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This is the sporting life on ESPN radio and the ESPN app, here's Jeremy shop, and if you've been paying attention to the NFL this season, you know, that the Cleveland Browns are experiencing success such as they have not experienced in several years. Fact, of course last season they did not win a game. And at about this time last year. I went to England to see the Browns play at Twickenham stadium. The home of English rugby to do a story about Browns fans from all over Europe. Who despite commonsense had remained loyal to the team foremost. Among those fans, we encountered a man named appropriately enough Paul Brown as in the founder of the Browns. And now that the Browns are as I said experiencing some success by their standards, anyway, recent standards. We thought it'd be good time to welcome Paul Brown to the sporting life, Paul. Thank you for joining us. Jeremy how are you? I'm good. It's good to see you again what coming up to a one year anniversary. We really are. Well, what was the exact date? You remember when we got together that game at Twickenham? It was late October wasn't it. And I remember it was a lovely day out into them. It wasn't a great game though. It was not a great game. It was a skit for. So so to recap you are a very dedicated loyal Browns fan, and you have organized some of your fellow Browns fans in the United Kingdom. Why why the Browns Paula than your name oversleep when it comes to pick it attain a choice of tune that was the Bengals will the Browns because Paul Brown founded the Bengals as well. As the Browns, of course. I went with the the Browns mud dogs from higher as well. Okay. Okay. And Brown pull Brown Siwa if I had to the Browns. There's no other teams German. You didn't really have a choice is what you're saying. Not. In when when did this when did this fandom when did I come to life? When did you become a Browns fan through and through is about fifteen years ago? My best friend went to the states, and I offered him to buy me, some NFL t shirts and the options raiders, blah, blah, blah. He came back with a Browns Asia, and that was the first ever those. I those the first step and then probably over the last three years really stepped up my involvement of the NFL. And yeah, absolutely. Love it at the moment. We're speaking with Browns fan Paul Brown from his office in London. That you know of all the teams, you know, the Browns have given their fans over last several years the least really to cheer about what was it like this year. To see them finally win. Again, the the win against the jets. It was it was a one o'clock here in England. And I finished about four o'clock afterwards we meet at night people. Yes. One o'clock at night. It was night game one o'clock in the morning ending at four o'clock in the morning. It was absolutely absolutely buzzing. A bottle of champagne out a went out in the so spray champagne and other than sleep that night. I just kept on go. I went to the next morning, and yeah, it was absolutely amazing. Failing. Are you a little discombobulated is little disorienting to see the Browns occasionally playing well as they have over the course of last seven eight weeks well lost year. Even though we went zero sixteen we did come close games. So like this season we have gone into. In good full times this year we've and it's been a drone him pumping. And it's been great to get the wins. So yeah, you know, Jeremy changes come in. But before the wind correct me if I'm wrong, I have to admit I. I've kind of lost track of the Browns this season. Although I've been essentially like our Brown's correspondent for while with the Browns backers piece in the Joe Thomas stuff that I did free sixty. But there was the tie before the win yet. What would that feel like for you? I mean, we ties up until this season had been quite unusual in American professional football. I think it's a few times this as in. We got a second Cy we will be over time. Yeah. That that was crazy. It was. I thought we're gonna win it. We lose up. We lose it. And then we go time the end, it was the state is it was crazy, but you're use that being in English football fan as well. It's a fair point. Jeremy, I always take the Mickey the American football. You never get drool. And this was my first purple proper draw as a Browns fan. I kind of remember they are unusual. We're speaking with Paul Brown. And are you currently still the president of the Browns backers UK, I'm not the president now Kelly Burgess is the president by tremendous applause, much, possibly can are you the CFO COO CEO. Do we have any kind of title in the Browns backers fall, just just one of the most passionate and? Energize defy. We have in the in the U Jain. Look I had a good time last year when I was in London with you guys. It was a good group of Browns fans seemed people were motivated for