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Welcome to life allergy. I James Miller your host and a licensed psychotherapist purpose. I'm looking forward to spending this time with you. As we learned some pretty amazing life lessons. Let's get started. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to listen to the show when you're done listening. I hope you take a minute right. Quick Review on whichever radio podcast platform. You've heard this show. Your insights will help other to be inspired and encouraged. I have a great show for you. Today I'm going to help you separate between what you're feeling what your body's telling you you also be interviewing Roy Krebs who is a CO founder and CEO of natural stocks and open source supplement company. That helps consumers improve mood memory and focus through targeted brain health products for more information about Roy and purchase. He's amazing supplements. Please visit natural. STACKS DOT COM. I have some exciting news. 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Your favorite author's books will be there go to James Miller followed dot com forward slash audible. And start listening to your favorite book today. Once again go to James Miller life dot com forward forward slash audible to get started today healthy scales. Have you ever woke up in the morning. You thought Oh my gosh this is the worst ever. I just don't want to get out of bed. And unfortunately you stay in bed all day. Conversely you wake up with a cold and you stay in bed because you just don't feel well now that makes sense. The problem is is that when our mind tells us that we don't have the energy or don't have the ability to do something. Our Body will often demonstrate ministry that anytime we're struggling in life it's important to separate between what we're emotionally feeling and what our body is physically telling us let's say good to work at eight. Am and you have a disagreement with your co worker and at noon. You're still really annoyed. And because you're annoyed your body has all this tension this frustration and it comes out and agitation Shen or anger or you really snippy with other people. If we don't take a step back and clear are emotional struggle. Then we will carry that onto the next moment. I always tell people to do this. Create two scales both scales. Go to one to ten ten is the healthiest and one is the least healthiest. I'm used to skills. You'll create one for your emotions on a scale of one to ten. How are you feeling ten says it you do and really well one says it? You're struggling. I'm the second scale you ask yourself same thing. How is my body physically doing on a scale of one to ten ten media feel really good and one meaning? You're struggling like the earlier examples. I said as far as waking up on the wrong side of the bed. You'll find that in that that moment. Had you done that you would see that you were emotionally struggling but your body was physically able to do all the responsibilities. It had to do that day because when you understand that if you're physically can do something there's no reason why your emotions get in the way of that. Now it makes sense. If you're feeling ill that you would stay in bed however it doesn't mean meaning you have to be in a bad mood. You can still very healthy thoughts. What I recommend people to do is when they first wake up to do these skills around noon? Do these skills six. PM The more often you can do this every single day the more it becomes a natural opportunity for you to not allow your emotions to influence your body and vice versa. The Great Way to remind yourself to do this. Is it setting alarm on your phone when that alarm goes off you immediately stop and ask yourself those questions on a scale of one to ten. How are promotions on a scale of one to ten? How physically doing the more often you do this? The more you can quickly reset to leave what happened earlier in the past and allow the next moment to start again. I have a fantastic interview today. With Roy Crabs. Who's going to talk about natural supplements? That's going to help your body really be optimal when it comes to life in general so stay tuned for that. I wanted to take just a quick moment to thank you. All who continued support and listen to James Miller life policy. I haven't been so blessing honored by your continual supports however. I want to make sure that you don't miss out anything exciting. That's happening over here. So good. Or James Miller lifelock dot com or DOT TV and sign up for the free weekly recap each week. I will send you an email. which has all the latest radio episodes youtube episodes magazine articles and self help products specifically typically for you once again go to James Miller lifelock dot com or a life algae DOT TV and sign up for the free weekly Recap Roy? Crabs is a CO founder and CEO of natural stacks and open source supplement company that helps consumers improve mood memory and focus through targeted brain health. The products together with his team at natural stacks. Roy is on a mission to build a billion better brains. Welcome to my show Roy. Thanks shapes how we could be here. Cheers yeah I really looking looking forward to this one of the great things about my show I think anyways we really look at when spirit mind and body and so this is a natural fit. As soon as I was told about IOS. I guess this is perfect for my show because we all want to improve not only our body but also our brains as well so absolutely. You're not much without your brain. So how did this natural sex even come him about. What was your story? Sure so I guess I always thought I wanted to be an entrepreneur. My father worked for himself or from home so I saw the flexibility that he had but I really didn't know what I wanted to do but always been a life long athlete so I played football in high school football and college division in three levels so not no not crazy but still very conservative and very serious marsh martial arts background so have black talk to different martial arts and I think that basically my whole life so I've always been very into my body. I've always kind of known where my limits were great new how to work out correctly what to eat how to gain weight how to take weight off how to build muscle. I was really happy with output but getting on my body and then a couple of years after college I jumped into the real estate industry in it. It wasn't the Best S.. Fit