S2E138: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show 04/08/21


Pong every time. I lied darling. Good parking never leave without promised happened in 'cause they must be in there could the michael the data on black. He's a kid. Ramped up pulled up in the judge obviously slowly starts pol melanin. Look at the of ebay. Impaneling change the ever done. You know less than anyone. Listen anyone put that on that. They may thank you soon october. Maybe his media always to trade a black father how we capitalize on the back of showers. He told some brothers. i see mascot trip. Squatters hitter trout combat harder. Sometimes you look in the mirror and really analyze the superpower that you've been giving us wrong dirty halls in the projects. Now travel cost flag. At-bat seems nail because the to go villanova every going up now games us code red commands three talk. The trend shroud abc dog parking over lead without promised. Felony was beheaded. 'cause they must they have been but they put him in a bit the debt bomb over the weekend so wrapped up pulled up the rhapsody judge all the way to walk slow of discourage all melanin data saying look at the bay but paul company ever done you know less than what the anyone listen anyone put that on nine home maybe his way to media always portrayed a black father or how we capitalize on the of house. He told some brothers see mascot squad hitter trout harder. Sometimes you gotta look in the mirror and really analyze superpowers that you've been given to maximize used to roam thirty halls in the projects. That will travel seem sales because strong gordon villain. What bella homes every corner. Alba's ruin the game plan may seize this march lewd don. Okay come on come on lick my mother's say thank god for jesus. It is a throwback. Thursday is thursday april the eighth twenty twenty one twenty four minutes after the hour walk to the shaun harper. 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Have you show feature waco team group place on earth where you get. You started by cologne or throwback thursday. God bless you by alleged showing. It's good to see this one getting looks good to you. Lip glosses poppet. Good morning. then and how are you. I'm great how are you showing good here in bethlehem where we work has live till you from. It is forty three degrees right now. The highest going to be seventy two. Today everyone is going to be clearing. Sun's gonna beautiful day in strasbourg. Forty three degrees seventy will be the high in clear forty five or north new jersey. Right now safety. It will be high in clear in new york city. It is fifty degrees clear in sixty eight for the high in atlanta. Sixty three right now. Going to ohio seventy seven partly cloudy with thunderstorms around two pm today so takes him ranking with you when you're out in about And miami seventy degrees. The highest going to be seventy nine and clear sixty three in chicago and that will be the high of sixty three cloudy and rain on throughout the day. V fifty five in louisville. I'm sorry fifty five in la right now. Seventy five will be the high unclear in louisville in sixty degrees. Seventy two for behind cloudy with storms on all throughout the day takes rank with you guys in rochester. It's forty five degrees. Seventy seven heightened. Clear as to whether i have for you all. What's it look like where you are. Barbagallo coming to you live from the show on the show creature is cine j. Tim wallace started right. Started right only place on earth where you get your want to start a right. We're have a front page news with cine. J. to double n. y. Can't deny that would be at the top of the hour at nine. Am where we give you. Did news locally nationally globally. And you know how like it from the hood so stay tuned for front page news sydney j. That'd be probably colognes edition so You don't wanna miss that before that we have the morning buzz. Everyone and you know the deal. With this. showing a throwback thursdays one thing we can guarantee and that is you head will be buzzing before nine. Am why would have and there will be some harvey have sports. You guys stay to so. Don't go nowhere. Well no matter of fact stay here for me because what we do as usually when we come back shout out to show you some gonna take a few breaks today. But we're going to do. Is you guys stay tight. Hang with us. We're going to show you guys some love in the next segment With the heart set in a chat room. Because without you guys we wouldn't be here. We truly appreciate your thank you so much and then also we're gonna play some music younger nut Dj rome or so a dj now here in the eight thirty hour we have a misdee- calling With her segment where we appreciate home when she calls in and also we have a special guest but man marlin he called in his well with some great news. So you don't wanna miss that. now throwback thursday. No i'm throwback as they get old school yeah. I'm like that like that ojeda uncle. I'm not gonna do the younger guys. They respect me. They show me some love. And i appreciate that. Get into that in the middle of the old school. Thursday when say this before we start show barbara Oh i got announcement next week. Something we don't do here okay. Okay i say this every morning. I'm gonna say it again and like hey go again but remember when i repeat things this is you gotta stay home. A lot of new folks. That are listening so all the vets and all our family and our loved ones that listen to the show. You please excuse me. This is really for you as well but you. It's really put into people this morning. Drive show each and every morning monday to friday we put a heart and soul and guts and spirit into distinct and is where you get your morning started right and that's facts and that's true f- this is truly the only place on earth where you get your morning started right and that's facts and then once you get you started right should go on which day and i always say this to everyone. Don't see it here. Get your morning started right. You're feeling good. Everything's okay you. You was blessed with some formative newsom. Great discussion about what we do here each and every day. You know whatever topics that we're talking about. I don't leave this all to yourself. Share this show if you wanna share on your pays inbox at somebody on social media. If you don't have to send them the lakes google the whole thing. Just do do what you have to do if you don't mind maxwell for help because you can't be that's selfish to keep this to yourself right right and then you got all your other friends over there and listening today. Crap on a on a throwback doors day. all w whatever's playing the same song fifty times that they just go onto to the regular light news and not no personality and they got radio personality. What oh four or five gyms if you want to go there keep listening to four five. Gm's to take you plug into its way. Listen it's horrible radio for years. Yes it should be closely jane the funky bunch and you want to listen to that. No so you entertained in the morning. Why are you being detained in the morning. 'cause i always say this i want you to get your your beverage ready. Barbie call people sit down. They prepare for the show for sure they do. I don't know. I feel it in spirit. Get coffee tea. You water your juice. You sold or whatever you drink in the morning. Maybe glass of wine angry. I know what you're doing and you huddle up and you enjoyed the show. You don't give a damn about good morning america. You don't give a damn about nothing. You don't give a damn about your local news station and you'll give a damn about no radio station you so if you're here with us i know damn well you know at least five four people and if you don't know five more people than some personal inventory gotta take for yourself because if you don't have three points is a problem and i don't meet friends associated somebody can say. Hey you know what this what. We're doing it in the morning. I want you to join in your party now. His face to of that bobby klein. This is where you get your love this will you you you love for the morning. This is an old acis of love. Everyone does deficit of love out there with a lot of folks. Maybe some folks in a chat room maybe with me. But i know if i'm finding out that i have a deficit of love today. There's something going on in my life. I'm here near year. And then hopefully by ten o'clock i got enough love to keep me through the day. That's what you get to barbie here. Everybody hit those stars please. While i'm busting my ass. Guess what the third thing that happens bobby. He's going to say that's why you get your clean clean. How she's here. My goal is to keep talking about yourself. Don't put me in that gate and if you are the dyal about your gillet being cleaned every tell you something right now. Boy see because i'm here to clean your gilead pause. Lotta yell out. The gillard is overflowing if that it is. It's the magic y'all below your stomach above your rectum where you wall is store rotten hate. You need a flushed out. That's what happens here as well. You get a three four one not even a combo. You get a combo plus one here on this show. Did you wanna start a right. Bingo you get the love that you'd from your family members of your friend is wanted. Maybe you just walked out the house. You couldn't even say anything you walked out you put on your car on and nobody gave you love you. Check your social media page. It's the same post them last night. You're reading the same polls from last night. If you're doing that did you need to be here and you get your guilty cleaned. During a get on a throwback thursday everyone so welcome to the show. I'm gonna say it. All the time is three three items euclid here on his show. Well it started right. Get their love and you can kill clean and then you come back tomorrow. Do is say because barbecue is daily maintenance. Well because you don't know at any given time of the day or in your life you kill it a fill all of a sudden. There's a lot. I hate deficit a love. It can happen at any moment of the day so today. We're here together as a family extended new listeners. Our beloved on a throwback thursday. Will you get your morning started right now. It back sunday night lasts from status. And then we'll go right to the we gotta do 'cause bar we've got a very interesting story the barbie. It's going to be seen show a couple of sunday night. Labs is going down. Sunday april eighteenth. At the i am bill was located. I'm is located eight. Thirty one south delaware drive in pennsylvania was open five pm showtime six new your king towns in the building komo now. We have a lot of people coming out so come on. Let's have a guitar hosted. By boy sean harvey. You'll come on out. Dj hassles playing music. Feel good music Sundays the new saturday night now. Fast forward right to costa rica had a great conversation with the promoted. Leslie and boy. We have four. We wanna stop. What you get vaccinated. Hurry up get vaccinated. Come on everybody chat room. We'll just chop it up with each other to finish doing all this and then we get into the show folks in oregon chopping up. Say good morning. You're huddled cam. Say good morning to you know. Have your pay me. No mind way because you know what i'm saying. Show if that's case huddle up a is going to be a lot going on in costa rica. i can't even tell you right now stamped. I know everything that's going down. Even listen guys. It is not too late. Hit me. Five zero nine hundred sixty nine hundred zero. I'll send you the link and Come down to costa rica. when you your first question you act. So we heard from his show. Hobby wanna show sean harvey so we could get the credit. Pays the bills here and come on down to. Costa rica has july twenty second to twenty six. Which change in lives down there. Barbie some of your outfits ready do i may. I made a couple of them already awesome. I step will be one of a kind from barbie. Cologne design swim. That yes i listen here. Although i don't know how to swim crazy behind in the polls and the water. But i be it right. You'd be in the know about here. Well before you're gonna i of costa rica come on down. Get your officer. Bobby if you If you can get in the water with sin that link costa rica's going down july twenty six twenty six veneta. No girl word of said. I hope it's not hot weather. No heavy materials. I say oh no in close okay. If you can get into a lot of folks. And i get a lot of folks who don't don't swim. I get that and we all go out to these places in Especially as black folks and this is true as facts. We don't go win it at work. We go by it like you said you go. In waist high take some flakes and that foolishness jumping. Were arrested my life. But i don't know why jets can't get the cost. I tried the casa for me. I don't think my brain working. That's that's no. That's exactly what it is. Wait a minute well before. You're gonna i if you can get into the water above your chest almost below your neck. Put it all if you can go that. If you can do that bobby. Cologne honestly you can swim. I would travel. You know what somebody. I don't know where it myself because i wonder out your cup team will win to go to the. Why is the way for boy. What are you looking at them for. Teach you how to swim swim. Swim swam and do you can get into the woods that led to peace robs. You got rang cenis lifeguard. She knows how to swim. And i think we all right here where we need to the cats this. This is what swimming process. It's not something overnight but it could be. It could be a definitely taught even at because know how to do this. You pick it up when you kids with your kid. That's why the preschool. He went to every friday. They have so much they must sign is a little fish now like well so swimming. If you thing was swim in costa rica like i say