Using Acupuncture as a Tool To Restore Health and Hormone Balance with Jeannie Bianchi LAc Season 3 Episode 6


Hello and welcome back to the wealthier together podcast. My Name is Dr Blessing and I m the host this week we're talking to Jeannie Beyond Bianchi. So this episode is for you if you are interested in learning more by acupuncture, you're interested in a more, but how acupuncture can improve your hormone balance, restore your health, increase your fertility and improve digestion and today is actually genie's birthday. Wish her happy birthday and I. Hope You enjoyed this episode Inaki specializes in women's health fertility, digestive health, and auto immune support. She has been practice since since two thousand and four, and she's passionate about the value that Chinese and integrative medicine bring especially for patients suffering with conditions that fall through the cracks. And also for those who know one drug or pill will create total healing. She dedicates herself to take the time and do the the detective work around complicated conditions. In partnership with her patients, she provides a map to help them get back to living. From the beginning of her graduate studies, Jeannie pursued expertise in integrative reproductive-health gynecology including studies with the renowned midwife and acupuncturist raven laying as well as lectures and rotations in the gynecology. Two departments at an integrative acupuncture herbal Conventional Medicine University Hospital in Chengdu China. She also follows emerging knowledge of the interface between Gut Health and whole body wellness when she's not in the clinic, Jeanie enjoys exploring the world through the eyes of her two sons and spending time in nature and gang. So welcome Jeannie, how're you doing today? Undoing briefly. So can you tell us a little bit more about your story? Why Acupuncture? Sure. Yeah. I know it's interesting I. I'm from the Midwest lesson group in a suburb of Chicago so it really wasn't. But. It was really after graduating from college and I was I wasn't a variety of settings and abroad and also. You're in the states and I was really sort of on quest to real into like. What is a career vocation line of work that I can be really filled by and related by and be of service? So kind of with those. IDEAS IN? mind. I was I was. Working in a lot of different settings like I said, but also just doing a lot of exploring. It kind of drilling down like. What what am I good at, and then how can I kinda create that into a? Professional. Service. and. So I was like, well I'm very ACTI- like I get information from a handsome sort of you know who I am is basically like any an path and the type of person. That idea and I also really love with the body medicine and the science of studying the bottle system. So, I was interested in medicine but I kind of understood that like or Western medicine. I wouldn't be so I, wouldn resonate with. Pharmaceuticals as my tool. For. For working with the body. So I was like, well, you know that's that's such an interesting system of medicine but are there other systems? That where we can look at the body treat body a whole. But me our tools are different. And so with that in mind I was looking to explore healing systems and cross Chinese medicine. Literally like in a Bookstore Chicago and I found his book on Chinese Medicine called the web that has no weaver and. Learning from there. And I I liked that Chinese medicine has really really long literate district. So, literally, the first book on that was. That is part of the Chinese Medical Hannon was. Shot Hung on was written in two thousand between two, thousand six. BC Two to twenty, six eighty. So that's that's significant. Right like that that. Has Longevity. And then I liked the fact that it's just medicine where we can use physical minute relations like acupuncture and we can also use herbs and dietary therapy on so. That that seemed like a really good Nixon fit for me. So I actually started looking at acupuncture colleges and Lo and behold. The school that actually graduated from head, just within that sort of money that I found this book and I was exploring. In. Just opened a small branch in Chicago where he was living at the time. which they didn't even have their own campus. It was like one room in a community college where this team tro course of being off. So I thought that was. Symbiotic and or synchronous sick and so I took that course then. I. Just you know kind of unfolded from there. I really like the way that you told your story about how you had. No no idea about Chinese medicine acupuncture and the you went into a bookstore and then you've found something that resonated with you. That approach is definitely I think. The whole body approach is a better approach just focusing on one system because as you know when you see clients that it's a combination of things that are affecting. Their health. So when they come to you, they've usually been treated by someone that's focusing on just one thing but you do your detect detective and you discover that there are other. Other things or other parts of their life that EM- play. Absolutely, sure. You do your work you know and Carpet. Western medicine is legally green specificity the things that that the. Different disciplines have been able to you nail down at a biochemical level Wasserman things are happening, but then sometimes miss the forest for the trees. That is true. So. Can you tell us what is acupuncture? Yeah, know. Absolutely so it is one. Tool within the system of Chinese medicine. And Acupuncture is the techniques that we use promoting health. It is the insertion