for me and it was also just the timing was crashing to start at the right time. Who's you thought and I? I was still doing martial arts still very intuitive my body but I wasn't so stoked on what I was doing especially and then I guess a series of events happen to me. That really opened my eyes and one was my grandfather going through Alzheimer's dementia a super hard to watch the first time you like serious health thing our family. So that in itself I opening but also to see someone one can lose their their cognition so quickly and and not just their cognition but who they are and how they interact in who they they don't even in here and it's a that was just so eye opening and at the same time that I was watching that happen I started to notice myself I was starting. Are you be more introspective. And I saw that. I was procrastinating like crazy. You know I had it to do this stuff to do. But I wouldn't even look at it until ten thirty ear lab basically let me check the news. Let me check my facebook. What else can you notice? I was like severely procrastinating and also had some brain fog log in A. I'm wondering you know what's going on with me. It's because let's play football in hit heads meantime to might not so intimate work that I'm you know kind of pushing myself south away from it like what's what's happening until I saw my grandfather going through this and then I saw myself not performing very well with my brain in. That's when I really started digging into brain brain health supplements in in optimization techniques. And what can I do to Tibet in my brain for the near term. I want results now. Now I I WANNA kill. The procrastination owned has become a pro TV machine at the same time. I want something. That's going to be healthy for the long term and make sure that I can maintain my grain for many years to uh-huh so that's that was the motivation for me to really start researching brain techniques optimization techniques and supplements woke due to better myself now in for the future and natural sex has been about since two thousand thirteen. Is that right. Yeah yeah towards measles. Wow so six years this amazing. It's it's crazy fast. Yeah by but I'm really proud of what we've done in the non people that enable to help is tremendous the testimonials are so so heartwarming. Great literally people say that I have been able to finish a book in in twenty years as now. I'm reading a book or Wow. Gosh that's amazing this is this is a real testimonial at I got someone. That's the interest of poor mood. State career able to help fix start. Something just really profound changes that that people can make when you start to take everything into your own hands like you said mind. Body Spirit started looking at holistic approach rather than being stuck on one thing but when someone someone takes that next step of educating himself is so much information available online and it's easy to get caught up but it's also pretty easy for someone to take the first couple. Oh steps understand what might be happening with me. And what used to to help get myself out to help optimize myself so I can be more exactly when I'm looking here at your website. You have broken down your categories to seven different categories and said. Melissa is listen to this so this seven categories are focused gut health memory are- wellness energy sleep and mood. And that is. I mean that's really encompasses every part of her life and so it looks like as I look at this here. You have so many different types of supplements that will help people first off. I want to thank you. You less me with what's called the mood stack in. The shock is actually four different supplements. which is the dopamine gene the Cedar Choline Serotonin and the Gabba bring food? So why don't we talk about those first because I can give a little bit of testimonial I only was able to do it for a couple of days when it arrived arrived but I would like to talk more about that for one. Why did you choose those for different types of supplements sure and this is? This is fun to talk about so these are the four main neurotransmitters and your brain in these four main transmitters define high. You're feeling your mood. You're you're building since is information your ability to empathize. How you're feeling how your brain is feeling at any given time is defined by the levels of these neurotransmitters spring spring so it that's pretty profound in its one your personality you know who you are is defined by how well you can make these different Britain? You're so right off the bat. You know this is the first time meeting you bit but I would say you're maybe an acetylcholine dominant type person. Everyone is naturally dominant in a neuro transmitter and also potentially naturally deficient in uncertain transmitters. And it's not just efficient your brain just not as good at producing here transmit now but what really interests me about these breaking him out like this. Is that people just think of mood. You're in a poor mood or in a good mood but these are all different mood states. These are different aspects of mood in different aspects of cognition so a lot of supplement companies habits that general mood formula that is targeting dopamine and Gaba in Saratoga in all in one formula ensure you're kinda bound to feel a little mood uplift but it's pretty scattered and maybe the feeling of Gab is not what what you want. What you're looking for is more of a dopamine feeling because these are all different mood states so to me it does not make sense to put them altogether in we? Divide them out you. You have this amazing control over your brain where you can kind of nudge your brain in certain direction. So for example to mean is motivation. Drive five attention so fascinating you can take this supplement to help your brain make dopamine efficiently. Serotonin should to mood. So if you're in a negative you can help you could push in that direction. So it's not just correcting deficiencies but also optimizing so gaby itself is great for sweep and relaxation. Call me we use that for Animal Mayfield. Yeah but you know. Generally that's it's GonNa be great to take in the evening time you unwind rather than than you know going for a two glasses of wine or a cocktail can help you relax as well as as if you in the morning. Have a big presentation at work in your nervous about it. Or we're going to a family the reunion and you have to meet a bunch of people