advise anybody. Just jump in the pool and start doing. It ain't gonna work. It's gonna come out very bad for you. You're not gonna drown but you have a lot of water in your lungs eagle the crazy and be filming right. Everybody wants to be filled today. Go but why i show with Costa rica 'cause they're going to be a lotta pools and never of they have different levels of pools and also different. You know Was the high in the water. We it may start off at three feet five feet six going his like four and a half five feet five threes. So i'll go away. That's five fees toes. And when i do that hi this to my annually staying close to the edge but if i do like lower gas without so what you do is this. I'll give you a quick swimming lesson right now while we're on the crown it's going to sound crazy but the first thing you'd have to do put it on a challenge. You could swim. Put a number two if he can't. God bless the first thing you have to be. Cologne is relax. It's a simple concept it very hard to grasp in the beginning. And that's where. I think this is what it is. I'm gonna tell you what this would it is is our brains are so complex that that's why you'll keep running around here thinking that you're smarter than that that that smartphone our brains are so you know you have to understand with that with that whole Muscle on top of your show is capable of doing and for me i. I've even fascinated with my own brain. This thing is fried and it still works. What fascinates me still got residue from the eighties on top of my brain bobby. The brain is brain memory and muscle memory. So your brain is is always instructing you that is safe to walk on the ground so that you know that is safe to walk on the ground right and the brain tells the muscle. This is the way you supposed to walk on the ground. So that's a that's a comfort zone that the brain will put you in. Yeah and then relax regardless of what situation. You're in if you're not relaxing. This a stressful situation where you gotta run do something your new know that your brain can tell you okay. Listen we're on the ground a stress but we can run and we can do the things that we can now when you get into water. The brain is like whoa. Whoa whoa whoa. We get into water. The brain is i. Wait a minute No no no no. No no no no hundred. This is what i can do this talking on the brain talking out loud to personally bring a warwick isn't it. I tell you what we do. Go get in that water but we need to fill the ground outside about the ground when you're on the ground long as we can fill that ground we got good. Don't identify the brain will automatically tell you don't go too far because he wants to protect itself. Yeah it'll kill itself. So that's why i tell you won't wait. Whoa ways you good. We can feel the ground. Ask yourself put a number one chat room if you could swim. And that's where it gets weird. You gotta overcome that part. Yeah right. that's that's how you gotta relax now. Here's the second thing breathing. Yeah we are automatically here. We could just breathe in an excel as we don't we don't we don't but the different frame. Yeah you have to understand the fact that you'll lungs have to be food with air with. They say they wait. Whoa you're talking about the very thing i heard when i was showing barbie i you gotta do is relax. You know what that taught me the most of the talking about me. Learn how to swim and she know how to swim them talking about this war. The war has not water so now when you get to. That point with water is around your chest stomach area right but you still feel your brain is still feel safe because your feet on the ground. Yeah but attached to the floor all we got. Now here's with the challenges which your brain because you've got to rewire your brain senator. Listen i i can't teach you how to i. Can't i teach you a basic city. Could teach you how to swim swim. I teach you the basics. I'm i'm not. i'm horrible at that. You want to float. Let me tell you about floating. You have to hold your breath. You have to take your head and put it underneath the water and hold your breath for not just like two seconds. Hold your breath for two seconds and come back up now then when you do it again you put your head under the water and you you x hell out with you know we see the bubbles come out you but don't don't suck the water and so when you see the buttons come up then you come back up again because you're trying to kind of get your brain. Go wait a minute. It's okay to do this because the brain rejecting it. And then once you get going on with the you gotta put your head. Underneath the water obsessing elastic six years got comfortable when we're going completely underwater and then when you go under water right stay stay like you four feet. The five i was in my my dad's my identity. Then our asks you to do. The unthinkable and this is the unthinkable. Go under the water. Hold your breath about five seconds and was going to happen is your body is going to float. Now hold what it did this and then this morning komo now. The brain is on ten now. Like what the hell do it going to be. We gonna happen this when you hold your breath. Your body's going to expand and it's going to rise off the floor. Well what does that because your lungs of fort with air so your lungs will allow you to flow now. The moment you start breathing you sick. You could do it and bobby. His facts the more a person ways as an adult the easier. It is to swim if you skinny and you if you skinny and you an adult and you learn how to swim. It's more difficult if you have weight on you. It's easier to swim. I thought no no no heavy things. Stay up cokie called poignancy okay. Heavy the heavier the object the easiest for diplo just saying i'm low down below. I should ask now. That's that's the basics all that upper swimming arms and legs kicked a whole. 'nother thing you want to just get comfortable and put your head underneath the water and flowed and once you flow. You're gonna unifil your body rising in the water and then you're gonna panic and then you're gonna get back on the ground because again like your brain is doing but floating if you can go to waste in in the ward and a pool if you can float you need to learn how to float so would you get the floating part now since like said all that like i could swim on my back and i could swim on my stomach but all of that is a whole nother thing but that would be the when you down in costa rica. Where every once in a while. When you go to pool i watch you know. I wanted her before. I go to costa rica so i swim in costa rica. With i get close. We can learn be costa rica. No i will like a dying fish. No no no no no no no. You don't want to do that because it takes time. Learning how to swim takes time show. I can't will to be a really good swimmer. Might take a year. Well i'll have to be really good. I just wanna be okay. I get to the point where i could just save myself. No no i just like you could go to these wise you you can learn saying like this is something that i could see youtube videos. Learn how to swim five minutes. Don't believe that first of all. I am not that crazy george. I learned how to live under that. Don't play it because it's different techniques with different people's right. Yeah exactly it takes. I would say if you go hard to try to learn how to swim as fast as you can. I will give it six months okay. Are we giving six months. And that's just like strong swim every day. I just think it'll take a year because your body different you going to use different muscles. I know that you're gonna use like arms in your head. It's great exercise as well. I'd give it a year before now. I just think that like say. We go to costa rica. you go in the water. And i know you're very busy. I don't know how you had time to learn how to win that between now. And then i mean anything's possible when you only watch them you make time for it because as possible but i would suggest you get the the floating technique down because once you start floating right on your like say you go and you float you're gonna float on your stomach so you're going to be like this in the water. Someone like i'm date like you're dead right and you're to be fine and then what you do is you. Take your off this power down and then it'd movie for but you've gotta kick your legs at the same time so you gotta learn how to kick that sound like sending out that they're all brand homes off. That's a lot it's a lot cheaper. Lehrer listen my brain can't do it. I'm no lock. We put a number one chatroom putting out prints. I'm not one of those girls who scared the we're here and i'm one of those girls that's why you get braids babysitting or you get you a currently weeds. So you ain't gotta worry about your hair. Get what. I wanted them. Cute was i like it wet and that would be okay. Yeah which appraise. But that would probably be so the next time in the pool barbie utilize the time just kind of like you know what. Let me see. Let me see what showing talking about. And like i said i can't. I'm not. I can't really teach you how to swim. Yeah i can give you that little basics but if you start tripping but if you start tripping in the water i could save you. I swim good enough to save you. Well that's great now and you wanna learn how just case because it could save your life so if the pool say the pool is seven feet. I'm not gonna no. But then said the pool is seven feet and then at the other end is four feet. You want to be good enough to where you can dive into the seven feet but but if you think about it what is going to swim and you go in two or three more feet and next thing you know you on four feet and then you can hit the ground. But that's another. So what my limit as of now so the whole people think y'all how swim tomorrow on this not. It's not that particular day because you have to rewire your brain. Right yes show. Have you wanna show seaboard. Damani as brown abraham. Swimming is so easy man. I i i teach. I teach swimming five steps. That's it. What did you learn to five steps. You're good steps. The first the first step. I teach the proper way to breathe. Because you don't know your breath when you swim because if you hold your breath where you swim and you swimming for a while. you catch cramps. So the first thing i teach is that you take a deep breath and you blow you blow you blow the air out. That's able team like that. The second one the second one. I teach you is how to drive a float because what you do if you learn your back and you look straight up at the ceiling and you relax yourself. You're gonna you're gonna flow. That is easy for me. I know for a fact is easy to teach somebody whereas body fat as opposed to somebody who says south charlotte maritime. You'll always every time. I say something you'll sit there talking about the i would just because your body fat with the body fat you you can flow and you get relaxed more easier all right and then at the at the flow and and then it's the glide is when the fourth step as as when i had you push off to war and you decide you're on straight and leg straight and you don't do nothing and then when you stop blinded you stand up once you've mastered that one. The next step is kick push off the wall and does the arms out or the kickboard. Hokey boy and you kick once you matthew those that the next one is the armstrong is osso and i'm still like a dance. Step one two three four head up to the side and brees back down the dance. Step if if you put you. The problem is a lot of people. Do they try to keep their head above water. You keep your head up. Your faith is going to sink as limit your heart swim. Let me tell you something would he say is everything he's saying is lady. I taught ladies with mike to eighty it. You can't just get awa- if you it would now. Nobody is scared of water. You're gonna panic because like i said it's the brain. I don't know how to swim. Because i had a traumatic experience when i was younger so i will never go into the the water for years until i got into. I'm thirty s. I started getting back into routers. Brown brown is right the thicker. You are the heavier you ought. I teach them in a second is to be alive like coffee. Yes there you go like. I said i can't teach you like brow. Teat somebody i will get in the water doing god that you should do it like this now. And he's absolutely right like all the gliding the breathing. The arm stretched out the end. And the most. Bobby called when you swim right. Costa rica twenty july hollow. Row over when you swim you moving forward because of the kick right you gotta you gotta bang that kick your your legs are like your fins so you gotta bang that knows legs it depends on how strong your legs to thank them legs to they got like a kick a soccer ball to move. That's when you know you swim moving forward. You bang them legs right now. What do you know how to brown and an and then That's the first. That's called freestyle swimming. Free thousand is one of the basic swim one of the basic strokes and swimming and then you know they have the breaststroke besides stroke. The backstroke at the backstroke is a lot easier to the uk's comfortable and you can flow. I rescue people and i was. I was taught that you acting crazy. I'm kidding i'm a push you away and and you know to get you to calm down because you act crazy you can take down to barbie. I swim better on my back then. Stomach which is kind of weird. Know you gotta hold your breath. You can just go up to on my bag. The back is easier when you learn how to swim because when you learn how if you're drowning you're just not drowning. But they just don't know how to bring you know. And like i said you gotta have the air in your lungs. Allow you to float and once you get that brief and technique with the legs and the arms you can do. You can do it by bras. It could teach in