of very fine thin needles into strategic areas of the body. and. It is always done in a series. In, order to. Silicate or achieve a healthful. So. That's the very not shop. And I talk about sort of like the why? Right. So I can talk about the the why from a Western physiology point also Chinese. Medicine. Okay So. A Western physiology viewpoint on. Most basic arching action occurs when we Do. Treatments with needles in these strategic areas of the body is that. It facilitates a deep relaxation response in the news. So. Another way to say that is is it reduces sympathetic activity overall most general. And then this is like a really important concept of how acupuncture can work with a lot of different body system. So if you if your listeners familiarity with acupuncture, you know it's People can use it for a lot of different things. Probably. The most well known thing is pain Musculoskeletal Cain right. All different types of skill snow who condition can really benefit from acupuncture. And what we also use it and The effectiveness in. Conditions that have to do the reproductive system that have to do digestive system that have to do with promoting we're maintaining good new help will there's a lot of. Systems that it touches. And really the the relationship with the nervous systems kind. Of the portal in the why it can touch. So. Can you tell us the link between the sympathetic part of the nervous system and why act entrees so effective so touch on the synthetic nervous system, the person but the. Para sympathetic nervous system. Why acupuncture is so good doing what it's absolutely yeah. So. That is the crux of the matter. So you know we have these two sides of earners. Are Sympathetic in our parent. The nickname for sympathetic is a is a or the nickname Paris is called rests in digests. That is our rest are repair site. The nickname for sympathetic is called fighter light that has to do with our get up and go our systems of alert having us be ready for action in the world and also repair danger. So are sympathetic. They're both valuable they're both important they're both unique. Functions in our body. But what happens some kind of chronic? Illness is and or these types of balances that can show up in digestion or show up in the not decision that we get an over activation of our sympathetic. And so why that is a problem? Is because our body is constantly interpreting iced native stress or a state of kind of. Meeting on life threatening threat, but a low level threat the body is on alert and so we. The sympathetic has much tone and the person pathetic is a bit suppressed. and. So then what happens in that scenario is? Okay. As I'm you know? Working World and in Macbeth of a stressful job, will now I notice sometimes that You know every time I'm going to go into a meeting that where where I might have to talk or presented results were there's a big deadline and I noticed give Nellie Ping or I noticed that my cycles have not been so regular. Right. So it's not like this emergency room got gotta get care right now it's sort of like a slow change to where you. Systems that are dependent on both. The tone and sympathetic dome. To go down when it's supposed to go down. and. Get some symptomology. Right or maybe there's a symptom that he'll sleep as well in a little bit restless like I. Like a rock and now I, find like a with three everyday all of these sort of printer low level irritating. Hyper symptoms that you wrote our health over haram or contribute to chronic. A lot of them have sung an sympathize person. Balanced has some. Play almost. And it's good that you mentioned those because a lot of people will just like it because it starts. So slowly or gradually people look at until the symptoms they've had a sentence for a while and then it starts affecting another. Another area of the body that forces them to have to go. You. Is that slow drip, right YEP? So awesome pros and cons of acupuncture treatment. So someone is listening they're like, Hey, my friend me by acupuncture, but I don't know. So what are some pros and? Cons right. Well. And I'll just say Q. You know. As far as the curfew. Sympathetic. You'll when we get the the tree acupuncture and the nervous system. Yes. To experience at scene arrests. Other body, him reregulate, or come into homing ceases. Let's a very sort of regularly hype of therapy. So that that's just that. We also know that the answer should of needles grease blood flow to the specific weary that link and movies. Thanks to. You on the trucial Chinese Medicine Framework to I'll just it's Huchon that we insert needles facility if the for energy in the body. Right so the is visualized as a network of within with this network of vessels or channels running. Within us. When we would initiate the energy at these two points. The channels are non-physical the conduit for like kind of our lifeforce. That's that's the idea from the treasonous. On. So anyway, pros and cons. I mean again. Rose I would say you know. Because he's sitting deeply relaxing regulating therapy, it can be beneficial for a lot of different types of conditions. So it kind of lay the foundation for healing. If. That makes sense. Yeah by giving us more that repair time that repair time that we're supposed to have when we need deeply for eight or nine hours a night on but you know sometimes again if that's been rode away. With these balances the time it'd be Kinda need a reset. I as far as con I don't think the con- per se but. Just sort of the idea that you know one won't anyone therapy is not right for every single person. Yeah No. Sometimes, of course, the noodles are like the