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Hey guys it's Hayes just having a cozy time at home today actually making pillow today hey turn your great idea into a reality with squarespace squarespace makes it easier than ever to launch your passion project whether you're showcasing your work or selling products of any kind with beautiful templates and the ability to customize just about anything you can easily make a beautiful website yourself and if you do get stuck squarespace. It's twenty four seven award-winning customer support. Is there there to help want to explain something. Sean of course has been spending a lot of time developing not a competing site but also a site along with squarespace called Sean space that has had a number of different purposes over the years. I don't really remember what any of them were necessarily but I most recently so. He realized that he had this space that was mostly not a like doc was developed. It was a white a white page and he said hey this is like a canvas for like painting. It's it's white in that same way and so what if this were a space Sean space for the entire Internet to to come and do designs and express themselves and like right ideas and it could be a space where like everyone on interactive kind of come together and create this incredible like a mural of ideas and drawings drawings and it could be this way a real understand each other a little better and it could be a way a to get a piece and so he advertising now he like goes out there and he tells people that hey you go to sean space and you can do a drying thing and you can write an idea and it's going to be like such a nice thing and he goes home to see what people ro on Sean Spicer drew and only thing that was on there is somebody wrote the Doodoo man and and Sean so that is the kind of the last I heard from him. He was on his way to buy a pair of handcuffs. I don't know what he's got. I don't know how he's going to find the Doodoo man. What like what the next step is but but that I mean really it's just an update on why I am doing the ads myself today which is fine as you do? Get Stuck Square speeches twenty four seven award winning customers sport is there third help head to squarespace dot com slash the boys for a free trial and when you're ready to launch us the offer code the boys to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or org domain just zipping around zooming zipping zipping with Louis Black and he is freaking out you we yeah he is getting read and pissed. You know the back story there the back story to him getting pissed Yeah Yeah No. He is the story yes. That's the back story he has. He is one of these guys who came out of his mommy's just mad so the back story is he was born mad years see Mad Max. CV Seen It. Have you seen Mad Max. What's the question? Have you ever Seen Mad Max. Yeah well okay then. I can't make make my point where all of you know. I'll say it anyway if you watch that movie we he's really not that mad comparatively okay. That's helpful that is helpful is not a backstory. What do you want for me? When you say when I talk about how Lewis has mad and pissed and you say have you heard the back story well then you say he is mad basically the same thing I just said and then you're giving me examples of who he's mad compared to to this is none of that is a backstory and you're leaving out your part of this? which is I have you heard the Baxter and you get the back story to ashamed being matt? You're like all fucking but I was raised to. It was right was no you know you were you were that I was right. No Hollywood handbook Julie Guide to dropping names in the back door sitting you sit for this one and we will have you in the next episode. We're going to be in the next episode this episodes about Louis Black and the black story the Downing Damn it. You've got me so riled up. Oh the backstory to how angry he is because I was gonna say born mad yes and then you got him zipping around a hundred right yes and that's reminding him of how he was the original elite Cigarette Squirrel Nut Zippers Yes oh and he was kicked out for what for being too mad timing gadgets dot back story because he's already yes story here in the afterlife so we had zipper so fast hair. This is not your yes and I'm very excited to have you for an episode in the future probably happening right afterwards towards yeah I can tell it fucking contagious over there expected by everything is on the let's do the Julia now you do. The Julia Persona and I'll just watch Julie Welcome back to the show Hollywood Hollywood homeless. It's truly episode Julie Cleaning Yes yes Queenie's. He Needs Shay's Ryan Hor he's can keep up and sometimes outpace them who says shut up. I'm saying I'm saying all everyone in the pocket probably Julie what brings you to you this town like the time we're new shows debut around and look at the billboards. There's I'm a really interesting one about Bradley Whitford Cooper earlier I didn't I did yes really you're asking me about different shows listed three of them yet and the third one you said is it the one with Bradley Cooper where he's got a scarf and it says like vein need him more than he's them. I wish because that would be very interesting to me Bradley Cooper I worked for that show. Well both incorrect me until we were on the air. Why didn't know what guy wasn't talk shows? How many billboards are there in Los Angeles of Bradley Cooper wearing a scarf in front of Thuc inquire well? There's none but you even say choir. You said he has scarf on and the poster says they need him right. You