today's i love. He probably can teach you today but off a body. When you're ready come up come on come up to my to the pool one was we got we got. We got into what we got. Indoor and outdoor. I really wonder is also as the next thing is. Swimming is one not the best exercise. I've even if you even if you even if you have asthma. They were recommend women. I'm i'm about to aqua therapy now because of my physical therapy i'm done. I'm going to therapy now because one of the best justified It truly is. You'll get out pool and you'd be like oh my god. It works every muscle in your body if you have asthma. It's going to help because you wanna learn how to control your breathing. When i tell people what they want breath. I asked him when you walk in the street. Do you hold your breath. No no swimming at the same way you never hold your breath brave blowout brave blowout right and it's again is again. It's like brown to teach. I'm not. I don't teach. I will not teach anybody as well. But i do know that the breathing once you hold your breath and you get floating thing and then you get the breathing technique down. It's just like walking. Almost i swear it is really is brown and you gotta get those get those got strong enough legs guy get them legs poppet based some short enough legs. You take them legs and bassett into that water. You'd be moving forward. You'll be like oh my god. I am moving eyebrow evident. Oh mr brown is day. Three of my shot So will you make that appointment sir. You forget that. I i am x. I've still a happy bubbly cell. Who who reminded you of this is male brown. Who i was face up. Brown's he called brown brown. This conversation is over my friend. You cannot call here anymore until you get shot bobby out. She sound healthy as voice already made. I'm already scheduled. April fourteenth dallas way out of our way for a hospital to start giving it so hospital. Call they call me big. Call me out of the blue cross. And how the hell. Actually i wanna take you say okay see. It was meant to be disease. So now Mr brown is one of our heroes. Everyone please listen. If math is can take the shot anybody well you are one of our heroes and you are more than welcome to come into the studio anytime you want my friend after april fourteenth. Still ob still up in the air. By letting jane here miss rebel herself could we you have. We moved to cellphone. The chatterbox and all the conspiracies in new my friend are doing which you can to save your life and the life of others and to protect yourself. My cousin all right. Well god bless you and thank. Everybody wonder how swimming brown a quick story. Something they last going. Down april eighteenth. I mill whiz locator. Eight thirty one south delaware. Dr but eastern pennsylvania was open for five pm. Six new york king talented hosepipe boy. Sean harvey major called. Says i'm gonna give you a quick cough zone is to two quick shots walk. I someone someone close to me. Get vaccinated okay and this is facts. Hold on hold on. This is facts. I'm not gonna sit here. And you know. I mean. I'm advocating for the shot and all and everybody's joking on me clan me like they should give sean a check. That is true they should. I'm one of the forefronts here of black folks. That are the advocate for potion. And i mean well respected in the community bobby cologne. I am still actively and honoree in the poconos. The nwa c. n. double acp That's facts government bego. Guess what were you calling. A friend of mine received the The the vaccine a few months back and then a cool corona after the fat. And guess what happened. They had now symptoms and that was it but if they didn't have if there was vaccinated it could have been a severe case of kobe so with the vaccine dead. It did his job. The person became infected but they wasn't severely sick. Say that you can still get corona. But you won't have the severeness of it if that's always saying here so you go on their this thing mutates five different variants of it and you still wear your masks. Go ahead get your protection. Let's see here's a second story about a cb who's this hello. This is the no. No we're gonna talk to ms defer. Okay let's go. Everybody misdeeds w ethin- k. day. Okay warning people warning shark. i'm winning barbie a virtual. The for you start. I want to apologize because we ran out of here early last thursday. I had to leave and you know misty as the consummate professional that she is no question. And could you. Have your husband called me. Please avoiding me from please. If you don't mind could he call me after ten o'clock today. I'm really looking for him pork. I will definitely put that in his ear. Thank you and bobby we left. And i made the fatal mistake and i wanna apologize and missed day. I forgot to notify. We were leaving early and she was ready last week. And i wanted to say i apologize. That was my fault. I a misdee- w. f. open house. Ms dj rome every saturday afternoon. Twelve noon three pm. Just don't right time of the date of fill had that feel good. Music goes on i She plays her music. Starts kicking some ass with that. Feel good music classics. Classic film ed issue. She allows dj rome to get a little burn at the end of our road. Twisted face the south for him to go on. She's laughing hard. because that's what's going. Kobe de getting more and more work. Been husband but he still support. She starts right on time at twelve noon right now. It's fifty nine professionalism. Right she goes straight the to fifteen in rome. I'm only going to get forty five minutes name again. Some minutes right. Y'all need to stop now right now romans. I see somebody's here hit. Somebody's hearing me. Maybe she'll let me get half the time now to somebody else because we're gonna approach his wife with you know he's like ten minutes. Have enough courage come on now. Be talking about like that person. That's why he's not returning my calls boy okay before we get started open a case a mistake. Dj wrong twelve noon three pm. Every saturday was misty. Hey first of all. I love your conversation regarding swimming. I love to swim. And i don't swim very well but i swim enough to do what they do. Okay to save yourself your head to any. Hey listen barbie can definitely help you with floating on your back like they like you were talking. It is the easiest way. Get plenty of air. And sean is absolutely right. You're buoyant it just is what it is i think fear is what pulls down to the bottom mostly. Probably but if you if you do the starfish you will stay up well. I'm at start practicing my starfish. The go like start saying you gotta relax when the water comes you know. Just breathe out get it out of your nose get it out of your mouth disagree and then after a while you'll get comfortable because that's really the whole thing you can't learn anything in fear right exactly. It's the truth right. that is true. Astros true speaking of fear that kind of leads into my topic for today. Okay all right now you already. The topic is artificial intelligence. Okay what is a i and where is a right and show you so. We're talking about smart technology right. I'm talking about smart technology. Which is machines being capable of performing tasks that are typically typically require cuban intelligence that typically require human intelligence. Okay so that's a that's a function but you know i don't think we realize how prominent it is. I think we think of it is some kind of robot in a future. That's gonna be talking and stuff but ai is pretty much everywhere. It's a smart assistant. It's proactive in your healthcare management. Now your disease mapping like for calvin Your automated financial investing your virtual travel booking agents. Which by the way. I did mention. I am traveling. Agent right yeah well anyway right law and your social media monitoring. Yeah i said it well. Hopefully she talk about. She's talking about alan iverson. Why sucking though you did not. I said artificial intelligence. I hope so. Check this out. check this out. Check this out. You know about google maps right You know that's a you know. The cloud is by. You know that is all over facebook guest because it does face facial recognition detection right. Autocorrect on your phone is a Right e payments a amazon on most of its platforms while your purchases at the i series. You know her we know. Siri siri is a i. So wanna tell you. Something about iraq ally is eight what they call a Week algorithm leaning a jus- simulates human behavior. But it doesn't have a mind of its own yet so you know. Have you ever seen those things on facebook sean. In barbie where they telling you to put up some before and after pictures of yourself or you know pictures of when you were real young and pictures of now You know that's us training on facial recognition. Brian never thought about that way. Interesting will he go I knew it was coming. You sitting down just so accident you listening and y'all walk around here thinking that show smart and everybody else that that smartphone smarter than you and you just keep you. Don't you just never yield to what i said misdee- just cleared it all love basically a just the robot. That's the only thing that's left to replace us. Everything is We use today is a. I guess she just off just starting the car physically starting to car other than that. That's it but the car physically starts itself today himself forgot about that. It is driving itself. Cut those type of was the need for us in the next fifty years. Well i'm just trying to say well we standing to procreate so somebody needs to be happy machine the we we we better get to learn some stuff about science okay so we not obsolete. That's all i got to say. Well you know what honestly this is really scary to me. But at the same time we need all this to function. Now exactly we have dependent. We have a dependency. Is that crazy. Or what and there is no turning back. Now there's there's no turning back all of us need to understand that we are now in district nine. That's turning back on is not that bad. Keep laughing this is really horrible. Because what's going to happen. Is that misty is the next terrorist attack. God forbid i don't want ever wanted to ever to happen but this is what's going to a may the folks in the world trade center rest in peace. I used to work in that building. and and the millions of folks that data corona i say respectively terror attacks. Be some white kids that live in central new jersey. That's gonna shut all this down you're gonna wake up in the morning and your laptop and phone and nothing's going to work and you've got to try to get some money from app and it's not going to happen and it's going to happen for forty five days to actually this is that you're talking about when it we boots itself. Oy five days later cologne. We will be a dysfunctional society because park. Can you live forty five days without all the examples that misty have given us. No probably not hit. You have the basics. You be able to eat if you're able to do that. Supermarkets might be open because they might lock them all in like supermarket. Doors open up. Because everything's on a on you've been watching much. Go watch it to take a look and setting that. We are training these. We are training the artificial intelligence as to how we operate how we work even voice recognition is going to be part but listen. I think that's just part of a bigger picture. You know in terms of like how our society is evolving. She said that the algorithms are simulating our behavior. Once they get. I'll behavior now. What the hell do they need us for nest program them. You know okay. Make their old retool okay. So let's say a select million people on this planet. Let's let's talk that number down. Let's say this. Select two hundred thousand. That invented all of this. Oh my god the only ones that need to be here to run everything. Why why would they need us. The only reason why they need this is the drought the economy. Exactly what we really year exactly to make artificial mentality men spoiled. Remember what we're talking to. Culture harvey's on gilligan's island bomb self isolate. Okay with this but this thing can backfire on us. We don't have no control over this. we do. Now here's the thing because it has to be constantly upgraded and programs. It's just like your phone. Your phone always has to have new programs on it. It's not going to create those new programs by itself right. There has to be people that know how to do this. And you have all these technicians. That are learning as america back. Look at what's happening in schools today. Kids are virtual now right. So what they're doing they're getting more and more contact with you. Know virtual training virtual education ads. You know stem education is a big deal now so our kids are learning algorithms. They're learning how to program. I i understand all of this. I hear you clearly. I'm just saying. I become de is a select few. That can run all of this and out of the select few. Let's say one hundred thousand of drop. The number one of them kicked -pletely out of their mind and become radicalized and go. You know what. I'm shutting down there will smith movie. That's all i'm saying was what was the worst movie. Look it up. that's all. I'm saying you right. Miss diamant disagree waiting under saying there might be one of these programs with guys who invented all stuff. The algorithms all language all is math. And all this science. That mike's out one day trip out what they say. You know what i'm gonna pull the switch. Oh that's all i'm saying i'm disagreeing. I'm not disagreeing because feasibilities feasability right. Because did you know that theory is an algorithm an artificial intelligence Voice assistant that is on all. And i said all l. the apple devices all of them the iphone the mac the whatever. But did you know that anything you say