in your kind of anxious about talking to people. You've never met before but you should know or something. Take the GAB event. Because optimizing that I'm GONNA IS GONNA kill your anxiously nervous an allow you to be more normal. How you ship the acting? So these these are not just things to fill in deficiencies or to take just after a certain time of day every day. These are tools on rents as well and just like in my in my field as well or just even the show we talk about a lot of different techniques and tools that people can implement to. That are just very practical. So I love how this can really augment or off Satcher even another supplement The different things that my my listeners. Learn here as well. I really like for the Gabba specifically how you talk about. I mean historically would make sense that you take it at night. I for to re to relax but I like how people can take it as needed when it comes to if they do have some type of presentation or time they know they're going to be more anxious anxious a little bit more overwhelmed. I obviously there's there's the pharmaceutical aspects of that which you can take a Beta blocker of sorts is what historically people have taken but the fact that these are Are Natural I mean. They're definitely of speaks to a lot of people who want to check the more natural types of supplements that can help them optimize their body as well so a lot of a lot of people are are dealing with some sort of issue. It's either brain fog or not inability to focus or their mood is not quite right. Or they're they're uptight right and so these supplements can help you get to a baseline but then beat beyond the baseline taking to the next step but like you said situational so maybe it's not just nervous about work presentation but you're going to men that's interesting and you notice that you're kind of wound up and it's going to take you a half an hour to get instate but if you can take some Gavin precursors cofactors half an hour before you're GonNa do that. You able to fall into a meditative state in ten minutes. Now you can really optimize your time. You can optimize your brain to be. The best is for that certain activity that you're going to be doing. Let's talk a little bit more about some of the ingredients against because I think that's one of the amazing things that I really want my listeners to know this as well as your very authentic very transparent with everything that's in there because you just part of your integrity but also part of the integrity integrity of your brand. Can you give us some ideas of what types of ingredients aren't some of these these supplements shirts so each each one of these supplements has about five four or five ingredients. So we're not. We're not putting fifteen twenty ingredients for focused on just individual compounds in a strong synergy. Between a few. It's so we'll talk about serotonin brain food in this product. We're using L. trip to fan. That's the raw food based precursor. That's the building block to Sarah Taller now. Some people may have heard of five. HDP that's another risk for. Serotonin skips skips a step. You're not eating five inch DP and you're no more foods CBS. It acts almost more like a drug so we always like to start with the building blocks. They made assets they know acids yet. This is the way your brain naturally makes this neurotransmitter. So you're not gonNA come relying upon. We're not forcing your brain. Were giving it everything it needs in so a serotonin brain food. We have L. Trip fan cinema. which has been be three Zinc in magnesium and those are the cofactors so with each of these metabolism neurotransmitter. We have a building block amino acid in the starting row material. And then you have a cofactor which are typically vitamins and minerals that your body uses to convert that amino acid into the neurotransmitter. So those are the cofactors be three zinc and magnesium in some people kind of forget about those super important if your division. You need those. You're not going to be able to capitalize Yeah that's a great point road you'll in there which helps lower cortisol helps lower stress really. I didn't know that you you can't be happy. If if you're stressed out and that fight or flight response and when people are in arrays significantly exactly. There's actually studies showing that if you're high quarter off your high stress. The ultra defend the have available in your body goes down in different. Pathway called the Cairo ruin halfway to help. Combat that Cortisol. So it's not available to make Serotonin so that's what we have your audio to make sure that your cortisol checks that all the raw materials able to territory path. I just learned something here as well so in my field. I've been with psychopharmacology for years now and when it comes sue psychopharmacology or synthetic medications. They have what's called the half-life in other words how how long is it really in your system for you know it's going to be very specific for each one of these. So let's say I were to take one of these gases or the Serotonin. How long would it typically be in my body? I mean I know we will metabolize slightly slightly different but is there kind of a timeframe of that so we understand how often we should take him so all these supplements because they're very targeted. Most people feel results pretty in mediating thirty minutes so so most people feel results on the first dose or soon thereafter. Not something take for a week or a month to get benefit and then they're designed to last for about four hours forty five hours out. Say did you. These are all water. Soluble ingredients so they metabolize pretty quickly Whereas a fat soluble nutrient like invite him into your vitamin K? Or something's GonNa stay in your assist system. Yeah exactly so designed to last for about four hours the GABBA brain food. Actually we designed to last a bit longer to carry. Are you through the night. So that wouldn't actually has rosemary. Extract with inhibitors. Helps slow the breakdown of Gabba and so yeah the Gab designed to last for more like six hours with other ones before hours Gotcha and so that that makes it so you can take multiple ones throughout the day. You take me in the morning you can take the calling. During the day you can take the Serotonin in the afternoon in. You're not stepping on the toes of those different exaggerates. Exactly quick and you know it was interesting because when