then sort of trailed off and I thought well I know that's show remain asshole idiot. Hey if if I if that Bradley Cooper if me quoting you is slander. You should choose your words carefully. Did I say Bradley Food. I wasn't here for any brand no remember I thought you were talking about some Bradley Cooper show my this is so embarrassing Bradley Whitford and it says they need him yeah but they spell it H. Y. M. Need need him right because he's they need him any him they need him right and then there's a choir and they look like they're either having fun or frustrated and then he's the opposite visit. He's stuffy. I think in the show I don't know why he wears that scarf all the time well other billboards yeah. How did you come to see is it? You see the one where the ladies like she just got a new family and she told her family a fucking shit squirrels Stanley and spin. What is that one like a lot of fun? I saw the one for the Unicorn soon. The Unicorn is like this guy is missing single only one the only one who's missing well. Maybe he's not missing. Maybe it's like for a good time. The Unicorn is like you single UNITA corn. He why well it is like that well I remember the horn looks a bit like corn on the COB. Does yes and it's pretty unique that place on a head. That's it's fairly unique for you. Sort of for corn to be there. It's about is that is unique. He must admit that's unique. Shaw chewing. I please have a Corncob in the center of your forehead a horse and then there's one called Bob Bob yes and now she's still very gun shy. I'll be show about the about the be names she's scared yeah. I'm not even going to say what you originally called Abessola. What did I say I'm on two new medications? Hey one is for my skin. They seem like their work in the brain so imagine what we hear against Your Skin Looks Great Bob Hart Taibbi Showa does he I did watch the trailer. He does definitely does. Thanks Mike and Molly starts should beans nurse. How does he different than Mike? He has mustache and he is Mike and my somehow twenty years older. Even though Mike only went off the air like a few years ago go and I'd be show like he will not leave her alone to stop talking to her and he goes to her work and tries to give give her presents nine. The first episode is definitely heading in that direction okay and is is funny. Yes very funny. Johny show okay well. It's time to talk stumped town at long last the brand of justice that stumped town is going in doing on these people. What stem town is that the coffee Um? What was that sound? I interpreted as frustration. What did I due to you? What did I do either of you? You said that we're doing the billboard stuff. You said you had had eight minutes of billboard stuff. I never said such a thing. You told us we had eight minutes. You said just sit back and watch the truth. No Ah No. I can't be good. Conscience agree that that's the case did not happen. What do you call it a brad you have against me? What did I ever occur due to either of you? That wasn't either kind kind or constructive. It's got to be one of the other say it has to be. I'm I'm saying what have I ever done to like well. Maybe not annoy. It's going to hurt you. I have never been cruel to you have never ever been rude to you. That's true. That's all I'm saying what am I saying you hurt John. Though is kindness bill oh him that's not my problem. that's my problem yeah. You're if you're kind to me his frigging staying it feels like needles sharp needles and knives how that kill inside so interesting it is you don't think interstate razor. Yes how is it. It's it's like ahead of its time as far as all the cool like incest incest because I know that like incest is really popular in porno starting yeah that's really interesting. Stepmothers are are doing it for themselves and for their dreams Yes thank you were talking about the stepfathers the use of be Improv team Utah that yes but then I remembered that my skin looks great and this this this really big dose of antibiotics. Um Antibiotics now. No No. I think you gotta wonder what was your mass brain. What was I four? The antibiotics is been cleaned. I will just remind you only been kind only been kind of both of you. It's aw felt neutral everything my whole life l. It's felt neutral. Remember you came on this show. Show with Tom and you did it impression of me. I did an impression of hate okay but we never got Thompson of me. so you did sign up I I didn't and we never got to do. How was your week? We never got to do how was your week. What's the scoring fifty zero Julie? You did not eighteen. I didn't know you back in the but you live in the same. I guess that's not fair because I did come out here interview K. and stuff in New York I did. I live in New York when I was doing my podcast regularly. When did you move out here? You send a two thousand nine. Look at your shifting like pretty is darn listen to you of like light eyes and fair complexion and it drives me drives me crazy. All I do is see boys who they didn't dislike me in high school. I just didn't exist to them and I feel like I come on this. Show and you are actively cruel talking it yes yes it is yes it is and the the problem is or maybe it's not a problem cruel. I think it's funny I. I think you're both very funny. What's how razor sound like yeah what's well? It Raises Pinhead Yes pene has it sounds seven pro upheld razor his name's pinhead. There's a lot an SM. Oh I found this. I'M GONNA send this link. Not I found this really fun. It's a woman on Ukulele singing about DSM okay. It seems like an inappropriate instrument for