to theory is kept in memory perpetuity. And and this is the caveat that kind of goes along with what you say feeling and that information can be used against you and none of. Up none of you people you guys are laughing about this you guys are so cavalier about this is the subject she's talking about is actually bobby close. Scare me to death is scaring me like that time. I walked into child support. And i didn't know how much i was gonna pay lord and that was. That was a scary day showing you perpetuity uses. Jasper got that would barbagallo four. And you're talking you navigate us through siri holding information bobby. Komo when we talked to this device that this is nothing but again. This is the reason why i felt. It was necessary to bring this topic up today. Because we do a lot of things unconsciously right who do you. Who do you think. Generates those it will gains. That are all over facebook where you got your your before and after pictures who you think generates that and why do you think it's generating you think it's just generated for fun. It's a purpose to it so we have to be more cognizant of what is going on around us and not kind of play into the game so easily. You know what i'm saying. We just got wake up a little. You know like the matrix like detail on the chat room like the matrix. You have to be aware. I'm scared to death. Bobby can't be cycle. What she did you. She said irish she said she said. Are you going to hurt everything she said. No no she said the google the google map and i hope google situation are alexa. All of that is tracking. You all of it. I'm a scary real easy. Even when you disabled that google trapping thing. It's still follows. You follows you yeah. This thing is paying all type tower. That goes to a satellite as long on goes in space. Yeah that comes back down to earth where these hundred thousand people that i'm talking about that one everything we eat well and i and we wanted to be as smart society. So guess what you got their way on the have certain beaumont. I'm talking about in general to device as march. We want all this new technology. Always keep the keep everybody else. I guess what you do it or don't have that all what just say like this. Please prepare for the two on the getting. That's going to be device often to do you out and then go to. Your car won't start well because some kid in central jersey got bad he want he want his collect what you were saying. He want his coins for sure. I don't you know the gas within the text. Message text messages. They didn't even get paid for it. The people who invented text message wabi call the corporation got paid. Yeah they a mideast invented the text message nothing you got like five thousand dollars on and you know if i invented text measure and they gave me a check for five thousand dollars. There'd be no text messages for nobody. Because i'm back in that system. I'm shutting everything to walking about showing change because they can't fix it and she's talking about this these right. They're not doing this for fun. When you're putting up these pitches the back and forth. Listen if you're out there putting those fit back then challenges. You're doing a challenge. So she made it out of your by was some challenges be like some of in the thirteenth grade here over thirteen years old and your dancing on take top and doing doing is simulating your body. Movements rights ten years down the road. They're going to eliminate you and make this whole person doing to miss you to take videos like warming now. Sweetheart i don't do but listen. Check this out I just want to answer. S lynette asks. Alexa is an a it is absolutely alexa. And google assistant siri. Alexa and google assistant are a based programs. I'm just saying this. We have to bow to this ai. And i'm not talking about alan iverson and please be open. Your bibles and read and pray to god that none happens within the next thirty years. I don't know if i'll be. Thirty is probably be like some kind of trios highly some grass at nibbling on my your imagination is yes darling i only brought the topic up sean barbie because i want people to be more conscious sometimes. We're very unconscious when we do things online. And what we don't realize now. Is that our society is at that place where you do things online you can be prosecuted for and you say things are syrian iras and they can pull that and use it against it. That's all i'm trying to say. I'm just trying to be more conscious about what you do on facebook twitter on you know on all of these platforms to be more conscious now. You absolutely right now. That i agree with you on everything you talking about. I think this is. This is something that needs to be talked about. And we all need to be aware of what's going on but that might be the one thing about a us. We're talking about alan iverson. That might be the one good thing about the way we live now with the algorithms. This one thing that we do know if you threaten somebody on any kind of platform you going to go to jail or you know something's gonna happen you know this now. That doesn't necessarily say that you're going to not do it. There's certain things that you know you do online. You're gonna get in trouble for it on that is true. That's the one thing that's great about all this artificial intelligence you talk. Be careful out there. We might need a course. I don't know but you know to have a course on how to have literacy with learning online. Guess what we algorithms. That's true. I say everybody take think about it. We are an art official intelligence right out much any nothing we can do about it and you can't. You can't laptop in and everything is done. she said it. Everything's done electronically you download the app. The bank app this the cash after the emails. You gotta sign documents now. They don't even have barbecue a messenger back in the day in new york city oh delivering packages from one place. They don't have that. No more people emailing things right. Nobody signs a paper. No more no less. The paper and delivered to somebody electron signatures is the way the The the new wave showing crazy. Listen y'all know. I'm a real estate agent right. Well you know. I got like twenty nine hundred bucks but you know you know. I'm a realtor and we have been using signature virtual signatures on documents for about ten years now Yeah that's my stance something then and then the almighty algorithms they take these signatures and they think they can easily become. What do you think now. They have all these anti locks and safe like norton. Antivirus on these things because that that that creepy little white guy that babylonian jersey the scientists the genius who sit in their front fourteen monitors ready to shut this whole thing down with something. Really still like wow. I didn't have his whole year ready. We got we got to keep these kids in check because they was stopped. Everything it it goes back to mistake right. Goes back here sometime. Corporations like like the credit remember a few years back like the credit bureaus they one of their now says somebody leaked out of million in lived. Lifted personal information million people credit every black this post now one of the most secure place here. Yeah and they had a breach and had a bridge an extra two million addresses security in a black market because so kid and vermont was mad because you can fix my credit. Hey want somebody nova scotia battle and the liability a with misdeeds talking about but we all laugh about well. it's true. This is called leaser also components to identity theft is absolutely true avis apis was talking about. They're being undercover police They're called a cyber unit and they absolutely monitor all of the platforms better. It's a federal thing and they have access and and this is how they're catching all of the people that were at the capitol quiet is kept. Is there going onto the platforms. And they're pulling the footage that these people were so ignorant post of themselves being in the white house and that's how they're going after them because now they have physical pictorial proof and in many cases they have video proof. These are all things that they tant and do use against you by the way your employees can and will use this against you as well so these are all things you got to keep in mind. If you are employed and you're out here making your opinions known you pretty much need to go talk to somebody in a private room. Because i'm telling you right now you give me monitored and then you could be fired for something that you said on a platform Very interesting and that's again that goes back to the good goodness of Of this internet where you know they can gather information and evidence really quick because as as a human beings that goes without the age. We don't think about that and we commit you know the miscellaneous of a serious crimes and people can video tape. That's about it but none has run by somebody else and we just want to say to whoever's running the internet the eye. Let's let's talk the l. Not allen iverson indian intelligence guy. This is your boy sean. Harvey misdeeds on the phone so we have actually some mercy flee. Please just be nice to us. Those shut everything now. We know that you had the ability to because we can't function without it bobby cologne. Ups just the now. They got some like hovering helicopter to make deliveries where they can kind of like. Drop the helicopter right in the middle street. Make your delivery without the positive now. It's actually not new for me for me. I go on which call lula whenever they were amazon bringing packages house. But i know. Ups to for two years from now you're going to see new england. Robots running back pay a flying like the jazz. Well miss the once again. Man thanks for informing us because is here to stay and benefits and grains and be careful what you say on these series because she just said. It's we caught it forever in this the world we live in and what you said earlier. The kids are learning learning. How did these algorithms and all land and hopefully there because you have to have missed the you have to have some type of level of integrity in your view. That's the key word. Hugh moral compass. You have to be really a good person. Ms d like to have all this power to invent this and it's almost about the run itself you you're right the select few run all of this. But you said you know. There's a lot of simulation online and this algorithms is. That's the only thing that scares me about this. Bobby is the fact that this thing could teach itself turn itself on human being for ability to turn itself on glad they have. Yeah i i'll be here. Be a oaktree sees next to tree on that. So the saving grace here. Ms all this this impending doom that i'm talking about probably won't happen in our lifetime. Thank god i feel bad for the next two generations because this is going to. I don't know. I don't know i'm afraid for them. But this the all this is recorded for generations down by this show. This interview will probably be a college course. Two hundred years from now and they're going to say wow. This was the beginning of the artificial intelligence era. That we talk from his as scared scared me but thank you so much. You digit job wasn't to scare. You is just to inform people to be a lot more. You know aware that's all so does that mean i. Actually that means even. If you're in your house by yourself you gotta watch what you do have camera device to siri alexa record everything. Why why would you put on a chat room if you have a lexus. Lx it. i don't have that one of my bedroom made and one of my kitchen. Because i listen to music finally quick recipe. Let's hell. they are helpful very helpful to storm. They do everything you had this. Alexis no no. I do not offer jesus. I don't have that you have on your phone as well. I got the little the little blue tube out a walmart like nine dollars thing. I'm good your support you but we have a smartphone. Say that you could say hey. Google give me the recipe for x. My visual true hair. Go who basically now is big book. Bobby you are actually volunteer. All inflammation whoever is hey you have to devices in your house that utah stores information forever. Wow i'm sure that ends the and don't forget what around 'cause doron was on the drama. A couple other people said that even though your phones navy turned off. They're not really off the only anti-battery battery out exactly this is this is. This is unbelievable. If you siri thing like bobby i would say says. Throw all that in the garbage lexin. Throw throw it in the car. If you have the fire stick alexa on the fire. Stick to through all sort of put it up on a chat room if you have cereal lexus thing putting one if you have it and if you do i say disconnected and throw it in the garbage. Now you saying you say that. Wake up in the morning you talk to this object now. I don't talk to her. She's my alarm clock. And that's only if i need to speak to music and maimed issue for music you're telling device to play music and you don't think go i'm sure is it novel way plan our now. Right now sean. Our normal for now and and you know what she's constantly listening so listening to your conversations. Sometimes she's g comes right into your conversation talking. He kitchen cooking some essay. What happen that's funny about. You should have been turned off. I d the garbage. They do that. But i'm plugging day. If you have this everybody misdeeds on for if you have this device if you have this this series exiting lexus thing. Whatever called throw it in the garbage. They wanna play misty. Everybody are you a black owned business or would you like to support one then. Join go black-owned on facebook. I think miss the voice of siri great voice for you won't turn down that money. I'll tell you that much it'd