy must have a lot of degrees in a lot of education. Because you have to have that in order for us not to know what the fuck you're talking about. Hey Gary and Matt did you guys understand anything. He was saying. It's sad what what he meant. What did he mean he meant it? Sad that was all I got from it. No it may mean that we're not in the country. We thought we were in. I have no idea why I have a microphone. So fucking idiot. He must have a bunch of fucking degrees. They gotta figure out where he went to college. Anyway that Tony Dodson word that guy what he meant by this? Isn't the country. Thought I mean I. I certainly can't speak to what he's saying. I feel like if anything he is just again like Gary sinise added everybody is is all being warranty like this and maybe he expected the system to like take care about in a way where we could still live our lives. I mean I I don't fucking know. He's doom and gloom blowhard. It doesn't look like he's got extensive degrees. You went to Boston University and then was a volunteer in Robert Kennedy's presidential campaign. And it just seems like he's been very well ensconced in that sort of circle for a long long time but once you get to age seventy five. Shouldn't you have a fucking thought you have something it's like? It's just great things like I said to somebody somebody sent me. I mean it must be amazing to just have no thoughts but literally just feelings and then you become like the crazy bitch in the airplane. Where when the Asian? I hope that guy's been claimed cancer by now when the Asian doctor gets pulled off of the airplane. You Yell Out Loud. What's going on now. You're four seats away from this. Fuck stick Asian Doctor. Guy On the airplane yet. Saw The guy in the windbreaker that said. Tsa ON IT. Asking him to get up and get out of the airplane hundred forty four times and eventually the guy picked him up and carried them out of the airplane and then you hero check yelled what's going on. Don't you know what's going on? I don't get who you are. This guy's like she. He died it in with a with a tablet in the nurse. Yeah it's got to cut the corona virus there. Pops that's how it works. It must be interest- how do you get to that age and have no fucking thoughts in your head? So what happened is is somebody somebody sent me a tweet and all. I will illustrate this perfectly drew. I let me hit Manscaping it's testicular. Cancer Awareness Month. Did you know that drew up? 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Siren goes off in a city of one hundred thousand. Everyone takes cover in their basements and tornado ripped through town. No deaths five injuries reported. Was it wrong for everyone to take cover? Thanks retarded hero. Did taking cover minimize casualties? Thank you again or did hero for these important questions. My question for retarded hero Spencer is. How many months do they have to stay in their in their basement? That's funny retarded here are Scott says for as long as there's a chance of Tornado. Okay okay thank you guys. I hope you run nothing and make no decisions. That is my because I would feel bad for everyone. You presided over yes. It's a good idea to get in the basement when the tornado is blowing through town. Let me write that down. Thank you by the way idiots. Stop repeating super obvious things. Too Smart people it's insulting. You know what I'm saying drew. Yeah I know it is like I get a lot of that. Hey of five hundred. People dead in In California you don't think that's the lot tell that to the families of Fuck off fucking idiots. Don't prefer fucking stupid. You're fucking assholes. Jesus Christ it's fucking insulting. Who Do you think you're talking to fucking grandfather clock? I'm not dumb the fucking idiot fucking hero retards shut up God. It's it's fucking insulting but really is it is but it's the it's the me it's the it's the means of communication of the day. This is the virtue signal right. No one said it was a bad idea to go into a shelter until the tornado blows through town. Nobody said that was a bad idea. One hundred percent of human beings agree on that yes now. We have to decide when it's safe to come out of the basement and then hero number two says when they're no more tornadoes okay. Do you guys have kids like really? Do you talk. Do you have children and what happens? You impart talk to them. Like you're talking to me. The dumbest fucking kids on the planet out of the kids were school every adults. Oh my God yes. Of course yes you must go into shelter and then yes. You must decide when it's safe to come out but if you wait until there's no danger zero percent danger of tornadoes and you could be living in your basement for months or years so now. It's time for the adults to make decisions. Heroes Okay. Is there part of this? That I'm missing and then drew. Why do so? Many people have difficulty with basic logic. Well because we all have cognitive dissonance we all sort of want to confirm our own points of view so we're just automatically on our own echo chamber with whatever comes at us and as you pointed out many many times the feelings or whatever buddy is listening to rather than analyzing the logic. So the guy saying America's sad it's not the country new Yes yes lot of head nodding that we eat. Oh yes it's sad. It's sad I get you as opposed to listening to what his words were. What is point. Exactly what had fresh basil is as good as the guy who's telling you to stay in the basement tell. Tornadoes have been abolished by God. I don't know what the Fuck You idiots they're talking about but please consider I'm not a fucking idiot. You have to factor that in. I know you're usually you're talking. You're normally talk your pussy friends about this shit all day. You GotTa talk a fucking idiot. Usually Virtue Signal and the story is E B. If you're if you're saying hey I'm virtuous listen to me and say something outrageously virtuous signaling ever ever discuss. Now what am I going to say next? How am I gonNA come up with a good one? Also let's really break down your math. What do you think I? What do you think I like death? Yeah Yeah you're killing people. You're killing people. Can YOU ACCURATE? Racist adults are so fucking disappointing. I had no idea that adults are going to be that fucking stupid. You've changed raise. You've change change change all right. 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See threats that you might miss on your own join now and save at the twenty five percent off your first year call one eight hundred lifelock or lifelock dot Com Promo Code Adam. That's Promo Code. Adamant LIFELOCK DOT COM for up to twenty five percent off right you can go ahead and Kurla Dot com and find out you know what what we got going over there. You can Go to chassis to ashes in Hawaii so we spell it and get all our movies up in there and You can go to annum. Corolla DOT COM or YouTube dot com slash annum crawl. We're going to play a couple unprepared clip for you In our next episodes listen to the next episode drew. What do you got all Dr Dot Com and instead of knocking? Tv Dr Do that. Tv Her last call. So till next. I'm an overt act. Mahala this Corolla digital.

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