that kind of content. It's caused me lots of pain. This is what he sounds like. You have to tell me time. It's Garfunkel trigger this. We're going to hear what he sounds like coming out. You have to tell me I will. This is a portion of it says best part of Hell raiser. Okay it's scary. I'm scared what was what does he sound enough. PINHEAD is going to be missile. Oh here comes home. y'All needed new peens bats what he sounds like. That's the best part that's great. Credit off. Young need any pene. That's the thing it's almost halloween. We're going to talk about horror movies. That was the email yes we are okay. That was the email email what horror movies he's really freaky bean and beyond streak my beam you might click oh my sean. I'm just acted like he saw his mother split believe and throwing up at the same time hit hit hit the idea of me being sexual in any way to both of you but especially Sean look look how he's he's still recovering Emilio. He's still recovering. We all know that he's open about that. He's still recovering from me mentioning my the only part of my body edge just for pleasure and it's true I I accept that every other time we've had so many female email guests come on and just Ishani do oh here. He is just say we just constantly don't react at all also sexualize at explored freaking my lately all Nikolay. I refuse to a gauge inch. I'm really excited about the sequel to escape room. Okay Um. WHO's the bad guy in that room itself? The Room is guy in what presence like it's a you know like the way like haunted house movies like there's a presence to it. Yeah okay I've never been to an escape room. I understand you guys do that a lot of here because I did it once with Tom. All you talk about all I talk about. I guess anyway I've been wanting to go back. Why I'd like to try it again the same one no it was the theme of it? Are there seems yeah. Was this one allison wonderland I wish was it now when I was. I wish it was Julie Rally. Take Your Peres wrong and I've met Bradley Whitford Allison Wonderland Har- scary horror version actually at stuff is kind of insanely Ainley fucked up. They are chopping. They are like there's drugs. Yeah Smoking Drug Caterpillar the chopping the hanging the Queen Right Queenie Queenie. She's chopping off the heads. Ah Good Listener yes Queenie quake Josh Marquet down on my board what you guys were mean to be before that Queenie yes. I'm just let's start. Razan excited about the Razzie. Are there so you'd be able to do it. It'd be the end of March. Sorry Sorry Sean. You're winding up starting again. I really got in the way of you. Uh pulling the Bobak. I really fucked with your quiver another vaginal beg so hostile start from the beginning hi guys what I was trying try to do I was I I was doing the horror movie yeah airy one where it's like Alice Alice and her friend. It's like Mary Elizabeth. winstead instead is like a millennial main hours yes and she goes through like She's falls a bunny from Donnie Darko. Your thank thank you. Yes and I'm already fucking freaking out. Why are you wearing that stupid human suit? I think that's what the Bunny said. I'm not positive maybe it was mask. Maybe it was mask the math human man I think it was probably human suit. Maybe it was suit yeah yeah and she has like all these friends and they're going on vacation and she starts she does a Robo trip. Am like project birthright like she goes. Yes she goes on birthright. Yes thank you yeah. She's road tripping and it's a team tour oh and can like like the Gaza Strip be wonderland why you make that things just going to ask if the Gaza Strip was another bank. The accident is called Pink Taco on Sunday now that I'm cool with it. I'm totally comfortable with genitals. Do you want to hear that song inlets on the show reallowed you need someone else's content but we can a Youtube Song uh-huh. It's on an album. Is it sincere yes okay just play the first like ten seconds measure. Is that okay yeah you yeah exactly okay no but there has to be a critical element to our appreciation talk first things first media this acronym that we break down into three a separate sections bondage indiscipline dominance and submission sadism and masochism and that all three as far as ideals well. That's not quite black and white fucking acronyms to commit to your mind glaring at me. Thanks Israel's swear at me. I'm trying to learn getting a taste of it though come on yeah. I guess I deserve it. I'm filthy little Worm mm-hmm. Everybody needs all these crazy tricks now. Whatever happened humping for a couple minutes ago into sleet? Uh I'm sorry not good enough for you. It's pretty cool humping. Take me what happened where that go people have too much time. That is what it is. It's the people you get a hobby. What do I do at the time I go to the store? Get this frigging smacking stick by the frigging MM swift water. Yes this we'd take sweet. Tinkler pads just about feeling the day about consumerism prism is a big part of it. Do you have the corporation celebrate buy nothing day buy by nothing day. Yeah I don't know about it. It's a day where you don't buy anything then. Yes hey guys. It's as still just being cozy at home. I have finished the pillow I was making and I am drawing. Ah Animal on it and the animal is a mouse. I turn your great idea into a reality was squarespace squarespace. Where space makes it easier than ever to launch your passion project? Whether you're showcasing your work or selling products of any kind beautiful templates the ability to customize just about anything you can easily make a beautiful website yourself