be open house would be not. She's saying lx. It's lazy people now misconception. Hold on hold on hold on select that got you. Look at your heart. I think it's fine. It's fine it's fine. You could be mad. You could find you. You feel it was true. Maybe combined just was asinine. I i agree. And i agree with tiffany thomas. Who else running this thing. And they house. That's talking to you. Lazy is lazy. Cover the recipe or using plain. That's not lazy. And you talk to vice. Thank you have a program you like and you tell me i don't have all that you don't you don't even see how this is to make life is fine. Don't even see and you know just a little man. Just let me tell you if you have this in this chat room and i'll take assault anything that may or may not chat room and you have players series if you have a lexus as series. You lazy hell okay. I'm gonna say tiffany. Don't worry about it. they gonna be mad at me all they want. Allow you in your bed in a queen size bed with a man without a man site. Rainy day lord. Seven eight ish this morning. You ll as hell. I want everybody to get rid of the stupid device. This chat room. Has this thing if you gotta. Larry reevaluate mental now. Ostrovsky suggests that today disconnect these by doing that would've been a mock somewhere and put them in the basement where you can find your rally. How wall it's crazy. That's a list that information stays in the war right. He's always sat. Information is stored to sa- kit invoke the exact thing that we're talking about alexa every phone you have is doing the exact same thing so you must go and get rhythm to phones you at to help. Every session is just live. She has considerable pay to talk about. So don't even tell series that you coming downstairs and the dust she likes. I've got your legs. Limited and free report go back. In december showing risk free talk live in algorithm hates realized. Go boneless today and don't forget to go to go. Everybody's i don't care cell phone yes lazy. You got caught that his late back way. Tell everybody everybody out there. Let me say something All these here Conference way michael. She she sees. How microsoft everybody tiffany. Thomas just tiffany thomas. I'm with you. I'm with you. You're right. They're all easy bobby sitting right now because ms d khaimah with this topic and that means as a great topic tabby water which device please don't spill your water little thing so jesus off of this center. Let's listen sweepers. They jesus christ. We've got are you a black owned business or would you like to support one. join go. Black owned an instagram and become a part of the go movement hosting is unlimited and free on globo's facebook and instagram pages listing go list dot com anticipated to launch in december. Twenty twenty hate social media. Things don't precluding highlights features banners and more are also available with gogo and go boat short over one thousand member business. Don't forget to go. Thanks the chat regard craig. Chris exactly whatever. I don't know with the same care what it is. You're all miss. The thanks was. Thank you rollin. Up the whole troops. And all of us. I have a tricky chen right now. You sure do Barbies a little upset. But i feel much better have set okay. It's just hilarious and I find it funny michael. Lewis's losing her mind. She's so mad. G matt tiffany thomas. You struck a nerve. Barbie columbia nash shrinking all at fourth ward. Komo's came out of the. Let's a populist classrooms. A misty wicked missed. We can they find you miss. The oh you can definitely by me on wfan k. Radio dot com. Yeah and That's the open house. Radio show featuring dj roman misty and by the way he's got a special guest on this saturday and her name is august. William she's my fitness coach shea. So see will be on. Be open house this saturday from twelve noon to three pm subpoenas why he's funny with this accident speak. Give us some information. She was even caught up shoes off all right. So w espn k. Please download that app. That's the open house every saturday from noon to three pm. A misty a dj rome. And we really appreciate you and if you don't mind just one more time. Where can they find you misty for me on facebook at open house radio show featuring dj amnesty. The yeah Can can run. Call me after the show today is that i will have the brother calls friends. Okay cool what was you rock man thank you so welcome. Stay blessed yes. Why go off. At least she can. She wants to know yo. You just the all drive a car and eat out. You got a microwave oven. If you're outside with some bad or log. Aaron on the grill series. That's where you take it to a whole 'nother level and america is lay. The i guess then because we have any i strongly suggest barbie cologne that you not even america the world is we all. Have you get rid of these devices. That are just stagnating. Euro are me and my devices are doing quite back. Show have more show city barbeque there. Everybody he's hell no. We're not and all the rest of your and that's just it in a stake cell phone library looking at what you look up. You got lazy you guys. Hey we ought to appoint veneta offers. Today's okay. I will say this today today you in veneta and all the others that are in a rant right now or christmas in the art of things over the same message for practice of deflection. Let's shout misty shanta misty. Thank you all right. So bobby before we get into the room folks there but one of it before we shut up. Let's let's let's let's chat rooms love trumps all you lazy folks in which a devices but if we get back into that minute listen shadow to all the creepers bobby colona said i didn't go where these are folks that you know just listening to it on the audio side. My old school radio heads via the internet via a wfl k. rochester and ninety Four point five the wave in louisville these guys are you lunch pail guys. I wanna say thank you. I want to say you're not a part of the rock stars like barbie cologne and all these folks you guys. I'm what you guys did. Just wanna listen to the show on audio school. thank you man. we appreciate humanity. Thank you so much for helping helping. Pay our bills here. We appreciate you speaking of bills. Keep those I didn't hear nothing. stars today. starts going and then on top of that. I want to say to my haters. You're going gonna catch some artificial intelligence as well each for breakfast and lunch. The comments scattered about stay over there on that side. Harvey issue for dinner. That's real easy like the young kids. Jose factory gone and scotto about haters now body. Twelve beloved chat room members. Are they gonna challenge no idea it was going on. And maybe i'm not supposed to fifteen different things. Think of jesus. An assyrian special. Shout out to you barbeque long. Pleasure hitter shaw holloway. Meant a chat room. I need to see those hearts right now. Feel it on. My won't show some love in a minute because without you guys we wouldn't be here. I guess you know get you started right. You get your love and we cleanly gillet. Speci- shutout morning buzz a show. You wanna show sydney barbie good morning. Good morning combine. In you mean barbie those barbie right barbie society clinton. Yeah and you know what everybody because everybody this morning on the phone while town hall of shot up saying i'm sorry guys hold on hold on. He said minus the cine out hear here. Hey here with like comments this morning. I'm feeling good and listen. Marlin is family members. I look at him as one of my my young nephew. Who's cologne this guy. I i've been following this man's journey from day one and remember when we linked up with each other via sydney and he was having a birthday party. All exclusive party of Barbie he he hired me to bring some music and my man did a great job at his party. And at marlins event there was no ugly people allow. Fallen doesn't do that. Marlin has taken since. Jay addeda poconos in ventured out for her to five star restaurants in a whole different life of it. In hanging out in that mullah's outfit gotta back. Must be like that. could hear the now. He he is actually like broaden oh and of sending her she is not here does ours. Now please at thank you. Refreshing only by the grace of gaba on saying that they meant modernism motivator. He's got announcers as real quick while so so listen i just wanna let everybody in a show. No that's your boy. Made it to shock. Marley cine bobby. Calling muslim barbie. Please payment what's he shared this information with me last night. About seven o'clock substance for thirty s morning. Fifty six in these. Like y'all want you to come hang out with us last night and i had a show do as going on but my show got cancelled tired. I couldn't even hang out with him. But i wanna thank you for calling me with this great news and for the rest of the night phil so good for this young man stick. Take take on that journey for yesterday. Remember mall in call a few weeks back a couple of months back and achieved this. I think this is greater than the shark tank announcement. He achieved a us patent. Yeah with gas. Right granato sean. I got a friend who is a actually does of development for nike and his business partner. does dealings with mlb when outscore And they gave me a immobilizing contract. grants everybody we. You're talking to like this time next year. More than to be a millionaire. Let's right kevin. Eat capsule hack about t-shirt mawlid tell us about this yesterday. Let's go back to the shark. Take thing play out from the beginning until they gave you the phone call yesterday. Everybody congratulate marlins. God bless him tells how to play them. Let's listen this is between us. If they see anything on social media anything like that i can get disqualify so forget it. Don't talk about it. I'll tell you what let's go back to. Let's congratulate one now. This goal to the patent part of this. Take us through that journey. Can you talk about that. The patent part of the media talk about. Hopefully nobody's all no. No no no no no yeah just talk about what you all. We're just we're just go back to how you brought in sydney jays horizon. We could talk about that off your house. Any never been to an infusion type restaurant with anything she met marlin more processing. How did that start from the beginning from the beginning because this is so Let's talk about the inception of the product. So i i. I was somebody or i'm from the bronx so somebody always wore ads and I you know has the short lived probably have gone through a hat and a couple of weeks and have to go ahead and and reinvest in another one so i was just taught vying same has over and over again and i looked at ways that i can protect the hats. I found nothing but these chemical sprays that are not practical. 'cause you have spraying on and wait a half an hour dwell time and then And then you can go outside. So i started drawing up specs for cover and i sent it to a person and as captions was born so after i got the product sample is centered around a couple friends and they were just like yo. You gotta you gotta do something with this man. And i i i think i can do is reach out to a patent attorney because i didn't want one of those big grants taking it over And man. It was expensive at the hat. That that whole patenting process probably was about fifteen twenty grand could imagine and It helped me. It took me about three but by three and a half years to acquire because of I was also getting last year. But because of the pandemic everything. I pushed back so it was man i was going back and forth with the patent examiner. Because they they they give you calls and you kind of go go through patents that similar to yours although there's nothing on the market quite like this product Even down to the material. If it's if it's similar in any way you have to contest it So i did that. Maybe about seven times. It was crazy But yet on the table for christmas. I got the patent get right. Yeah so yes. I'm about two months. They now. I'm looking at the market and I got a call from shark tank. He and how easy way easy. You shouldn't forget it. Don't bring that up. don't don't bring it up. don't bring that up. don't bring what you gave this quad. I don't wanna be. Do the have to disqualified leslie. That part on god i wanted to. Everyone and i mean everyone to congratulate woods claflin. I am so happy crowd like you made my day my night. I thought about you this morning. Pause and your hard work and your determination has definitely you will reap the benefits of this young man and you believe in your product and congratulate point congratulates but you know. The five star restaurant is going to be eaten. Nobody listen to. This is what we could do so Made the the beginning of may. I should re receiving inventory Six hundred units and for this This platform that i'm beyond. I need to present numbers. So i want all six hundred units to get to the. I want to sell them all before they get here. So allowed to distribute them. So i'll be setting up a pre sale in in a minute and definitely keep you posted with that. And if we can just put it out there so i can get. These products prohibits product off the show. As know what On this show right here. I can guarantee that we will advocate a promote your brand and your product soon as it history streets. You had the full support of the shaw more show featuring a wakeup team and we will do what we need to do to get those six hundred sows so i'm just smiling just so happy for umana man god barbecue. D- crying bobby. No i'm not saying. I was typing something into chat room. Prentice said he wanted to right now told me was having a presell the beginning all by weeks all gonna pile bobby crying over the the choice of china's that's going to happen with this guy. I'm sure he hasn't been whatever whatever this guy wants. Whichever which way goes he's