Selling Lollipops for a Skateboard


In your one hundred million dollars company hello hello it's airtel sitting here when I was in high school I was probably about hey there I'm Eric Olsen I'm Kevin days join us on our journey to build essence of business if you have a kid then I would strongly recommend that when they ask you for escape for the wonderful blow pop that I can give them three for a quarter I'd make money they'd be happy and I would profit that is the a lot of money and I wanted it I wanted to make my own but I didn't have the money so what are the things I decided to do was I needed to ride skateboards with the really nice trucks and wheels and at the time this is wow late eighties at that time bring in bags of blow pops into school and I would resell them to friends and friends of friends and just people who wanted to blow pop or three and one of the things that I did actually the thing that I did that got me to the skateboard was I resold blow pops it came and went and I spent a real quick and so what I needed was another source of income that was dedicated for earning money for the skateboard award or whatever it is they're asking you for ask them how are you going to get the money for that thank you for listening would you mind giving us self three blow POPs for quarter and at that price I was making good money and I did this for several months so blow POPs are a type of pop has got a piece of gum in the middle and I would buy a big bag after gift for how much but I would my skateboard and it was it was a real like at the time it was it was no biggie selling pops and making some money and the biggest deal it was just something I did but in retrospect it was one of those early signs of entrepreneurialism and that you know it was just a lesson learned if I want what was the blue pop guy but I made the money and I got the skateboard but in retrospect here's the key the key is that I wanted something and I made it happen I had to figure out how to make that money and even though it was going to be a quarter at a time I had a plan and execute that plan again at the time it it wasn't and I was making good money three for a quarter but I raised a hundred and fifty ish dollars that was required to get the skateboard and once I had one hundred and fifty dollars I went into the skateboard shop which was also a ski shop and I bought something if I set my mind to something I can do it I can go out and I could buy bags of blow POPs resell them convinced people to part with their money make some money and I'd always done paper owls and I'd done Shoveling snow and I cut grass around the neighborhood but that was just money that kind of like fifteen at the time maybe maybe fourteen and it was probably fourteen I really really wanted escape board these are the kind of the wall fifty bucks and the decks I guess they were probably like forty fifty bucks maybe this thing was like one hundred and fifty bucks I don't really remember obviously but I do remember it was it was kind of cool because you know people come up to me

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