and if you do get stuck squarespace twenty four seven award-winning customer support is there to help. I do have a little update on Sean so sean of course created this is site Sean space converted it into basically a canvas for the entire Internet to do drawings and ideas ideas on in an effort to bring peace and it when he went and told people about it the only thing that someone did it on it was do man I and Sean was going to buy a pair of handcuffs related to this somehow so it turns out he he has found the Doodoo man he took his computer till like some kind end of like a special lab and they were able to through a combination of handwriting analysis and Ip Tracking Tracking they were able to conclude what a lot of us. I think Kinda suspected which is that the the backpack kid is the Doodoo. Oh Man the kid from the Katy Perry video and who invented the dance that is the floss dance so the backpack backpack kid and it makes sense because John had been sort of a an like making fun of him earlier that day as he was going around telling people about Sean space he did. He yelled at see something at him from his car so the backpack kid wrote the Doodoo Ma'am on this on Sean Space and Sean did find some handcuffs he bought a pair of handcuffs and he did go tried to handcuff the backpack kid who is of course impossible to handcuffed because of the floss dance the way he is doing that dance. You cannot get a pair of handcuffs him. You'd like you can try and wait for until he swings his arms to one side side but maybe you're going to get one and if you are holding the other side of the handcuff he is going to rip your hand basically off as he swings his his arms back in the other direction so sean got her he is. I believe he is resting at home so that's to me. That's a happy ending head to squarespace dot com slash the boys for a free trial and when you're ready to launch us the offer code the boys to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain we dear diary. It's me Santa Man. Moriarty took me to the carnival this weekend. It was so fun but don't tell Moriarty I said that we're not everything was great though he took me to the tallest waterslide in the entire county and I got to the top and look down and got so dizzy scared that I actually had to go out the chicken exit and walk back down the stairs. It was making fun of me even the Babe who was pushing most of the guys down the slide and I got some fried dough which which was pretty delicious were re so awesome but then my tummy was hurting me and I couldn't even keep down my power eight so I was throwing throwing up. powerade everywhere. Moriarty had to hold my hair back anyway. Humans have been shaving over five thousand years diary Gary Now the ancient Greeks didn't need flex balls or heated handles and I should know I was there and neither do I used to go and give the Greeks Ancient Greeks presence ev- even before there was a formal Christmas I would give it to them for doing the Olympics so anyway who really a Harry's doesn't add gimmicky features to their razors because if it's good enough for the Greeks it's good enough further gander. He who reread Harry's focuses focuses on the qualities that make an actual difference in real life for a close comfortable shave and they never up charge you aries quality durable blades coming fair price just two dollars per blade we re dot search cheap. They cut out the middleman to keep prices low so you could create a customized shaving kit on their site. That's reasonably reasonably priced from there. You can set up recurring deliveries based on your needs. I'll tell you what I need more fried dough. 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It's Hayes this reporting from cozy time at home. I just AM actually adding new elements to the pillow. I thought it could be really interesting to have this. mouse is a mouse on it that sleeping and to have so so the mouse's dreaming of you've a piece of cheese and then I was account. What would the cheese dream events of the cheese in others like a little on dreaming bubble from the cheese and the cheesed dreaming about some cut up apples that would be that it wants to be like combined with and then the cut up apples are dreaming about a Steve Jobs because because of Apple Computer Steve Jobs is dreaming about computer and so like it just kind of continues in this chain all the way around the pillow? Hello everyone everything is dreaming about something else which is true and then it loops back around. I like I accidentally ran ran out of space and so I have a baseball bat that is dreaming about the mouse because that's just like when when it looped around there wasn't enough room to another thing in between so I decided to figure out a story for why that would be happening guys the easiest way to ease back into a PO- summer routine simplify the morning and evenings with an electric toothbrush from quip time sonic vibrations offering effective clean. That's gentle on your sensitive gums and just two minutes twice a day so I guess this is. That's like one way to do it for sure for me this. This is the time of year in September like after I have gone back to school for a couple of weeks. This is when I will do you all my tooth brushing for the entire year. I will just carve out a week. I will not go to school and just get all done so two minutes a day twice a day. that's four minutes Ah Day Times three hundred sixty five so I won't basically just brush my teeth for over a thousand minutes and that saves me. I feel like from having to like go like Oh. I'm doing somebody else. Oh