the right reasons to cheer for a team that had given them so little achier for in the recent past. Are you guys still hanging out intra Falgu square that pub for the game? So that's still the main viewing spot, actually, that's the public. Give us when NFL comes to London. Okay. So that's that's for the all Browns fans when the NFL comes to London or all just NFL fans go there, you have to pubs dedicated to the team's, okay? Whatever the teams are NFL Mike money out. Anyway, I see. Okay. So that's like an official vets. Now where you are typically on Sundays we go to the hippodrome every Sunday, and we get approached my fifty to one hundred Browns funds and that can be a mixture fifteen twenty. Guys from the states on holiday, and then thirty heartcall UK fons into. That's where you were when the jets wind took place, you know, that it was. So it was a Thursday night game. I won't shift from. Oh, that's right. It was four in the morning. That's right. That's right. So so how the community of Browns fans react to the win. It was. It was crazy. I've LeBron James every celebrity relates wise. I I mean, the English community of Browns fans. Yeah. We were. We were all up drinking at four o'clock in the morning. We're all on Skype having a party. It was it was it was Boston. We will like electric. What are your thoughts? Now about the rookie Baker Mayfield. Yeah. He's looking great. And they pay. Grades coming for very strong. I think. Yeah. Talk to would we could have potentially Super Bowl winning cool back in the next five is hopefully what gives you so much confidence. We've good defense. We've go the potential go young team. We've got cap space changes Hatton end Hugh Jackson, which when I host my show is a pro Hugh Jackson show. It become to the end of his time at the Browns. And that could be another change speaking with Paul Brown thing. Lynch Browns fan who so passionate about the team is featured in story we did last year on e sixty about Browns fans in Europe. Are the Browns the Browns shown up in London this year? I can't remember what what are they doing? Now. I think we've hog knocks Jeremy dot means. We don't have. Well, they have to come to come over. We've got the big game on Sunday, which is the Jags bussey. Right. That's here. That's this week this Sunday. Yes. Are you going chair knuckle secret for y'all went on Sundays watch the titans versus the charges a game the week before I was in Cleveland? And I went the chargers on I then came back to Wembley charges a guy I work out in the I corps. Like, this isn't FLA me. I want to be back with the Browns. Don't want to be what should unusual game. Well, Paul, I'm sure that. The powers that be on Park Avenue at the NFL offices. Appreciate your phantom your commitment to American professional football. Amid the sea of obviously English football fans where you live in where you work big picture question. Paul before we let you go does American football ever become mainstream in the UK about this the bite before I don't think it will. I think the talk of London having a attame white wakes of the season. Don't think it's going to have to Jeremy we're gonna get the funds full Jagua to philistinism especially when blaze so big we can fill it three full five times a year. But I really think we're gonna struggle wakes of dedicate Janke funds going what about just as the way that the premiership in particular among global soccer leagues as we call. It has become a valuable television rights property in the United States American pro football, Kennedy Kennedy chief that level of success in the UK. Yes, I think it can go through cycles. I think in the nineties it was big drop. And then the NFL is now injected while of marketing and results. The London guy record. What's the final record for the Browns this year? I'm gone wave. Six wins. Six wince. Okay. That's realistic. Feels attainable. Jeremy una give you an exclusive a world exclusive. Jeremy, yes, sir. Next season. I'm gonna try and go to many games can. And I'm going to do a TV program. You're going to do a TV program. Based off of your experiences attending all the Browns games on TV program. I'm gonna fly over to the states probably six eight times. Do some home games away games road trips with the fines and go out to Europe? Maybe a straight here. Meet fans Browns fans to the world that sounds like it should be fun. I certainly know number Browns fans who would be interested in participating. If you need a need a voice over guy available for very reasonable rates. Paul Jeremy Arkansas out some bands when he comes to London next. Paul Brown Browns fan. Thank you for joining us, sir. Thanks very much. Jeremy I'm Jeremy shop, and you can listen to new editions of the sporting life every Saturday and Sunday morning on ESPN radio and ESPN app beginning at six AM eastern time.

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