hurdle. Offer. Yeah just like that's. All. About. and. So every so often you know someone who just? Simply to scare relax with the neal's actually like thinking treatment. And so then it makes sense for them to find another healing modality that kind of access those same. Principles, but it doesn't have to between needles. That's that's something that we can't get over personal and that's fine. So. You know in that case, we can still use herbal therapy or supplements and lifestyle adjustments in fishing. And all of those things so you can you create that change while so many many Rosen's wall. That's good. So In line with the needles and the fear People's fear of needles is acupuncture treatment painful. Absolutely. Not Question Number, one question hallways and eating general. The answer is no. Treat. US designed. By definition wants shift the into a healing state. And what I always help might patients when when the most people are newcomers, I've had many many people who are newcomers acupuncture some always walking people through this and what it is is. Differentiate mean than -sation. and pain. So, there is an important therapeutic. Of Acupuncture. Like, we don't want it to just do nothing right? We wanted to do something. so Not Bad Yeltsin's nation in the body. But of course, we don't want to. Like we'll be much. And so What the what the differentiation is is. We. Win When you get it up point inserted. A. Really Super. Temporary. Quick, little pinch. While sometimes a lot that's like kind of worst-case near most times you really don't feel. Much in the way of paying atoll. And asked the point takes it's therapeutic back messaging with the nervous system in the muscles. The points are never nurse always inserted a muscle tissue. On and that's why you go to acupuncture school to learn the precise locations. words are comfortable the needle, etc.. Anyway. Went when the point is inserted and you're getting that. Shift of system there are a number of positive therapeutic sensation second arrives. So one of those would be like a warm seeing link or circulatory sensation at that point. Or even not at that point in an area, it's still or weight from the point that was just inserted. Then, as the treatment Tiki back, you can feel sort of this overall shift into like a and then also you can feel sort of angling at points. That's comfortable. Fan even the most important their peak sensation you can feel sort of a dull eight at an extra point. And it's very hard to actually. Sensation to for people to understand that they've never had acupuncture and when I say Delake, I know how we make sweeping but not I. Think. With like a sore Dole leaky muscle. Very. Specific acupuncture. And it's this light dull achey sort of descending feeling that sorta than Nelson's in this warm Okay. That makes sense. I think that's good for people who don't know what to expect because you know April, like won't people putting needles and to me I have no idea. So especially, the fact that you walk your clients and patients through the process I think that half the time it's just Explain it and breaking it down. So they know what is going on and not just you know I 'cause I had a colleague who is also getting his acupuncture degree while again are chiropractic degree and he didn't tell me and so I was not happy with him but he was practicing I said no not again. But so if that is my experience acupuncture. I know it's not bad but it was reminding to seeing bit of people are not aware and so I think it's good that you broke it down like that. So they know, hey, this is what you expect and this is a process that you walked through. Oh absolutely, and here's the other thing like never like, okay you come and get on the table. So it's it's a system where were first of all doing a very thorough inventory, hell intake around what's bringing you around the nation and so we're trying to understand you know all the symptomology and the potential imbalances that are expressing. That's the most important thing you know. And then from there, I can understand. I have my context as to okay. Well, what are we trying to do in the body whether we firms check what you know what's the picture? So that's number one and then yeah I always have people I say like I will walk you through this. We will not just be like Willy Nilly. Doing things you're gonNA understand everything and have have that time to ask questions and be comfortable. Yes. So I'm sorry someone just Kinda. He was still a student. So he hadn't graduated so. There but I, was like Yeah. Here's an art. Making people feel comfortable. Trust you that it's not going to be this like and what else I will say I want to give your listeners the context about the type of needle. Cuts most of us have only ever experienced needles in the form of shots, right? Yeah. Draws Charter. Blood draws. Those needles. Are. Giant, compared to what I used. K They are. They're just physically win larger in diameter. They are also have a ankle. Because they are designed to cut through the this isn't like neo detail for your listeners but I do want them to understand like why it's different. You know because they're designed to either kick something out of her body in case of the blood draw or put something the body case. Right. And so that that shape is reported in the sizes super important. Now. ARE ACUPUNCTURE NEAL'S Our. Fuel in in comparison with the needles that are used trust or injection the. Way more tiny. They're also they're not hollow there's nothing inside them and they are like. There's no angles to them if it's it's almost like a rounded. Like a bullet shape with that point on the