now I gotta go brush my teeth. It's like actually making the time for this very important thing but just actually doing it all at once and I'll like rent place. I'll let go up the coast and into place and approach my teeth for over a thousand minutes and the Moat US cover works as a Stan Dan and mounts two mirrors putting brushing front and center in your bathroom so obviously if you do it the way I do it. You do not need to be reminded throughout the year with a stand or whatever you can basically put it away until next year better yet the lightweight compact design means you can bring it along with you on those last summer weekend. Getaways so that is useful to me and brush heads are automatically delivered on a dentist recommended schedule every three months for just five dollars making it easy to stay committed to your oral health. Don't need them. I I love quip. I I love the toothpaste I love that it tells me when I'm done brushing good products and that's why I love quip and why it's perfect for getting back into a routine quip starts at just twenty five dollars and if you go to get clipped dot com slash the boys right now you can get your first refill pack for free. That's your first refill pack doc for free at G. E. T. Q. U. I. P. dot com slash the boys we were figuring out the horror or movie we have to do a horror. Anthology is a the the not the white rabbit habit. WHO's the mad hatter who wears a stupid hat? WHO's a bad guy? Well for anywhere has a pretty stupid hat now. If we could just use pretty crew Arthur anybody Donnie Darko. 's Rabbit is okay. That's freaky man okay so Freddy. Kruger is the Matt Hatter and who's his he's one of the only guys like this who is wearing a hat and he's gotTa have every what's this mad. hatters like apprentices pisses name. Oh sure the march hare the martyr martyr martyr what's his game. I'm not really focused on him. Audiences neither submissive okay God the mad hatter was ahead of his time spilling all that T- that's Freddy Krueger doing that Thi Bich sickening and then he I don't know the look at me like no I'm ready. I'm ready to collaborate. Is the march hare her. Oh Gosh there's something like March madness. I mean the Marchena Valle focus on the march hare area. We have a a scary rabbit and now you're forcing us to a second one. It's so hard or you're making us. Do is so difficult shot already came up with the Donnie Darko Rabbit scary as what stupid human suit what about the sun from breaking bands to psycho bunny from the line of our psycho bunny nice from breaking bad why not well Arial March hair to to me he could play the march hare right but I haven't seen knocking out. Oh I see you didn't didn't know who the March Hare was. I go bunny like I've I've Seen Psycho Bunny B. Agley happy tree friends behave in some areas yes taste and also that little on the sticker who smiling but saying sometimes I think bad thoughts on talking about you know this funny I I don't. I don't like Calvin pissing kind of attitude legally. He's smiling in a much more hastened. Don't sometimes I think bad thoughts to look at him but when you hear some of the stuff he's saying pull up on a you know talking about Charter Man Yeah so that guys the March Hare I would not want to be hanging out with him as the March Hare Funny Freddy Kruger is the frigate Mad Hatter Sadder have another cup of tea batch Freddy Krueger's out to be. Is there scary queen from anything. Is there scary cat. Is there a caterpillar. How do we map map these? This genre to Shishir cantelmo is is this scary cat 'cause I've seen him drawn where his teeth or so sharp Dr can it be. James Corden always James Duh well from cats is the butcher in into the woods or the James Corden counts nuts and I I tried to. I messed myself out well. He's in counts that he's he is. Yes as a teaser freezer. No IT'S A it's silent largely visual a single sp.. There's a song being Sung Yeah Yeah we could pretend we're watching the trailer and just play the song that saved us a little money. We gotta move so this is we're we're doing is the new. HSA This is the new age has okay Do the eighties won this year. Now you've got to think about like what's the impose American horror story eighty three pose yeah help me like Reagan and every you know what I mean. Imposes is Reagan happening the eighties horror story okay. You know what I mean. Yeah yeah I I think that poses probably more grounded than some of what they do. On American horror story okay were there is almost a supernatural element to some of the ghoulish nece yeah and we did we find the the the bunny found a creepy bunny. I don't know what let me say see. This one's pretty scary. Though is that from sticker sticker scare me see Ya Internet's being done. He's just got. This guy's pretty creepy now. Oh I don't know this guy. This one almost looks cute but you can tell it's completely deranged. Bosch ruined ruined his blaster. It's in pieces boy. Yeah was allowed of course it is because he wants commonsense gun laws and he's Tehema first step by dismantling his laser ray blaster. Isn't this guy he should not be eating that. That's plastic uh-huh Boy Bosch. This looks like it could be from just about anything. Have you been eating plastic. My friend say the truth. He took out the middle of it and shoot up that was in the middle of it. I think so what's your favorite classic Classic Horror Flick. Oh yes I love this question. Rosemary's baby the truth and the truth. When why is that you think I'm lying think something trashier? Just make sure you're saying the truth and if you're not wilno wow okay. That's