I received the package that you sent me we were talking about this just before we went on air and for my listeners. It's two PM here where we're doing the show and I was like. Oh my goodness it's time to take Serotonin Branford. So the way that they have broken down I think is really neat. Because everyone's going to have a different way of their scheduled so they have a broken down and you could obviously you as the as the consumer can create your own cycle of this but what they have is between six and ten. Am to take your dopamine and that gives you your your productivity your mental energy and that from ten to two pm you take the Acetylcholine brain food. And that's going to help you think faster or just help kind of clear that brain fog and that from two to six. which I just took is a serotonin brain food and so that's going to help me be happy and positive which makes sense as well because usually after lunch You're wanted to fall into that. Sleepy moats exempt. You definitely want to just wake up and have that Serotonin you feel better. And then of course six to ten PM is when you take the the Gabba brain food so I think it's two wonderful way in which you've stacked this so I'm looking forward to continuing to take it but like I said I took just before so I should be feeling the effects of it within about ten minutes or so. I'm really looking Kim. Fortune Nice General Guide but your brain is is more effective at metabolize and dopamine in the morning a natural thing so we're kind of following that natural body rhythm for existing in Saratoga and I think a lot of people are working most a day in the afternoon there. They become a little bit more stressed in the animal. So that's why Serotonin is really taken afternoon. And we designed this to be more of an uplifting effect is GonNa make you tired has that vitamin B.. Three has the Rodeo. It's uplifting yes you know some people may not realize but also you know definitely have them. Take a look at your gut health products as well. But most people don't realize that ninety ninety percent of Serotonin in your gut so with your gut health. The healthier that is the more it would help produce the natural serotonin already within your body which are then. The supplement itself will then optimize optimize. It even more and then it's about fifty percent of dopamine is actually in your gut as well so that's why it's so important I would have you my listeners. Even take a look at the gut health like I said section there as well to make sure that your the prebiotic brain biotic and the gut health sacks a really important to be able to supplement those things as well to tell us a little bit more about the reviews at you received. Yeah well we we have a wide range jumper professional athletes and actors using the product. And so these are NFL NFL kickers in baseball pitchers and chessplayers poker players. So so these are extreme performance extreme focus and and we had a great testimonial Brandon Bouchard. Who Played Superman in the latest movie? Yeah he was taking supplements to help remember his lines lines really help prepare him to go on set and then like a funny one. I don't know if you remember Andy Dick that can yeah it. He's a huge fan. And he takes he takes serotonin almost daily in his mood in helps a better comedian. But but then we have but they may have. Yeah just general people that are struggling with something or trying to get past a roadblock net are are seeing some some amazing success in at sleep is one of the big issues that that we see so little magnesium and maybe some gabba throwing the CD Abedian there and you won't have a problem sleeping exactly so we we just have to. It's my job in our job at natural sex just to to point people in the right direction and given the tools that they need so I urge people to be introspective. So rather than saying I'm in a shooting or eh migraines just not honoring. Now take that a step further is anxiousness. Depression is it. Are you wound up right. Are you to slow. Do you have brain fog or short term memory. Long term memory motivation now identified in your body. Yeah I think a lot of people kind of get stuck on. I don't feel great today but okay take that one or two steps further. What exactly are you not feeling great about? In the faster you can identify that the faster you can find this solution excellent and you know of course this information here is meant as not to treat or diagnose anything because we definitely want you to people to speak with their medical professionals as well but these are Disa- they're called supplements and they really help supplement to you in your mood to be able to help you live your most effective and balanced life. These are healthy people. Yeah exactly so royal absolute touch your have you on my show today my listeners to find him permission about you purchase all these amazing using products. Where are they find this information online? Yes so we talked about our brain foodline so I would urge people to check out. Try Brain Food Dot Com try aimed food dot dot com and we have an insurer deal for someone tried wanted to trial for products creek. Joel she wanted to try that. Our main website is natural. SNACKS DOT com going to reach out to meet directly directly. Roy At natural stacks DOT com. I love to hear from people. I love questions hard questions to better reach out. Roy Texaco excellent. Yeah well thank you Roy do for my listeners. We're not able to remember the name of these websites. What you can do is go to the show notes at other James Miller follow dot com or DOT TV and all? That information won't be there as well. Roy Thank you once again for being a fantastic estimate show today. Here's it was a pleasure. I also want to thank you my listeners. For Tuning in today please subscribe to this radio. Show whichever poodle you join me today. Also please go to my website where you may sign up for the free weekly Recap Watch. My youtube episodes read the articles. I've written specifically for you. I purchased purchase my previous guests. self-help products if you'd like to work with me. Be a guest on advertise on this show visit. James Miller Life Policy Dot Com for sure to follow me on all social social media platforms under the name. James Miller following except for twitter. which is James M life? Algae once again. Thank you so much for your support and I'll talk to you soon.

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