end. Actually does not damage in all. So those are like some really important difference. and. That's definitely very important. Yeah. They're not large they're really small. Lab New those. Needles they use map draws a just. Yeah. Let's go in there and do it but. It's like A. Great Dane. Wala. You sent you also work with women's health infertility in use acupuncture is one of the many tools eased help women in this area. What role does acupuncture play in women's health infertility Okay well I'm glad you asked and I think it is really beneficial tool like an ally for women. And number one when when him in I always try to use the opportunity to educate about our reproductive system without our cycles because. That's something I've learned from Chinese medicine is to. What a primary value on that and on really use it as a tool to understand our bodies into honor it because what we do you know in In as we are taught about a period in growing up, it's like it's always this like Bourbon right it's always this like. Thing you want to get away from or not have at all or its warts uncomfortable and painful. It's. Always, a lot of negativity associated with it as opposed to like this part of our bodies to honor and Yawns as a tool to understand how oral health. Medicine. Always has placed grading on women's cycle of overall health, and so when I'm walking someone through our Michelle and taking one percent of around the cycle, and then we talking about that So learning to appreciate systems and you know if there's pain discomfort and problems like you can try to listen to those symptoms for valuable diets as opposed to just like A. Like suppress. So that's kind of my framework that try to give to women. And then what what else as part of the whole like? Ideas. We're. Trying to distinguish. What's normal? And what's common? Last one point to the intake you know at what do we have a intake about each phase appearance period fans, and then there's host period when oscillating when we're when our eggs. Ying ripened and our enemy treaments inning, right? This is just basic psycho physiology than bid cycle ovulate them to host relation, which is also a lou two things. Mother's essentially four phases and when we're doing that that inventory. So you know we I asked without house, the bleeding phase ramps, low, etc and then we talk about. Like symptoms throughout each of those phases and I always hear like, yes, I have cramps with their normal. Yes I. Have Pianist, but it's just the normal stuff. Yes I have a heavy flow, but it's just you know that normal. and. So when I'm always look to shift that perspective into, okay, it might be common, but it's actually something that we wanna tend to. It might not be more were you have You know pounding headaches before each cycle or for you to have. You know. Cramps make you vomit every cycle or even doesn't have to be extreme but pink amping every cycle you WanNa look at how are we gonNA facilitate the bodies and have a better flow with all ULLIVAN's systems. So the standard actually that we're shooting for the good news is. Using accuracy of the tool work considering the most of these symptoms are not. Super Normal although their common and standard that we want is a smooth period relatively untroubled by cramps, mood swings, headaches, or acne. And so. When we start as we kinda get a again the future of the whole body, then we can start using. Tunes regulating things. There's a lot of pain. Will. Using. Various points both around probably I've in a rest in the body to facilitate the blood flow relaxed on mental tension, and then it all comes together and actually this goes back to that sympathetic charisma Senate. Because when when we are in a little when we were in a little over stimulates sympathetic base or. Nine of our nervous system chronically what one physiologic. Action of the sympathetic is is to. Divert our blood CLO- relatively. Like all of it, but in some portion to our limbs. And away from our trump. So, Navy when we're getting prams every month hard of it might be that stress because we're actually not getting good blood perfusion. To the uterus, which is located in our trunk and our our center. Maybe we're getting a lot more perfusion in the Lens and that has some effect on the way the cramping is. The reason. That I say that as far as the lead joins. When we're in sympathetic what are our evolutionary rains are doing? It's getting US ready to run. Right because that's sort of our, that's that's our evolution response in the sympathetic is to protect us from danger, and so you know in our each and ancestors that meant new ability to run. Bass. In for Predator, was on the the horizon or or needed to physically protect their bodies though our world has changed so much most don't face types of Retz in our environment with the body still perceives it that way. So it's who eats meat illogic changes in where blood is flowing among other things and you know. So that's one mechanism where that sympathetic overload and create a problem or symptom. That we experience every month. Thanks for breaking down into comment and what's normal. Good because a lot of people like well, you know this is normal for me, but that's not the case. So I think it's getting you break that down for your clients. And in regards to the cardiovascular system I tell people all of the systems are interrelated. The blood vessels are controlled by the nerve impulses impulses that we get from our earth our. Autonomic nervous system, which houses the Para sympathetic. Nervous system and say like you're saying your goal when someone comes to see you regardless of whatever