your favorite one. Thanks so she yeah okay and already it's already. It's sort of coming. He's saying the truth I. I'm just I'm just GONNA walk away. I think she's saying the truth right. What are you talking about we well? How do we monitor the shining AH modernize reservoir shining but it's at a frequent airbnb yeah good idea? The Old Lady who runs the AIRBNB is the rabbit from Donnie Darko is like those there's might be outdated instead of his finger talking to them. It's an APP. It is always like a fee as a fidget spinner. Honest I said tried to this Ken the Ken like Jack Nicholson via blogger. Oh Yeah it's very now. I thought you were going to save blob well. I didn't know but think about that can check in the applause. Janko says Hey Jack Nicholson blogging for salon. have he needs to get away. He has to write a think piece about a OC. Yes he's doing like a whole series about afc any and he has to go away to. Where is where people going now? We're in New York when people are just like I'm this weekend. I'm going to blank because like macho cafes. Okay that is absolutely not what happened to at all okay. You mean like like kind of Cafe Yeah. I don't mean any kind of local business. That's not even close. Rainforest cafe is yeah. It rained doesn't feel local because it's sort of the view room where we start rain for. We're talking about the line. AIRBNB Lion King is location. The Lion King is not a place okay okay. I think I get what you're going for. What is a location where people in New York? They say. I'm getting away for the weekend. I am show the peanut butter Falcon. What is there yes? They say hey I'm going to I'm getting out of here. I'M GONNA go see the peanut butter Falcon last week. That's a play it's a movie a movie okay Shiloh beef all right so he's going to movies too right. Am for two hours and Airbnb is ah a movie theater dog Godly fucking sick haunted movie theater Oh shit and the frigging a creepy coming onto the screen it could be one of those movies like reserve seating in advance aw that sucks the last thing you think is different see as the creepiest come out l. at the screen and dismay Hugh Oh shit man. That's a pretty good shining or the twins twins though the twins and yeah I like football Aula. TV Shot Gene Twain Aunts and and the kid is standing at the end of the hall and his He sees the twin his finger goes up nine fingers bonaparte spinners fins on its own uh-huh yeah Is that White Airbus. Do I have no relationship with my sexuality thirty since what since I walked into did he say his wife shot two minutes a hump and what's what's wrong with that. Oh boy okay really kind of struck. She never impression it just never even talking about all these Louise Spoiler Lake Hayes is mack. Well didn't character fan. Oh I do too do those mostly by who is another one of your favorite the guys in it in a horror flick creepy. Yes you are some of your favorite creepy horror flick history. I don't understand the question imagine these he's creepy clean out of the screen and it would have to suck if you're sitting there and that's how you know if you've landed on the new age as season that we are working on is is updated classic flicks the New Timber Nelson Wonderland updated track the shining check. Did it yeah now. We have to do another one baby. One Rosemary's baby Rosemary's baby so it's like. Is it like a manny manny. It's some manny it's Freddie. prinze junior is the manny from Fred's right and he has an oh and so there's a surrogate. okay Bruce Wills from surrogates. I don't know what that is. Is that a circus and movie. What's it about soothe? These like frigging Robo Zords essentially a everyone is rogue desert plug into machine. It's like you know Simone Simulation one. No you don't amount okay wow you know. Okay you know Donnie Darko the you're the Fan bots from Austin powers yeah yeah everyone in the world. Imagine is FEM bots. What they're you imagining that now? It's not that's not. I don't think that is what WHO's at the wheel is happening in this movie. You're seeing fabricate. Drive yeah the Stepford combat's what if it's I'm trying to think now like really creepy creepy. He's slammer Jewish creators what degreasers what creatures creatures. I don't know what that is. Julie's that's my name you know release the gullies on one the VHS covers in my video store the wanted to use I think gullies to is coming out of the toilet bowl. No no thanks imagine imagine sitting down and feeling vulnerable and the Glazer there man those creepiest come out of this bite. You know honestly people think Oh worth a bit me even if it just rubbed up against you dude for just watched dude even just yelled as loud as it could. Yes it doesn't even have to touch even even honestly even if it spoke in a normal voice yell yelled for yellow word. I'd probably pick a word if I wanted to really freak somebody on the David and David is the Harvard what about in a normal voice that would freak you out. If David de Davis that would be so freaky why why are people only so obsessed with whether it's the coolies bites the base there but they're really underestimating meeting the psychological aspects of how someone just yelling your buck while you're sick do it do it yeah or even just try to start a quiet conversation with it. Damn imagine the questions you have after that like what well did this come out of my butt or out of the a toy it if it was talking to my playlist if it was talking about does it believe that my but has the ability to talk back and does it. WHO's been number one for me for me? That's four is David somewhere