gonna get tavlin states. This is going to be in tears from two to three years. Now we'll be in the galapagos allen's short list less clark marlin we we love you. Men are call yesterday. We appreciate the support and thank you so much now. Godless blessed blessed the debt. So a boy was about to iraq in the on old school. Thursday everybody just want to give you a report barbie. Cologne feels much better right now. She's pissed off pissed off a few she. She thinks she's fine now. If you've yellow to cut off. I think i was speaking with great resentment. That's all out of control. I need to see the on folks. The yeah there any shoes off. Look the whole time. Malcolm shooting took the shoes off. No this is comfortable sitting here sweating and lights doing this for queen. Diane listen number pound because of her the lowest limo ratio italian. I'm sitting here in china. Get through the spring season so we take a break with jesus christ. I don't want to lose ten pounds. Briggstone rallies. I'm gonna make announcement monday. We're going to take a week off because know we don't went through the whole february march. April you know come on. We can't it's just it's a lot and then there'd be also Everyone i want to you know. Put around applause in a chat room. i'll be given an announcement next week when we have Our return the all. Cj oh so we do with is Was cine comes back. We're gonna have a if you're in the area we're gonna have a a return of the cj special show probably columbia. Get the room right. We will honor this king queen on her return and we do it What a party all right now. I love it so everyone be put on notice that put on notice that Now when i get the date next week we have the of the sydney jada s to the double y. And what we do that particular day party a barbeque. We will party heavy. We're gonna change a whole room around you know we're going. It's a celebration of life is a return of one of our members So we give you a date on that and less. Welcome back with open arms. Our beloved Can do the show without sin j. So i'll keep you updated on that. We will have a party for her return. We gotta shout out the show on the show city barbie. What's going on man roy. Give me a call with had disguise. Leonard did you take your medication today. No i take it down the why. I think my son needs some crap. Let's go for that okay. What sony bobber food shouting distance jump. This boy called his grandmother nine in the morning gave him along with roy myself he called his grandmom up nine in the morning right and he gives us long story about you know i was in louisiana taking care family business. He found out his girl pregnant. They're trying to find out what the next move they gonna make right. She didn't got all happy things. Great grandmom he said april fools. Day like you don't april your grandmother s all kind of cool place. He knows funny though. Like you do that to your mom or your friend's grandma. S well grandma's your last line of defense world. That's a terrible for sure. We could look up so horrible april fools pranks but that's a bad one. I doubt the alabama grandma you know. This is a horrible joke. And i think you should have a conversation. Which is i mean. He's a grown man is really told him. Don't do that normally barbie. She has a son like it his maybe his age range. I don't know but what if she thought she was going to be a gram. Well now. it'll go further anyway crazy but just son came of age today Said hey you got to be a grandmother. You're okay with that right. followed him. My son grown got thinking that maybe he did abo girlfriend. I'm greg grandma. Great grandma but why would i be mad. Even the woman that you don't like i'll have deal with that woman showing he does with the us and let me see my grandbaby. If you start acting up. She has grandmother rights icon sued him for for For rights that law. Do i have a friend. Who did it i do yes so i'm everybody but we need Hold on let it before we shelter. What else is on your mind. Oh well real quick People that said you cursed me into apology and all this other stuff like twisted my arm. That was so wrong with them typing in the room. Stop beating up shock. you know. Somebody's got to issue a personal issue with me. Okay you got a personal issue with me. That's all right. You know what i'm saying. I can handle that but the dog on us you as a whipping boy because they got something and i don't even know these people these people i never even said a single thing about an fended. I'm like i think about you all that's just wrong. Well you know well thank you. It's just that you know your reputation supersedes or so and it's just that do know you did apologize for what happened and princes like i say it was okay with it and how people are. Some people will just not forgiving like that. So but it's fine. everything's cool. don't worry about it. Listen we gotta go. We're going to shout out the room. I'm glad to hear your voice. We are going to shout out the room. We got linnet. I gotta do this. We run a behind. Okay better better barkley. I need to see the hearts and the chat room whipping boy down. Yeah that's what i'm sitting here. Losing weight everybody could do what he'll hundred sixty seven pounds and you're still going to get you started right. I need to see the heart in the chat room. Check this out of the shouts be sponsored today by w. s. l. x. in rochester york and ninety five point five the wave and also remember. We definitely and tricky. Louis if you're in. That is tricky in the haywire. Text me yesterday. Read it. And then everything crazy and guy chance to respond. Thank you so much for the kind words tricky. I really appreciate you. You know i love you be xp or be being next to be out very tricky Louis tricky day. You know we're going to do at twelve noon. We're gonna go over there to fan radio and we're gonna rock out with a tricky at noon and then we'll go back to the group room. I say it each and every day. So especially the tricky. I apologize for not responding. Mitzi those hearts in a chat room. Bobby we are still behind. Put a pause on. We want to see the we we were. These are okay speak. We felt take head read access for me. Let's go hey wait heartsick behind said hey wait a heart heart heartsick back glow. Hey how was shown. Sat heart heart. fat fat. Took heart sack bobby. let's go. Hey wait hearts with hearts await hard. Hey way too harsh. Our for for what what. Hey what. hey go. Hey do we a frank clyburn bill. The hey cousin. Good morning to you. Shutout who younger nut. Good morning but that head end book on the girl. Banana george and ability in. Hey a good morning shutouts. No the calm down. Calm down said. Joe was lazy. Just what it is part of the group because you got sam phone car. Not talking objects even doing that special report. She's walking she singing. She's giving me flashbacks for the other lady. Who else nate. Daniel jones in the building. Hey nathan and you'll get more into you. Shut up to tim house. Hey tim terrible. Lee scott is in the building. What's legal morning. Nelly right is here. Hey natalie not a league to use charlotta de every jackson. Hades morning sean. Hayes jones is here. Hey girl showed out to the beautiful dear. I'm sorry Dalla drew's aid elegant morning. Good if tiffany through your today not seen a lot more was that was Eyebrows kinda like crumpled up any facial expression. My eyebrows in tiffany threw you off a little bit. But that's part of what we continue of napa guy. Laugh at stuff like. Are you going to be x half even announced today. I'm not happy. Darah lioness here. Good morning daryl. Ex-cop bless you. May you're doing a great job. Great josh. I'm talking about okay. Doing a great job with the homie. Tricky lewis tricky going on yesterday. Thanks for the text messages. I appreciate you. We're gonna rock with tricky this afternoon. Twelve noon radio. Yes we are who we have in the building. Audrey johnson is here good morning. Tiffany close to the. But what's up. Tippety queen bill york diane alias. Hey y'all say more queen because she has blessed us with presidents warning. Valerie tamraz's here. Hey valerie good morning to you. Shut out to allen's swab at gamonal allen. How are you today. A 'lisbonise is good morning for somebody to cbs expertise. Y'all please those three things. I phone with the come across green. And that i'm trying to do too many things. I want that Apprentice cogs on sweetie. Come on mr robinson. Hey boom houria. Ken black is here. Hey ken good morning to you. Shots ms d mon darlene. Skirl thank you a lot of mala intelligence morning. Shoutout to mr braille brow. I am seriously going to on civil less offers. Like i really won't take seriously but don't don't get caught up in that whole five minute thing. Enough to know is a twenty five minutes. I may tell me the concepts in five minutes. But i know good. Well it's gonna take me a couple of months at least to get the basics to be able to take. It's going to take over no year but it's gonna take a look. At least i would say at least three three three months. At least once a lap on your lap i just said out of wedlock around us. What you want to do data that meet the cossack. Don't want you to go in like three or four and then you think you could jump in the pool and swim. Alex if i have my struck with me because i know he to be able to say my little black man and the whole thing when you get into the pool number one i would suggest you before you even start swimming. I would suggest you walk and do zoom but thing and all that stuff just to just to get up and just to get up your endurance. Because what you get in the water and you learning how to swim. There's only one speed that its new swimmer. goes on. and that's one hundred because your anxiety is up and do you don't wanna foof drown. Whatever so you're on you're on go until you learn how to slow down patients so that takes time. I'm not saying that you can't do it. I'm not saying that. I'm just saying that there's a whole thing to it. Yes he's right. I could teach how to swim in four or five days. But then there's a whole other process would it so i don't want you to just you know all right i'm gonna just i'm good now and then you go down to costa rica and you jump in the water and you start breathing water then i gotta jump in there and save you you save all that matters. I could dive into the pool. Barbie so you dhabi society widows before you finish the room. While i'm to i think the arkansas i think yeah but like i said like there's something that you know. You have to something that you have to do like on a weekly basis as something that you just don't have a crash 'cause and then okay i could do it and then you get into water and then you mechanics oil because one thing is off is going to screw everything also start frail in panicking so it takes time. I was suggests you would put that in in your normal activities. If that's what you wanna. Do you have a pool at the gym. That i go to so then leave school also get like i said. I can't be a costa rica. Dan flow by hand. That's the way you should. You should add those and so we get a pair of goggles to because with the with the goggles with the with the goggles barbie columbus what happens with what the since we back on this real quick. What happens with the with the with the goggles. Barbie go to walmart online. Get a nice pair for under twenty bucks. You get the real nice pair for forty bucks but i would suggest once you learn how you wanna learn how to swim and do i. Let's get the goggles print per se. He say. Am i going to costa rican now. Why he might be mouth-to-mouth thing is like you wanna get the The goggles as well and say that is because when you underwater you have to open your going to be able to see what you got is you. Can't you can see underwater. But it's limited. Yeah but if you put the goggles on it's like watching a three d you can see the whole could see everything in the ward anybody. I just quick question. I mean i think the good don't recommend no nail no nose plug that influx none of that stuff because you become a handicap cooking you ten on that and you can't swim without that right do suggest and i'm saying goggles learning because might make you comfortable goggles and make you comfortable knows plus also would they go. We'll funny what i have. I have election if i'm standing real. Because she's in my car out there someone. i said it she turned green donna. I'm a core. I'm caught barry. Barry barry downstairs and google plus so barry controls everything because my legs my doors and everything right so when i told barry like this ferry trump the light. She didn't respond. Why because i'm jelly. So so when. I say i was barry barry talk lights and is that yesterday i was on the phone with somebody and say barry likes and like like i said thank you. She said you're gonna welcome back brown. You have a wonderful day is that what because thank you. That's how she responded right and you don't you don't you. Don't find strange adult because you know what this is the way the world i have got air budge and my the best airbus the where is for meat alexa anywhere. I'm sorry buried anywhere. Because i say i could be like in jersey. Joe barry guy open mic garages or the open door for my plus shows everything but the way of the world and personality right. But you don't you don't find none of this string you. This is amusing to you. Right the strange. If i'm talking to you about snapping up. I'm like you're sean. I wanna go buy a car. When i opened my facebook page or car. advertising shows again. you don't find strings at all. none of you. They listen they listen to all the time you know. It's the way the wow. I let. i still keep catching house. I still keep catching out. Because like yesterday i get my nails done. Guess what they cash take. A car was broken. So you