they're talking about because usually they're sympathetic overload your goal is to switch them over to Paris and pathetic so that they get that blood flow and the bodies actually able to reset and a lot of people don't know these multiple links because again the body is a system and so they have a symptom that like, oh, now, that can't help it. So I think it's good that you're bringing. Because his extremely important. I know I'm sure you've come across a lot let similar themes in in your work. Do you know and actually this? This isn't important too because I want I want to understand and you're listening stand if they do you ever think they WANNA use acupuncture change medicine. The twelfth is actually like I refer to it sometimes like a training program for the nervousness. Work teaching the body how to like you deeply relaxed field again. All these systems not regulate and actually that that blows to dosing. I've acupuncture because it's never usually like a one off situation especially when we're we're dealing with like chronic progressive Jewish in that unit that a patient may have had four. Year, five years, ten years you know and it just became. Normal. Rights their baseline with how they experience life. So when when you're using acupuncture, if we want it to be affected, has to be repeated with intrigued. Well that makes sense you wants to retrain your nervous system because you can do that and a lot of people a lot of women I work with are high achieving. So treat our own stress that's a whole nother issue and so you have to. Work on the mindset stuff number one because that's the biggest thing and once you take care. In conjunction with treatment, but for most people, it's just their minds are just constantly busy. It's always the next thing. They don't pay attention to those cues. So getting them to understand those cues which I think acupuncture Dez it makes you more aware of what you're feeling in your body. So you can either take the Brad's whatever it is and adjust and so again like. Especially pretty religious. You know high achievers always on the go you have to retrain it like you can't go in one time because you already reverted by the time you leave the office. Okay. You're relax for a little bit. You get into traffic and it just automatically switches back to the sympathetic. So just kind of understanding that and now we have so many little chronic stressors. Not Aware of. Until you know either. Someone cuts you off in traffic or you know your child gets in trouble whatever it is that you don't realize it until something triggers a larger event so. THAT'S A to. Really be aware that It's only. Know Time after dividing that time I mean Michael Nixon San Francisco. No I'm seeing like. People who are in these like a tense tax startups and their their workloads are just incredible and deadlines and the pressure to keep though are definitely see that Schmor-. So. How does Your help regulate. Warm. In women. Is so you know one thing that What this is you know when we're in that that access to the therapy, right where our mind spill busy it's hard to relax. Maybe we're not getting that deep sleep at night. Maybe you know we tend to have a little digestive. Comfort. Stools are offer something all those things. That shows me are sympathetic a little over driven. You know that also corresponds with CORTISONE now, right so One stress hormone in body. Shape and so one sort of mechanism. With. The hormones is that when the nervous system calms down, then we don't all you'll. have either as elevated or as the patterns of Cortisol are not as disrupted. Who are daily. Patterns of wake and sleep then. We don't have then that's not running interference. On the way that our hormones are functioning. So. When we kind of take that layer off. Allows facilitation of our hormone afloat a much more physiologic in Hokey way. You know. So that's one. Way To help Reagan, male hormones it really it goes back to that stress. One. Like hormonal conditioned release show this in spades it's really interesting is A condition called PTO S and I know that you've had someone on your show talking about this that at some point on. With the when women don't ovulate. Reagan. Patterns Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. Where your listeners might not hot that episode. And it's sort of this complex warzone and imbalance where relation. Press. For metabolic reasons and also. That disrobes or hormones. and. So what what's cool about? Using this to understand like how acupuncture can work with the warm owns is that there's been a lot of. Who'll studies on this? Actually, there's a really great on researcher. Her name is Elizabeth's energetic horn. He's a researcher in Sweden, and her focus has been how to elucidate the mechanisms of of acupuncture working at the hormonal system and into the net. So you see s leads on. Experienced this lack of relation. So they just basically don't get their periods right? There's like, oh, it's really a regular as really long. And the way that the acupuncture helps with that as. Room well. It's helps. Reduce Andrew androgen though the male hormone suspend that we all need in little doses but that can there too high. Can help can block our regular monthly cycle which need months in the right timing. You create an oscillation and create a cycle. So we know that acupuncture and hope. Injure Jen's when they are elevated. We also actually do her work have found out that the acupuncture can't on metabolic profiles. So I can rule the way the muscles, uptake loopholes. So that's another mechanism that's probably has to do with our stress when more stress