else in the bathroom where I can't. I can't see him I have I've been David this whole time. Bosch ashes really annoying everyone so cute. I can't even these being too wild. These BAJOUR started calling people. He has a new word for people which is if there he thinks they're being knuckleheads. He calls them knuckles. Oh like steepest semi on that fabulous show I guess so but he keeps saying he get along eastern Duckie's and to me. It sounds like it might be inappropriate. I don't know something feels wrong. Yeah Y'all and you raise your eyebrows to say where your son got such a eyebrows because that cord it was moving and I was worried he wasn't eating it high Rosemary's Bay. Oh that is interesting thing in that. We're doing is the new version she just has a bad boyfriend. When a devilish boyfriend when when bay is Satan Yeah and he and he goes he has his zadie is is it's all it? It's a clapped and it's a frigging. We're at its own stories. The has the stories story yes things were they start a story and like finishes in the next one. Oh yes well you see when the screen green first starts at so many dots at the top and you kind of track where you are yeah what's going on for me on my phone David Gurr the goal is what is another of these favorite scary and what are some of the most frightening flicks the PB about horror movies you keep out greet to help with the we'll often the most frightening flicks are starring in just the most nefarious cre- over Diddley is on the most sinister creepy is imagined often populate you I think is what I think is really scares. You don't even know what the guy looks like until you do. Oh man what you're talking bye. Bye Man the bye-bye me yeah. What is that not a fad of all somebody I'm Julie Aches Har- Anthology series we have created this premise out of nowhere my view view and we have turned it into something where we have updated all some of these some of the most like they kind of among all flicks yeah some moves chiefs freaky and like yes time at the at the movies? What is another one of these scary parts Frankenstein Hankinson okay? Why are you not like that? You want to just take some young no but I was having a lot a fun. I wasn't young but I was having a hell of a time now. Speak on that uh things we would do so Frankenstein technically a movie. What is updated version? Well did a did the updated version right. What is my life? No No. He did Frankenstein Frankenstein. His Dad created a monster it. He likes doing Victor Franson. Did it ever come out I think just text it emerged to him and he dated like another abusive line of Dialogue Baby. I was just being Frankenstein. Maybe don't misunderstand me. I was just being Frankenstein. Come on you know I got. I got these crazy screenplay ideas of my head. Sometimes it comes out and tax form just be Frankenstein practicing my friends dialogue Victor Frankenstein. I heard an interview with. I can't remember if it's that one or if it's I Frankenstein can Stein where Frankenstein is played by a normal looking Aaron Eckert and I heard him on our normal looking now okay great news for eight the he's on Howard Stern Howard Stern's gone so you know you're playing Frankenstein but there is not how I'm used to seeing seeing him year. You don't really look like how I think of Frankenstein. How do you know that how do you know of Frankenstein looks like it was really pushing back? So you know what Frankenstein looks like how would you how do you know I look I you're saying I don't look like Frankenstein Frankenstein. But how do you know that actor railing against the system that says to this year to that that's what I'm I'm hearing time to opening opened up up the casting Franken South Asian woman which one quick dame I just say can they have worked with my mom. Just saying like you know oh well. How do you know I'm saying that's what Aaron is saying is well? What does frank is then look like? What does it look like? How do you know that he looks like Herman Munster Mister? That's what I thought. Herman Munster is disgusting grosses who says like he's always like twitching his lips his way too high and he has a black lipstick on and I think he's the grossest. Does this guy and he's got this beautiful wife. You still would I wouldn't I would not have sooner with Grandpa Al Lewis you know hard rather grandpa. Yes then Herman Munster. Here's an like like an amazing unlike crazy bag that I heard about Herman Munster so next like one of their next door neighbors or something is like this beautiful bottle blonde and they think that she is basically like a disgusted monster when when like you're saying they are so ugly. The munsters look like fucking Shit. Herman looks like Shit Muster. It looks like shit at least in the addams family. She had a Latin lover she'd spread for every night. Kerman comes out of the screen gene disgusting. I'm like this sucks. It's sucks all these these always a close up to because he did so much face switching you gotta capture that let's get a single on Herman. He's gross if he opened his mouth and black liquid just fell out. Would you be surprised I mean on frigging monsters. Now probably is finished doing some creature from certain lagoon what if what if the hand from his because because you didn't get it at now it so that's a way homer I thought save you the trip. Why does this come come out of his mouth because he blasted offer their three in creature from the certain who good yes lassen Herman's mantle? They're having like fun together those the shape of NASCAR driver for you. Let's ally Okay uh-huh anybody wants to do