have cash cash. You stuck stuck like chuck sean i. It's the way it's just getting more and more about you know. I know that i'm not resisting it. I'm just saying like please be aware like these algorithms are running. Everything and i think is funny and i also i think the only thing i don't like like i went to walmart yesterday and that one passion one cashier. Everything else was self scan and automatic. They know cashiers or catches most of jobs and all the all the told people that work on the toll plazas wait a minute shot goblet. God bless you bro. Robert andrew this here. Hey robbing good morning to you. Shoutout to tanu washington. Hey girl nicole harris in the building. What's up the net net. Nessa rhino is here. Hey get your right here. we go all. You've got some nice there. You go the godfather of soul. Tracy raising the building. What's up tracy. Hey dj roman bail damn shawl. Johnny whip oh is here. Hey johnny good morning. Marlin woods and building. Hey marlin and again congratulations on all of your accomplishments. We are proud of you over here to show every morning show. Julius geller showers in the building. Hey julia shutouts shelby. A hey shelby. Show is going to be in the fashion show to redoing on Twenty-fifth tiffany tightness here hager. Good morning tim harry up. It's in the building shots a rock kane. Hey rock morning. Sabrina laura's here. Good morning to you for free. Ninety nine lesley is here. Hey girl now. Romo railroad johnson in the building. Hey railroad good morning shutout to diane hough sat a diane hall halo. Shimmy cola is here hacia. Make against shout out to quincy moore is good morning. Quincy how are you today rail. Mr sensational hala is in the building in good morning realm Dr smith is here and good on girl. See larry in the building. What's up charles. Shutout to the real s- aquinas. Got good morning to you tom. Mula net is here and last but not least say mr brown. I think i did. I think. Say right before you called me to say tiffany. Thomas i just did i. I said julius. Don't blow me watch the replay. Jacqueline smith here. Hey jack will in good morning to you. If y'all want to get your name shot major yano may show you guys. Let me know you are. Here's what i can see you next one a great job. I really appreciate you for that Thank you we're gonna go to to move. Bring some knows amid union new jersey tonight telling jokes. Let's do so front page news. Yeah on on asia. Be going back to work. Appreciate you guys rocking with us. Ninety four point five the blazes responsibly. Move dave. Let's go take in in kansas back. Page breaks new job. We got the front page. Tricky just came back. He said i'm bag everybody. We won't run over. There is tricky twelve noon lunchtime with tricky fair radio app. Please download that. Why would you got. Because i'm melting away over here. I think it's one of the year. Just just hungry. I'm sorry i'm usually good until about eleven o'clock today. I woke up hungry. And i did not have time to eat. I'm starving so i don't even need anymore to stop doing it. Now is hitting me right now. Yeah because you're wasting away showing a tie this man. Please stop eating. I make you stop eating. Stop start eating to start eating my have a bottle of water for lunch liquid diet. You not me was not another for milton away for everybody. I really don't you guys. You might give me a break here but it was. It was a man. Rams woman caught a woman's car in a row raise incident at a mcdonald's drive through and clayton north carolina. North carolina man was arrested after he allegedly rammed into a women's car at the she cut in front of him and the mcdonald's drive throughs. Has authorities say. I'm brandon michael. Gonzales rubio was in line and drive through on saturday but refused to move a Clayton police had said several cars huckabee harm but he wouldn't budge. A woman got got out of line. Got out of line. Police said and pulled up beside guns out as rubio and told him he was holding up the line when told police. Gonzalez's rubio responded with expertise. He just after that. The police had the woman drove her car. And hold on okay just after that police said. The woman drove her car joe vehicle into the line in front of rubio in response. He rams her car. According to the police witnesses said gonzales. Rubio then out of his car saw yelling and kicking her car. No one was injured but In the confrontation when questioned by police investigators said rubio tried to blame the crash on the women claiming she tried to come off and collided with his car. Rubio was charged with assault with deadly weapon and Per in an injury to personal property. What about the other stories geico to that one real quick thank you. I went down. I because i wanted to you know talk about. We can talk about what the whole thing off. Duty correctional officers ryan wanted. You do that story. I you should tell me okay off. Do the congressional office rent over. People are of a taco bell. According to police two off-duty correctional officers from maryland had been charged with attempted murder And looting the of other crimes after running over police run over a group of people and crashing through the front of taco bell and apparent case of a fast food or outreach to williams twenty five and diamond. Josh twenty-eight had argued with workers in the drive through about their food or being By their food order in waldorf maryland on march thirty first at about ten thirty pm according to the sheriff's office oh Waves it was on monday following the investigation into the crash after arguing with the drafting work. Both women exited. The car and williams assaulted the employees through the window. According to the sheriff's office. Charles county sheriff's office a day show photo has said that nature has been charged with attempted murder for run over several people in front of taco bell on march. Thirty first the pair got back into the car and drove around to the front of taco bell will williams who was driving. The car drove towards a group of people before stopping. She then backed up and drove towards the group again. This time plowing into them and smashing through the restaurants window the entire incident has been caught on video and show through several people being tossed in the air the vehicle multiple people were injured but no one appeared to have life threatening injuries. according to the sheriff's department. Thank you Thank you for both stories. I appreciate you have my water for lunch but you need to eat okay. I yesterday sean. Harvey was just given flowers in compliments to hospital. Workers and correctional officers went. Tim area called in. And you know he's completely out of his mind remembering get pushed in georgia. Could nobody's mafia the sandwich correction officers if these two young ladies one twenty eight one twenty five years ago Need to merely be put in jail for the next ten years. Even though they work in jail should be familiar territory. Put them right now. How dare you think you have the right and the power to assault folks because you didn't get your order right at at a drive through wine when you just coming out of work dealing with prisoners because correction officers who shot out to you guys half you guys are just thugs and you pick up the same behavior as the because of the environment. Now if you're retarded to pick up that behavior because you work every day there you have no sympathy from me. You work jail so much that you don't have no problem being there being the inmate you tell me well. It's clearly they don't because because you pick up this mentality that's why barbie cologne i would never date a correction officer. I did one time out of my seventy eight relationships and this chick was completely out of her mind. She bought the gel mentality to the crib. Now and and the only thing they do is have sex with cells. And all that. I'm talking about the correction offices. It's gotta be okay. Not all of them. Seventy five percents. Let me tell you something. I work around. These people were comedy i've done. I've done correction officers event at the jail while they were able to drink. The correction officers aren't duty. They weren't on some of them. Were some of them. Weren't i did a comedy show before corona as sing sing penitentiary up in the lower lower upper westchester county. They had a dj outside of the to the penitentiary. They were playing music. They playing softball. It was a whole thing going on over there and they would drinking and of course there was that were on duty. The prisoners can hear the music playing with telling jokes right. It was a mess. Look like a carnival out there and the way these correction officers talk and bobby call about each other. It was a piece of work mark. God like they was on they. Men were like yeah. You're we smashed. Her smashed the corrections officers. A having sex with they cells because half barbaric call in. I don't care this is fact. I've been around job. I'm not saying all of your but some of you have this mentality at. Did you have the nerve enough. Because you're such a control thing because you have that right to control the prisoners that your punk ass is controlled and now you come outside and you don't have the ability to sending a drought through live to order hamburger. But my think you know how your patients the even waiting because you so busy kids. It was happening. That's the job that you think. When you come outside into the real world that we all supposed to behave the way you want us to this woman. Twenty eight years old and this woman. That's twenty five years. You need twenty years in jail for this not sense to pull out your done. And you've got call us all this ruckus and you're going to beat people up because you feel that you've got the right to do that. Job of car ran. People call anything. People are going ahead and do the problem and you come out of jail which your walk mine as a correction officer. Shame on you. Shame all the correctional officers that behavior like this. I'm not saying they all do but there's a large majority of them. That does the had this behavior. This reckless behavior. Because you learned behavior when you're working in this environment. I'm sure when he started as they wasn't behaving this way. I'm sure they went in two or three years down row. Now you have chil- lingo in the jail mentality and having sex with the prisoners and the guards is a mess say. The ceo seen is a big swamp. That's all the says. And then you get mad at me off like how dare you know. And that's thing. They worked so hard they were on the front laws. Like i said. They're not the doughnut guys. Like i say this respectfully don't coffee guys that patrol the neighborhood regular police are right in. The frontlines dislike. Tim harry at the hospital. But these people there's a large percentage of them that just just really did just actually prisoners in that mentality. Bobby cologne their prisoners. They just come outside. And now you don't have the social skills to go in the drive-way at twenty five and twenty eight years ago to purchase a frequent hamburger fool. Right go inside and find people running people just filthy fifteen years fifteen years in jail each. I don't have no sympathy. What are these two women names again. I have no sympathy. These black women were they have to do with it. Learning the african american. They got good jobs. They're women right and and like i said status respectively ladies those. Sit there john. There you go again to nisha williams who diamond and diamond. Oh you can't. Are you serious right out now. Racially profiled. i'm not doing that. Know what it is. This is the best job. These women's hat innate lives 'cause usually this is the job. You get from student loans or the mcdonald's you fill out these applications do this job you set for life now. It could be where they sat in jail. Yeah now set in jail. And then you're eagle take you because you can't handle the power that you have in jail that you've gotta bring it out here to society should great to nisha to me show and diamonds good britain hat. They had good jobs. You had a good job not anymore now you now now you. You want to be in prison now now. You have fulfilled. Joel prophesy you tell masses barish your whole family hot over dan tacos taco bell taco bell's good why hard taco yesterday and i understand the rage when you are denied your taco especially the be mad stance initially diamond. My heart out. Is there hard taco in your forecast today. I know i had one yesterday. God blessed woke opposition to nisha. That's name and diamond good. Britain's britain's is good you get a pass on this one. Oh i wish i was. The judge of every body can't be. Could you be out tom. You judge too harshly by going to be life or death. Would you what you will sokha to you like. Missy elliott ten years in jail no parole right and and serve your time. Will you used to work Serve your time there. They look crazy in a mug. Shot to look like one every frigging idiots. Look at down. Put a pause on stroller. Posted screen you play a part of your screen so clean now. I lot now and get okay. Cool you wipe it off delay. I'm so sick and you could do my foul situation even on my privacy with us. You got a again ten years in jail with these two freaking hot on the owls anywhere correction officers. You put on notice bro. I know go ones out there. But fifty percent of eulogists rotten people. And that's all your correction officer. Call inlets tangle with your boy harvey. i'm not back down. None of this no diversion an stadium at like criminals. I said they crazy in time. So like criminals. In their mug shots they do defined mathis. They do. They look last night when i said she didn't say that but i'll say it. They look like criminals they do. They are criminals. What what how do you get off of