meeting were not utilizing our our. The way we own so that can get into blood sugar. Regularly irregularities right extreme across that in. Yeah, I do yeah and so. It's it's kind of, and then also we know that women PCs tend to be sympathetic dominance. Slums. No. You know it's it's all the same needles it's but when it's put into that type of body in that environment in the rank dosage, which she always treats twice a week or a defined creative time anywhere from five to eight weeks then increase those shifts with how. To the findings are that they have more. Regular Menstrual periods. In their engines tend to come down. So that's kind of like a really specific example of how it can affect acupuncture can affect. Women's so basically what you said before you just reset teaching the body how to reset how to navigate remove away from the bean on in in fighter flight constantly. Learning to actually rest so that the body can do what it needs to do because body heals itself. Frankly, if you take away the stressors imbalances and all these things, it can heal itself. Just, sometimes, we're just too stressed. Yeah. So there it's like the inaugural. Running into. You know I think it goes. Puppet teak yards on Ukrinform to do nutrition and do always. One of those things where you have to do. Multiple on. Four their life really because it's not you know sometimes women come in, they're not having their cycle and they want to get pregnant. So it sort of let's do this now thing. You, know particularly with the PCs US ovulation, he's also again like we're saying it's so interlinked with many other systems including. Metabolic. System. Diabetes so we really want to on. Life Tool. To not only have that reset happen for okay. I wanted to get pregnant or my periods not regular. Have that a life tool. Yeah. Yeah, and the nutrition can. Afford because fuel of a footing in, but it's also won't be. A main to manage that throughout let right yet that's especially the blood sugar Since that they have. Yeah. Okay. So you also specialize in digestive health autoimmune conditions. So what is the link between digestive health and autoimmune conditions for those people who are like what does that even those things aren't even linked? Does that link right. Countered that I. Yeah. I WanNa see one piece about the fertility situation. If I could go ahead. So. There's also I do want to mention fertility within women's health because at one I tend to see my practice a lot is couples that are facing infertility. Like only the woman gets treatment. This is actually ninety nine percent of this the couples that I see. Could vary from clinic clinic, but it's pretty much like that. The imbalance of email patients were getting treatment for fertility imbalances very much. And it's a disservice because. Up. To thirty percent of infertility is male infertility. So we we really want it to not all fall on the shoulders of women. and has to be assessed case by case you know like what are the contributing factors but I see that in my practice so much back they have someone right now who who's. Is Fine and she's coming for support preconception, which is great but it's really a partner who has. DEFINED METAL Infertility and I had that happen a number of times where it's really the male partner who has issued but he's in my office and so. That can help her with just the stress of the overall situation. It's just kind of. Cultural Melia where I wanna be a voice to that because. I want. The mouth partners also. Come out of the closet a little bit nutty. So reticent in treating nine areas. into. Song. That's shoot thing is I. Usually I work with women because women are more in tune with their bodies. Some men but I mean it's few few in very very far between right and if they have their wives train them. So Yeah, but it is good for men to go in and get. These treatments are just for everyone but since. I. Work People, I, work with our women's that's why save women bit these are i. mean men can go and get acupuncture I've had a couple of friends they go because they have a lot of stress and they go get acupuncture and they're fine. Men You can go and get treatment to you for whatever. Like it's not just take care of it if you're not feeling well. Be Real. Avoiding it makes it worse. Writing. It. Makes it worse. For Euro Take Care of himself. You know well, if you're going to have children I mean, yeah you WanNa WanNa make sure you live long enough to take care of them. You don't want to just have then trump and then the your wife or girlfriend or whatever has not appropriate take care of herself as basically what the? Right not there is a preconception we know where there's a lot of valuable like help afraid that you can do for three months prior to conceiving on. Women because our eggs actually come online to ovarian blood supply in the last three months of development. Now a very powerful time make nutrition changes and to you know make. In your stress and to help your body's blood flow to every. Saint actually men's for Mana Genesis is is about three months process from you know creation to attack relation don't it's like they can I can be in theory like a very instinct time for a couple, right? The both. Looking to promote the health of their gammy it's as much as possible. Equal baby comes in because we always talk about. Being healthy and pregnancy being healthy imprinted princeton to force. We want you actually there is this opportunity be were conception of place. Though. That's important. To. Roll. That out there. Okay. Oh back. You'd asked me. You said You, repeat. For me. What is the link between digestive and digestive