anything with the creature from a certain good man. Hey have at it well. I'm an animal rights advocate okay and I back myself into a corner. Luckily I'm already done with the show that was when you pick up your phone and said what's what's on this for me. What did you say when you picked up your phone remember? Let's not go the next one Julie. What are we what what do we want out of the next one? Let's plan now like nicer. Yeah we could do a tick tock the next time Julius here we could do a tick tock that could be good or we could do a frank zappa album okay. I'm worried about this what he would. He was eating one is look like he swallowed any of it. Yeah there's all the extra pieces I threw out so I think he did just chew it up great but it's a heavy piece of metal and plastic that in the belly of toy. I don't know S S. He's okay. I think he's okay yeah I just I just love some. I love him too. He's those lovable. Oh Guy we could do a tick tock. Did you hear that idea. I did yeah I know exactly how to deal with it. What do you think Sean about the ticks? Okay yeah well. I think it's mad about F- I think it's not even close to they can sustain even a pitch of what we might do for an episode of the show and we've done almost nothing think for every episode and I ticked talks not enough shooting it down. No I'm happy to hear more. What's the tick tock about? Is it occurs at tick type. Never seen a tick tock visit a curse it to feeling and I didn't want to accuse you of that when you pitched doing talk. I did think maybe you've never cede one never seen one. What is it a vine? It is okay then. Let's pull them you. In Unison it is and then a good vine bring back. That's an idea yeah that doesn't upset you that he just just said take talks binder the same thing and then he pitched doing. I think that he just said the same thing is what you pitched. I yeah but it doesn't bother me because I'm happy. He's participating to be honest so it's good to be back. It's good to have you back. Ah Devon what's up Saab do on on soap. How's it going? What's your well? I guess fucking here anymore. So I saw just go open a frigging vein Steve. I'll just go drain my vein by blood vain Vane. It's not excuse it's my jugular while argies friend. I feel like Devin say you're GonNa say you love and Julie Yeah Count Jugular. What about the judges from the man yes? Can there the air. I'm Bob Carey Junkies movie. Let's get the guys are like sending the Jug and then they're like wait a second. You guys look different. MHM frigging dumbly right right. That's scary. You guys see the joker drill. We did assume that one did you notice they were playing. Send in the clowns Godson High. Okay the trailer yes do. Did you think that was cool or fucked up or interest rate. You scared to hear Devon's favorite freaky flicks yeah 'cause. I'm just scared that they're going to be better than some of you know. Just you should be too triggering. Devon says this yeah okay the first one that comes to mind the descent. Oh God is she's triggered man. Are you triggered triggered doc make you true good baby been deep blue to a make you triggered baby snowflake Austin Powers Yeah. This'll be good this episode so so I am going to split. This is the first time we haven't split EP spoken about what we were going to talk about before we started talking about. What do you think it's better or worse by? Hey guys I'm still at home just realizing that this pillow sucks. It's way too big. It's it's almost a bed but it's not even that it's it's not even big enough to be that I just got the proportions. I don't know what happened. Something went wrong Andrew all these guys on it and it's just not really useful for anything right now. I'm I'm hoping I can cut it in some way to make like twenty pillows but then with the like cutting the drawings I don't know and then I e this ad so that I that happens then. I see this ad hey there. It's Sean Hayes says at the beginning that doesn't sound right looking around to say's it says era wolf has a brand new podcast. It's hosted by Paul F Tompkins and Nicole Parker and it's called the neighborhood listen and I'm reading this and I'm like hey. That sounds like something I what could probably be on Sunday like I know Paul F Tompkins. He's been on the show so many times he the we did his show. We're friends with them. We seem around the office. We Love Paul. Sam Outside of work and go parker did our show shoes popcorn born and everybody remembers that and then I kinda start to read. I'm reading this and it's like it's improvise show set in the suburbs where pollen nichols characters keep keep up the town's latest happenings by its local social network APP in interview there odd neighbors and so I'm Kinda. I'm listening to this and I'm kind of thinking like that sounds like they did a lot of these already. Possibly all of them Paul bent on towards like it sounds like they banked a ton of dislike where you're reading reading an ad you can just kind of tell when they have banked so many of these and I didn't do any of the of the ones that they banked yeah. I know that so you just feel things like you get excited about something. It's a pillow. It's the doing the neighborhood listen and then you dislike. Look back at it and you're discount like what hap- something has gone wrong. What did I do? The neighbor listen. Listen is only available on stitcher premium so go to stitcher premium dot com slash neighborhood and sign up at the Promo Code Handbook. You'll get a free month of premium and you'll be supporting our

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