work and you behave like this is crazy. Unbelievable that angry and your that controlling as african american females or men. you'll we already under a microscope. Anyway you behave like taco bell. Doing this at route chris. Heian mexican restaurant knows if she's back the taco bell. You doing this phone number two two tacos in a burrito and in an amount do this is how we live it. Okay so out your mess mess. I'm the cdc inquiries saw on hiv outbreak in west virginia largest county us. Senator joe mansion on monday submitted to a congressional inquiry with the center for disease control and prevention regarding. hiv outbreak. In west virginia the largest county the west virginia democrat asks for the inquiry on behalf of the kennel wok county commission two months after this heat see a fish who warned that the county outbreak was the most concern in the united states. commission president can't carper said in a statement that the outbreak is an important public. Health issue is deserving of our full understanding and the lettuce. Had dr a rochelle walinsky. The cdc direct mansion adds that the cdc review. The commission's concern in reply by friday later later on monday. Marching marching relief mansion. Released a statement from the cdc saying he was eager to meet with public health officials. It was said. It said dr jonathan a merman director of the cdc nationals centers for disease for hiv an aids included in the meeting early in february. Dr dementri dot scalise while The cdc chiefs of hr provincial gave a presentation at the meeting Of a can awas county. Hiv task force. It is impossible. It is possible that the current case count represents the tip of the iceberg. The scotus said there are likely many more undiagnosed cases in the community. We are concerned that the transmission is going on. The number of people with hiv will continue to increase unless urgent action is being taken and they just give give stats in a of the The outbreak in west virginia. We come on. Thank you for that story appreciation. Under one morning. I get out of here First question do we really need to state of west virginia. I've been there agree. Very big was a lot of land. And it's not it's a lot of land out there and the few towns mountain ridge is going on over there. I went to west. Virginia drove here from west virginia. One time barbie cologne before cova took nine hours to get over there. I went through pennsylvania into. I think a little bit of maryland. I believe i went into virginia Went into west. Virginia came back into virginia and then came back into the west virginia. Kind of weird. And when i into west. Virginia bobby claw. I drove downhill for two and a half hours. It's fair mountains. Aucoin down twenty hours. It was like a hundred and fifty miles going downhill. You hit a bottom. There's a town near you like. You're gonna wow. Wow he's like four towns over there. It boy went i left. I told guy go. Because i need to get back home. I i needed to get out of west virginia. I had a good. It was a great day. Two thousand and nineteen and go Listen i wanna leave because it took so long for your drought here. I go listen. i want to leave. I'm going to leave at four o'clock in the morning just to get on the road and just to get an early start like just dropped. Sorta like in the middle of night. You're the guy told me no no no no. You can't drive up the mountain to the sun because too much fog. Seen won't be over. He says no. No no we we. Don't we strongly suggest that you wait until the sun starts coming right and he was right. Because i didn't leave did leave like twilight time and soon as i got up on that mountain. You couldn't even see. The sun is starting to come out. But you can see. I i really. I am so grateful that i listen to him right. There's local dude. He was like. Don't drive up there. Hello it don't do it. And i still say if this case in west virginia of the eight v which is still out there. Keep it there. I feel bad for your folks. I mean those are the folks with the real virus now known simply a has been around for too long for you not to know. They have made something that can help. You protect yourself. It's cards and people use it. I may have medication for that. But would you wanna have tech medication when you could prevent it from happening. I this is the liability. Still this is the liability of living in west virginia. They still have age one in out. There i listen everybody. Don't go to west virginia. Tell you. I've been there. I've been twice goblins folks down there. You don't want the part of that this. This is a few black folks down there. There's some like a hillbilly babylonians down there. It's a whole different world over there. I say that respectively. Keep that you know. We don't want that spreading the corona viruses. Keep that virus down there which hiv. And i hope that you guys can recall with as hope can recover from it but keep that over there and you act this. Been out here for fifteen thousand years controllers. Virginia can you do that. I think we need to stay honestly doing need. Why why do we think. Why the hell do we have west virginia. Why why can't west. Virginia virginia back in virginia know something that we did. They said we don't want no parts of that. Give them the listen. A little piece and keep you. Hiv aids down there. Please god for jesus barbie coloma blood is thank god inc apple man. You know i Get the aids tests on a regular basis still because i have my operation and that was one of the requirements I haven't taken a tissue. Why want to say this about that. There is a god. I know it in my my blood has come back negative everytime. Thank you thank god for jesus that was only jesus 'cause left to own devices. This blood supposed to be tam needed. There is a god. Be careful west. Virginia and keep that mess down their way. We don't want that corona probably got one corona case and like fifteen thousand as this. Keep that down there. They which back with ashes next then you. This would miss sri lanka when are injured after another pageant contestant ripped her crowd off claiming she is the boys the winning of the winner of Sri lanka was injured after another beauty queen. Her crown rip ripped crown off her head doing the ceremony on sunday Moments after the push pinker de silva these names. Don't worry about the new one title. The twenty nine thousand eight mishra lanka when caroline jury sees her crown during the national broadcast. The former winner claim the silver couldn't be named the winner because she is divorced win the pageant is meant to go on and represent sherlock at the world. Competition doing jury jury one in twenty twenty okay. How the video from nbr cash shows. Jerry was on the stage during the ceremony in her. Miss world stash addressing audience scholley after de silva was crowd the winner. I have a small request. She said until the microphone as for the miss world. There is a rule. You have to be married and not divorced. She was upset that somebody who was divorced and mary had one jury said the crash should go on. The crash should go to the first runner up and then walked over to disavow and take off her head. After untangling. the crown from disabilities haired jerry places it on the run up. The video shows disability left stage in tears as in begin to cry as well. From excitement. the organizers this is on television you haven't listen sri lanka. Is that if i sh- sri lanka sri lanka's do we need that country this country we didn't some countries and states. We don't need this is part right. I but organizers of the of the the contest confirmed that disability was not divorced and they have returned the crown back to her so to person who was. Oh you know the door. She did it without knowing the full facts of until she just she. Don't she overstepped. She acted too hastily where women the woman who want sri lanka doing the country. The women who won a sri lanka west virginia. We both don't both in a garbage. As far as i'm concerned they don't affect my life period. The woman who won the crown. Mrs sri lanka is she married. She is married as she would. Her husband yes. She separated quarter to this here. They say that it said that she was still she was not divorced. It's really separated from her husband. But i'm still trying to read them out. Now listen to me this woman who won If she separated from your husband you need to give the crown back but technically she's not divorced so right at the rush they'll sell married from her husband. But few right bobby cologne. She's not divorced. I get it. But i'm taking a few mrs sri lanka. You might want to be into every day relationship with your husband if she was separated. Econo- make sense. Because why would this woman go off instill this thing. She know something of a woman talking about. She knew that that wasn't no somewhere. Not no one right mind she. I don't think she's a sore loser like that. Go on national. Tv and snatched this thing off this woman. There's something going on. I'm not a conspiracy theories you know that but there's something going on. I believe that this woman is not like what her husband. She was separated. She when she she responded to the whole incident after the the things you said that she is. Yeah yes so so now. Here we go. This is this is narcissism on steroids. This woman should be ashamed of herself. Just like the two women who beat up the woman at the taco bell. You ain't random random over the cars is almost no different crazy. Because you know that you're not with your husband no more but separated. They'll get back together. No no no no no. No only sean. They're not the. Moore's no bobby divorce if she separated. That's still okay. I call that neighbor. Rigging i'll well okay. Antics tomato tomato is what it is. Eight brady mental gymnastics all day. It's not fair to the run up all the other women that are end relationships not saying that every relationship is perfect relationships to st- ups and downs. I get it. But i'm for sure that these women are still living with their husbands. The woman that actually one. It's not what her husband they're separate. I've been separated fifty seven ties. I wasn't there and some of them are separate. The women already had new peterson thinking we were separated to this woman to go back to this committee give the crown bag did not which. How can you be mrs yeah. You're right bobby. Technically you are married. You still married but lady come on you which today but you know what. Let's get this to the second run up. 'cause i'm separated right now. I'm not with my husband because how was gonna look say the husband go. Y'all wanna divorce right now. Just say husband not hurt again. Say the husband said you know what i'm done. I want a divorce and filed for divorce. Then what even if that process takes a year or two while. She's harry the process while this is the reigning mrs sheila lanka. She should resign her title. Got pichler you should resign your title. Miss being very selfish to all the other women that are there mrs lanka. They not to say that any relationship is perfect but they probably home. What they husbands the husbands will because their husbands would probably in the audience. The separated guy wasn't there for sure he probably wasn't. He's probably with his new relationship. New chick all whatever's going on and that gives the right to still win this komo miss out right. They did know that she was the bay knew she was separated. The pageant everybody over there should get because she did not break the rule. She was still tend to be married. That's why they still go. Hey understand that. Technically she's still married. That's the easy way is the easy fix. But she's separated. She's not with a husband he could be under. He could be they another relationship she now. They got video but they don't have a picture of her like the video. What crown. it's still playing. And then gets that part. Yes she just getting crowd. They congratulate you her. She's walking stage to surround watching later. Okay also do they snatch up eight and they show. It was actually what we can find. You guys defies cindy cindy j. or facebook's and the underscore jail instagram sidney. J the ease at three or snapchat. You guys can find me barbara cologne facebook bar-b.-que designs on an instagram by because thousand instagram snapchat. And don't forget you guys. Purchase your Your t-shirt check repays adults. And his gal and i will be in a fashion show on april twenty to check my page for all the information. Go your going over there. And support barbie cologne. This is funny. This shaw hobby show. Harvey facebook comedian. Sean harvey on facebook. I just want to say this Show today we appreciate you. Guys are probably i appreciate you. Thank you so much Boy this week as went by you here tomorrow. Yeah okay cool so you guys come on out tomorrow. Let's let's let's do a feel good friday. You know we dedicate the show that you guys so we appreciate you. Solicit we get a we outta here guys. We'll see you guys tomorrow s class to miss a day's well thank you say banker. Who thank the star guy told on scottish. Joan took over palm every time. I lied darling without parking legally how me in 'cause they match. Musk put a bit in the debt on this black kid brad. The put up in the absence slowing look at the gas company in the old. Anyone put that on time. Pope show last listened may maybe he's always portrayed black capitalize on a shower mascot traps squatters drought combat. Sometimes you look in the mirror and really analyze the superpowers that you've been given. Musk used to roam the projects that would travel across the globe and flat. This seems anything. Else cousin villain. What bullet holes every going up l. Blessed really ruin the game. This season pain last one.

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