health and autoimmune conditions? Okay, right no. Like. Evolutionary. And layer bodies are now our digestive system basically our first line of defense. So. It's not only our way of taking nutrients and dating we need to run our lives, but it's our. System. And we have. Especially, once the flu passes from our stomach into our smallest testing, our intestines. With noon dancing tissue. Over small and large intestine your also lined with cells that are willing to allow. The right were permissible. Proteins and molecules the body has identified as safe inappropriate. into the bloodstream. Right. And actually let me backup even just the level of stomach as far as our first line of defense. Or hydrochloric acid that is in our stomach. Is a some highly acidic environment and that's by design. Because before there was ever cooking to kill microbes include. We had to be able to withstand. Any array of bacteria, fungi, viruses easterner in. In the. Primitive environments. You know and have the best defense in could. Right. So this is a lot of its much on like ablution like how do we evolved and so the HDL hydrochloric acid in our stomach. He's a really good mechanism for killing unwanted pathogens. Right. Then, we get into our intestines and they're lying with all these. Nervous system nervous cells like dendritic cells that are sensing cells. Let the system know okay. What sort of proteins Arby's and. Then the noon processes than happened interface between the inside wall of the intestine and when that protein that Montell is allowed into systemic circulation. Does that make sense That makes sense. So insured our guts our line with. Again when we are. We can come back to that that Stress. Because went refer our immune systems are over activated. As in an immune autoimmune condition, right? Then, then what's happened is our bodies in brantly. Tagging. Its own cells war sometimes food molecules because out food negatively play a role in driving this but certainly. Some tissue, our body that has been tagged. As an invader, right? Or Orrin? That makes sense and so then cottam immune means our bodies directing our immunity against our own you. And that's a big problem. So would we WANNA do is. Support the system as best as possible. Come down out of that, which which is also compete by lot of inflammatory changes. Inflammatory and probably a lot of excess sympathetic home. So we wanted support the body come into again a better balance. Always, we're talking about that with Chinese medicine. Where the whole tone of the system income down, and then we'll also usually treating with with. Nutrition and whatever else is going on that patient. Usually it's a multimodal air planners care but. Acupuncture piece of their helps you hone down the inflammatory response. and. Hopefully. Healthy Immune system not NOCCO so crazy. Does that make sense? that. Make Sense. The other being mechanism as far as the digestion itself is that a young because the acupuncture promote para synthetic tone. When we say back to the beginning, we had when I had mentioned here sympathetic nickname rest and digest. We improve move aristocracies, normal movement of the digestive tract. By helping our synthetic comebacker? Called Rest and digest reason. True Let's digest in the Pierce is. Like mid. Way that both through all of our justice track and helps move the food along and helps us just well. So when people have things like ninety US or You know the more. Intense. Nestle conditions like inflammatory bowel disease. Ears. You know some aspect of the person. Is Rough. So again by bringing down the sympathetic tone hopping appear sympathetic even that little boost like helping like the you know the bully and need to be on the. Side? That bullying of this down a little bit and then the nicest autoclave That's true. Yeah. Basically the IT's too easy to activate the sympathetic, but it takes a little bit more work to activate the Paris and pathetic, which is the restorative system in our culture. Thumb. That's the young. So, can you how listeners find out more about? Eugenie you can go you. My website, which is kind of long but it's spelled out San Francisco Acupuncture Bruce Dot Com acupunctures fell we see new. It's not. A lot of folks. SEASON THERE ACU. He you man. See He. Are Had it in the show notes. And now for. The Bay area but around who ever is listening wherever they may want sue Neck with accenture since if that would be a pull in whatever. Problems they're facing and there's some national organizations that they can go onto to you find licensed practitioners in their area. I always say to it's good to ask your friends like someone who has helped someone in your network would be a valid recognition but also there's a national organization which is called the NCCAM and you can go on their website and type in use a quote or state and find a licensed practitioner near you. Okay Resource for folks who are. Interesting. Sounds good. Thanks again, Genie Partaking Ivy date to do this interview I really wanted people to get that connection between the Para, sympathetic sympathic and really how acupuncture really helps at balance to our stressed out lives and also addressing the different health issues that are linked to over-stimulation of sympathetic system. For having me. Here and I hope that awful. Blow more look having health imbalances looking to find submission. Thanks again, thank you for listening to this episode of the wealthier together podcast. If, you enjoyed this episode please share it with a friend or go to I tunes subscribe and leave us a review.

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